Erik Mansfield -PT-: He walks along, motorcycle jacket done up, hands at his sides a single earphone in place, glancing around, he'd been meaning to check this place out for a while, had been on the to do list, he'd just never got round to doing it.

Erik is a teenager and obviously so, he wears a black motorcycle jacket and baggy black jeans, the jacket when open will displays a band shirt of one band or another in the heavy rock and metal selection of the genre. He wears bulky steel toed combat boots and around his waist posted through the belt hooks is a chain wrapped twice around and hanging loose at either end. His light brown hair is cut to about a centimetre in length and he has narrow hassle eyes, his skin is neither particularly tanned nor pail. He is fairly well built for his age, when not otherwise occupied (and even sometimes when he is) he has a tendency to glance round and you always feel like he notices you, like he notices everything. His hands are usually bare and never in his pockets, except for on occasion to skip the track on the mp3 player he has stored there evidenced by the wire leading up to a headphone in his right ear (he only ever has the one in).

Elias: (( *He sits on a bench, tossing crumbs to the rats with wings, once again. Dark eyes watch them. Perhaps he's too skinny, too pale, but he's just some goth kid, right? Greasy, long black hair barely touching his shoulders. His fingers look a bit too long. His clothing, completely black. Ayep. Just some goth kid.* ((PM if Fae or Enchanted.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She makes her way along the paths of the park, shifting the single strap of her backpack that rests over her shoulder. The slim goth woman has chosen a peaked Victorian-era brocade crimson corset, with an ebony organza skirt. No jacket tonight...her shoulders are bare, but for the backpack strap. She smokes as she walks, the sweet curling smell of the glove wafting along.

The best thing to describe Adele would be “quiet academic.” The girl is tall and thin, almost to the point of being willowy, with long limbs and elegant curves. Dark haired, pale, she is a shocking sort of quiet, like something that prefers to hide in the dark corners of the library, reading Edgar Allen Poe or Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her hair is shoulder length, left to flow free over her shoulders in an ebony wave, complementing dark eyes in a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always strangely calm and confident, if bookish, expression. Her choice of clothes tends toward a toned-down gothic ware, more of a Romantic style; corsets with jackets, long skirts, flowing tops, and the like, with the occasional casual day involving more brash T-Shirts. A pair of reading glasses, subtle and unobtrusive, rest on her delicate nose. ((PM if Fae or Enchanted))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Elias: ((Am Fae or Enchanted. You knew that, though. *G*))

Erik Mansfield -PT-: d10: Per Alert: 7,9,9,3,2,

Elias: d10: per+alert (AbilApp): 8,6,4,4,1,1,5,

Elias -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((He's a sluagh! Surprise. but of course you knew that.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: <--Lemming.Per+Alert: 9,5,7,2,4,7,

Erik Mansfield -PT-: Notes the goths in the vercinity, a slight bobbing of his head to the music, hadn't thought of this place as being quite so attractive to the gots, hmm, perhaps he should get alan to shift some this way.

Elias: *he barely notes the world around him, as a pigeon attempts to nip his hand. He hisses at it, momentarily, and flicks the remainder of the crumbs to the ground.*

Erik Mansfield -PT-: A curious look, unusual behaviour, he unhooks the earphone from his ear hooking it over his ear so it dangles by the cord.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Ooh, yeah. Forgot to note that...Abil. Aptitude, too. *S*)) She looks around, noting...well, a lot of things. Erik gets a note of interest, before her eyes are drawn to Elias. She pauses, watching him a moment, before she approaches, offering the goth kid a grateful nod. "Good evening," she murmurs.

Elias: *He looks up, and he covers his hand with the other. Perhaps he's bleeding. If he's truly goth, he prefers it that way. He watches her for a moment.* Hello, *he says, equally softly, almost a rasp.*

Elias: *And with his head raised, he too notes the approaching boy, who he watches suspiciously.*

Felisa Espinosa: Won't be long now...
She's humming a little tune, walking briskly in the dark, with the occasional streetlight to suddenly show her presence. Same old gal, with a Camel in her mouth, a spring in her step, and a strange look on her face. She was enjoying this night, things were coming along slow but they were coming along at least; before she met a certain someone life was firmly in the camp of Quiet Desperation. Now though, things were different... and things would get much more different soon enough.

