Angel(home): She caresses his face gently. "It won't matter...They'll love irregardless."

Elijah Phillips: He nods, taking down the rest of his vodka. He clumsily starts to make a stride for the bar to put his glass away.

Angel(home): She sighs, tongue flicking over her lips, and follows, hands sliding softly along his back. "Baby?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli blinks over his shoulder to her, nearly tripping over his feet as he does so. He giggles "Eh?"

Angel(home): "Come curl up ont he couch with me," she says softly, sliding her hands down and back up under his shirt.

Elijah Phillips: Eli giggles, placing his glass on the counter and wrapping an arm around Angel "Of course, love.." He makes a stumble for the couch, most of his weight on the girl next to him.

Angel(home): Dimly, she realizes that she is NOT getting over her inner wall on this one. Chuckling she curls her arm tightly around Eli and leads him to the couch.

Elijah Phillips: Eli plops on the couch with a wide grin to the girl. Cocky. He looks her over with a curious squint, reading the girl like a book.

Elijah Phillips: d10: per+emp (diff): 8,4,7,2,9,

Angel(home): Smiling, she eyes him for a minute then arranges him so she can curl up between his legs, her head against his chest.

Elijah Phillips: Eli makes no resistance. He lazily lays wherever she places him, draping an arm over the girl. "You're too good to me, Angel."

Angel(home): "Its all selfishness I assure you. You stay happy I get what I want. I'm good with that."

Elijah Phillips: Eli smirks at the girl "And what is it that you want, love?"

Angel(home): "You to want me...To love me. To see Tansy happy..." She shrugs.

Elijah Phillips: He grins "Not a problem, then." He runs his hand down the girl's back and lets his eyes flutter up to the ceiling.

Angel(home): "Eli...what you did with Tom yesterday...I know you care about him but it did hurt us," she says softly, nuzzling into his neck with a soft, s hivering sigh. "We love you."

Elijah Phillips: Eli tilts his head "How so? Was it the fact that I'm sleeping with him.. or the fact that I did it in such close proximity?" He squints. "You know me, love.. I'm not going to hide anything from the two of you. I love you both too much for that."

Angel(home): "Its the fact that you did in our home...and that you did it without regard to how either of us might have felt about it...Without even a...Not a by your leave but without talking to us about it. He lives here...And I like him, don't misunderstand but its awkward."

Elijah Phillips: "But.." He gains a confused look "I've been sleeping with him for longer than he's been living here, love.. Do you want me to make a list of EVERY person I sleep with?" God.. I hope not.. that'll be more writing than I've done in my entire LIFE.

Angel(home): "No, that's not what I said." she sighs. "It would be nice to know though who else you sleep with regularly...and it would be nice if...If you didn't do it here unless you were sure Tansy and I were comfortable with it."

Elijah Phillips: Eli quirks a brow. He drifts a soft hand to the girl's chin, raising it up so she can see the stern look in his face. "Angel. I don't want you to take this the wrong way. I love you. Both of you. But I don't ~answer~ to either one of you." Something had to be done. Silly thrall.. Hasn't learned her place yet. "I want you to feel free to voice your concerns.. but I will do as I please. In my home." His lips straighten, freehand wrapping around to the small of the girl's back in a loving gesture "Have I made myself perfectly clear?"

Angel(home): She bites her lips, brown eyes widening before her lashes come down, hiding the hurt, locking it away. "yes."

Elijah Phillips: d10: per+emp (diff): 5,6,5,2,5,

Elijah Phillips: (diff4 that is)

Tansy: Her arms are crossesd as she stands on the last step of the stairs. Listening to it all.

Elijah Phillips: Eli's gaze softens on the girl with a frown "What's the matter, love.. you're upset."

Elijah Phillips: Tipsy and scolding.. Eli doesn't notice Tansy. His eyes are on the insubordinate thrall.

Angel(home): "Tansy says we're a family. The three of us. But we're not, are we," she asks, pressing her face against his chest, hiding.

Tansy: She has seen this before, a sence of Dejavu. She leans against the wall as she watches on and listens.

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods to the girl "We're a family of sorts, love. I never said we weren't." He runs a gentle hand along the girl's hair "I love you two very much.. But in agreeing to follow me, you connected yourself to my person. And as someone connected to me.. I can't have you lashing out over silly matters like this. If you have a problem with what I'm doing.. ask me to explain. I've not once refused to explain the reasoning for my actions. And if they need to be changed.. I'll do it."

Thomas Judge: He comes walking down the stairs behind Tansy "You aving a nosy pet?"

Angel(home): "Knowing it hurts us...why would you do it here," she asks softly, voice muffled againts his chest.

Elijah Phillips: "I wasn't aware that it hurt you, love. If I was.. I would have taken it elsewhere."

Angel(home): She nods slowly, sighing, lifting her face to his. "I love you."

Tansy: She speaks now. "But tous silly ~mortals~." oh yes she is tossing back atr Eli what he has done to her. "Have feelings, and when we get hurt by something done to us we make it well known. What was the reason for sleeping with Tom, when you had two very willing women in your bed?" a tilt of her head as she steps off the last step.

Tansy: "Oh and that would have been quite the correct thing to do?" she is scarcastic now. " to Take the two protectors of this household off for however long, when anything could have happened to us?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli kisses angel before looking over to tansy with a stern glance "If you had a problem with me seeing other people.. You should have said so. My understanding was that our relationship was OPEN."

Tansy: "To your sons?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli gently pushes angel off of him, standing to make a slow pace to tansy. Green eyes narrowed "Mind your tone, tansy. You're beginning to try my patience.. I've done nothing wrong."

Thomas Judge: He stops where he is wondering if he should defend hiself, mention non of them have a dick, or just run cut his losses and remember that living with more than one woman causes hassles. He heads back up the stairs, he hasn't had nearly enough to drink for this, in fact if he packed his stuff he could jump out the window.

Tansy: She nods her head. "It is an open relaitionship, of that i have no doubts, and neither should you. ~I~ haven;t had a problem with you sleeping with anyone and everyone in creation, what I have a problem with is you bringing those people here to sleep with you in the family bed, in the family house. You once told me that this house was OURS. Not yours. If that is how you feel then Angel and I need to be treated like the consorts that we are and have a place of our own."

Elijah Phillips: Eli continues his pace to tansy, slowly with an air of superiority "This is our home, love. I'm not arguing with that. But I AM the man of this house. I will do.. as I please. Tom is the only person I've slept with on this property.." he lies "..And that was only because doing it elsewhere would leave the two of you defenseless." he lies again. "After everything I've done for you.. you DARE accuse me of such things? You NEED to learn your place.. before.. I get.. angry." His words slow, and calculated. A definite irritation.

Elijah Phillips: d10: char+sub: 4,9,9,9,4,

Thomas Judge: He turns round and sits on the stairs head shaking, looking of all things slightly amused.

Tansy: d10: Percet+Sub (WP): 4,3,8,5,

Tansy: ((Not charisma it is manipulation subterfuge))

Angel(home): Her arms curl up over her head, body hunching.

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Sub: 9,8,2,2,1,9,

Elijah Phillips: (it's the same pool. my bad)

Thomas Judge: "Hey I 'ave the cure, I'll just go, I'll tell you why it 'appened 'ere." Yeah he is speaking up, by the first he wants a cough "A) You needed to be guarded, B) I get lonely, oh a sad one I know, but wen you've been in my shoes, trust me, company is fuckin' great and C) Because she is the apple of the words eye, any man, an immortal can't say no, D) It is how she brings joy to the world, and yea, that night she choose me, but am not the one she comes 'ome to, am not the one she would start a war for, look at the big picture."

Elijah Phillips: Eli keeps his eyes locked on tansy, trying to stare the girl into submission. "Have I made myself quite clear.. love.. Or should I go on?"

Tansy: "You are not acting like the man of the house, parading everyone you will, who may or may not wish us." yes she lays a hand on her swollen abdomen. "your sons harm? Tom wants to protect us yes, but you also haven;t answered my question WHY Tom when you had both of us right here at home for you?"

Angel(home): Angel uncurls slowly, face pained. Scared she heads for the stairs, brushing past Tom in her haste to get up and out...away.

Tansy: "Yes but Tom you could have gone to anyone of your other women friends and left Eli here to protect us."

Thomas Judge: He looks to Angel as she pass, a pained look to her and he mouths 'Am sorry pet' as she passes. Then back, why him...yeah why him.

Elijah Phillips: His emerald eyes narrow on tansy "So you're saying.. that doing as I please.. isn't acting like tha man of the house?" He hisses at the girl "Everything I do.. is in protection of you and the boys. If you didn't want me to act like this.. you should have kept your fucking legs closed in the first place. This was YOUR fucking idea. You haven't the capacity to take care of yourself. So *I* am taking control of the situation." He motions to Tom "Why Tom? Because I fucking felt like it. I love the crimsonstar.. you know that. He needed me.. far more than you did that night."

Elijah Phillips: Eli will make a grab for angel before she passes.

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 8,1,4,1,2,2,

Elijah Phillips: And in doing so.. he drunkenly trips over his own feet. How's THAT for intimidation? Be scared!

Angel(home): She blinks away tears, her hand touching Tom's shoulder...Its not his fault...Hers...if she'd just said nothing... And then she's gone...through the kitchen towards the second set of stairs...Up and up to her room.

Tansy: Those violet eyes do not look away. "I am saying by parading people in here to our, as safe as it can be for right now, home you are putting us in danger. That is why i asked you at the Hotel not to bring people there that you were just sleeping with." a grin. "And it takes two. And you really do not know me if you thought I didn;t need you that night."

Thomas Judge: It isn't his place, not his roost, he shuts up now, in fact he can't be bothered. He had grown beyond these petty arguements. "Don't fret Tansy, I think we can call yer safe for now, am pretty sure Trav..." He purses his lips "am pretty sure it was a scare tactic, but you better keep yer eyes peeled, a harbringer, but am not gonna stay an watch a family fall apart, this is the Tom effect, chaos, disorder." He shakes his head and heads up the stairs, woman, and Eli said having a dick was trouble.

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives an irritated sigh.. from the floor.. and pushes himself up with another glare to tansy "Who have I brought here, then? Who? Who are all these DANGEROUS people that I keep parading in our home.. the only threat.. that has come here recently.. Was your fucking exboyfriend." He hisses. "How were you protecting my boys then, Tansy? How? Were you thinking of THEM when you were curled next to that sadistic fuck?"

