Allen Dayde: The hotel room that Allen has been set up in is...not the nicest place in the world. It's located in Hell's Kitchen, and as many in New York know, the place is aptly named. "Shithole" would probably be the better description. Nasty mattress, which one might imagine has stored a dead hooker or two in it's time...dingy walls, crappy carpet. However, it's off the grid, and that's what's important. Allen sits at the tiny, beaten-up little desk, working on his laptop as people start to show up.

Allen Dayde: ((As a reminder to all...per my post in the Forums, this is NOT a backdated scene.))

Arlett: ((Arlett would have left him anti bugs spray! *S* bought on the corner of course =P ))

Snyde: *Snyde stops the bike infront of the apartment with Adriana on the back of it* "Well Doc here we are"

Arlett: *okok.. she will actually show up with a little bag with a few sandwiches, thinking the food here isn't gotta be .... yummi, so kncoks*((=P))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana steps carefully from the back of the bike, clinging to her bulky medkit with a tight grip. Still in uniform, as she hopes the chance to go back to the lab after they're done. She eyes the place sharply. "I see that, dear.."

Michelle Morgan: The midnight blue Audi pulls up to the area, about a block and a half away, and she slips out. The woman does a quick look around before making her way to the hotel room, dressed incognito...dark T-Shirt and jeans, cowboy boots and a matching hat, sunglasses.

Melinda Stowe: This whole week has been a lesson in learning as she makes her way to the room. She carries a stick, or more aptly a blind per's cane. She isn't the best with it but it keeks things and people from running into her. Once inside the place, she makes her way to a corner and stands there, oh no not getting anywhere close to the people inside, as best as she can.

Snyde: *Snyde smiles as he pulls a smoke and lights it before moveing to the apartment that Allen is in*

Allen Dayde: "Come in," he says as Arlett knocks, a gun coming up to point at the door as he says so, just as he did with Melinda.

Allen Dayde: ((It's a hotel room, Snyde, not an apartment. Just for clarification. *G*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sheepishly follows Snyde. Eyes riddled with worry.

Ness: Ness is dropped off by a city bus a block away. She walks toward the hotel, hands in the pockets of a green sweater. A baby laptop hangs on her hip by a strap over her shoulder. Rose-tinted glasses sit on her little round nose.

Snyde: ((Ehh same diffrences *G*))

Arlett: ((heheh nice)) ^well she does come in, blinking an dstaring at the gun* hei!

Snyde: *After makeing it to the door Snyde knocks on it*

Allen Dayde: He looks over at Arlett, and waves her into the room with the gun. "I'm sure you can imagine why I'm using caution...Miss Dravinsky Knight."

Melinda Stowe: Her eyes dart to the new person entering the room. A nod of her head to Arlett. This whole thing was unnerving to her.

Michelle Morgan: She slips into the hotel and makes her way up, cigarette burning between her lips. There's a backpack slung over her shoulder, a quick look around as she foots it up the stairs to the place.

Arlett: *blinks more, huffs, and just goes in* yea.. but still... ya could ask who before...saying come in *tilting her head* sides... do you think they'll knock *though mores to tose the baggie near him*

Arlett: *wavies hi to Melinda*

Allen Dayde: "Yes, and the Union has NO way of simulating voices, do they?" It's asked dryly, and the gun moves to the door again as Snyde knocks. "Come in." Take three.

Ness: Ness walks up to the door of the hotel room as well, she looks over toward Snyde and Adriana. She enters with them.

Snyde: *Snyde moves in to the room and looks at the gun and smiles* "Good to see you as well"

Arlett: *Eyes him, frowns, tempted to stick her tongue out at him, but that'll be a waste* fine fine.... *looking around... ergs.. moves to lean on the wall*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana turns with a blink to Ness, tossing on a sterile smile for the girl before looking back to the door. She stays positioned behind snyde, maknig her way in.

Allen Dayde: "Mister Snyde...Doctor Carmichael." A slight quirk of a smile at sight of Adriana. "Nes."

Melinda Stowe: Another nod to Arlett, and a nervous twitch at something Allen says.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (everyone can roll awarenss diff 9 on adriana)

Ness: Ness nods toward Allen, "Thank you."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana lets her sharp gaze fall on allen, then averts her eyes tightening her grip on her medkit. She nervously shifts weight and looks around the filthy room. The place makes her horribly uncomfortable.. and it shows.

Snyde: d10: per+aware: 7,6,6,3,9,6,

Arlett: d10: awa: 5,2,3,3,

Melinda Stowe: d10: awareness: 3,8,9,3,5,

Arlett: *uh.. and looks to Snyde when he enters, wave hi too, then blinks, peering from Adrianan to Allen.. hmm*

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at Arlett before moveing over to her* "How are you kiddo?"

Allen Dayde: d10: Per+Awareness: 3,5,2,2,2,

Arlett: eh.. fine, ya? *looking up to Snyde*

Melinda Stowe: Another twitch, this was getting on her nerves.

Snyde: "Allright I guess" *he says with a smile before takeing a seat, on the floor if nesscary*

Michelle Morgan: The last one to come up, she knocks on the door. When Allen calls for her to enter, she does, stopping at the sight of the gun, before heading in. A quick nod in greeting is given to everyone...Ness gets a once-over, as she's unfamiliar to the Deacon. "Hello, everyone."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana makes a statue's stance two feet in front of a wall, well away from everyone else. She looks to have no intentions of touching anything inside this mess of a room. Keeps her eyes to the floor.

Michelle Morgan: d10: Per+Awarness: 7,5,10,3,2,

Snyde: *Snyde smirks a bit a Michelle's entrance before takeing a drag of the cig*

Arlett: *and a glance to the door as Michelle comes in, blinks, frowns faintly, kinda half nods and moves a bit more, to settle near the fardest wall and if posible a window*

Ness: ((pic, if you need it.)) Ness walks to the corner of the room behind the bed and leans against the wall. She's placing herself out of everyone's focus of attention.

Arlett: ((near a window))

Arlett: ((near a window))

Arlett: ((fle, sorry))

Michelle Morgan: She takes up position near the door, sparing a second glance to Arlett...a warm smile to her, if tentative, before she leans back to listen.

Allen Dayde: "Miss Morgan." He nods to Michelle, then looks around the room. "Is anyone else coming, that anyone knows of?"

Arlett: *Does looks her way again, for a second fighting with some emotion before she just looks around, waiting for it to start*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a tiny shrug, not looking up.

Arlett: another girl.. Kira.. maybe ((I know the player wanted to atend, but she is not online))

Melinda Stowe: "Mister Jacobs, should be arriving, I do not know when though." she says from almost inside the bathroom, as everyone else seems to have decided that any spot she was situated was their's and not her's.

Snyde: *Snydes eyes fall over the gathered people* "After this party Allen I assume that you are aware that this location will probably no longer be safe"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks back up to Allen, curious and with a clear suspiscion.

Allen Dayde: ((The room's layout, by the way, is: The red A is where Allen is...assume a small desk-like item there))

Michelle Morgan: "Evan will be here soon enough, yes." She nods a little bit.

Arlett: ((heheheh he can shut us all from there! *S*))

Allen Dayde: "I am of course aware of that, Mr. Snyde. I don't plan to be here longer then five minutes after this meeting breaks up."

Ness: She sinks down the wall to sit on the ground, and pulls up her baby laptop to sit it on her knees. She hits a button and it comes out of hibernation. She brings up a sound recording program and hits the record button.

Allen Dayde: ((He can, indeed. *G*))

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Good to hear, wouldnt like to read about someome draging a body with your face out of the hudson"

Melinda Stowe: ((Would like to re-point out that Melinda IS in the bathroom.))

