Rebekkah Soren: *In the Train yard, there is a small red shack that mortals won't touch, in front of a chicken-wire fence. It seems doubly locked, and if you ask anyone, they won't be able to tell you for sure exactly WHAT is in the shed. Some will say tools, others will say it was used, and they haven't had the heart to tear it those with eyes and hearts for the dreaming, however, things are slightly different....The shed is still broken down, and it looks blackened, small divits taken out of the red paint, small parts that resemble words. "Help me," "Stay polite," "Monster," "Violent bastard," perhaps cruel words carved by children, or by the dwellers themselves.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*Beats computer*)) She slips into the train yard, paying the taxi driver with a faint nod to the driver. Once he's gone, she makes her way along through the yard, looking around and adjusting the shawl over her shoulders. She makes her way to the shed, looking it over with a faint smile.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Very nice. She walks up, a hand brushing almost fondly over the words. She smiles a little bit before looking around over her shoulder, then back to the door. A slim pale hand rises and falls, knocking lightly on the door.

Rebekkah Soren: *the wind flitters through the mostly open yard, some of the overgrown grass and weeds that manage to peek through the coating of snow thats left 'whispering' softly as theyre moved about. In the distance the faint barking of one of the trainyard dogs can be heard, adding to the nighttime noises of the area.......the shed....there...'calling'....the door waiting for what it needs to be opened..*

Rebekkah Soren: *it seems just as that knock from pale slim hand falls upon the door, it opens...slowly...a slight whining creak,and the foulest odour that any fae has known...and almost seeming to have the shadows melt from it a thin pale face emerges with darkly glittering eyes, long black hair, the faintest blue undertones to her like a drowned 'not quite so pretty' sidhe, and piercings through the brows and nostril...her head tilts slowly and oddly, nodding to adele*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She regards the woman a moment, lips faintly quirking upward, in a slight smile. "Good evening," she murmurs to the woman. "Elias referred me here. I am Adele Elizabeth Hamilton." She inclines her head slightly.

Rebekkah Soren: *those eyes almost seem to look through her for a moment, and she nods slowly again, soft papery whisper of a voice from blue tinted lips* Miss Hamilton....a pleasure....I am Rebekkah Soren.....come, please...entah....*distinct southern belle like voice and propriety to match, she moves back inside those shadows....melding with them almost....*

Elias: *Between the stench of death, lies a rather pleasant aroma of tea.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Thank you." She gives a gracious smile and steps into the place, looking around with her deep-sunken, dark eyes as she slips past the doorway.

Elias: *The inside of the place stinks of death and sweat. The walls are mostly black, with odd fingerprints in red, sliding down, into the floor, as if something was dragged between that AND the floor. There is a soft creak, as a large toolbox opens in front of them. Not tools, but a dark staircase ahead.*

Rebekkah Soren: *the softest rustle of skirts under the cloak she wears, and she gestures to adele to follow, moving to that dark staircase and slipping down the steps*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A slight nod, and a little smile. Her mentor would approve, of course...and she seems to find that amusing. She heads along, looking over her shoulder at Rebekkah, before venturing down into the depths of blackness below.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((delete the 'looking over her shoulder' part. *S*))

Elias: *It is slippery, it is quite dark, and terrifying to ... well... non-sluagh. Dirty, dank, and the only pleasant smell is that of the tea. The room they walk to is barely lit, with flickering candle-light. The table is broad, a thick oak, chipped. And Elias sits at the table. The tea is already set up.*

Rebekkah Soren: *bekkah gives an almost curtsey to elias as she enters the room, speaking in the same papery rustle of a whisper* mistah Elias.....a guest....miss Hamilton....

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives Elias a deep inclination of her head, eyes half-closing and a slight smile on her face. "Good evening, Elias." The faint voice carries weakly through the darkness. "A pleasure to see you again."

Elias: Good evening, Miss Hamilton. Won't you sit down? We put tea on.

Rebekkah Soren: *lowering the hood of her cloak, she looks to adele briefly, before moving towards the teaset*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, sir. Thank you." She moves to take a seat, carefully settling herself down into out of the spots. "You're looking well."

