Fangwulf: *The draw, the pull of power leads them to a club. Jazzy, almost, not too loud. Surprisingly calming, really.*

Fangwulf: It can be felt all throughout the City, really, and not being able to feel it is nigh impossible.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *she's not over four and a half feet. munchkin. bright dark eyes, long hair, a top hat, and a tailed tux*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The dark wisp of a girl slips through the shadows surrounding the club, traveling down the alleyways with a soft step...hardly afraid at what might jump out at her. She's seen worse, surely...and really, such a prospect as this was too good to ignore. She's dressed in a satin bustier with bra strap-style shoulder straps, lace trims on top and botton, and lace front panel. A velvet-and-satin alternating panel skirt covers below the waist, the look topped off with simple, ankle-length point-toed boots and elbow-length satin gloves. She slips to the front door, moving inside and immediately to the right of the door, looking around with sunken eyes. ((Ping if you need the DD; Fame 3/Infamy 1 among High-society and those who read the news; see 'Rich & Famous' for details.))

Ariadne Webber: *She's been there for a while, nursing a drink and listening to the music as she watches the crowd gathered. Sharp dark eyes choose and dismiss methodically by some inner criteria.*

Ariadne Webber: *Delicate without being weak. Elegant without being showy and a distinct predatory gleam in her dark, kohl rimmed eyes that repelled and attracted at one in the same time. Chin length glossy black hair reveal the graceful length of neck and smokey shadow makes her dark eyes appear smolderingly mysterious. Her skin is pale and flawless and her lips painted a deep, lush red. She has a fondness for silks and satins that caress her figure, accenting the lush curves of her body without showing too much. Its all about the wrapping.*

Fangwulf: *It's not a horrible club, but it does seem to i.d. Those under 21 are given those ugly black marks on their hands.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : ((*L* to the patrons, she's a short woman. to ya'll Fae types, she's got a rather ferrety look about herself, complete with whiskers and a tail. and glasses, to anyone looking down her way.)) *bebops her way to the bar and clambers onto a stool with a slight amount of difficulty, hugging her battered softsided briefcase to her thin chest*

Morgan Beaumaris : She walks through the streets, staying within the shadows, head bobbing to something she is listening too, as a pair of earbuds can be seen with the cord disappearing somewhere inside her black leather jacket. The young lithe woman moves with grace and refinement. Dark green eyes speak of something more, however, that she has seen and experienced much more than her apparent youthful look. Most times she seems to prefer to wear cropped black leather tops and low-rider type simple black pants and Victorian style black ankle boots which lace up the front, to complete her tall, sleek look. Black seems to be her color, even her straight black shoulder-length hair which is almost always pulled into a tight ponytail. Her complexion is fair and she looks like should could easily sunburn, but belies her Welsh heritage. Despite her feminine physique, at closer look, its obvious that she is quite fit and likely works out every day. (Same goes here for her fae seeming me.)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks down at the black mark and rolls her matter. She's not here to drink anyway. She pulls out a clove as she scans the place, staying at her spot just on the other side of the door for now.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert(Abil Apt.): 5,7,4,5,2,3,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *There is a woman sitting at the bar. It is clear it is coming from her. There's something odd about her.*

Ariadne Webber: *She looks up and around, eyes narrowing, a little confused and not liking the feeling at all. She rubs her forehead, shifting slightly, than looks down at her drink, frowning again,but that prickly feeling between her shoulder blades keeps her restless gaze wandering trying to discover its source.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *her ID gets checked. rechecked, and checked again while she simply grins widely. and passes without a black mark on her hand*

Morgan Beaumaris : She flashes her ID, looking annoyed by even being asked. No black stamp for her. One earbud remains in her ear. Morgan whispers something in Welsh, looking down to her side for a moment.

Fangwulf: ((I'd like to see a Per+Alert from all of you.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : d10: : 7,8,7,10,

Morgan Beaumaris : d10: per/aler: 7,5,10,4,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She tilts her head a little bit, watching the bar, and slips from her spot at the wall to make her way over. Perhaps she could use a drink after all...never mind that it will be a virgin drink.

Fangwulf: *It is clear to everyone here exactly where she's coming from. And it is clear to a few other people within the establishment.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips up to the bar, nodding calmly to the bartender and leaning way over the bar to murmur her order...a virgin daquairi. It takes a couple times of her saying it to get it across, and by the time she's done, she straightens, coming back to her feet, and takes a seat at the stool next to Ariadne. She glances around the establishment, frowning a little bit, then looks back to the girl with a polite smile. "Hello," she murmurs quietly.

