Elias: *An unusual place to be, perhaps. But not for him. His fingertips run along the rusty chain of the swing. His eyes trailing down to the plastic swing, seeming bent beyond repair. It holds his slight weight, however.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa wanders up to the park, looking to be in no real hurry. The girl just out to look for a fairly remote place to pray.. where she won't be disturbed by meddling christains. She's wearing a long dark red traditional wrap and has her overstuffed green messenger bag strung heavily over her tiny shoulder.

Elias: *He closes those sunken eyes. It seems almost a mantra, to push himself slowly on that swing. A ritualistic movement. A remembrance of an old time. A good time.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She meanders around, humming a quiet hymn under her breat. A soft smile about her as usual. Thoughful.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And out from the shadows slips the dark wisp of a girl, almost as if she was born of them. She's dressed in a black minidress, surprisingly short for her...ending just above the knee. Full-length black gloves cover her arms, and the shawl adds a touch of color, dark indigo. She looks around as she slips into the playground. ((Y'all know the DD caveat. Ping if needed, dunno who all's met her))

Elias: *The creak, too, seems almost pleasant. He hums, under his breath, to it. Quiet, barely audible. Almost eerie, the creak to the off-kilter tune.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (actually, yeah could i get a dd on adele?)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert(Abil Apt.): 5,9,6,6,3,9,

Ethan Demian Augustus: He walks quietly into the park, looking around. Crowded, considering the hour. He drifts over to the tire swing, settling carefully on it. He's dressed as normal, blue jeans, white long-sleeved tee-shirt with a lion on it, brown couderoy coat.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa looks around and puts a finger to her chin. Trying to think of the best place to set up. There might be people here.. but far less than any of the other places she'd been so far.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: d10: per+alert: 8,8,1,8,9,

Elias: *His eyes open at the noise, and his head swivels. Tire swing. Moving. Curious. An odd place for anyone to be. His head moves oddly, like a snake's, as he notes the approaching Adele. He rises to his feet, and bows. Slowly, with a crackle of his spine.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Ahh, I'll just spit it out in general)) The best thing to describe Adele would be “quiet academic.” The girl is tall and thin, almost to the point of being willowy, with long limbs and elegant curves. Dark haired, pale, she is a shocking sort of quiet, like something that prefers to hide in the dark corners of the library, reading Edgar Allen Poe or Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her hair is shoulder length, left to flow free over her shoulders in an ebony wave, complementing dark eyes in a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always strangely calm and confident, if bookish, expression. Her choice of clothes tends toward a toned-down gothic ware, more of a Romantic style; corsets with jackets, long skirts, flowing tops, and the like, with the occasional casual day involving more brash T-Shirts. A pair of reading glasses, subtle and unobtrusive, rest on her delicate nose. ((PM if Fae or Enchanted. Fame 3/Infamy 1 among High-society and those who read the news; see 'Rich & Famous' for details.)) Picture: http://www.wodnyc.net/modules/coppermine/albums/uploads10013/Adele3.jpg

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a bright smile over toward Ethan and wanders that way. Offering the boy a friendly wave.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He waves to Alyssa with a warm weloming smile.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles slowly and makes her way toward Elias, even as her eyes pass over Alyssa and Ethan. Examining them for a moment, before dismissing them just as quickly. She stops a few feet from him and lowers herself to a curtsy. "Good evening," she murmurs. "How does the night find you?"

