Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((First Post!))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Rawr))!

Kurt Samson: [Third post. Boo-yah.]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Anyone who needs a recap:

Samantha Stomps: (snags color)

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Mew.))

Fangwulf: ((We're missing Fern and Helah. Though Nessa asked me to write Helah out should any emergency arise. I pinged Fern's player to let him know where we were.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Okie do.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Yikes. That track hurt my ears))

Samantha Stomps: Sam + Hella = reCAP

Fangwulf: *So, for a recap - Red-haired sidhe told you to go into the Dreaming, and you did, to fetch a sword. Kurt was given the sheath to hold said sword. You fought cannibalistic puffins, and then were approached by a one-eyed sidhe with control issues. Pointing guns. You are not walking on the silver path towards her encampment.*

Fangwulf: *Not=now.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Thought as much ^_^))

Fangwulf: *And the one-eyed sidhe has not introduced herself. She walks with an easy gait, forwards. She does not have the sword on her.*

Samantha Stomps: Brings up the rear, picking puffin feathers from her teeth and tucking them in her mohawk.

Lyssa Cloutier: *trudges along, at some point in the middle of the line*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She walks along, near the front of the group. If Kurt takes the lead, she lets him...otherwise, she is afraid, it falls on her. And as much as she would hate to, she shall.

Kurt Samson: Kurt takes the lead because, well, it seems like a good idea at the time. He looks quizzically at the unnamed Sidhe. "What's yer name?" He figures that it'd be polite for her to introduce herself.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Then in second place she walks.

Lyssa Cloutier: *and third she goes*

Fangwulf: *She stops. A turn of her head so her good eye can take in the satyr.* Jacqueline ap Liam. *No title, a simple name.*

Samantha Stomps: "Jackie the Lime."

Fangwulf: Another word from you, Redcap, and your tongue will be cut out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A brow goes up. A Liam. She inclines her head to Jacqueline. "A pleasure, Milady," she whispers. A pleasure, after being accosted and surrounded by guards? Hard to tell if she's being serious or not...she's not obvious about it, either way.

Kurt Samson: "Kurt Samson." He lacks house and title. He's all common like that. "What's yer take on th'whole sitation?"

Samantha Stomps: Snaps her teeth at fairy. "Try it."

Lyssa Cloutier: *just keeps silent*

Fangwulf: There will be no trying. *An angry look, but she simply walks forward, along the silver path. A couple of the birds hop along, but away from the group. Maybe they're learning too fast.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She grits her teeth. Redcaps. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton," she offers Jacqueline by way of introduction.

Samantha Stomps: "Didn't think so," she smirks.

Fangwulf: *She walks towards the fire. Of course, in the distance, the fire seems to swivel in different directions, as the Dreaming recreates itself to create and lose pieces of itself. She doesn't speak any more simply listens to the introductions.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *eyes the birds hopping along, but keeping their distance... just in case they get brave enough to approach*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She travels along in silence, gliding over the snow behind Kurt with light steps, eyes ever observant.

Samantha Stomps: Hopes the birds get closer. She could use another snack.

Fangwulf: *The camp slowly becomes visible. The walk seems, perhaps, farther than it actually should be.* ((Gimme stamina rolls peeps.))

Samantha Stomps: And the Lime looks like it would taste bitter.

Kurt Samson: d10: stamina: 2,8,7,8,

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Stamina: 8,3,5,

Samantha Stomps: d10: : 9,9,4,

Kurt Samson: The walk doesn't really bother him at all, so mighty is he.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Stamina: 9,5,

Fern Hayley: [Dah!]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Yay!))

Fern Hayley: d10: sta: 5,8,6,3,

Fangwulf: ((roll me stamina, Fern-p? And welcome!))

Fangwulf: *Everyone seems to make it okay to the encampment. It is rather small, really. Seven tents scattered, three bonfires (don't get any ideas, Kurt.)*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Woot! Bonfires!)) *looks about the encampment & shrugs a tiny bit*

Fern Hayley: *Arms crossed as they walk into the encampment. Maybe she should have worn something just a teeny bit warmer*

Kurt Samson: Those are fires for a purpose. He doesn't extinguish every fire.