Morgan Beaumaris : She doesn't move in that close, but she scans the crowd to find what it was that had given her the -tingles-

Ariadne Webber: *She blinks her eyes a few times, fingers white and tight around the glass which she sets down on carefully, her lips thinning out in anger, something in the drink. She's usually very careful about situations like this..but someone must have been more clever. Hallucinations and paranoia she observes, trying to remain analytical.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *orders a BIG glass of orange juice in a chirpy voice and turns to watch Adele and Ariadne with bright eyes from her stool at the bar*

Morgan Beaumaris : She heads closer to the bar, but isn't about to order.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Dorian gets a glance, and the slightest of nods, before she looks back to Ariadne.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *sends Adele a wide, beaming grin, kicking her feet a little against her stool. and sipping the OJ*

Ariadne Webber: *If she were still holding the glass she might have broken it. As it is she turns her head with a jerk out of proportion to the quiet greeting, staring narrow eyed at Adele for the moment she says nothing and then a faint, careful nod in return.* Good evening. *Enunciating each word.*

Fangwulf: *And with a slow movement, a man approaches the bar as well. Watching with curious eyes. He brushes one red strand of hair behind his ear.*

Fangwulf: *He slides onto a stool, on the other side of Ariadne.*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *And I believe that Adele is the only one who would recognize Aethillian.*

Ariadne Webber: *her eyes track something along the bar and she shakes her head slightly a brief look at the man, and then a longer look. she'd rub her eyes but it would smudge the makeup and she'd be damned if she'd ruin THAT fine job.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She inclines her head a little to Ariadne, effecting a look of some concern. "My name is Adele Hamilton. Are you quite all right, Madame...?" The question is left hanging there, as if asking for politely requesting introduction.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *perks up and blinks. *ponders a moment, then climbs off the stool to pick one closer to Adele and company. the drink gets set down before any climbing attempts, however.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks up at the man who sat at Ariande's other side, and her eyes widen. Ever so slightly...almost imperceptibly. She gives him a corteous smile and a slight bow of her head. "Good evening, sir. it has been some time since I have had the pleasure of your company."

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *puts more of her gaze on the guy, grinning wickedly from ear to ear. a bubbly, very soft chuckle*

Ariadne Webber: I'm fine. *She answers in a measured, cold tone. They are getting MUCH too close. She tries to take the measure of those who have gathered, suspician, dark and ugly, flickering in her eyes.*

Fangwulf: *He smiles faintly.* It has, hasn't it. *He looks back to Ariadne.* Pardon me, miss... could I perhaps have the distincty honour of purchasing you a drink?

Morgan Beaumaris : Morgan still keeps her distant, watching and listening to the others around Ariadne.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Damn him and his age-giving powers of alcohol buying. She smiles to the two near her, taking a sip off of her drink as she looks the man over.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((And they all let the least social Fae PC in New York do the talking. I love this. :P Does Aethilian visibly have the pendant on, perchance?))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *gives Ariadne a wide, bright smile. she's sort of used to the suspicious kind of looks. short people are always so misunderstood!*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Yes. He's nearly bragging about it.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : hey, mister. did you ever find what you were looking for? *chirps cheerily, peering around Adele*

Ariadne Webber: *She looks at the man, too distracted at the moment to give him the proper perusal and not about to order something else.* No...thank you. *the last tacked on, remembering her manners.*

Fangwulf: Ahh.. all right then, miss. *He smirks faintly, and keeps his place. He toys with the pendant around his neck.*

Morgan Beaumaris : Morgan mostly watches pointy ears, smirking about something, though her glance moves back to Ariadne from time to time.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She leans back a little bit as Dorian sticks her nose in close to ask the guy her question...dark indigo-painted lips tugging downward in a frown of annoyance as she has to.

Ariadne Webber: *Short people have no reason to live. A coldish look at Adele, though the full impact is lessened by the confusion and anger glimmering there. And she wishes they'd all just BACK OFF!*

Fangwulf: *He looks back to Dorian.* I am satisfied, *he answers simply.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *are you sure you're ok, stranger lady? *tilts her head to Ariadne* you look awfully pale and kinda sweaty. it's not THAT hot in here. *a big swallow of OJ*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Long fingers reach out to grasp her drink and take a sip...the goth girl looks quite a bit uncomfortable with the sudden sprawl of people around them herself.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *nods to the guy* that's good. i always hate it when i can't find something. but usually i can remember more or less where i put it so it doesn't happen too often. unless, of course, i haven't gotten it yet and then i get to play Indiana Jones! only most of the time without the rolling boulders and strange monkey children and people wanting to cut out various body organs. *a cheery flood of words from the munchkin, grinning cheerfully*

Fangwulf: *He pauses.* Less words are better, little one, *he informs Dorian with a rather cold look.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *tilts her head* people do keep telling me that. i've never found it so. words are meant to be used, after all, or they get lonely and sad. and you sneeze when you have to dust them off.