Thomas Judge: He walks up the stairs "Angel pet, you up 'ere?" He looks about, he has no idea where her room is, he only recently found the bathroom. Tansy's tour faded fast.

Snyde: *Snyde pulls up infront of the house on the bike and unstraps a sack from the back of the bike carrying to the front door and knocking*

Angel(home): There's a muffled sound from the third floor...a door banging maybe.

Tansy: "He managed to decieve us ALL." she says through her teath. "Just do not being anyone who you are going to have sex with here to have sex, leave that at a hotel. When it belongs."

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Aler: 7,6,6,7,

Thomas Judge: THe door, "Angel stay wherew you are pet!" He runs downstairs "Anyone expectin' company?" He looks to tansy and Eli voice serious

Thomas Judge: ((stay where you are))

Angel(home): No response from the kitten...She's too busy beating one of her stuffed animals to furry pulp.

Elijah Phillips: Eli narrows his eyes on the girl again, reaching out to slip a hand around her waist "Love.. I haven't. I told you that, already. What is it that you're really so pissed about.. is it bothering you that I see other people?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli blinks over to Tom "I'm not. If it's not important.. send them away."

Thomas Judge: He heads to the door and looks through the peep hole "Oh ave seen 'im before, its the security guard where the Doc works." He looks behind him, didn't mean they knew him

Tansy: "Not that i am aware of." now what. She looks up at Eli. "You read me so well, I am NOT pissed off about that. I am upset because I do not want them to be paraded in our families home, where the boys will be playing and growing up. I do not care whgo you sleep with. If I was sleeping with someone else I would make the curtisy of not beinging them here, this is our family home."

Snyde: *Snyde knocks on the door again trying to get peoples attention while holding the bag in the other hand*

Elijah Phillips: "I.. haven't. Why are you bitching to me.. about something I HAVEN'T fucking done? Tom is the only exception. And I've explained my reasoning for that.. more than I feel the need to."

Thomas Judge: He turns and looks to them "Eli, Tansy, a moment please. Am I opening the door or not an even if I go on the intercom, there gonna 'ear you guys."

Elijah Phillips: ((we're in the basement))

Tansy: She takes a deep steadying breath. "I know your reasonings, just do not let it happen again."

Thomas Judge: ((My apologises!))

Snyde: *Snyde lights up a cig as he waits by the door as he mutters* "Tell me to come by and visit and then nobody answers the door"

Elijah Phillips: Eli quirks a brow, holding the girl a bit tighter "I don't answer to you tansy. Talk down to me one more time.. And I'll be forced to show you your place." his words soft "I don't want to hurt you.. but you're my thrall, now. As such.. You need to respect me and my decisions."

Thomas Judge: Well he doesn't know him, there not bothered, if he answer it he is just going to have to explain there having an arguement, what he is doing in there house, if not get the cold shoulder, friend of the docs and all. Still he had never seen him with Tansy or Eli, So he leaves the door, he doesn't get it, let them think there not in.

Tansy: "I do not wish you to break your end of it, by not making sure I am safe." yes that was what was stated as part of the pact. "So does that mean that I can bring my other lovers by here instead of taking them to a Hotel?"

Snyde: *Snyde pulls out his cell standing on the front porch and doals Tansys #*

Angel(home): Limply when all hell hasn't broken loose she begins making her way downstairs, giant carebear dragging behind her. Cause damnit, plushies are safe...and this one was beat all to hell. She stops and settles on the steps leading from first floor to second.

Thomas Judge: He has one fallen argueing with the mother of his children in the basement, his girlfriend thrall upstairs no doubt upset, and here was he, stuck in the middle, what a drag. He heads for the stairs up, eyes on the door a moment longer. They would't send one man.

Thomas Judge: He looks to Angel as she comes down "Stay there pet, stranger at the door."

Elijah Phillips: (is her cell on her?)

Angel(home): She nods and curls the battered bear into her arms, tucking her chin on it with a sigh, her cheeks flushed from crying.

Tansy: ((I am waiting for Eli's answer before posting what I was going to do. But yes it is on here. that whole emergency thing you know))

Elijah Phillips: Eli glares to tansy, holding her close "I can show you your place without touching the pact. It's not something I want to do to you.. If you'd just.. behave.." He blinks down to the ringing phone.

Thomas Judge: He moves up besides Angel. He wasn't a comforter, he was the man that walked with a swagger and left with a cough, a eink and a wisecrack in hsi step. Eli was inspiration, he had lost touch with the mortals, hell he had scared half of them to death or hate. "Easy there pet" He strokes Angels hair, not really knowing what else to do, one eye on the door.

Angel(home): "Its my fault. If I'd just kept my mouth shut when Tansy and I saw you two," she murmurs, leaning into Thomas' head with a sigh.

Tansy: She pulls out her phone and looks at it this was going to hurt. "Oh I better answer this he is probably wanting to take me out, you know." she answers the phone. "Hiya" Bright happy and cheerful.

Snyde: "Hey Tansy tou told me to come by and here I am, byt I guess your not at home?" *he says with a slight laugh*

Thomas Judge: "Hey, my bad. I actually think am not emotioanlly ready for this yet pet." He chuckles "I live for the moment see, never kow wen yer lemons gonna come and yer sent back down the shoot, never know 'ow long am gonna keep me toasties out the fire. Encounters, of the close kind I generally embrace, I use to be full of morality. An still am, it's sorry pet" He puts an arm round her

Tansy: She tucks one of the stray curls behind her ear, bowing her head and smileing softly, Eli has seen THAT look come over her a time or two. "Yes, yes i did. Actually I am at home. I am sorry Just didn;t hear the doorbell. I will be right up." ((roll comming.))

Tansy: d10: Charis+Prewf (WP): 2,9,5,2,3,1,3,

Angel(home): She curls into Thomas, pulling him down to sit beside her so she can huddle against his chest, eating up the attention eagerly. "Its okay. Its...I should have just let it ride. I don't have the right to make demands on either of them."

Elijah Phillips: ((which look?))

Tansy -> Elijah Phillips: ((The adoring look that she get's on her face))

Elijah Phillips: d10: per+emp (diff ): 7,9,10,9,3,

Elijah Phillips: Eli smirks at the girl. Oh yeah. She'll get hers.

Elijah Phillips: ((dark had to run out.. he said give him 10 or so min))

Thomas Judge: A deep sigh, he does sit down by her "Look pet, I don't ave the answers, ain't me roost, but with 'im aving a missus then you as a girlfriend you must ave weddin' she 'as a more...broader scope." He gentley pats her back, he was never meant to comfort them, he is the first, but he tries. "You ave the right to speak yer mind pet, its yer word given will and never let anyone say you can't!"

Tansy -> Elijah Phillips: ((She is happy, with the undertone of worried))

Angel(home): She nods, sighing, not getting half of what he says but listening anyways because its damned soothing. For someone not meant to comfort he seems to be doing a damn fine job of it.

Elijah Phillips: Eli runs a hand over tansy's belly with the same mean smirk to her. He waits until the phone is put away before he speaks.

Thomas Judge: "Thing is angel, as much as we look it, were not mortal par sa." He grimaces, he hated using French words, "We are only half mortal if that, sum are more than others, deepens on wat you remember from before, we all 'ad certain tasks to perform, Eli was inspiration, an that has manifested between angel an man to create that which you luv now, but he inspires others through his luv, sex being the best example, you must know wen yer cold an alone how pete the world feels, he/she gives them a new dawn, a moment hope, inspires them further...that 'er callin!"

Tansy: ((I am going to figure that Snyde said okay)) "Be right there." She hangs up the phone. "We have company." she says to Eli and moves to the stairs.

Angel(home): "I didn't fall for her because of her Sex appeal...or Tansy. I feel for them because they love me...Without any real reservations, even when I was tub of lard they still loved me...They gave me a home and made me a part of their lives. I get the sex but that's not what I crave when Ouesticati holds me...Its the strength in her arms and the tenderness in her voice."

: (("per se" is Latin, Thomas))

Thomas Judge: He looks off, he can't argue with that "Then you 'ad to say sumthing pet, thats all you can do in love, it ain't kind, it ain't fun but wen you find it hold on to it, do anything for it" He looks to her "Thats wat we angels did."

Thomas Judge: ((Well there always one *chuckles*, what would Thomas know, he use to be a junkie :) ))

Angel(home): "And knowing you now i'm not...I'm not even angry with Her for wanting you...Because seeing you I do to..." She shrugs helplessly.

Elijah Phillips: Eli's grip around tansy tightens when she moves to walk away "Tansy, you're not leaving this house until this is resolved.."

Snyde: *Snyde waits patiently next to the door for Tansy*

Tansy: She looks at Eli. "That is why I am inviting him in." Her smile remains, despite her wanting to wince.

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives the girl another smirk. "I'll decide your punishment after he leaves then." he starts moving for the stairs, offering the girl support when she walks.

Thomas Judge: A warm smile "Thats nice pet, but yer just blinded by the light, it always gets them the first lemon" He chuckles "Nah, I love Ouest, I remeber 'er from back in the day, she was always the one you'd think about wen sumone said beauty, so wen I met 'er 'ere wat could I say, I love 'er, I'd die for 'ear on a robin day, wen were not bitchin, but I also bring out the bad in 'er, but am not 'ers, you two are, yer a family, not me, am just another stop on the thrill of life, an thrills come an go pet, but luv is forever." He strokes her cheek, wiping some of the moisture away

Tansy: A g;amce to Eli her child held high as she walks up the stairs. Once she is on ground level. She yells out to the other residence just in case. "There is company here!" and walks to the front door.

Angel(home): "Family is what you make it, Tom." She blinks up at him and leans her face into his hand. "If they have room for me...then we can have room for you. I think. I dunno though...i just...I hate seeing anyone hurting."

Elijah Phillips: Eli follows behind her, tossing on a soft loving smile for whoever's behind the door.

Thomas Judge: He looks down as he hears movement and no argueing, still alert over the door. He keeps his arm round Angel, someone had to help the poor girl. "Keep sush now pet"

Angel(home): She nods and tucks her face against the bear's head, listening.

Tansy: On her walk to the front door she braces herself for the acting job of a lifetime. She enters the code to disarm and then unlocks and opens the door. A smile to Snyde as she steps aside. "Sorry about that."

