Fangwulf: ((For those of you that came, you recieved a note at home, on your cell phone, on your computer, wherever you worked most, to come to the train yard in Peekskill at nine fifteen exactly, near the shed near the chain link fence.)) *It is a cold, dark night. A perfect night for whispers and information passing. A young man travels with papers underneath his arm. sunken eyes look around the train yard. Perhaps they recieved his summons, perhaps they did not. This is important.*

Dorian Hobbs: ((*just runs around. aquisitions!!*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: To the train yard? Of course, she is there. Early, in would not do to arrive at such an area late. She shows up a few minutes before nine, drawing her shawl, tattered to those who see past the facade, around her pale, slim shoulders as she calmly approaches.

Fae Mein: Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Lyssa Cloutier: *arrives on hoof, because she has actually walked some distance to reach the train yard*

Dorian Hobbs: *skitters her merry way tward the trainyard, eyes bright and curious. why, her nose even seems to twitch every once in a while!* ((PM for DD, Fae or otherwise, por favor.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((DD- Fae Mien: Lyssa is a lean & lanky young Satyr with sharply angular features & eyes a startling shade of azure blue. Her hair is a dark chestnut that slightly curls & has a glossy shine as if perpetually wet, with the same shade of fur along her goat-like legs. A pair of small horns juts from her brow that is same complexion as her fair skin & hooves. Her voile is loose, ephemeral & shimmering with a multitude of dark colors, & fits comfortably to the contours of her figure. As always, her attire is suited for weather & occasion.))

Fangwulf: ((Everyone here is Fae. Feel free to simply post your Fae descriptions as your descriptions.)) *The same scent seems to exude from the boy on the log. He sits there; it should be cold. But he does not shiver. He holds his papers closely.*

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan is there, with another woman who is cloaked, quiet and without her usual earbuds in her ears. They both wear dark cloaks, the other woman's has silver in it, Morgan's has blue and silver.

Dorian Hobbs: She's a veritable microbe of a female, standing as tall as she can at a slender four feet, five inches. Her skin and long, straight hair are both a funny shade of brown, as if they should be fur. Across her dark eyes--sometimes sparkling, sometimes looking somewhen else--is a nearly black ferretlike mask. It goes nicely with the stubby whiskers and the long , furry tail with its smart black tip. If one were to see her without the tailed tux jacket she loves so well, they'd notice a nearly black strip down her back as well. Small round ears are slightly crumpled by the old top hat, and the glasses match the shape of her facial mask almost prefectly.*

Katherine (PT): Katherine stays there near Morgan, for now the cloak covering much of her features but surely the long tapered ears peek out from around the edges. Each one pierced with two small silver ear rings.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks up, nodding slightly to the young man on the log, as she approaches through the shadows. A wisp of a smile, faint and indistinct, as she inclines her head to him, whispering. "Good evening..." Dark eyes cast about to notice the others approaching or there.

Lyssa Cloutier: *spotting Adele, whom she recognizes, she heads for the Sluagh*

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan stays pretty well hidden within her cloak, except for her ears. Along side her is a reddish tan Welsh hound.

Fangwulf: *Elias looks up from his place, and back to the train yard. He stands, at the approaching creatures. A flicker of dark, sunken eyes looks to the sidhe as well. And back to Adele. He hands over the papers.* We ssspoke of thisss... nightsss ago.

Dorian Hobbs: *tilts her head, scurrying closer to the group. and giving log boy a wide, merry sort of grin. why, she even doffs her top hat to bow to them she sees so far*

Katherine (PT): Katherine remains on the outskirts of the group with Morgan and her hound. For now, the pair seems content to just watch and see what this is all about, but that might change soon enough. Her head moves slightly as she follows the movement of the others that are there or gathering but still makes no move to reveal more about herself.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh...yes." She nods politely to the approaching Lyssa, then looks back to Elias, taking the papers in her spindly fingers and casting her eyes over them. "My sincerest thanks to you on your prompt delivery..."

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *It looks almost parchment. How old IS this, and where did he find it? It's the design for an old theater in Queens, with arrows, big red X's over rooms, and a big circle over one room. On the side of said parchment are small symbols. A sword, a circle with a coiled dragon on it. And a flame.*

Morgan Beaumaris: The hound seems to stand on guard and is quite alert as he watches around the two woman he stands by. Morgan only recognizes Adele and leans in to Katherine to whisper quite briefly to her.