Elias: Well. *He looks over to Alyssa and Ethan, and then back to her.* It struck me... as a quiet spot to think out one's troubles.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She stops a few feet from where he's swinging and plops down on the ground. "Hello, Ethan. Did you come out to pray as well?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: ((DD: The most obvious features on the 20-year-old man are semitic--hook nose, curly black hair, high cheekbones. Less obvious are the piercing dark eyes, or the almost contemptuous sneer that never quite forms, but seems to hover around his lips. His clothing is usually simple and clean; if it's a workign night, he includes a suit-coat. Almost invariably, tucked into a back pocket, he carries what must be the world's ugliest sock-puppet, a scratchy wool thing with bits of clear plastic, bottle-caps and pull-tabs stitched in haphazardly.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: "It...could be true. You are? Here to pray?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He cuts through the playground, humming off-key to himself, slowing as he notes that it's not completely empty.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted] -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((PMing for Adele Fae DD. Dyb: Fae Mein: There's no doubting the change as the curly black locks turn a vivid red. His skin is darker to Fae eyes, as well, and has a faint bluish tint. The biggest change, really, is the sock-puppet, which now resembles a war-gauntlet forged of razor wire and bits of glass. Most disturbing of all, it still has a discernable 'face'--with red glass for eyes, and a length of razor-wire for a mouth. It's all too easy to imagine it deciding to take a bite with the first swing. All in all, it adds up to "Redcap".))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: d10: Per + Alert: 8,9,8,1,1,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little, moving to take a seat on the swing next to him. "There are a lot of those these nights, it seems. Or, they are mounting, at least."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods, adamantly pulling the flap of her bag open and digging through. "I am. I've been trying to seek out Mnemosyne.. and get her to sing to me, but she's being terribly coy. Then this morning when I was waiting tables, I remembered. Of course she won't sing back to me. She's an EARTH goddess.. and I'd been praying inside. So.. I wandered around to find someplace where I wouldn't offend too many of the barbaric christains." She pulls out a small tweed sack.

Elias: *He nods, in return, and again, looks over to Ethan's words. Perhaps curious.* I didn't think... others knew of the power of a place like this, *he whispers.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die. http://www.wodnyc.net/modules/coppermine/albums/uploads10013/Adele2.jpg

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He almost misses spotting Elias, nearly mistaking him for part of the tire he uses as a mount--but the slithery fellow lacks such luck. He turns, walking towards the swings. On the upside, he calls out at a reasonable volume, rather than bellowing.* Yo! Just da man I wuz lookin' for.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *he smirks at the young greek woman's comment as he gets close.* Aww, but offendin' them is the only thing they're good fer.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Nor I," she says with a slight tilt of her head, clanging at Ethan. The approach of Dyb gets her attention, and she looks the man over, lips tugging downward just a bit, but not so much as to be impolite.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He gives Adele a once-over as well. Right, two of 'em. No fish-jokes.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She giggles at Dyb and shakes her head no from the ground. "They carry firearms.. and control the government. I'm content enough to pray out of their way if I need to."

Elias: *He looks back to Dyb, curiously.* Oh really, *he whispers.* Whatever for?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *Chuffs at Alyssa.* I ain't seen one yet that can't be spooked into scamperin', if you talk to 'em right. *Gives her a toothy grin.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives Dyb a bright smile. He's nice. "I don't spook people." She says, pausing for a bit. She adds. "I don't TRY to spook people. Some barbarians are easily spookable. Are you a puppeteer, man?" She points to his puppet.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He glances up at Dyb and chuckles. "You must be fun at parties." His tone just isn't sarcastic enough, but gentle and warm.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Elias, seems to weigh his words... and manages to project a ~small~ amount of social grace--hopefully enough to avoid offense.* Yeah, see... I'm a Bronx kid, but I ain't never had much to do with... well, with the community at large, yannow? Kept mostly to my family. But when I ran into you and the frails over in Battery, I got to thinkin' that, with the weather bein' so chilly and all, might do to pay a visit proper. *And he prays he's being clear enough in his implications.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a bright smile to Ethan "I've not been to a party since I left the island. I should host a festival."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She stays quiet, sitting on the swing next to Elias's as she looks between Dyb and her swinging partner.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *Grins at Ethan.* Depends on the party. *Winks, then shakes his head at Alyssa.* Not 'xactly, but Gnash here comes in handy during my act. I'm Dyb, comic at large. ((And... Fame 1, mainly known on the nightclub circuit, popular with other comedians as an opening act, because of his ability to pacify any hecklers.))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives an excited grin to Dyb "You're a performer? Fun!"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Alyssa, rummages through his pockets, comes up with a folded flyer.* 'Ere. Shows tomorrow and Saturday night. Cover charge is cheap, but they do gotta two-drink minimum.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a soft laugh, taking the paper "Two drinks are nothing. I'll be there. Thank you, man." She smiles brightly. "I'm Alyssa Kostapoulos." she announces to him, said as one big word.

