Ravyn: Ahh, good ol' Coney Island. While most of the amusement parks are long gone, Coney Island USA maintains the amusement parks that the area is so famous for. Coney Island USA also operates the Coney Island Museum and produces Ask the Experts, Burlesque at the Beach, the Coney Island Tattoo and Motorcycle Festival, Creepshow at the Freakshow, and Coney Island Sideshow School. It also produces the Coney Island Saturday Night Film Series and the Coney Island Film Festival. The area is filled with sideshows, roller coasters, and of course the ferris wheel.

Andy Takeshi: A good-looking teen with distinctly Japanese features, Andy is a willowy eighteen year old who stands around 5ft8in tall and weighs in around 160lbs. His short jet-black hair is rigidly spiked, his almond-shaped eyes an arresting dark brown. His skin is a creamy colour, not a trace of acne on his smooth, chiselled face. His eyebrows, nose and lips are all quite slender, almost girlish. His cheekbones are high, well-defined. He doesn't smile easily, but when he does, it's a nice sight. He wears baggy khaki cargo pants with various patches stitched onto the pockets. Smiley faces, airplanes, one that says "E=MC2 proves we are made of stars", another that says "Stop reading my knee". He has a baggy grey t-shirt with a two-tone print of Albert Einstein poking his tongue out. Across his chest is slung the strap of an orange and grey courier-style bag that rests on his hip.

Melinda Stowe: She eyes the corndog in her hand waiting for her brother and Sister-in-law to finish their ride, on which ever one of them they have decided to go on this time. She stands back away from any people walking by her trying not to hyper-ventelate. mumbling. "How do they know this is not poisoned?" in a disgusted tone.

Melinda Stowe: DD There is something different about the girl. The pale creature would stand of average height, if she where to stand upright that is, instead she tends to slouch giving her a bit of a hunched quality to her. She looks to be in her mid to late 20’s, a fairly plain looking girl, one that doesn't stand out, easily overlooked as just another face in the crowd. Shoulder length mousy brown hair that is flat and limp frames her distinctly triangular face, her hair is so lacking in style it appears she must take a pair of scissors to trim her own hair. Her eyes are a pale brown that on anyone might be considered quite beautiful if not for the blue tinge to the whites of her eyes, giving her a slight surreal quality. Her body just as plan as her face, enough curves to show she is definitely a girl but not enough to really attract attention either. Wearing a loose green overshirt with long sleeves, unbuttoned to expose the loose white Tee-shirt underneath, relaxed fit blue jeans and black sneakers finish her ensemble. She looks like she might be part of the freakshow, by looking at her face.

Myles Jordan: He hits a button on his phone, and sighs. Slipping the cell back into his pocket, he turns around to take in the sight of the huge amusement parks all around him.

Myles Jordan: He's wearing a bright white jean jacket and faded jeans. He's just over six feet tall, and thin. His skin is well tanned, and his hands are rough. His green eyes contrast sharply with his ginger red hair. He has an extremely sexy ass. Most of all, though, is that every part of him seems to scream, I work outside, I play outside, and yes, I just love this outdoor nature shit. He's wearing some old brown leather gloves that have seen better days.

Melinda Stowe: A sigh, she tries not to pull out her lap top and 'relax and have some fun' as her borother has told her she needs to do. Her bag is slung over her shoulder with the bag itself resting right in front of her as her back is pressed up against a wall, no one will get to her back from here. She watches the people walk by her, corn dog untouched.

Andy Takeshi: He's searching the place top to bottom, hunting for Pen, who seems to have wandered off.

: ((This open?))

Melinda Stowe: She glances to her watch and grumbles "If they left me behind their stary eyes are going to be crossed forever." she peers over the people walking around, hesitant to traverse the sea of people. her breathing quickens, one hesatant step forward with a foot....then another.

Ravyn: ((Sure is, Lurker!)) The sights of the amusement park are many and varied. The sideshows, particularly, are fascinating, with Insectivora, the flame-eater, being a particularly hot commodity. She's short, thin, with a heavily pierced and tattooed face, dressed in a gypsy costume. Shee's got quite the crowd around him, ooh and ahhing as he juggles his sticks of flame, then swallows one down. Next to her is Eak the Geek, a 6' tall, 200 pound strongman, with even more tattoos. He's doing the Bed of Nails sandwich routine, drawing a few gasps and many cringes.

Andy Takeshi: He tugs out his cellphone, calling her to see where she's at.

Myles Jordan: He starts to walk toward the sideshows to check out why they were drawing such a great crowd. This was a great place to be.

Melinda Stowe: Yes she needed to get away from the freak show people go and find her brother. Another tentative step,"I can do this." she mutters under her breath still breathing quickly as she get's closer to people walking around.

Andy Takeshi: "You took a cab?!" He blinks, staring at the phone a moment. "You didn't think maybe to tell me? Text? Oh..." He checks his phone, then says sheepishly "I didn't hear it."