Elias: As are you, madam. Please, Bekkah, have a seat. We are here about information.

Rebekkah Soren: *looking to him briefly, she nods, finding a seat to settle in* of course mistah Elias...

Elias: *He stands, only to pour the tea for the both of them. He appears somber.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She curls brushes a lock of ebony hair out of her face, nodding to Rebekkah before she looks to Elias. "I must say...I'm quite impressed by your home." She leans back a little bit and watches him for a moment. "I had occasion to meet with a one-time associate of the One-Eyed of Liam the other day. Someone who has something of hers."

Elias: Oh? *he whispered. And again, he smiles at that 'hers' moment.*

Rebekkah Soren: *raising a curious brow, she murmurs a soft thank you to elias as he pours the tea, amazingly long slender fingered hands wrapping around the cup carefully*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Indeed." She nods her head, an ackowledgment of the smile. A point taken, perhaps. "He seemed quite eager to find a particular satyr. It appears said satyer has not returned what he believes to be his property."

Elias: Ahh, *he says thoughtfully.* He had the pendant with him, then? He could possibly be traced. *He sighs.* Fortunately, he does not have both pendant and sword.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "He did have the pendant, yes. On his person, around his neck, as a matter of fact." A faint smile, as she picks up her tea. "It must be something quite vlauable, to wear such a distinctive, purloined item so openly. I would assume that is the only way he trusts to have it...or he is typically arrogant and believes no one would notice or be able to stop him."

Rebekkah Soren: *sipping carefully at the tea, she listens to them, dark eyes sliding back and forth*

Elias: I would vote on arrogance. His assumption is that no lowly commoner could possibly fool them. The house of the Silver Dragon thinks in that manner. *He looks up, with slightly hardened eyes.* I do not believe I could retrieve it on his person. And even if I could, it would not be a worthy favour.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Then we need to get it off of his person in some way," she says simply. "I'm sure that can be accomplished somehow."

Elias: There is always a way. The pendant must be retrieved. Its significance is noted in history. *He frowns.* Though ... I cannot remember. Was it the Library or the Theater that its history was first noted, Bekkah?

Rebekkah Soren: perhaps...*thinking for a moment, empty eyes distant*....I heard somethin bout a theatah,I believe....*nodding slowly as she looks back up between them*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks between then, absorbing the information given. "What is it's significance? And how does it fit with the blade?"

Elias: It is said... that the pendant opens up a portal in which a beast is trapped. A furious thing that could near end us. The sword is part of a key. I've no knowledge of the entire legend. Though we first saw note of it in an old abandoned theater in Queens.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Abandoned theater in Queens...check. The information is filed away in her mind. "But the sword is only part of a key. Not all of it?"

Rebekkah Soren: *blinking, brows furrowing, she lowers her cup and rubs her arms gently, letting out a soft sigh*

Elias: I do not think so. But there was nothing else to find in there. Just a few scrawls on a wall regarding the legend of it. It could just be legend, but of course... *He smirks faintly.* So are we.

Rebekkah Soren: all stories...start with a grain of truth....

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A slight smile, faint amusement. "Noted, sir." She adjusts the shawl over her shoulders, then takes another sip of tea. "Do you have these scrawls recorded, perchance?"

Elias: Somewhere, within my library. I believe I can find it, given a day or two.

Rebekkah Soren: *reaching a hand up to her shoulder, the shadows about them where her hair rests, her fingers make a slow stroking type movement as if caressing something there that isnt quite seen, face thoughtful*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, sir." She nods graciously. "In the meantime...Aethilian. There are surely ways to separate him from the we know his weaknesses?"

Elias: He can not admit he is wrong, *he says softly.* He is a dangerous adversary, skilled with blade and treachery.

Rebekkah Soren: is wished...I could...perhaps 'spy' about in queens....I was...thinking of settin' up shop somewheyah anyways...I...need t'get out more....*closing her eyes, the hand still about her shoulder making that petting motion*