Elias: Definitely a good idea, *he whispers.* Especially with how dangerous this city is.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "It might be a thought."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: Always glad to have another face in the crowd. *Nods to her, though to be perfectly honest, one might suspect it's not her face that holds his full interest.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little bit at Elias's words, smiling politely yet not altogether warmly to Dyb. "Indeed," she murmurs quietly. "It is quite the dangerous city."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She doesn't seem to notice. She plucks a kalamata olive out of her tweed sack and offers the bag to Ethan.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Elias.* My thoughts 'xactly. But, well, I ain't been in a long while, and don't really remember the address. Think yeh could help me out?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods with wide eyes. "New York is very dangerous. I was accosted twice in the little park.. and the barbarian law enforcement people won't let me bathe in the river."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Adele, too. Hey, they're bein' polite, be too much to ask for 'friendly'. He can make nice and all.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He takes an olive with a smile. "Thank you."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He raises a brow at Alyssa.* Well, any time you want someone to watch out for the cops while you're usin' the river to get scrubbed down... *Okay, mental note: European hippy-chicks. Definite keepers. Then he catches a whiff of the olives, and there's the unmistakable sound of a stomach growling.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smothers a laugh behind a tiny cough at Alyssa's comment about bathing in the river and clears his throat.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She holds the bag out to Dyb. "Your stomach is hungry. I can tell these things. Eat."

Elias: *He smiles faintly at Alyssa's words.* It's only if you get caught, dear girl, *he whispers.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He chuckles at Alyssa.* Babe, you have no idea... *He takes the bag, and starts popping olives two at a time.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmm..." She slips her dark eyes toward Alyssa, head tilting slight as she regards her. "Yes, they do have some strange laws about bathing in public, I would imagine." Faint amusement in that whispered tone.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *And... a mental note. No flies on the boyfish.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She smiles brightly to Elias. "You're very quiet." She says, as though maybe he didn't already know. "But if I do get caught.. and i'm incarcerated in the nude.. The americans told me that I'd be accosted by angry lesbians. And those are the WORST kind of lesbians." She starts digging in her bag for something else. Something wrapped in tinfoil

Ethan Demian Augustus: He chuckles. "If your new friend is truely hungry you may want to feed him better than olives."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods and unwraps the tinfoil. Roasted lamb wrapped in warm pita. She extends it to Dyb. "I ate before I left the restraunt. Here."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He grins at Alyssa.* Heh. I'd have to agree. I remember when a few of 'em showed up wantin' to protest the headliner's act....

Elias: *He smiles faintly, at Alyssa. Really... quite amused.* No, you are simply very loud.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He raises a brow and takes the foil, grinning at Alyssa.* Ooh, you're a doll. *Starts eating the pita, only barely remembering not to just down it whole.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods. "I had one pull a firearms on me because I aksed her why she was so angry. She ran away when I told her I'd stab her in the face." She says in a sweet tone and digs in her bag some more. She giggles. "I've been called worse things than loud. I suppose it's true enough."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: d10: Wits + Etiq: 1,2,8,6,7,

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "I'm not a doll.. I'm a girl, silly." She digs out a brass goblet, ceremonial by the looks of it, and an unmarked jug of heavy red wine. She uncorks the wine and pours some into the goblet.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He even swallows before addressing Elias.* So, you think you might be able to help me out? With those directions, I mean?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She seems quite intrigued by Alyssa's openness, watching her from the swing with faint amusement. "You've had...quite the experiences, it would seem."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods adamantly and cups the goblet with both tiny hands, taking it up for a sip. She sits back up with a bright smile to Adele. "I have. The people in this country are odd. They like to pick on me, I think. But it's okay.. the gods always punish them tenfold."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He grins at Alyssa.* Girly, huh? You got food and booze, irritate christians and cops, AND you stab annoying people in the face. That's about as close as I'm likely to get to meetin' an angel.

Elias: Of course, *he whispers.* I know where everything is.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Why do you think they pick on you?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He looks to Elias.* Well, I never doubted that. But it wouldn't do to just assume the rest.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She giggles girlishly, shaking her head and offering Dyb some of her wine. Looks over to Adele. "Because I don't feel the need to hide my culture. Or because they're savages."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smirks a bit at Dyb's comment. "Anyway," he says with a smile, that having earned an introduction. He offers Dyb a hand. "I'm Ethan. I'm a Leo."