Wesley West: Standing about 5,10 this slim figure is covered in a woolen jumper, shirt underneath with tie of course, small glasses cover an otherwise attractive face, clean-shaven with a side parting in dark blonde hair. Shoes are polished and he walks with the mannerisms of a gentle man, eye focused forwards a slow but steady pace. His eyes a deep green occasional wander about seeming to take everything in around him. Yes he has braved the world and come to a theme park, hmmm how quaint. Are the 'Freak' Show, he wanders along midly interested, especally the fire eater, that is an old art.

Melinda Stowe: She freezes in place when someone walks right whwere she was going to go. Holding her breath as they continue to walk on by not paying her much mind. she let's the breath out and then yep another two steps forward. She is doing so well.

Andy Takeshi: "Sure, okay. Love you." He hangs up and slips the phone away, then pauses, watching Melinda. "Hey, lady. You okay?"

Ravyn: Further down is a sword swallower, Heather Holiday...young, maybe 19, 20 years old, short and cute, a definite contrasts to the others, particularly with her young hipster outfit. As Myles and Wesley approach, they note all three in the middle of their routines. Insectivora has just tossed a burning stick high into the air, where it spins several times before she catches it behind her back and in one fluid motion, brings it up to her mouth, extinguishing it inside.

Myles Jordan: "Holy hell, girl, that's a skill you have." He mutters to himself while watching the show. "Wow."

Melinda Stowe: Her eyes dart to look at Andy as he speak to her, no he must be talking to some other person. No one else around her as see's as she darts a look around. "Yes, yes I am quite fine thank you." just to prove it she tries not to look tentative in walking forward a bit more, but fails miserably.

Wesley West: Hands clasp behind his back, a small nod, impressived. He watches Insectivora, he eyes trail to Heather, yes slow and steady, work down the line. A small smile graces his lips, he may actually enjoy this.

Ravyn: There's a run of general applause through the crowd, and the fire-eater takes a dramatic bow, smiling, with the extinguished firestick held behind her back.

Andy Takeshi: "Yeah huh. You sure look it." He nods, pursing his lips. "You need anything?"

Wesley West: He brings his hand round and claps a few times, she deserves the applause.

Myles Jordan: He claps his hands mutedly. He's mostly watching the sword swallower because she's cute.

Melinda Stowe: Something a mumbled that sounds like. "All of the people to just disapear." she looks back to Andy. "No, thank you, I do not believe I need anything." except for a good rope to strangle my brother with, would you know of one? but she doesn;t say that.

Ravyn: As Insectivora stands up from her bow, the firestick lights back on fire. She blinks in surprise, looking at it, then shrugs and holds it up in the air with a smile, as she goes to make an unscheduled encore.

Wesley West: Yes the sword swallower he moves down the line, he watches her and the swords, he notes the cuteness however it is her art he focuses on, one hand coming round and a single finger pushing his glasses back up his nose.

Wesley West: 7,9,3,5,3,8,1,

Wesley West: He looks back to the fire eater as it re-lights, Oh maybe another performance. He turns his attention however back on Heather, lets give the girl a chance.

Melinda Stowe: 8,9,6,9,9,5,

Myles Jordan: She is really cute. Is it surprising his attention would be most drawn to a body instead of fire? Although the other people are doing interesting things. After all, look at that flame girl, with the... flaming stick... that she's... why is that impressive?

Andy Takeshi: ((Sorry, idiots on phones))

Melinda Stowe: Despite having her head lowered and those bangs in her face, she see's all. Including the re-light of the fire-eaters stick. She figures it is 'just all part of the show' tho. and glances back to Andy.

Andy Takeshi: He shrugs to Melinda. "Okay. Whatever. Good luck."

ravyn: ((Sorry, guys, browsers crashed. Anyone who hasn't done so can make a Per+Alertness roll.))

Travis Kennedy: 7,2,10,

Andy Takeshi: 5,2,2,9,4,5,6,

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head to Andy. " Have a good evening." she says to Andy sounding like they have known each other for years. She goes back to her efforts of walking around, without bumping into people, or people bunping into her.

Ravyn: Andy, Wesley and Travis note that one of the people in the crowd seems a little bit more surprised by the sudden relight of the firestick then everyone else. Melinda specifically notices him blink, and get wide-eyed, looking around furtively as he takes a slight step back.

Melinda Stowe: She frowns and tries to make her way tothe person just with keeping out of people's way. easy enough right?

Travis Kennedy: He grins at the guy. He must be new to the park. They probably have a button or something in that stick to ignite them.

Andy Takeshi: He ponders, then weaves toward the guy.