Lyssa Cloutier: *stops within feet of Adele & Elias, waving to Adele. She looks about & feels very much relieved that the two Redcaps aren't present*

Fangwulf: *He nods, and then looks back and forth to the group. He is nothing, if not polite.* I appreciate your promptnessss, *he says, his voice a soft hiss.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Iinteresting." Just the slightest elongation of the first part of that, as she looks from the map to Elias. "And this is where you first saw it?" Whatever 'it' is, she seems sure Elias knows what she means.

Fangwulf: *He nods.* It seems a font of power. I am not sure it is good. A destroyed theater site is not somewhere I would wish to feed off of.

Dorian Hobbs: *plops herself on the ground cheerfully,listening*

Lyssa Cloutier: *looking back & forth between Adele & Elias*

Fangwulf: *He looks to Lyssa.* I am sure she will share that information with you.

Dorian Hobbs: what' s a font of power? *wrinkles her nose* ewwww....dead dreams. hacked hopes. cruched creativity. not to my personal tastes, no thank you.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "No..." She frowns a little bit at the thought. "I would imagine not." She looks up to Dorian, nodding briefly, and then to Morgan and Katherine. Eyes turn last to Lyssa, and she nods slightly. "Information regarding the infamous pendant and sword, it would seem," she whispers.

Lyssa Cloutier: *blinks then nods & shrugs at the same time*

Katherine (PT): Her head tilts ever so slightly at what she hears but does not reactly otherwise.

Dorian Hobbs: *tilts her head* the sword that the fancy faker fellow sent some people off to find? the one who pretended to be hurt but wasn't?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "That one, indeed..." she murmurs to Dorian. Her eyes cast to Katherine and Morgan for a moment, assessing them with muted interest, before she looks back to Elias and nods. "Thank you, sir...we are in your debt."

Fangwulf: The blood-haired, *he whispers.*

Morgan Beaumaris: Finally Diana speaks, in a Welsh accent, quietly, but with contempt. "The Gwydion...."

Fangwulf: *He nods to Adele, and stands.* I believe... Bekkah shall be going with you. To guide the way. I have work to do.

Dorian Hobbs: *nods* mmm-hmmm. *blinks*

Fangwulf: *He looks up to Morgan. And he smirks, faintly.* No, *he whispers.*

Morgan Beaumaris: She merely smirks back, waiting for an explanation then if she is wrong.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "He is not a Gwydion," she intones quietly, looking to Morgan with an expression similar to Elias's. "A facade."

Fangwulf: Only the serpents and the dragons are so tricky as to lie about their House affiliation to lure travelersss to do their dirty work for them.*

Morgan Beaumaris: "I see," she nods, in a cool response.

Lyssa Cloutier: *crosses her arms & shivers a bit because of the cold*

Katherine (PT): Katherine continues to stand there, listening and observing the gathered Fae but the gaze of the woman does seem to wander over Elias breifly as he speaks.

Fangwulf: *He looks up, and then around. No more smirk.* I would hurry, *he whispers.* I would not wish him to get two of the items.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "And he is not subtle enough for a snake," she says with a knowing sort of smile.

Dorian Hobbs: so what do we need to find first to make him twitch prettily? *scratches the base of her tail*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The smile wavers a little, a testament, perhaps, to the seriousness of the situation, and she nods to Elias. "We are ready to depart, I am sure." A quick glance around to the others, before she casts deep-sunken eyes about for Rebekkah.

Fangwulf: All of the information you need is on that paper, *he whispers.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The rest of the key," she murmurs to Dorian.

Katherine (PT): Katherine looks over to Morgan, and then to the others but does not speak. She merely shifts some beneath her cloak as if pondering something.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Let us be off, then." She rolls the papers up, slipping them underneath her shawl, and moves to depart. "We travel to Queens."

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan speaks up. "What exactly are we going to be doing?"

Lyssa Cloutier: *looks to Adele & nods*

Katherine (PT) : "Why?" her voice calls out from beneath the cloak, pulling back the hood as she uncovers her dark hair pulled back with silver clips and combs. Her sea green eyes roam over everyone present with a slight curiousity evident.

Dorian Hobbs: and do we know what the rest of the key looks like? *chuckels softly* there's so many possibilities, after all. why, it could potentially even be a person.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "A destroyed theater in Queens," she whispers to Morgan, turning those unnerving dark eyes onto the sidhe. "Milady..." The last added with an appropriately respectful nod to her, before she starts to move.

