Jennifer Hubbard: *she heads into Dawson's, looking around to see if anyone showed up*

Fangwulf: *It's cleaned up from the Greening celebration, actually. There are a few layabouts. Mainly the bartender and her cohort. A hungover satyr in the corner, rubbing his head.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she heads right up to the bar* "Hey." *she'll greet the bartender, plopping down onto a stool*

Fangwulf: *Mel raises a hand, and smiles faintly.* Happy birthday, lass, *she says easily, though she does look tired. She looks through the stained glass windows to the pitter patter of rain. It seems so pretty out there.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She just...happens to be here. She doesn't know Jennifer beyond a brief hello the other day, but she just felt a need to get away from the city for the night. So she's sitting in the corner, sipping a drink as she sits there in a lightly boned pinstripe corset with lacing at back, and a full, black mermaid skirt. A shawl rests over her shoulders, and she peers about the place as she sips her wine.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Thanks." *grins her normal grin* "So, the paths in the other room are free to use, right? I feel like an adventure."

Fangwulf: O'course. Can't guarantee where they'll GO, *she says in all sincerety.* An' I'd be careful. The Winter Path's been in use for a bit. Seen that Sidhe in here a couple days in a row lookin' for some satyr?

Jennifer Hubbard: "Can't say I have. And the fact that you can't guarantee where they'll go just makes it sound more fun. So, this Sidhe and Satyr, there anything else about the situation I should know?"

Fangwulf: Mmh... the satyr has some sword. *She waves a hand.* Know all sorts of gossip. I'd ask the cook, though. He knows more about gossip than I. *She grins.* You know what they say, music for a satyr and gossip for a boggan. *WHO says that?*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A brow raises curiously at Mel and Jen's conversation. Intrigued, she rises from her seat, drifting closer so she may be heard. "Which Sidhe do you speak of, if I may ask," she whispers.

Fangwulf: *She waves a hand.* Ye knows, the one with the red hair. All.. poncey.

Jennifer Hubbard: "This Sidhe have a name?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Red haired and poncey. Like all red-haired Sidhe, then. She quirks a faint smile. "Aethlian ap Marcona?"

Fangwulf: Aye, that's the one! *she says, while serving drinks.* Said he was lookin' for a satyr... Kirk? Somethin'. M'no good with names. Drinks, I can remember, names, no.

Jennifer Hubbard: "So...the Sidhe was looking for him because he has a sword? What's special about the sword?" *she's got that mischevious look in her eyes now*

Fangwulf: M'not sure. But 'e seemed wantin' of it, *she says with a nod.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little bit, the action little more then a slight tilt of her head. "Indeed, I imagine he would be looking for the satyr in question."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Definitely an interesting situation. You said the Winter Path?" *she hops off her stool*

Fangwulf: Aye. *She looks back to Adele.* Ahh yes. HE said he'd ... lost the sword? First time 'e came in. *She wrinkles her nose.* I'm beginnin' t'think he's up to no good.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "No don't say," she says to Mel with a faint quirk of her lips.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Well, I'm going to go investigate. This definitely seems like fun. You going to come too?" *the last bit directed to Adele*

Fangwulf: *She nods sincerely.* Aye. *As if this IS the first she's thought of this.*

Fangwulf: Not just the two of yeh? T'is dangerous along the trods.

Fern Hayley: *Clumps in through the door (as opposed to, say, a window), bookbag slung over one shoulder*

Jennifer Hubbard: "You want to come too then? The more the merrier."

Jennifer Hubbard: DD>Jennifer is quite an attractive young girl. She looks to be something like sixteen or seventeen, and it’s rather hard to pull your eyes away from her. She stands 5’7” tall, and a little bit of the skinny side, weight wise. She has long, straight black hair that goes almost halfway down her back and frames her nearly perfect face almost unbelievably well. Though she’s developing well, she has a distinctly teenage frame, but draped over that frame are rather stylish clothes. Oh, what they are changes as quickly as the trends, but she keeps up with them, and manages to do it without having to actually buy designer clothing. There’s something about her…when she looks at you, it looks like she only sees you, and there’s a depth in her brown eyes that is matched by very few teenagers. This is definitely someone for whom the word “average” does not apply. ((PM if Fae or Enchanted))

Considering the circumstances, here's her Fae Mien: She is tall and slender, and moves with the grace of an Eshu, rather different from the grace of a dancer or anything similar, for that matter. As Eshu tend to, she has pointed ears, and when she speaks, it is as though you have fallen in love, is the only thing that even begins to describe the beauty of her voice.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She considers it a long moment, a brow arching delicately. "I think, perhaps, I shall."