Samantha Stomps: Runs her tongue along her teeth. Only seven tents? Chuckles.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She's still quiet, watching everything as she approaches, right behind Jacqueline and Kurt. A glance around, for others who weren't with them, holding them at bow-point.

Fangwulf: *There seems to be very few outside, as the flames flicker, dance with the wind. A satyr plays to one to keep it alive. One can almost see a ghostly apparition within it, a fiery chimera. A couple others, a satyr, and a sidhe, stand at the ready with bows. In case of attack, of course. There is one tent, that looks blood-smeared in the flickering firelight. One can see the brief shadows of figures laying down, and another standing up, working diligently over their still frames.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Brief nods to those in the camp within visual range...ever polite. She looks to Jacqueline, to lead them onward to a spot.

Lyssa Cloutier: *she grimaces briefly at the site of the medical tent (or what she's deemed the medical tent) & quickly focuses on the other tents, other soldiers & finally to the Pointy Ears ap Liam*

Fangwulf: *She nods, and leads them towards a tent, two to the left of the bloodied one. Flipping over the flap leads to a much larger enclosure than should be possible. And warmth.*

Samantha Stomps: Pops a hand on the canvas of the bloody tent in passing. *WHOMP!*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Ooh, warmth. She shivers as she enters, the sudden heat making her realize just how cold she was. Not like the pale wisp of a woman dressed overly much. She looks up at Kurt, nodding slightly, acceding the opening remark to him.

Lyssa Cloutier: *following Adele, she enters the tent*

Fangwulf: *Amazingly enough, Sam finds that the side of the tent hurts her hand, hitting it too hard.*

Kurt Samson: He heads inside, hands in his pockets. "So, what's th'deal?"

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*cackle*))

Fern Hayley: *Rubs her arms as they step into the warmth* So, then...

Lyssa Cloutier: *lets them do the talking*

Samantha Stomps: Shakes her hand. She knew there was a cap in there. The blood tells all.

Fangwulf: *There is no fire, but it is blocking the harsh winds. The archers stay outside, along with the satyr tending to the fires. Jacqueline enters. there are cushions more than chairs, the entire layout done in burgundies and golds. It looks almost Indian in the style. An odd choice for the warrior Sidhe. Her weapon of choice seems to be the gun, gaguing from the table with the floating tools of destruction. On the far end of the tent, there lies a blade, a jagged edge along one side, the other side straight. the hilt seems wrapped in black leather, and small silvered tendrils float from between the leather winding.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Perhaps she should have done the talking.

Lyssa Cloutier: *raises an eyebrow at the blade's design. Well that's interesting. Perhaps one side is meant to act as a sword breaker? she muses to herself*

Fangwulf: *Her head swivels towards the blade.* That is what you were looking for. The blood-haired one used it against my men.

Kurt Samson: "Y'mean th'sexy redhead back at th'bar? Th' guy whose name begins with 'A'?" He didn't remember much aside from that.

Fangwulf: Aethilian Marcona ap Ailil, *she says calmly.* A foul creature.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Aethilian," she murmurs.

Lyssa Cloutier: *lips purse& brow furrows a mere smidgeon as she thinks a moment*

Kurt Samson: He opens his mouth to speak and then promptly shuts it for a moment. "He...seemed so nice.."

Samantha Stomps: "I knew we should have dragged sissy pants along with us."

Fern Hayley: *Listens, looking between the speakers* [*Quests for afrin*]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Milady ap Liam," she whisper, looking to the one-eyed sidhe. "What exactly transpired between your people and Aethilian? He presented himself as a Squire of House Gwydion."

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods*

Fangwulf: He came to our encampment with a story of how he had been attacked by the birds outside. We keep them at bay with the fires. The birds seem wary of it, but it will only be so long until they grow unafraid of them. So we allowed his company providing he would help. In return for our kindness, he stole my pendant, changed my form to try to shame me, killed three of my people, and ran.