Snyde: *Snyde smiles to her before giveing her a hug* "How have you been kiddo" *he says with a laugh as he hands her the bag*

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives his best smile to the man. Ehhh.. tacky dresser. Tansy had HORrible taste.. wait.. He extends a dainty hand to the man "Hello, love. Don't believe we've met. Elijah Phillips."

Angel(home): "Company...Come upstairs for a few? I wanna wash my hair and change," she murmurs, squeezing Tom's hand pleadingly.

Tansy: She gives Snyde a nice big hug. She takes the bag her eyes lighting up, and she gives snyde a kiss on the cheek. "For me?"

Angel(home): ((wash my Face!*LOL*))

Snyde: *Snyde takes the mans hand and looks him over, names right, looks right, but what the hell was he doing in Tansy's house* "Snyde" *he says with a slight laugh to the man*

Thomas Judge: So they do know each other, all happy family's now. A shake of his head, he can't be arsed with the questions, especially after this the odds on he wasn't going to be staying much longer. He looks to Angel, he can't really move her a second time. So he stays there, all back of the bus.

Snyde: "Well yea its a couple of glasses as a house warming present and a bottle of whiskey for your new husband" *he says with a smile*

Elijah Phillips: "Snyde?" He smirks. Bite your tongue. This man look.. ehh.. His look is SO out this season.. "Pleasure, love." He slips a loving arm around tansy's waist.

Thomas Judge: He looks to her "Oh sweet mother of christ robin call pet!" He stands "I might ave a cheeky cough if thats alright as well, after that barney am up for one." All said hush, hush

Snyde: "So ive seen your face on the billboards" *he says looking at Eli biteing his tounge about what he thought of the clothes he was modeling*

Angel(home): She nods and stands, snuggling the overlarge teddy bear to her chest, her hand seeking Tom's. "Kay...Just...c'mon." And she leads him up, not to her room but to the masterbedroom.

Elijah Phillips: Eli grins, preening. "I imagine you have. You a fan of Anthony's work?"

Tansy: She hands the bag off to Eli. Grinning to Snyde before dropping another kiss on his cheek. "Eli is my husband. We can let Eli put the gifts awak while we go into my office to have a chat."

Snyde: "No cant say that I like the tacky clotheing" he says with a smile*

Snyde: "So you have an office Tansy?" *he says with a smile to her*

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a faint laugh "Riiiight.." He looks the man over from head to toe "I see that." He nods to tansy "I'll add this to the bar and be right up, love." He leans over to land a soft kiss to tansy's cheek. "Love you."

Snyde: "So how has the married life been treating you kiddo" *he says as Eli leaves to put the stuff away*

Tansy: The smile never leaving her face. a nod of her head, and then she tils it to the side. "Yep I do, sort of my own little spot."

Thomas Judge: He follows and takes her hand, he still thinks touching is a bit cool, first the abyss, and nothing forever then this, it wasn't so bad "Am not to sure who that chap was but its well to know Tansy knows him."

Elijah Phillips: Eli makes a strut to the basement to put the things away accordingly.

Tansy: "Not so different than before." she says and heads to her office which is right there near the front door. She opens the door to let Snyde go in first. Then she shuts the door. Eli has never entered here before that she is aware of.

Tansy: DD of the office Along two of the walls are bookshelves and wall units built into the room. They do nto reach the celing but have a shelf for decorating. Although few books line the shelves that this point, everything from candels to crystals, insence burners and the like line the shelves, at about waist heigh up. Below that the shelves right now remain empty. There is a desk that resides in the room facing the two windows that look out on the front lawn and the street beyone that. This is the only room with carpeting, although it is a blue shag carpet, the room seems to have painted a variant of blues starting from the palest blue at the base of the 2 walls not coverend in bookshelves, to a rich deep dark blue at the top drawing the eye to the crown molding at the top of the celing.

Snyde: *Snyde walks in and looks for someplace to plop down* "Well I guess thats good that the marriage didnt change things between the two of you" *he says with a smile*

Elijah Phillips: Once down in the basement, Eli speaks. "Jamal.. love.. Keep an eye on Mr. Trenchcoat, will you? He's uber-creepy."

Thomas Judge: He looks down to the bear and picks it up "Looks like sum one 'ad a beatin'" He looks over to Angel, then down to Angel then up to Angel "Yeah, cockney pet, am sorry I put me manners sumwhere." He grins and turn round

Tansy: There is two cghairs to sit on in there. She nods her head. "Nope nothing has changed." she takes a seat in one of them, so Snyde can take the other.

Thomas Judge: He looks up to the sky like a bolt of lighting had struck him Angel may have seen it before, when one contacts another "Where are they Ouest?" He looks to Angel and taps his head

Snyde: "Is that good or bad Kiddo" *he says with a smile as he takes the hat off and sets it on the desk*

Elijah Phillips: "They're in the office, love. It's the door next to the.." He explains where the room is located.

Tansy: "Depends on the day really." she says. "But overall good." a nod of her head.

Snyde: "Thats good to hear" *he says with a smile* "So anything interesting happen with you lately?"

Thomas Judge: "Well I can't go in there, but I'll keep me feelers an instinct open, don't fret the CrimsonStar is here." He smiles upwards

Tansy: Many thought run though her head, "Been studying, working with Adri, and keeping busy."

Elijah Phillips: "Just stay close.. I'm on my way back up. I love you Crimsonstar." He lets the invocation face when he gets back up to the first floor. He makes a gentle knock on the office door, opening the thing as he does so "Not disturbing anything am I love?" He flashes a soft smile to tansy.

Elijah Phillips: ((30 min warning))

Snyde: "Yea Ive heared about the work you have been doing with Adriana" *he says with a smile to her* "Yea I had no idea you were married to the Eli my friend is very interested in him"

Tansy: She looks over to Eli, and then back to Snyde. "I wouldn;t know what you mean by that Love. We were just talking."

Elijah Phillips: Eli smirks at Snyde, moving over to sit near Tansy "You and half of New York, love.." He gives a girlish giggle.

Elijah Phillips: ((your friend.. not you))

Tansy: A tilt of her head as she looks at Snyde. "what do you mean?"

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Eli* "Yea and I really wouldnt know why?" *he says with a smile*

Thomas Judge: There on the same floor, this works. Mind sharp Tommy, mind sharp. Damn his axe and sword are upstairs!

Snyde: "She takes pictures of celeberties for a living" *he says to Tansy*

Tansy: ((As there is only two chairs in here Eli get's to Stand next to Tansy or try and sit on the arm of her chair.*S*))

Elijah Phillips: (he'll stand next to tansy) Eli grins to Snyde "Maybe we can set something up then. Can't resist a good shoot."

Tansy: "Oh." blink, a deep stradying breath again.

Elijah Phillips: Eli reaches over to run a gentle hand over tansy's shoulders "You alright, love?"

Snyde: "She may like that" *he says with a smile* "So you two live here all by yourselfs, this place is the size of the whole childrens home I grew up in"

Tansy: "Love I do not think that would be a good idea. They will fallow you wherever you go taking pictures of not only you but the people you are with, and of course of everything you do."

Tansy: "Right now, no, and then of course there is the babies to come as well, it will practacally seem small whern they are about the house."

Elijah Phillips: Eli bites back the urge to shake his wife. He offers a soft sympathetic smile instead "Love.. There isn't much I can do about that.. At least if we set up a shoot with.." looks to snyde "..whoever his friend is.. We don't have to worry about her trailing us around. You know.. get it over with."

Snyde: *Snyde smiles to her as he moves to stand* "well Ya I probably should be on my way, ill stop by again later Tansy and maybe me and you can go out for a while" *He says as he rolls the hat back on top of his head*

Tansy: She looks up to Eli lovingly. "But it isn;t just one shoot that they, because i am sure there is one or more of these photographers running around, wanting to take pictures of you. From what i know of LA and the trashy magazines down there, they look for the trash to report."

Tansy: She looks over to Snyde with a grin. "Okay that sounds great. I will talk to you later."

Elijah Phillips: Eli shrugs with a grin "Let them dig, love. I've nothing to hide." He gives the girl's shoulder a gentle squeeze looking up to snyde "Lovely meeting you. Come by anytime."

Angel(home): Laughing softly, almost brightly, she heads out of the master bedroom, leaving a slightly bewildered Tom behind. Angel bounds lightly down the stairs, heading towards the office.

Soft color dusts her lids and lips and she's dressed simply in a tight black tank top that leaves no doubt as to the fact that she's not wearing a bra, tucked into a pair of snuggly fitted black leather pants. A silvery sash graces the soft swell of her hips, the tassels dusting her knees and black combat boots with hand painted silver designs hug her feet.

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives the man's hand a weak shake. His hands feminine, his nails glossed.

Thomas Judge: He shakes his head, forcing on the now, he could still hear if he keep the door open plus all his shit was there, including weaponry, but his mind does wander.

Angel(home): "Hi loves!"

Tansy: A nod of her head, to Snyde. "Sounds good."

Snyde: ((Well ya I need to get some food before Scar heads to work, so just assume that he leaves and he will be back in abit))

Snyde: ((Talk to ya later))

Tansy: ((They are in the office)) Tansy looks over to Angel, "Hello sweetie." she says to her.

Thomas Judge: ((Scar, cya soon babe *hugs* Dark, damn you cya in a bit, run Tommy, run! *lol*))

Angel(home): She grins, setting her shoulder against the doorframe, tongue flicking over her lips. Lipgloss man and smoke...Yum!

Tansy: ((Bye see ya!)) She turns to look at Eli, a tilt of her head.

Elijah Phillips: Eli waits for the man clad in black to leave the premisis. He turns to tansy with a stern look "Your attempts to make me jealous are pathetic. You don't want to play this kind of a game with me, tansy." His words, soft but stern. He means it. "You'll lose. Please."

Angel(home): ((byee!))

Angel(home): And the grin fades slowly.

Thomas Judge: He heads up the stairs, this was just getting wierder, then it clicks, he thinks back to Michael, an old freind of Tom's, some advice, he shifts through the mortal memories....My dad always said, son the best way to get over someone is to get on one......That would expalin it, but that didn't add up to the stairs. He needs to get out of Dodge as it was said, slip through the cracks pretty as you please, he was getting confused, horny and confused.

Tansy: "You thought what yopu wanted to think. I knew why he was here." she says. "But if I remember correctly you are not a jealous person anyways."

Angel(home): She pauses briefly on the second floor. "Tom?"