Elias: *He nods to Dyb.* Well then... I can either get you a map or lead you there myself.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Hmmm...both are possibilities," she says with a nod. "Many savage things around here...would you not agree, Dyb?" She looks to the comic now.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He grins at Ethan, swigging down a large gulp of wine.* Pleasure. Come to the show sometime. *Nods, then looks to Elias.* Well, whichever'd be less trouble, o' course. *Nods to Adele* That's what makes this city so interestin'.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods adamantly. Bright eyes at stern as they get.. which to no surprise isn't very stern at all. "Battery Park is the worst. I had a very savage boy try to get me to lay with him against my will. But the gods took care of him."

Elias: Granted... without Miss Dawson around to take care of it, it very well may not be as friendly as you would usually find it.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He raises a brow at that last comment, handing back an empty goblet to Alyssa.* The gods, huh?

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I might. I don't make it to clubs too often these days."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Curiuos, isn't it? The absolute faith. I've always loved that about her."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods and pours more wine in the glass. Looks content handing out food. In her element, maybe. She squirms a bit from her spot on the ground, getting comfortable and making sure her wrap is covering.. some of her legs. "Yes. The gods." She says simply before looking back up to Dyb. "Are you educated, man?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She offers the goblet to Ethan to see if he wants some wine, smiling warmly to the boy.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Ethan.* You known each other long, then? *Grins at Alyssa.* Got my PhD at the school o' hard knocks.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her eyes widen obliviously to Dyb "Is that near Queens?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She reaches into the purse at her side and withdraws a pack of Djarums, pulling a clove out and placing it between her lips. She lights the cigarette and takes a drag, the sweet smoke coming out to coil through the air as she listens to the others.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He shakes his head a little at Alyssa. "No. Thank you."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She shrugs and takes a sip before offering it to Adele and Elias. She sniffs in Adele's direction. "That doesn't smell like a cigarette.. are you doing drugs?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He grins at Alyssa.* I went to the branch in the Bronx. *Nods*

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Not long. I've just always found it charming."

Elias: *He smiles.* I like her. She's unique, *he murmurs to Adele.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods respectfully to Dyb. "Oooooohhh.. Where's that? Still in New York?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She giggles. "Thank you quiet boy."

Elias: Elias, *he informs Alyssa.* I prefer Elias to quiet boy.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Alyssa.* Oh, yeah. It's the soul of the city.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "She is unique," she says with a small smile. She looks over at Alyssa and shakes her head. "No more then any other smoker, Madame. It is a clove cigarette."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She smiles brightly to Elias. "Alright. Elias it is, then." She takes another sip from her wine, bouncing her knees idly. Ancy maybe. Hard to sit still. She looks back up to Dyb. "Then.. do you think I should go to the.. Bronx.. to pray then? Maybe it would work better?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She tilts her head curiously to Adele. "I put clove in my spice cookies. But.. I would never think to smoke the spice. That just sounds silly."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "It is quite nice," she murmurs with a shrug. "I enjoy it."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He backtracks the conversation with Elias a bit.* Don't think I ever met Miss Dawson. Who's in charge now? *Grins at Alyssa.* Well, I don't know how to tell you this, but... Yer sittin in it.

Elias: I have not smoked in a long while, *he says with an exhaled sigh, looking back to Alyssa.* But yes. It is quite pleasant. And you are within the Bronx. Here... at this very swingset is where I often ... pray.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks to Dyb and looks around. Not looking terribly surprised. Maybe she's used to being lost by now. "Oh." She says simply with a tiny shrug and a giggle. "Well then. I suppose I picked the right playground to sing in."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives Elias a bright smile. "Are you Greek?"

Elias: I believe Alexander is running things. A very... tall man. I thought to offer, but with... rumours being the way they are.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He chuckles at Alyssa, then looks back at Elias.*

Elias: I am of slight Greek descent. But my prayers are somewhat different than yours, I would imagine.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods. "That's okay. It's refreshing to meet someone else with beliefs. Of any kind really. It's saddening.. how few Americans believe in anything." She takes another sip of her wine. "You're the second somewhat Greek boy I've met in the states. I think they're all hiding from me."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Elias.* Unnerstandable. Think you can arrange an intro?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmm..." She looks over to Elias, as if she was just reminded of this. "This discussion reminds me. As you are so good with directions...I was wondering, perhaps, if you knew where to find our friend Mister Aethilian."

