Cori Frost: "yes a mocha would be delightful" she smiles "how much?"

C.R.: "Free for members of the chantry, babe." He gets the machine going, and starts pouring the milk. "One of the many perks of joining Hangman's Joy. All the espresso you can drink."

Cori Frost: "i'll remember that the next time i'm having a caffine fit." she stands up and walks over to the counter and leans against it.

C.R.: He grins over to her, winking. "You do that. Me, I couldn't live without a couple shots in the mornin', 'fore I really woke up. It's a dependancy, but hey, it beats meth, right?"

Cori Frost: "i guess it does, i wouldn't know..." she grins "i know one thing it doesn't beat forsure"

C.R.: "Oh?" He puts the milk up to steam, looking over his shoulder at her as he works the machine like a natural-born barista.

Cori Frost: "oh the orgasmic taste of a well made sweet...its almost torturous in a very very good way" she nods her head seeming pretty convinced.

C.R.: "Ahh, I see...Whipped Cream?" He chuckles, setting the milk down and pouring out a mocha. "What kinds of sweets, specifically? Way you describe it, I might just have to start stockin' em."

Cori Frost: "their ar different ones, i couldn't name them all..truffles....and cheeze cake, rich brownies...tiramisu.." she licks her lips subconsiously as she thought about it. than shake her head slightly. "most of which i then you stock already right?"

C.R.: "We try," he says with a grin. "Not a lot of the comic crowd that buys the sweets here. We got all sorts of that in the kitchen downstairs, though. Whipped Cream?" he repeats, picking up the can and tilting the nozzle to let some out, onto his finger, which promptly gets put in his mouth.

Cori Frost: "yes please" she grins watching him pointing to the corner of his lip "you missed a spot"

C.R.: He puts nozzle to cup, putting the whipped cream on. A grin hits his face and he snakes his tongue to the corner of his lip, licking at little bit hanging there. "Did I get it?"

Cori Frost: She bit her lower lip a moment as if contimplaiting and nods her head still grinning "it looks like you did"

C.R.: "Kay." He sets the container down and pops a lid on the top, then leans over toward her, handing over the cup. "One mocha, milady." He grins and winks. "Free of charge."

Cori Frost: She takes the cup and take a deep in hale of the fragrence before sipping "perfect..nice and hot...and sweet" she grins " So did i wake you from a nap when i came in?"

C.R.: He shakes his head with a grin, and gets to his cappucino. "Naah. My bedtime isn't till sometime just before the sun comes up. S'a reason the shop don't open 'till noon..."

Cori Frost: "Makes sense, maybe i should work here...i keep the same hours "she laughs a little as she takes another sip.

C.R.: "Gimme a second, if you would, love." He smiles a little and steps away from her, mumbling a name under his breath, nearly inaudibly.

C.R.: ((Wrong window))

C.R.: "Well, technically, if you live at the chantry, you're supposedly employed here." He grins. "If you wanna actually work here, though, I could use the help..."

Cori Frost: "it would work for me, i could actually use some spending cash you want me to fill an app?"

C.R.: "Baah. Who needs applications?" He grins. "Unless you like displaying your penmanship, that is..."

Cori Frost: "depends on the topic...some are more fun to display than others" she takes another sip. "when should i start?"

C.R.: "When's good for you?" He shrugs. "Weekends tend to be busiest, so probably best if you start before then, get trained on what little specifics there are. But tomorrow, Friday, whenever. Only takes a few hours to leanr the ropes."

Cori Frost: "Tomorrow sounds good i don't have anything planned tomorrow" she finished the last of her mocha "then again i never plan for anything anymore"

C.R.: "Oooh, that sounds like there's a story there..." He finishes up his cappucino and leans forward against the counter, looking over to her as he takes a sip. "Why not?"

Cori Frost: "well the simple answer is...i like how my life flows natually ...the complex answer" she look to him with a slight twinkle in her eyes "is pretty much the same but its the reason i came in the moment and never regret...because with out taking in the beauty of the loose out and never know what could have been"

C.R.: "Mmmm." He grins a little. "I like the complex answer. S'a good philosophy to have."

Cori Frost: "me too"she just gins shifting as she reaches behind her to grab the exploring now warm snake. "no running off now" she looks down affectionatly to the snake.

C.R.: He chuckles a little. "So where'd you pick up Corchen? If you don't mind me asking, that is."

Cori Frost: "Puck introduced us" she smiles as her fingers moved swiftly to match the snakes movements.

C.R.: "Puck." He grins. "Like, the fairy from Midsummer Night's Dream?"

Cori Frost: "somedays i swear he way...but hes my Mentor" she smiles

C.R.: "Ahhhh..." He nods with a smile. "I see."

Cori Frost: "So shes special to me...and she knows it...the little imp." she grins. "but i should be heading back home...i have to make sure someone did their chores "

C.R.: He grins a little and nods. "All right...sounds good. Well, then, I guess I'll see your beautiful little self tomorrow, then."

Cori Frost: "Same bat time...same bat channel" she winks and turns to leave.

C.R.: He grins, and leans back, finishing his cappucino as she takes off.