Wesley West: He raises an eyebrow at the one that has taken it to far, a small shake of the head as he looks back, yes it was impressive but mere slight of hand or props, some people are so easily fooled

Melinda Stowe: A glance to Andy, he might just get there before her, well he will get there before her but you take no chances with your own life first, then others. She keeps on her path tough.

Ravyn: As Andy and Melinda approach, Insectivora brings the flamestick into her mouth. The guy in the crowd, maybe in his mid 30's and a little portly, dressed in a Ozzy Osbourne T-Shirt and blue jeans, winces visibly, and as he does, the flamestick flares up inside the woman's mouth. The crowd gasps as Insectivora screams, throwing the flame stick away and falling as she grabs for her horribly burned mouth.

Andy Takeshi: His eyes narrow, and he tugs out his cellphone, hitting 911.

Travis Kennedy: Myles' eyes go wide. "Now, that wasn't supposed to..." He turns toward where the guy in the crowd was standing, and openly watches him.

Andy Takeshi -> Ravyn: 911 being a euphemism for the Technocracy Deviant Reporting Hotline *G*

Wesley West: "Good god" as he steps back, "Somebody call 911!"

Andy Takeshi: "Ambulance, Coney Island. Lady with full thickness burns inside her mouth."

Melinda Stowe: Her eyes widden a bit more then narrow, she is focused on the guy, making her eay to him, and not to the burned woman.

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: Two rings, then a click. "Johanneson."

Andy Takeshi: "Another guy about to have a brain haemmorhage."

Ravyn: The guy in the crowd takes a quick look around the crowd, eyes nervous.

Ravyn: 7,7,4,5,

Andy Takeshi: His back's on the woman. Don't need to be watching that, no thank you. He regards the firestarter.

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: "I see. A team is on the way."

Andy Takeshi: "Thanks, man. You need me to stay on the line?"

Melinda Stowe: If she can get close enough in her wierd walk she will ask him for directions to one of the other attractions here.

Ravyn: As the sideshow's medic team rushes up to Insectivora, the guy in the crowd notes Melinda approaching him, and Travis watching him. He gets a bit wary, and takes a couple steps away from where he was before changing his mind and trying to act casual.

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: "No. Merely keep an eye on the suspect, ensure that he doesn't flee the scene."

Andy Takeshi: "You betcha. Thanks." He hangs up.

Myles Jordan: ((Crap. I described this DD. This character. Even this colour. Timeouts confuse me, apparently.)) He frowns slightly, just watching the man with mild curiousity.

Andy Takeshi: Slips the phone into his courier bag, then wanders toward the guy, patting him on the shoulder, grinning affably. "You okay, man?"

Wesley West: Wesley watches the medics step up, all in a bit of shock really.

Ravyn: ((I was wondering about that, Myles. *G*))

Melinda Stowe: "Excuse me sir, but would you mind telling me where (insert one of the attractions are that is not visable from here), I seem to have gotten lost." she is calm head still down but her unusual eyes looking up to him.

Andy Takeshi: He grins at Mel. Great minds think alike.

Melinda Stowe: She glances to Andy, how rude, she was here first.

Ravyn: He looks to Andy, giving a nervous smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. It was just...hmm..." He points at the woman, who's quickly receiving medical care. "That was...kinda intense, you know?" He looks over at Melinda. "I, ah...think the museum's down that way." He points off to his right.

Andy Takeshi: "See?" He shrugs at Mel, then looks back at him. "Yeah, but that's why they got medics around. I mean, trying to eat fire's a pretty stupid thing to do anyway."

Melinda Stowe: She does the glance to the woman who is being helped. "I am sure." she clears her throat. "I would normally not ask this of a stranger but might you show me the way I donot wish to get lost, as I am meeting people there and I am already late."

Wesley West: Only then does he notice the crowd gathering round the youth from before. could it be sabotage, or maybe a pratical joke. He was not amused.

Myles Jordan: The guy seems normal enough. He glances back at the cute girl. No, focus! He hooks his thumbs in his pockets and watches the man that now has Melinda and Andy around him with determination.

Andy Takeshi: He nods to Mel. Good idea. Get the startled guy away from the screaming woman.

Ravyn: Most of the crowd is still there, staring in shock at the poor burned fire-eater, but making no move to help. Ahh, the New Yorker spirit. A few have run off, horrified. The guy looks to Andy and nods hesitantly, then glances to Melinda, a little wary. "Um...it's...a pretty big building. You won't have any trouble missing it, trust me."

Andy Takeshi: "Okay, well... Oh." He offers the guy his hand. "Andy," he adds, by way of introduction.

Wesley West: An eye narrows as he looks around, a gulp someone had to do something so he looks around for park security, he will report the suspisious activity. Yes Wesley man of action.

Wesley West: 2,4,3,7,2,8,5,

Myles Jordan: Myles glances over at the fire-eater to see if anyone is helping her yet. Just the medic team. Today, they are going to do a good job. He begins to mutter under his breath.

