Jennifer Hubbard: *Jen's wandering around, letting her feet take her to wherever she needs to be*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The black wisp of a girl makes her way into the Train Yard, keepoing to the shadows, as always. She blends in so well, in clothing at least. The pale skin...not so much, but she makes do somehow. Her kind always does. She glides along over the ground, moving in the general location of the shack.

Jennifer Hubbard: d10: Per+Alert: 5,6,1,9,6,

Jennifer Hubbard: *she spots the sluagh and heads in her direction...she's not being particularly quiet, but then again, she's not exactly loud when she's moving unless she talks*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert (Sluagh): 7,1,7,3,3,9,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Well, the girl's certainly been more alert in her time...but still, it suffices. She looks over in Jennifer's direction and stops, the Victorian outfit stilling. Her hands fold over her lap and she offers Jenn an inclination of her head, whispering out a greeting. "Miss Hubbard. A pleasure to find you here."

Jennifer Hubbard -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Umm...Jen's not told anyone on site her last name...just for the record. Unless Adele has information sources in Jersey, it's quite unlikely that she's know Jen as "Hubbard"...she's either Jen or Random to everyone here))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Whoops. Alter post to "Good Evening Miss."))

Jennifer Hubbard: "And good evening to you." *she doesn't merely do the head-incline in greeting, she bows, with a flourish even...if she had a hat, she'd definitely have taken it off as well, but she doesn't have one at the moment*

Jennifer Hubbard -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((anyways, don't worry about it...Fang had Elias make the same mistake the other night *G* I think that the ONLY thing that Jen actually keeps quiet is her last name...))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles faintly, politely and makes her way a couple steps closer, but keeping out of Jen's space bubble. "What brings you out to this particular venue tonight?"

Jennifer Hubbard: "Oh, I don't know. Was wandering around and ended up here." *shrugs* "It's been happening more and more often lately."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh, of course." She nods and looks around the dreary setting with a touch of fondness that she certainly doesn't have for most of the rest of the state. "Interesting how that can happen. My apologies, Miss, that we have not had the opportunity to speak more." She draws just a little closer, perhaps so that she may be heard better. "I hear you are quite the talespinner."

Jennifer Hubbard: *she shrugs* "Always plenty of room for improvement, but it's what I do best." *she somehow manages to mix pride and humility perfectly in her tone*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little bit at that. "Perhaps I can get you to grace me with a story, some day." A short breath is taken and exhaled, before she looks around. "Perhaps we may retire somewhere to converse some?"

Jennifer Hubbard: "Perhaps." *she nods* "Sure, your choice, though I have a guess where you'll pick."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles faintly to that. "Am I so predictable, Miss Jen?" Her eyes, of course, are directed toward that shack.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she grins* "I wouldn't know, I've only encountered you...what...twice before now?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Something like that, yes." She nods. "Apologies for the first time...I tend to grow a bit more uncomfortable around too many." She turns and starts to head toward the shack, gliding over the uneven ground of the Yard.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she heads after Adele* "Gotcha. I know a couple of people like that, I'll keep it in mind for the future"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: When she reaches the door to the Yard, she gives the secret knock, causing it to swing open. Of course, the odor that comes forth seems to cause Adele no discomfort, and she looks back to Jen before venturing inside.

Jennifer Hubbard: *Jen seems to have no problems with it either...she's spent a few nights there and seems to enjoy the place, in general. She follows Adele in*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She moves to the trunk, running long, spindly fingers over the top of it, before she opens it and ventures into it, down the slippery staircase and eventually, after the long descent, into the main room.

Jennifer Hubbard: *she'll follow quietly, staying just a bit behind Adele, who seems to have the personal space thing going*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She finds a quiet spot to sit in the main room for the both of them and settles down in the seat, looking to Jennifer and gesturing to do the same. "So, Miss Jen. I understand you've had some difficulty some while back."

Jennifer Hubbard: *Jen finds a place to sit* "That's...quite vague. You'll have to be more specific. People like me, we're in and out of trouble our whole lives."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Someone attempted to commit foul play," she murmurs, looking around the shadowed room, then back to Jen.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Ahh..." *thinks* "I'll have to guess you're referring to the time right outside here?" *she certainly seems like she's trying to pick which attempt on her life Adele would be talking about*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "You have had multiple attempts on your life recently?" A dark brow, highlighted against pale skin, rises slightly.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Eh, some more than others. That's the only one that even came remotely close to succeeding." *she dismisses the others casually*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "How unfortunate that it did," she whispers, sitting straight-backed in her chair. It can't be comfortable, but she looks relaxed, the unnaturalness of it seeming paradoxically natural to the sluagh. "What happened, if you don't mind me asking?"

