Fangwulf: ((And away we go.)) *It is slightly overcast on this warm New York night. The slight wind seems almost pleasant, though. It is not that that seems off. The literal RUSH of Glamour over the city of Peekskill, a surprisingly powerful blast seems to float over towards Manhattan. It feels... odd. Dark. ANGRY. Even those without Kenning can feel it.*

Fangwulf: ((Though roll your Per+Kenning anyway. Ri, you don't have to. You know where to go.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *and she, possessed of far more curiousity than is really good for her--heads thattaway, the invisible-to-humans whiskers twitching eagerly* ((and amazingly--she shall arrive exactly when Fang says she does....))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Per: 4,4,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((Rolling, though she doesn't have Kenning so if that stops it, just ignore ~need to fix that~))

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Per+Kenning: 7,3,9,7,4,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((Not that it matters anyway heh))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per (No Kenning): 9,10,4,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Adele, oddly enough, notices quite a few ravens. Odd birds, big, with their beaks pointed in the same direction. The feeling is leading her towards New York City, towards Staten Island, though she is not quite sure why.

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((Brief question: Is someone logging this?))

Jennifer Hubbard: *Jen heads towards it, likely having been near the source due to her Birthright that makes such unfortunate coincidences commonplace in her life. It combines distressingly well with her curiosity and mischeviousness*

Fangwulf: ((I am.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((As am I)) She looks up at the sudden distuurbance and frowns, making her way toward Staten Island with some haste. This should be interesting...

Fangwulf: d10: Luck: 4,

Fangwulf: ((Per+Alert for all))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She makes a small noise and rushes towards Staten Island as fast as she can get there without being birdie, desparately hoping that she'll get a better idea or some kind of indication as to where to go from there.*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Per Alert: 9,6,10,

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: d10: : 3,4,7,4,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert (Sluagh): 4,10,8,6,3,2,

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Per+Alert: 6,3,5,2,7,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *She sees the oddest thing. Cousins, ravens closer to Staten Island. They become more frequent as she gets closer to the Clay Pits Pond State Reserve Park. It is late, so of course there are no tour groups going through. There is movement through the shadows.*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She runs to the Clay Pits Pond State Reserve Park and looks around as she gets closer if there is something preventing her from going in she looks around to see if there's a way to sneak in without going birdie yet.* (player doesn't know anything about the geography of the place, please forgive and correct errors)

Fangwulf: ((

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *the little one stops and peeeeeeeers intently. a glance toward the place. a glance toward the people....oh, dear--which is more interesting? oh! shiny thing on the ground!!*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Where Stevie is running, Adele is a touch more cautious, slipping her way through the shadows of the area, exploring the darkness a bit as she makes her way forward. Although for once, she seems on the edge of the shadows, not deep inside. Caught between light and dark.

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She can hear a slight choking noise, and her sensitive nose picks up on some sort of metallic ... tinge touching the air.

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((Fang: You rock!))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *she polishes her brand new bottlecap on her sleeve and tucks it carefully into her ragged tux jacket's pocket before scuttling along toward the whatever it is that's so upset*

Fangwulf: ((NP. *L* Me an' GG have been PLOTTING))

Jennifer Hubbard: *She's heading there, and going to attempt to just walk in...screw planning and subtlety*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((*LOL* Oh dear))

Fangwulf: ((Adele - Dex+Stealth Jenn - Per+Alert))

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Per+Alert: 5,4,5,7,6,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Stealth: 4,3,3,5,3,

Fangwulf: ((And Ri, per+alert as well))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *Stevie keeps running. Screw walking. The last time things felt funny Jeff was in trouble.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Friggin unstealthy Sluagh. *Smacks PC*))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: d10: : 9,9,9,1,

Jennifer Hubbard: *NOW she attempts to go ninja to investigate the sound...* ((rolling Dex+Stealth))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns at what she picks up, nose wrinkling slightly, and moves toward the sound she hears, dark eyes alert.

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Dex+Stealth: 1,2,7,4,

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *blinks and bends down to examine something else on the ground*'s all gooky with ick! bleck! *but she, of course, picks it up anyway. with a twig, though--it's got gross stuff all over it*

Fangwulf: ((And the birdie's turn for a Per+Alert))

Fangwulf: ((And of course all of you hear Ri say this.))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Per Alert: 5,10,3,

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: ((heh. Ri, "what's a whisper?" Hobbs....and the gooky with ick comment cheerily lifted from a fave author.))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She was going to stop but the sound, that awful sound...she runs towards it.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((Is Ri's voice in the same way Adele's going already?))

