Fangwulf: *It is a dark night, really. Against the outside of Dawson's, which is oddly closed, there is a smoking man. And not THE smoking man from X-Files, no no no. But A smoking man. Scruffy, skinny. Black hair, facial hair. Nothing really amazingly special. His old Pontiac is near a fire hydrant.

Fangwulf: *No Glamour is about him. He looks more like a heroin addict, really. Between the third and fourth finger of his left hand, his non-smoking hand, a folded piece of paper is clutched.*

Stevie Marie Grayson: ((France? Eh okay. *A ten year old blonde girl with white tipped golden fox ears- *G*))

Lyssa Cloutier: * there. dressed for warmth, 'cause damn it's cold*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips through the shadows of the dark night, her usual wisp of shadow self keeping extra close to the darkness. She's dressed a touch more for a utilitarian look then normal...which means a midnight blue bustier with brocade trim under the shawl, and a full-length skirt that clings to narrow hips. ((Outfit here: She approaches Dawson's with her usual quietness, watching the man warily.

Fangwulf: *He looks up quickly at the movement, and he sniffs. Cops? He arches an eyebrow.* Waitin' for a guy named Dyb. Y'don't look like him. *His eyes drift down, and despite the lack of visible boobs, he leers.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *if looks could kill... she would be shooting daggers from her eyes. instead she just shoves her hands into her coat pockets to keep them warm*

Fangwulf: Dyke, huh? *he says casually. He looks up blearily, as if not sure of what he's seeing.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *simply rolls her eyes & looks over to Adele*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She arches a slim, dark brow as she approaches, her voice it's usual whisper, of course. "Good evening."

Fangwulf: Yo, *he says, raising a hand. He pushes stringy bangs out of his eyes, to get a better look at these people.* Huh. I know he said some redhead chick'd be here, but not a heroin addict an' a butch chick with no taste for the finer things.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She fixes the man with a look. "Heroin, Good Sir, is passe."

Lyssa Cloutier: Feh *rolls her eyes again*

Fangwulf: *He waves the note.* Yeah? Well, not goin' anywhere till this guy shows up. Or the redheaded chick.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Then, of course, we shall wait."

Fangwulf: *He sighs, and huffs.* S'fuckin' cold outside. Thought this was supposed to be a bar.

Lyssa Cloutier: *shifts the weight on her hooves, glancing about with a scowl*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Speak of the devil, and you'll hear the rustle of wings; speak of a dybbuk, and you'll hear the grinding of teeth. The acerbic comic comes walking down the street, his breath leaving contrails of steam as he moves. He looks up as he sees the folks outside of Dawson's.*

Stevie Marie Grayson: *She's got on a plain black turtle neck and black pants and dark shoes. They're a little oversized but she has plans for fixing that. She's got a dark jacket over that. There's nothing of a smile in her now. She comes out with Dyb arriving via the trod (I believe?).*

Stevie Marie Grayson: ((Okay up the street then *L*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I was unaware that bars heated the air outside of them," she remarks calmly.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*C* Er... See, this is why I went to the OOC room first. *Snickers* Um... figure he got there early, went out to pick up some 'essentials' and is just coming back now?))

Stevie Marie Grayson: ((Whichever.))

Fangwulf: Oooh, heroin' addict's a smartass, *he says with a slight chuckle. But he pushes off the building, when he sees Dyb approaching.*

Stevie Marie Grayson: *She doesn't say anything. Just stands there. Quiet.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Dyb nods at the man.* Yer Jeff's friend, right?

Fangwulf: *He smirks.* Give the man a dime bag. *He hands over the note.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks over at Stevie and Dyb, the corners of her lips tightening a touch. She pulls out a clove and places it between her lips, lighting the end and listening quietly.

Ri Hobbs: *eventually, the small form of the walking encyclopedia skitters up. she's actually left her hat at home, and keeps patting her head as if she feels underdressed. and then the air at her side as if expecting something else to be there.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He takes the note and reads it.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *she just wants to hurry this up so she can be warm*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He finishes the note, pulls out a lighter and burns it.* Okay, folks. We're goin' ta Jersey. Rob here's coming along fer the ride. Who all's coming with? No ditherin', just in or out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Do you believe me here for another reason?" she murmurs to Dyb.

