Arlett: *and lo. the kid was there, reading through books, trying to find anything that deals with.. phychology now.... giving it a rest to medicine and nanotechnology.. hummm*

Kira Redfeather: She entered looking in the referance section for maps, might as well get more used to the city while she was here.

Samantha Jacobs: She hated today. Hated. To. Day. And between the lack of sleep, and the fact it was TODAY she was a cranky bitch. And had absolutely no urge to inflict that upon Michelle. A shake of her head, and she stalked up to slip inside the library.

Durst Whitright: *Durst is walking through the library looking at random books periodically ducking into ilse when he sees people who could possibly be his students*

Durst Whitright: ((color))

Jim Franklin: *The boy in glasses sits at a spearate table, far away from everyone, looking through psychology books himself.*

Samantha Jacobs: 9,6,8,8,10,2,9,

Samantha Jacobs: ((Ten bucks says I never get a roll like that the REST of the scene))

Jason: *He pushes open the door to the Library, wide-eyed. Careful footsteps keeping himself quiet.*

Jim Franklin: 8,2,3,5,8,3,1,

Kira Redfeather: *Takes out bluprints and maps of the city and sits at a table quietly by herself. Reading them.*

Tessa Nunn: Tessa wanders through the art history section. Today's t-shirt reads: I am my own role model. Like everything else she owns, it's splattered in paint.

Arlett: ((LOL )) *humm... person in glasses reading one.. peers... hum.... looks around and well what the heck* hum, excuse me *to Jim* where are those? *signaling his book... well it'll make it easier to find other!*

Samantha Jacobs: A man hiding in the isles, ducking in and out. Arlett at a table reading up. That boy with the glasses sitting far away. A few other peoples dotted about. Eyes shifting, and moving, always looking for threats and strange people. It was that day after all. Tessa too and- Jason? She stops, glancing back towards the kid.

Jim Franklin: *Arlett's comment startles him out of his cleaning his glasses, and he leaps at it.* I... uhh... I'm s...sorry? I th...I think... th..that is, it was o...over

Durst Whitright: *Durst finally walks out to one of the tables and sits down as he brings what he was reading up on the eyepiece over his eye, after makeing sure there were no students about*

Jason: 6,8,4,4,9,10,

Samantha Jacobs: She slides out of the path she was taking, and heads over to young Jason.

Jason: *He looks up quickly, and moves directly for Sam. With a small smile. Just a small, nervous one.*

Kira Redfeather: *She looked native american reddish brown smooth skin jet black hair that was braided tightly, the braid hung down to her thighs, she wore a simple blouse and some jeans torn at the hips.*

Samantha Jacobs: "Hey kiddo." Comes the hushed greeting, offering out a hand to kid. "Long time no see."

Kira Redfeather: ((um torn at the knees sorry))

Jason: *He smiles up at Sam, and throws his arms around the rough woman. He speaks softly.* Hello, Miss Sam.

Arlett: *smiles brightly to Jim* thanks *and starts over*

Durst Whitright: ((DD For those who need it)) DD Durst is 6'2 with his fiery red hair is currently spiked. His eyes are a beautiful blue that sparkle in the light. He is wearing a black sleevless shirt, which clearly shows off his tattoo on his left arm of a circle with a flame in it, on top of a pair of worn blue jeans. Probably the most notable features on the boy besides his goodlooks are a keyboard made to starp to his left arm and a small screen over his left eye, and a back pack with wires coming out to attach to both the keyborad and the screen.

Arlett: ((Jason is a kid?))

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti: ((arcane active)) She seems to stand out, despite her 5'2" height, her slender, dancers body is nicely rounded in all of the right places, including the protruding stomach of a pregnancy(looks 6 or 7 months pregnant). Her short curly black hair seems to frame her face, giving her a sultry look. Her violet eyes hold a twinkle of mystery to them, framed by long thick lashes and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Her full pouty lips tend to always hold a smile. She has an Eastern Eurpoean look to her features which seem to be empasized, by her beauty. She has several ear piercings that do not detract from her appearance, only adding a new twist to it. She wears a ringon her left ring finger it is a 2c round cut diamond set in a platnum band. The band is very unigue, with two solid side, then with a center two center pieces that holds the center stone. On all of the bands(which at the mid point on both sides joins as one solid band) are diamond chips, set in the platnum, making the ring sparkly and catch the eye. ((Appearance 4)) She is wearing a pair of shorts, sandalls and a cute bell capped sleved blue shirt that is very flattering to her.

Samantha Jacobs: Whoa. Hug. She strokes his hair once, some of the bitch disappating from her as she crouches down by him. "Hey Jason. How's you and Jeff been?"

Jim Franklin: *He nods nervously, and clutches the book to his chest tightly. Electro-nervous systems. HIS book. His. He moves back to his desk to sit down.*

Tessa Nunn: She flips through a few books, searching for something in particular.

Kira Redfeather: *Continues studying silently.*

Arlett: *well the girl just asked and was off to find one... hum.... looking at the racks of books now*

Jason: I'm okay, *he says softly.* I think he's okay too. I ... I just had to... go out. It's too quiet there. I keep hearing things.

Durst Whitright: *Durst clicks a few buttons on the keyborad to change the page*

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti: She walks, or waddles into the lybrary, she really needed to check out this damn book, maybe today she would finally get a library card. She heads for the language section of the library.

Samantha Jacobs -> Ravyn: ((Ravyn, sorry to bother... but do you know Jason's age? Roughly?))

Samantha Jacobs: She flicks eyes up to Tansy, nodding to the girl, and then looking down to Jason. She strokes his hair once, and then stands, offering out a hand. "C'mon. We'll find a quiet place to talk, alright?"

Kira Redfeather: *Looks about curiously. The library was busy today.*

Tessa Nunn: She sighs softly and slides the book back in place and walks along the isle slowly, her fingers trailing along the spines of the books, eyes closed.

Arlett: 2,2,2,2,

Arlett: *nop.. ther is only books in here, she doens't notice a single soul she knows... books.. books*

Samantha Jacobs: ((Color change))

Kira Redfeather: 6,5,7,4,3,

Jason: This is a quiet place, *he says softly.* Okay.