Arlett: ((*nods*)) *shee keeps looking round, then blinks as if she pictures something and shifts places to be on the other side of the furniture, just in case she could duck behind it..... nop, no suspicious*

Allen Dayde: "You will not hear about it when it happens...the Union will cover it up." He smiles faintly. "Anyway, onto business, I assume."

Arlett: *eyes Snyda* you generally don't find the bodies....*softly*

Snyde: *Snyde smiles a bit* "Yea getting to buisness would be nice"

Arlett: *nods, and goes quiet. to listen.. *

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana is standing between the far bed and the wall on the far side of the bathroom. Still careful not to touch anything in the filthy room. She looks back to the carpet, loafers inching togher in a nervous stands. She nods. Business. Please. So I can vacate this dump.

Melinda Stowe: "Yes." comes the reply from the bathroom.

Allen Dayde: "Very well." He nods, and types a couple commands into his computer. "Forgive me for just a moment...I am confirming your identities, so as to be sure there are no disguised individuals in the room."

Allen Dayde: d10: Arete: 6,7,2,5,

Allen Dayde: ((Awareness away, if you like))

Snyde: d10: : 2,4,9,2,3,4,

Arlett: *titls her head, watching Allen*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Awareness: 8,2,1,8,7,

Arlett: d10: awa: 6,5,4,2,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: awareness: 7,6,2,6,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana watches the man, eyes squinting with a disapptoving stare.

Ness: Ness makes sure that the sound is being recorded correctly, and then waits patiently for the man to begin.

Michelle Morgan: d10: Per+Aware: 9,5,1,5,5,

Allen Dayde: ((1 success: Magic. 2 Succ: Magic in the room, if you have the Sphere, ID'd as Life/Mind magic. 3 Succ: From Allen.))

Allen Dayde: He seems satisfied, and nods. "Very well. As I told most of you over the phone, the Union has ramped up the Pogrom once again. Recent events have given Comptroller Johanneson the support he needs to begin targeting Reality Deviants with much more freedom then he otherwise would have had."

Snyde: *Snyde sits there listening as he smokes*

Arlett: *nods* you said that

Melinda Stowe: "Which events were these?" she asks from the bathroom moving now so that she is just inside of the bathroom.

Michelle Morgan: She frowns deeply at this news...hearing it from another just doesn't have the impact as the cold, stark reality as proclaimed by the Technocrat.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She blinks a cold untrusting stare to Allen. Listening intently.

Ness: Ness seems intent on whatever she is doing on the computer.

Allen Dayde: "As I had stated, Miss Stowe...there were two major incidents that precipitated. The first involved Anomaly 2355-65WB-NYC, an alien organism under the control of a dangerous RD, which very nearly infected the Technocracy. The Electrodyne Engineer Michael Thompson was recruited to deal with the anomaly, which turned people into automata, accessing all their knowledge and talents and turning them to the Deviant's purpose. " He pauses a moment.

Arlett: *bites her lips, listening, frowning a bit.... *

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's skinny lips straighten at the mention of Michael Thompson. Still, she says nothing

Snyde: *Snyde sits listening as he pulls a smoke out and begins packing it a bit*

Allen Dayde: "The second one involved Anomaly 9342-49-BA-NYC, a Dimensional Anomaly who was dsicovered during one of our people's attempts to locate and constrain a powerful Device. This Anomaly was destroyed and brought in for study, when it was reseucitated somehow and managed to corrupt a separate member of the Union, doing a massive amount of damage to the building. It was later learned that the creature had been brought to our attention via a member of ours who was working with a member of the Hermetic Order and two other Reality Deviants, who are believed to be some kind of biological composites between men and animals." A sigh. "These incidents have proven that Reality Deviants are as dangerous to our operations as ever, and Johanneson is looking to wipe the lot out."

Arlett: *blinks, peering to Allen*

Michelle Morgan: "Shit," she breathes, shaking her head as sht exhales a drag of smoke.

Snyde: *Snyde pulls the smoke into his lips and lights it* "Okay Allen what exactly can the Union afford to throw at us on this front?"

Melinda Stowe: A purse of her lips, this was not good. a glance to the heat source that is Michelle, or she thinks it is Michelle, it could be someone else, she is unsure at this point.

Arlett: why did you say going to the Concerto would endanger them.. they are Neutral.. they are suposed to be off all of this

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana waves a daintily gloved hand in front of her face. To waft off any invading trails of smoke.

Allen Dayde: "Considerable, Mr. Snyde." He types into the laptop. "Please turn on the television, Miss Dravinsky Knight, as you are closest to it."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks coldly to Arlett, speaking in a motherly tone "I seriously doubt the Concerto has the means to negotiate with the Union, dear. It's.. not plausable that those types will listen to reason. Not even from a seemingly neutral party."

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Michelle and nods in agreement, for once feeling totally in sync with the woman*

Melinda Stowe: She screws up her face into a angry face, the only person probably able to see it is Michelle, as she is still inside the bathroom.

Ness (Arcane 2): "We're all fanatics, it seems, one way or the other." She whispers to herself.

Arlett: *Eyes Adriana* they have done so in the past *jee.. and the woman makes a show of being so bright*

Allen Dayde: "The Technocratic Union is a member of the Treaty. For now." He types a couple more commands into the computer, and hits Enter. "We pay lip service to it, much like the many organizations do. However, it still gives them free reign to focus on all of you. Once you are gone...well,l you'll see." He waits for Arlett to hit the power button on the TV.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana narrows her eyes on Arlett "And they've done a fine job of keeping them at bay, dear. They allowed Bowen to run my cabal mate out of town. Not to mention Dr. Kabari's insescent meddling.."

Snyde: *Snyde takes a long drag off the cig before pulling out the flask and takeing a drink as his eyes focus on the TV*

Michelle Morgan: "The way the Treaty has always worked, Adriana, has never protected us," she says softly. "It protects the vampires and shapeshifters, and likewise protects them from us. Mages are free to target each other, as long as it's outside of the Demilitarized Zone."

Arlett: (eh.. sorry.. I misses that post)) *blinks, frowns, and then blinks agian, turning the TV on* ADriana if you are ignorant dont' make a show... technos and we are both listend as 'same category' in the Treaty, means we can kill each other as long as we don't involve the othres

Arlett: *and adds to Allen* uh... I realy don't use my last names... Arlett is fine, you know?

Melinda Stowe: She remains silent as they all speak, voices were better than what she could see. She tries to listen to what may or may not come across the television wherever it may be.

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness takes out a cellphone and aims the camera at the TV, zooming to capture it and nothing else.

Snyde: "Look am I just missing somthing here but when has the technocracy ever wanted anything more than to wipe out anything that, anything that didnt fit into there twisted world view. So they slowed down for a bit, but if there picking up again it wont stop with us" *says Snyde as he takes a drink* "Lets all just listen to Allen and try to find the way out" *says Snyde with a heavy sigh*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana keeps her glare on the girl. "All I'm saying is the treaty is a damn joke. I get my head smashed into a lamppost for offering medical aid in the downtown area.. but no one lifts a finger in my defense when an large faction of the walking dead are beating down my door." She looks back to Allen "Continue, please. I didn't mean to cause a tangent.."

Allen Dayde: He frowns, as the bikering begins. Yes, he's well and truly doomed. The TV comes on, and it immediate starts showing the "targeted" list that was previously listed out verbally.