Ariadne Webber: *she takes a long look at Adele, that pallor Dorian commenting on becoming more pronounced. Fortunately she does pale well. After a bit she looks away from Adele and down to Dorian, watching her like she were some annoying insect.* You talk too much.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns a bit, as it seems her cigarette has gone out. Damn cloves and their tendancy to do so. She palms her lighter in her hand, keeping it hidden from view as well as possible, and goes to re-light the clove. The first drag is exhaled in Ariadne and the mystery man's direction, to cloud over their faces.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((The cigarette smoke into their face being a bunk, directed at Aethilian, for Chicanery 1, make it look like the lighter she used is THE lighter. And hoping, if he picks up on the use of the Art, he'll equate it to the enchantment of the lighter.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *chortles to Ariadne* it's a hobby. i don't talk nearly so much if i'm listening to something interesting, though. you look awful, by the way.

Ariadne Webber: *she winces slightly, hands coming up to cover her ears as she lowers her head, closing her eyes a moment.* Too much noise. *inhaling deeply, Adele's clove scented smoke sticking in the throat, making her cough.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((And tossing a Glamour in to lower the difficulty.))

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *nodnod* go for it. If you wait for another minute or so, it'll be a level two bunk, but I think the effect will be lost. Diff 8.))

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Diff 7, then.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: d10: Fuddle(WP): 10,5,2,6,7,

Morgan Beaumaris : She rather prefers her spot from afar given the agitation of the woman. For a quick moment, she reaches down and pats at something that for normal eyes would be thin air.

Fangwulf: *He frowns slightly, and his head lowers to the girl's hand. And he gets up, quickly, perhaps crowding Ariadne a bit more.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : do you have a headache? *blinks* i can see if i have some tylenol in here. but i'm pretty sure i don't. i do have carrots, though. it's a scientific fact that carrots are very good for relieving headaches.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives Ariadne an apologetic look, the lighter slipping back into her pocket. "My apologies, Madame," she murmurs. "You seem uncomfortable...I will leave you be." With a quick nod to her, and a protocol smile to Dorian and then the guy, she slips from her stool, taking her drink in her hand and heading toward the empty table nearest the door.

Fangwulf: *All of you feel it. It's so intense. If you've never felt a Chrysalis before... there is an explosion of power. The red-haired sidhe looks up at it, infuriated at the moment.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *shivers slightly, watching the girl silently for a few moments. treasure those moments....*

Ariadne Webber: *She moves off her chair as the man crowds close, it's almost a skitter, the agitation and anger increasing.* I don't need Tylenol. *she grits out again, taking deep breaths of the clove tainted air. Red tipped nails clenching and then unclenching.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Well...started to head to the empty table near the door, before the Chrysalis started. Her body stiffens, the sensation of the awakening sending shivers down her straightened spine, and she stops where she is for the moment.

Ariadne Webber: *Her eyes widen a moment and she laughs underneath her breath, lips curving in something that resembles a smile..only in it's curve.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : ok. *watches her a bit longer* you might feel better if you go home, though. or take a nice walk. the parks are lovely this time of night.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she's almost running down the street. She can sense what's happening...and once she gets to the entrance, she'll...well...attempt to enter*

Fangwulf: *He looks back to Adele with an accusing look. A curl of his lip, and he looks back to the girl. He runs for the exit.*

Ariadne Webber: And then she stiffens, biting back a scream of pain that comes out as a low groan, grasping her sides and then looks down in total shock and horror.* Oh Damn....

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She hits her senses as she feels someone running for the exit that she was vaguely approaching. She stumbles a bit, as if lost in the sensation, and careens into him.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((She's going to try and "bump into" him and lift the pendant.))

Morgan Beaumaris : She moves was going to move back but she was too slow. ((Finally off the phone.))

Fangwulf: *Ariadne seems to be prouting legs out of her side, insectoid... or perhaps arachnid limbs. One of the people within the club is running for the phone to call 911 apparently.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : you're all right, miss. *speaking as quietly as she can* everything will be fine.

Jennifer Hubbard: *assuming she has no trouble getting in, she heads into the room and looks around...seeing who's there and what the state of the situation is...ooh, spider legs, fun*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Roll Dex+Stealth for him not to notice. I'll accept one roll for both movements.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Stealth (WP): 2,6,2,1,7,

Ariadne Webber: *she looks down at Dorian.* Does this LOOK fine? *she snarls, another laugh, now that the pain is starting to recede she's feeling a bit...drunk...heady...*

Fangwulf: *The smile reveals two pretty little fangs dripping with venom. Nasty little critter. Jenn DOES notice the skinned rabbit chimera still following her, which lets out a weird yeep when it notes the spider.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *the psychotic little girl smirks at that. serves the stupid little rabbit right. Teach people to have her followed. She'll head in deeper, aiming to get right to the center of the ruckus. Which appears to be Ariadne* ((by the way, anyone who needs a DD or Fae Mien, PM me))

Fangwulf: *The normal people, the mortals, seem to be quite panicking, worried about the girl.* M...miss, are you all right?

