Surly: *glances over,arching a brow. is dude going to bite that chick, or what?*

Jeff Brolin: *He remains still, allowing her inspection.*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *A hrug, tugging his lip and letting it snap back* Nothing wrong that I can tell. Could maybe use a tic-tac...*Teasing grin*

Jeff Brolin: *He smirks.* I brushed m'teeth last night, *he grumbles.*

Surly: *a slight headshake. freaks, over there. so what if it's pot calling kettle?*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: But notthis morning? Yourr dentist should kick your butt. *She grins brightly*

Jeff Brolin: Well, I was distracted this mornin'. *He grins.*

Renata Giordano [PT]: She follows after him, after collecting her guitar. Can't leave that lying about.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: And I'd be better off not asking, hmmm? *Winking her blue eye at him. The other one is, of course, jut as vibrantly green as that one is blue*

Jeff Brolin: *He grins.* Orgy, of course. Silly.

Renata Giordano [PT]: "You had an orgy and forgot to call me?" She looks mock-annoyed, but is more bemused than anything else.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: I didn't ask! *She laughs* But hell I guess everyone needs a morning pick-me-up-an-push-me-against-the-wall...

Jeff Brolin: *He looks over to Ren.* Didn't know you were HERE. I mean, hell, I don't even STAY here, till Kait offered me her place while she was out.

Renata Giordano [PT]: "Well, that spoils my idea of crashing with you, doesn't it?" She chuckles, shaking her head.

Surly: *sits up, stretching, and sets her feet on the ground. elbows on her knees, leaning over, as she reads*

Jeff Brolin: Yeah, Jer might get a LEETLE pissed. You know how he gets, all jealous and shit. *He rolls his shoulders, and looks back to Surly.* Mmmh...

Surly: *flips a lock of perfectly-straight hair back over her should as she turns a page. a faint chuckle at whatever she's reading*

Renata Giordano [PT]: She stares at the boobies for a moment before looking back up at Jeff. "Hey, maybe tall, dark, and scary will let me crash with him? I'll give him some pot and he'll be chill. It'll be great."

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *A glance over* Hey Surly, what's the deal? Having a beanbag sale?

Jeff Brolin: Yeah, take the rest off, can't tease us!

Surly: *glances up at the sound of her name* Va? oh, ink chick. what about bean bags? *blinks at Amy, mildly curious. translation--she only looks as if she's contemplating punching Amy, rather than dissecting her with bare hands. such a friendly person, she is....*

Surly: *eyes Jeff. completely baffled* take off my beanbag? i don't own a beanbag.

Morgan Beaumaris: She walks through the park, a cello case in hand, head bobbing to something she is listening too, as a pair of earbuds can be seen with the cord disappearing somewhere inside her jacket. The young lithe woman moves with grace and refinement. Dark green eyes speak of something more, however, that she has seen and experienced much more than her apparent youthful look. Now, as most times, she seems to prefer to wear cropped black leather tops and low-rider type simple black pants and Victorian style black ankle boots which lace up the front, to complete her tall, sleek look. Black seems to be her color, even her straight black shoulder-length hair which is almost always pulled into a tight ponytail. Her complexion is fair and she looks like should could easily sunburn, but belies her Welsh heritage. Despite her feminine physique, at closer look, its obvious that she is quite fit and likely works out every day. Finding a bench to sit down on, she gets comfortable and pulls out the cello.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Just curious about why you're trying to make this poor boy apoplectic. *Rubs Jeff's head, all friendly-like* Or is that the goal?

Morgan Beaumaris: (Pm if fae/enchanted)

Renata Giordano [PT]: "I think she might be arrested for public nudity as is, I do not think the authorities would be pleased with her losing the rest."

Surly: *NOW she gets it. snorts, with a faint smirk* love the topless laws in this town. besides--they're just another weapon. *demonstrates this by sitting up straight and inhaling deeply*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Woah! *She golf-claps, and in a bad Croc hunter accent* Hea' we haff th' Legend'ry Nyew Yawrk Nippled Puffahfish! Ain' she a beaut?

Jeff Brolin: *He snorts at Amy's impersonation.* You make me say Crikey and I'll kick your ass.

Renata Giordano [PT]: d10: per+alert: 7,8,1,3,

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: How about you give us a "Croikey!, lookit tha' cloaaaaaaaka!"?

Renata Giordano [PT]: Boobies are a great distraction. She only barely notices Morgan heading in, which is a shame, relaly.