Erik Mansfield -PT-: A hand moves into his pocket for a moment but emerges a second later still empty moving back to his side he glances around again, it was dark after all, can't be too careful, and a head start in open areas always worked better.

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 6,7,1,4,2,

Erik Mansfield -PT-: d10: Per Alert: 4,10,5,3,9,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over her shoulder to Erik, then back to Elias. "May I join you?" she asks, gesturing to the spot on the bench next to Elias.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert (Abil Apt): 7,4,6,4,9,8,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Felisa's entrance is noticed, but not acknowledged.

Elias: Of course, *he whispers, raggedly.* This place is a free area. I believe.

Erik Mansfield -PT-: The glance seems to satisfy his security to his mind, a nod is given to felisa, but it's barley notable, he takes a few steps off the path and jumps up shifting and perching into a branch in a tree.

Felisa Espinosa: She's pretty oblivious to things so far, and with the thoughts on her mind who would blame her, really, for being that way? The woman had a lot on her mind tonight. There were things to remember, plans to consider...
She wondered what it would be like.
Felisa stopped at a streetlight, stood under it and had a look around. The cigartette was replaced by a sizable joint.

Erik Mansfield -PT-: d10: Dex Athletics: 2,6,7,7,4,7,

Erik Mansfield -PT-: A fairly high branch at that, giving him a nice vantage point view of the park.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles faintly, offering a slight curtsey to Elias. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton," she quietly intones. "A pleasure."

Elias: Elias, *he says. No second name, but he lowers his head respectfully, almost politely, really.* The pleasure, I assure you, is all mine.

Michelle (Rauko): ((if you need her desc... poke!))

Michelle (Rauko): *and the girl was skittering along, a little bag of kiddi food held among a bag that seems to hod roughly made blankies, she is keepig out of people's way, to the tree line, odd eyes casted down*

Felisa Espinosa: The joint was lit, smoke was inhaled, held and released in a soft little cloud. Ah, that's the stuff. Seemed that there were people about, here and there, and a couple of them she recognized. The question was who to walk up to, and if they wanted to be walked up to at all. She gave out waves, testing the waters.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Thank are most gracious." Another small smile, and she seats herself, hand coming out to smooth the skirt under her before she settles down.

Elias: You are new to this area, *he whispers, his voice a dried-out husk. Goth-kid with a cold.*

Erik Mansfield -PT-: d10: Lip reading diff fou: 1,7,7,7,

Dorian: *She's a veritable microbe of a female, standing as tall as she can at a slender four feet, five in ches. Her skin is slightly olive, and her hair is long, straight, and a funny, furlike shade of brown. Twinkling eyes are very dark, almost black--either filled with earnest mischief or foggy with thoughts of somewhere, somewhen, else. She wears glasses set in plain brown lenses. The young woman's face is thin, with sharp cheekbones and a short, round-tipped nose. She favors jeans or slacks, long-sleeved white blouses, and likes to accessorize with a tailed tux jacket and tophat--both of which are battered and patched. In nasty weather, she wears an actual greatcoat, with the sleeves and hem scissored away so she doesn't trip over them. she carries a soft-sided briefcase with her with many odd little side pockets. it's fastened across her chest by a brightly-colored strap, obviously from something else* ((PM if Enchanted.))

Michelle (Rauko): ((puts cause feels naked withoug it.. pb 3))*she is a smallish teenager, near her sixteen. Dirty blond, curly hair falls to her shoulders, generally loose, eyes peer unsurely towards the world, seeming kin, but not secure. Her frame is slender, almost small. Her hands are delicate, of large fingers, and oddly long fingernails, even though they seem to be kept short they have a long ness to them. Though what most call the attention are her eyes, they look almost yellowish, like those of a wolf, with a slight red circle around the yellow, before the white of the eyes. Her teeth seem slightly large too, specially the canines. Despite this she still seems to draw the attention of the eye, with her delicacy, and her instinctive shyness, that seems to give her an exotic kind of prettiness.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am," she murmurs back to Elias, hands settling on her lap after the backpack is moved to the floor. "I came from a short way north of here...Sleepy Hollow." Yes, she lived in Sleepy Hollow. Every goth kid's dream, right?

Erik Mansfield -PT-: He cocks his head slightly, the goths drawing his attention atm, though with a glance over to felisa aswell.