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Yeap.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *blinks and looks around* uh-oh. shiny, boy, where ARE you? *she scurries faster. stuffing the gooky earring into her pants pocket, twig and all*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her head snaps up at Ri's voice, and she starts moving faster...heading more for the choiking noise then the pooka...but whichever she finds first, she finds.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she's definitely aiming at the choke, thinking she's being stealthy but not really being so...but she does note Ri and intends to check that out later*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: d10: willow whisper: 5,2,10,

Fangwulf: *The pooka seems closer along the bridle path than the noise. Order is as follows along the path - Ri, with Stevie coming up quickly, Jennifer, and then Adele due to sneaky-feet.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *she murmurs softly, up toward the air. hopefully she won't trip over her own feet, since she's still trying to head towards the place everyone else is*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she doesn't greet the pooka, after all, she's being "stealthy"*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she heads to the left...and tries to maintain her stealth and look through the brush to see whatever struggle might be occurring*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips along quietly behind the group. Best place to be, really.

Fangwulf: *Adele easily finds Ri, who is talking to a large bird on the side of the path.*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She just keeps running forward trying to find the location of the sound*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Although if they veer too far off course of the noise, she's splitting away.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: When she sees Ri, she pauses, a dark brow quirking on a pale face. "Miss..." She frowns, unable to remember what the name was when they met.

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *she murmurs a bit more, than offers the bird a handful of stale pretzels dug from her briefcase. and then scurries on--in Jenn's general direction* uhoh, uhoh......don't let him touch you....

Jennifer Hubbard: *She rushes forward to get a better look and possibly surprise the choker, throwing stealth to the wind...dammit, it's hard to be Unseelie when you have all these vague heroic urges...*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She zeros in on the hoof and runs for it. When she speaks her voice is kinda soft.* Jeff?

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *Adele will, of course realize that both Stevie AND Jennifer are pushing towards it like brutes. And they're not... really... brute-size.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *skids to a stop long enough to grin at Adele* hullo, lady-lady. the ugly-pretty man with the rope shouldn't touch you or else you'll start smelling really bad, just like well-aged Limburger. so maybe we should kind of be a little careful, right? *and off she goes again, unless Adele snags her. which isn't that hard to do, more than likely*

Fangwulf: *It kicks, and then there is a stop. A drop to the ground, and then an odd... whirr. A metallic sound.* Who's there? *A hiss of noise, an ODD voice. But so familiar. There is a cough, as the chokee seems to be regaining his breath.*

Jennifer Hubbard: "Umm...Random Chaos, folk hero at large?"

Fangwulf: ((That of course was meant to be a PM to Stevie and Jennifer...))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Which pretty-ugly man do you speak of, Madame?" It comes out faint of course, the sluagh-whisper, as she draws close to Ri, looking around.

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *For the first time in her life, she thinks of the swiss army knife as a weapon. She pulls it out opening the blade still moving forward. Her voice is cold, deadly.* Get off of him!

Fangwulf: *The hoof isn't moving too much, sticking out of the underbrush, except to curl up a bit. Perhaps one can see the darkened ground beneath it. And next to it, the mechanical whirr, and a step. And another, as the underbrush starts to move.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *she giggles softly* hello! are you ugly man or pretty man tonight? do you need a cough drop? you sound like you need a cough drop. or you could just gargle some nice salt water--that's helpful with sore throats, too, you know. *she's edign off the path, in an effort NOT to fall over Jenn when and if they both arrive on top of the fellow*

Jennifer Hubbard: "Umm...I come in peace?" *she definitely takes a step back and prepares to run like hell*

Fangwulf: *There is not even a pause, as he steps out. The sword at his hip looking oddly familiar. His head swivels, and perhaps the only thing that is familiar about the man is the one remaining eye. And that hair. That blood-red hair.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: the one the birds like to talk about, lady-lady. *a grin to Adele* he's got the shiny boy with him. he caught the shiny girl, and THE slug absorbed her. they don't eat, really. they absorb. completely different concept. ((*L* and ignore my former post if Ri didn't hear him talking.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over at Stevie with a blink. Well, that's a chance. She follows along behind Ri, a hand coming up to rest over her breastbone, and what lies underneath the high-collared dress.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((change))

Jennifer Hubbard: *she's attempting to stay out of reach but she gets a sly smirk on her face...she starts tapping her foot to a rather quick beat that no one else hears*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *tilts her head at the man* did you ever consider cosmetic surgery? they can do wonders these days, i'm told. and maybe i shold introduce you to Miss Clairol. she's awfully nice and i'm sure she coudl do something with your hair....*her face is the veriest picture of helpful innocence*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The shiny boy and the shiny girl. Could you elaborate." Why couldn't the Eshu be telling the story? Pooka... She offers Ri a protocol smile.

