Willa Torres: Girl walks in through the front door. She wears a black and Orange Fox racing jacket and windpants. Hair in cornrows, face in the mode of unnerved.

Miranda Okanedo: She is sitting in the main area, a book open in her lap. The woman is short, standing at about 5'2" and weighing around 125 pounds or so. Dark skin and ebony hair, braided down her back, make up a woman of about 30. She looks like she's seen her fair share of years, with signs of a hard life underneath her pleasant demeanor. Her eyes, a rich brown, have extreme wisdom to them. She's dressed in a plain, natural-fiber shirt and a red sarongm with sandals covering her feet. A warm, pleasant smile is usually on her face, indicative of her infinite patience and wisdom.

Miranda Okanedo: ((Color change!))

Willa Torres: "Uh. Hi. Hope I came t' the right place."

Miranda Okanedo: She looks up, eyes passing over Willa appraisingly. "Good evening," she says, her voice heavily accented with an African flavor. She sets a bookmark carefully in the tome and shuts it, setting it aside. "Perhaps you did. How can I help you?"

Willa Torres: "Uhm." She looks behind her nd then around to make sure there isn't anyone in earshot, then lifts up her phone. "I'm a..looking for..whoever's in charge."

Miranda Okanedo -> Willa Torres: The phone lists the names "Miranda Okanedo," "Marty Starling," and "Rachelle Andrieson." Then, the last name statics in and out, before going out completely.

Miranda Okanedo: She smiles a little bit. "I may be able to direct you there. Why do you need to see whoever's in charge?"

Willa Torres: Nodding and the looking at he lady she says. "Right, you know a Miranda or Mardy?"

Willa Torres: "It ain't somethin' I really wanned to discuss ya know, in public." Doing her level best to convey some sort of embarrassment. Hey, she's in a mssage parlour, after all.

Willa Torres: Former massage parlour then.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little bit, with a pleasant smile. "Of course not. But we are not exactly public, as the business closed down some time ago." She chuckles a little. "So again, I ask you what why you seek Miranda or Marty?"

Willa Torres: "Because I'm out a place to live and I was kinda wanting to let them know. The guys who evicted me might be coming to see them soon too."

Miranda Okanedo: A little frown, and she nods, getting up from her seat. "I see. And the individuals who eveicted you...I assume they are not exactly friendly to those like you, Miranda, and Marty, as well as others who may reside here?"

Willa Torres: "Yeah, you got it."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods, with a sigh, and picks up her book, heading toward the black door. "Come with me, child. I will help you find what you seek."

Willa Torres: A glance to the way behind her and then she follows the lady. "Thanks. I uh. Well, there's a long story behind it."

Miranda Okanedo: "There always is," she says as she heads through the door, and up the narrow staircase on the other side. The tone in her voice is politely amused. She heads up to the first story, moving into the Chantry's common area, holding the door open for Willa.

Willa Torres: Enters as the door is held open for her. "Thanks. Again."

Miranda Okanedo: "Of course, my dear." She nods, gesturing past the cushions and entertainment area, toward the table. "Please, have a seat. I am Miranda Okanedo."

Willa Torres: Sits as asked, and seems to relax a little, allowing the shoulder bag to slip off her shoulder and rest on the ground near her. Smiling a little as the lady introduces herself. "Good t'knowya. I'm Willhemina Rosita Acosta Torres,but you cin call me Willa. Most people do. I was the main defense coordinator for Camelot SDF-1."

Miranda Okanedo: "A pleasure to meet you, Willa." She seats herself, hands resting palm down on the table. "Forgive me, I cannot say I am entirely familiar with Camelot SDF-1. Where is it located?"

Willa Torres: "Well, it was in the 'Web. But I dunno if any of it survived the invasion. I gotta tell you. It ain't good. Piddling little chantry. Few VAs e'en heard of it. So I don't know how the Technoprats did, but they came. And a LOT of them came. Seems awful weird..them spending that much of thier resources to screw with a little nothing chantry."

Miranda Okanedo: She frowns, deeply, at that. "I see." She sighs. "This is not the first we've heard of this. Some time ago, one of the Chantries in the city was apparently taken by the Technocracy. The Chantry was unused, but for one individual who escaped, and has since left the city."

Willa Torres: She leans forward, elbows on knees. "I thought they..ya know..backed off. You know, funds dried up and people in short supply? It's crazy!"

Miranda Okanedo: "Yes, that was what he had believed, as well." She nods, expression solemn. "It appears, however, that this may no longer be the case."

Miranda Okanedo: ((he=we))

Willa Torres: "We gotta tell more people. S'possible that they decided to pick off little chantries in order to psyche us out, but there wasn't anything missing in that assult, so I don't think that's it."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods again. "It's quite possible that perhaps they are attacking smaller chantries first, in the hopes that they could eliminate them before warning could spread." She leans back, considering. "We have four chantries currently here in New York City...the information will be spread through, I can assure you."

Miranda Okanedo: "Do you have a place to stay right now?"

Willa Torres: Standing, she retrives her bag. "Good. I'll get in touch with my people in Cali too."

Willa Torres: "Uh, no. I don't."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little, rising. "You may stay here for now. Come, Willa...I will show you to a room."

Willa Torres: "Thanks again." She seems ill at ease, accepting help when she is used to relying on her own devices. But she also seems grateful. She goes with the woman.