Jeff Brolin: d10: per+alert: 7,7,2,2,

Jeff Brolin: *And he... he notes Morgan. He stiffens, and clearly, moving closer to Renata.*

Surly: *shakes her head* you. *aiming a finger at Amy* are a nutjob. i'm pretty sure you are, too. *the finger moves to cover Jeff* you just look a little stoned or something. *now, on to Ren. glances at Morgan suspiciously*

Renata Giordano [PT]: She just grins at Surly and shrugs, wrapping an arm protectively around Jeff.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Surly: *Wide-eyed look of shock. The fact that she has Dizzy Devil eyes only adds to the "nutjob" surmise.* Ack, I've been found out.

Jeff Brolin: *No response to anyone, really. He stumbles back, as Morgan gets closer.*

Surly: *smirks* your secret is not safe with me. *eyes Jeff. looks from him to Morgan* hrm. *begins to frown slightly, body tensing alertly*

Morgan Beaumaris: Morgan takes the ear buds out and situates the cello between her legs, taking a few breaths as she gets ready to play.

Renata Giordano [PT]: She just stands, murmuring soothing words in Italian, of all languages. It's not the words that matter, but the intent. And she's trying to soothe Jeff.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The wisp of shadow slips her way into the park. Tonight, the dress of choice is a Romantic-era velvet top with embossed velvet front panel and gentle braid detail on neckline, a sweeping, rustling goth skirt, and a choker around her pale, thin neck. Her purse at her side, glasses perched on her face, she makes her way along, peering about as she slips silently along the edges of the shadows (Ping for full DD if needed, and state if Fae or Enchanted. Fame 3/Infamy 1 among High-society and those who read the news; see 'Rich & Famous' for details.))

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *Looks at Jeff* You alright there?

Jeff Brolin: *He breathes slowly, and he nods slightly to Amy.* Huh? M'fine. *He smiles weakly.* Bad tuna or good sushi. You decide.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert(Abil Apt.): 4,3,5,9,7,9,

Morgan Beaumaris: (Dang...I know no one's probably even heard this song either. I can give a link and tell you the name if you want to really listen to it on Real player or one of th eother players.))

Surly -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*wry grin* PB 2, and some Garou-specific merits. long, stark white hair with horizontal purple stripes. blue eyes. black eyebrows. app 4. um...*thinks* ah. sheer purple shirt, open, no bra. snug black jeans tucked into knee-high Docs, with cutouts along the legs up to her hips. gloves, and heavy, pointy silver rings with a heavy silver-toned belt. and a top hat, black with purple brim, beside her on the bench. and you know the rest of how she looks and stuff. *L*))

Surly: *keeps glancing between Jeff and the chick with the guitar on steriods. almost hopefully*

Renata Giordano [PT] -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: [Fae*snerk*]

Morgan Beaumaris: (( Click on the album that's called Classified. The song is "Hungarian."))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her dark, ever-alert eyes pick out the group up ahead, and she slips forward, trying to keep to the shadows as she observes...staying away from the lights in the park.

Renata Giordano [PT]: Jeff's temple gets a kiss and a nuzzle. She's just being warm and friendly.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Looked like you were freaking out a bit... *looks to Morgan, then back* There's always room for cello.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Surly: ((I know, Harper. It's Ravyn. *G*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Stealth: 2,2,6,2,10,

Jeff Brolin: Hm? *He looks back to Amy.* Thought I saw a ghost.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Renata Giordano [PT]: Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Morgan Beaumaris: d10: char/perf: 6,2,6,9,9,9,7,

Morgan Beaumaris: And wow does the girl play, her body moving slightly as she plays, as if one with her instrument and the music.

Jeff Brolin: *Even then, that music. His head swivels, his eyes softening just a bit. He doesn't look to the sidhe, head bowed. Meek.*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Jeff: *Looks back to Morgan. Studying for transluscency*

Surly -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*giggles and nods, hugging* i know! i was lazy--just C&Ped what i sent to Morgan--i should've just sent her clothing and new hair color. and by the way...*pounces. grooms eyebrows in happy greeting*))

Surly: *goes on full alert at the word "ghost" for some reason. her expression suddenly one of barely contained rage*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *Her eyes drift shut for a moment as she listens, breaking out a grin* Oh... Oh that's nice.

Renata Giordano [PT]: The music tugs at her and she wants so very much to pull away and enjoy, but she remains at Jeff's side.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Renata Giordano [PT]: ((Can I get Renata's Mien?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: In the darkness, her eyebrows quirk at Surly's sudden expression of anger at ghosts. Jeff is watched closely, and Renata gets a look of interest. Morgan is watched VERY closely, delicate brow furrowed.