Wesley West: ((That was per & Aler to try and find a securtiy office, if any are close by))

Melinda Stowe: Still holding onto the now cold uneaten corn dog she does look wierd, she will admit. She quirks an eyebrow to Andy, then looks to the man she had been talking to with a bit of a smile. "I am sure it is, but I am one for egtting lost in my own neighborhood let along places with big crowds."

Ravyn: "Darrell. Darrell Booth." He shakes Andy's hand, trying to keep that casual demeanor. And failing. Miserably. "Uhh...nice to meet you."

Myles Jordan -> Ravyn: ((Just speed up her healing time. Alot. Coincidental, I reckon, making it look like the medics are damn good and that it wasn't as bad as it had seemed at all. Life 3, Corr 2, to do it while walking away. Enochian to lower diff, two rolls.))

Andy Takeshi: "Hey Darrell." He smiles disarmingly. "You know, maybe showing the lady where the museum is ain't such a bad idea. Give the medics some room, yannow?"

Myles Jordan: Myles starts to walk toward the man and the crowd around him, and away from the fire-eater. He's muttering under his breath, but doesn't seem upset.

Ravyn: Wesley finds a security in various parts around the park. A little ways away, he can see a tent where some of the security types seem to be gathered. That might be it.

Myles Jordan: 4,5,9,8,3,8,1,

Myles Jordan: 1,1,10,8,

Myles Jordan: 5,5,8,3,

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness, all))

Andy Takeshi: 5,3,10,8,4,

Andy Takeshi: 2,

Melinda Stowe: The small smile remains, despite the need to frown at Andy if he hadn;t, no do not hink of that, a nod to Andy.

Wesley West: ((Aware...what? lol))

Melinda Stowe: 7,3,5,6,1,

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: ((Something funky just came from the general vicinity around them. Life Magic is involved.))

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: Something funky just happened within reach of Melinda's senses))

Andy Takeshi: He glances around warily.

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: ((them=the group around Darrell))

Melinda Stowe: Her eyes dart around bit that is the only visable things she does to what she feels, before looking back to Darell

Wesley West: The tent, hmmm, he didn’t have much but still it should be reported, he heads over that way taking note of young mans clothing and appearance so he can give a full description.

Andy Takeshi: Then he looks questioningly to Melinda, since it seems she picked that up too.

Ravyn: "Ummm..." Darrell looks back to Insectivora, where she seems to be doing okay then was first feared, then back to Andy. "Yeah...yeah. I guess that might, ah, be a good idea."

Andy Takeshi: He nods to Darrell. "Yeah..."

Ravyn: The people at the Security Tent are looking in the general direction of the disturbance anyway, and they note Wesley's approach. "Is everything okay over there?" one of them calls out.

Melinda Stowe: The smile remains. "Thank you Darrell, your help is much appreciated."

Myles Jordan: He's approaching Darrell, and the two beside him.

Ravyn: Darrell glances at Myles a moment, then blinks. Without a word, he turns to start heading off to lead Melinda toward the museum.

Andy Takeshi: He frowns as Darrell walks off, then looks to Myles. "Uh huh."

Melinda Stowe: A glance to Myles as Darrell heads off and she follows as close as she dares to be behind him. dropping the corndog in a trash can when she passes one if she does.

Wesley West: “I’ am afraid not sir, one of your acts has suffered a most serious accident, and to add someone was acting very suspiciously at the time, hence my coming here.” He walks a bit closer “I have no proof as such that he was involved you understand however he became very nervous just before the accident happened, very unusual, I fear maybe a prank gone wrong perhaps, I can show you him if you like?”

Myles Jordan: Myles calls out to them, "Yo, kids! Wait up!"

Andy Takeshi: He steps forward, hand up to stop Myles. "Dude. You do that funky mojo? Gimme a sec, yeah?"

Melinda Stowe: She is NOT a kid far from it so she doesn;t even stop at Myles shout, as she doesn't move quickly as it is and keeping up with Darrell is taking most of her consentration.

Ravyn: The Security guy looks at Wesley a moment, eyebrow raised. "Aaaall riiiiiiight..." He looks at the others, and then back, dubiously. "Sure. Point him out."

Myles Jordan: "I just wanted to know if you three were responsible for hurting that woman I just helped. A prank like that could have killed her. It's not funny." He watches Melinda leads Darrell away, with Andy in his way.

Ravyn: A glance back at Myles, and he shakes his head. Too many people are interested in him...this is getting out of hand. He turns back around, picking up the pace just slightly.

Andy Takeshi: "No. Dude. Seriously." He drops his voice, murmuring to Myles. "You stress that guy out and he's gonna drop dead."

Wesley West: He looks back pointing out Darrell if he is still in sight. “There that youth there”

Myles Jordan: He drops his voice as well, and smiles. "Really? Then maybe I can help."