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Quicksilver: 8,5,8,3,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She growls and charges at the guy, no talking, no stopping to consider what she's doing. She just charges ready to stab through that other eye.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *shakes her head to Adele* nope! i told you what the birds told me. they're a lot of fuin to talk to, once you get past the whole food! mine! thing. uhoh...*notes Stevie and winces* that could be an ouch in progress right there.

Fangwulf: ((Init, folks))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: 8then she considers* hmmm...would you happen to have anythign interesting on you you'd care to part with? i might be able to tell you a couple of things more. *a merry grin. one eye on the ugly man*

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: : 8,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Initiative + six: 8,

Jennifer Hubbard: ((13))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: d10: : 7,

Fangwulf: d10: Init one: 4,

Fangwulf: d10: Init two: 2,

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: ((13))

Fangwulf: d10: Init three: 5,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Init plus : 9,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((16))

Fangwulf: *It is odd. The birds are starting to get VERY riled up. Letting out some very noisy caws. A few hopping around.*

Fangwulf: ((The order of declaring shall be Ravens, Janacek, Ri & Jenn, Mystery Guest!, Adele, and Stevie. You know how these rules work, right? Declare, roll, and then at the end of the round I shall sum up. Good?))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((Yep))

Jennifer Hubbard: ((Do I get my extra actions this round or next?))

Fangwulf: ((This round, actually.))

Fangwulf: *One of the hopping birds moves for the still hoof and lets out a caw.*

Fangwulf: ((Holding action for Ravens.))

Fangwulf: *Janacek seems perturbed, and draws his sword. That familiar sword. Those tendrils shove into his hand in a way that MUST be painful, but it is clear that he doesn't feel a thing. A rather insane grin touching his face.*

Fangwulf: ((Spending the round activating the Sword.))

Jennifer Hubbard: *What's the DUMBEST thing that you could imagine this nutjob doing in this situation? Yes...that...* ((player sighs at character)) *she charges Janacek and attempts to snag the sword and run like hell*

Fangwulf: ((Dex+Ath))

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Dex+(noath)+WP: 7,4,

Fangwulf: ((Diff 7.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *she attemtps to skitter around to the clearest side of the ugly man to get at the owner of the hoof*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: d10: dex: 9,5,2,

Fangwulf: ((Dex+Ath, Ri.))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: ((same roll--ath at 0))

Fangwulf: ((Quit being psychic! *L*))

Fangwulf: d10: Dex+Firearms: 6,7,2,9,6,4,6,9,4,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She does the second dumbest thing you could imagine doing. She's going for the sheath. Sword and sheath...they need both, of course.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex (No Ath): 5,4,1,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*Thuds*))

Fangwulf: ((And a Stevie, for the win!))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: Faster! *She yells out to activate the anklet she wears. (Quicksilver) Itty bitty blade (in comparison) hoping to make it's mark this round before he can react.*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Dex (no Melee): 4,3,6,10,3,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((Somehow I don't think light touch is going to apply here *LOL*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((No Melee, no Athletics, no, what combat nonkeys we are! *L*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((monkeys, even))

Jennifer Hubbard: ((That's it...Jen's totally sneaking into a karate class at some high school...))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: ((but hey--we're um.....*blinsk* we're chicks! we can...batter him to death with the sight of our luscious female forms.......*blinks again and just...shuts up. heh*))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: DMG: 1,9,8,4,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((*LOL* Stevie's plan involved Dyb being here...*will be beating Freemage when I can get ahold of him*))

Fangwulf: d10: Mystery Guest Poison: 8,8,7,1,5,

Fangwulf: d10: Janacek Sta: 5,9,

Fangwulf: ((Roll me Stamina, Adele.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Stamina: 2,7,

Fangwulf: *STEVIE leaps at the sidhe with fury, and stabs him in the forearm. Untrained, it seems to graze against a metal piece, and his head swivels. He does not seem to note the dart sticking out of his back, at the base of his spine. Until it starts to sting. ADELE reaches for the sheath as he pulls the sword out, and he swats at the dart, smacking the sluagh, perhaps by accident (take two bashing). JENNIFER grabs the sword as he is distracted, and the oddest thing happens. Tendrils shoot out of the blade's hilt, and slam into her hand (Take two Chimerical). It hurts. It hurts a LOT. RI manages to move around the whole mess and shooes off the RAVENS quite thoroughly with her loud voice.*

Fangwulf: ((Now - Quicksilver actions))

Jennifer Hubbard: *Well, Jen's got the sword it seems...and she's in pain, but that hardly matters she's going to use both actions to attempt to run like hell...that is, if it's in her hand and not his, she'll flee twice, otherwise she'll try to pull it away and if she succeeds run*

Fangwulf: ((This is the ONLY time I'll be open for IMers. PLEASE IM me instead of PMing, as there are like ten of each of your names in the list.))