Morgan Beaumaris: The song she plays sounds haunting and if from a time long long ago, moving faster and faster, her fingers and bow fly across the strings.

Surly: *very, very slowly relaxes, when no ghosts pop into sight. sort of. she remains wary, giving the music something less than her full attention*

Renata Giordano [PT] -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: In the fae realm, the Satyress looks much like she does in the mortal realm, save for the older look of her clothes and the horns that curve out from her forehead, goat tail wagging from the hole in her skirt and hooves glittering in the lamplight.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *Shakes her head before she starts getting too caught up* Ai yah.

Morgan Beaumaris: Slowly as the last note is played and dies off in the air, she actually looks around a bit, almost embarrassed by something.

Surly: *a sudden growl from the bitchy female. mutters darkly (and fairly quietly)* drag queens again. limp dicked lumps of twat cheese that couldn't spell their own names with a fucking dictionary.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *Dark mutters from Surly are hardly abnormal, so pays no mind* Morgan: Damn nice.

Jeff Brolin: d10: per+alert: 2,5,9,2,

Jeff Brolin: *He hears 'drag queen', and he growls at Surly.* Oi.

Surly: *eyes Jeff* what? *scowls*

Morgan Beaumaris: She blushes a bit hearing the compliment. "Thank you," she says with that London accent.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Not a problem. *Tilting her chin upward a bit*

Jeff Brolin: That... better not have been directed at ME.

Renata Giordano [PT]: She squeezes Jeff's hip, just smiling pleasantly. She's not getting involved in any spats now.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Jeff: Don't sweat it. There's a reason her name is "Surly"... *Flashing a smile*

Surly: *snorts at Jeff* if i'd been talking to you, i'd've come over there and insulted you to your face. *smirks*

Jeff Brolin: Yeah? Then what the fuck are you mumblin' about over there, nicetits? *He says with a snort. turning his fear into slight aggression.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over in Surly's direction, intrigued by her comment. The girl slips a bit further toward the light, watching the angry woman and anything in the vicinity of her.

Morgan Beaumaris: She considers another song, and the Rolling Stones' Obsession

Morgan Beaumaris: d10: char/perf: 7,9,5,7,6,7,1,

Surly: *smirks at Amy* hell, yeah, there is. *a decided nod. proudly* i've been told i have all the charm of a school of piranha crossed with a bear that has bad hemorrhoids.

Morgan Beaumaris: Once the song starts, giving it a bit of a jazzed up mix to it, Morgan doesn't really pay much attention to what's going on with the group not too far away.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Surly: But hey. Nice tits.

Surly: *quite calmly informs Jeff* the ghost. the drag queen, limp dicked, chunk of twat cheese ghost. *doesn't everyone know one of those? yeeeeahhhhh. riiiiight....*

Renata Giordano [PT]: "Huh." That's all she has to say about the ghost, she's slightly distracted by the music.

Surly: *chuckles a bit at Amy* yes, they are. *thumps one lightly* good for baiting assholes into trying something. then i can have fun. *grins widely, absently cracking her knuckles*

Jeff Brolin: *He shivers again, then, and looks over his shoulder.* Jeremy?

Surly: *blinks at Jeff* Jeremy? nah. Doc Dickcheese. *nods*

Morgan Beaumaris: The song ends and she starts to put away the cello.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She nods to Surly* You need to take up a hobby. Perhaps macramé? *A helpful little smile*

Jeff Brolin: *He looks back to Surly.* Ohh... reminds me kinda of my boyfriend.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Jeff: Oh GROSS.

Jeff Brolin: What? *He looks over to Amy.* Felt a cold breeze is all.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over at Jeff now, her smile quirking a little bit. Interesting. She shifts slightly, to get around to a better vantage point.

Surly: i have a hobby. *smirks* i hit people. *blinks at Jeff* your *wrinkles her nose* boyfriend's a dead guy?

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She smirks* "Doc Dickcheese"... Lovely...

Cold Breeze -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The ghost, moving back continues to watch the gathering with a certain determination. Fairly confident that it is not being observed.

Jeff Brolin: *He shrugs at Surly's surmising.* Well... *He grins.* Naw, not REALLY, but... well... he's kinda cold.

Morgan Beaumaris: Dead. Cold breeze. Now even Morgan looks around, slightly paranoid.