Lyssa Cloutier: *raises an eyebrow*

Samantha Stomps: Shoves to the fore and reaches for the sword. "Well, this is what we're for."

Fangwulf: Hardly the behaviour of a Gwydion.

Kurt Samson: His eyes narrow a little, hands curling into fists. "I hate bein' taken fer a fool." He curses lowly and shakes his head before looking up at Samantha. "Leave it."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course not," she says to Jacqueline. When Sam reaches for the sword, she merely steps away. Ready to let the idiot redcap die. She just doesn't want any blood on her.

Fangwulf: *Oddly enough, the silver tendrils seem to blow in a wind towards Sam's approaching hand.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *the palm of her hand meets her forehead with a resounding smack* Oi...

Samantha Stomps: Pff. Wind. She farts bigger than that.

Fern Hayley: Ya might want to watch out with that thing. It might make you cut off your own head. And that would make a big mess.

Fangwulf: ((Let me know if Sam touches the blade's hilt.))

Samantha Stomps: She's a cap. Of course she's gonna grab it.

Fangwulf: ((Sam, make a Dex+Ath roll for me.))

Samantha Stomps: It would looks so good in her collection.

Samantha Stomps: d10: : 5,4,9,2,6,6,

Fangwulf: ((And a Wits for me, diff 5.))

Lyssa Cloutier: *watches Samantha. They did come here for the sword after all, but it probably would have been better to wait to see if Jackie would hand it over. But shrugs to herself*

Kurt Samson: He just sort of does a face-palm.

Samantha Stomps: (wp)

Samantha Stomps: d10: : 9,1,9,

Fangwulf: *The silver tendrils look incredibly sharp, and instinct cause Sam to yank her hand back, before the tendrils attempt to pin her hand to the hilt. Sharpening, digging into the hilt itself. An almost keening cry lets loose from... something, and they continue to blow in the wind.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *blinks. yipes* Better her than me *blinks some more*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Well. That was interesting. She looks at Samantha, her face darkening just a bit in annoyance. "Well done."

Kurt Samson: "Told her to leave it." He winces.

Samantha Stomps: "Any of you furballs carry a gauntlet?"

Fangwulf: *Jacqueline watches it.* This is why I need the sheath.

Fern Hayley: *In her best "TIm the Enchanter" voice* I warned yew!

Lyssa Cloutier: *looks to Jackie* I think it's reason why anyone would need the sheath. Or a long pair of tongs.

Kurt Samson: "What're ya plannin' t'do with the sheath an' sword?"

Fangwulf: I am planning to lure him back here for an exchange, to get what is mine back. Of course.

Fangwulf: And we have tried the metal glove route. It flowed through the metal, and we had to cut Henrik's hand off to get them to release.

Samantha Stomps: Saunters up close to the Lime. "So? You a guy under them tits?"

Lyssa Cloutier: And what of yours did he acquire? 'Cause I have a feeling he's not above having someone else do his dirty work for him. *"Though that's exactly what we're sort of doing" she mentally adds*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Hmmm. Too bad Samantha jerked back. She might be more well-behaved with one hand. "And, as you are the rightful owner, Milady, you are of course due what is yours."

Samantha Stomps: "Yeah? Why didn't Henrik just let it be a part of him?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "She means the sheath, I believe," she murmurs to Lyssa.

Samantha Stomps: "Now how the hell do you know she-male here isn't the one regurgitatin' camel dung?"

Fangwulf: *She glares at the Redcap with scathing malice.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *shrugs at Adele*

Fangwulf: My pendant. It was a gift from my father.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ah, yes." She nods apologetically to Jacqueline. Samantha's question draws no comment, not even a look.

Samantha Stomps: Seems the cap is used to scathing malice. She gives the Lime a toothy grin.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((All this talk of lime is making me hungry))

Fern Hayley: Well, it's a reasonable question. *Looking from Sam to Jaques, er, whoever* Getting tugged back and forth by the curlies isn't fun when it's this cold out, you know?