Thomas Judge: He looks at all the candles, the workout room now littered with them, all lit, a whetstone is on the floor with a short sword, a mace and a hand axe next to it. a pack of coughs is at the side, some armor folded next to that. Some beers lined up, mostly empty, but some full ones still stick out of his back. A sleeping back is set-up on the yoga mat. He stretches, glad he had gone, but the arguements starign again, how did the monkeys do it.

Elijah Phillips: "If I thought you a decent judge of character, I wouldn't have a problem at all. Like before. But ever since travis.." He squints "I can't have you running off to hotel rooms with people that can't be trusted. I trust Angel. And she loves you."

Thomas Judge: "Allo pet" A voice comes from the Workout room.

Angel(home): And up to the third floor she goes, meandering past her room to settle in the door frame, watching him.

Tansy: "Then I guess I shouldn;t bring up Cynthia then." she says.

Thomas Judge: He is grabbing a beer, putting it on his belt buckle, slaming his hand down and the bottle top flipping off. He looks to his bag then to Angel "Want one luv?"

Angel(home): "Mmn...No thank you," she says, stepping into the room, moving towards him lazily.

Tansy: "You are no better judge of character in people than any mortal."

Tansy: ((You have))

Elijah Phillips: Eli glares down to her, the grip on her shoulder tightening "You shouldn't. *I* didn't bring her around our children. You had that man in our home.. casting spells.. evil ones that attract attention to you and the boys." Eyes narrow hatefully "How DARE you.. Push me farther.. just an inch.. Give me a reason, tansy."

Thomas Judge: He takes a drink, "Look pet, am thinkin' ave got yer number, an there is no need for this pet, am just a passerby on a bump in the road, not that I wouldn't like to, but ave already stired the nest, an enough folk don't like me, I would like to know I didn't do a complete cock-up 'ere." A smile to her, eyes trying to stay on her face.

Tansy: She winces at the pain in her shoulders from his grip on them. "I ~was~ pregnant when you had her around."

Angel(home): She reaches out and takes the bottle from him, her eyes on his as she takes a slow pull. "And if I want you around? If Eli does? And maybe Tansy to," she asks softly, reaching out with her free hand to brush fingers across his abdomen.

Elijah Phillips: He maintains his grip "And I did.. horrible things.. to ensure your safety." He hisses. "And THIS is how you treat me?" Grip tightens "I did horrible things to TRAVIS.. and this is how you FUCKING treat me?!"

Elijah Phillips: ((gahhh! I have GOT to go.. *pouts*))

Thomas Judge: "But you don't pet. Thats only cos you saw wat I'am, that form will do wonders, not early on today we straightened this out." He shakes his head "Then again early on today we were all pretty as you please." He looks to her "Its nice that, and thanks for saying it pet." He true smile to her, it had been so long since a mortal hadn't fled from him, he was having doubts if they would ever stop running and just see him.

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 8,8,

Tansy: d10: willpower: 10,10,9,7,2,10,

Thomas Judge: ((But...I want to see what happens, this argument is well good...sorry that mean but you know what I mean *g*))

Tansy: ((And As Scar has to leave. Tansy and Eli's part in this scene is pause, to be picked up later on.))

Angel(home): She touches his face gently and sighs. "Kiss me."

Elijah Phillips: ((heh. well thanks. *G* sorry to run out.. have to get to that job place or they'll be pissed. *hugs*))

Tansy: ((*waves* Byw ))

Thomas Judge: He looks to her, he seems to think a moment, he is now half monkey, and what the hell eh. He leans doww and kisses her, just one kiss, nothing more. Stubble around his cheeks, so different from Eli, rough but gentle, strong but unsure.

Thomas Judge: ((Bye! Waves))

Angel(home): She leans into him, curling her strong, slim arms around his neck, her lips soft and very sure against his. No more fear.

: ((hmm.. now that i think of it.. if tansy keeps going in this direction.. eli's going to ravage her. which would probably cause her to.. err.. scream in agony. just pointing it out to the other people in the house if you're going to continue.))

Thomas Judge: The candles flare around them; he was the fire, which means that if he could stop this now, he will burn with her, to the only other conclusion. He slips an absent arm around her slim waist, finding the resolve to pull away even if briefly. He manages it at some point. Blue eyes of the sky look into hers “Am not sure this is gonna fix ought pet.” Well he never said no in that statement.

Thomas Judge: ((THen we must pause away, cos if Eli ravages Tansy, he may have an angry Tom on his ass!))

Angel(home): "But it will help," she whispers, dragging his head back down.

Tansy: Her hand moves to her side. “You told me that you would never hurt me, that you Loved me. What do you think you are doing now?” nope not intimidated in the least. “Tell me that you didn’t like sleeping with Cynthia. Travis had us all fooled, and what you did, was a fucking accident. You are a hypocritical ASS, doing what ever you please, and making me out to be the bad guy, because I want to be able to do the same thing, sleep with who I want to, and since it is okay for you to bring them here to sleep with you, then I can bring those that I want here to sleep with me.” Violet eyes snapping in anger. “Now get your hands off me.”((Roll comming))

Ravyn: ((Will be lurking this scene, everyone, just so you know. I may lose track, as I'm on the me if I don't respond immediately.))

Tansy: d10: char+Intimidat: 7,9,6,9,

Thomas Judge: He looks to her "I doubt that pet" But he still leans down, he does get so very lonely.

Elijah Phillips: d10: willpower: 5,3,7,2,5,9,

Angel (home): She smiles softly and settles her lips against his again, her body stretched in a lean line against him as her lips part invitingly.

Elijah Phillips: (crap. I rolled alyssa's wp. should be less dice. rerolling)

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 2,9,9,4,7,

Elijah Phillips: Eli removes his hand from tansy's shoulder, taking a tiny step back. "Love.. Everything I've done.. has been out of LOVE for you. I'm doing what I can to protect you and our boys. How is that being hypocritical?"

Thomas Judge: He slips his other arm around her waist, pulling her into him.

Tansy: She stands up(Roll comming for this to make sure the dagger is hidden vs Eli's perception alwertness) "You are being Hypocritical because this is OUR, your mine and Angels, what we decided as a family should go. Take your sleeping partners else where. They do not belong being paraded in front of us, and in front of your children when they arrive. We would have the same consideration for you, you should have it for us." ((and another roll of intimidation))

Angel (home): Angel kisses Tom as if she's trying to crawl inside of him, all hungry lips and teeth and tongue, exploring, conquering. Been a while for her too it would seem.

Tansy: ((Sorry the old intimidation stands sorry *S* Just got told that by Ravyn))

Tansy: d10: Dex+stealth: 4,6,2,5,9,9,

Elijah Phillips: ((as far as the dagger.. even if he didn't see it he would assume she has it. she's had it with her throughout the entire scene. he saw it earlier. made a comment in the basement.))

Tansy: ((*S* aaaah okay.))

Tansy: ((edit to say:This is OUR Home ))

Elijah Phillips: Eli narrows his eyes on Tansy.. not too scared of the girl, but backed off from where he had been earlier. He stands his ground. "Listen to me carefully, tansy. This is our home.. you're right. It's our home.. because *I*.." He pauses and reiterated ".. *I* made it that way. *I* have stuck my neck out time and time again to keep you safe.. and I'm doing the same for Angel now. Yes. We're a family. I'm papa fallen.. and you two.. are the bitchy step thralls. So you have two choices in the matter.." He pauses with a stern look to the girl, disapproving. "You can either step in line.. And respect me.. from your PLACE." The word a hiss. "Or I can SHOW you your place." He folds his arms over his chest "It's up to you. You've already made the pact. I didn't FORCE you into anything. I wouldn't do that to you. But I WILL make you stand by your decision."

Elijah Phillips: ((Need a manipulation roll.. performance? empathy?))

Thomas Judge: He excepts, not that it has been a long time, it has been so long since it was some so eager, lips part with hers as he lets go on that primal aspect of his being, the candles burn brightly around them, his fire now burning strong. He meets her passion with his own.

Angel (home): She kisses him until she has to come up for air and when she does its with a dazzled, dazed little smile, her body trembling. "God..."

Ravyn: ((Maninpulation or Charisma+Expression or Intimidation, if you're trying to get your point across.))

Elijah Phillips: ((Ehh.. we'll go for intimidation. he's trying.. fruitlessly to assert his authority. man+intim, diff 5 due to angelic gaze))

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 2,5,2,

Tansy: "~I~ offered to work, ~I~ offered to go some place else. ~You~ said you didn;t want me to do anything. ~You~ want me to do as you say not as you do." violet eyes snapping in anger. "ALL, that we are asking, and I said asking, is that ~You~ take your sleeping partners someplace other than OUR home. We do not care who~ you sleep with, we just care ~where~ you sleep with them. And since ~we~ cannot sleep with our other partners in ~Your~ home, ~why~ should you?" she is not afraid of him at all.

Thomas Judge: He licks his lips, tongue flicking over hsi chewed lip. A cocky grin with a sparkle in his eyes "God ain't listenin' pet."

Tansy: d10: will: 9,2,4,7,5,7,

Angel (home): "He should be," she says, laughing softly as she stares up at him.

Tansy: ((*scratches head* well it fit *L*))

Elijah Phillips: Eli balls his dainty fists in irritation. "Tansy.. I haven't! We've been through this! The only person I've porked in the house was Tom! And I told you damn well why I did that!" If he can't be intimidating.. he can at least be loud. Maybe that would work. Doubt it. "What the fuck is your problem!? You're just looking for something to bitch about.."

Tansy: "Just setting the ground rules that ~You~ have said if they need to be set to set them." she is calm as she stands there hands at her sides. "All you have to do is agree to this....and the matter will be dropped."

Thomas Judge: "It pet, you can't gender the word. An he or she stopped listening along lemon ago." Still grinning "If yer lucky Michael the Replacement Angel meybe watchin', I like to think he is so i can insult 'im."

Angel (home): Laughing she settles back onto the flats of hre feet, nuzzling her face against his chest, her hands slipping down to curve over his hips and then up, under the shirt, exploring the flesh of his back. "So...We gonna follow this through to its logical conclusion?"

Thomas Judge: ((I want the title, CrimsonStar Home wrecker!))

Elijah Phillips: Eli glares at the girl with pretty emerald eyes "You know how I despise rules. You're full of shit, tansy." He gives a mean squint to the girl "And if *I* were the one carrying the boys.. I wouldn't sleep with anybody. I wouldn't associate with anything that could put them in danger. You want a ground rule? How about hormone-fucking-control? You're acting like a goddamned child."