Melinda Stowe: Oh god she is going to break something as she tries to keep up. she doesn;t say a word though as his need to get away from the activity, is as much as her's to get him away fromprying eyes.

Andy Takeshi: He shakes his head swiftly. "Dude, really. I saw this guy couple of weeks ago, got with the mad super skills then had a haemorrhage and dropped dead."

Myles Jordan: "Really..." He watches the kid get away. "I'd like to look him over, if that's the case."

Ravyn: ((Guys, just as a reminder, Darrel is a man in his 30's)) The Security guy looks at Darrell, and sighs. Great, he's gotta fuckin' WORK now. He takes a few steps forward before his radio crackles to life. "Don't worry about it, Mike. We're on him." Mike looks over to a group of three Security men emerging from around one of the buildings, heading toward Darrell and Melinda, and nods, picking up his radio. "Acknolwedged." Yay, no work for him.

Melinda Stowe: ((As in the DD of Darrell he was in his 30's and Mel looks to be in her late 20's Adny is the only 'kid' I see around really. *S*))

Andy Takeshi: "Sure, but from a distance, yeah?" He backs out of Myles' way.

Melinda Stowe: ((Sorry *Hids*))

Andy Takeshi: ((Yes but my kiddishness is so all-encompassing you are drawn into it just by proximity *G*))

Wesley West: ((*slaps head* Sorry, *Drinks coffee* That man, that man *cough, cough*))

Andy Takeshi: He trails after Myles while his player goes for a pee.

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: ((Christ, I hate it when Heather listens to me make a verbal comment while I'm typing, and then posts an OOC comment like I can't handle it.))

Myles Jordan: "Sure, buddy." He takes a last look at the old man that is Darrell, and turns away. As he walks, he whispers.

Ravyn: 2,4,9,7,

Melinda Stowe: 1,8,7,5,4,2,

Myles Jordan -> Ravyn: ((Life 1, Time 1, Corr 1, Spirit 1, Forces 1, to detect anything odd about the man Darrell. Enoch. 2 rolls.))

Myles Jordan: 7,9,3,2,8,9,4,

Myles Jordan: 1,1,1,2,

Myles Jordan: (oh.)

Ravyn: Darrell notes the three men approaching, and stops dead in his tracks. Melinda notes them walking, but doesn't recognize them as approaching them specifically. She does note Darrell stop suddenly, of course.

Myles Jordan: (willpower? Yes willpower spent! Does that work on a triple blotch?)

Andy Takeshi -> Ravyn: ((*Huggses*))

Ravyn: ((HOLY SHIT!!))

Melinda Stowe: ((*gasps as she dies*))

Ravyn: ((Spending a WP gets rid of ONE 1, Travis. Not all of them.))

Myles Jordan: ((Oh my.))

Wesley West: ((Oh crap! I don't what this is but it sounds real bad!))

Andy Takeshi: ((Teehee))

Melinda Stowe: Yes her consentration is definatly parted by having to keep up the pace she is going at. She notes the stop and comes to a stop as quick as she can with out bumping into him. "Are we there?" she asks.

Andy Takeshi: ((I think this is karma for all those 10's))

Andy Takeshi: Oblivious, he whips out his phone and texts Penny to advise he'll be a little late.

Ravyn: 5,2,7,3,8,6,3,7,2,6,

Ravyn: ((Roll Soak, Travis))

Myles Jordan: 3,5,

Andy Takeshi -> Ravyn: Texts to Johansen: "2nd Deviant present. Using Life for unknown purpose."

Andy Takeshi -> Ravyn: txt: "Is following firestarter, name Darrell" (whatever the surname was).

Ravyn -> Myles Jordan: The strain of everything that's gone on lately is too distracting, and Myles accidentally opens himself up too much. The feedback he gets causes physical damage to him. 5 Bashing Damage.

Myles Jordan: Myles suddenly collapses to the ground.

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: SMS: Look out for park Security team. We patrol the park regularly for Deviants.

Andy Takeshi -> Ravyn: TXT: "Oops. Deviant 2 just fell on his ass."

Ravyn: "Ummm...no, we're not there," Darrell tells Melinda. He stares at the Security people a moment...yeah, real stealthy, this guy is. He hesitates, then begins to walk along. Just Security...they can't prove anything.

Myles Jordan: "Ow."

Melinda Stowe: Unaware of the trauma behind them she peers curiously at Darrell. Then continues on along behind him as he keeps walking.

Wesley West: He did say he had no proof, he was just being a good citizen, reporting it and letting those that get paid for such things handle it.

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: SMS: Keep an eye on RD #2. RD #1 about to be picked up.

Ravyn: Darrell tries to walk on by Security, as if nothing is wrong, but they approach and block his escape. "Sir, could you come with us, please?"

Andy Takeshi: He blinks and puts his phone away, hurrying over to Myles. Offers him a hand, looking worried. "You okay?"