Michelle (Rauko): *And on walkign, hodling onto her bag, yellowish red eyes just glancing around, moving slowly so she can avoid people's proximity*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Dorian: ((Am Fae...and you are, too! Adele's Mien: Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.))

Felisa Espinosa: It's pretty chilly out. Just a little below freezing, and she figured that it would be a little more comfortable if she kept moving. Maybe to that goth guy that was feeding the red-eyed ratbirds. So that's what she does.
One step, and then another, and another. Until she was standing fairly close to the creepy fellow. She pulled in a lungful. Released it.
"S'up? No birds tonight?"

Elias: *He looks up, to Felicia's approach. And he smiles wryly.* Nothing as strange as the other night, no, *he murmurs.*

Dorian -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *She's a veritable microbe of a female, standing as tall as she can at a slender four feet, five inches. Her skin and long, straight hair are both a funny shade of brown, as if they should be fur. Across her dark eyes--sometimes sparkling, sometimes looking somewhen else--is a nearly black ferretlike mask. It goes nicely with the stubby whiskers and the long, furry tail with its smart black tip. If one were to see her without the tailed tux jacket she loves so well, they'd notice a nearly black strip down her back as well. Small round ears are slightly crumpled by the old top hat, and the glasses match the shape of her facial mask almost perfectly.*

Elias: *He looks back to Adele, and nods once.* It is a good area to come by. Many nightmares.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks up from her spot next to Elias as Felisa approaches, looking her over for a moment with a reserved expression, dark eyes passing over the Puerto Rican.

Erik Mansfield -PT-: Ever more interesting, he watches from his perch. Another glance around he undoes his jacket fishing out a knife disreatly keeping it in the shadows he starts scratching at the bark with it.

Michelle (Rauko): ((hmmm)) *she do halts though as her eyes catch the new faces... having gotten used to know... or at leasr recognise most.. bliks, fidgeting at the extrangers.. and keeps on going... making a wide bert around*

Dorian: *tilts her head first one way, then the other, and grins widely. hums, skips, and half-dances her merry way toward the Goths, eyes brightly curius*

Erik Mansfield -PT-: d10: Dex stealth: 7,2,4,7,7,

Felisa Espinosa: "Hmmm? What, gotta bogger on my hoodie?" she asked flapping her clothes around. Things clicked around, could have been plastic or metal, hard to tell.

Elias: Not one I can see. And I can see almost anything.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert (Abil Apt): 5,4,9,2,9,2,

Erik Mansfield -PT-: Seems they're developing quite the little group there, now, he watches curiously as his hand in the shadows works the knife. (dex stelth was to keep the knife hidden, he's in fairly plain sight)

Elias: d10: Per+Alert(Abil Apt): 4,6,6,3,5,4,5,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "No, I do not believe so." She looks over, noting Dorian as she approaches...those sharp eyes catch the glint of metal in Erik's hand, well-hidden as it is. Michelle gets a once-over, before looking back to Felisa.

Felisa Espinosa: "Girl was giving me the old fisheye, figured I had a growth on my neck or something. Which might have happened in the past few minutes, you never know, and I like to keep abreast of these things." She flicked the joint around in her fingers, looking at it casually. "So. How have you been? And for that matter, how's everybody been? Wouldn't want to seem impolite."

Michelle (Rauko): *yellowish eyes look to Adele, the moment she peers her way, she freezes and keeps on skittering away when she stops looking*

Dorian: *gives the Goths a wide grin as she skids to a halt more or less in front of them, and shifts about in place, restlessly** hello! i don't know you. or maybe i do and i forgot that i did.

Elias: One of the pigeons bit me, *he informs her.* This place seems to instill natural fear in them.

Erik Mansfield -PT-: A few chips of the bark and he glances down, ok that'd do, returns the knife to his jacket, jumping down from his perch and glancing around again as he stoops to mess with his laces.

Felisa Espinosa: ((Description: She's Puerto Rican, and the mixture of african, indian, spanish and french bloodlines mixed together to form a olive-skinned melting pot of a woman. She's pretty but not overly beautiful, the type of woman that you would try to continue conversation with if she walked up to you and asked the time, not that she would do such, or that you would ask her once you saw the hip-hop clothes, baggy pants and hoodie, an overall thug look. She's fairly avarage in height and weight, perhaps a touch taller than the typical Puerto Rican, with dirty brown hair and dark eyes that hint at a savage intellegence. Can't be any more than eighteen, and that would be a first day eighteen. App:3))

Dorian: pigeons make good pie. i prefer lacewing and crocus pie myself, though.