Kira Redfeather: *Odd that girl was here, she didn't seem like the type to be here to Kira.*

Jim Franklin: *He finishes cleaning off his glasses, and then puts them back on, at his alone table. But he keeps his eyes up. Watching.*

Arlett: *humm.... and she passed a finger on the 'pshychology' books.. what the hell is a how to proper swew wounds does in pshychology, hums, looks a bit up and around.. she might have to ask the librarian*

Durst Whitright: *Durst gets up and walks over to the languge section to grab a couple of books on Latin for Alice*

Samantha Jacobs: A quirk of a smile. "Yeah. It is." She lifts her head, glancing around warily, and then takes Jason to an empty part of the library. In truth, she should probably leave with him...

Ravyn: The doors push open, and in walks an Arabian man. He's of average height, maybe about 5'7, 5'8, and probably weighs in at somewhere around 150 pounds. His hair's short, ebony, and he's clean shaven, with a neutral expression on his face, dark eyes scanning the lobby area. He's dressed in a white T-Shirt, leather jacket, and jeans. He seems to be searching for something, as he stands near the doors, looking around.

Jason: 5,5,2,4,4,3,

Jason: *His focus is entirely on Sam.*

Samantha Jacobs: 7,5,7,1,9,2,9,

Jim Franklin: 6,8,3,10,6,8,9,

Jim Franklin: 6,

Durst Whitright: 7,2,2,2,

Kira Redfeather: 5,6,9,1,2,

Durst Whitright: *Durst gives the Arabian man a glance as he continues towards the language section*

Jim Franklin: *He looks around, and frowns. Yes, the girl who asked him about books... odd, that one is... different here. And an Arab. Busy day at the library. He tries to make himself shrink, murmuring under his breath.*

Tessa Nunn: 7,1,7,7,10,

Arlett: *hummms softly still trying to find her books and not seeing much of people she knows*

Samantha Jacobs: Shoulders tense and roll, and she tries to stop the wariness that spears her at the Arabian man in the doorway. She shouldn't generalize like that, but she can't help it. It was THAT day. She keeps the man in her vision, before she disappears behind a stack of books with Jason.

Tessa Nunn: She hears the door open and close but stops and looks at the book spine her finger is resting on. Oh. There it is.

Jason: *He of course follows with Sam, and as quickly as she moves.*

Kira Redfeather: *Was there a convention or something she didn't know about? She looked around for some sort of book signing or something.*

Samantha Jacobs: She makes sure Jason has SOMETHING to sit on, and then crouches by Jason. Her voice is very soft, just for the kid's ears. "Jason? Do you rememer that bad man, bad men, we stopped from taking you?"

Jason: *He nods.* I ... I remember, I ... Jeff kept me safe. You kept me safe.

Ravyn: 5,4,8,2,3,5,

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): She looks around trying not to be obvious as she does it, headding as she was to the ;language section of the library.

Samantha Jacobs: She nods, gently squeezing a little hand. "They're gone now. All of them. They'll never come after you, or hurt you again. Okay?"

Ravyn: 7,9,6,

Jason: *He shivers.* No, it's not safe, Miss Sam. It's not safe at all. I'm ... I dream.

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): 6,2,1,2,5,

Arlett: *and up to the clerk she goes, better then roam about* uh.. excuse me... your pshychology area?

Tessa Nunn: She draws the book off the shelf and smiles a bit. Tucking it under her arm she wanders towards the counters to check it out.

Samantha Jacobs: She frowns. Oh, fuck. What did Robert do? She was going to beat that man's corpse so bad Robert would feel it wherever the fuck he was. She pulls Jason to her, holding him gently. "What is it Jason?"

Ravyn: He frowns as he looks around the place, not seeing what he's looking for. Still, he doesn't leave. He scans the vicinity, his eyes falling on Tansy, recognition in his eyes. He doesn't head that way, though...instead, he heads toward Arlett, his walk fairly direct toward the girl.

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): And she is oblious right now. No one she knows at least in her line of sight. One hand onm her back and one on her protruding stomach, rubbing it as she walks.

Jason: I keep... I keep having dreams. About men chasing me. And you are not there, I can't... I need somewhere to hide.

Kira Redfeather: 9,9,3,2,4,

Jim Franklin: *He keeps his eyes watching, but he continues murmuring under his breath, almost nervously.*

Arlett: *well she didn't notice people and as she was pointed to the way the pshychology books are, she blinks, loking to the man, and quickly around, like if to see if there is someone near her he could be heading to*

Kira Redfeather: *Then she notices the man she had kept one eye on Arlett and just looks up to watch him approach her.*

Samantha Jacobs: "And you can't hide with Jeff?" A little nod, slow. Still holding him as she breaths deeply- well, deep for her. Maybe... their apartment was warded. Maybe he could stay there for a bit? She didn't know.

Jim Franklin: ((Arlett will be pointed in the correct direction, from a smiling woman with an irritating giggle.))

Arlett: *ok.. so watches the man idly poketing her hand sin her jacket pokcets*

Durst Whitright: 6,3,6,6,

Jason: I don't think so, *he murmurs.* He is ... good is good. And bad is bad. But one is not always stronger than the other.

Arlett: ((oi! shufles post of being signaled under Jim's then *blush*))

Durst Whitright: *Durst grabs two books one looking like Latin for beginers and the other a more advanced book, passing right by Tansy without even a secound glance*

Samantha Jacobs: "Maybe, you can come and stay with Miss Michelle and I." Softly. "I'd have to ask her, but we'll try and help you. Alright?"

Jason: *He looks over his shoulder.* Is it safe there?

Ravyn: No, no one around...he's heading straight for Arlett. "Good afternoon." He nods to her. "I'm looking for someone. Perhaps you can help me. I know he is here." It's said in such a way that makes it positive the person he's looking for is not a friend.

Jim Franklin: ((Per+Emp))

Jim Franklin: 8,4,1,6,6,5,8,

Arlett: *blinks, frowning slightly, looking up to the man.. hmmm* and whose that?

