Madeline Dane: -- She's got a recorder (the musical instrument), and playing lightly with a view of the water.

Madeline Dane: ((New color))

Madeline Dane: -- She's got a recorder (the musical instrument), and playing lightly with a view of the water.

Jeff Brolin: (( *He stares down at the lighter in his hand, a silver zippo. Flipping it open, then closed, then open again. His cigarette hangs from his lips. The lighter remains in his left hand. He reaches into his right pocket and pulls out another lighter, and lights his cigarette with THAT one. Boy must be picky.*

Madeline Dane: d10: practice: 3,9,8,6,5,8,

Jeff Brolin: d10: per+alert: 5,2,7,4,

Jeff Brolin: *He hears music? Music? He perks up. He pockets the used lighter, the silver zippo remaining in his hand. He gets up, and looks around.*

Madeline Dane: She's certainly enjoying her practice, and continues to play. A song she half remembers about the sea.

Keith Newcomb: He wanders through the park, hands in his jacket pockets. Not that he really needs the jacket; it's so warm after the last cold snap. He stands at just about six feet tall, around his early to mid 20s. He has a strong athletic build, though he isn’t bulked up like a weightlifter. His face is attractive and lean, the hint of dimples, and his eyes are a dark hazel. His straight blond hair plays down past his shoulders in a single layer of cream, and he dresses usually in ripped-up blue jeans or artfully torn black leather, paired with a long-sleeved jersey displaying a band of generally black metal or hardcore punk, though he sometimes favors The Doors. His jacket is a black leather motorcycle jacket with the Misfits “Legacy of Brutality” cover screenprinted on the back. g

Keith Newcomb: ~Today's t-shirt is Corrosion of Conformity.~

Jeff Brolin: *He follows the sound like it draws him, and he clops on over in heavy boots, feet moving to the beat of the song idly. His tee shirt proclaims that it IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you.*

Keith Newcomb: The music draws his attention, and he wanders that way.

Fern Hayley: *She ambles her way along the park, hair pulled back away from her face*

Madeline Dane: ((Haha! The pied piper of NYC!))

Fern Hayley: d10: Per+Kenning: 9,5,3,

Jeff Brolin -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Same from you? Per+Kenning?))

Jeff Brolin: d10: per+alert: 6,5,4,8,

Keith Newcomb: He lights up a camel cig on the way, glancing over at Jeff as they both near the woman playing. Then he looks over the woman.

Fern Hayley: Fern is a young woman of about 18 or so, well-developed in all the best ways. She's not especially tall, standing 5'5", her height and curves conspiring to create the illusion of roundness, along with her heart-shaped face. Underneath the snug clothing she wears though, is a trim, fit body belonging to someone who at least exercises regularly. Her skin is fair, rosy on her cheeks, marred only by a wyvern tattooed on her upper left arm. Pale sea-green eyes peer out from underneath her smooth brows, accenting both the slight smirk on her small mouth, and the burgundy colored curls that sway to her shoulders. Though her shirts and pants are usually close-fitting, she displays little skin to the cold weather. (( ))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips her way into the par, playing idly with the choker around her neck as she travels on. A black corset and cami covers her upper body, a long, ankle-length skirt her lower. The dark-clad, pale-skinned wisp of a girl looks around with shadowy eyes, lined with kohl, as she makes her way along the edges of the path, away from the lights. ((PM for DD, and state if Fae or Enchanted))

Jeff Brolin: *Keith gets a smirk, and a raised chin, but he doesn't interrupt the music. His foot taps, absently, to the beat of the pipes.*

Fern Hayley: *She sniffs, glancing around the area, eyes drawn to Jeff. She inclines her chin a bit*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Kenning: 6,2,5,

Madeline Dane: Her own t-shirt is plain today. Work frowns on advertising for bands. Instead she just enjoys the music.

Madeline Dane: d10: notice audience?: 1,5,3,7,10,

Keith Newcomb: He just smirks back and lifts his chin in return to Jeff, his eyes roving over Madeline, lingering on her chest.

Madeline Dane: Blinks as she senses someone coming up on her, and she stops a moment to look around.

Jeff Brolin -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((In the young satyr's hand is a thing that looks, to the mortal eye, like a cigarette lighter, a silver zippo. But to the fae eye, it appears he is holding a flame. It is teeming with Glamour.))

Fern Hayley: Huh. Seems everyone enjoys a bit of good playing?