Elijah Phillips: (only if I can take Infernal Pimp Daddy)

Ravyn: ((Jarod gets to be the Negotiator From Hell, then!))

Elijah Phillips: ((*giggles* from hell.. tehe.))

Tansy: "Well for your information, ~I~ haven;t slept with anyone but ~you~." a slight tilt of her head. "And you are the one haviung sever hormonal problems as of late. Honestly. I am the only one not thinking with their sex-crazed hormones."

Thomas Judge: He chews his lip, He should'nt...should he, TV has shown him sleeping around in the same house can't work...but then again. "If I didn't follow it through pet, I'd just be another dick with no balls. That sounded more like a complement in my noggin?" He laughs, still holding her.

Elijah Phillips: Eli jumps up and down in a stereotypical pissy fit. Girlish "I've been this way since before creation!! What the fuck do you WANT from me, woman?!"

Angel (home): "And I'd be rather upset," she murmurs, nipping his chest through his shirt before she steps back to start pulling it off of him, her eyes bright.

Tansy: "You happen to have the atten span of a gnat. I want you to say that you will not bring your sex partners into this house where ~your~ children will be raised." she doens;t move she looks about the the calmest person, like they are disscussing the weather outside.

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives an irritated squeal, fists tightening. He clenches his eyes shut.. biting back the urge. Can't.. ravage.. Ehhh.. He shouts out "Jamal! Crimsonstar! I'm going to shake the SHIT out of this mortal!"

Tansy: "Oh right." a tilt of her head. "You can;t have the brass to fight your own fight so you just ~Have~ to bring him into this."

Thomas Judge: He grins thinking of showing off, but there was no need, really. The shirt easy comes off. He has a nasty scar, nearly 3 inches long over his heart, a couple of other scars here and there, knife wounds no doubt. The faint cars of his past abuse of drugs show on one arm. As he turns two gothic tattoo angel wings cover his shoulder blades, most of his upper back infact.

Elijah Phillips: His eyes clench tighter "Tansy for the love of LUCIFER just shut your bitch mouth! You're.. ERR! You're pissing me off! Just.. I don't want to fight with you!"

Angel (home): "Gorgeous," she breathes, skimming her lips over his back, her hands exploring.

Tansy: "You think i wish to be fighting with you? No, I do not. I just want your word on one thing and, this will be all over, but of course you do not seemtobe able to give your word like you want us to be able to give ours."

Thomas Judge: He looks upwards "Fuck a duck!" He looks to Angel the mood gone, "Eli's pissed, come on" He jogs out of the room, the office, thats where they were.

Angel (home): She freezes, cheeks flushed, breath coming a little fast...Then screams...Just lets out this frustrated squeel of a scream and follows.

Elijah Phillips: Eli just stands there, eyes clenched closed, fists balled. He's making a tiny hissing noise. Trying to vent some of his frustration through his pearly whites. Count to ten Eli.. can't hit her. Not until she's dropped the kids.

Thomas Judge: He shouts on the way "Don't do anything you'd regret me doing too you Eli!"

Tansy: Another tilt of her head. "I speak only the truth to you. That is all I would like, that one thing would make me happy. I want you to give me your word."

Elijah Phillips: Eli manages to get out "Shes trying my patience, crimsonstar.."

Angel (home): No bounding down the steps this time. No, she stalks after Thomas, her body rigid. "I'm going to hurt someone," she mutters.

Ravyn: ((For clarification, Thomas, was the "Fuck a duck" to Eli specifically as part of the invocation?))

Thomas Judge: House full of bitches!. He notes this down, never looked that bad on Freinds! He opesn the office door, deep talk or not, Eli would'nt have called out unless he felt his control slipping. He says nothing though lookin' at them both assessing the situation.

Tansy: "No ytou want him to come in here and make it all dissapear, that is NOT goingto happen. Because sooner or later this will come up again."

Thomas Judge: ((no, that was Tom going fuck a duck as in nice timing! *s* sorry for the mix up))

Angel (home): Angel slips into the office as well, leaning into Tom a bit as she peeks around him at the other two.

Elijah Phillips: Eli's eyes pop open.. furious at tansy "I called him in here.. So I wouldn't.." He gives an irritated exhale and averts his eyes. "Why are you DOING this to me, tansy.. I've done nothing wrong."

Tansy: ((Roll perception alert to see the dagger Tom she got 3 sux tohde it from view.))

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Aler: 8,1,5,8,

Thomas Judge: ((He can barley see the bookcase LOL))

Angel (home): "What's goin' on loves?"

Tansy: "I told you I know your intentions were good, but what you did was not. I do not want your other sexual partners in this house where our children are going to be growing up, THAT IS WHAT I WANT."

Thomas Judge: He shakes his head "Tansy, Eli both of you, sit down." He looks between them.

Angel (home): She slips out from behind Tom and moves to Tansy. "Sweety...c'mon...Calm down."

Elijah Phillips: Eli turns around, gaze softening on Tom. He makes a quick pace and slips an arm around the man's waist. He lays his chin on Tom's shoulder "Love.. She was being so mean to me.. I.. I didn't want to hurt her.."

Tansy: She rolls her yees and gives an exasperated sigh. She pulls down the shoulder of her top, showing the nice red makes that will be brusis in the morning. "Do that look like he was being nice in the begining?"

Angel (home): She blinks, fingers touching the red marks before she glances at Eli, eyes darkening.

Thomas Judge: "No, you didn't, that why you called me, but the fact that it got as far as needin't the support suggest this is way out of 'and." He nods "Right team meetin', the basement, drinks, we disscuss as adults and immortals."

Elijah Phillips: ((he didn't do any actual damage))

Elijah Phillips: ((so she shouldn't have a mark))

Tansy: ((No but there would be marks on her skin from having her shoulders squeezed by hands))

Elijah Phillips: ((not potential bruises though. maybe slightly red. if he'd bruised her, she'd be a health level down.))

Angel (home): "Tom's right. Lets all go downstairs...Sit down. Talk. This really needs to be worked out." So I can drag him back upstairs...

Ravyn: ((Was there a Strength roll made for that? I don't recall? It would be a deciding factor. There may be, as Eli said, slightly red finger marks. It won't be, like, a nasty bruise or anything, as he said.))

Elijah Phillips: ((no damage was rolled))

Elijah Phillips: ((because he wasn't intending to hurt her))

Ravyn: ((That's not what I asked. Was there a Strength roll made? I think I remember a Strength+Intimidation roll, but I'm not sure. And this is to determine if there are, as stated, the slightly red finger marks or not...not any bruising.))

Thomas Judge: ((I don't remember one being made))

Elijah Phillips: ((there was a str+intim roll.. though I think it flopped horribly. can't remember))

Tansy: ((No Strength roll, But yes a strength intimidation))

Thomas Judge: ((*Praises the almight ST and his logs of destiny*))

Angel (home): ((Woot! Game on?*grins*))

Elijah Phillips: Eli slinks weakly, arms loose around Tom. Trying to gain support from being in the man's prescence.

Ravyn: You can't type the sacred incantation "d10", that is for the dice roller god.

Tansy: You can't type the sacred incantation "d10", that is for the dice roller god.

Ravyn: ((Gaah, sorry. the "10" in d 10 messed me up. Two successes. So very, VERY faint marks. :P The roll was 8,8.))

Angel (home): She curls her arm around Tansy's shoulder with a sigh and glances up at the shirtless Tom with a rueful grin.

Elijah Phillips: ((*giggles* That works. Just thought I'd point that out. Game on. *G*))

Elijah Phillips: Eli nuzzles his face in tom's neck with a tiny nod "I need a drink, love. That sounds FABulous.."

Tansy: She doesn;t relax, with Angel's arm around her shoulders, she might have a calm exterior but, she is a tightly coild spring beneath the exterior. She remains silent her violet eyes on Eli, all he had to do was agree to one thing and this matter would not have gone any further.

Thomas Judge: He ruffles Eli's hair "Angel, you 'elp Tansy downstairs, Eli, where goin' out for a smoke, see ya downstairs luv's." He 'even' puts his arm round Eli as he heads out

Angel (home): She sighs and nods. "C'mon tansy. Downstairs. Seriously. I need a drink," she murmurs, kissing the woman's throat softly.

Elijah Phillips: Eli goes wherever Tom leads him.

Tansy: She is royally pissed off. She doesn;t move. "Go ahead downstairs if you please. Eli will never agree to anything we say he might abuse us when he wishes and no one is around, the second someone is though he becomes a spineless little bastard."

Elijah Phillips: (I resent that! He's ALWAYS a spineless little bastard! *giggles*)

Angel (home): She sighs and shifts to settle her hip against the desk, arms folding beneath her breasts. "Look, so long as its Tom I don't care...I'll talk to him, maybe he can talk some sense into Eli about bringing other people into this house." She uncurls one arm long enough to push her hand through her spikes.

Thomas Judge: Tom leads them out back, as he hits the kitchen he puts two coughs in his mouth, zippo coming round that was thankfully in his jeans, and lights them then there outside before he takes a bloody big drag on his. No words yet, just a smoke

Tansy: She rotates the dagger in her hand once. "The way he was carrying on about not having brought other people wouldn't supprise me if he lied to me and did."

Elijah Phillips: Eli leans weakly against the man, taking the other from his lips and placing it between his own. He lays a head on Tom's shoulder, thinking.

Thomas Judge: He hands one to Eli, a smile there, he doens't look mean.

Angel (home): She sighs. "Its probably safe to assume that he has. All the more reason to talk to Tom. What about your concerns isn't he getting? I know I came off as a jealous little shit so..." She shrugs.

Thomas Judge: "I blame meself Eli, I said 'ere an look at wat's its caused." smoke coils from him, strong and upright pratcially supporting Elijah. "But wat was that all about, wat got so outta control you needed restraining?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli takes a long drag from the cig, exhaling in a tired sigh "I shouldn't have lost my temper. I'm.. sorry." His words sorry, soft.

Tansy: "I told him for the safety of the boys and for u to not know who he was sleeping with not to bring his sexual partners here, that he didn't care who he was sleeping with, but that this was our home and as such shouldn;t have something like that paraded around it. And that we wouldn;t do that with him, we would have the decancy to take our other partners elsewhere." While she says this she moves over to a wooden box opens it up and pulls another dagger from the box, placing it in her other hand. Shutting the lid.

Angel (home): "That being said..."She sighs. "There's a reason Tom was shirtless Tansy," she murmurs, cheeks flushing scarlet.