Elias: *He looks to Dorian, and he frowns, canting his head.* No. I do not believe we have, *he whispers, barely audible.*

Erik Mansfield -PT-: d10: Per Alert: 2,5,2,1,4,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am well," she murmurs to Felisa. "Hello." Her eyes pass over to Dorian as she and Elias are addressed, and she inclines her head there, as well. " do not. Adele Elizabeth Hamilton. A pleasure." She rises long enough to give Dorian a curtsey, and then sits again.

Felisa Espinosa: Pigeons make good pie... hmmm...
"I'd think it'd a smelly pie," she said, thoughtfully. "I don't think I'd have a taste for the things. But better bird than rat, I'd suppose." She looked over to Elias and frowned a little. "Pecked or bit? I mean a pigeon biting you... that would be something worthy of the cameras."

Erik Mansfield -PT-: Less observant from so much lower to the ground, he gets to his feet, it was getting late, he should hook up with the others, time to be scarce.

Dorian: *chuckles and flops down to sit on the ground. the briefcase hitting with a soft thud* i'm Jennifer Howit.

Elias: Pigeons bite. Not as badly as seagulls.

Dorian: *from the ground, bows to Adele with a giggle, then grins at Fel* not really. tastes like chicken. mmm, chiiiiicken!

Elias: *He reaches out with too-long fingers, and actually pats Dorian's head, as one would a friendly dog.*

Dorian: *laughs at the patting* don't squash my hat. it's a good hat.

Lurker: (open?)

Elias: ((Ayep!))

Erik Mansfield -PT-: and off at a good speed headed towards the exit and once in that vacinity out onto the street, he'd be back anotherday to update, it had potential. (cya later guys)

Elias: *He nods.* I will be careful not to, *he whispers.* I should be getting back. I don't know what the shadows will have done to my place. I have left it alone for so long.

Felisa Espinosa: "Then why not just raise chickens? Oh yeah, not too many chickens in the city proper. Lots of pigeons though. And if they've taken to biting people you're probably doing a good thing by devouring them. Keep up the good work Howit."
Adele got a nod. She seemed very Victorian in manners. Felisa had seen Anna of Green Gables once or twice on PBS.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She watches Erik leave and then turns back to the conversation at hand, hands folded primly in her lap, listening calmly.

Ziahl Sobekka: The light caught her features just so, and for a moment, there was no denying you were in the presence of something inexplicable: the archetype Nubian queen in NY. It was ludicrous of course. Material for a B comedy with Eddy Murphy as the sidekick. Still the mahogany skin looked like mocha cream silk, and those amber eyes, golden when the light touched them at just the right angle. Maybe you just imagined it. Her nose is straight and wide, a strong feature that somehow manages to fit nicely above full, thick lips which could only have been crafted by cupid. Her cheek bones are sculpted high above a strong jaw. Nobility has replaced delicacy in her features, and something about her simply breathes of strength and passion. (pic in gallery, last page)

Erik Mansfield -PT-: ((Anyone who later investigates the tree should they do so will find '1/27/6 – 7' etched in the bark, encase anyone gets that bored, lol *G*))

Dorian: shadows can do interesting things. *nods cheerfully* but they'll do it whether you're there or not.

Elias: *He smiles.* I'd prefer to see it.

Ziahl Sobekka: *Ambles through the park, on the look out for naughty spawn.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks to Elias and nods. "Very well, then. A pleasure to meet you, Elias. I have heard of your place, from Lady Jacqueline. I hope to stop by some day soon."

Felisa Espinosa: "That reminds me of something a kid was telling me earlier. She said her place was haunted," Felisa began, nodding. "Poor thing's stuck in the fucking house with a disabled father and things going bump in the night. Strange world."

Elias: *His eyes widen slightly. And he smiles faintly.* Yes. Of course. Jack. Tell... her, I said hell.