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan nods in agreement with Katherine. "And what about this destroyed theatre? I didn't say where, I said what are we going to be doing."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "We do not know what the rest of the key looks like," she says with a shake of her head to Dorian. "Only that the sword is part of it, and the pendant another. The satyr holds one part...Aethilian Marcona ap Ailil another. It falls on us to find the rest."

Lyssa Cloutier: *follows after Adele*

Fangwulf: *He looks to Morgan.* You will be retrieving valuable information that could keep a potentially dangerous adversary from releasing something that could swallow the world whole.

Katherine (PT) : She sighs ever so slightly. "Why?" she asks looking right at Adele. "You fail to explain what this is all about and just expect us to follow you to this place on some quest we know nothing about?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She pauses a moment, turning and looking Katherine over a moment. She inclines her head to her, letting Elias's words speak for her. "My apologies, Milady. Time was stated to be of the essence...I had hoped to explain more upon the way." A calm stare falls on the two sidhe. "As he says...the key will release something disastrous. Thus, we seek to keep it out of ap Alil's hands."

Dorian Hobbs: *ponders deeply. two wholeseconds* i'm bored. ok. *hops up, shakes her backside to get some of the muck off, and scampers after Adele. bright eyes looking this way, that way, over there, up yonder....*

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan continues to listen, looking a bit torn over something.

Katherine (PT) : She actually chuckles some and just shakes her head at that. "I doubt you would wish me along, nor do I even know if this is my affair to be getting involved with." she casually says opening the cloak some rather casually.

Katherines Fae Seeming reveals what mortal eyes only get a hint of, the etheral beauty and power of the Sidhe. Her hair is even longer, and held back by ornate clips and combs of silver and onyx. Each of her long and tappered ears are peirced by small silver rings that are elegant in their simple beauty. Her eyes though are a striking shade of sea green that flash with an inner passion that only the Unseelie can hope to master. Her gait is controled and precise, that of a warrior who is ready to leap into action.

Around her strong shoulders she has a black cloak with silver edging that is worn as a warrior, one side easily able to be thrown over her shoulder if she should need to draw the finely crafted sword at her hip. The Ailil Knight has doned black lacquered armor with silver etching across the shoulder plates, gloves, and belt. Upon her breast is the silver dragon and stars of the House is known for. Her muscular legs are sheated in sturdy knee high boots with silver spurs attached to them that barely make a sound as she walks. The upper portion of her legs protected by ornate leather pants and removable plates of black and silver.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Oh. Dear. She purses her lips and nods slightly to Katherine. Eyes narrow, and she steps back a bit, away. Her stance remains polite, though. "You are, then, perhaps, an ally of Lord Aethilian's. My apologies...I think perhaps we should depart." She skitters her eyes to Dorian and Lyssa, hoping for but not expecting back-up, should it become necessary.

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan manages to keep a rather straight face on that reaction, staying quite calm. Not moving at the moment.

Lyssa Cloutier: *glances to Adele then looks to the sidhe woman (Katherine)*

Dorian Hobbs: *tilts her head first one way, then the other. blinks twice*

Fangwulf: *Elias seems... relatively unconcerned with the moment.* I think not, *he whispers to Adele.*

Katherine (PT) : She takes two measured steps towards Adele, her head tilted to the side as she regards the Sluagh. "I might be." she says with a slight air of menace to her voice and a smile pulling at the corner of her lips "So perhaps I should go to make sure this plays out to my satisfaction." Her gloved hand has not though moved towards her sword, merely resting at her side.

Dorian Hobbs: but are you? *chuckles softly* or, are you a rival?

Fangwulf: *He smiles faintly at something, and turns back to the shack.* I shall do a bit more research.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks at Elias, brow quirking...she had a fair idea of his alignment, but this was something quite different. Her gaze turns back to Katherine, regarding her a moment, the slightest of frowns. "Of course, Milady." Her shawl is drawn back into place over her shoulders with pale, spindly fingers, keeping it from slipping. "Shall we, then?"

Dorian Hobbs: *absently begins to hum Love Shack under her breath, bouncing in time to the music as if staying still is an utterly foreign concept....*

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Adele* The sooner we start, the sooner we can get this over with...

Morgan Beaumaris: ((Yikes, it's already 9:30 here and I can't stay up late tonight (Tuesdays are the worst for me). I'm going to have to bow out to this.))