Ariadne Webber: *The long spider legs arch back and her mouth snaps shut a few times of it's own accord, splattering a little of the venom around.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : i think it's neat. you aren't the only person in the world to have strange, ah, feelings, after all. *smiles a bit. the tail not everyone in the room can see waving slightly from side to side as if in demonstration*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : i think maybe she has a touch of food poisoning. *smiles to the nearest question-asker*

Fangwulf: Well, if you don't mind... you're creating quite a scene, *the waiter says nervously.*

Ariadne Webber: (Fei Mien's please!)*she eyes the mortal a moment.* Get away from me. *clearly none too happy at the moment.*

Morgan Beaumaris : "I think that's a good idea. Get her out of here," she speaks up in a British accent.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she spots Morgan and frowns slightly...but what the hell, it's a party! She's heading right to Ariadne* "Cool accessories. All I got are the ears." *she smirks, and glances over to Dorian* "I miss anything interesting?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Fae Mien: Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset shes wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : uh-huh. *nods to Jennifer* the sword guy was here and he's satisified. also, i saw a rather rotund man waddle into the bathroom a moment ago. odd,i thought--i didn't know there were such things as pants in that particular shade of blue. it hurt my poor eyes.

Morgan Beaumaris : ((Would be easier to just post open to the room: In her Fae Seeming she is even more stunning as befits her Sidhe heritage. Her pointy ears come to sharp point with an elegant upward sweep. Her black hair is more luxurious and long but remains in a tight ponytail. In her fae seeming though it is held back in what looks like a small silver dragon claw. Her green eyes are flecked silver and radiate strength and confidence. Next to her right eye is a chimerical musical note tattoo of a dark blue color. She is wearing a tight leather vest with some very subtle dark blue runes that seem to blend almost completely with the black leather. It is midriff and leaves her navel exposed, showing off her chimerical emerald piercing with another blue tattoo on either side. Her black leather pants show off her strong legs and her boots come halfway up her calf and have the same dark blue arcane symbols on it. Her black leather jacket is only half buttoned. Following at her heels is her chimerical reddish tan Welsh hound companion.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((She get it? *G*))

Fangwulf: d10: A Per+alert: 9,3,8,5,3,4,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((She did. Without him noticing.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((Woot! *G*))

Jennifer Hubbard: "I swear, it's going to take me a half hour to quite figure out which parts of that to believe." *grins, and she turns to focus on Ariadne* "Hey there, I'm Jen, nice meeting you." *she certainly seems friendly*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *she's tiny, around four and a half feet tall. with long brown hair in a funny fur-brown, rounded little ears sticking out to either side of her battered top hat, and a tail whisking from betweent he tails of her tux jacket. glasses accent the darker "mask" around her bright eyes, and her whiskers twitch with curiousity* ((dat's da Fae looks, obviously.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She bumps off of the man, murmuring an apology, and dips her hand into her purse, coming out empty. She staggers away from him, turning to watch what's been going on. She blinks at Ariadne's mien...and smiles. Warmer this time...apparently, she likes what she sees.

Ariadne Webber: Is that so? *she murmers to Dorian, eyeing the others...and apparently they're all here. She nervously touches one of the long legs, sharp and chitonous with short stiff hairs running along their lengths. Nair just isn't going to cut it.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *gives Jen a wide, toothy grin and a soft giggle* miss, shall we go away from here before they call the cops and get you tossed out or locked up in one of those comfy white rooms for the night? *chugs down the rest of her OJ*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *nods to Ariadne* of course it is. to misquote dear old Shakespeare-- i am an honest Puck. or somethign like that.

Morgan Beaumaris : She shrugs, pats her companion and starts to move toward the exit.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over at Morgan as she leaves, brow raising slightly, before looking back to the group. She starts to venture a bit closer...slow steps, eyes appraising Dorian, Jenn, and Ariadne. Most of the attention toward the newly awakened one, of course...those spider legs seem to be quite intriguing to the thin, shadowy thing.