Ziahl Sobekka: d10: per + alert: 7,4,9,10,8,7,

Elias: ((hello))

Ziahl Sobekka: ((Why didn't I roll like that when that skinny little twit beat up Z! *L*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I will do so, the next time I see her," she murmurs quietly to Elias. Felisa's comment draws her eyes, and her head cocks to the side in interest. "Haunted?"

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 9,9,6,2,7,

Dorian: do make sure to take careful note of the shadow changes. i like hearing about those! *grins impishly and wiggles her feet together, then blinks at Fel* many places are haunted by one thing or another.

Elias: *And he too looks curious at that.* I have a fascination with haunted houses. Do you know where it is?

Ziahl Sobekka: The all seeing Z, heads to where the people are.

Felisa Espinosa: "Oh yeah, that's what she said. I didn't bother to go investigate the matter, had things to do, people crank up and down, that sort of thing. But she seemed pretty convincing. Who knows?" She took another draw off of her joint. "Stranger things in the world, that's for sure."

Ziahl Sobekka: "Hello," to no one and everyone, as she draws near.

Elias: *The odd girl maybe catches his attention briefly, though he is clearly drawn by the idea of a haunted house, other than his own.*

Dorian: *grins cheerfuly at Z* hello! *blinks at Fel* what sorts of haunts haunt your friend's house?

Ziahl Sobekka: ((May I get dd's from Adele, Dorian and Elias, please?)) Gives Dorian a friendly smile.

Felisa Espinosa: She snapped her head over in the direction of the familar voice. "Ziahl. How've you been? Have you been deflowered yet? I've been wondering about that ever since the club," she stated, nodding in seriousness. "Seen Euge around tonight?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The best thing to describe Adele would be “quiet academic.” The girl is tall and thin, almost to the point of being willowy, with long limbs and elegant curves. Dark haired, pale, she is a shocking sort of quiet, like something that prefers to hide in the dark corners of the library, reading Edgar Allen Poe or Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her hair is shoulder length, left to flow free over her shoulders in an ebony wave, complementing dark eyes in a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always strangely calm and confident, if bookish, expression. Her choice of clothes tends toward a toned-down gothic ware, more of a Romantic style; corsets with jackets, long skirts, flowing tops, and the like, with the occasional casual day involving more brash T-Shirts. A pair of reading glasses, subtle and unobtrusive, rest on her delicate nose. ((PM if Enchanted or Fae))

Ziahl Sobekka: "Hello Felisa. Deflowered? Euge?" (Only knows her as Nia)

Felisa Espinosa: "I don't know, I never went there to see, as I said, and am saying now, at this moment in time. I do recall her saying something about shadowy things, and she seemed to look into shadows a lot. But eh, she could have just been stoned silly."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over at Ziahl, watching her a moment, before nodding a bit. "Hello," she murmurs, before looking back to Felisa. Ahh, haunted house talk gone. Dark plum lips purse slightly, and she looks to Elias.

Ziahl Sobekka: "Oh. No I have not had sex with anyone. I fell asleep," she chuckles. "I haven't seen Nia since I last saw you."

Elias: Good, *he murmurs, and turns. Walking away. Without introducing himself to Ziahl.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton," she says to Ziahl in that soft, quiet tone of hers.

Ziahl Sobekka: Watches the creepy guy walk off and remembers that movie she saw about zombies and shudders.

Ziahl Sobekka: Notes Adele has a long name.

Dorian: *fiddles with the bright strap on her case* i had a pet shadow once. i named it Horace. it followed me everywhere.

Felisa Espinosa: "Wonder where he's running off to?" she said, scratching at her doo rag. 'Oh well. probably off to skulk happily. He seems the type. So. Ziahl. What are you up to tonight?"

Ziahl Sobekka: Looks thoughtfully at Dorian, then her eyes flutter back up to Fel. "I don't have any special plans."

Dorian: *just gives Z a wide, merry sort of grin*

Felisa Espinosa: "Hmm. Well, you missed the theater last night. That was fun, if a little strange."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Really?" She looks to Dorian, tolerating the woman's nonsense remarkably well, considering. She doesn't look the type to tolerate nonsense, usually. "An interesting name for such a shadow."

Ziahl Sobekka: "Oh. I'm afraid I don't have a phone." Blinks at Dorian who has got to the cheeriest person she's seen in a long time.