Allen Dayde: Abigail Randelle, believed Cult of Ecstacy or Order of Hermes.
Dr. Adriana Carmichael, Electrodyne Engineer.
Alyssa Kostapoulos, Euthanatos.
Anastasia Jones, Hollow One.
Arlett Dravinsky Knight, Electrodyne Engineer.
Cori Elena Braun, Verbena.
David Poe, Tradition Unknown, believed Virtual Adept.
Elaine Cromwell, Order of Hermes.
Evan Micheal Jacobs, Tradition Unknown.
Griffen Aston, Verbena. ;
James Franklin, Electrodyne Engineer.
Jody Yu, Akashic Brotherhood. ;
Joseph Edwards, Verbena.
Kelton Michaels, Order of Hermes.
Kira Redfeather, Akashic Brotherhood.
Melinda Stowe, Virtual Adept.
Martin Starling, Euthanatos.
Michelle Morgan, Cult of Ecstacy.
Miranda Okanedo, Celestial Chorus.
Ness, Virtual Adept.
Rachelle Andrieson, Cult of Ecstacy.
Snyde, Euthanatos.
Tansy Sansretti, Tradition Unknown.
Travis Kennedy, Order of Hermes.

Arlett: *eyes Adriana, but holds from commenting to her, looking back to Allen and the TV*

Ness (Arcane 2): ((With pictures?))

Michelle Morgan: The list draws her attention, and her eyes widen. "Oh, my God." It's quiet, shocked.

Arlett: *blinks again, reading the TV, frowns, going on to bite her lips again*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana listens, eyes narrowing on the screen. "I.. am ~not~.. an Electrodyne Engineer."

Melinda Stowe: She tries to focus on the TV not hearing anything comming from the vile device.

Allen Dayde: ((Yes. With pictures. Some are hazy or corrupt((i.e. those with Arcane)), but all have pictures with them.))

Melinda Stowe: Another glance to Michelle confusion on her face.

Allen Dayde: "Yes, well, I'm sure that you can go to the AATR and correct them, Doctor," he responds to Adriana, dryly.

Arlett: *shakes her head a bit, and peers around, then to Allen* but not all Technos agrew with it, right?

Arlett: ((agree even))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana shifts nervously, looking back to the carpet "Perhaps I'll mail in the appropriate change of tradition request form. After I track down a Notary."

Melinda Stowe: A few blinks, she is kidding correct?

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Nothing more lighthearted than a little beaurocratic humor. Of course it would work better had she been smiling when she said it. As it is, her sterile gaze makes it hard to tell.

Allen Dayde: ((*L*)) "These are all the identified members of the Reality Deviants commonly known as 'mages' within the city of New York." He hits a button on his laptop, and the names vanish, replaced by a listing of various other names. "These are the list of currrently available resources to the Technocracy." The list is about double that of the above. "This includes Enlightened Agents, Comptrollers, and Sleeper Agents among the Masses."

Arlett: *frowns more, biting her lips even more*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a worried squint to the screen. This.. was no good.

Ness (Arcane 2): "Holy shit." Ness whispers from the back of the room, making sure her camera is recording the data correctly.

Allen Dayde -> Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((Roll Per+Alertness))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+alert: 1,7,10,4,4,

Melinda Stowe: "Is there any way that I could....recieve a copy of this list, as, circumstances seem to limit me form seeing the list."

Allen Dayde -> Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She almost misses it...but in that list is the name Adam Nolan.

Arlett: ((Are the picies of agents there too?))

Evan: *gets himself, finally, to the appointed spot. making sure his feet make noise as he approaches the door. gets ready to duck and roll, and knocks quietly*

Michelle Morgan: "Jesus..." She shakes her head and rubs at her eyes. "That's...a lot."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's eyes narrow as they names pass. A hint of recognition in her face that's hard for the woman to hide.

Allen Dayde: ((Not on the screen...there would be too many for pictures.))

Allen Dayde: "I will provide this data to each of you, on hardcopy or digital media, as you prefer."

Melinda Stowe: A glance to the door as she backs into the bathroom carefully. oh yeah bad to be seen.

Allen Dayde: The gun moves to point at the door as the knock sounds. "Come in," he calls out.

Arlett: ((okie))

Arlett: *eyes the door, after a lil nod to Allen*

Allen Dayde: ((A recap of the layout for Evan: People are M=Melinda, MM=Michelle, Ad=Adriana, S=Snyde, N=Ness, A=Allen, and Arl=Arlett.))

Allen Dayde: ((Yes, I'm anal-retentive with my attention to detail. Why do you ask? *S*))

Arlett: ((*giggleS* I actually thought it neat))

Ness (Arcane 2): ((Its a good thing.))

Michelle Morgan: She flinches, instinctively, as the gun points generally in her direction...oh, yeah, the door. A little's hard to be completely relaxed, given the situation.

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness watches the gun. He's just like in the video games. It's just like Half-Life Source.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)) -> Allen Dayde: ((Um just got here, if I can just have her guard outside or something I don't want to intrude. *blush*))

Allen Dayde -> Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): No can have Kira just show up now, if you like. Traffic, and all. ;)

Allen Dayde -> Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): The apartment looks as such: The hotel room that Allen has been set up in is...not the nicest place in the world. It's located in Hell's Kitchen, and as many in New York know, the place is aptly named. "Shithole" would probably be the better description. Nasty mattress, which one might imagine has stored a dead hooker or two in it's time...dingy walls, crappy carpet. However, it's off the grid, and that's what's important.

The layout is in the link still on the page.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana doesn't seem to mind the knock.. or the gun. Disturbed steely blue eyes locked on the screen.

Allen Dayde: As Evan steps in ((We lost Harper, will just have Evan enter and stay near Michelle until Harper returns)), he lowers the gun and nods to him. "Anyway. As I was saying...the Union has more then enough resources to target you all. Not that they will be suddenly charging your Constructs, but...the movement has begun. And the plans are...aggressive, to say the least."

Arlett -> Allen Dayde: 88ohh.. Daddy's nake is on the screen?))

Arlett: *Eyeing Allen again, nodding* any chanse we have they cancell the.. hum.. this mission? like what could?

Allen Dayde -> Arlett: ((Yep.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Kira follows walking up. keeping a calm keen sense about her as she sees the door she seeks ahead opening And evan entering, she moves up to make her presence known.*

Arlett -> Allen Dayde: ((ewww *nods*))

Ness (Arcane 2) -> Allen Dayde: ((Will there be combat at the end of the scene? May Ness sit and record quietly, and then leave along with everyone else, or do you want her to leave right away at the turn of the hour when I have to go?))

Arlett: *biting her lips hard as she looks again at the screen*

Allen Dayde -> Ness (Arcane 2): ((More then likely, you'll be fine.))

Ness (Arcane 2) -> Allen Dayde: ((Thank you.))

Melinda Stowe: She moves back closer to the doorway after getting the impression that all was okay. A sigh. None of this was good news.

Allen Dayde: He starts to raise the gun when Kira comes in, but stops as he sees who it is. "Miss Dravinksy Knight, this is no simple Mission. The Pogrom is the Technocratic Union's PURPOSE. It was it's purpose, until we defeated you. And, under Johanneson, it will become the AATR's purpose once again."

Michelle Morgan: She rubs at her eyes and lights another cigarette. "What about Johanneson?" She frowns. "If he's...eliminated, will support for the Pogrom fade?"

Arlett: *frowning... well what you want she Awoke AFTER the progrom was ended, biting her lips harder, doens't say anything else, peering at the screen again*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She nods politely as she enters. standing by the door.*

Ness (Arcane 2): She ends the stream from her camera phone to her laptop, but continues to record the sound. The twig girl sits quietly in the corner, not existing.

Allen Dayde: "I'm afraid not, Miss Morgan. Johanneson has whipped Iteration X and the Syndicate into a passion of sorts. They are itching to move the Timetable up. The good news is, like Miss Darvinsky Knight stated, not all within the Union support this. The Progenitors in particular, and the New World Order, are quietly opposing the plans. The Void Engineers, as always, are useless."