Fangwulf: Mmmh... *she waves a hand.* Got m'bar to tend. But Alex can go with, if y'like. Or the cook.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Fae Mien: Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Fern Hayley: *She flashes a smile towards Adele and those around the sluagh as she divests herself of the lumpy sack Hey, how's it going, Adele?

Fern Hayley: *She stands at 5'5", or 5'7" if one counts the arch of the splayed, gold-painted horns above her thick head of hair. “Voluptuous” is a good word that comes to mind, round of chest and hip, which along with her heart-shaped face, gives the illusion of her being less trim than she really is. Her thick curls of hair are a coppery auburn color, with lighter and darker locks twined in, casually tucked behind her ears, to keep out of her large light green eyes. Her skin is fair and freckled, exposed on her cheeks, neck and upper chest. Her clothing consists solely of a white woven tunic, embroidered with ivy vines made from silk threads, tied around the waist, hanging down to about three inches above her cream and black-spotted goat’s legs, with a slit cut in the back for her tail*

Jennifer Hubbard: "If they want to come, they're certainly welcome to." *she looks to see if either is around, and if so, to see their reaction to the invitation of sorts*

Fern Hayley -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *Waves* Hiya, I'm Rusty, and adding ya to ICQ *S*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks at Fern, head lincing graciously. "Good evening," she whispers. "How does the night find you?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fern Hayley: ((Heya, I'm Ravyn, and you have me on ICQ. *S*))

Fern Hayley -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: I'm glad we've reached this agreement!

Fern Hayley: A little chilly, with a 40% chance of dull.

Jennifer Hubbard: *overhears, and responds!* "40%? As if! There's a quest-a-brewin'"

Fangwulf: Well... *Mel waves a hand in Jen's direction.* THIS little miss seems about to start a mission into the Dreaming. Sounds most urgent.

Fern Hayley: Ooooh? *She lifts her brows at Jennifer* Oi, I don't think we've been properly introdiced. *Trotting over, extending a hand* Fern.

Murphy O'Riordan: *as if on cue mentioning the cook or soon thereafter theres a thunderous raucous banging clattering of pots and pans and such coming from the kitchen, and a dog sized rat chimera with a stogie sticking from his lips waddles out of there at rather high speed followed by the shouts of a rather irate murphy blathering epithets and swears in irish brogue that would make a nocker proud*

Jennifer Hubbard: "Jen." *she'll shake Fern's hand* "Always good to meet new, interesting people."

Fern Hayley: "Interesting" is a word that works, sure. *A crooked smile* So, do tell, do tell...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She falls quiet, listening to hear explanation of this supposed quest.

Fangwulf: OI! MURPH! WE'VE GOT COMPANY! *she shouts to the kitchen.* Y'moind takin' the night off t'help some wary strangers?

Jennifer Hubbard: "Most likely there's a Satyr named Kirk, possibly a starship captain, who's disappeared with a sword that some Sidhe wants. I intend to beat the Sidhe to it. You in?"

Fern Hayley: Alright, but if he as an Eshu buddy named Spock, I am so kicking someone's ass. *She nods* That sword again? Huh. I've been wondering what was going on with that...

Jennifer Hubbard: "Hey, my Kith, my asskicking. So you know something about this sword? Do tell?"

Fern Hayley: [brb]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Wait. They're...stealing the sword from Kurt? She purses her lips, frowning. "I don't believe that is necessary, Miss Jen. The satyr in question should not be so difficult to reach."

Jennifer Hubbard: "That's good too." *shrugs* "I figure the adventure starts when we've found the guy with the sword and we've got an angry Sidhe to deal with."

Jennifer Hubbard: "And please, it's just Jen. Or one of a thousand different nicknames, some of which do and some of which don't come from my name. No title."