Samantha Jacobs: Well. No. Not really. Mostly. Dammit. A little sigh. "It's as safe as we can make it safe."

Jim Franklin: *He keeps murmuring nervously, and looks around to see the mood of the area.*

Kira Redfeather: *She folds the maps up and watches.*

Jason: Can she keep the nightmares away?

Tessa Nunn: She sets the book down on the counter, glancing around boredly as she waits in line.

Durst Whitright: *Durst sits back down at his table and thumbs through the books a bit before turning his attention back to what was on the eye piece*

Ravyn: "A young man, myabe eight or nine years old." He's not speaking all that quietly, not seeming to care who's listening in. "He more then likely just came in here."

Samantha Jacobs: "We can try." She won't lie to him. She can't.

Samantha Jacobs: 9,2,8,8,9,6,8,

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): And she passes right by Durst without a second glance to him as she scans the titles she knows the book was here a while ago. She sighs. running a hand doen the titles.

Arlett: uh... and why ya looking him for? *well.... finding out*

Kira Redfeather: *She looks at the man, but refrains from looking to possibly where the kid went, she wondered, what did he want?*

Samantha Jacobs: Her head lifts faintly as words drift to her. Judging where the man is, and if she can get Jason out of there without being seen. Why was this kid so popular?

Ravyn: "There is...a problem." A bit of a frown. "I must find him. Have you seen him?"

Tessa Nunn: She spots a few familiar persons amongst the stacks and watches Sam as she surrenders her book and card for scanning.

Arlett: *She actualy looks around* I think so.. this way *signaling randomly ((should I roll for lying?)) * what problem? I could help

Jason: 8,6,3,5,4,6,

Kira Redfeather: *She looked down at the maps and tried to judge the scene. A man looking for his son to steal away from his wife? Just do listen you don't know what is going on yet.*

Jason: *His head raises, and he hears the noise. He breathes hard, and his eyes grow wide.* We have to leave, have to get somewhere safe...

Durst Whitright: *Durst looks over at the Arab and Arlett, not being able to help but notice someone wasnt falling the quiet rulses of the library*

Ravyn: ((Roll it, Arlett.))

Samantha Jacobs: She shifts, trying to shield Jason with her body, looking at the kid. Obviously, he didn't trust the man either. "I'm going to carry you. Keep your head tucked against me. Don't look. Alright? I'll try and get you somewhere safe."

Arlett: ((Erg... ))

Arlett: 8,3,2,7,4,

Ravyn: 7,8,5,7,7,

Arlett: ((ouch))

Jason: *He nods, and lowers his head. Apparently he trusts Sam.*

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): A grin as she finds the book she was looking for. And one she wasn't but it just might help. So she picks them both from the shelf after looking through them and heads to the counter area.

Ravyn: He looks her over, and frowns. "I had hoped you would help. I see you will not. Good day." He turns his back to Arlett, frowning as he looks over the lobby once more.

Arlett: *huffs* look.. I wasn't looking ok... and I might IF ya tell me why

Samantha Jacobs: She picks Jason up, and then glances around to try and find an escape route. ((str+ath to pick him up, per+alert to find a way out))

Durst Whitright: *Durst just follows the man with his eyes*

Samantha Jacobs: 1,3,4,4,5,4,

Samantha Jacobs: ((oh, SHIT *L*))

Samantha Jacobs: 4,2,6,7,3,10,8,

Kira Redfeather: *Something was going down, but what, she couldn't understand it her instincts said to act but to do what exactly?*

Tessa Nunn: Takes the recipt and smiles to the clerk before sliding the book into her bag. She pats the satchel lightly. Monet's going to come in handy today, she's just got a feeling. She starts casually wandering off the way Sam went.

Kira Redfeather: 2,10,7,10,4,

Ravyn: As Sam tries to pick young Jason up, she feels something in her back give. Apparently, she didn't lift with the knees. ((Roll Stamina))

Samantha Jacobs: ((wp to sta))

Samantha Jacobs: 2,

Kira Redfeather: *She brought her long braid in front of her and fiddled with the end.*

Jason: *He goes tumbling to the floor with a yelp.*

Ravyn: "I don't have time to tell you why." He says it without looking at Arlett, and starts to make his way toward a better vantage point to view the area.

Arlett: *as the man well is giving her his back she idly takes out her gameboy, pusshing... might as well find out* ((well thinking with mind and entrophy on.. she MIGHT find out if he mans harm to the boy or if he is worried...))

Arlett: 5,3,

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): She looks around once more as she heads to the counter, wrinkling her nose as she heads up there as she hopes she can get a library card.

Durst Whitright: 5,3,3,6,

Ravyn: 3,3,10,9,4,1,

Ravyn: ((Sorry, should have listed it as WP, so you didn't lose it. 2 Bashing damage, Sam))

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): 3,3,5,6,7,

Tessa Nunn: 6,6,2,2,8,

Arlett: *follows the man* well... how you spect help if you don't say why

Durst Whitright: *Durst turns a bit towards the sound of the yelp, and to think this was a library, he says with a smile to himself. This might just end up being a good day*

Samantha Jacobs: She grimaces, both at the pain that shoots through her back, and poor Jason's yelp. She was getting old- there was a time when she could have done this without a problem. Ow. Eyes flick to Tessa behind her, and then to Jason. She rises, painfully. Her body still sheilds Jasons.

Kira Redfeather: *She looks towards the yelp and stands...looking to the maps and moving to put them away slowly..*

Tessa Nunn: She hears the yelp ahead but maintains a nice, casual pace off towards Sam and the kid. She gives Sam a reasuring smile a she starts humming softly to herself and holds out a hand to Jason.

Kira Redfeather: 3,9,3,9,

Tessa Nunn -> Ravyn: Mind 1, multi tasking, spending a WP

Tessa Nunn: 6,

Ravyn: "Your understanding of my need for help isn't necessary for compliance." His head jerks in the direction of the yelp, and his eyes narrow.

Samantha Jacobs: She licks her lips, and nods to Jason to go with Tessa. She mouths to the woman.