Arlett: *does kinda wave not fully to Kira... looking from the Screen to Allen*

Arlett: the Progenitors? *hum.. nop there is not something alike, really?! in her voice.. she is just asking*

Melinda Stowe: "You must know at least of their original plans, or had some incling of their order of attack, Mr Dayde." comes her voice from the bathroom.

Evan: ((my very deep apologies. NOW i find out that there are technical issues regarding internet in my area. i hope i shall be able to stay this time.)) *Evan stands beside Michelle quietly, feet slightly apart and his hands clasped lightly behind his back, at ease*

Allen Dayde: "The plan is to target those Deviants who do not fall under the protection of a Construct first. They will be the easiest to eliminate...and they will give the smallest amount of warning to others." He looks to Arlett at her question. "Yes, the Progenitors. However, as always, there are those breaking with their Convetion's lines to go one way or the other." A pointed look to the girl.

Allen Dayde -> Evan: ((Hotel Room Layout: The apartment looks as such: The hotel room that Allen has been set up in is...not the nicest place in the world. It's located in Hell's Kitchen, and as many in New York know, the place is aptly named. "Shithole" would probably be the better description. Nasty mattress, which one might imagine has stored a dead hooker or two in it's time...dingy walls, crappy carpet. However, it's off the grid, and that's what's important.))

Arlett: *which just m akes her bite her lips harder with a lil nod*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stares at the dingy carpet, unsure of what to say.

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Adriana*

Arlett: ((30 mins warning.. foodage time then))

Michelle Morgan -> Evan: Evan can sense a definite undercurrent of tension from the woman...whatever he may have missed, it has her EXCEPTIONALLY on edge, though she's hiding it fairly well from the others.

Melinda Stowe: Now there were three blobs near the door, she takes a guess and looks at Evan, but adresses her question to Michelle. "Miss Morgan, I believe we need to see who on that list is the most vulnerable, as well as making this information available to all that we can, we have a heads up now, wich works to our advantage."

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): What do you mean eliminate? *she asks curiously.*

Evan: *takes a quiet step closer to Micelle and casually rests an arm over her shoulders, still quietly watching and listening. a small smile and polite nod to Melinda, unless the girl's hidden inside the bathroom itself*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks to snyde, then offers a worried glance to allen "Do you have a listing of which deviants are currently under the protection of the construct?"

Allen Dayde: "In the meantime, what few Progenitors are on Johanneson's side will be replacing those Deviants eliminated with clones. Spies who can learn more information, and potentially gain access to the insides of your Constructs." He frowns. "You all who met with me at the hotel room have seen their capability with clones."

Melinda Stowe: She gives a start at the other blob talking. "Eliminate, cease their program, end their life, terminate."

Arlett: *Blinks, peering to Kira, she DID explained her... well lets Allen do it... she'll get more impacted, and she looks again to the screen*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (replace you with they. tired fingers)

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She blinks..narrowing her gaze.* Forgive me I do have difficulty understanding this please continue.

Allen Dayde: "Eliminate means remove from the playing field. Potentially for recruitment, or re-education...or simple termination." He looks to Adriana and shakes his head. "I do not have that information, Security Clearance only allowed me access to so much information. Someone must, though, or it would not be in the plans."

Allen Dayde: ((Ahh, DLP)) "Eliminate means remove from the playing field. Potentially for recruitment, or re-education...or simple termination." He looks to Adriana and shakes his head. "I cannot say for Security Clearance only allowed me access to so much information. Someone must, though, or it would not be in the plans."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny nod, looking back to the carpet. Slim gloved hands in a deathgrip around the handle of her medkit.

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Michelle, jesus he cant stand her but hell for his charges life he needed to talk with her*

Michelle Morgan: A sigh, and she looks to Evan, then to Arlett. Snyde's look gets note, too.

Arlett: the.. thre are few without a Chantry now.. right? mean.... we did work on trying to group not so long ago *softly*

Evan: *gives Michelle a half-smile and looks around* a suggestion? if anyone wants to hear it. *arches a brow and waits, calmly*

Michelle Morgan: "The list of non-Chantried mages is enormous, Arlett," she says. "Based on what I know from Marty and's fucking HUGE, compared to the mages I know in the city."

Allen Dayde: "By all means, Mistor Jacobs."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a tiny nod to Michelle, then a hopeful glance to Evan.

Snyde: "I know that me and Adriana are still outside of the chantrys" *he says looking at Arlett*

Melinda Stowe: She looks angry, as she stands in the dorway of the bathroom, she remains silent listening a few more blinks, not like she hasn't done thing several hundred times lately to try and clear her vision. "Mr Dayde, your clearance wouldn't have gotten you a list of those who would have been slotted for each different way of elimination would it have?"

Arlett: *bites her lips even more and nods, just once, peering to Evan then*

Arlett: *eyeing Snyda* but that was cause you dind't want to

Allen Dayde: "That determination is outside of my Clearance, I'm afraid." He says it to Melinda, then looks back to Evan.

Snyde: "Well and the fact I was never asked, but that is neither here nor there the only one I refused was..." *he trails off but that is neither here nor there*

Evan: i would suggest that we split that list up amongst ourselves. anyone not here should be contacted asap, and informed of the danger. *a wry grin* i'm tempted to suggest dragging them to whatever safe places, if they've none such already, but that's not such a good idea. ergo, i suggest they all be ~strongly~ urged to either get themselves up with the rest of us, into safe houses somewhere, or get out of town as fast as they can.

Arlett: *eyeing Evan, nods a bit, fidgeting slighlty *

Melinda Stowe: It is an absent thing moving her right hand to the right hand side of her headcovering part of her ear. this is NOT good.

Evan: furthermore, if anyone knows one of us who is NOT on that list, i suggest you make sure they know to flee or add themselves into useful spots. we may have different opinions and views, but if we don't find ways to work together, we're all going to die.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana listens to Evan speak, eyes drifting back to the dingy carpet. She starts muttering softly to herself. "The lab.. survelence.. Nolan.. I can't.. work.." She seems devastated by this realization.

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "In a show of this after this meeting I would like to speak with you Michelle about joining Haven if Adriana is willing" *he says with a bit of a sigh*

Snyde: *Snyde looks back to Adriana* "Who?"

Evan: *tilts his head at Adriana* you might have to take a forced vacation from work, yes. is there any chance you can duplicate whatever equipment you need, somewhere else? perhaps grab your...research? or protypes, whatever exactly you're currently working on, and move them to the new place.

Michelle Morgan: "Of course, Snyde." She nods a little bit, and loos to Adriana. "We have labratories in Haven you can use, Adriana."

Arlett: *eyes Snyde, tilts her head then around, fidgeting, murmring* I know I think... most of them.... some are not even mentioned....

Melinda Stowe: She purses her lips and frowns dropping her hand glancing out of the bathroom door at all of the heat sources in the room, she had just suggested something similar not ten minutes earlier and she was ignored. She brings her head back into the bathroom and moves further inside. She knows when she is not needed.

Arlett: *and then looks to Michelle, as she ofers the labs to Adriana.. SHE works on those labs , sighs and looks off*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's eyes widen to the carpet "Adam Nolan. The representative from Olympus that is taking care of my request for approval for the next phase of testing.." She blinks up to Michelle, with a curious squint.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at her and smiles a bit* "Hmm well then we have at least one of them in our playing field then"

Michelle Morgan: ((Arlett, there's enough room in the labs for like LOTS people to work. *S*))

Arlett: *and then she sudenly chirps* Kira needs to be allowed too *with a glance to Michelle*

Melinda Stowe: Hands out she tries to find the toilet, and once she does she takes a seat upon the lid.