Samantha Stomps: "First ya do what one Lord Shithe says, now yer gonna do what another says. You crook shank flea ridden carpets just flutter whatever way the wind blows, doncha?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She sighs a little bit, looking between Fern and Samantha.

Lyssa Cloutier: We're screwed regardless *she states plainly to Sam*

Fangwulf: You give me the sheath, and this can end. I can gain my pendant back, and I will lead you back to the pub.

Kurt Samson: [Sorry, guys, work called!]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Bad work! No biscuit!))

Kurt Samson: He looks at the sheath for a moment and then at the eye-patched one. "I believe her."

Samantha Stomps: "An now it wants to lead us. Sorry bit of a bribe there Limey."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Milady ap Liam," she murmurs, looking to the woman. "if you would allow us to return to the pub alone, perhaps we could do what you intended. Lure the Ailil back here for you to defeat in an environment more familiar to you."

Fangwulf: ((You can go ahead and roll Wits+Subterfuge if you want, Kurt-p.))

Fangwulf: It is a dangerous trek back the way you came. The best route is to circle back. I can show you how if you will give me the sheath.

Lyssa Cloutier: *Lyssa, on the other hand, looks considerably dubious about the entire Sidhe, though perhaps not as much as Sam*

Samantha Stomps: Kurt> "And what grand epiphany leads you to this conclusion? Cuz she's here and that sissy pants whiner ain't. Who ya gonna believe when yer in front of him again? The other end o' them horns curling into your brain, pucker rug?"

Kurt Samson: d10: wits+subterfuge: 5,6,4,9,

Fangwulf: ((As a matter of fact, anyone who wants to can roll Wits+Subterfuge.))

Samantha Stomps: "Ya gonna tuck yer tail inside yer butt over a few chickadees that belong between two slices?"

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Wits+Subterfuge: 8,7,2,5,7,8,4,

Fern Hayley: d10: Wits sub: 4,1,

Samantha Stomps: d10: wits no sub: 2,4,6,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Be silent," she murmurs to Samantha. No one here has any skill at subtlety or intrigue, apparently. "Milady...if we return without the sheath, Aethilion will know we gave it over. The ruse will be foiled to lure him out to you."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Wits+Subt: 2,4,9,1,3,6,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Wits+Subt: 2,4,9,1,3,6,

Fern Hayley: [I'm beginning to understand why some people just don't bother with dice... O_o ]

Samantha Stomps: (Who needs subterfuge when you have teeth like a megamouth shark?)

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*cackle, bites tongue*))

Samantha Stomps: "Is the veal muttering over there?"

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((you're pretty sure she's not lying.))

Lyssa Cloutier: *and lets out a sigh & slowly nods* Adele does have a point however. If we return empty-handed Aethilion will suspect something. If we return with just the sheath we can tell him that we needed to regroup. Or something.

Fangwulf: Perhaps, but... I do not wish to leave the safety of the Dreaming. Here, it is safe.

Kurt Samson: He scratches his head. "Look, she ain't lyin' an' I don't want this kinda thing in th'hands of someone who's evil."

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods once more in agreement* True, that. *if you count killer birds safe*

Samantha Stomps: Snorts. "How about I rough ya all up and you tell him bikini breath here whooped yer sorry tails?"

Samantha Stomps: *CRACK* go her knuckles. *CRACKLE* goes the other set.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Do you not understand two-syllable words?" She shoots Samantha a look. "No. Noise." The redcap is truly trying her patience. She looks to Jacqueline. "And if you merely show us the way, we can get there without you coming with. And lure him back. You need not come the whole way, Milady."

Fangwulf: ((*snap* *crackle* *pop* Riiiice knuckles.)) *She looks around.* Though the sluagh is correct. If you return empty handed, he will know something has happened.

Lyssa Cloutier: *looks to Sam* You could always go back if you don't want to deal with this. But Kurt's right in that she's being honest. Almost like she can't lie. Otherewise I normally could care less what the sidhe do to & with each other. You're call if you wanna ride this through or not.