Melinda Stowe: She stops and looks at the security guards. "Excuse me sirs, might I ask what this is concerning?"

Ravyn: The head of the security trio, a well-built man in his late 20's or so, looks toward Melinda. "Tip from a parkgoer about a prank turned wrong." He looks to Darrell, who looks about ready to run...until he realizes that there's no way he can outrun the three, who are all much more athletic-looking then his portly ass. "Umm...all right," says Darrell, and he starts to walk along with them.

Myles Jordan: Myles is down on the ground in an obviously large amount of pain. Through clentched teeth he mutters, "Yeah, fine. I'm *cough* getting used to this feeling. *cough cough* Honest." He rolls over onto his back, and taps the boy's hand with his fingers just to let the boy know that Myles knew he was there. "Maybe following that man might be best. I'll be good here. Go after him if you *cough* want that."

Andy Takeshi: He glances toward Darryl, but frowns, and looks down to Myles again. "He's looking okay. That lady's with him. You don't look so good though..."

Melinda Stowe: "A tip about a prank? I saw the whole incident, and if you ask me the fire-eater needs tobe more careful in her act." she huffs when they walk off and she follows, she is not going to get to the bottom of this.

Myles Jordan: "I'm good. Just need a little rest." He closes his eyes. "Hey, got a name?"

Melinda Stowe: ((delete not from that last scentance))

Ravyn: ((And here I thought she was just a fatalist.))

Andy Takeshi: He nods, crouching by Myles to stop people walking into him. "Andy. You?"

Wesley West: He stands by the tent all calm, he could be just having a rest by all accounts. He pulls his glasses from his face and breathes on each lens, wiping them with a cloth then placing them back on the bridge of his nose.

Ravyn: One of the other two security guys turns around and glares down at her, arms crossing over his chest. "Ma'am, this isn't your concern anymore. Let us handle it." He blocks her way as the others walk along with Darrell, who gives a last look over his shoulder at Melinda before turning, reluctantly to leave with the other two.

Myles Jordan: "Myles. It's nice to meet you. Do you have friends in the city?"

Andy Takeshi: He chuckles. "Nah, not really. You?"

Myles Jordan: "Yeah. I should introduce you, I think." He rolls to his side, pushes himself up, and then hobles over slowly to a bench to sit down.

Melinda Stowe: She glares at the security offices," So someone who saw everything happen quite clearly including those others who ran off when the incident happen, their views and what they saw is irrelavant to this matter?" if she could she would have her nose in the air all haughty like, but she doesn't. "Also you do not know my relationship to the man and you still wish to keep me from accompanying him."

Andy Takeshi: He smiles a little, but looks pained at seeing the state Myles is in. "Um. You want me to check you over? I mean... I'm not the best, but I can at least see what's going on?"

Ravyn: "Are you his wife? His sister?" He stares down at her, face stone cold.

Andy Takeshi: He rises and trails after Myles like a lost puppy.

Myles Jordan: "Sure, man, but I know what just happened. It's a kind of relief, I think, this time."

Melinda Stowe: "I am a relative of his yes." well if he was a mage sge was related by that connection to everything.

Andy Takeshi: He frowns worriedly and fishes around in the courier bag, tugging out various half-built little devices with wires sticking out or goo rolling around inside them. He huffs, and then goes "Ah!" as he shoves a couple of them together, paring wires with his teeth and twisting them together.

Ravyn: ((Man+Subterfuge, Melinda))

Melinda Stowe: 2,8,

Ravyn: 6,4,2,2,7,

Ravyn: The Security guy shrugs. "All right. You still don't get to come. Because, whether you're his relative or not, I seriously doubt you're his lawyer."

Myles Jordan: He eyes them suspiciously. "Do you have ether in them there devices?"

Melinda Stowe: "Fine then I wish to report all of those people who ran away from the scene as possible people who cause this 'prank' as you put it." Ha! go screw yourself now.

Andy Takeshi: "Yeah." He grins, shaking the thing. It rattles slightly, and some goo leaks out.

Myles Jordan: "Oddly enough, son, I'm glad." He grins weakly.

Andy Takeshi: He chuckles, then scoops up the leaking gel with a finger, popping it into his mouth. "Huh. Raspberry."

Ravyn: "Certainly." The Security guy nods, and points to the tent near where Wesley is. "The main security tent is right there." Darrell, meanwhile, is escorted by the other two Security men off, and they turn to go around the building that the trio originally came from.

Melinda Stowe: Another glare to the man and she heads off, she is going to circle the building to get back to that place where they are taking Darrell.

Myles Jordan: Strange. None of them have probably ever reached Ascension. It takes a much more disciplined mind. I wonder where that cute chick with the swords went... He relaxes against the back of the bench.

Andy Takeshi: He sticks his fingers into the goo-filled thing and waves it slowly over Myles.