Durst Whitright: *Durst gets up slowly and moves over towards where he heared the yelp at*

Arlett -> Ravyn: ((*what I sees? scanning got one suxx?))

Jason: *He looks up to Tessa with wide eyes. He looks very nervous indeed, and he still squirms back to Sam.* Who are you?

Arlett: *huffs agian, rolling her eyes, peering at the sound but still by the man's side* well then I might just call the cops and you can explain them why an old man is looking for a tiny kid....

Ravyn -> Arlett: (( run into a Mind Shield.))

Ravyn: ((Per+Aware, all))

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): She hears the yelp and as her eyes move to look over there she spots the Aribic man and her steps slow a bit, trying as hard as she can to be calm.

Samantha Jacobs: "This is Tesaa." Softly to the boy. "She's a friend."

Durst Whitright: 7,8,8,7,4,

Samantha Jacobs: 6,8,8,9,

Kira Redfeather: 3,7,3,9,

Tessa Nunn: She just gives Sam a little nod and takes the boy's hand, expecting him to follow with her... totally calm as a walk in the park. "My name is Tess and I'm a friend. You have to come with me right now."

Jason: 2,3,6,1,6,9,1,

Tessa Nunn: 10,5,2,8,5,4,

Jim Franklin: 7,5,5,8,8,8,9,

Arlett: *fronwing eying the screan.... *

Jason: ((Wrong roll... sorry... nix that.))

Tessa Nunn: "Now." She says a little firmer, digging a bit of chalk out of her bag.

Jason: *He looks back to Sam. and then, to Tessa. He takes her hand as soon as Sam says she is a friend.*

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): 7,4,9,8,5,

Samantha Jacobs: A hand smooths Jason's head, squeezing his shoulder reassuringly as she moves to slide past them. A murmur to Tessa.

Ravyn: ((1 success: Magic just occurred. 2 succ: There's three separate occurrences; two from Arlett and the Arabian's vicinity, one from Tessa, Sam, & Jason's. 3 succ: Arlett, Arabian, Tessa. 4 succ: PM me.))

Arlett: 5,7,3,3,

Durst Whitright -> Ravyn: ((Okay what do you get with 4 success))

Samantha Jacobs -> Ravyn: ((Fooouuur sux here))

Kira Redfeather: *She stopped something...she turned and headed back towards them quickly but not getting too close.*

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): At the feeling she gets her eyes dart around to where she fet it all come from and she changes direction to be behind the desks.

Arlett: *Frowning a bit more, she moves to be in front of them man, just in case he has found the kid*

Ravyn -> Durst Whitright: ((The Resonance coming from Arlett is Chaotic; the Arabian's is Subtle. Tessa's is Ancient.))

Ravyn -> Samantha Jacobs: ((The Resonance coming from Arlett is Chaotic; the Arabian's is Subtle. Tessa's is Ancient.))

Tessa Nunn: She starts walking with Jesse as soon as she has his hand and heads towards the nearest exit, keeping the stacks between her and where she felt the last two bouts of magick.

Samantha Jacobs: She changes her direction, a hand rubbing her back, as she heads out of the books with that casual long gait. Concidently heading for the Arabian.

Durst Whitright: *All these lovely contradictions he thinks as he types on his key board a bit bringing up a protocol*

Ravyn: He moves around Arlett and after Tessa, Sam, and Jason, on a move to try and intercept them.

Durst Whitright -> Ravyn: ((doing an extended cast with correspondence and life to keep track of the three people who used magic blowing a will into the first roll))

Samantha Jacobs: Sam... moves to intercept the Arbian.

Durst Whitright: 10,5,7,

Arlett: *moves to hold the man's arm* or I could just yell your are a kidnapper right here....((I know he is most likely to make Arlett kind dragged then halt him,, but still!))

Jim Franklin: *He keeps his head up, and the murmuring stops. His fingers now move on the desk, as if sketching.*

Durst Whitright: *Durst continues to type on the keyboard moving his fingers on the other hand in a strange pattern*

Kira Redfeather: *She looks at the arabian then to the door, she moves towards it leaning against the rail and watching.*

Durst Whitright: 3,3,9,

Ravyn: He frowns as Sam gets in his way and Arlett grabs his arm. "Miss Jacobs." He nods to her. "Good to see you again. Excuse me." He looks back at Arlett and scowls. "Let go of me."

Samantha Jacobs: 8,1,2,

Tessa Nunn -> Ravyn: want a per + alert to descern the best route out?

Arlett: I am not letting ya go after a kid *frowning*

Samantha Jacobs: Her eyes narrow, arms crossing. She has -no idea- who this man is. "Do I even know you?"

Ravyn -> Tessa Nunn: ((Yeah, please.))

Durst Whitright: *He begins to smile as the typeing increases and the finger gestures become more pronounced*

Ravyn: "If you do not unhand me, I will force you to." He turns his attention from Arlett to nod to Sam. "Yes. I met you in the fish market, some couple of months ago."

Durst Whitright: 2,9,8,

Tessa Nunn: 9,6,5,6,2,

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness again, guys))

Samantha Jacobs: 6,1,9,

Kira Redfeather: 5,4,9,5,

Samantha Jacobs: 4,6,1,6,

Arlett: Why are ya after a kid? *frowning, thinking on what to do next, temptatively half letting go*

Jim Franklin: 7,5,9,9,6,2,3,

Arlett: 7,4,6,10,

Durst Whitright: *Durst stops typeing and smiles with a sweeping motion of his hands in the directions of the sources of magic*

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): Standimng back she continues to watch the goings on, puzzled a bit but counting her blessings at this point.

Samantha Jacobs: That's right. He seemed to angle towards Tansy. But, he did shoot techies. She thinks. Her eyes narrow. "How about, you explain to me what's up. And give me your name too."

Durst Whitright: 5,3,5,4,4,

Kira Redfeather: *Surrounded by something it made something tingle within her what was it? She looked around confused.*

Jim Franklin: *Calculations. His fingertips move along the table, and his head swivels to watch the group of Tessa, Sam, and Jason. His focus starting. His fingertips flick along the desk once.*

Jim Franklin: 4,4,10,

Ravyn: ((1 success: Magic just occurred. 2 succ: It's in the computer station vicinity. 3 succ: It's Durst. 4 succ: PM me.))