Arlett: ((yea.. but she donest WANT to work in the same place as obsecive Adriana who would only boss her up =P))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((ahh.. she wouldn't boss her around.. unless she touched her cadavers. *G*))

Allen Dayde: He listens quietly. He almost seems...surprised when they start consolidating.

Michelle Morgan: "The offer's always been open to any mage who wanted to join," she says simply.

Arlett: ((*snickers*.. nooo she did NOT put jello in their feet.. nooooo *G*))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She blinks.* allowed?

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks over to Snyde "Would you like for me to set up another meeting with Nolan? I have been meaning to check on the project's status among the board members. Perhaps he has the necessary clearance to gain the information we need."

Arlett: Yes... but I wasn't sure Kira was...*eyeing the woman, then Michelle*

Evan: *listening quietly again, an arm still over Michelle's shoulders*

Snyde: "Yea and if not we can always knock one name off the list" *says Snyde with a shrug* "But alive would be a better way to take him"

Arlett: *Looks to Kira* safe place.... is were... hum... I was living.. nto so long ago.... I check on things... when no one is in there... lately *mean.. after all... they really don't know to use all the technology Michael left at security*

Michelle Morgan: "Any mage who wanted to join," she repeats softly. "Any."

Melinda Stowe: She rubs her right arm absently in the dingy bathroom sitting on the toilet, with the lid down.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks to Allen "Would you consider this a wise choice of procedure, Allen? How much do you know about Nolan?"

Michelle Morgan -> Arlett: ((Yes, they do know to use it all. Michael told Michelle how to.))

Arlett -> Michelle Morgan: ((*giggles* no then don't! don't break Arlett's worl *giggles* hugz* it is her excuse to go really. not a real thing))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She nods and breathes..almost exercising then goes back to listening.*

Allen Dayde: "I know very little about most of the individuals on our side, I'm afraid," he answers Adriana. "Nolan, however, is an exception...I know the man well. He is Enlightened, and a member of, perhaps not surprisingly, Iteration X. However, I do not know his opinion on the matter of the Pogrom."

Snyde: *Snyde moves back towards Michelle a bit* "I know that we dont really see eye to eye Michelle but on this I think we might so ill join Haven, at least for the time being"

Michelle Morgan -> Arlett: ((Gotcha. *Grins and hugs*))

Arlett -> Michelle Morgan: ((*S* snugz* =) ))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Still looking to Allen, she asks "How difficult do you think it would be to take him in alive?"

Arlett: *Peers to Kira, saying softly* it'll be fine.... *then back onto listening*

Michelle Morgan: She looks to Snyde...a momentary pause, before she nods. "I'll give you a tour, then, and we'll see what Sebastien thinks."

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She nods. and well listens still.*

Evan: *raises an eyebrow* Sebastien? *calm. curious. a Mage not on the list, perhaps?*

Allen Dayde: "It would be a place to start," he says with a contemplative frown. "Nolan is not a...Remover. Although, he is not without his resources..."

Snyde: "A tour is not really nesscary, Michelle just let me know what is decided"

Arlett: hum.. on that matter guys.. shoulnd't we actually plan later and start clearing? we've been here... quite enough time... and we should get Allen uh... Mister Dayde to a safe spot too....

Melinda Stowe: A purse of her lips it was a dangerous gamble but she sighs and stands up moving to the bathroom door. "I can try and see what information with some help from Mr. Dayde, I can pull from their records."

Michelle Morgan: She just nods to Evan, saying nothing more. Some things, you just don't let spill in front of Progenitors.

Michelle Morgan: "No, a tour is very much necessary, Snyde."

Evan: *looks between Allen and Adriana* sir. ma'am. do either of you have an idea of the best way to approach this Nolan in an attempt to aquire more information?

Evan: *nods back to Michelle slightly. another Mage, then*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks between snyde and michelle as they converse, then flicking a sharp gaze back to her nervous loafers. "Vacating this area would.. be nice."

Allen Dayde: "That is an idea, Miss Stowe." He nods a little bit. "Moving, I would also agree to." Quite readily, it seems.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks up to Evan "I had plans to meet with him again.. regarding my research. Though during our previous encounters.. nothing of this nature was mentioned. I was under the impression that the olympus group was merely.." She looks back down to the carpet "If I'm being asked to bring it up in his prescence i'd prefer not to be alone when I do it."

Michelle Morgan: "All right, let's see if we can find you another, more permanant safehouse, Allen." She sighs, thinking.

Arlett: I can help *to th eMelina idea* while she moves from the TV, as in ok.. lets... though where*

Snyde: *Snyde just shrugs his shoulders to Michelle* "Whatever its your party"

Melinda Stowe: "Then let us move, and I shall go with Mr. Dayde so that I may see about gaining any information they might have."

Allen Dayde: "I would not be a good choice to be there when you do, Doctor. In case he is very much opposed, he will see me and attempt to escape immediately."

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Adriana* "have him meet with you at the lab, ill be there with you"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks to the group of people around the door, facing that direction, ready to go. She speaks to snyde "And if they gain suspiscion.. and call in a team to the meeting?"

Michelle Morgan: "It's not my party, Snyde. I'm a Deacon, not Grand Moff Morgan." She grins faintly, and looks around...eyes finding Melinda. "Can you ward the fuck out of a location for us?"

Evan: i'm open to meeting him with you as well. *nods to Adriana* lab, or otherwise. they apperantly already know who i am, anyway.

Melinda Stowe: She nods her head to Michelle. "But of course Miss Morgan."

Snyde: "Then whats your idea Adriana" *says Snyde with a smile to the woman and a slight chuckle at Michelles comment*

Arlett: *eyeing Michelle, then Melina, then just around*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "Meeting with the man outside of business would cause suspiscion. He'd want to check on my progress. You could escort him in, and just happen to have a large stack of invoices to file while in the lab. It would be to our best interest to slap labcoats on the others who wish to help take him in, under the guise of working med students. Olympus IS a busy place during this time of year.. Mid terms and whatnot.."

Michelle Morgan: "All right." She nods to Melinda, and thinks. "I have a potential location, I think. A little more comfortable then here."

Evan: a question. will we be trying to capture him, or not? *his face serious*

Arlett: *Peers to Adriana and Snyde* I think we should gather to plan that once we are moved...

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks to Evan "I think it would be in our best interest to question him at the lab, after removing all of his equiptment from his person and restraining him. After the questioning, we can decide what to do with him."

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head. "That is good, and Miss Arlett, and other help you can give is appreciated." doesn't even try and fin the heat source for Arlett, it would be to confusing at this point.

Snyde: *Snyde smiles* "That works, get me a list of all of the people to be in the lab and ill get them key cards"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks from arlett, to the group of people blocking the tiny doorway. "I agree." she states coldly.

Allen Dayde: He nods and stands, shutting the laptop and picking it up. "I am ready to go when you all are."

Snyde: *Snyde nods and moves to head out the door*

Arlett: *eyeing Melinda* I can help ya in what ya need.. I am good with computers

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana follows meekly behind snyde.

Evan: *nods to Adri* i'll buy a couple more guns then, in case we need them. let me know when i need to be there, preferably with time to be briefed on how to pretend i'm a med student. i'll be best off not in his direct line of sight--i'm military, not medical.

Arlett: *she lingers to be in the last to go out, peering to Allen*

Snyde: "Just act like you dont know which way is up and you will do just fine" *says Snyde with a bit of a laugh to Evan*

Evan: *Miss Michelle, shall we? *nods toward the door, lips quirking faintly. light teasing helps, sometimes*

Michelle Morgan: "All right." She nods. "We're moving to a warehouse in Midtown." She moves to head out herself.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana offers Evan a soft smile. "I'm sure you could handle yourself with more care than some of my actual med students. A bulk of them are bafoons."