Fern Hayley: [you know that the megamouth shark is toothless, right? *G*] *She winces, reaching up to rub between her horns*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*giggle*))

Samantha Stomps: "You know any two syllable words?"

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Hmm. I used the wrong one. It should be your, not you're))

Kurt Samson: "Unfortunately, I can't really go back an' give him a whuppin' fer givin' me th'run around." Though, it is really tempting. "How ' I've never been good at this plottin' thing."

Samantha Stomps: ((The dino one. *c* You're thinking of a whale shark.)) "You can depend on me ta do whatever the hell I want," she smirks at Lyssa.

Lyssa Cloutier: *plots with Kurt*

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods once to Samantha*

Samantha Stomps: "I say we whoop his ass and take the sheath."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The curse of the Sluagh. Not being able to shout so that people actually have to pay attention to you and your plotting ideas. She sighs. "We have the sheath. We need the pendant. Do try to listen, please."

Lyssa Cloutier: *she was going to bring that point up, but Adele beat her to it*

Kurt Samson: "Kick his ass to get the pendant?"

Samantha Stomps: "Sheathe, pendant. It's about whoopin ass, not shoppin for jewelry."

Fern Hayley: [Megalodon. Get your lapitids right! *Snicker* Megamouth eats plankton like whale and basking sharks. */ooc*]

Fern Hayley: *Rub, rub... Opens the first-aid kit they brought along to look for aspirin...*

Samantha Stomps: ((That's the one! Listen what I'm imagining, not what I'm typing. *G*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Heh heh heh))

Fangwulf: *The first aid kit is quite helpful in having the aspirin bottle leap down her cleavage.*

Lyssa Cloutier: Hmm. There's a possibility he might not have the pendant on him. But there's really only one way to find out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Int+Alert to remember if he was wearing it, perchance?))

Fangwulf: ((Go ahead, roll it.))

Fern Hayley: *She sighs, looking down the front of her blouse* It's my head that hurts...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Int+Alert: 4,7,1,1,10,3,7,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((You like to think that you would remember a necklace being around his neck. But there was none.))

Samantha Stomps: Saunters over to Kurt and throws a burly arm across his shoulders, her fetid breath hot along his cheek. "Maybe he's hidin it in his underdrawers. I know you got a hard on for him." *WEG* (And I do mean WIDE)

Fangwulf: Hey, mine too baby, I just know a quick cure for it. *The first aid kit sniggers.*

Kurt Samson: He tenses as Samantha wraps her arm around his shoulders. "Get yer arm offa me." Slowly, just to keep his cool.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She sighs. "Most likely, it is hidden on his person. He did seem to have just arrived from here...though he could have always gone somewhere else and hidden it away first."

Fangwulf: It isn't safe for the Sword and Sheath to be separate, *she says tersely.*

Samantha Stomps: Hugs him tighter. "You sure you're a tail humpin bunny goat? Ya look like a unicorn ta me."

Fern Hayley: *Mutters about Nockers. And knockers, as she digs for the aspirin. Bitch mutter grumble*

Samantha Stomps: Lets him go to look at the Lime. "Guess we'll hafta take the sword with us then."

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Adele & a nod to Jackie* Well we have to think of something. We could improvise things soon as we get him.

Kurt Samson: He closes his eyes, just trying to ignore that he's got a Redcap clinging to him. "Well, we can't exactly, yanno, go back without th'sheath..d'ya trust me t'have both?"

Fangwulf: *She pauses.* Let me send one of my men with you.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A grateful nod to Jacquline. "Most gracious of you, Milady."

Samantha Stomps: "Let's bring Lefty along."

Fangwulf: It's the only way I will let the sword out of my sight, *she informs Adele, in a way that makes it clear this is no favour.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course."

Samantha Stomps: "Or better yet, we can throw the Lime here in drag." Ponders over the difficulty of what exactly would be in drag for a she-male.