Fangwulf: ((Arrrgh... sorry, Uk. I meant to start earlier but got called into evening work.))

Katherine (PT) : Katherine watches them moving away, that smile still upon her lips before turning back to Morgan who she quickly whispers to the other Sidhe, perhaps giving an order or just convering before she too follows along the little happy party.

Morgan Beaumaris: ((I know and understand *hugs*))

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan doesn't follow the rest of them, merely a nod to whatever Katherine has said to her, watching as the rest of them head off.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And onward she slips. Only when her face is away from the Ailil does she allow the momentary, deep frown to surface. ((Gone 2 Queens room))

Dorian Hobbs: ((mmrr. in addition to comp going periodically odd tonight, i also have a hideously early morning. so i'd best bow out as well instead of asking ya'll to drag along a hyper pesky critter. *winces* my apologies.))

Dorian Hobbs: *and she......hangs back with Morgan, lips pursed thoughtfully. unanswered questions and all of that*



Lyssa Cloutier: ((*appears*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Woot!))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Indeed))

Fangwulf: *The bus is the only way to travel. Or by Trod. Though the bus, this time.*

Samantha Stomps: ((Ya'll need a red cap with ya! *WEG*))

Katherine (PT): (no we don't! :) )

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Aw crap! Just kidding! I mean Yaay! *wink*)) *bored as heck on the trip, but is very glad the travel is over*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She seems perfectly comfortable taking the bus to the site in question...though the recent revelations, perhaps, cause her to draw herself a bit more inward then usual. As much as she commonly does so, it might be hard to notice the difference.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Yay, redcappy goodness! 'cause, y'know, Adele isn't uncomfortable enough... *EG*))

Fangwulf: *At least it's late night, so the trip is remarkably short. It's a quiet night into the dangerous side of town.*

Samantha Stomps: Keeps everyone on the bus entertained with her off key singing. "SITTIN' IN THE BACK OF THE BUS... SEARCHIN' FER A GUY BY THE NAME OF GUS... CAUSE I'M GONNA KICK HIS BUTT... NANANAAAAAA NANA NAAAA!"

Lyssa Cloutier: ((You mean there's a safe side? *G*)) *looks about during the ride, whilest exiting the bus & again at the station*

Samantha Stomps: Apparently the 'cap is in a good mood.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Okay, so maybe perfectly comfortable isn't the best way to put it. She winces at Samantha's singing, slender fingers placed to her temple. Lovely.

Katherine (PT): Katherine stays with the little group, watching Adele mostly as they travel along. The ... bus though is a terrible way to travel but she does her best not to let on her displeasure.

Samantha Stomps: Flicks out a knife and uses it more to sharpen her nails than pare them.

Fangwulf: *Mercifully short, then. It's a dark side of town, and not just to normal eyes. The fae eyes see the rat chimera that run the city, feasting on what used to be birds, big, red glowing eyes. The birds themselves frightening.*

Samantha Stomps: Shoves her way to the front so she can get out first. "Mmmm, should visit this part of town more often."

Lyssa Cloutier: *mentally remarks that she's glad she doesn't live in this part of town*

Samantha Stomps: If she'd known there were going to be rats, she'd have brought Baby along.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slowly rises...letting everyone else depart before she slips to the steps and down, using the handhold to balance her. A bit of paranoia has taken in. She looks at the rat chimera fondly for a moment, taking some comfort in them before she starts to search for the theater...or perhaps Rebekkah. A friendly face would be nice right now.

Katherine (PT): Katherine narrows her eyes at the Redcap as she pushes past them to get out first. At least she was an fool of a redcap and she smirks some as she waits for the others to disembark ahead of her.

Gargoylegrl: *Rebekkah,the one gone with them to help guide the way, the lightest cast of blue to her too pale sluagh skin that peeks from inside the warm cloak, keeps quiet...quite quiet.....fingers twitching the whole ride there on her lap, and once they get there eyes from behind small round sunglasses flit everywhere rather hand as she looks to the others rises to the oddly moving shadows about her shoulders within the hood of the cloak, her voice a soft papery whisper of a sound with the sweetness of charleston old south accent and propriety* its....thankfully not too far from heyah... *a glance and shiver given towards the direction theyre to go*

Samantha Stomps: Rubs her hands together, grinning evilly. "What's the plan?"

Lyssa Cloutier: *looks to Rebekkah & nods*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: That you lead the way and get crushed underneath a giant stone trap. That thought causes an almost fond smile to make it's way across Adele's face as she looks to the redcap. "We are to locate part of a key," she whispers to her.