Murphy O'Riordan: ye damn oversized walkin furry seatcushion get yer useless diseased arse out m'kitchen an STAY out fore I box yer ears sae much ye think yer a yule present!*he comes wandering out as the rat ducks out of hte bar quickly with a snicker, tufts of white hair on either side of a bald head is murphy, squinty eyes and short round stature show hes definately a boggan, rolled up at the sleeves brown tunic shirt reveal arms dotted with odd tattoos, and when he hears 'bosslady' he harumphs with a sigh and heave of his girth before he clumps over with booted feet, apron wrapped around his midsection emphasizing the gut a bit* aye mistress dawson? s'tha sae now?

Fern Hayley: Not much. Cute Sidhe guy comes through the trod with a scabbard, but no sword, we go out in a snowstorm to find hte sword, and, my memory gets a little hazy after we get attacked by carnivorous penguin-monsters. Alcohol kills brain cells, i'm afraid...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Miss is not a title," she murmurs. "It is a salutation." A slight shrug, and she lets it drop.

Jennifer Hubbard: *shrugs* "Either way, it's just Jen." *to Fern* "Penguin monster? Damn, you're going to need to tell me more later! Maybe we'll be able to top that story tonight though."

Fern Hayley: [I.e., Rusty's brain fogged up and I fell asleep halfway through and missed the follow-up *Scowls at ISP*]

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *scampers in the door and shakes herself off a bit, bright eyes already scanning the place*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *She's a veritable microbe of a female, standing as tall as she can at a slender four feet, five inches. Her skin and long, straight hair are both a funny shade of brown, as if they should be fur. Across her dark eyes--sometimes sparkling, sometimes looking somewhen else--is a nearly black ferretlike mask. It goes nicely with the stubby whiskers and the long, furry tail with its smart black tip. If one were to see her without the tailed tux jacket she loves so well, they'd notice a nearly black stripe down her back as well. Small round ears are slightly crumpled by the old top hat, and the glasses match the shape of her facial mask almost prefectly.*

Fern Hayley: Monster[b]s[/b]. It was quite unnerving... Samantha may still have one stuck between her toes, though

Fangwulf: Oh! *And now, Mel starts to click.* Ahh yes. The sword that the satyr brought back. *She nods.* Mmmh... *She seems to think.* Mebbe... there's somethin' else.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A faint tugging downward at the corners of her mouth, at mention of the redcap. "I would not doubt that."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Something else?" *thinks a moment* "Wouldn't happen to be a lighter, would it, by any chance?"

Fangwulf: *She frowns.* I've... no idea.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Oh, Sam was there? Too bad she hasn't shown up, I invited her..." *shrugs* "Oh well."

Fern Hayley: Hmm? *looks from Mel to Jennifer*

Jennifer Hubbard: *to Mel* "Oh well." *shrugs* "So, shall we get going?"

Murphy O'Riordan: *he comes walking over to where she and the others are talking, thick arms folded in front of himself, listening to them go back and forth about things*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *people. people are interesting. her nose twitches inquisitively as she moves closer, patting her old soft-sided briefcase with absent affection*

Jennifer Hubbard: *spots the newcomer* "Could try to grab her too, though." *waves the newcomer over

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *her eyes twinkle at the wave and she merrily bounces over. and gives a wide grin* allo! i'm Brenda. Brenda Marksham. who're you? *peering up at Jen and the others with interest*

Fern Hayley: Dorian: I'm Fern. I ahve no idea who that is, though. *Gestures to Mel*

Jennifer Hubbard: "I'm Jen, called Random by some." *wicked grin* "Follow me! There's questing to be done!" *she starts to head towards the Trods*

Murphy O'Riordan: *he eyes the pooka as it bounces over and takes a deep breathing sigh, tapping a booted foot impatiently looking to the others once more*

Moira Connolly: Moira finds herself walking through the door. her mask covering over her eyes in a diagonal. the outter mask slightly refective of a silver tint. with vine swirls. she is dressed in a simple dress flowy almost gypsy like with swirls of fabric. she glances about slowly.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Adele frowns, and leaves for some reason, slipping away into the night. For whatever reason, she's decided not to come with.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: Fern and Random. good names. *beams happily at Mel and Murphy. and goggles at Moira a bit* oh, shiny things so rock. questing? heigh ho, the merry-oh, why are we still here?

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Per+Alert: 6,5,9,6,8,