Fangwulf: *She looks over to Samantha.* Henrik must be re-mended here. However.

Fern Hayley: *Devours a pair of aspirin, before putting the lid back on the perv-box, looking to her companions* So we're going to punch Prince poofypants in the noggin and rummage his person for jewelry?

Kurt Samson: "Would he recognize 'em?"

Lyssa Cloutier: Fern>> Sure. Why not? *shrugs a bit*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I thought we were going to lure him back so that Lady ap Liam could claim what was rightfully hers."

Fern Hayley: Lyssa: I dunno, I figure one of you probably had a better idea. I was chasing pills through my bosom.

Samantha Stomps: Happily rubs her big hands together. A happy redcap is a frightening sight. Vile green eyes glowing brightly. "That's the plan, sugar pants."

Lyssa Cloutier: Adele & Fern>> We may have ot play it by ear. Anyhoo... *looks to Kurt & Jackie*

Kurt Samson: "Nah, we're goin' fer th'bashin' solution."

Samantha Stomps: "EarS. I need a new necklace."

Samantha Stomps: Flips out an ornate dagger, gives it a twirl and stuffs it back in her belt. "Yeah. Ears."

Kurt Samson: "We ain't gonna go fer th'ears. That's jus' unnecessary. Jus' bonk him an' knock him out t'get th'pendant."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shrugs, conceding the point. Let them hit the noble.

Lyssa Cloutier: Well let's get this thing over with

Fangwulf: *She looks over to the sword.* Let us put the sword into the sheath here.

Samantha Stomps: "Ears." A dark look at the squeemish symbol for Satan. Lucifer.. or Luci as she thinks of the fag, has got ta be wimp to be symbolized by a fuzzy balled bag o' veal. She turns to see how the Lime is going to go about that.

Kurt Samson: With the sheath, he makes his way over to the sword. "Let's give it a go." He's not going to argue with Samantha right now.

Lyssa Cloutier: *watches Kurt*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She remains quiet, watching, ready to go as soon as the others are.

Fangwulf: *It seems that Samantha is being ignored. Quite thoroughly. The one-eyed focus on the sheath as it approaches the sword.* Slide it from the tip, *she says calmly.* Do not touch the sword, satyr.

Kurt Samson: "Th'name's Kurt." He quietly corrects as he starts work on trying to get the sword resheathed.

Samantha Stomps: Pounds Kurt on the back. "Good job, Thumper."

Fern Hayley: [I'm real sorry guys, but I am so not with it. I'm gonna lay down. *sigh*]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*pets* It's okay. You get some rest. Good night to you))

Kurt Samson: [Rest well!]

Fangwulf: ((S'all good... thanks for hopping in.))

Samantha Stomps: ((Take it easy))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*Hugs*))

Fangwulf: *She nods.* Fallian will lead you out. The satyr archer to your left. He will follow in the shadows with the Gifts the Dreaming has granted us with.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Jackie*

Samantha Stomps: More venison. *Rolls her eyes.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Understood." She nods to Jacqueline, and makes ready to leave.

Fangwulf: I would suggest going with the sluagh's plan, as he is a far more competent fighter than you seem to think. But each of you has your own mindset.

Kurt Samson: "Shut it, Redcap." He grumbles as he straightens. "All right, let's go kick some butt."

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods again to Jackie*

Fangwulf: Hold it firmly by the sheath, *she says calmly.* Do not draw or touch the blade.

Samantha Stomps: Eyes the scrawny little shade with interest.

Kurt Samson: "I don't wanna lose a hand..I may need it later.." A half-smile as he holds the sheath tightly.

Samantha Stomps: Gapes her jaws wide enough to swallow Kurt's head. The one on his shoulders. It's easy to imagine she might be able to dislocate her jaw and swallow an entire person like a serpent.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She glares at Samantha, not amused by her antics.

Samantha Stomps: Flickers out a thick, gray, slimy, forked tongue.