Surly: *nods at Jeff* look out for floating pointy shit, too. *see? she can be nice! she gave him a warning....*

Jeff Brolin: *He arches an eyebrow.* Floating pointy shit? Gah, what did THAT come out of?

Surly: *tilts her head at Jeff, curious* natural low body temp? or just one of those ice queens. or kings, maybe. you did say 'he'.

Morgan Beaumaris: Time to go. Cello back in case, earbuds back into ears, and off she goes.

Surly: *smirks* a surgeon's kit. *even she figures this group probably thinks she's totally off her rocker. oh well.*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Surly: You can do agressive Macramé.

Jeff Brolin: Yeah... he's just naturally cold. Naturally lower body temp. *He smiles almost fondly, but forces the look off of his face, looking over to Ren.* Err... sorry.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She finally drifts out from the shadows, toward the group. Watching Morgan a moment, lips pursed, but smiling. Something about the woman's paranoia brings faint amusement to her dark eyes, though the rest of her is entirely polite. She passes by, hand coming slightly out to her side as she passes by an area.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Cold Breeze: She reaches out and briefly wraps her fingers around his hand. Just simple acknowledgment of his presence, nothing more.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *An odd look at Jeff*

Surly: but, what IS macrame? *frowns at Amy. then blinks at Jeff* i run hot, myself. *shrugs* of course, i'm celibate, so it doesn't matter much, except that i can wear less for longer in the year than most people.

Renata Giordano [PT]: She just shrugs a little. "There's no accounting for taste, really." A faintly amused smile.

Jeff Brolin: Meh... yeah, me too. Warm.

Jeff Brolin: d10: per+alert: 3,6,6,4,

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: It's like... weaving. Or sculpting. With weaving stuff.

Cold Breeze -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Adele doing that gets his attention right fast, he was a sharp one... Death not having lessoned his faculties at all, perhaps even sharpening them as he studies the odd woman. For the moment the others ignored.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Good evening, all," she murmurs quietly, her eyes passing over Jeff and Renata with faint interest, before turning and nodding her head to Morgan. A slight curtsey there, eyes lowering faintly. "Miss."

Surly: *tilts her head at Ren* maybe he likes this guy *trying not to sneer--ew. relationships.....* because the low and high body temps combine to make 'em both more comfortable. *blinks and shakes her head* yuck. i'm thinking again. i shouldn't do that--my head might explode from the stress. *smirks*

Jeff Brolin: *He nods to Adele, and seems to relax when Morgan leaves.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She says something to herself, her voice even quieter then it's usual whisper.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And she seems relaxed, too, at Morgan's departure.

Surly: *BLINKS at Amy* why would anyone weave sculptures? that's crazy. and unless you made nooses, how would you do it aggressively?

Jeff Brolin: *He looks to Surly.* Naw, I like 'im because he does this NEAT little thing with 'is tongue, and... *He pauses.* Sorry.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Cold Breeze: "Good evening. Worry not, sir, I will not interrupt"

Renata Giordano [PT]: She waves to Adele, smiling warmly. She's freindly, even though Jeff is getting all cute about Jeremy.

Cold Breeze -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Oh good..." he says, glancing to the others before back to her with more interest.

Surly: *shudders and holds up a hand* TMI, dude. like i said, i'm celibate. and that's because sex is a complete waste of my time. not to mention, i hate crotch droppings and don't want any chance of ever getting infested with a spawn, myself. celibacy is the best way to avoid that.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Surly: Scream at it when it doesn't look swanlike enough, then wring it's neck, and ta'daa, instant modern art. "I call it, Swan that I choked hte fuck out of"...

Jeff Brolin: *He blinks.* S'what God made condoms and birth control for. So you could enjoy sex without the pitter patter of little feet.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks off in the distance a moment, a brief, enigmatic little smile in that direction, and then glances back to the group, listening quietly.

Surly: *snickers at Amy* ok. i admit, that sounds fun. but i still think trolling for someidiot of a wannabe, punkass rapist and beating the hell out of him's more fun. *shakes her head at Jeff* condoms break. not worth the risk. besides, i don't like being that close to anyone unless i'm fighting or teaching someone how to fight.

Jeff Brolin: *He frowns, and follows Adele's gaze, squinting.*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Jeff: Her gates are barricaded against the barbarian horde. It'll take a skilled infiltrator to throw her wide open.

Jeff Brolin: You can fight with people you fuck. Or it can start OUT like that. I mean, hell, why d'you think they make such funny faces during wrestling?

Jeff Brolin: *He smiles. SO not his usual grin.* That sounds like a challenge.