Andy Takeshi: 2,3,3,

Andy Takeshi: 6,3,8,

Ravyn: ((Gimme a Dex+Athletics, Melinda, and a Dex+Stealth if you're trying to be sneaky about it))

Andy Takeshi: 9,7,7,

Melinda Stowe: When she get's far enough away she slips a hand in her bag and retract her headset withthe eyepiece lense, as well as a map of the park, so that she knows where she is headding to as she walks. One more device is slipped out ofthe bag her PDA which she plugs the headset into.

Andy Takeshi: Passes the thing across, around, up, down, taking his sweet time about it.

Myles Jordan: ((my awareness roll))

Myles Jordan: 2,7,4,7,

Melinda Stowe: ((I will roll them in order dex ath or Dex rather, then dex stealth)

Melinda Stowe: 6,9,5,

Melinda Stowe: 6,1,4,2,4,

Wesley West: Wesley turns to the nearest security guard after a second look at his watch "I do not mean to be rude sir but do I need to stay any longer?" He polite smile to the guard, he does have other things to be doing.

Ravyn: 2,4,4,7,3,

Ravyn: Melinda is fast enough to get around the building in time, but she ain't sneaky about it. And one of the Security guys notices her as she comes around to see them leading Darrell toward a car in the parking lot.

Andy Takeshi: He peers at the device as it beeps. "Ouch. That's gotta hurt." He looks distinctly uncomfortable.

Ravyn: The Security guy at the tent looks to Wesley and shakes his head. "Naw, you're free to go."

Andy Takeshi -> Ravyn: ((that'll be another microdrive getting posted))

Melinda Stowe: She frowns, oh well engine problems. She scrolls through a list and watches them she leans against a wall.

Andy Takeshi: He drops the thing into his bag, looking away from Myles a moment to regain his composure.

Myles Jordan: "Are you okay, kiddo?" He opens his eyes and blinks a few times.

Melinda Stowe: 5,4,2,

Melinda Stowe: 2,1,2,

Melinda Stowe: ((WP))

Melinda Stowe: 3,4,6,

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((Electrical circutry in the car get's disabled, Forces 2 corr 1 3 rolls))

Ravyn: 8,6,3,8,4,

Wesley West: A polite nod “My thanks sir have a plesent evening” and with that Wesley goes back into the crowds a strange sense of achievement, he had taken action.

Andy Takeshi: "Yeah. Yeah, I just... Sorry." He takes a breath and looks back to Myles, putting on a brave face. "You're just gonna need some rest."

Ravyn: Three heads turn up, simultaneously, and look at Melinda. One of them pushes Darrell into the car, which is about 80 feet away from Melinda, as the other two start to make their way over to her.

Melinda Stowe: She shakes the PDA a bit frowning at it.

Myles Jordan: "Nah. I'm good." He coughes weakly into his hand, and lays back against the bench. "Rest is for the dead." He chuckles weakly.

Andy Takeshi: "Yeah..." He sighs and flops down onto the bench, staring into space a moment, then rubs his eyes. "Okay. Moving on. You wanna cab or anything?"

Melinda Stowe: She blinks at the men headding her way woops, bathroom, bathroom. She makes her way back to the porta poties or bathrooms. She needed a quick getaway

Myles Jordan: "Nah. I bought myself a car. One of the advantages of being a Seer." He starts to murmur to himself again. He does this alot, apparently.

Myles Jordan -> Ravyn: ((Life 2, speed up the healing process. Coincidental. Enoch to lower diff, three rolls.))

Ravyn: ((Dex+Athletics))

Melinda Stowe: ((dex))

Myles Jordan: 6,2,3,1,2,6,6,

Melinda Stowe: 9,7,2,

Myles Jordan: 8,6,9,2,

Myles Jordan: 7,9,1,5,

Myles Jordan: 7,2,1,8,

Ravyn: As Melinda moves off, the two Security men try to follow.

Ravyn: 8,8,5,6,6,

Ravyn: Melinda had a damn good head start with that 80-foot difference, but the Security are gaining ground.

Andy Takeshi: 6,8,9,4,8,

Andy Takeshi: He blinks as Myles gives the mojo another go.

Melinda Stowe: She looks around to see where Andy has gotten off to, as she makes her way to a bathroom breathing havily damn people she was going to hyperventalate or break something. A look of fear on her face though as she tries to do her best to 'mingle' with other people moving the headset down around her neck.

Wesley West: Hmm, where to next thinks Wesley, could he, did he want to go on a ride.

Ravyn: ((Dex+Stealh))

Melinda Stowe: 5,10,5,4,5,

Myles Jordan: He stretches, and then slowly tries to push himself off the bench.

Ravyn: 6,4,9,7,5,

Ravyn: Melinda tries her damnedest to be sneaky, but...oh, god, PEOPLE...she just doesn't mingle well enough, and she's spotted.