Keith Newcomb: He looks over at Fern, eyes automatically dropping to check out the headlights.

Madeline Dane: "Hello. Not bothering you guys, am I?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her eyebrow raises ever so slightly as she looks in Jeff's direction. A bit of a purse to her lips, and she drifts in the man's direction, eyes passing around to watch the vicinity as she draws close.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert(Abil Apt.): 9,1,7,8,6,8,

Fern Hayley: *Well, she doesn't have the things for nothing. She smirks at Keith* Howzit going?

(Oh yeah, if anyone's fae / enchanted, blah blah blah, yadda yadda, etc)

Keith Newcomb: Hey, and another one to check out! He looks over at Adele, seeing what she might have to display.

Keith Newcomb: Fern: "Hm?" His attention is drawn back to Fern. He grins crookedly. "Boring 'til now."

Jeff Brolin: *He rather makes a face at Adele's approach, as if he smells something bad. Though Fern does get the eyes SMACK on the chest.*

Fern Hayley: It's only boring if you're not trying hard enough.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her eyes take in Kurt, Madeline, and Fern, appraising and dismissing the first two for the moment. Fern, who she knows, gets a brief, polite nod of greeting, as does Jeff.

Keith Newcomb: Fern: "Maybe. You got any suggestions?" Glances at Madeline, since she stopped playing.

Madeline Dane: She starts idly tapping on the bench she's sitting on, as though now that she's started, just dropping the music isn't easy. OK, cute guys checking her out. She can offer a smile.

Fern Hayley: *A tip of an invisible hat to Adele, then to Madeline* Nah, looks like we're an audience, not a mob.

Keith Newcomb: He grins crookedly back at Madeline and walks over, sitting on the bench. "You gonna keep playing? It was pretty cool."

Jeff Brolin: *He gives Madeline a grin.* Oi, don't stop playin'. *His accent has a hint of Aussie in it.*

Madeline Dane: "You should here my guitar then. It's just a pain to carry." She sets the recorder back to her lips...

Fern Hayley: Keith: Try harder? *Ah, Occam, how she loves thee*

Madeline Dane: d10: keep going?: 1,5,2,1,5,8,

Madeline Dane: And yanks it back out as she hits a real sour note.

Jeff Brolin: *He winces at that.* Oi play a bit of git too. Mebbe we could... you know, jam sometime? *He flips the silver lighter in his hand, idly.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She stands there, not exactly with the group, but not exactly away from them, either, observing calmly. A slight quirk downward of the lips as Madeline's playing goes a bit...sour.

Keith Newcomb: Madeline: "I play drums." Nods to Jeff. "We jam sometimes."

Fern Hayley: Ai yah. *A squint at the duck call*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The girl's dark-lined eyes follow the lighter in Jeff's hand, seeming intrigued by the faint light of the lamps glinting off of it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Intelligence: 4,8,7,9,

Madeline Dane: "I wouldn't mind having someone to play with. I was directed toward a band, but got the message back they had already filled guitar."

Fern Hayley: *A soft chuckle, looking towards Adele* How've you been? I haven't seen you in a while.

Keith Newcomb: Madeline: "Might have been me. Was it an ad from Keith?" Grins.

Jeff Brolin -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *There is a symbol on the lighter, even in the mortal realm. And you remember EXACTLY where it's from. The paper Elias handed you, the information about the theater. He'd sketched a small flame along the side, an odd symbol.*

Madeline Dane: Madeline smiles. "Yeah, that would be you then." She offers her hand. "Madeline."

Jeff Brolin: *He shrugs.* Sorry, baby. Don't s'pose you play bass, do you? *He winks at the girl.*

Keith Newcomb: He takes the hand, a light easy shake. "Keith Newcomb. This is Jeff, he's the one who's doing guitar."

Keith Newcomb: Jeff: "Liam's thinking of switching from guitar to bass. If he does, we can have Sha Sha sing. You remember her? Real hot."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I have been well," she finally speaks up, voice a quiet murmur as she looks to Fern. "Testing the webs, to see where I stick." Her attention is drawn back to the lighter...a look of surprise, perhaps. Slight widening of the eyes. She considers Jeff with a discerning eye, a hand withdrawing a clove from her purse. "Pardon me, sir...could you light my cigarette for me?"