Elijah Phillips: Eli runs his freehand up Tom's chest "She.. just does't understand sometimes. Everything I do.. is to protect her. Because I love her. And the boys." he gives a pained squint. "And she.. wants to go running off to shady hotel rooms with random men.." He shakes his head "And her taste is wretched.. Men like Travis.. and Mr. Trenchcoat.. I just want to make sure the boys are safe."

Tansy: "But he doesn;t get any of that, it is his home, he can do as he pleases, so I said then we can bring our sexual partners into the shouse and sleep with them too, he glared at me, like that ever works."

Tansy: "I do not care......Eli hasn;t slept with you neither have I for that matter it was only a matter of time. they both think with their dicks, and not their brains."

Angel (home): "maybe for now, at least until the twins are born," she says, reaching out to lay gentle hands on Tansy's belly, "we should just let it ride?"

Angel (home): She nods at Tansy's words, though the flush remains. "I'm human and I' with the two of you and NOT doing anything is a little frustrating."

Thomas Judge: He ignores the hand, he'll know if he goes to far, he see's the fallen underneath "They 'ave different morality to us. To you pet. but there is always comprimise. Yeah, you are protectin yer kids, but do you think this is gonna do anything but force her away from ya. A little control here and there. Maybe you should disscuss this open relationship, yer an her opinion of open could be different. Like I expailned to angel, this is how you bring joy, but you luv them, anyone else is just a stop on the road."

Tansy: "No. This needs to be settled now as there is apaparazzi photographer asking about Eli and wanting to dig up all of his dirty little secrets, fine by me as long as they do not point towards this house." she grips the daggers tighter. "And if we do not set the rules now then they will never be set and then it is all over when it comes time to discuss this later on."

Angel (home): "But maybe we need to look at setting the rules a little differently Tansy." She sighs. "I think we both need to face the fact that he is NOT human. Ouesticati isn't mortal...Her ideals and her wants aren't going to mesh with ours. Her needs either."

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods, leaning weakly against the man. He takes an absent drag from the cig "She wants to place rules on me, love.." a pleading look "I'm being ruled by mortals. It's ridiculous.." He gives a tired sigh. "I love too much.. I know.. but if I didn't.. I'd.." He squints ".. be a monster."

Tansy: She looks at Angel. "No but wouldn;t you want to protect your children from a house where every night who knows how many men women or whatnot will be trapising in and out of here sleeping with who knows which one of us? Would you? Do you honestly think that I didn't make it clear that this in and of its self could be a potential threat to our children?"

Angel (home): "I know you did hon." She sighs. "Put the knives away and lets go talk to him...To them," she ammends, voice soft. "I won't be bringing anyone into the house. Everything I need...and here, right now, tonight. But I do understand why you're afraid."

Tansy: "I am bringing them with me if we go downstairs. After what hate I saw in Eli's eyes earlier anything can happen." she moves to the door and walks to the stairs with purposfull if not a bit pregnant stride. Daggers held in hands pressed to her forearms almost obscuring them from sight.

Thomas Judge: "We all love, you follow mortal laws don't you. Mortals i have found place rules not just for control but confort pet, by placing boundries they feel safe. Look Eli, am not sayin' stop, but a comprimise, maybe not in the house, or at least hold off till the kids are born and then you an Tansy can share yer love. But you are yer own being, it's yer call, but a few guidelines can't hurt?" smoke coils from his mouth as he squeezes Eli's side

Angel (home): She nods. "I'll meet you down there."

Angel (home): And Angel heads outside to gather the boys.

Elijah Phillips: Eli pouts playfully to the man "I don't LIKE guidelines.. but I'll do it." He gives a girlish huff, slinging a lock over his shoulder.

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "Ouestucati." Jerech-Kor's voice comes to him, echoing through invocation. "Where are you?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli pouts playfully to the man "I don't LIKE guidelines.. but I'll do it." He gives a girlish huff, slinging a lock over his shoulder.

Elijah Phillips: Eli blinks looking down to the grass "I'm at home. With Crimsonstar and the girls. Is everything alright?"

Angel (home): "Hey," she says, slipping outside, her hand gently sliding along Eli's arm, though her eyes flick up to Tom.

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "No, they're not. I'm on my way. I have news you all need to hear. Including your Thralls."

Ravyn -> Tansy: ((Roll Per+Alertness))

Elijah Phillips: Eli freezes, pretty eyes going wide. His knees weaken slightly next to Tom, and a hand raises to his lips.

Tansy: And Tansy makes her akward trek down the stairs. She cannot hold onto the rialing if she is holding the daggers, but for some reason she just cannot bring herself to put them in one hand for this walk downstairs.

Thomas Judge: He looks to Angel a wink then to Eli, title and company, sounds like a mental chat.

Angel (home): She frowns and curls her arm around Eli, confused but there to support him.

Tansy: d10: percept+alert: 4,10,9,3,9,

Thomas Judge: He puts his arms round Eli holding him "What is it gov?"

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Stealth: 8,8,3,8,4,10,

Tansy: Nope do not see a thing. heads for a couch to take a seat on it.

Tansy: d10: : 6,

Elijah Phillips: Eli is.. stunned.. and obvioisly scared. He blinks "We should.. get inside.. Take Angel in. I'm going to sit out here and wait for Baby."

Ravyn: d10: Non-Combat Init: 2,

Angel (home): "What's going on, Eli," she asks softly, touching his hair.

Thomas Judge: d10: : 9,

Ravyn -> Tansy: Tansy sees a flash of movement toward her, from the side of the staircase. ((Splitting Dex+Brawl & Stamina+Intuition))

Ravyn: ((You don't need to roll, Tom. JUUUST for Tansy))

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 3,

Elijah Phillips: ((lol. wonderful.))

Thomas Judge: ((Oh sorry!))

Ravyn: d10: Dex: 6,7,8,

Ravyn: d10: Sta+Intuition: 5,2,2,1,

Ravyn: ((All praise the expenditure of Faith. Per+Awareness rolls, all))

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 4,4,3,5,

Tansy -> Ravyn: She turns to look in that diurection dodging as best she can, everyone she figured was upstairs ((Modifyer for her being pregnant?))

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head, shooing them inside "I don't know.. baby said something was wrong.. and that she was on her way over."

Thomas Judge: He looks about "Angel, help get 'im inside, Eli your coming in." He tries to move with Eli inside

Thomas Judge: d10: : 1,4,9,8,6,

Angel (home): "We're not leaving you out here," she says in perfect agreement with Tom. "c'mon, love."

Tansy: d10: dodge: 8,4,9,4,6,8,2,

Tansy: d10: awareness: 2,1,9,2,2,

Ravyn -> Tansy: Tansy JUST manages to dodge out of the way, as a creature leaps at her and tries to throw her up the stairs.

Ravyn -> Thomas Judge: Thomas feels an evocation occur in the vicinity.

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods, moving for the door "We need to get back to tansy.. I don't want anything happening.."

Tansy: d10: will: 8,5,2,3,2,2,

Angel (home): "Tom...What do you want from your room," she asks, glancing up at him. Weapons galore in there...

Ravyn -> Tansy: The monstrous form tries to grab Tansy and throw her through the doorway again.

Ravyn -> Tansy: d10: Dex+Brawl: 1,7,3,10,4,

Ravyn -> Tansy: d10: Reroll: 10,

Thomas Judge: "Something is happening an evocation" He looks about "Come on Eli" He leaves him with angel heading back inside to find Tansy

Ravyn -> Tansy: d10: Reroll: 3,

Elijah Phillips: Eli's eyes widen. He makes a bolt for the basement.

Tansy -> Ravyn: (She is going to dodge and attack with a dagger))

Tansy: d10: : 3,2,10,7,3,

Ravyn: ((You guys upstairs, will be in in two turns, for the record, assuming moving quickly.))

Angel (home): Angel follows, frowning. Apparently weapons weren't needed...

Elijah Phillips: d10: dex+athletics: 5,6,6,6,3,8,

Tansy: d10: re-roll: 8,

Tansy: d10: : 4,2,

Ravyn -> Tansy: ((Tansy misses the attack, but dodges.))

Thomas Judge: ((I'am moving quickly))

Ravyn -> Tansy: ((Round three: Split between Dex+Brawl and Stamina+Instinct again. 2 Faith into Instinct, 1 WP into Brawl.))

Ravyn: d10: Sta+Instinct: 1,4,10,2,

Ravyn -> Tansy: d10: Dex+Bawl: 9,8,1,

Tansy -> Ravyn: She is attacking with both weapons this time, she doesn;t think this guy has it in him to get her anyways.

Tansy: d10: : 1,4,6,

Tansy: d10: : 9,2,

Tansy: d10: : 8,7,8,4,

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 1,8,9,5,

Ravyn -> Tansy: Tansy stabs the thing once, but the thing grabs her, and flings her through the doorway. She ends up in a pitch black room.

Ravyn: Eli, Thomas, and Angel hit the stairs just in time to see a slight glow aroung the edges of the bottom of the staircase. A creature, like living shadows, dark and insidious, grabs Tansy and throws her up the stairs. She vanishes as she hits the entance to the stairs.

Elijah Phillips: Eli's eyes widen, horrified "Tansy!" He screams.

Tansy: And she let's out a blood curling scream that suddenly cuts off as she get's pushed to the stairs.

Angel (home): Angel freezes, eyes widening as Tansy's name tears from her throat.

Thomas Judge: ((Init?))

Ravyn: ((Angel, roll WP vs. 6))

Angel (home): d10: : 5,3,1,

Angel (home): ((well...that sucked.))

Tansy: ((that just about sums it up right there))

Ravyn -> Angel (home): Angel is completely overcome with terror at the sight of the ctreature, suffeing a complete collapse. It's up to you how that collages comes...turning into a gibbering mass, fainting dead away, what have you.

Ravyn: ((Initiative, all))

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 6,

Elijah Phillips: (12)

Thomas Judge: d10: : 9,

Thomas Judge: (14)

Ravyn: ((Initative Order is: Fiend, Eli, Thomas. Angel is out of this fight, so is Tansy.))

Angel (home): Angel begins to scream, the sound tearing from her throat, pausing only when she has to draw breath. She's frozen...staring at it.

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 3,8,3,9,10,

Ravyn: ((And everyone who has it can roll Int+Demon Lore))

Thomas Judge: d10: : 1,2,5,8,6,

Ravyn: The Fiend looks up at Angel, the shadows of his face pulling back into a rictus-like grin, and laughs, a deep hissing sound. It merely stands there, waiting for Eli and Thomas to come to him.