Ariadne Webber: *A deep breath..okay...apparently this isn't a weird trip...becaause if she's hallucinating about cute furry things..she'd kill herself. So..this must be real. She looks at Jennifer's hand without touching it.* Ariadne. *she says, turning a little to survey the others, the others, if they're close, might take a step back or avoid being thwapped by the long legs, which at the moment seem to have a mind of their own.*

Morgan Beaumaris : She doesn't actually leave. It didn't seem they had listened to her anyway. Commoners anyway. But she'll watch for a little bit. Morgan does give a polite nod and smile to Adele.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : Ariadne? *suddenly burbles out a merry laugh* oh, that's simply far too perfect.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Nice meetin' ya. What say we get out of here before they club us over the head and bring us to those white rooms Ri mentioned? I'll hum the Benny Hill music if that helps."

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : we should probably go for a nice walk or soemthing now, really. *grins to Jen and Ariadne. oh, and i'm Xenobia Dotson.

Ariadne Webber: I don't look good in white. *She answers, blinking a few times. Getting out of here seems like a really good idea. She'd really like to find a mirror.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : oooo! oooo! can you do "follow the yellow brick road" instead? *bounces on her stool, then begins the climb down to the ground*

Jennifer Hubbard: ((Ahh, change "Ri" to "she", not sure that Jen knows Ri's actual name))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : ((*L* nope, she doesn't....))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She comes to a stop about six feet away, peering over the group calmly. "Leaving would be an excellent idea," she murmurs, though with the music and her soft voice, it's more to her then to anyone else.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Ok, I can do Follow the Yellow Brick Road if you insist. It's not really me genre so much though." *shrugs* "But yeah, let's get the hell out of here before anything bad happens."

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : ok. you two lead and i'll follow. *grins up at the spider lady and the chick with the naked bunny happily. and gives Adele a little wave*

Fangwulf: *Said skinned rabbit leaves bloody footprints behind it, and for the first time, it parts ways from Jen. Potentially to report back to its master.*

Ariadne Webber: *She starts to move after Adele, Dorian is making her feel all sorts of wrong it's the cuteness, and the chirpiness, makes her want to use a gag, probably not the first person to have thought that. But she's not a person anymore is she? What the hell is she? Spider Woman..too cliche. She opens her mouth to say any number of things, several phrases freezing in her mouth. She finally manages a shrug of agreement, non verbal seems easiest.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she'll head out, leading if no one else does, humming "Follow The Yellow Brick Road", as requested*

Ariadne Webber: *She looks after the naked bunny for a moment, running her tongue over her teeth, feeling the sharp points of the fangs and the sweetish taste of the venom...venom...she's got venom. Another little smile.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles a little bit to Ariadne, and gestures to the door, then starts to lead them toward it.

Morgan Beaumaris : Morgan's still standing there by the door. She watches the rabbit suspiciously, and had to call a command to her hound not to try to go after it.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *follows cheerily, a bounce in her step*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks up to Morgan and stops for just a moment. Her frame lowers ever so slightly, in a subtle but respectful curtsy, and then she's heading toward the door, and the sidhe. "Good evening, Lady," she murmurs when she gets close enough to be heard.

Morgan Beaumaris : She smiles to Adele. "Good evening. Everything under control?"

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *beams happily at Morgan, bright eyes flicking over her in a brief moment of curiousity. espcially her shoes. she has nice shoes*

Ariadne Webber: *It's hard not to stare at Morgan, for this is her first glimpse of a Sidhe, the woman quite outshines anyone else in the room, though everything is rather startling with this new perception she's suddenly gifted with. Things look different..and yet the same and here she is sprouting legs and fangs. It will take some getting used to.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I believe it is, yes," she says to Morgan, giving her a courteous smile. The very picture of civility.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she spots Ariadne being all impressed by the Sidhe...oh well, she'll have some work to do to make sure this one knows better. She's leading on out, and stops humming at all*

Morgan Beaumaris : "Then I doubt my presence is wanted or needed," she is very polite but she knows how it is. "Thank you, Adele."

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *looks around outside cheerfully, shifting from foot to foot as if she just can't stay still*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *gives Morgan a wide grin*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she does her best to pretend Morgan isn't there*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, Lady Morgan," she says with a smile. "Happy to be of assistance."

Morgan Beaumaris : She smiles back to Adele. "Have a good evening then." And a smile goes to Dorian as well since she's being friendly and nice. Even Jennifer gets a polite smile as does Ariadne.

Ariadne Webber: *She slips by and outside, relaxing once she's away from the crowd, the arched and curled legs relaxing as well. She has a chance now to feel along her rib cage to see how they're attached, feeling the soreness in her muscles along her back and then she pauses, staring in fascination by her own chimerical, spidery shadow.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *turns to Ariadne once they're outside* "Feeling liberated yet?" *grins*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *giggles happily and looks around at the ground again. head tilting slightly as she ponders*

Ariadne Webber: *And totally misses Morgan's farewell. Shadow puppets doncha know.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods to Morgan and slips out the door. She lets out a slight sigh when she gets into the open air, dark eyes scanning the vicinity quickly and astutely.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert(Abil Apt.): 6,10,1,9,2,

Fangwulf: *It is clear that Aethillian is gone. The small skinless rabbit has left behind a few bloody footprints.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She relaxes a bit and looks to the others. "Where to?"