Jeff Brolin: *He nods.* I'm tryin' to learn bass, but no promises. Musically inclined. *He taps his forehead.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Keith Newcomb: ((*Smacks you for Keith never calling Jarod* *G*))

Ryan: ((is this open?))

Jeff Brolin: *He arches an eyebrow.* Yeah. Sexy bitch that she is? Goth chick? She's okay. *He turns to Adele, and does NOT meet her eyes.* Uhh... sure. *He reaches into his pocket with the free hand and draws out the ugly I Love New York! lighter, in neon green, and flicks it on, to light her cigarette.*

Keith Newcomb -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*L* Jarod never sounded real interested. Frankly, Keith wanted an all-guy band, which is what he's going to say IC in a moment.))

Madeline Dane: Jeff: "I haven't tried yet. When I pick up something new, I try to make it different than what I already have."

Jeff Brolin: ((Indeed, Ryan!))

Jeff Brolin: *He looks to Madeline. And grins.* I'm a dancer, more than a player. Just... know music, you know?

Keith Newcomb: Jeff: "Yeah, she is, but I wanted an all male band." He shrugs. "There was this guy who could sing like you wouldn't believe, but he didn't sound all that keen on it."

Keith Newcomb: Jeff: He nods in agreement. "Music is everything. The one fuckin' thing in this world that keeps me calm."

Fern Hayley: Mmmmm. *She nods* I'll just nod like I get what you're saying, okay? *She smiles*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Keith Newcomb: ((He was starting to say he was, but Brigette came in and distracted him. *S* Then it got dropped.))

Keith Newcomb -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((He might call him anyway. *L* Sha Sha just wants to sing with them a bit, not necessarily like a band. But dang, with their level of combined talent, they could actually get somewhere.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smirks slightly at the change in lighters and leans forward, eyes never leaving Jeff's face as she sets the clove to the flame. She slowly straightens out, a spark rising from the end of the clove as she takes a drag, and nods her gratitude to him. "You seem to be quite the collector of lighters," she says softly.

Madeline Dane: Jeff: "Yeah, I think so. Some people just.. get... music. Others have to work at it." She holds up her recorder. "Like me. "Humph. Fine then. All male band.

Dani Lane: *comes back into the park after taking a walk... still carrying her guitar case* ((desc at

Jeff Brolin: *He looks curious at Adele. And peers down at the silver zippo.* This? S'broken. Has been, *he says quickly.* M'boyfriend gave it t'me. It's a gift.

Keith Newcomb: ((And all the musicians come out to play? ~peering at Dani~ *G*))

Fern Hayley: Madeline: Don't sweat it. If I tried to play that thing, I'd probably just wind up calling dogs. I mean, of a different sort than you did. *A teasing wink at Jeff and Keith*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmmm. Your boyfriend gives quite...unique gifts."

Keith Newcomb: Fern: "Just call me Fido."

Jeff Brolin: He wanted me safe, *he mutters, and he looks back to the musicians. A small smirk touches his lips at Fern's comment.* Rowf?

Keith Newcomb: He glances at Adele, a raised eyebrow. It's just a lighter. He peers at the thing. Maybe it's platinum or something?

Dani Lane: ((hehe)) *she heads over to a bench, sitting, setting the case on the grund next to her*

Madeline Dane: Madeline can't help but notice a guitar case walking by. "Great. Now I'm shown up for not taking the effort to lug my guitar around. I need to learn how to play a tamerine and hit the subway or womething."

Fern Hayley: How about Spot amd Foo-Foo? *Her auburn brows lift with a mirthful grin*

Jeff Brolin: Oi, y'call me fuckin' Foo Foo an' I'll kick your ass, little girl. Might be sexually flexible, but I'm not a fag, baby.

Fern Hayley: Madeline: Hey if you shave your head and wear a saffron robe...

Fern Hayley: Jeff: Just "Fluffy", then?

Keith Newcomb: Jeff: Grins. "You realize, of course, that could end up your nickname if you protest too much."

Jeff Brolin: *He scowls. And then seems to ponder.* 'ow about Dingo?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((And I always forget this one. Fame 3/Infamy 1 among High-society; those who read the news; see 'Rich & Famous' for details. *Smack*))

Madeline Dane: Fern: "No. I think that won't work quite right."