Evan: *chuckles at Snyde's advice and heads out. either escorting Michelle, or ahead of her--her choice. althugh, he lingers to make sure everyone, including Melinda, is out of there*

Evan: thanks, ma'am. *grins to Adri. respectfully enough, actually*

Snyde: *Snyde walks with Adriana to the bike and looks back at her* "Well Doc this is quite a situation we have here"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana follows with her eyes to the ground "I know. I apologize."

Snyde: "For what?" *he says with a smile as he turns and looks at her*

Melinda Stowe: She waits for Arlett to leave, pulling out the blind person's cane. "I am also quite good with computers, but working together always helps." She follows everyne out this way she will not be around or near anyone really, giving her the space she needs to fee; comfortable.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "I should have done my research before signing on with Olympus. I.. should have known better.."

Arlett: *nods to Melina, with a bit of a smile, then peers again to Allen, biting her lips*

Michelle Morgan: ((Gonna stay in this reason to move.)) She heads down to the car, leading them all to a large warehouse in Midtown, specifically the Garment District. It's completely empty but still if it was bought for a never used-purpose.

Arlett: ((and I need to go for souper *sighs*))

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs* "We all make mistakes Doc" *He says as he gets on the bike and starts it* "The trick is not to be buried by them"

Michelle Morgan: ((We're pretty much done, but for warding and if the rest want to plan...up to you guys. All my exposition is out of the way, and we're at our allotted time frame.))

Evan: *and follows the lady, in his car. he'll take whomemever wants to ride with him. and gets out of the car when they arrive at the warehouse*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((i'm cool. i hardly ever get to pull out the doc card. *G*))

Snyde: ((If its cool with those who would like to plan, i would like to do it later))

Michelle Morgan: ((Switching down to one nick, for my own sanity, in case we continue. And Scarlet, trust me. You'll have LOTS more time for Adri, soon. *EG*))

Melinda Stowe: Once there she oh so carefully moves to a place where she can take a seat, she pulls her laptop from the bag over her shoulder. Opening it up and booting it up. This is all done without looking at the blasted thing. This was going to be difficult, but not impossible.

Arlett: ((okie... I'll be back to know how the plan ended, Arlett will offer help *leaves her in Ravyn's hands for now* be back!!))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((yay! i want to poke humans with sticks!)) Adriana dismounts the bike and enters the place, following along quietly. Just in case she's needed.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Follows in Evan's car since she knows him a little better.*

Snyde: ((And ill be back in a minute if ya want to do it now))

Snyde: *Snyde follows goes in with Adriana* ((BBS))

Melinda Stowe: And once she get's to a point that she knows well she pulls something from the sleve of her right sleeve and pulgs it into the laptop port. Then she starts to get work, coding, she doesn't look at the compputer screne, but does all of this coding by touch.

Evan: *heads in and surveys the place quietly*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana makes the same sterile stance she did back at the apartment, loafers tightly placed together as she flicks a sharp gaze around the place.

Ravyn: Michelle and Allen both enter, Michelle in fron, Allen in the middle of the group.

"This place is mine...bought for a recording studio I never went through with. We can use it for as long as we need."

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She looks around curiously still wondering why they would be after her and second why she was here.*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Computers(AA): 6,5,2,9,8,9,1,2,

Evan: Michelle, is there a setup for stuff like a fridge, maybe a microwave? *nods toward Allen* man's got to eat, after all. *slight chuckle*

Ravyn: "Yeah." She points to the stares that lead to the office, overseeing everything. "Up there...full living quarters."

Melinda Stowe: ((Quint to lower diff, WP on the odd rolls))

Evan: *nods* good deal. *he doesn't bother to look up there. if she says it's there, it's there* full, i assume means full sized fridge and the like. Mr. Dayde, if you give me an idea of what you want to eat and can cook, i'll make a food run before i go home tonight.

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 4,8,9,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 6,5,4,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 5,1,5,

Ravyn: Michelle nods. "That's exactly when I mean."

Allen smiles slightly to Evan's offer. "Thank you, Mr. Jacobs."

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 6,3,9,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 3,7,3,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks up with a curious look to allen. Remaining quiet. Unsure is an odd look for the woman.

Evan: *nods cheerfully to the man* not a problem.

Ravyn: Melinda's programming takes a couple hours, but when she's done, it's damn well warded good.

Ravyn: ((Assuming she's programming in the background, and for purposes of this, she can still talk, too. Or we can fast-forward. *S*))

Evan: *he does peek curiously toward Mel's computer from time to time. not getting in her space. interesting stuff, although it's....a bit over his head. like the sun compared to a happily burrowing earthworm over his head*

Melinda Stowe: When she is done with the programing of the area, she sighs, and then nods to herself. first unplugging the cable from the computer, and tucking it back into her right shirt sleve. Then setting her laptops aside. She has been quiet but for the click clack of the keys as she does her thing.

Ness (Arcane 2): ((Are we still in the same place?))

Ravyn: ((No, Ness...they all moved to a warehouse in Midtown, for a more permanent hideout.))

Melinda Stowe: ((Either way works for me. the fast forward, or just talking while doing her thing *S*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((i'm easy))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Kira just explores I guess* (lol))

Ness (Arcane 2) -> Ravyn: ((Reading the logs of while I was away, it says that everyone left for the warehouse. May Ness have come along? Sorry, today at 4 was the only time I could get a ride to get groceries so that I could eat this week.))

Snyde: *Snyde stand back and looks to Evan* "So anyone else you know of who might want to be involved in this venture?"

Evan: *nods* perhaps. i'll ask, anyway.

Ravyn: ((Fast forward, then!)) Michelle gives a tour of the place as Melinda works...not much to it. It's secure, though, and everything in the main warehouse is visible from upstairs, including both loading docks, front and back. Allen follows, watching astutely, asking a few questions about security.

Evan: *follows Michelle and Allen. hey, Sam's not here. someone's act to act like a bodyguard, right?*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana keeps close to Snyde, occasionally stealing glances at Allen. Curious.

Ravyn -> Ness (Arcane 2): ((She sure can have!))

Snyde: *Snyde smiles a bit* "So Allen why are you risking yourself over us anyway?"

Melinda Stowe: When she is done she leans back againbst the wall she took her spot at and closes her eyes. She cannot wait till reality wasn't kicking her but anymore, it would make things so much easier.

Ness (Arcane 2): ((*glee!*)) Ness follows along the tour quietly, baby laptop on her hip.

Ravyn: "Because, Mr. Snyde," he answers. "I believe, quite frankly, that Johanneson's methods are extreme. There is no need to retart the Pogrom...quite frankly, you'll excuse the arrogance here, but we beat you. To further continue it will only cause unacceptable losses in the Masses."

Snyde: *Snyde smiles a bit at that* "were still here" *he says with a smile* "So you beleive in this enough to join the enemy then?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana locks her eyes on Allen, curious at his response.

Ness (Arcane 2): "He's not really joining us..." She murmurs from the back.

Arlett: ((Back!!))

Ravyn: "I joined the Union to protect the Masses from dangerous individuals, Mr. Snyde. People like you." He shrugs a little bit. "Or people like Comptroller Johanneson."

Evan: what do you plan on doing, sir? *asks the man quietly*

Snyde: "So Im a dangerous individual" *says Snyde with a bit of a laugh* "I find that kinda funny becasue I joined the group im with to protect the people from dangerous men like you" *he says with a smile*

Ravyn: Michelle listens quietly at a spot nearby, lighting a cigarette, as Allen speaks.

"I plan, Mr. Jacobs, on providing the information as promised. I plan on doing what I can to stop the Pogrom, until my eventual death."