Surly: *shakes her head* i don't fuck. ever.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She jumps, and turns with a small frown*

Cold Breeze -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The ghost watches Adele for a long moment, finally though moves behind Amy, touching her back while brushing past her. His dark lips close to ear as he blows briefly. Almost like he was testing her reactions... Adele's that is.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She rubs Jeff's head again* So about those piercings... You have a fuzzy head, you know that?

Jeff Brolin: *He grins.* Yeap. I know. Fuzz-head. Like keepin' it short.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She keeps her attention on Surly, a brief moment spent to readjust the reading glasses perched on her nose.

Surly: got paper and a pen? i can write 'em down for you right now. they're on my cell. *nods to Adele, then gives Amy an approving sort of smirk* good call. heh. you know, when i was a kid, i wanted to get peirced. but, i changed my mind after seeing how easy it is to get the thing ripped out in a brawl. most people tend to turn into big babies when a peircing gets yanked out, or so i've found.

Jeff Brolin: *He looks over to Surly, and he smirks. He licks his bottom lip.* Or y'get used to it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I do, in fact." She reaches into her purse, witdhrawing a small writing pad and a simple pen, and drifts closer to Surly, handing them over.

Surly: *snorts at Jeff* i guess. *shrugs* i got used to getting punched, so i suppose someone could get used to getting metal jerked out of them. not my thing, though. if i ever do the body art thing, i think i'll go with ink.

Jeff Brolin: Mmmh... s'a good thing we've got an inker and poker here, eh?

Surly: *takes the items from Adele and shifts to get out her phone. a few moments of punching buttons, and she begins to jot down numbers. with brief notes* ok, i'm giving you names, and if the person's particularly good at something, that, too.

Surly: huh? *glances at Jeff* we do?

Jeff Brolin: *He looks over to Amy, though not ENOUGH that she stops petting his head.*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Surly: We;; I'll say this, it takes guts and a dull sense of smell to work the job sometimes. *She smirks* And a list of dermatologists you can refer people to. My god. *Looks to Jeff* A good thing indeed!

Surly: *smirks to Amy* get lots of clients with poor hygeine? if i ever do get inked, and get you to do it, you won'thave that issue with me.

Jeff Brolin: And a lady who will be doing the bottom lip pokey... free of charge? So beautiful, and sweet?

Surly: *and hands Adele her stuff back, tucking away the phone and her book*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles a little bit to Surly, taking the pad and paper back. "Thank you." She moves to take a seat at the bench Morgan had been sitting at, whispering a little to herself.

Cold Breeze -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The ghost remains close to Surly, not tormenting her but surely not leaving her. Still looking off and on to Adele with a mixture of curiosity and ... something else. ((Gota start getting ready to leave work :) ))

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Surly: Enough to keep a girl on her toes. Luckily Ray tackles modt of 'em instead of me. but... Still. *She looks at Jeff and chuckles* More butter.

Jeff Brolin: *He watches Adele for a moment, almost curiously.*

Surly: *nods to Adele* the third one on the list's the best one,i think. *smirks to Amy* start handing out free breath mints and deoderant to the ones who need it.

Jeff Brolin: *But he looks back to Amy, and gets down on his knees. And he does a passable mock-british accent.* Ohh, lovely lady, more beauteous than the sun and moon up above! She who shines like the light on a cloudy day! Wilt thou pierce mine lip for a paltry ha-penny, for assuredly, I cannot afford such glorous services, lest I offer my body to be debased in whatever manner she deem fit? *He waggles his eyebrows.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Int+Soothsay: 7,5,3,4,10,6,

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She laughs* Well I would, but hte truth costs us business, and that's bad for my paycheck. We just incinerate the needles and douse the chairs with bleach. *Gives Jeff's head a last rub* Oh. Damn. Forgot I was petting you, sorry!

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Cold Breeze: ((She's granting the ghost Good Luck per Soothsay 2. *S*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Once she takes a seat and stops murmuring, she looks up to Surly and nods to her, smiliing graciously. "Thank you, madame."

Surly: *promptly greets that performance with a gagging sound*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She laughs at that* Oi, a ha'-penny?

Surly: *nods to Adele again* she don't take shit from nobody, though. *smirks* we actually get along pretty well.

Jeff Brolin: *He nods.* A single ha-penny, *he says with a pout.* That, or I could steal some old woman's purse off of the subway.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Hmmm. Debasement... *She rubs her chin thoughtfully* Nah, if you bring your own piece, I can do you for free.