Dani Lane: *glances at Madeline, quirking a brow*

Bianca Balfour: Out for a walk, giving her eyes and hands a break from the computer screen. Bianca is attractive in a wild sort of way, her short dark hair, with light blonde and strawberry blondish streaks, falls around her face, freckles lightly dotting her light complexion. The way her hair falls is almost oddly enough stylish, some whisps falling lightly around her sapphire blue eyes. She prefers to dress mainly in frilly blouses of all colors, and dress pants of some sort, into which the blouses are very neatly tucked into them, and the pants are tucked neatly in turn into Victorian styled black boots that lace up to her knees. No matter where she goes, she conveys an air of refinement by the type of clothes she wears. (PM if fae/enchanted)

Keith Newcomb: He looks over at Dani. Well, mainly her body.

Jeff Brolin: *He scratches underneath his chin.* Didn't bring mine either. Mmmh... might go out clubbin'. No good night scenes around here, an' just can't deal with Limelight right now.

Fern Hayley: ...Dingo. Spot and Dingo. Riiiiight *She looks to Madeline*

Madeline Dane: Dani: "Hello." Bright smile, she begins to twirl her recorder a bit in her fingers.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles slightly and inclines her head at Jeff's comment about his boyfriend wishing to keep him safe...dark eyes glittering under thin eyebrows. She leans back and takes another drag off her clove, the crackling sound almost louder then her voice was.

Jeff Brolin: Oi, Dingo's pretty hardcore. *He nods sincerely.* Don't know about Spot. *He seems pleased with that.* Not even wearin' m'fuckin' spikey collar. Huh.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert(Abil Apt.): 6,5,9,7,2,10,

Jeff Brolin: *He lifts up the lighter.* Takes me where I wanna go, *in response to Adele's nod.* Just think it, an' it happens. Belief's fuckin' everything.

Madeline Dane: "How about Rex?"

Dani Lane: Madeline>> *smiles* howdy... *definate southern accent*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She notes Bianca in the park, head swivelling to her direction. A slight straightening of her back occurs, the wisp of shadow regarding the approaching woman with some interest.

Keith Newcomb: "If he gets to be Dingo, I get to be Rex." Jeff: "We could figure out something. Lots of interesting, talent women around."

Jeff Brolin: *He looks over to Keith.* Rex? *He smirks, and then back to Madeline.* Since you're, you know, giving us dog names an' all that, this DOES give us entitlement to use that as a style, yeah?

Keith Newcomb: He grins at Jeff's comment. "Fuck, if you weren't going to say it, I was gonna."

Madeline Dane: Jeff: "Sure, get you a big red house and a Snoopy mascot. Or you could go all Spike the Bulldog."

Jeff Brolin: *He grins, as, well... Madeline doesn't GET it.*

Fern Hayley: Ah, creativity!

Bianca Balfour: As she walks there is also a large purple backpack that she pulls along behind her.

Keith Newcomb: He lifts a brow at Madeline, a smirk playing at his lips.

Fern Hayley: *And she just... BLINKS at Madeline. Then to the other two. Befuddled shrug*

Dani Lane: *watches the others, curiously*

Madeline Dane: Nope. She doesn't get it. Poor little thing doesn't get out enough. ((I'm sure you all will fix that in time.))

Keith Newcomb: He notices Dani is near their group and looks over. Lifts his eyes from her chest long enough to nod.

Bianca Balfour: d10: per/alert: 7,6,7,7,3,4,

Dani Lane: *nods back to Keith* howdy..... how y'all doin?

Jeff Brolin: What, do we fuckin' smell or something? *He smirks, and looks over to Adele.*

Bianca Balfour: She spots a group up ahead, her eyes looking to a few of them with more interest.

Fern Hayley: Jeff: Even worse when you're wet. or so rumor has it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Hmmm?" She looks back to Jeff suddenly, having missed that point of the conversation. "Pardon me?" she inquires with her quiet tone

Jeff Brolin: *He rolls his eyes.* That is just a fuckin' rumour. I shampoo.

Keith Newcomb: Dani: "Pretty good." A shrug. Jeff/Fern: "Jeff's wet 24 hours a day, I think." Grins.

Jeff Brolin: *He waves a hand to Adele, and looks back to the main group, shifting the lighter from one hand to another.*

Jeff Brolin: *He leers at Keith's comment.* Y'got that fuckin' right, mate.

Fern Hayley: *A laugh, looking over at Dani* christ almighty. We're one fat ugly dude with a tuba short of a mardi gras parade here.

Fern Hayley: Must take a lot of gatorade to maintain that...