Fangwulf: *She pauses.* If you need reach me again, in the train yard, there is one of Miss Adele's kind. In a small shack meant for nightmares. Ask for Elias. He will offer you shelter if you simply say the One Eyed of the Liam sent you. He owes me a favour.

Lyssa Cloutier: *raises an eyebrow at Samantha then looks to Jackie when she speaks*

Kurt Samson: "Thanks. Yanno, yer house gets a bad rap fer no reason." See? He's ignoring Samantha. He's so good like that. "We'll get yer pendant back fer ya. Never ya fear."

Samantha Stomps: "One eyed willie. Gotcha."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A quirked eyebrow of interest at this place in the train yard. "Thank you, Milady."

Fangwulf: *She nods once.* Move quickly. South, the path loops around. you will see a tree that does not belong in this time. Blooming with cherry blossoms. At the base you will find your exit.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Jackie* South the path loops. We look for a blooming cherry tree for our way out... Gotcha.

Samantha Stomps: Kurt> "You can pick yerself a bouquet fer yer new bride ta be there, hairy."

Fangwulf: *The camp remains the way that it is. She flips back the flap to the tent, and it appears no time has passed.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *exits the tent along with the others*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She makes her way out of the tent and into the camp. Kurt is leading the way...and she will be behind him.

Samantha Stomps: Stomps out of the tent, moving up to walk beside the scrawny shade, giving her a wink.

Fangwulf: ((Per+Alert?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert: 7,3,10,7,10,7,

Samantha Stomps: d10: : 9,10,4,3,9,6,

Samantha Stomps: ((And the nightmares have it in spades. *g*))

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Per+Alert: 10,5,8,10,4,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Oh now I get 10s.))

Kurt Samson: d10: per+alert: 5,2,8,8,

Fangwulf: *It doesn't seem to matter WHAT Kurt sees... Adele's Godlike vision, followed up by Sam's near God-like vision, with Lyssa seeing everything else... okay, this is the most AWARE group of Changelings in the Dreaming. Ever. They all see the path, and Adele can near see the tree amidst the swirling mists and snow.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*cackle*))

Kurt Samson: Well, looks like they aren't going to get lost forever. Awesome.

Samantha Stomps: "Whaddaya say we build a snowman?"

Fangwulf: *Never, at all. Even with Kurt leading the way, Adele seems to be pushing him in the right direction.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She points it out to Kurt, leaning in so she can be heard. "Up ahead. There is the tree."

Kurt Samson: He nods a little. "I can see it." He probably can't, but he's a man and will never admit to being really lost..most of the time.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods slightly and follows behind, directing the satyr along the whole way. More ignoring of Samantha.

Samantha Stomps: Stomps through the snow, leaving huge footprints in her wake.

Lyssa Cloutier: *follows along, in place after Adele*

Fangwulf: *The slight chirps are in the background. The little birds hopping in the distance, watching curiously. So cute, they are! What with the blood on their little beaks.*

Samantha Stomps: "Here birdie birdie birdie."

Fangwulf: *The walk, of course, never seems as far as it actually is. Or farther. It's confusing, really. But the tree is clear. Leaning, as if about to fall over in the wind. Roots worming out of the ground. One seems to form a finger, with almost a crooked "come hither" movement.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over her shoulder at the birds, then back ahead. Moving toward the come-hither tree.

Lyssa Cloutier: *ignore the birds. There's the tree. okay at least make sure they don't get too brave*

Kurt Samson: He really wants to beat Samantha. The last thing they really need is to be attacked by the little birds again. "I wonder how much farther it is.."

Samantha Stomps: "Hey Thumper? Got wood?" *G*

Fangwulf: *Where the tree is bent, there does seem to be one of those familiar rips in reality.*

Lyssa Cloutier: Whew... *upon seeing the familiar rip* Just a little more to go...

Samantha Stomps: What the hell are they waiting for? She gives Kurt a shove from behind. "Get in there, ya cloven assed tail puller."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She sighs a little in relief...the sooner they can get there, the sooner she can be away from the foul redcap. And she heads along.

