Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((here))

Arlett: ((here))

Durst Whitright: ((here))

Tessa : "You talking to Sam?"

Jason: ((here))

Arlett: yes *to Tessa* she says its safer an hotel... *looking to her* I agree... no permanent place to be followed into by net access

Tessa : "Is she with the guy?"

Arlett: I don't know *Types* I guess

Durst Whitright: *Durst just keeps moveing towards Arlett and Tessa, until he gets close enough to speak*

Jason: *He looks from Arlett to Tessa.*

Arlett: Yes she is *as the answer comes*

Jason: *His eyes widen, and he looks terrified as another new persome comes closer. He seems uneasy, and is clearly trying to run.*

Arlett: 10,9,9,10,

Arlett: ((wow.. percept alertness was that))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She moves to the side to watch the kid if he runs.*

Arlett: *turns as the man comes over, moving simply between him and Tesa with boy... sure the kid is going to be the bodyguard, one hand going to her pocketS* what?

Tessa : "Tell her to meet us at 168th street if she's got her own car."

Tessa : She glares at all the people coming around them and puts an arm around Jason.

Jason: Is it safe there? *he nearly demands of Tessa.*

Arlett: She is still with the man....*holds from typing right now... moving, but keeping herself between the two and the new guy*

Tessa : She looks down at Jason, "I know where we're going kid."

Durst Whitright: "So where are we going" *he says with a smile to them* "I just couldnt help but notice ya" *he says as he motions to Arlett and Tessa*

Tessa : "Well tell her not to tell the man."

Tessa : 8,4,9,9,2,

Jason: But is is safe? *he whispers again.*

Tessa : She narrows her eyes at Durst, "Go away now. Arlett take this guy away."

Arlett: *to the kid* I'll make it safe kid *then up to Durst* We don't know you... you are not with us

Durst Whitright: "You dont have the authority to give me orders" *he says with a smile to her*

Tessa : "It's safe." She squeezes Jason's shoulders lightly, pulling him very close to her.

Jason: *And that makes him relax.* They can take away the dreams, *he says, with a sniffle.*

Arlett: *puffs* fuck you

Durst Whitright: "Well my name is Durst Whitright" *he says with a smile* "and allright ill just catch up with ya were ever you are heading to then"

Tessa : "Go." She tells Durst firmly, stirring Jason away, letting Arlet deal with the strangers (that up there was per + alert)

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *So arrogant that one. She thought as she watched the scene.*

Arlett: *frowns, huffs* great... just what we need *eyes Tessa... damm then Durst, then Tessa* he is of the Bookstasic club*hope she gets is HErmetic, and back to Durst* we don't need your pricks right now.. I'll phone later thank you

Durst Whitright: "ok ill just go see if the other man could use my services in figuring out were you are heading since he appeared to be interested" *he says as he turns to leave*

Arlett: *rolls her eyes, not stopping him from leaving... a phone call is NOT making her trust on eof Isha's fans club, she starts after Tessa and Jason, keeping to them*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): 7,2,7,1,1,2,6,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((That one was even worse..ugh))

Jason: You're with them, *he whispers to Durst's words. His eyes go wide, and he moves to dart towards the subway.*

Arlett: ((the die doens't like Kira today))

Jason: ((Dex+Ath))

Jason: 1,8,3,7,8,

Durst Whitright: "Im not with anyone" *he says over his shoulder* "I was just curious, about all the magic flying around"

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): 5,4,9,7,4,5,

Tessa : She curses and follows Jason.

Tessa : 9,9,1,5,

Arlett: *great... as discrete as the others... she blinks* uh.. girl.. the kid.. I'll keep your backs *to Tesa as Jason runs*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *And jogs off after the kid.*

Arlett: *and as say runs after, just kinda keeping their back clear*

Arlett: 8,7,5,8,7,

Arlett: ((ehh.. damm I rolled one die more *hides*))

Arlett: 5,9,7,1,

Arlett: ((damm, damm, damm was better the other one =( ))

Jason: ((Kira-p, dex+Ath fer me? then I'll sum up.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Already did Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): 5,4,9,7,4,5, ))

Jason: *The boy gets a bit of a head start, startling both Tessa and Arlett. They nearly catch up, but the girl that had been hiding darts forward, nearly catching up to the boy.*

Durst Whitright: *Durst leaves the subway station and heads home his involvement in the scene comeing to a conclusion as his help is un wanted*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She just jogs after trying to see where he is going, not reaching for him or anything.*

Tessa : Monet! She pulls up her book bag to stop the doors if they start to close in front of her and keeps heading after the boy.

Arlett: *well runs for the kid still, clutching for her gameboy, in case she can't catch*

Jason: ((One more Dex+Ath))

Jason: 9,6,9,5,8,

Arlett: ((will))

Arlett: 7,9,3,10,

Kira Redfeather: 5,5,3,6,6,5,

Tessa : (spending wp too)

Tessa : 8,2,1,8,

Jason: *Arlett manages to catch a hand on his shirt just as he is darting for a safety exit. Tessa and Kira trail just a bit behind.*

Durst Whitright: ((Well im out thanks for the scene have fun ya))

Kira Redfeather: *She slows. Watching them well and making no attempt to hide now.*

Arlett: ((come Durts.. follow! )) *ok she'll tries to pull him close while still moving not to lose him if she can't* wait! please.. is ok!