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *blinks at the footprints and crouches to examine them* mmmm......bye! *and quite cheerily wanders off in the direction of bloody footprints*

Ariadne Webber: *Evasion seems a natural choice for her and she answers Jennifer's question with one of her own.* What are you? What am I? What just happened? *well, more than one question, but she IS a pooka.*

Ariadne Webber: And WHAT is SHE? *pointing at Dorian. The dreadful truth just starting to tease her conscious.*

Morgan Beaumaris : She'll move outside trying to stay to the shadows and out of sight. Should have just stayed home and made her music.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Well, I think she's following my furry little stalker." *shrugs, then looks over to Ariadne* "Random, interesting, and quite a bit." *Grins* "Be back in a sec" *she dashes off after Dorian* "Ya'know, I'd think that you'd want to stick around a bit."

Morgan Beaumaris : d10: dex/stealth wp: 8,6,7,6,9,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "All questions that can be answered soon, madame," she whispers, looking around. Paranoid, this one seems. "For now, though, discretion is of the essence, if you do not mind."

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *chuckles* there's enough of us to get her started on stuff. 8blinks up to Jen* and i want to know where Naked Bunny went. he might've gone somewhere interesting!!

Ariadne Webber: *Her eyes flash with irritation and her teeth snap together, the little spider fangs gleaming.*Adele: Are YOU going to tell me anything useful?

Jennifer Hubbard: "Oh, he almost certainly went to the Train Yard." *shrugs*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I assure you, Madame, that I will. When we can get somewhere more private."

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *blinks up at Jen and giggles* the Train Yard? i like the Train Yard.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Congrats. Probably went to report in. But anyways, you sticking around for this now that you know, or not?"

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *ponders* for a bit, perhaps. *laughs softly and skips back to the group*

Jennifer Hubbard: *heads back* "Ok, so let's go someplace where we can fill Ariadne in on things."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Mention of the Train Yard brings a faint smile to her face. "Transportation is of paramount concern right now." She pulls a Sidekick II out of her purse and dials up a limo service. Cab won't work with those legs of Ariadne's.

Lexington Metcalf: Damn. A little late, she felt it but well, she was just enjoying her little playtoy too much. She hurried to the area where she had felt the energy and hoped.

Wavy auburn tresses fall to one side, almost hiding the small blue ridged horns on her forehead. Ice blue eyes shine prominently from behind big eyelashes and stand out against her slaty blue complexion. She wears a lightweight sleeveless beige turtleneck sweater, showing off her very large muscular shoulders, though most is hidden by her hair, which falls half way down her back. The sweater is cut off slightly at the navel and her black jeans fall low on her hips and are tucked inside combat jungle boots. Not overly bulky, her body is quite well toned and noticeable even through her casual wear. About her is a noble bearing, and like those of her kith, she is tall at about eight feet tall, nearly dwarfing the small non chimerical golden retriever that follows gleefully at her heels and wears a sapphire collar.

Ariadne Webber: Adele: Can you be assured of such a place?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I most certainly can," she says, once the phone is hung up.

Lexington Metcalf: She looks around, seeing the small gathering, and picks up the puppy and craddles him against one of her massive arms.

Ariadne Webber: *Blue skin...eight feet tall. Must be another one of them. Must be a female thing. At this point she's forgotten all about the red haired male that was in the club earlier.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she sighs...there was a Sidhe and now there's a Troll...why can't there be a Nocker or a Redcap? At least this whole thing is Pooka-riffic*

Lexington Metcalf: ((Believe wouldn't have wanted my Nocker me!!!!!))

Ariadne Webber: And I don't run a brothel by the way. *Totally random aside..or is it? Adele WAS calling her Madame.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over to the approaching Troll, a delicate eyebrow arching slightly. She nods her head to Lexington slightly. "Good evening, madame."

Jennifer Hubbard: *well, apparently transportation has been summoned, so she'll just wait, and watch people...unless spoken to or somesuch*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs : *blinks as a lady walks by on the arm of a gentleman. she's dripping with shiny things* ooooo....*and she's off, slipping after the couple with wide and eager eyes* ((cuz i have to go to bed now. *L* thanks, guys--this was fun! *beams*))

Lexington Metcalf: She's very polite, smiling and petting the -puppy- well he is small in comparison but he's a full grown dog. "Good evening. I missed it didn't I?"