Andy Takeshi: He offers Myles a hand again. "Okay. You want me to walk you to your car... Or something a bit less gay-sounding than that?"

Myles Jordan: "How about we go and try and find out what happened to that man and that girl?" He straightens himself out, looking a little better.

Wesley West: No. He shakes his head, that whole fiasco had spoilt the mood, just go home and enjoy a book, still a long journey back, lucky he brought a book to read as he taps his bag. He makes his way for the exit.

Melinda Stowe: Bathroom, bathroom, she needed to get to a bathroom. she continues to NOT touch people as she tries to get away to a bathroom.

Andy Takeshi: "Sure. Okay." He nods, smiling a little, relieved that Myles is back to full health.

Ravyn: ((One more Dex+Athletics, Melinda))

Melinda Stowe: ((WP))

Melinda Stowe: 7,8,3,

Ravyn: 7,8,5,3,6,

Myles Jordan: He scratches the back of his head like he was trying to get rid of the soreness in his limbs. "Lead the way."

Ravyn: She manages to keep her pace ahead of the Security team, and makes it to the bathroom.

Andy Takeshi: "Um..." He looks toward the museum. "I think they went this way." He nods and sets off, glancing back to check he's not outpacing Myles.

Myles Jordan: "Can you track them?" He follows along, walking silently by habit.

Wesley West: And he exits the park happy to have done a service this day *g* ((am gonna have to shoot guys, work to do, the boss is back, catch you all later thanks Rav and gang))

Melinda Stowe: Shuts and locks the door once inside a stall. She pulls the headset back over on her head, trying to think of a way to warn Andy he felt what happened earlier of that she was sure, but she was running out of time.

Andy Takeshi: He shakes his head. "No, 'fraid not. You?"

Myles Jordan: "I was hoping to take a rest, but I guess so." He sighs in his low grainy voice and mutters a few phrases.

Andy Takeshi: He pauses so Myles doesn't have to think about Magic and Walking at the same time.

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((forces correspondance to Andy's cell phone to leave a TXT message. 1 quint and extended roll))

Myles Jordan -> Ravyn: ((Scrying on Melinda's and the fire boy's location. Corr 3, Forces 1 to find the persons that looks like them. Enoch. 3 rolls.))

Myles Jordan: 7,6,7,3,4,6,9,

Myles Jordan: 2,10,6,4,

Myles Jordan: 8,3,3,4,

Myles Jordan: 8,6,3,9,

Melinda Stowe: 4,4,1,

Andy Takeshi: 9,7,6,2,9,

Melinda Stowe: 2,6,3,

Melinda Stowe: 2,7,5,

Myles Jordan: After cursing the fact that he was firing off magic every two seconds, he frowns and concentrates.

Ravyn -> Myles Jordan: Darrell is in a car, being driven away from the scene. Melinda is in a portable bathroom stall.

Myles Jordan: Myles points in Melinda's direction. "She's that way. Darrell's gone for now."

Andy Takeshi: His phone beeps and he blinks, tugging it out. Looking at it.

Andy Takeshi: "Holy shit!"

Myles Jordan: ((Er, erase that name. He doesn't know that. Replace with, "the man"))

Myles Jordan: "What?"

Melinda Stowe: And after her message is sent she locates her traget area, the cleaning closet at Union Station. And does her damndest to get there.

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((Another quint and a will power on the first and last rolls, correspondence 3 to get there))

Andy Takeshi: "She says the security..." He's going a nasty shade of pale. "She says the're... you know..."

Melinda Stowe: 10,10,10,

Andy Takeshi: ((HLY SHT!))

Myles Jordan: "Agents? Anyone who has ever gone up against an agent has died."

Melinda Stowe: 2,8,5,

Melinda Stowe: 5,6,9,

Myles Jordan: (NICE! *mutters* So that's where all the good dice went...)

Andy Takeshi: "Yeah. Xactly." He looks terrified. "She says to meet her at the station."

Melinda Stowe: (*shakes head* wow))

Myles Jordan: "The station?"

Ravyn: Security knocks on the Port-O-Pot, but WHOOPS! No one there, even though it says "Occupied"...

Andy Takeshi: "I dunno, I don't speak leet." He looks sick. "H 4 E?"

Myles Jordan: "Aych For Ee? I've no idea."

Andy Takeshi: "Union. She must mean Union station... Not fucking funny..."

Ravyn: ((And that's it for me, guys. Hope ya had fun.))

Myles Jordan: "Hmm." He looks around. "Any ideas now? The guy was taken away in a vehicle, and is long gone. The girl wants us to meet her somewhere crazy." ((Thanks! Night!))

Andy Takeshi -> Ravyn: ((Mwah!))

Andy Takeshi: He shrugs. "I say we go with crazy girl."

Ravyn -> Andy Takeshi: ((*Hugs on*))