Fangwulf: *It is in Jenn's hand, and not his. She got it away in time.*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *The blade glanced off but she's not done. She brings her elbow back to crack on his skull with all her might. (Such as it is. *L*)*

Fangwulf: ((Roll yer Dex+Brawl.))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: DexBrawl: 3,5,5,3,9,7,

Fangwulf: ((Str+1))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: (*quietly goes into a corner to service the dice roller*)

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Dex+noAth: 2,4,

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Dex+noAth: 6,5,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: DMG: 5,3,2,

Fangwulf: ((Per+Alert for all, and then we'll go into the next round.))

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Per+Alert: 10,8,6,8,1,

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *attempts to quietly wake up the satyr enough to have his help in getting him farther from the ugly man. something she tries to do by finding the least mangled spot she can and poking him gently--without speaking. yes, she can shut up. soemtimes. it hurts*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*L* Wow. We're Baadasssss!))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert (Sluagh): 8,6,8,5,7,

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: d10: : 3,4,5,6,

Fangwulf: *STEVIE'S rage continues all the more, and like a bird... it doesn't seem to do any good. Except probably getting out her temper. And the pain seems to be getting to JENNIFER. She's trying to run but only makes it about twenty feet or so. Underbrush.*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: per alert: 8,8,7,

Fangwulf: Stop it, *a voice hisses at Ri.* And help me carry him. *A hissed, soft, familiar voice. The sluagh is there being awfully sneaky, but not enough, perhaps. He seems almost... afraid, really.*

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *does her best to whisper back* ok! and i know a good, good place, too!

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: DAMMIT! I need a sword!

Fangwulf: Lead on, *Elias whispers. The big angry sidhe growls, and lets out the retching voice.* MINE. *He does seem... awfully weakened, though.* ((Back to your Init!))

Dorian "Ri" Hobbs: *and so, she does. ignoring the ugly man in favor of getting the wounded one outta there!*

Fangwulf: ((Next round! Janacek, Adele & Jenn, Mystery Guest! and Stevie))

Fangwulf: ((Ohh, that's me...)) *Janacek seems distracted, maddened, and will turn to follow after Elias and Ri.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *as she continues to flee, in response to the "MINE" assuming it's aimed at her theft* "Fuck off, asshat!" *She tries to pick up the pace*

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Dex+noath+WP: 1,7,

Jennifer Hubbard: ((Worst. Coward. Ever.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She winces, rubbing at her head, and tries again. Even if he gets the sword, it will be pointless without the sheath.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex (No Ath) WP: 5,9,1,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Worst. Thief. Ever.))

Fangwulf: d10: Dex+Firearms: 4,7,3,4,7,6,7,1,4,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She chases Janacek, still trying to stab him as much as possible*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Dex (no Melee): 3,6,2,5,9,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: DMG?: 5,3,3,4,

Fangwulf: ((*L* It's just so CUTE! Roll yer damage, Stevie. Str +2))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((The dice roller hates us))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((*Just dies*))

Fangwulf: *STEVIE again stabs with a viciousness any bird would be proud of, but once agian it scrapes against metal plating. Right now it just seems she is an annoyance. He is definitely moving slower, more sluggishly. ADELE grasps a hand around the sheath. No bad porn jokes, please. JANACEK manages to brush off the second dart. And as for JENNIFER? Still running away at that slow pace.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((That's it. My next Changeling, if I ever retire a PC and make one, is going to be the Troll UFC Fighter. Who was ex-military. And Special Forces Recon. And kicked Bruce Lee's ass once.))

Fangwulf: ((Quicksilver actions.))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((*snickers at Ravyn*))


Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Dex (no Melee): 9,6,3,8,10,

Fangwulf: ((Whoa. Reroll that ten for me.))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: DMG (Please..some?): 4,8,8,10,8,9,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: d10: Reroll: 5,

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((*notes...future reference...screaming kicks in Stevie's superpowers*))

Fangwulf: d10: Janacek Sta: 9,7,

Fangwulf: *Apparently he's not metal everywhere. He grunts, as the knife sinks in from STEVIE'S angry thrusts. Dammit... JEFF is still unconscious, could he please stop making the porn references? JANACEK topples forward, face-first.*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((Are we still in combat or no?))

Fangwulf: ((I'm waiting for Jenn's Quicksilver rolls.))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: ((ahh right))

Jennifer Hubbard: ((I don't have any this round...))