Jim Franklin: 4,4,10,

Ravyn: ((1 success: Magic just occurred. 2 succ: It's in the computer station vicinity. 3 succ: It's Durst. 4 succ: PM me.))

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): 1,5,10,5,7,

Tessa Nunn: 4,9,4,2,5,7,

Arlett: *glancing towards Durst a moment, frowning, she does't know him, for now keeps a wary eye on him, while still paying atention to the arabian*

Durst Whitright -> Ravyn: ((Hey Ravyn I just relized that I forgot to drop a resonance for Durst, but it would be chaotic))

Jim Franklin: *He breathes hard, for a moment, and his eyes go wide. Panting, and his head falls onto the desk.*

Ravyn: Tessa gets a good view of a quick exit. "My name is not something I give out as a general rule. You may call me Ali." He watches Tessa and Jason walk along, frowning. "And all I am willing to say here and now is that the child is...problematic."

Ravyn -> Durst Whitright: ((K))

Kira Redfeather: *She swallows a bit and looks to those exiting.*

Durst Whitright: *Durst smiles as he watches the eyepiece moving to get a closer view of the Discussion between the Arab and the others*

Arlett: *frowns, looking from one to the other, looks to Sam* ya trust him?

Samantha Jacobs: She glances at Arlett, a faint smirk.

Ravyn: Arlett is, for the moment, ignored, other then to have the Arab jerk his arm out of her hand. ((Contested Str, Arlett))

Ravyn: 10,6,3,

Tessa Nunn: She doesn't even look back, mearly takes Jason along towards the exit. "Almost there kid."

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): With all of themagic flying around she glances around to make sure that noone else was paying attention to Sam Arlett and Ali.

Kira Redfeather: *She sighs and moves to cover the kids exit, she was going to hate herself in the morning.*

Arlett: ((eh... she gots str one.... he jerks it.. she had half released anyhow *whines*)) *blinks to Sam, nods just to make a tiny sound when hand is jerked* you need to get laid... so moody-...

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): 8,2,2,5,5,

Ravyn: "You need to be silent," he responds to Arlett. He doesn't take his eyes off Jason and Tessa. "Miss Jacobs...all I can say, right now, is that your friend is in danger while she is in the child's presence. The child must be dealt with."

Durst Whitright: *Durst smiles as he watches the one source heading out of the library* "Hey you do know there leaving right" *he says with a smile to the group*

Durst Whitright: ((DLP))

Arlett: *huffs at him, but reminds where she is, looking from Sam to him... okay.. she is staying*

Jason: *He looks terrified, and moves faster with Tessa. Wetness starts to form in his eyes.* Need to be SAFE...

Samantha Jacobs: She waits, her arms still crossed. She hated today. "I need to know why, Ali. For various reasons. If you want to talk at a later date, fine. I'll go wit them now. But I can't just let you take him. I'm sorry." Eyes flick back to Tessa and Jason. Fuck.

Tessa Nunn: She pushes the door opened and ushers Jason out, tapping the chalk lightly against her left thigh as she goes.

Ravyn: ((Durst...what "group" are you talking to? As I understood it, you're not that close to Sam, the Arabian, and Arlett...))

Samantha Jacobs: 3,9,6,2,5,10,5,

Ravyn: ((Ahh, never mind.))

Durst Whitright: ((Thats why I DLP))

Arlett: *Looks to Sam, smiles.. THAT smile and starts heading on after Tessa and Jason*

Durst Whitright: *He moves a bit closer to Arlett, Sam, and Ali and sits there obviously listening in*

The Rusty -> Ravyn: Hey, if you have a spot of free time, I'd like to harass you about that changeling. *G*

Ravyn: "I apologize then, Miss Jacobs. Another time, perhaps, I can explain my actions." He attempts to maneuver around Sam, toward the exit. ((Dex+Athletics; Sam, you can roll Dex+Ath to stay in the way))

Samantha Jacobs: She glances at Arlett, watching her go. A faint nod.

Samantha Jacobs: 8,2,8,4,5,2,

Ravyn: 3,9,3,1,5,

Jim Franklin: *And Jim doesn't seem to be moving.*

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): Not noticing anyone else in the library looking at the group, she lays the books down that she was going to check out, oh well another day perhaps. She retreats a bit further back and headding towards the exit. Keeping an eye on the group.

Arlett: *She rushes to catch up with Tessa and Jason*

Ravyn: Samantha manages to stay in his way, and his teeth grit in frustration. Tessa makes her way out the door, and Ali turns his attention from the door to Sam.

Tessa Nunn: She shoves the door closed behind her and smiles faintly to Jason. "It's gonna be just fine kiddo." She starts scribbling a symbol on her thigh as they head down the stairs/hall what have you.

Samantha Jacobs: She moves with him. Barely. Her arms across her chest tighten. "Explain it now then. As we walk. I can't just let you. It's a kid."

Jason: ((Out of the front door of the library?))

Samantha Jacobs: 4,3,7,4,5,10,7,

Tessa Nunn -> Ravyn: Corr 1, Entropy 1 to pick the safest 'luckiest' route away from these people. Spending a WP again.

Tessa Nunn: (no I think we went out a back exit)

Tessa Nunn: 3,

Arlett: *uh... again pushing buttons on her gameboy*

Ravyn -> The Rusty: ((I'm ST'ing the monthly mage scene. Now is SO not the right time, dude. :) ))

Kira Redfeather: *She narrows her eyes and follows outside to keep an eye on this supposed kid.*

Arlett -> Ravyn: ok.. again prime, mind, entrhopy now to check the kid.. adding corro as he is getting far*

Arlett: ((has a feeling, so will))

Arlett: 6,7,

Jason: *He moves with Tessa, looking behind him. He moves as quickly as he can, but walks no faster than she does.*

The Rusty -> Ravyn: Well, what i meant is IF/WHEN you have free time. *G* Just putting a stick-it note on your forhead, is all. *G*

Ravyn: ((Sorry to be non-specific...the nearest exit that Tessa saw was a side exit, right near the general lobby area.))