Bianca Balfour: Bianca runs a hand through her hair a few times, a little closer to the group now, studying them.

Jeff Brolin: *He turns his head to Fern, then... yeesh, looking at everyone's gonna give him whiplash.* So you gonna flash us or what?

Jeff Brolin: Like the fuckin' energizer bunny with a battery in backwards. *He smirks, and gives a good pause for the punchline.* Keeps coming, and coming, and coming...

Keith Newcomb: "Cerberus," he suddenly says. "Jeff, is there a band already called Cerberus? The three-headed dog that guards the gates to hell?"

Madeline Dane: Madeline raises an eyebrow at the idea of someone flashing here. "You guys need some anti-viagra."

Dani Lane: *looks at Fern, cocking her head a bit* I'm sorry?

Fern Hayley: Jeff: Nah, too cold out. I wouldn't want to get freezerburn on my nipples. I've grown rather fond of 'em.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks back over the group for a moment, eyes following the lighter...but her attention seems split between it and Bianca. She looks over in the woman's direction, head inclining respectfully...kneeds bending in a bit of a curtsey.

Keith Newcomb: He looks over Bianca, top to bottom.

Jeff Brolin: *He scratches behind his ear.* I think there's the Hell Hounds, but not Cerberus.

Keith Newcomb: Fern: "It's got to be nearly 60 degrees out." Grins over at Madeline. "No fun."

Fern Hayley: Dani: Nothin', just everyone here's like... musical and shit.

Dani Lane: Fern>> Oh ya? Cool *smiles*

Keith Newcomb: Jeff: "Cerberus. Perfect." He drops his ciggy and smushes it out. "Well done, Dingo."

Fern Hayley: My tits. my rules. *Crossing her arms*

Jeff Brolin: *He reaches down to his pants.* I can start off the flashing, if y'want. *He arches an eyebrow.*

Keith Newcomb: "The other name I was thinkin' of is Rasputin. You know, the Mad Monk of Russia?"

Bianca Balfour: The sapphire eyes blink at Adele's respectful response to her. "I ain't no frabing Queen Mom," she smirks a bit.

Dani Lane: *looks at Jeff, quirking a brow*

Keith Newcomb: Jeff: "Go for it."

Bianca Balfour -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((You want the two post fae description now? It's so long I have to break it up.))

Fern Hayley: Jeff: I think you may offend some tender sensibilities. *Gesturing to the two musicians in their midst*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The vulgarity of the conversation draws an odd expression onto the slender goth's face...not sure whether to be amused or offended. She nods to Bianca's comment, and starts to slip away. "Of course, Madame. Good evening." ((Perfect opportunity, since I gotta go...thanks for scarin' her away! *G* Thanks for the scene, all! *Hugs all around*))

Keith Newcomb: ((You're leaving already?! Bye...))

Jeff Brolin: *He sighs idly, as if annoyed.* Ahh well. Don't wanna get arrested for indecent exposure. Again.

Madeline Dane: ((Aww.. *hugs* Bye. See you around.))

Jeff Brolin: ((Byeee! Thank you for playing!))

Keith Newcomb: Jeff: "You, too, huh?" Laughs.

Bianca Balfour: "I...." and just mutters as she watches the overly polite Adele take off.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Bianca Balfour: ((Wow, I suck. Wrong PC entirely...I was thinking of Morgan. :P))

Madeline Dane: Jeff: "Is that how you met your boyfreind?"

Bianca Balfour -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Yes...this is my Nocker *lol*))

Fern Hayley: Jeff: GOddamned pigs. *A sniff* You know they have rules against playing REAL street hockey, too?

Madeline Dane: She hasn't gotten out much, but she wasn't raised in a nunnery either.

Dani Lane: Jeff>> hey, I ain't stoppin ya *smirks*

Jeff Brolin: *He snorts.* Fuck no. Juvie sucks ass. No way t'meet anyone.

Bianca Balfour -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((That's why I was wondering. I can give the description to you later if you'd like since you need to go.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Bianca Balfour: ((Ahh, well. I'll just assume she...umm. New face. She's had some wierd shit happen lately, and there's too many people around. Uhh...yeah! *Thuds*))

Jeff Brolin: *He grins to Fern, as she supports his imagined revolution, and a wink to Dani.*

Madeline Dane: Fern: "What do you mean by 'real'?"

Keith Newcomb: He stretches out an arm on the bench behind Madeline.