Ravyn -> Thomas Judge: There is a portal still active between the Fiend and them; that's where Tansy just went.

Ravyn: ((his=its))

Angel (home): The screaming becomes frantic as it looks at her and then she just collapses, quite quiet as her brain says "Fuck this" and lets her fall unconscious.

Elijah Phillips: Eli squints at the fiend, a sheer fury in his emerald eyes. "Protect Angel." He calls to Tom... and jumps through the open portal.

Thomas Judge: ((spending one faith to change, 2 high torment, size and claws, spending another faith for another action, fundimental level one to leap and claw her?)) Tom grows to a deeply blacken Jamal, a flaming tongue licking from his mouth, black vien running through his being. Canins appear where sliver armor was and he attacks

Thomas Judge: ((Caninc=chains))

Ravyn: ((Roll your Dex+Athletics to leap, Thomas.))

Thomas Judge: d10: Dex & Alt: 8,2,6,5,3,8,

Ravyn: Thomas leaps at the Fiend...and also goes through the Portal, which is still active.

Thomas Judge: ((Oh I was hoping to jump over it...opps!))

Ravyn: Thomas, Eli, and Tansy are all in a pitch black room, with a stone floor.

Elijah Phillips: Eli reaches for tansy, draping his arms over the girl "Love.. Love are you alright?" His voice frantic and terrified.

Tansy: She is crouched by a wall if one could be found, daggers out ready. deadly quiet.

Thomas Judge: Jamal looks around his flaming Tormented visage burning "Shit!" In a deep throaty voice. He looks around for the portal

Elijah Phillips: ((is it still pitch black.. what with the flaming demon in the center of it?))

Elijah Phillips: Eli looks in a panic up to Jamal "You left Angel! Crimsonstar!"

Ravyn: ((, not with the flaming Demon. My bad.)) The room itself looks like an otherwise empty boiler room in some industrial building. The portal fades away as soon as Thomas and Eli jump through it.

Elijah Phillips: Eli crawls over to Tansy in a panic. All the anger from before having vanished. "Tansy.. are you alright?"

Thomas Judge: "Not on purpose!" He looks about taking in his surrounds "Innvocate Baby fast, tell her to get to your house like now!"

Elijah Phillips: "Jerech-Kor! Angel's still in the house.. Crimson, Tansy and I went through a portal.. Please.." His voice pleading.

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "Ouestucati??" It's Baby Death's voice...she's standing in the open door of his house, a look of abject terror on her face. "Holy shi--" It cuts off.

Tansy: Her eyes not adjusting to the room, one of the daggers is drip[ping withthe blood from the Demon she slashed. "I will be fine." she says trying to be as calm as she can. "We either just walked into a tyrap, or left Angel to be taken or both." she says, eyes looking about the room. she is a tightly coild as a spring and sweating as the pain from the babies increases, damn them why couldn;t be be pacified when she was nervous.

Tansy: "Not like it was intntional on my part."

Elijah Phillips: Eli's eyes widen "She.." He looks around, thinking "Melioth! Uhh.." Panicked "You have any fucking idea what's going on?"

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "What? Ouestucati?" He sits up from his spot on the couch in his apartment, ears pricking up. "Going on with what? Where are you?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli runs his hand over tansy's person, as if checking for injuries. He lays an absent hand on her abdomen.

Tansy: Babies moving, she has neither a nick or scratch on her.

Elijah Phillips: "I don't know where I am.. Thre was a fiend hiding in my basement.. It attacked tansy and threw her through a portal. I followed.. Jamal accidently followed.. and.. Angel's still in the house.." He rambles "Jerech saw.. I do'nt know! Oh fuck.. fuck fuck.."

Thomas Judge: "House keys, am heading back" He holds out a wicked clawed hand

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "SHIT!" He gets up and bolts from the couch, throwing the window open to his apartment and climbing out, going suber-jump style. "I'm on my way to your house. Find out where you are!"

Elijah Phillips: Eli reaches into his skintight pockets and hands his keys over to Jamal.

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: ((super-jump))

Tansy: "House is unlocked. or should be if you came in the back door and didn;t set the alarm or lock the door." she says quickly.

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods and looks around the room for a door.

Elijah Phillips: "Jarod's going to check on the house. We need to figure out where we are.. and NOT be here."

Thomas Judge: He looks about for an exit, only dropping his form as he gets outside ((Pending where not locked in anywhere?))

Ravyn: The boiler room door is unlocked, and easily thrown open.

Thomas Judge: Upon that he stops "Your right, we stay together now, divide and conquer like the courts."

Elijah Phillips: Eli extends a hand down to tansy to help her up "Come on, love.." His eyes soft and loving on the girl.

Tansy: Trying to breath deeply in and out to calm down. She tries to go for the whole standing thing, with a wince cause her legs were starting to fall asleep as she crouched.

Elijah Phillips: Eli leans down, helping tansy to her feet. He murmers softly to the girl "Tansy.. I love you. So much.."

Tansy: She waves a hand to Eli, although a dagger still rests in it. "Go get her back, just go and get her." she says. "You two will move so much more quickly without me, they do not want me but her."

Elijah Phillips: He shakes his head "I'm not leaving you."

Tansy: "I love you too." she says looking up at him. "For the love of creation go." she still cannot understand why they BOTH came after her.

Thomas Judge: He runs out letting Jamal go, trying to get bearings

Elijah Phillips: "Tansy we're NOT arguing about this.. I'm NOT leaving you here. Jarod's on the way.. he moves faster than any of us. Now for the love of lucifer.. come on.."

Tansy: She huffs and goes with Eli not like she wasn;t moving anyways. She presses a dagger into Eli's hand. "You might need this."

Ravyn: Outside the boiler room, is the rest of the's a broken down, abandoned warehouse, looking like it collapsed long ago. The ceiling's caved in in spots, and the footing is precarious.

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head, not taking the dagger. He makes a quick pace behind Tom out the door "I'm better without it. Trust me, love." He eyes the area.. trying to figure out where he is.

Angel (home): ((I'll brb in about 10. Gonna drop my nic.))

Tansy: She glares at the floor and ceiling as she see's it and NOW is probably not the right time to have gained 40 pounds. "Fuck."

Elijah Phillips: Eli straightens his lips, turning to tansy. He stays a step ahead of the girl "How much do you weigh? Follow my steps.." Maybe his height would compensate for the tummy weight. That and the ten lb combat boots.

Thomas Judge: He looks to Tansy "I could leap us out, I'll aslo get in touch with Keiko, if Angel ain't the house we can get her to find her and move."

Tansy: "Around a hundred and fifty or so pounds, give or take for clothes and...well and that I haven;t been to a check up in a week."

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods to Tom "Leaping sounds like a superb idea. Do you want me to call Keiko while you get tansy out of here?"

Tansy: "What ever works." she looks at Tom. "Just do not drop me."

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods, giving tansy a tight hug with a pleading look to Tom. Yes. Please don't. Of ALL the times not to fuck up..

Thomas Judge: He nods to Eli "Tell her Tom requires her aid." He moves to Tansy, and looks up, checking for a clear leap outside? ((Is there one Mr ST?))

Tansy: She hugs Eli back with a kiss to his cheek, before she looks to Tom she is ready when he is.

Ravyn: ((There is. Roll me a Per+Invest to find a good hole to jump through, then your Jump roll.))

Thomas Judge: d10: : 7,3,7,9,9,

Thomas Judge: ((That was perc & Invest))

Thomas Judge: d10: Dex & Alt ((WP)): 2,7,4,6,10,

Ravyn: Thomas finds the perfect spot to jump through.

Ravyn: And executes a perfect leap, into the air and through the hole, landing safely outside.

Thomas Judge: He picks up Tansy holding her close and tight, he then reaches out into the symphony, altering the laws of gravity, he lines up and leaps

Elijah Phillips: Watching them jump to safety, Eli looks at the floor trying to figure out a path for himself.. as not to fall through.

Elijah Phillips: d10: per+invest: 3,2,4,

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "Ouestucati." It's Melioth, his voice dark and sibilant...he's in the door to the house, kneeling over the Baby Death's unmoving body. He's in Apocalyptic Form; full High Torment. "I'm here."

Tansy: She clings to Thomas tightly burrying her face in his neck as they go, to her, flying through the air. It is not that she doesn;t like heights it is the feeling of no controll when landing that get's her every time.

Thomas Judge: He puts Tansy down "Am sorry, the portal was bigger than I thought, I got pulled in"

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a confident nod. There we go.. I'll run right for the huge rotten spot in the floor.. Here we go! Oh.. shit. He freezes "Ohh.. Melioth.." His voice weak "Is.. she..?"

Tansy: She shakes her head when she get's set to her feet. "No....I just wish......someone had been there with her.....I do not want anything to happen to her. I can fight for myself....I do not think she can."

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "Jerech-Kor's wounded hideously," he echoes, dark eyes look up and sliding around. "But she's alive. I haven't seen your mortal yet, or this Fiend..."

Tansy: She tucks both of her daggers into the waistband of her pants now that all of that is done, this way she will not hopefully be caught with illegal weapons.

Elijah Phillips: Eli's eyes widen "Did you check.. the basement.. and outside.. and.. " Ohh shit. His eyes tear up "I mean.. they've got to be there.." He starts stepping culmsily across the floor, trying desparrately to get out so he can see where they are "I'll scope around here.. if she threw tansy here.. maybe she's.."

Thomas Judge: Tom, topless but still with a coughs and a lighter steps away from Tansy and does just that, lighting a cough

Elijah Phillips: d10: dex+ath: 2,9,8,5,5,7,

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "I'm checking now," he hisses, rising to his feet. "I'll let you know what I find." The invocation fades as he moves downstairs.

Ravyn: ((Thomas & Tansy, since you're outside, roll Per+Streetwise to get a sense of where you are.))

Elijah Phillips: Eli moves carefully across the floor and out of the building, trying to get a feel for what part of town he's in. Looks for a sign.. street name.. anything.

Tansy: She looks around trying to figure out where in the world they actually are. Too bad their invocations cannot be becons. Or else they would be able to be found.

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Steet: 6,4,9,6,2,

Tansy: d10: Per+street: 9,7,5,4,2,

Ravyn: Thomas figures it out pretty quickly; Tansy just after. They're in the industrial area of New Jersey, near Newark International Airport.