Ravyn: ((Okay, everyone PAUSE for just a moment. I just had like three magic effects, and I wanna make sure I get to them all))

Tessa Nunn: (*nods*)

Kira Redfeather: ((eeert))

Ravyn -> The Rusty: ((Got it. *S*))

Durst Whitright: *Durst steps next to Sam and Ali* "You know I just happened to notice that the two of you were haveing a rather loud discussion in a quiet place"

Samantha Jacobs: ((Pausing, and Durst... Sam never raised her voice. Ever.))

Durst Whitright: (9but the other guy was stated to be talking loud enough to be overheared))

Ravyn -> Tessa Nunn: Tessa and Jason are out the door, and she finds a good, solid way that goes through the parking lot, around the corner, and down to a subway terminal.

Ravyn: ((And during this pause, everyone roll me Per+Aware for the effects flying around like eggs during Halloween))

Durst Whitright: 10,3,7,10,5,

Tessa Nunn: 4,10,2,8,10,7,

Arlett: 8,9,1,10,

Kira Redfeather: 6,7,9,10,

Arlett: ((giggles))

Samantha Jacobs: 10,6,10,9,

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): 8,8,8,10,7,

Ravyn: ((1 succ: Take a guess. Magic. 2 succ: one just outside the library, one right near the side exit. 3 succ: One from Tessa, one from Arlett. 4 succ: I will PM you if you haven't already been PM'd resonance of the first time.))

Ravyn -> Kira Redfeather: ((Arlett's magic has a Chaotic Resonance; Tessa's is Ancient.))

Arlett: ((waits for the unpause now))

Ravyn -> Samantha Jacobs: ((Arlett's magic has a Chaotic Resonance; Tessa's is Ancient.))

Ravyn -> Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): ((Arlett's magic has a Chaotic Resonance; Tessa's is Ancient.))

Ravyn -> Tessa Nunn: ((Arlett's magic has a Chaotic Resonance.))

Jason: ((unpause))

Tessa Nunn -> Ravyn: Oh I got 4 succ this time

Arlett: *blinks frowns and simply calls outlouse* SAaaam... * hurries out to catch with Tessa and the kid, once outside, stopping runing and just walking to them* hei!

Ravyn: ((UNPAUSE)) Ali frowns at Sam. "Not every child is innocent, Miss Jacobs. I thought you may be aware of that, already."

Samantha Jacobs: She fixes Durst with a glare, and then looks to Ali. She made an offer. They can walk and he can explain, or she can hold him here and put them all in danger. And she twists back towards Arlett, but the girl is already out the door.

Samantha Jacobs: "I am." Comes the almost slow response. Maybe she just wanted to give Jason the benefit of the doubt. "I'm just asking you explain it to me as we move. Please."

Kira Redfeather: *She wish she could just dissappear right about well now, She followed the kid and the other trying not to be noticable. What the heck was it and here came the chaotic kid.*

Durst Whitright: *Durst smiles at sam as he moves to try and walk past her towards the door to follow the others who were using magic, more curious than anything*

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): She glances in the direction of the magic but continues to head towards the front doors, and NOT to the door that everyone else is headded to.

Arlett: ((oi! and letting know I might have to go within the next 20 mins as is apraoching sunday eating time))

Jason: *He is crying now. Terrified.* Help me... please, *he whispers, following Tessa. Looking behind him, terrified.* He's going to get Miss Sam too.

Tessa Nunn: She knows exactly where she's going and while she walks briskly and keeps a good grip on Jason's hand she doesn't seem worried about it in the least. She moves around people and benchs and out through the lobby to the parking lot along a choriographed track.

Tessa : "It's going to be fine kid just keep yup and everything's going to be okay. I promise."

Ravyn: A sigh, and he nods. "We will talk. Come." He turns and heads toward the front door, his eyes rather cold as he does so.

Jason: Where are we going? *he whispers.*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): 9,1,5,6,6,3,

Arlett: *well still after Tessa and Jason she hurries, touching Tessa arm the one the kid is not holding to* Sam stoping moody guy... gues you know her? *eyeing the kid*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((ack nix that roll forgot a die))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): 9,6,8,9,6,8,5,

Samantha Jacobs: "Thank you." And she mves to keep up with him. Lips pressed into thin lines.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((dex+stealth))

Jason: ((Just roll one more die.))

Samantha Jacobs: She slides out a phone briefly, to text Tessa, as she moves with Ali.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): 4,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((okies so two sux go for first roll sorry))

Durst Whitright -> Ravyn: ((Just a question where are Arlett and Tessa exactly since Durst is observing them through correspondence))

Tessa : (is arlette caught up? I thought we were far in the lead)

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): She stops as Sam and Ali move to the front doors, where she was headded to. She looks at a rack of magazines, oh how interesting.

Jason: *He looks up to Arlett in terror. Nothing more, as she gets too close, and he moves closer to Tessa. Apparently he is skittish around strangers.*

Arlett: ((she ran for a bit... and well I kept saying it for two post ...))

Tessa : (just checking)

Tessa : Her phone rings though for the moment she ignores it. She looks up at Arlette. "Yes I know Sam. You have to walk faster if we're going to make our ride." She's angling the kid at a brisk pace to the subway station.

Ravyn: ((Arlett had been running. She is right near Tessa and Jason at this point.))

Arlett: *blinks eyes the subway* hell BAD idea.. you do realise a subway is the exit with less outside leds out... I'll pay the cab *signaling the street*

Arlett: ((thanks Rav))

Durst Whitright: *Durst begins to walk towards the door that Arlett and Tessa left out of following them*

Ravyn: He pushes through the front doors and looks around, at the people nearby. Something is not entirely happy in his expression, to put it lightly. He closes his eyes and concentrates for a moment, murmuring under his breath from his spot next to Sam.

Tessa : She shakes her head, "Please trust me. It's the right way to go." She digs in her bag briefly and glances at her phone before she fishes out some change.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Continues to follow the three listening curious.*

Samantha Jacobs: The phone is slid away again, and she keeps pace with Ali. Fuck. She HATED today. She glances at Ali as he stops, lips pressed into a thin line.