Dorian: it suited him well. we had many long conversations. *nods soberly to Adele*

Felisa Espinosa: She did note the comment about the shadow, but figured that the woman was referring to a imaginary playmate. And if she wasn't... well, that just made things more entertaining as far as she figured.
"Might be able to think of something to do. It's fucking New York after all."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I would imagine so." She gives Dorian a ghost of a smile. "Shadows have much to say."

Ziahl Sobekka: "What do you wish to do, Fel?"

Dorian: yes, they do. *burbles a happy little laugh and scrambles up off the ground* gotta go, though. i have a lovely stuffed peacock boiling in my oven. i'd hate for it to overcook!

Ziahl Sobekka: "Peacock?" Something new to try.

Felisa Espinosa: "Fuck. I dunno. I should be doing fun things, but I don't want to be doing the same thing over and over again. I wouldn't mind going to the museum actually, but I think they're closed."
She pursed her lips. "I guess I could break in, but there are all those pesky guards and things.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, Miss Howit." She inclines her head graciously. "Have a good evening."

Ziahl Sobekka: "We probably shouldn't do that."

Felisa Espinosa: Then she turned to look at Dorian. "Peacock? Oh nevermind. Enjoy the meal dear."

Dorian: *grins and waves to the little group. grabs her briefcase and skips off in an odd little pattern she seems to concentrate on intently*

Felisa Espinosa: "What an odd human being," she said, noting the silly walk. "Well. Anyway. So, things to do. Haven't the foggiest, but I wouldn't mind someplace warm."

Ziahl Sobekka: "Bye." Waves back at Dorian.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She watches Dorian go, dark lips quirking slightly, before she opens a book where she sits near Felisa and Ziahl and starts readying.

Ziahl Sobekka: "So... someplace warm?"

Felisa Espinosa: She was trying to think. "We could go through Long Island. Tons of abandoned places, asylums. Fucking knick-knacks all over the place. I think I found a bonesaw there once. But nah, too messy. I'm thinking of the theater again."
She sighed. It was lame, but damnit she didn't want to go to another club again.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She's listening idly as they talk, flipping a page. Not seemingly interested, until she says, out of the blue, "What theatre?"

Felisa Espinosa: "Last one? The Paris in Midtown. Old school movie theater, seats about five hundred. Massive bastard, perfect for getting fucked up in the balcony; nobody notices. It really is a beautiful place."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh, I know it." She nods, still skimming dark eyes over the poorly lite page. "It is quite nice, yes."

Ziahl Sobekka: Looks back and forth between them. She's never been to a theater before.

Felisa Espinosa: "Ziahl you look confused, why is this? Do you want to go to the Paris then? You can get stoned and watch a movie or something."

Ziahl Sobekka: "I've never been to a theater, or gotten stoned."

Felisa Espinosa: "Ziahl I'm really starting to wonder if you literally fell the fuck off of a turnip truck and just started wandering around aimlessly," she said, shaking her head. "All right, we'll go the Paris."
She looked over at Adele. "How can you read that? It's dark as all hell. And would you like to accompany us to the Paris?"

Ziahl Sobekka: *Blink*blink* She does actually wander around town aimlessly a lot.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I have excellent vision," she says, looking up at Felisa and calmly regarding her. "And, as much as I enjoy the Paris Theatre, I believe I shall pass tonight, thank you. It does not strike me as the right sort of night for that sort of thing, for myself, at least."

Felisa Espinosa: "Well, all right then. We shall leave you to your booky-book. Ziahl, tonight we'll go to the theatre, get stoned and watch some movie or other. It shouldn't take too long."

Ziahl Sobekka: "Okay!" Looking quite cheerful over the outing.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A nod to them both, murmuring as she goes back to her book. "Good day."

Ziahl Sobekka: "Bye Adele Elizabeth Hamilton. Nice meeting you."

Felisa Espinosa: "Good night, dear Adele. Watch out for the shadows..."
She fiddled around in her big pouch pocket, checking for things, before nodding to Ziahl. She was ready to go.

Ziahl Sobekka: Falls into step beside Fel, letting her lead the way.

Felisa Espinosa: ((Aw. Not interested Rav?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I do not fear shadows. I merely respect them." A smile to Felisa. "Good evening, Felisa. Ziahl."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Adele takes too much effort for me to play sometimes. Might toss someone else in.))