Fangwulf: *As the door slams shut behind Adele, the trunk slowly creaks open, and a small slimy figure slithers along the top of it. It looks up, and one eye pushes out from the mess.* Miss... please... proceed... with... caution...

gargoylegrl: (*waveths*)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slowly arches a brow, and nods respectfully. "I fully intend upon doing so, but I thank you for the gracious advice. Did you perchance happen to see or otherwise know what has occurred?"

Fangwulf: *The eye blinks.* Yesssss... the... creator... has... gone... mad.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Gone mad?" She frowns a little bit. "Oh. Dear."

Fangwulf: The... creator... came... in... with... iron... that... burned. The... two... faced... protects... the... owner. Safe... yet... asleep. *One more eye pokes out.* I... guard. Chased... them... away... and... devoured... the... sleeping. Proceed.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives a slight nod, and then bows her shoulders slightly. "Again, my gratitude." She steps forward, to head on into the depths of the place.

gargoylegrl: *once inside the 'confines' of the trunk, the lid thuds shut, echoing slightly down the inky black dank stairway that leads further in, the trek down the stairs and into the hallway as she goes eerily silent, almost dead silent except for her own movements and heartbeat and breathing*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns a little bit, looking up to the lid, and then progresses onward. She moves quietly and slowly, trying to seek out anything that may come into her field of vision. She says nothing yet, not wishing to draw too much attention to herself.

gargoylegrl: (per alert please*G*)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert-Abil Apt.: 4,3,4,5,3,8,

gargoylegrl: *shes within absolute shadow, but....the oddest sensation, like the shadows about her along the close wall confines of the hallway are moving almost, a hard thing to see even for a sluagh, shadow on shadow, but...that sensation clings about her,hauntingly so once she notices it, growing more clausterphobic like almost the closer she gets to the usually dimly lit room sure to be just ahead*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shivers a little bit, but progresses onward. Wary and almost wishing the damned pooka had come with. It would have been nice to have someone to walk ahead, to be a trapspringer.

Fangwulf: *No traps. In the pitch black, with the near slippery stone stairs leading down into the main room that only those who had been here before would know, how would one possibly see? Other than the sluagh, those who know the underworld best. Perhaps she can see a shadow laying on the table, and truly - it looks dead. His eyes are open only slightly, and he is pale enough. He is very still, across the wooden table, ancient, that has served so many guests. One candle is lit, and slowly melting as well. One can see the reflection of the flame on a teapot.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She tilts her head and draws closer to the table, to get a better view of the person who lies across it.

Fangwulf: *He looks pale, almost dead. Bruised. HEaling slashes the only color across him. Elias, most assuredly.*

gargoylegrl: *as she gets close to the table and the shadowy dead looking elias laying there she hears a light metallic 'clickclickclickclickclick' sound behind her but within the room, and a hoarse papery whisper of a breath being drawn as it gets closer,the flame of the candle flickering with unseen movement somewhere nearby*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over Elias, a touch of...dear Lord, concern?...passing over her face. She leans in close, looking him over, and then draws back to look around. "Miss Soren?" The whisper carries as far as it ever does, though she hopes if Rebekkah is here, she may be able to hear it.

gargoylegrl: *a literally ghost of a pale face seen by what miniscule bit of light there is suddenly appears before her face , the immense dark eyes with an almost glittery sheen to them, and cold....very cold...the almost sibilant hoarse papery whisper issuing from thin tight lips of stern severity* leeeeave him beeee......

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She regards the woman calmly, nodding. "I had no intention of disturbing his rest. What has happened here?" Confirmation is never a bad thing.

gargoylegrl: *that soft 'clickclickclickclickclick' sound comes again, from the looming ghostly cold sluagh before her, or about where her hands should be, an almost agitated sound before she harshly whispers out* attack.......but, he wasss the only witnesssss

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course," she murmurs dryly. "That would make perfect sense." She keeps a touch of distance from Rebekkah, well aware of how dangerous the other is right now. "I offer my services in whatever way you may desire, of course."

gargoylegrl: *hematite eyes narrowing, but the thin lips gain a cruel almost grin at the corners seeing adele keep that distance* can you heeeal?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A slight downward tug of her lips follows the question. "Pardon...allow me to reword that statement. I offer what services I am able to provide in any way that you may desire, of course. And regrettably, healing is not one of them."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins (Fae PM): ((Open?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Pretty sure it's closed. *S*))

Fangwulf: ((Miiiiight be bad if Hardy joins on this one. Sorry...))

gargoylegrl: (definately closed, sorry*G*)

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins (Fae PM): ((*G* Damn. Well, a man can hope, cain't he? I'll try and bug y'all later, then.))

gargoylegrl: do you have protect thisss placccce then..........and eliassss, iffff I leave?*looming closer towards adele*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She regards the other calmly, meeting her gaze. "Any creature who would try to enter and gain either Elias or any secrets would not depart."

*one of these sharp wicked things comes up to adeles chin, slowly so, from a glove with fingers tipped with them, and meg keeps that looming closeness with dead sincereity in her voice* then protect thisss place, with your life,...or you will losssse it....

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She remains still and nods slightly. "I would protect it with nothing else."

gargoylegrl: *her head twitches, almost as if shes flinching inwardly at something, and as if shes fighting herself the wicked sharp thing lowers, the eyes turn that soft solid black, and its bekkah she hears* miss 'dele....go.....'fore she gets out an tries t'find whatevah did this t' elias on her own....*the eyes are fearful* she wont leave this place less someones heyah t'guard.......*the lips shut as her head twitches and winces more*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises her eyebrow...whether she thinks the insane part of Rebekkah getting out is a bad thing or not is almost in question. She purses her lips, considering it. "Is there anything you may offer in terms of aid in learning who has done this? Anything at all?"

gargoylegrl: go...please....*pleading now....begging in the strained voice fighting to be heard* m'shadowy friends'll go with...*that suffocating shadow slides across the floor like black blood on its own towards adele* they were heyah.....

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods finally. "Very well. I shall be back. Good evening, Miss Soren." She moves to slip toward the hallway to exit.

Fangwulf: ((And that's a wrap!))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Thanks for the scene. *S*))