Ariadne Webber: I am feeling quite unfull at the moment. *She gives a slight nod of agreement to Jennifer.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Only just. She is here." She looks up as the limo comes, and smiles. "And here is our transport."

Lexington Metcalf: ((Good night *hugs*))

Jennifer Hubbard: ((bye! *waves*)) *Jen watches Dorian wander off and just shakes her head*

Ariadne Webber: (night night!)

Lexington Metcalf: "Oh....well..." looking around. "If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know...." since Adele spoke to her, she reaches into a pocket and pulls out a business card and gives it to her.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*Hugs the Harper*)) She smiles and takes the business card, looking it over. "Perhaps you might like to join us?"

Ariadne Webber: *The she in question is the still rather shell-shocked looking creature with black shiney spider legs sprouting out of her sides and two small shiny fangs glistening with venom. She's really quite attactive...if you have a spider fetish.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Ariadne Webber: ((Which Adele does. *G* Friend of Spiders Merit. She likes Ariadne.))

Ariadne Webber -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: (oh sweet. *lol* that's too too funny.)

Lexington Metcalf: She looks at Jennifer. She may be big and blue but she's does work with people for a living and is pretty perceptive. "I would be intruding."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Nah. So long as you make sure not to pick me up and toss me anywhere, I've got no issue with you." *seems she has reasons for being wary of Trolls*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Dorian's exit has either not been noticed, or just not been acknowledged. She slips the card into her purse and makes her way to the limo. Whoever's coming will follow, she is sure.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she'll head into the Limo*

Lexington Metcalf: "You're not my type," she smirks playfully.

Lexington Metcalf: "You have a way to contact me, ma'am," she tells Adele. "I've got a man waiting for me back in my bed. I'm sure this is all under control." ((Need to run for a short bit anyway.))

Ariadne Webber: *Ari is eyeing the limo, trying to get her legs to work in concert before getting in the vehicle. When one curls in, the other one stretches out, and when that one curls in, two more stretch out. But finally she gets them all curled up neatly against her chest. She figures Adele isn't going to do her any wrong.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Fair enough," she says to Lexington. "Good evening." And then she's in the limo, sitting comfortably as she goes for a drink. Damn black marks on the hand.

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Ariadne Webber: *and she follows into the limo.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she'll shrug and give a bit of a polite-ish nod to Big Blue outside as she makes herself comfortable in the limo*

Lexington Metcalf: The Smurfette heads back off from where she came.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns, realizing she has few options for true privacy. "Peekskill, please," she tells the driver.

Ariadne Webber: *She glances at the driver.* Is know?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives Ariadne a pleasant smile as she pushes the button to bring the black window up between the driver and them. "No. He isn't."

Jennifer Hubbard: *she's quiet...which is odd, the insane storyteller that she is*

Ariadne Webber: Peekskill..where's that? *her next question, eyes flicking between the other two occupants.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "North, outside of the city," she murmurs, sipping her newly acquired drink.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she nods after Adele speaks* "There's some safe places up there."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((And shall we off to Peekskill?))

Fangwulf: ((I'm still observing. Lemme know if you're going to Dawson's, or the Train Yard.))

Ariadne Webber: *She seems to have nothing else to say at the moment, or perhaps her questions are best kept until better privacy can be assured. Her legs clatter together every once in a while when they go over bumps but she seems to have control over them for the moment.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Train Yard. Adele's more comfortable there, she imagines Ariadne will be...and y'all let HER call the shots. *EG*))



Fangwulf: *The dark ,the train tracks... and that ramshackle shed that no one has the heart to rip down. Yes, the Train Yard of Peekskill.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she's on the watch for that thing that tried to kill her the other night...she definitely wishes she had a good sturdy umbrella*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips free of the limosine after paying the driver, and watches him leave before sighing. Her eyes pass over the train yard with a smile, and she looks back to the two. "Shall we?" She moves to lead them on toward the general direction of the shack.

Ariadne Webber: *Interesting place. Desolate. Decrepit even.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she'll follow Adele, and look to see if there's bloody they beat the rabbit here*

Ariadne Webber: *She slides out of the limo, stretching a bit, after the long ride. Well long for her.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I'm sorry, madame..." She looks to Ariadne as they walk. "I believe I was otherwise engaged when we got your name."

Fangwulf: *The door to the shed opens. And the little rabbit hops out. So much for Jennifer's surmising. It looks up, and chatters its boney teeth. Skinned bloody thing. One can see its veins pulse.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *grumbles something about wascally wabbits*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles at the rabbit and leans down to kneel, petting it. Okay, so the girls a liiiittle creepy, perhaps. "Good evening," she says to the rabbit.