Jason: He... *he breathes deeply.* He's with THEM.

Arlett: and he is leaving!.. calm down.. is ok!

Jason: *He looks terrified, but moves to Tessa. She's the ONLY one that Sam has called a friend, after all.* We need to go. It isn't safe, it isn't, the ... I can SEE THEM... we have to GO...

Tessa : "Wait! It's okay!"

Tessa : 10,2,1,3,9,

Kira Redfeather: *She just watches them crossing her arms. wondering who in the world 'they' were it didn't make sense.*

Arlett: *lets him go to Tessa, sighing* lets go.. another place.. that guy heard where you said last time...*eyeing Kira a moment...*

Tessa : She nods and wraps an arm around Jason moving forwards to guide him onto the nearest train, not caring where it's going. She told Sam to go uptown, she's headed down. "Arlet can you take care of our spectator please?" She tilts her head to indicate Kira.

Tessa : "It's fine Arlett it's fine." She says softly now that she's got both hands on the kid.

Arlett: *Looks to Kira* I'm going with you guys.. is what Sam said.... but I'll keep watch *moving as she watches the woman*

Arlett: *blinks, eyeing the phone as it rings, frowns, and types* Sam is being tailed

Kira Redfeather: 6,6,7,

Arlett: *And quickly erases trail of every single message she has typed on the phone *

Tessa : She glances at Arlett and down to Jason still headed onto the nearest train. "Stay here. Watch the woman there. We'll be fine on our own." She doesn't wait.

Arlett: No you will not *looking to TEssa she shows her the last message Sam sent*

Jason: ((Per+Awareness, everyone.))

Tessa : (there a train there?)

Tessa : 6,2,5,6,4,6,

Arlett: 6,9,4,4,

Kira Redfeather: 5,5,9,3,

Jason: ((Not you, Kira. You're the one casting.))

Arlett: ((damm Fang I need to go have souper with family... I got like two turns I can wait... *snug* sorry, you all know it happens, and I'll be back like in an hour...))

Jason: ((There's magic coming from Kira.))

Kira Redfeather: *She stops and blinks. Looking around.*

Jason: ((A'ight... do you want to pause, or assume Arlett went on ahead?))

Arlett: ((I don't want to make you all stop, so you can npc Arlett as going ahead of them.. to book the hotel? or something?))

Arlett: ((or just going along))

Tessa : (Well I have every intention of slipping Arlet so we can say I sent her a head or ah something like that)

Arlett: ((Corro 2 ARlet is NOT leaving Tessa alone with the kid))

Arlett: ((and I need to go now))

: ((Guys, I would like to point out that Tessa and Arlett are Chantrymates, and would probably be aware of this fact.))

Arlett: ((let me knw what you decide.. if Tessa tries to buck AReltt she follows her with corro, not loosing track of her... I need to go now, be bac as soon as I can))

: ((Should be, at least))

Arlett: ((uhh.. see?! I still need to go now ))

Tessa : (well if you have Corro you can find her later! That's fine! :P)

Kira Redfeather: *She looks down for a moment then closes her eyes. She was so confused.*

Tessa : (Oh I know. No one asked /why/ Tess was trying to toss off all these people! - but any how. No one answered my question. Is there a train there or not?)

Jason: ((I missed your question, Tessa-p, as I was talking with Kira-p. By this time, yes, there is a train pulling in.))

Tansy (arcane 1): Tansy and Quaffle make their way down stairs and shepicks up her aquward paces as she tries to make the next train downtown.

Tessa : So she's taking Jason straight onto the train and keeping an eye on Kira to make sure she knows where the other woman is.

Kira Redfeather: *She shakes her head and follows them to the train.*

Tansy (arcane 1): And yes for everyones clarifications there is a pregnant woman getting on the train with a orange hymilayan cat at her heals.

Tessa : She keeps her hand on Jason's shoulder, stays close to the door, waits till the doors are closing with Kira in the train and pulls him back out.

Jason: *He remains close to Tessa, grabbing hold of her tightly to remain so. Not wanting to be separated.*

Tessa : "We are going to get away from all these people kid. I promise."

Tansy (arcane 1): And she takes a seat sighing when she does so.

Kira Redfeather: *She shakes her head and looks at Tessa crossing her arms.* I hope you know what you are doing. *She remains where she is as the train takes off.*

Jason: ((where are we going from here?))

Tansy (arcane 1): And Tansy heads home minus the books that she wanted to get. Oh well.

Kira Redfeather: *Kira looks at the people in the train and sits down by tansy holding her head in her hands and looking at the window.*

Tessa: Tess' gonna get on the next train with Jason and go a few stops.