Elias: *He looks rather upset at Alyssa's words. It is odd, how much emotion twists into his face, before the sadness melts into utter bitterness.* Yes. No one believes any more.

Elias: *He blinks, at Adele's words.* I've... not a clue, really. I have tried to find him in all the methods I know. And nothing. *He frowns.* I had meant to mention it to you. There is a young Eshu girl who has a cigarette lighter. She was attacked the other night outside of my home.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Really?" Her brow raises a little. "Attacked by whom?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She offers Elias a concerned look, wide eyed. "You don't have to be sad Elias. The non believers will get what they deserve. And those of us who DO believe will be favored."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He blinks a bit. The fish did NOT just say the 'E' word in front of two mortals....*

Elias: The non believers will cause what is dear in this world to fade, *he mutters. He looks back to Adele.* I did not see her attacker. A quick movement. I believe some sort of ... trick.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She frowns, listening to them speak about someone being attacked. She doesn't say anything.. but doesn't hide the fact that she's paying attention.

Elias: ((Gah! Ignore that... being distracted... *smacks forehead* Just take out the Eshu word.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods to Alyssa.* Oh, yeah, I can see you'll be favored.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a confused look to his theory on the non believers. A tiny smile curls on cute lips. Amused maybe. "The world is strong. The gods wouldn't let that happen."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods adamantly to Dyb, not noticing if there are any innuendos. "I am already favored. The gods sing to me. And I sing back."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He watches Elias, who is slowly getting more of his attention now that he's started talking kinda-philosophy and unknown words.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns a little, but nods. "Who is this girl?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: ((Then delete the response. *C* Replace with: "He listens intently, wondering what the 'cigarette lighter' has to do with anything."))

Ethan Demian Augustus: (Or not unknown words. He still gets more attention.)

Elias: ((Hate it when my characters are smarter than me. *grumbles*)) Jennifer, *he murmurs.* I do not know if you have met her.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I have seen her," she says with a small smile. "We have not met."

Elias: She is safe, *he mutters.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa starts digging in her bag again, looking for something else it seems.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "That would be," she muses, "a matter of perspective, Elias."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He grins at Alyssa.* Oh, yeah? How's yer singin' voice, then? *He nods to Elias.* The wandering frail from Battery, right.

Elias: She is safe enough, *he amends, then.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a bright smile to Dyb and pulls out a good sized bundle of ivy from her bag, standing up with a curious look around. She bounces off toward the monkey bars and starts climbing to an elevated position. Trying to stand atop the thing.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: d10: dex+ath: 6,5,4,9,3,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Can she be trusted with certain...things?" she whispers, looking to Elias. "She holds quite the crucial role, I would imagine, at this point."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He looks up at Alyssa.* You gonna pray up there, now?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She makes her way to the top of the thing with a bright smile and a nod to Dyb. Standing steadily, but trying not to move around too much. Stumbling off in the middle of her prayer would have the potential to offend the gods. She starts a traditional hymn, pulling apart the ivy with delicate hands.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: d10: char+perf (wp): 10,2,8,7,9,

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He gives a little prayer, himself. For a nice, strong upward draft. Then looks back to Elias.* Beg pardon, but... would that intro be doable?

Elias: I asked her for it, *he murmurs.* She did not trust me. I suppose... we shall see what happens. If you can get it from her, do so.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He lays his head back, relaxing, watching Alyssa through half closed eyes.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: The young girl sings with a firey passion. Swaying girlishly and half tempted to try to dance atop the monkey bars. She decides against it. Content that her voice will appease Mnemosyne. She gently pulls portions of Ivy off the bundle and slings them into the air, watching them fall to the Earth. An offering it seems.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I don't imagine that it would be incredibly difficult," she says with that little smile still playing over her lips. "But one wonders if it is better to leave it in the hands of one who can be watched...or become the target oneself, and know it will be safe."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *Then he stops and looks at Alyssa. Okay, yeah, she's got the chops.*

Elias: Mmmh. *He closes his eyes, and smiles faintly.* I offered to keep it safe in my place. And I have an idea of how to find that one.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Excellent," she says...though the smile fades a bit. "It would not be such a concern if I had been a bit quicker then those who...acquired the item in Mister Samson's possession. Thus, my desire to find Mister Aethilian."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa sings with a proud incline of the chin, in traditional Greek. In her own little world it seems, content in her display of faith. When her song dies down, she stands there with a thoughtful expression. As though she's listening for a response.