Fangwulf: *It looks up to Adele, and leans into the touch. A little spurt of chimerical blood comes out of the side, and the pleased chitter almost seems echoed.* I think he likes you, *the near ghostly whisper sounds from the doorway.*

Ariadne Webber: Well, it's a rather obvious name. Greek mythology..she was turned into a spider...ring any bells? *distracted by the skinned rabbit.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she's quiet and watchful*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks toward the whisper and chuckles a bit. "The feeling is mutual. Good evening. I've brought a new friend." She looks back to the Spider-Lady, nodding. "This, it would appear, is Ariadne."

Ariadne Webber: *Friend is perhaps a strong word. She peers towards the disembodied voice, saying nothing until she sees what it is.*

Fangwulf: *He walks from the shadows, a slow movement. A dead thing, greasy black hair, and sunken dark eyes of coal. His lips blackened. He takes a look at Ariadne, and he offers her a hand of long, slender fingers.* How do you do, Lady.

Ariadne Webber: *She looks at the thing, something in common with Adele she senses. Well, better than bright and shiny happy things. She holds out her hand, an odd deformation in the palm, an indentation with skin puckered around it.* And you are? *Politely.*

Fangwulf: I am Elias, *he whispers.* Humble proprietor of this establishment. *WHAT establishment? Though it feels woogy in there, powerful... it still looks to be a shed.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She pats the bloody hare on the head lightly, then rises, taking a step aside and watching the introduction quietly.

Jennifer Hubbard: ((ACK! I'm terribly sorry to bail...but I was just reminded that I have to read two chapters of physics by noon...Jen's just going to hang out, and do her best not to be killed by whatever found her last time she was here or by the slug, and she'll be certain to not hand the lighter over to anyone.))

Ariadne Webber: *Ahhh but she's already learned that things are not as they appear. She certainly has a certain...thing about her. All nice and curvy and spidery. Lips glistening with...venom.* Do you all live here?

Fangwulf: ((Okies!)) Just me, *he whispers.* But it is a safe place. Should you need sanctuary. *he looks over to Adele, as if to confirm that is what she needs.*

Jennifer Hubbard: ((Sorry again *waves* Bye everyone))

Ariadne Webber: (bye bye)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods slightly. "She has just Chrysalized."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*Hugs Jano*))

Ariadne Webber: *Sanctuary...would seem wise at the moment until she learned what was necessary to survive.*I think it would be rather in poor taste for me to accidently do something I'd rather do on purpose.

Fangwulf: ((Byee! Thanks for playing!))

Fangwulf: *He smiles at Ariadne's words. It is not a pleasant expression.* Indeed. You can stay here, or if you are more comfortable, there is a bar not far from here where our kind is safe.

Ariadne Webber: *the smile doesn't seem to bother her, or she's good at hiding her reaction.* If I would not be intruding here?

Fangwulf: If you would, Adele would not have brought you here. I trust her judgment.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles demurely at the praise Elias gives her, and nods.

Fangwulf: *And no. No one else's. Just Adele's.*

Ariadne Webber: (I think we're getting to a good place to stop...i'm turning into a pumpkin anyway.)

Fangwulf: ((Yeah... likewise.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Yeah, good point. *Nods* Thanks for the scene, guys!))

Ariadne Webber: *She nods slightly at that, looking at Adele.* Thank you then, for your hospitality.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, Miss Ariadne," she says with a nod. "It was my pleasure."

Ariadne Webber: (oops, adds, *and then back to Elias*)

Fangwulf: You may stay overnight if you like as well, miss Adele, *he offers, before leading into the small shed, into the trunk, down the staircase, and down the dark, barely lit hallway. Scary.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Thank you, Mister Elias. You are most gracious with your offer." She nods and moves to follow, after Ariadne.

Ariadne Webber: *And she follows down behind Elias, watching where they are going.*

Fangwulf: *And the rooms are simple, a little musty. He DOES try to offer Ariadne a better room. Something a little more human.*

Ariadne Webber: *She does notice the extra effort and thanks him for his time. Offering thanks to Adele as well. Right now she's exhausted and needs to rest and think about what has happened. *(and I need to get to sleep too..need to go wrestle with Financial aide in the morning)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She is, of course, perfectly fine with any room. It doesn't matter...the ambience more then makes up for the simplicity of her accomodations.

Fangwulf: *She will, of course, be explained things in the morning. Elias will be perfectly hospitable, and have tea in the morning as well. They will both be told not to wake the Slug, if they would. It's been in quite a bad mood.*

Ariadne Webber: *She will, of course, comply and be a good guest and so on. Not waking the slug. *('s pumpkin timefor in, turning into one ni ni y'all. Thanks Fang, that was fun)

Fangwulf: ((G'night! I'll post experience in a bit!))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Night! *Hugs* great scene!))