Ravyn: 6,2,3,

Arlett: *grins, looking to Tessa* last time I was running from people and I came into the subway I just gave them a better chanse to get me.. trust me.. is a BAD idea.... once the train starts going you can not run out of it.. and they can corner you

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): Once Sam and Ali were outside she moves towards the front doors once more.

Tessa : She looks over at Arlett, "Listen. It's going to be fine. You're scaring the kid."

Ravyn: 9,3,6,

Arlett: no more then he already is...*shakes her head* please on this one... trust me... cabby is a better idea or a bus....

Durst Whitright: *Durst just keeps moveing in whatever direction Arlett and Tessa are moveing in*

Tessa : "Unless you can get us a cab in the next 15 seconds person I barely know, I'm staying on route."

Arlett: *frowns, and just looks around , pressing on her gameboy* ((entrophy one.. where is faster cab?))

Arlett: ((nearest))

Arlett: 5,4,

Ravyn: He remains where he is for several moments, in that eyes shut, murmuring state. The murmuring is Arabic.

Ravyn: 4,5,2,

Samantha Jacobs: She looks away as he murmurs in Arabic, her expression tightening. She can't help it.

Jason: *He breathes deeply.* I b...believe Miss Tessa, *he says quietly.* The subway... I can feel it.

Ravyn -> Arlett: The nearest cab is most likely about two blocks further away then the subway station.

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness from Tansy & Sam))

Samantha Jacobs: 5,7,3,6,

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): 1,4,5,7,4,

Tessa : She looks down at Jason, "Subway's good?"

Arlett: *hufffs, looking to the kid then behind* I don't like subways... I was taken the last time I ran trhough the subway

Ravyn -> Samantha Jacobs: ((Magic in your vicinity. Big surprise, eh? *G*))

Samantha Jacobs: She shifts uneasily, eyes flicking around warily.

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): Magic? I feel nothing. She continues to make her way tothe front doors, praying Quaff didn;t wander off and stayed near the front door.

Samantha Jacobs: 7,9,6,9,3,4,6,

Jason: *He breathes deeply, and nods. He looks back to Arlett.* It won't happen again, *he whispers.*

Ravyn: 8,8,6,7,6,4,

Arlett: *eyes Jason, she doens't like to much the kid right now, looks behind, at least she's got a gun -this- time* fine... but I still say is wrong

Ravyn: His eyes snap open, and he frowns, deeply. "I cannot catch him in time." He looks over to Sam. "I think, yes, it is best that we talk. Follow me to my vehicle." His eyes move to Tansy as she pushes through the door, and he waves her over.

Tessa : She nods to Jason and starts down to the subway briskly with him, not waiting for Arlett.

Arlett: *blinks, taking out her cel phone, typping on the hurring along a mesage and keeping on*

Durst Whitright: *Durst begins to pick his pace up a bit in following Arlett and Tessa*

Jason: *He lowers his head.* Not this time, *he whispers.* Not ever again.

Samantha Jacobs: She nods. She doesn't apolgize for her actions. He'll have to understand her position. Much as she'll come to understand his.

Samantha Jacobs: A glance at her phone, muttering something uh... not nice.

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): And she silently yells at herself for being quicker than she thinks on things. She glances from Ali to Sam, as she came to a dead stop, then back to Ali.

Tessa : She keeps an eye out for service entrances/exits, convient escape routes.

Arlett: *she is keeping on, eyeing the kid, then around* no we won't let no one harm ya... but the subway gives me the creeps

Tessa : 5,8,2,9,1,

Arlett: *and keeps eyeing phone, texting agian*

Samantha Jacobs: She glances to Tansy, as Ali gestures to her.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Follows the three silently.*

Arlett: *typping shortly two more times, following*

Jason: ((Subway people, go to Open room.

Samantha Jacobs: She keeps her phone in hand, jaw tiwtching.

Durst Whitright: *A few minutes after Arlett and Tessa enter the subway he moves down into it*

Ravyn: He looks to Samantha as she swears and twitches at her phone. "Is something wrong, Miss Jacobs?"

Tessa : "You talking to Sam?"

Tessa : (moves)

Samantha Jacobs: "Yes. Today. Period. Are we moving?"

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): She moves her left hand to her right wrist, grasping one of the charms, she was ready to kick butt, even pregnant as she is, if need be. She remains where she is not moving otherwise. The last time she saw this guy he knew her name, AND pulled a gun, not a good combo in her mind.

Ravyn: He looks over Tansy a moment, then shakes his head with a frown. "Yes. I was just waiting to see if she was coming with us. Apparently, not." He turns to move down the steps, and down the street.

Samantha Jacobs: Another glance at Tansy, and she moves after Ali. "People haven't given us much incentive to trust lately." A grunt. God. She hates today/

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): Now why should she follow him? Like Hell. She glances around for Quaff, so that she can have him follow them where ever they were headded to. She looks stunned at Sam she was following him?!?!

Ravyn: "Apparently risking my life and making myself dangerously well-known in order to protect her from the Union was not incentive enough. Perhaps next time, I shall invite her into my home and allow her to know all of my secrets, and then she will trust me." Ooh, sarcasm. He makes his way down the street, toward a white van.

Samantha Jacobs: She grunts to Ali. Nothing more. One hand rests on her gun out of habit. Fuck.

Ravyn: He hits the van and pulls out a set of keys, unlocking the driver's side door. The door is opened and he slides into it, reaching across to unlock the other side for Sam.

Samantha Jacobs: She stares at that door. She might be walking straaaaight into a trap. Jesus. And she slides into the passanger side door. A glance back at Tansy. At least... someone could tell her what happened to her to Michelle.

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): She cannot believe what she is seeing, she cannot have quaffle follow them as they were driving, and he would be on foot. She continues to stand there having moved just to the top of the steps so ths is out of the way of people going out of the building. She has no idea what is goingon and realizes she will not ever find out what is going on.

Ravyn: The van is completely empty of personal effects on the inside...probably rented. He starts up the engine, giving a last look to Tansy before he starts to pull away.