Jennifer Hubbard: "It's been awhile..." *thinks a moment...she seems to have not given the event any thought whatsoever since it happened* "Well, it was dark, and something seemed to come out of nowhere to grab me. I couldn't get away, but I was fortunate: Elias showed up and it ran away. Never got a good look at it." *shrugs* "Sorry it's not a proper story, was a pretty short thing, and I didn't get to see enough to be able to do it justice."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Quite all right," she says with a slight nod. "And there was no indication of who or what may have done it? No...clues as to why?"

Jennifer Hubbard: "I didn't see anything." *shakes her head* "Though my guess is that he was after the Flame."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The Flame." Her head tilts a little bit, as if curious at this title. "I believe I may have heard of such a thing."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Yeah, it's this lighter thing, that looks like a small ball of fire to us." *shrugs* "Lots of people seem to be trying to get their hands on it."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Interesting." She nods. "I had seen this thing, but it had been in the hands of another...a satyr."

Jennifer Hubbard: "It's changed hands a few times since then. So...what DO you know about it?" *she smiles, but it's the smile of someone who's going after something they want, and who knows that they have what they need to get it*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Less then I would like," she says with a slight shrug. "I believe it has some corrolation, perhaps, with a blade recovered and lost."

Jennifer Hubbard: "I've heard of this sword, not sure what's so special about it though."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "It is the possession of another then the person who holds it. And is highly sought-after, for whatever reason. It seems...also quite particular about who wields it."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Hmm...might have to look into getting my hands on it then...who has it these days?" *mischevious grin*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "As I know? A sidhe."

Jennifer Hubbard: *rolls her eyes slightly* "Which one?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Aethilian is his name...though his house appears to be in question."

Jennifer Hubbard: *nods* "And who does it belong to, really?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Yet another sidhe. That one is even less sure...their gender is not even a confirmed thing."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Joy." *oh, the sarcasm in that word*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles faintly. "Nothing is ever certain in this city, it would seem, Miss Jen. Now, perhaps a littl quid pro quo?"

Jennifer Hubbard: "Ahhh...yeah...well, the Flame I passed it on to Elias the other day. And I highly recommend you not go near guess is that Amelia's death is in some way related to it, as well as the attempt on my life and a recent encounter Elias had."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I see." She nods slightly, and then leans forward a bit, a hand coming to rest breifly on Jen's forearm. It's only there a moment, perhaps...a touch of comfort? Rare from the sluagh, for sure, and it's gone quickly. "You said that your assailant grabbed you. May I ask how they attempted to murder you?" There's a slight elongation of the murmured word 'murder,' hard to catch, as quietly as the girl speaks.

Jennifer Hubbard: "Didn't manage to "

Jennifer Hubbard: ((grr, stupid hitting the wrong button, delete that))

Jennifer Hubbard: "Well, he didn't get as far as to really trying to kill me. I was lucky, and Elias showed up quickly enough plus my struggling gave it some difficulties...I think he was going to go for a strangling."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little bit to that. "Interesting."

Jennifer Hubbard: "Yeah." *she shrugs a bit and leans back against the wall, stretching out a bit*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She tilts her head, as if vaguely curious about Jennifer's reaction, though she's too polite to say anything about it. "I understand that it is becoming more and more dangerous in general to be out, as well."

Jennifer Hubbard: "It is." *she nods* "Not gonna stop me though. After all, the world needs saving, and I can't miss being a part of THAT story." *grin*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "No, I wouldn't imagine you could," she says with the slightest of nods.

Jennifer Hubbard: "So...anything else?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I don't believe so, Miss Jen." She gives a tiny smile, perfect in it's reserved courtesy. "It has been a pleasure speaking with you."

Jennifer Hubbard: "And with you. And now, I believe I'll be getting to bed." *she stands up and heads for one of the rooms*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Good evening," she murmurs, before she rises. "May you sleep safely." If not necessarily well, is the unspoken finish. She watches Jen depart, and then, eventually, rises to find a place herself.

Jennifer Hubbard: ((thanks for the scenes))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Thank you! Was fun!))