Ravyn: "How many people have you killed, Mr. Snyde?"

Arlett: *She ahs just been listening, quietly biting her lips, though she does says to Allen* we are not bad.... we protec the normal people too... well... some of us *okok has a mental image of Ishachus.. cna't say they all do*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands behind snyde, eyes falling to the ground. A guilt passing her face.

Evan: *nods to Allen soberly* and you think that's going to happen fairly soon, i take it. what if, somehow, we can show you that we are not as dangerous as you've thought?

Melinda Stowe: "There is always a second side to the same coin." she says from her spot on the floor, out of the way.

Arlett: ((listening and helping Melinda that is!))

Snyde: "More than I have cared to, but I know they all died for a reason" *he says with a sigh as his eyes go to the floor* "How many people have the monsters made by your union killed, either becasue they didnt agree with you or because they were a casualty in a war that your Union started"

Melinda Stowe: ((Actualkly she didn't need any help on the warding of the place, but thanked Arlett, for her offer))

Ravyn: "Oh, let's not debate me as the entire Union, or you as your entire, death-dealing 'Tradition.'" He sighs. "The only research I as an individual have done was toward better medical products. I don't clone, I don't create biological weapons, and I don't create drugs that destroy. I have, to my knowledge, not been responsible for the death of a single member of the Masses, or even you Deviants, since I joined the Union. Can you say the same?" He raises an eyebrow, then looks to Evan...Snyde is dismissed from his mind. "I do not believe you all to be dangerous. But I fail to see your death is an inevitability. Traitors to the Union are highest on their elimination list."

Arlett: ((ble *pokes Mel*G* okie))

Ness (Arcane 2): She gives Synde a long look. He seems the type to be a murderer. He definitely fits the movie stereotype.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives one of her gloves a nervous tug, the conversation making her entirely uncomfortable.

Arlett: My... humm.... *stops... as her own mind goes on a trail that makes Allen's words sound quite scaringly true* but we'll try to keep you safe...

Melinda Stowe: She looks towards the voice to Mr. Dayde. "Not entirely, they rank up there, to stop them from doing just what you have done, giving information to our side. It ia a battle, those with the information have a better chance of survival. But also top on their lists, are those they see as potential agents for their side as well."

Ravyn: A glance to Melinda, and a shrug. "Your Convenstion counts on that list, Miss Stowe, as traitors, still. Sixty years is not so long a time."

Evan: *a faint smile* you might die more easily if we can convince you, sir. everyone dies. it's inevitable. but some deaths are better than others.

Arlett: *sighing and moving off as Allen doens't mind her words, but too.... trying to talk herself into something seems*

Ness (Arcane 2): She looks around the group unbelieving. Are they all murderers? Is she safe here? She takes a long step back from the group. "Yeah, traitors, all of us. Maybe we should all be hiding?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a confused squint up to Allen "If that's true.. And they know so much about my person.. Having me work in one of their labs.. Why haven't they taken me in?"

Ravyn: "And while I appreciate the effort, Miss Dravinsky Knight...Mr. Jacobs...I think you should concern yourselves more with each other. I will do my part."

Evan: ((and since i've got to go attempt to eat dinner....Evan's going off on a food run. unless soemone's got a serious objection, he'll take requests--and spare funds--and go play fetch like a good boy. *L*)) ladies, gentlemen, i'll be back shortly. i'm going to collect some edibles. any requests?

Snyde: *Snyde just shrugs* "Look Allen, nothing is inevitable. Just take that from your friendly 'Death dealing traditionalist'. When you lose hope then truely all is lost"

Melinda Stowe: "I am quite aware that my convention is still listed as traitors. I am speaking of people such as Miss Charmichael, who have been working underneath their scrutany without knowing., People that have caught and have been rescued. People who have worked with them before in times of need and now.....they are all targets to be assimilated."

Arlett: *eyes Allen* I don't want to see anyone else die *softly* and please... I don't use Knight last name.. and I really ain't used mine in a long while....

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana slips a few bills in Evan's hand. "I've no requests, dear.. Just whatever it takes to make Allen a bit more comfortable."

Ravyn: "Whatever will suffice...make sure there is no peanut oil in it, is all I ask. Highly allergic." He nods to Evan a little bit and looks back to Adriana. "They have not taken you in because they hope to recruit you much more subtlely."

Ness: She repeats herself a little louder, "I said, maybe we should all be hiding."

Snyde: *Snyde looks around at the group* "So besides the ward what else are we doing to aid in Allen's survival?"

Arlett: *and eyes Evan* chips with chocolate syriup... if they give it to ya....

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana wraps her freehand tightly across her chest, grabbing her other arm in a nervous stance. She blinks to Ness "You can crawl in a hole if you like, dear. I can't think of a safer place than right here. As a group."

Ravyn: "If you all hide, they will eventually find you. Do not be reactive...this is part of why you lost before. Be proactive."

Snyde: *Snyde looks back at Ness* "That might not be such a bad idea except for the fact that we will give up the fact that we know"

Melinda Stowe: "If you wish to hide Miss Ness, then that is your perogative, Mine however hasn't changed. I will continue to do what i can to make sure the union doesn't get to us."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks down to the ground, looking ill. "They.. won't be successful in recruiting me."

Ness: She glances from Adriana to Allen, a little twitchy, "So... proactive? What do you suggest?"

Snyde: "Ill stay here with Allen, if he will have me, to help assure his safety" *says Snyde looking to Allen*

Ravyn: Michelle frowns suddenly, pushing off from the wall. "I'm not hiding. We've had to hide for a long, LONG more. Now...I think it's about time we started fighting back. They think they won...I say we show them they haven't won shit." The hostility in her voice is actually quite sudden, perhaps surprisingly so.

Arlett: *eyes Allen then, then the thers*

Ness: She takes a step back from Michelle as well, suddenly.

Arlett: *and Michelle, biting her lips even harder*

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Michelle and nods* "Those may be famous last words but I agree"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana slowly tilts her gaze up to michelle. "They have double the manpower.. Organization.. as well as information. What is it you suggest we do? Run full force into a war we've already lost?"

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): I too will not hide, I have worked for my way of life, I will not let others take it so easily.

Melinda Stowe: She looks towards Michelles voice. "I agree, using what strengths we have working together so that we can push them back." okay so she will be hiding in the background but doing what she can from there, that is what she is good at.

Ravyn: "No, Adriana. We do what those who have been outnumbered have done for years. They're called guerilla tactics."

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): Battles have been won with ingenuity, where those that do win are outnumbered sometimes ten fold.

Arlett: *biting lips, listening for now*

Ness: "Ala hide, attack, then hide."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana straightens her skinny lips, looking to allen "Can you think of a better approach than Nolan? Would he be a viable information source?"

Ravyn: "Something like that, Ness." She nods. "They're not expecting us to fight back. They've got numbers and organization...they also have arrogance, I'm betting."

Ravyn: Allen nods. "Nolan would be a very viable information source. He's a bridge between Iteration X and the Progenitors...he would be quite useful, I imagine."

Evan: *heads back, laden with bags* few more in the car, including your stuff, Arlett. i wasn't sure if you meant potatoe or chocolate chips, so i got both. if it's potato, please don't make me watch you eat them. *grins and heads upstairs to drop off food*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods and looks around the room "Who all would be willing to help contain Mr. Nolan?"

Snyde: "I think that bet would probably be a sure thing Michelle" *he says as he takes out a smoke and lights it*

Arlett: *binks, blinks, smiles a bit to Evan * I ment potatoe chips covered in chocolate syriup....