Gargoylegrl -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: (heh, sorry, can just say she was 'that' quiet on the ride there and wasnt noticed*G* she has a habit of doing that)

Fangwulf: *The things hiss, and dart into the shadows. the click of mechanical spiders all around, the rustle of nightmares all around... and the site of the theater is something odd to behold. It should be light, a font of creativity. Instead... it is simply a wreck, both in the fae and mortal sense. The crooked sign that says "For Sale" is old, clearly it has been up for a while. The old marquee turned off, some of the bulbs broken.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Gargoylegrl: ((S'okie. *S*))

Samantha Stomps: She's certainly right at home amongst the nightmares, but she narrows her eyes at the theatre and scowls. "Let's hope something delicious is holding onto it."

Katherine (PT): Katherine moves along with them, looking at the two fae they picked up somewhere along the way off and on as she moves along. One gloved hand though remaining close to her sword before looking outwards to what else might be in the area.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her eyes turn to the theater, darkening, if that were possible. "Let us go," she murmurs, making her way toward the theater, hanging close to Rebekkah and Lyssa. Her hands lightly grip at her arms, shivering as if cold, as she slips forward.

Lyssa Cloutier: *sticks to walking with Adele, otherwise she's going to let the meat shield er traveling cohort go first*

Samantha Stomps: "Let the show begin." Heading towards the theatre. "Maybe we should divide up and cover all the exits so nothing can escape with the treasure."

Gargoylegrl: *leading them on the way her eyes dart everywhere, one hand constantly stroking or petting something in the shadows of that hood as if it gives comfort from whatevers ahead , once they reach the theatre a deep sigh let out as bony rail thin shoulders try to straighten,the shell of a place that probably used to be majestic once, a place of glory and glamour now only looking all the more dank dark and pitiful for the lack of it........letting adele slip forward first, almost looking shes none too eager to head closer let alone inside*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Onward she goes, up to the door...eyes scanning the vicinity almost a little nervously, before she moves to slip in, if the way is accessible.

Samantha Stomps: Looks at the gaggle of sheep, apparently expecting a reply. Maybe some frightened baaaing or something.

Samantha Stomps: Snorts as they head for the main entrance, and moves to circle around to one of the building's exits.

Lyssa Cloutier: *looks about while Adele goes to check the door*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((And 30 minute warning))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks at Samantha and then Katherine for a moment, before shaking her head. "I believe, all things considered, staying as one would be best," she murmurs. "Unless you were to disagree, Milady..."

Fangwulf: ((Okay, everyone's dropping like flies. did you want to pause and continue another day when it's impossible to get everyone together AGAIN?))

Gargoylegrl: (sorry bout that, here we go*G*) *an alley to one side leads towards the back where more than a few of those more than verminous looking chimerical rats head and gather(their red beady eyes reflective to whatever light comes their way), the front boarded where it can be, graffitied on many times over through the years, some even rotted and broken like some of the walls are here and there.....*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Long as it's not Thursday or Friday, I'm available any night.))

Katherine (PT): "No, I would not disagree." and she just watches Adele for a long moment.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Fine with me.))

Samantha Stomps: (Usually avail in the evenings.)

Fangwulf: ((Okay. Harper said Not Mondays or Wednesdays, Uktena's bad nights are Tuesdays... must everyone be difficult?))

Gargoylegrl: *samantha heading through the alley then as she circles around, the rats dont really scatter as much as ease back with narrowed eyes.......adele finds ways for herself to slip through the boards, with some difficulty and wedging about, but for hte most part not the easiest way to go* (shall I pause here then or keep going for a bit?)

Fangwulf: ((Pause here - we're losing players.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((If a special occasion is made, I can do Thursday...and I believe I can do this Friday, as I have no TT.))

Katherine (PT): (Um, I'm pretty easy this week)

Lyssa Cloutier: ((I can try to make evenings, it's just that lately I have been able to get online in the afternoon. I pretty much need to say "Okay I need the computer available at this time & date"))

Fangwulf: ((Eesh... yick. Sorry. Okay. So, Friday night? I have my long day so again we'll have to start late.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((As far as I know, Friday night should be fine with me))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Friday works on my part. If I can't make it for some reason, you can go without me...Adele can be worked to have become too uncomofrtable with Katherine pass the papers onto Lyssa or Dorian. But I ~should~ be there.))