Tansy "Sunburst" Sansretti (Arcane 1): As they drive off she makes her way down the stairs of the library and ontothe sidewalk. She shakes her head and sighs. "Common Quaff." she heads off.

Ravyn: ((Off 2 MT Vehicle))

Samantha Jacobs: She glances at Ali. "So what did I miss."

Samantha Jacobs: ((*flees*))



Ali: He drives away from the LIbrary, his attention on the road, keeping alert to the rear and side mirrors. "What did you miss? In regard to the boy, I assume you mean."

Sam: One hand is tight on her knee, and she shifts her eyes to Ali. Glancing at her phone now and then.

Sam: "Yes."

Phone -> Ali: ((message to Michelle :Sam took off with that Aribic guy from the fish market, she might be in danger, they wanted me to come with I didn't go I do not know where they are headded, I do not know why she went. Tansy

Ali: 2,7,2,8,8,3,

Sam: A glance at the phone. A little typing.

Ali: He frowns for a moment at something in his mirror. "There is something very wrong with that child. I do not believe that he is trustworthy. At all."

Ali -> Phone: SMS: "Arab from fish market? What happened? Why is she with him? Did she go willingly?"

Sam: "He's been chased around my multiple people on multiple occaions. Do you expect him to be right in the head?" She frowns deeply. She doesn't even know if she can trust this man.

Ali: "Miss Jacobs...the boy is not what he appears to be." He looks ahead, to the upcoming intersection, where the light is just turning red. And he speeds through it.

Ali: 6,7,3,3,

Ali: 9,4,3,7,9,8,

Sam: "Then what is he?" She asks, unafraid as they haul ass through the light. "You obviously terrify the fuck outta him."

Ali: They make it through the light, and he checks his mirror again. And scowls. "We have a tail."

Sam: "I fucking HATE today." She seethes quietly, checking her gun. "What kind of tail? Union?"

Phone -> Ali: TXT: Several months back, Arab came up to me knew my name, pulled a gun Sam Abbey and I took off running. Don't know why Sam didn't tell you. We were at Library, he was there, I do not know why she is going with him but YES she went willingly.

Ali: "The child is...I don't know." He shakes his head. "I don't, unfortunately, have every answer. And I would assume the tail is Technocratic, yes."

Phone -> Ali: TXT: And it is probly best I do not know and Sam agrees that it is best I do not, she is trying to figure out something about a kid, guerssing he is going to tell her.

Ali -> Phone: SMS: Understood. I'm sorry, she did tell me about the Arab. Brain scrambled lately. Glad to hear you're okay.

Sam: "Hate. Today. Right. So, until we figure out what is up, we'll take care of the kid. If we survive." Her face is grim, but smiling. "Have you meet him under certain circmstances. Figure out what the fuck is up."

Ali: A little quirk of a bitter smile. "I am not a large fan of this particular day myself, Miss Jacobs." He swerves right, through another red light, trying to lose the car behind them. ((WP; diff 7 for the trickiness))

Ali: 4,1,4,6,

Ali: 6,9,3,1,7,4,

Sam: "Didn't even-" A grunt and a grasp of SOMETHING as he swerves, "- think of that."

-> Ali: ((Arlett-p letting know is time to fade for family souper, in case you need or were planning =) be back in an hour))

Phone -> Ali: TXT:Yeah sorry was NOT going to go with a man I do not trust. I am headded home, call if you need me. XXXXX

Ali: The van screams through the intersection, screeching to a halt just before a car passes directly in front of them. Behind them, a sedan pulls up, stopping, and two people get out.

Sam: She leans back in the seat, eyes rolled towards the ceiling. A sigh, her look almost sad. "You know, if you can, you should run. Cause I can't. So I can make a good discration."

Ali: He frowns and pulls his SigSauer from his pocket, and reaches over, opening the glove compartment, which has a Desert Eagle inside. "Go. I am an Arab, and we know what day this is. I can distract better then you can." He snags the heavy pistol and moves to open the door, as the two men com up on the van. "NOW!"

Sam: "Hope to see you again Ali." A grunt. A glance at him. And she bolts out that door like hounds of hell were after her.

Ali: He nods to her and opens the door. And the gunshots begin on the far side of the van from where Sam can see. ((Dex+Ath, Sam))

Sam: 9,3,10,9,9,2,

Sam: She can't believe she's doing this. And she hopes Ali gets away. She really does.

Ali: She hauls ass, away from the sceene. And then some.

Sam: Ow. Chest. Back. She ducks into an alley, and then texts someone as she keeps moving. Feeling guilty, and looking for a public phone too.

Ali: The gunshots continue for a few more moments, along with the screams of some bystanders. Neither vehcile that's parked in the intersection move, even after the shots have stopped.

Sam: She closes her eyes, ducking her head, before she keeps moving. Trying to fade into the crowd. And find a payphone ((dex+sleath and then per+alert))

Sam: 4,6,9,5,4,1,

Sam: 2,2,6,1,3,9,5,

Ali: She's not exceptionally sneaky, but nobody seems to find her. After a few blocks, she does find a pay phone.

Sam: A hand pressed to her head, she dials Michelle's cell.

Michelle's Phone -> Sam: *Click* "Sam??" The worry is obvious in the woman's voice. "Are you okay? What's going on? Tansy messaged me..."

Sam: "I'm fine." She murmurs into the phone. "I'm going to make this short, but I'm okay. I ran into Jason. He's claiming dreams, and nowhere is safe. There was a man looking for him. Wouldn't tell me his name. Jason went with Tess and Arlett. I don't know where they are. Talked to the man. Thinks something is up with Jason. We got tailed. I ran." God. She hated today.

Michelle's Phone -> Sam: "The Arab guy, right? That's what Tansy said." She sighs. "All right. Head to Battery Park...or somewhere in the DMZ. I'll meet you there."

Sam: "Okay. I'll be there." Quietly, tiredly.

Michelle's Phone -> Sam: "I love you. Be careful, I'll see you soon, okay?"

Sam: "Yeah. Love too too." A pause, and then phone is gently hung up.