Jeff Brolin: Cool. *He grins.* Though y'know, if you still wanna debase me, ride the frenum ladder... any time. Offer's open.

Cold Breeze -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Nice! :) ))

Surly: *snickers suddenly* heh. if he decides to get inked sometime, i'll pay for it. but, i get to choose what goes on him. *an evil grin*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: I'd be more inclined if I thought you didn't offer that to every woman who rubs you the right way... *She smirks*

Jeff Brolin: *He arches an eyebrow.* Already got one. *He grins, and lifts up the back of his shirt. A celtic cross, about three inches high and two wide, on his left shoulder.* Got it when I was drunk one night.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Understood." She inclines her head to Surly. "The advance intelligence in this matter is much appreciated."

Surly: *snickers to Jeff* i mean another one. *the grin is wider. and still evil*

Surly: *smirks to Adele* no prob.

Jeff Brolin: I'll pass, *he says to Surly, and then grins.* Wait. If I get a tattoo of your choosing, will y'have sex with me?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She rolls her eyes at Jeff's comment and digs into her purse, pulling out a small book and flipping it open to start reading under the faint light of the park lamps.

Surly: no. *smirks to Jeff* but if you like,i'll happily beat the shit out of you. i win, you get inked, my choice. you win, i'll rent you a hooker or something.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She laughs, looking at Surly* Well at least he doesn't dance around the point, huh? *Flumping onto the bench*

Jeff Brolin: Mmmh... no, I got the shit kicked out of me yesterday, I'd prefer sex.

Surly: *rolls her eyes to Amy* he's a male. as far as i can tell, they all think with their dicks first. *shrugs* no sale, then. *snickers at Jeff*

Jeff Brolin: *He sighs.* Fer chrissake, it's not a CHALLENGE with a hooker. Might as well fuck a hole in the ground.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Surly: Some think better than others. *She grins, looking at Jeff* Yeah, you might come out with less grime that way.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She murmurs something to herself in regard to Jeff's comment as she reads.

Surly: so, i'll rent you one and tell her she has to let you catch her. with a tip for every fifteen minutes you don't get ahold of her. *shrugs* hell--i'll even buy her running shoes so she don't break an ankle.

Jeff Brolin: *He looks back to Amy, then.*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Jeff: *Wide-eyed and innocent look. Not a bad set of piercings, herself* ...Yesh?

Jeff Brolin: *He grins, and snaps his teeth together, before turning.* I'm gonna get outta here. Have a couple apologies to make, you know how it works.

Surly: *smirks* don't fornicate to death before you heal. so i can beat you to a pulp. *informs Jeff cheerfully* *blinks* to think of it, i need to get going soon, myself. got another workout before i can eat, shower, and get my beauty rest. i get bitchy if i don't get enough sleep.

Jeff Brolin: Yeah, *he says idly.* Was just gonna bring food over. Way to anyone's heart is through their stomach.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Oh hey. *She tilts to get at her back pocket, fishing out a card and passing it to him* Come by tomorrow, around... One, I think. If you can't make it, five.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks up to Jeff, nodding to him as he departs. Polite, cordial. Not warm, but the woman never is. "Pleasant evening."

Jeff Brolin: *He takes the card, and quickly, smoothly.* Thanks. Woulda forgotten.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((as he MAKES to depart))

Jeff Brolin: *And he actually bows to Adele, with a smirk.* The boy'd kill me otherwise, *he explains, before he saunters off.*

Surly: *shakes her head with a slight chuckle and rising, setting her hat jauntily back atop her head* don't anyone get caught. *smirks and heads out. in passing, to Adele* don't use me as a reference, by the way. they might think you're like me. *a short laugh and off she goes*

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Now that wouldn't do any good for putting a new hole in your face. *She smirks as he leaves, looking over to Surly* Admit it. You wub him... *Bats her eyelashes*

Surly: *looks back to Amy and gives her the gagging sound, this time* love. ew. maybe i'll shower first to get the cooties off. *another short laugh and she strides away* ((thanks, guys! *BG* poor Surly didn't get an excuse to hit even ONE person....*giggles*))

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Cooties come AFTER... *Calling out* I'll seeya, Knockers!

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course. Good evening." Said to Surly.

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: Ai. Hell, I got mixing to do anyway... *She stands, looking at Adele* Watch out. There's some ghost with frisky hands floating 'round here.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks at Amy and smiles...almost fondly at her warning. "I'll keep that in mind, madame."

Amy Silverthorne [PB4]: *She smirks and heads off*