Melinda Stowe: She looks towards Adriana. "Yes, Miss Charmichael, it is called me using a back goor entrance to their programming with Mr Daydes and Miss Arlett's help and finding out anything else that I can. I was able to my simple means hack into their location. With a little bit of effort I am sure that we can get more. And do a bit of damage while I am there."

Arlett: I'll help *softyly to Adrian* but I am not killing no one....*she hasn't she was about once. but she coulnd't....*

Snyde: "You know im in Doc" *he says with a grin as he takes his hat off and puts it on Adriana's head*

Evan: i've already offered myself. keep in mind--i may be one of you, but i don't know how to ~use~ magic on a concious level at this point. best to deploy me for purely physical, mundane things. like shooting or simply sitting on the man.

Ness: She closes her eyes and talks to herself, making a list. "Logistics: We need money and resources. We also need nodes. We need covert scouting operations to identify viable targets. We need safehouses. We need them in that order. I suggest a clover operation for Mr. Nolan. One person interacts with him, two watch the person interacting, and one watches the watchers."

Evan: *winces slightly at Arlett. that's not a combo i'd've come up with. i have the chips and the chocolate syrup--you get to mix them. ma'am, your change. *offers Adriana the change*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods, giving a stern Hmph when the hat is placed on her head. She makes no motion to remove it, speaking in arlet's direction "I'm no killer, dear. I don't expect you to be either."

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Evan* "How accurate are you? Becasue if you need to shoot make sure to aim for non vital locations"

Arlett: *smiles a bit more to Evan, she'll giggle if she wans't worried and takes the chips, pouring a good load of chocolate, then closing it and going to sit, half monching on them*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana waves off the change. "Keep it. For future use."

Ravyn: "I'll help however I can, Adriana." Michelle nods.

Arlett: *With a lil nod to Adriana* is jut.. it all sounds like...*frownS* mean I don't agree with them, the technoes I know they'll kill us.. but.. I .. don't.. think.. I could....

: *Snyde looks to Ness* "Sounds like a plan"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana removes the large hat from her much smaller head with a stern gaze "I'm sure if we need to dispose of Mr. Nolan.. We can find someone suitable for the task." She flops the hat atop snyde's head.

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Arlett* "dont dirty your hands kiddo if it isnt nesscary, its not somthing you want to live with"

Snyde: *Snyde rights the hat*

Evan: thank you, ma'am. *he does NOT look at what Artlett's Sndye a half-smile* i served in Iraq, sir. i'm not a bad shot, i think.

Ravyn: ((Guys, I'm ending my own involvement in this scene in 10, as I do have a scene I'm scheduled to play in, and I believe there is another player waiting on it, too. Just to let you guys guys can continue, but Michelle will go home to talk to Sam, and Allen will go to get some real sleep.))

Ness: Ness runs through the data in her head again. Maybe Jack Thompson was right. Video games have trained her, maybe? She glances over toward Snyde, serious.

Arlett: *eyes Snyde, then Adriana frowning* we hsoulnd't need to *muttered*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks to Ness "You sound like you've done this before. If you have a more tightly knit plan.. I'm more than open for advice."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks back to Arlett "So you're suggesting we tie him down.. question him about the operations.. then set him free to run back and tell the others?" She shakes her head "that would be counter productive."

Evan: ((Evan'll toddle off when Michelle does. *chuckles*))

Arlett: *frowns at Adriana, with a little scowl then she stares down, FIEN is stupid, but she still doens't want to*

Ness: Ness is serious, if also a bit nervous. "I know how operations like this are done in games. Online, simulations of these types of situations are played out again and again. A clover is a four man operation that has one person as the front man, two watching him or her as backup, and one person to just run away if everyone dies, so that the HQ knows what happened."

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at Evan* "Thats good being a good shot means only killing when you mean to" *he says before turning back to Arlett* "No the world would be a much better place if there was no need for the Good Death, but unfortunatly we havent reached that point yet"

Melinda Stowe: ((And as Melinda is not of use here any fiurther until she has Arlet and Mr. Dayde can set aside the time to go fishing for information she will head out letting Arlett to know that she can get ahold of her at the chantry.))

Evan: *nods to Ness* i like it.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana frowns to Ness "That's a quite unseemly scenario.. But if it's the most effective.."

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Allright Adriana does the interactions, me and Evan will watch. While you Ness if you are willing can be our runner" *he says looking at the three of them*

Arlett: ((okie Mel)) *she doens't asnwer Snyda, just goes on eating her chips with chocolate*

Ravyn: Michelle moves to Arlett, putting a hand on her shoulder, leaning down to whisper. Allen simply watches quietly, a yawn coming across his face.

Ravyn -> Arlett: "Your refusal to kill is one of the big reasons why I love you, hon. Not everyone's the same way. Thank you for thinking like that." A pause. "I've missed you...and I'm sorry."

Evan: *nods* sounds like a plan to me. all right. i'm heading out to get a few bits and pieces. let me know when and where to show, and if anyone needs anything special, all right? anyone need a lift somewhere?

Arlett: *blinks, blinks and then looks up to Michelle, clearly confused a secind, before she simply moves forward and hugs tightly to her*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a tiny nod. "I'll gather strong bonds. Are we planning to do the questioning at the lab? Or would you prefer someplace else?" She frowns "There are no cameras in the actual lab. As per my request. Though they are all over the rest of the building. It wouldn't surprise me if they were constantly monitored"

Melinda Stowe: "If you wouldn't mind Mr. Jacobs." she says to Evan. Grabbing her laptop and putting it away, and making her way although slow with the cane, towards an exit, somewhat. "If you could."

Snyde: *Snyde shakes his head* "Whats your # Evan so that me and you can get together before this goes down"

Ness: "It requires a preconditional plan to be constructed first. The conditions are the location of the operation, and a psychological profile of Mr. Nolan and anyone else involved, including our own team members. I am willing to be the runner. We need to declare a Estimated Time of Deployment, which is conditional on Mr. Nolan's availibility. My number is -" She gives her local Skype number.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives her card to Evan and anyone else who asks for it. It has her office number, cell, and where she can be found on campus.

Evan: *makes sure anyone who wants it has his number, and then carefully leads Melinda out, holding open the door for her like a well-brought-up man. he does nto, however, touch her during this guiding process*

Ness: She's rattling off things slowly but consistantly, as if she was following some algorithm in her head.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana makes her way out as well, expecting snyde to drive her home.

Snyde: *Snyde moves off towards the exit* "Well Doc you ready to head home, and Ness if you want to do a psych eval on me ill let you" *he says with a bit of a smile to her*

Ravyn: She hugs Arlett back, smiling softly, and nods to Evan. "I should go start warning Haven and some others. Everyone...keep me updated." She moves to follow Evan out.

Evan: *and he drives off into the city, dropping Mel off wherever she needs to go. and heads back home to get attacked by kittens*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods to snyde, eyes narrowing on ness "My psychological state is none of your business, dear."

Arlett -> Ravyn: +she does mutter* I'm sorry too *before letting go*

Arlett: bye...*watching them start moving out*

Melinda Stowe: She thanks Evan, for helping her out. Even graces him with one of her rare smiles.

Snyde: *Snyde smiles a bit* "Allright Doc lets get you home" *he says before nodding to Ness* "Give me a call"

Ness: "Thank you, Snyde." She glances over towards the Doctor, "Ma'am?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Another nod to Snyde as she follows the man out.

Snyde: ((Well thanks for the scene))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Ness is rudely ignored by the good doctor.

Snyde: *Snyde starts the bike up and heads off towards Adriana's place*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (danke guys)

Ness: She's left standing there, considering how to get home. Maybe she should stay here for the night. She debated whether it would be safer or more dangerous. ((Cya.))

Ravyn: ((Thanks for playing, folks.))