Fangwulf: *The chirps DO grow a bit louder, antsy, as the little things hop forward. Only there seem to be... a lot more of the chirps.*

Kurt Samson: "Shut up." He's already heading for the rip because he doesn't want to deal with the chirping birdies. And off he goes.

Samantha Stomps: "Shut up," she mimics in a girlie tone.

Fangwulf: *It easily stretches, like a very large rubber band, for the trod to open. One can see the hallway with the colorcoded doors. The second floor of the Inn.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And she's right behind Kurt, into the rip.

Lyssa Cloutier: *and follows Adele through*

Fangwulf: *It's clear, any other words are cut off by the chirping. Almost a cheery noise. Loud, a LOT of them.*

Samantha Stomps: All but hustles the others through ahead of her, greedily eyeing the little birdies like they were chicken tenders, then stepping through last.

Fangwulf: *It seems that the birds can't get through, as they try to bodily throw themselves at the portal. Of course Fern gets through before that as well.*

Lyssa Cloutier: I hate those birds. Mostly because they're annoying *said dully while brushing herself off* Now let's get that pendant.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks around the second floor, relieved to be away from the birds, and hopefully from Samantha soon. She nods to Lyssa. "Agreed."

Fangwulf: ((Let's go to Dawson's...))

Samantha Stomps: Sucks her teeth and makes a loud smacking sound.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*Off2Dawsons))

Samantha Stomps: (hops)



Fangwulf: ((Now, here's the problem. Because you all decided to track down Aethilian, we DO need to wait for the non-Dreaming people as well.))

Kurt Samson: [Ta da]

Kurt Samson: [Oh.]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Figured as much.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Alrighty))

Fangwulf: ((So we can either pause, you can make this a plot-session and we can continue later; you will still be able to play your regularly scheduled characters, this will simply become an ongoing plot.))

Samantha Stomps: ((Do we pause or does someone want to challenge the wookie...err...'cap to a game of chess?))

Fangwulf: ((OR... you can all show up for Saturday's game as well, and we can see what we can get done.))

Samantha Stomps: ((Fangie is fast. *S*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Well I am starting to feel a little headachey.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Will be there for Saturday, likely one way or another.))

Kurt Samson: [I'll prob'ly be around on Saturday provided people IRL don't schedule social things.]

Fangwulf: ((NP... we'll do the Saturday thing, whoever can make it, can make it... it will be assumed that information is passed through Amelia... Adele can check out the Train Yard... anything you want to take care of. Before we move on to a save point and hear the main boss music.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*ques One Winged Angel* Opps. My bad. *G*))

Fangwulf: ((All right! So Badger can go collapse, brief question - what did your character learn from all this?))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Hmm. *thinks*))

Samantha Stomps: ((Sidhe suck ass.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Sometimes it's just best to let the Redcap get maimed? *cackles* Just kidding))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((That some sidhe are more annoying than others.))

Samantha Stomps: ((*L*))

Kurt Samson: [Try to find some form of Redcap-proof duct tape for gagging purposes? Or a really good ball-gag...]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Besides that she despises Redcaps? *Grins and hugs Samantha* The obvious. Don't believe everything you hear. Birds are to be avoided. And far too many people are willing to hit nobles...better to stand out by not doing so.))

Samantha Stomps: ((Ball gags... Yum! Snaps Kurt with rubberband.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*nods* Yeah. Jackie confirmed that there's more to this sword & pendant shit than what's been let on))

Samantha Stomps: ((Never travel with rugs unless you skin 'em first.))

Fangwulf: ((Not stuff Sam knew BEFORE.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Which is something Lyssa's suspected since Aether-what's-his-nut arrived on scene.))

Kurt Samson: [All right, now that we've finished things for a bit. I'm going to go do some worky-type things. So, if you need me, ping me. ICQ-293686910]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((G'night Kurt))

Samantha Stomps: ((Oooooh. That there's a sword missing from her collection.))

Kurt Samson: [*salutes*]