Tansy (arcane 1): ((And thanks for the scene guys *waves and poofs out so that everyone else can use the room*))

Tansy (arcane 1): ((Or not))

Kira Redfeather: ((Well is here I have no clue though I guess that's the end of my line *sighs*))

Kira Redfeather: ((Um well shall tansy and kira move elswhere then?))

Tansy (arcane 1): She glances at Kira a soft smile to the woman , she glances down as Quaff peers at Kira from beneath the bench seat, Tansy motions with her eyes for the cat to get back under the seat she doesn;t wish to be kicked off.

Tessa: Then she takes Jason to a nice Family Friendly motel where they can get icecream from room service and watch movies.

: ((For those that are done or want to multi-task, I'm going to be starting up the post-game debriefing in the Visitor Room, if y'all wanna go there.

Kira Redfeather: *Kira looks down seeing a cat tail, the thought eluding her for the moment that animals aren't allowed on public transportation. She sighs softly.*

Tessa: (to the visiter's room!)

Jason: ((And there he'll stay. He will swear it isn't safe, however.))

Tansy (arcane 1): Another glance to Kira. "Things will look up, dun worry." another soft smile as she rests her hands on the swell of her stomach, wishing she could put her feet up.

Kira Redfeather: *She glances to Tansy.* I'm just confused that's all. *She shakes her head.*

Tansy (arcane 1): She knows the name of that game. She nods. "Yeah being confused seems to come with living in New York."

Kira Redfeather: *Ah yes the silly New York. She closes her eyes.* You ever feel like something was...well off?

Tansy (arcane 1): "Hun, everyday that I have been here." she says with a faint chuckle. "I should have stayed in LA"

Kira Redfeather: Yeah really. *She purses her lips.* I don't know what to do really.

Tansy (arcane 1): Another glance to the other woman. "Well" a shrugs of her shoulder. "You have time on your hand since we are on a train, think things through from here, but if there is nothing that you can do about something right not worry about it, it doesn;t help to worry about things that you do not have control over."

Kira Redfeather: Not worried about it, well maybe I am but I just want to know what is happening more than anything.

Arlett: ((waht happened?))

: ((Tessa headed off to a motel with Jason. Arlett can try to track her from there, if you want. We're debriefing in the Visitor Room, if you'd like to join.))

Kira Redfeather: ((Tessa ditched Kira she is now in the subway with Tansy))

Tansy (arcane 1): "If I hadf a dime for every time I wanted to know what was going on and never found out, I would be rich." a smile as she shakes her head. "I have realized that some things are just not ment to be known, you let what the fates decide is your course and walk that path, maybe in time that path will cross another so that you will find out. But for right now, you do not know."

: ((thanks!))

Kira Redfeather: *She closes her eyes.* Fates? *She shakes her head and sighs.* Until yesterday I didn't even know where I lived.

Tansy (arcane 1): "Yes fate. The order of your life as each of your choices takes you in a certain path. Let me give you an example. Let's say you skipped breakfast and decided to grab coffee at the local corner store, which got held up. Had you eaten breakfast instead of skipping it, you would have missed the store being held up. It would have been fate." a blink. "What do you mean you didn;t know where you lived? You mean as in a place to stay?"

Kira Redfeather: As in I didn't know where I lived.*She says softly.* Probably the best to do is just live and learn and then, well get pummeled maybe.

Tansy (arcane 1): Confused much. "I am sorry I do not understand what you mean by where you lived."

Kira Redfeather: *She looks at Tansy.* Alright blunt and to the point, I don't remember I didn't remember my name, where I lived what I did, I still don't know my family friends pets nothing all gone.

Tansy (arcane 1): She nods slowely. "I am sorry, thank you for sharing. That can be one of the hardest things I am sure." now she understand where she is going with the confusion. "How are you doing now tho?"

Kira Redfeather: Still confused, basically wandering aimlessly until I find myself again. *She shrugs.*

Tansy (arcane 1): She reachs her hand out to pat Kira's shoulder. "Hun it is not to find your old self. You have a chance to be who you believe yourself to be, to begin anew. Sometimes the past is best left alone, and remembering who you once were is not the path forward. But that is something that you need to figure out. So you know that you live in New York, do you remember your name? Do you have a place to stay?"

Kira Redfeather: For now but rent will come up and I don't think I work where I did anymore.

Kira Redfeather: And I did not say old self, yes there may be a reason I was released and am struggling now that is fine, but I am still struggling. *She closes her eyes for a moment.* But to get where you need to go, don't swim up the river ride with it.

Tansy (arcane 1): She nods her head. "Yeah money the bane of all good things. Well, as I said this is a chance for a new begining, what do you think you would like to do?"

Kira Redfeather: I don't know really.

Tansy (arcane 1): A gentle compassionate sigh as she pats Kira's shoulder once more. "Well I wish you all of the best. If fate should lead us to meet again, you will be doing better by then. This is my stop, take care." She uses the railing next to her to ease herself tostand and brace herself for the stop.