Elias: The Gods are pleased, young one, *he murmurs.*

Elias: *He looks back to Adele.* What needs to happen. Will.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He nods at Elias' words.* Hell, I think even the devils might be smilin' a little.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny sigh and climbs down. "If the gods were pleased.. I would know me better." She says in a somewhat tired tone. "Maybe Mnemosyne is busy.."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her eyes go wide on Dyb. "I do NOT speak to Demons, man. Take that back."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shrugs and nods. "Indeed, it will." Curious eyes turn to Alyssa when she seems to get offended at Dyb's words. Not that she's surprised Dyb offended...but that was a bit out of left field.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She moves over and starts putting her things back in her bag. Staring up at Dyb with narrowed eyes. Waiting for him to take it back.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He raises a brow at Alyssa.* Sorry, no offense meant. Was but a jest.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her bright smile returns when he apologizes. She hefts the heavy bag over her tiny shoulders with an audible Oof when the thing weighs her down. "That's good. You're nice. I'd feel really bad if I had to stab you."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "He didn't mean anything by it. Really. It's just an expression, here in America."

Elias: *He smiles faintly at something, and murmurs to Adele.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *Smirks a bit, mutters to himself.* Dunno whether to call the men in coats or Hallmark.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She leans over and listens to Elias, and nods with an upward twist of her lips.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She tilts her head to Ethan. "Americans think it's cute to joke about Demons? That's just odd." She blinks in Dyb's direction, not understanding either of the options really.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *Grins at Alyssa.* Oh, Americans'll joke about anything. *Nods*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: ((*Snickers@irony* In another window, I'm reading the archives of the webcomic Belphegor.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: "We're an odd people."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods with a bright smile to Dyb. "That must make your profession much simpler, then."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods to Ethan. "You are. I look forward to returning to my island. I miss the vineyard."

Elias: *He breathes slowly, and slides off of the swing.* I have al ong walk home. I should get started.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a friendly wave to Elias. "Be wary of savages on your walk, Elias. It was nice meeting you."

Elias: *He nods to Alyssa.* The Gods have many prayers to respond to. Be patient, and I am sure they take great honour from your words, little one.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives an appreciative smile. "Thank you. You're nice. You should come by my restraunt sometime. I'll feed you. You're too skinny."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over to Elias and nods. "Perhaps I shall walk you home, Elias, and you can inform me as to where to find our young, smoking friend?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He waves to Elias.* So, that intro... when would be good for you? *He grins at Alyssa.* Nah--means I have ta come up with an angle they ain't heard before.

Elias: *He lets out an odd exhale of laughter.* I will consider it. *He looks back to Adele.* Of course, Lady. *He offers a stiff arm. Very gentlemanly.*

Elias: *He looks back to Dyb.* Peekskill, there is a small bar called O'Reilly's. Tell them I sent you. Either they will either welcome you or try to kill you. Either, I can assume, would be amusing for you.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She smiles brightly to Dyb. "I can't wait to see your different angels. I like laughing."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She rises to her feet, giving Elias a gracious smile, then moving to curl a hand around his arm. She looks back to the others. "A pleasant evening to you all," she murmurs with a slight nod.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He grins at Elias.* Okay, thanks. I'll do that. Might bring a... well, a tagalong, too.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (angles. der.)

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He grins at Alyssa.* Well, maybe after I show you my angles, we can talk about seeing your curves?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She waves "Goodbye, woman."

Elias: *He waves to the small girl who so pleasantly fed his Glamour. And he walks to find a bus home.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I should get going. It was lovely seeing you, meeting you...."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "My curves?" She says with a tiny smile. "If I take off my clothes at the club.. I'll be incarcerated. We've been through this, man." She waves to Ethan. "It was nice seeing you too, Ethan. Take care of yourself. Be safe."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [PM if Fae/Enchanted]: *He waves to the two fish, all polite and shit to the end, and then winks at Alyssa.* Well, we could always arrange for a private comparison of angles and curves.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives another curious look to Dyb. "Nudity doesn't offend you? Most americans seem appauled or shocked when they see me unclothed."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He climbds carefully out of the tire swing and with a wave and a smile starts out of the park.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And off she goes with Elias, moving quietly along at his side.