Ravyn: ((Eli, you can roll, too, if you want))

Elijah Phillips: d10: : 8,6,

Elijah Phillips: Eli blinks about the area, calling out for the other two "Tansy! Tom!" Looks around and makes his way over to them. "Jerech is.. critically injured.. And Angel.."

Tansy: She puts a hand to her head. "Fuuuuuck." so much for the no cusring except in a different language, that has gone out the windown in all of this. "New fucking Jersey."

Thomas Judge: "Where all the way in Jersey, shit," He looks to Eli "Any word on the house yet, is Angel still there?" He hopes, it all he can do.

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a pained squint "Jarod can't find her. Or the fiend. He's.. still looking." He runs both hands through his hair, looking to the ground "This is all my fucking fault.."

Tansy: She bows her head rubbing her forhead, a frustrated scream, filled with frustration fear, and fury.

Elijah Phillips: Eli blinks over to tansy, pretty green eyes sparkling with fresh tears. Ashamed.. and guilty. "Love.. I'm sorry.."

Thomas Judge: "Right am gonna innvocate Keiko, do you know angels full name, I think the more she knows it helps, she can find her like that" He clicks his fingers

Elijah Phillips: Eli goes to slip an arm around tansy's waist, holding the girl close "Angel Hope."

Tansy: "If she had gone to the basement when i told her to first........she would have been gone and we wouldn;t have been able to do a thing. I am sorry that I didn;t do my job and fucking kill the bastard-asshole-mother-fucking-cunt." yes she is pissed at no one but herself and what a mouth.

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "Ouestucati." He's in the hallway again, holding one of Thomas's swords. Baby Death still hasn't moved...he stands over her, his face a wary, angry mask. "We're the only people in the house, love. I'm sorry."

Thomas Judge: ((We may have to pause as I will need Jano here))

Ravyn: ((All right, assuming that invoking Keiko means that we have to pause, as I don't see Jano on?))

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a sad nod "Thank you Melioth.. I.. I don't know what to do.. " He looks around "We're in fucking Jersey. Some werehouse."

Thomas Judge: ((She has lore whats's it called, where you can find someone via there name?))

Tansy: ((Okay guys, but we will have to find a time this comming weekend as Jano is not on when either of you two are going to be on or available))

Elijah Phillips: (i have thursday off this week)

Thomas Judge: "We stay here for now, pointless headin' back, Angel maybe close by. Let me get in touch with Keiko, she can find her, keep Jarod an Baby on the blower, we move when we know where she is."

Elijah Phillips: (what time is he usually on.. i can try to be awake..)

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "I'll wait here until you arrive." He picks Baby's prone form up, and kicks the door shut before carrying her downstairs. "I'd suggest getting out of New Jersey, though. You are not within the boundaries of the Treaty, and from what I understand, there's some nasty types of vampires out there."

Tansy: She leans against Eli, this was just no right, she couldn;t have done a mind shield on Angel yet, how could she realistically have protected her./

Elijah Phillips: Eli's eyes widen "But.. shouldn't we try to see if Angel is nearby before we leave?" He says.. to the voice in his head.

Tansy: ((He is on from normally about 8 pm NY time to midnight NY time, at least that has been lately.))

Elijah Phillips: (ehh.. i'm working then. i have thursday off. that's the best i can do.)

Tansy: ((Jer works thursday))

Ravyn: ((I will be unavailable due to work or my TT's (all times PDT) 4 pm - 9 pm Wednesday, 1 pm - 10 pm Thursday, 6 pm - 10 pm Friday, & 4 pm - 10 pm Saturday. Plus, Sunday...y'know. Mage scene.))

Thomas Judge: ((We can try and do it in bits and pieces, I contact Keiko, with Rav present for rolls and such, then we move...?))

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "Yes, you should. I'm just saying, make it fast."

Thomas Judge: ((sorry to do this, but it is the quickest and best way to find angel before she gets...well whatever!))

Ravyn: ((I can do bits and pieces if need be, yes.))

Elijah Phillips: (hmm.. could we potentially do it thursday after you get off? or maybe run the invocation with jano and judas.. then proceed with the jersey stuff another time? I am 3pm-midnight everyday until forever.. except thursday.)

Elijah Phillips: (*giggles* well if we're pausing.. i'm sleeping *hugs* fun!)

Thomas Judge: ((I for this will stay up through Thursday night if you want? Meaning me on past 12 my time till work, but some sleep would be nice :)))

Thomas Judge: ((That would be 6 for most of you, so would you all be off?))

Tansy: ((Okay whatever, For right now tho, where is Tansy going and what does Elui want her to do, because she is NOT going with them on this hunt and she is NOT going to try and slow them down.))

Thomas Judge: ((Get her to Vic's place I say! Let her stay with the doc and get vic with us! *nods*))

Elijah Phillips: (since the invocation will be instant.. i was assuming that they were standing outside the werehouse.. see if angel is in jersey.. before going anywhere)

Ravyn: ((For me, that's 8 hours ahead; so 4 PM. 4 PM Thursday very much doesn't work for me. I would 1-6 on Thursday, and have my TT from 6 PM until 10 PM))

Tansy: ((Can i suggest something as a fellow ST in this can i be left the information if Jano and Judas manage to catch up with each other in the next few days while Rav isn;t around and I am then this can get done, so that we can move one with what to do?))

Elijah Phillips: (hate to run out on discussion.. but i really do need to get sleep.. while buddah belly is out. *hugs* if you need anything from me or figure out a time.. just leave me an icq. i'm easy. *passes out*)

Tansy: ((Bye scarlet *waves*))

Thomas Judge: ((I could log the rolls? for Jano, let you know))

Thomas Judge: ((night scar! *hugs*))

Ravyn: ((I will try my damnedest to catch Jano & Judas at the same time. If not, then I would like the following to occur. Judas & Jano can run the invocation, have Jano make his rolls in the Shadowlands room. Let me know the rolls have been made. I'll provide info based on that.))

Tansy: ((That works for me. Now I am off to get smokes, see you all later. *Hugs* ))

Thomas Judge: ((*nods to Rav* Understood, hopefully it should be either this afternoon or tonight, my time. i'll log the innvocation for you, and get him to place the rolls in the shadowlands, log them and send it to you eithr by Email, or ICQ, even better if snow is on, she can watch!))

Thomas Judge: ((*hugs snow*))

Thomas Judge: He moves away fromt the rest, topless, cough in mouth, he whisphers the name, he qouldn't want to give it to those who don't know "Mahzian, I require your urgent aid in the saving of a mortal."

Keiko Moroboshi: *in Tom's head* "Where are you? I will be there shortly."

Thomas Judge: "I need you to find her now, her name is Angel Hope, she was taken from Eli's house, we need to know where she is now, and then we can move!" He loosk up, smoke blowing from his nose, blue eyes almost pleading for help.

Keiko Moroboshi: ((blowing a WP on Find the Faithful))

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Find the Faithful: 3,6,2,5,8,7,

Keiko Moroboshi: ((only 2 successes. But if she's within 3 miles, I know exactly where she is, I believe.))

: ((She is not within 3 miles))

Keiko Moroboshi: "She's not nearby. I'm going to try something else." ((another WP, this time on Scry to attempt to see her surroundings.))

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Scry: 5,10,3,7,6,8,

Thomas Judge: ((Thats why she is on the D-Team! *g* go on Keiko!))

Ravyn -> Keiko Moroboshi: Keiko sees Angel, lying inside the covers of a King-sized bed, four-poster with a deep crimson canopy. Purple satin sheets, a thick, bronze-covered down comforter. It has curtains, mostly transparant, the same crimson color as the canopy. There's a source of light on either side of the bed, faint and gently flickering. It's not enough to reveal any details outside the curtains, just enough to cast a dim light inside, to let Angel know she's alone on the bed. Outside of the bed, Keiko can see about twenty feet in all's an opulently furnished room. The room extends beyond that, but Keiko cannot see further, as it's all too dark beyond.

Tansy: Tansy will remain near Eli, having ppulled one of the daggers, spinning it in her hand as she keeps an eye out on the three....or five of them if you want to count the babies.

Thomas Judge: Tom lights another cough off his first one as he waits, he has faith in his troops, in Keiko.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko describes exactly what she sees to Tom* "Angel is lying inside the covers of a King-sized bed, four-poster with a deep crimson canopy. Purple satin sheets, a thick, bronze-covered down comforter. It has curtains, mostly transparant, the same crimson color as the canopy. There's a source of light on either side of the bed, faint and gently flickering. It's not enough to reveal any details outside the curtains, just enough to cast a dim light inside, to let Angel know she's alone on the bed. Outside of the bed, I can see about twenty feet in all's an opulently furnished room. The room extends beyond that, but I can't see further, as it's all too dark beyond." *she pauses* "And it's at least three miles away. I can't pinpoint her location more exactly, but that narrows it slightly."

Thomas Judge: "Where in New Jersey, where are you? If your in Manhatten then thats more than 3 miles."

Keiko Moroboshi: "I asked you where you were. Yes, I'm in Manhattan."

Thomas Judge: "Sorry pet." He nods "Can you come here, now? This girl 'as been taken by one of us, we need to find 'er, before it is too late."

Keiko Moroboshi: "Yes. I need directions though." ((and I have to go, I'll be back in about four hours, but I said I only had 30 minutes to Judas at the beginning of this))

Ravyn: ((Just roll one more Finding the Faithful really quick))

Keiko Moroboshi: ((what the hell, another WP))

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Finding the Faithful: 1,7,1,10,8,9,

Ravyn: ((When he gets to their location in New Jersey...she's still not within 3 miles. *S*))

Thomas Judge: ((Thats cool, more than we had!))

Tansy: She closes her eyes cluthing the dagger tightly. this was not sounding good from her end of things.

Thomas Judge: ((Still not, oh poop! Thanks Jano!))

Keiko Moroboshi: ((and I must be off, see ya!))

Thomas Judge: He looks to Tansy "Angel is lying inside the covers of a King-sized bed pet, four-poster with a deep crimson canopy. Purple satin sheets, a thick, bronze-covered down comforter. It has curtains, mostly transparant, the same crimson color as the canopy. There's a source of light on either side of the bed, faint and gently flickering. It's not enough to reveal any details outside the curtains, just enough to cast a dim light inside, to let Angel know she's alone in there" He looks away quickly "Outside of the bed,'s an opulently furnished room. The room extends beyond about 20 foot, but see can't see further, as it's all too dark beyond."