Fangwulf: ((Ahh! Sorry... used all successes last round. Yush. End combat.)) *Jennifer hasn't gotten too far, before she sees Janacek topple over, face-first. There is a small dart sticking out of his back. Along with Stevie's swiss army knife.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *ok, she stops and she shoves the sword into the ground and tries to pull her hand away from it*

Jennifer Hubbard: "Fuck." *sighs and picks the sword up...she seems stuck with it for awhile*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And, with the Sidhe down, she yanks the sheath away from him. See, she can take long as the target isn't...y'know. Mobile. Once she has it, she starts moving quickly in the direction of Elias and company. Moving, actually...past them. Like she's still chasing.

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She grabs her knife and proceeds to continue stabbing at him until she's certain he's dead.*

Fangwulf: *It does not take too long. A wave of nausea shoots over Stevie, death the anathema, the Banality (take five temp Banality, Stevie.)*

Fangwulf: *Adele sees Jennifer tugging at the sword stuck to her hand.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she just picks it up and holds someone who's seen a few movies with swords but never actually held one before, much less one that refuses to let go, and she sees that the fight is over, but before heading there* "All clear?"

Fangwulf: *Stevie is rather covered in blood in her own personal recreation of Fight Club.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She holds out the open end of the sheath to Jennifer. "Here," she whispers. It might do you well to put it inside."

Jennifer Hubbard: *She'd prefer NOT having the sword attached to her...and Adele doesn't seem to want her dead (for now), so Jen will attempt to sheath the sword*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *The wave of banality hits her and she takes a step back, reeling a bit, looking a bit...hazy...disoriented...*

Fangwulf: *And as the sword is sheathed, the tendrils withdraw from her hand, leaving the bloody chimerical marks on her hand.*

Fangwulf: *For everyone around, Stevie seems to fade, oddly enough, and her red feathered head just becomes red hair. No birdlike qualities to speak of.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles faintly and nods to Jennifer. "Well done, Miss Jenn."

Jennifer Hubbard: *she rubs her hand...still freaking hurts* "Thanks. So...that's it?" *looking over the 'battlefield'*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((So just to clarify...Jenn was the second set of footprints that she heard getting away? 'cause that's who Adele was chasing after post-combat. *S*))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *A small whimper comes from the girl, looking at her arms covered in blood.*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*grin* No. It was not.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Fangwulf: ((Gaah! I got confused, then. Ahh, well. *S*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods faintly to Jenn, looking over at Stevie, clinicly, before looking back. "I rather doubt it. Not completely. We were not alone here, for example."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Oh? So what's left? I was a bit busy...making sure that the sword stayed out of that guy's hands." *Yeah, it was noble, really...not grabbing the coolest toy around and running away trying to keep it*

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((The dart is still there.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I suspect it will becoome known in time." She shrugs a little, and moves toward Elias, holding the sword carefully in her hand. VERY careful not to touch the grip.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((DLP))

Fangwulf: ((Elias has actually been carrying the injured satyr away with Ri, and is long gone.))

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *She looks over at the other two, just talking as casually as they are. Sword? She starts to back away, not really sure where she's going to go just away, brushing her arms as if to get the blood off as she moves.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I suspect it will become known in time." She shrugs a little, and moves toward Janocek's multiated corpse. She kneels down next to it, careful only not to get blood on her. It would be...distasteful. She reaches down and picks up a dart, examining it carefully before she pockets it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Sorry, didn't realize he was actually gone. My bad.))

Jennifer Hubbard: *nods, and starts to work out the story in her head...after all, this battle was hardly epic, and she doesn't look nearly cool enough in it...*

Stevie ~Don't Mess With Jeff!~: *As they continue to ignore her she turns and runs.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *looks at Stevie as she runs* "That one may need a good jolt..."

Fangwulf: ((Naw, mine, as I didn't specify. Needed something to get Ri out. Made sense.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I'm sure she'll find it," she murmurs, looking at the departing Stevie with a shrug before rising carefully from the corpse. "They always do."

Jennifer Hubbard: *nods* "Probably best to get away from here..."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods. "Agreed. I will see you later, Miss Jenn." She gives a polite, if cold, smile and turns to make her way into the shadows.

Fangwulf: *Silence within the park, for once. As the girl first flees, and then all three fade. Leaving the corpse behind.*

Jennifer Hubbard: *she'll nod, and head off as well*

Fangwulf: ((fade))

Fangwulf: ((All right! Dropping this window! Thanks so much, guys!))

Jennifer Hubbard: ((g'night, thanks for the scene))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Thanks!))