Stevie Marie Grayson: *She doesn't speak up. Knowing it's pretty obvious that she's going.*

Lyssa Cloutier: I'm goin' I'm goin' There's no better reason to be out in this cold.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods at Adele and Lyssa, looks to Dorian.* An' you?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*C* And... Dorian just nick-dropped.))

Fangwulf: ((As Dorian's player is taking care of a few things, she would prolly wave a paper bag, that was given her by Elias, make some vague quote from Dante's Inferno, and hop in the car bouncily.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Abandon all hope, ye who enter! Wii!))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She chuckles softly at something, and takes a drag off her clove.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Never say "Wii" again, Badger. Please. ;) ))

Lyssa Cloutier: *heads off with the others*

Fangwulf: ((All right. To Jersey Open now!))


Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods, then, to all assembled.* Right, everyone climb inta tha magic bus. *He points across the street. Technically, what he's pointing at is a car. Yet it manages to convey, despite the possession of four wheels, doors, hatchback, a steering wheel and so forth, that to call it a car is to stretch the meaning of the word to something it really wasn't meant to cover. It's a station wagon (a wood-sided wagon, no less), that seems to be held together by rust and duct tape and not a lot else. The back window on the hatch is actually a sheet of cloudy plastic, and you know, without the engine being on, that the cloud of blue smoke that will rise from it as it is started is going to be capable of engulfing small towns.* Should make it ta Jersey, and it don' need ta make it back, so we're good ta go. *And he walks to the vehicle.*

Fangwulf: ((And who is driving the Pontiac? As one person will have to.))

Fangwulf: ((Ahh! Apologies, never mind.))

Ri Hobbs: *and so she does indeed bounce toward the car,waving the paper bag and holding tight to her briefcase*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Lyssa can drive))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Or nevermind. *poofs to Open room*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Adele won't drive the Pontiac, having no Drive...but she'll ride in it.))



Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((DD of the "car" they are riding in, for those who came straight here: "*He nods, then, to all assembled.* Right, everyone climb inta tha magic bus. *He points across the street. Technically, what he's pointing at is a car. Yet it manages to convey, despite the possession of four wheels, doors, hatchback, a steering wheel and so forth, that to call it a car is to stretch the meaning of the word to something it really wasn't meant to cover. It's a station wagon (a wood-sided wagon, no less), that seems to be held together by rust and duct tape and not a lot else. The back window on the hatch is actually a sheet of cloudy plastic, and you know, without the engine being on, that the cloud of blue smoke that will rise from it as it is started is going to be capable of engulfing small towns.* Should make it ta Jersey, and it don' need ta make it back, so we're good ta go. *And he walks to the vehicle.*" Figure Dorian was probably stuck in the trunk area... *C*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Ph34r!))

Fangwulf: *The trip is surprisingly non-bumpy. Rob looks rather delirious, and slightly drooly.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Just how I like 'em.))

Ri Hobbs: *being a tiny little thing, ridign in the trunk isn't too bad an option. although, she regals the crew with bits and pieces of poetry the whole. way. there.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *tries to zone out during the ride*

Fangwulf: ((And yet another correction - Adele will be riding in the Pontiac, with a stoned Rob, and Lyssa behind the wheel.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Did someone drive the Pontiac? It's significant to me, believe it or not.))

Stevie: *She leans forward and whispers in Dyb's ear while they are riding.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((W... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Once they get close, Dyb looks at the others.* Okay, so do we understand the 'plan', such as it is? *He nods to a small garbage bag in the back seat.* Ski masks, rain ponchos and gloves for everyone; the place probably has cameras, and this'll keep 'em from having something to trace us with. *He looks to Rob.* You're clear on your part, right? Smash the fence near the rear corner of the place, and do it nice and loud, so the guards come running. You take off on foot, and keep outta their hands. *He passes Rob a bus ticket from Jersey to NYC, then hands them out to everyone else.* In case we get separated. There's s'posed ta be a trod right there, but if we can't get it open, we need some way ta get the hell outta here.

Ri Hobbs: weeeee need to stay together cuz i have stuff for everyone when it's time. *she informs them cheerfully*

Fangwulf: *He grins.* Fuckin' sweet. Thanks. *He tucks the bus ticket in his pocket.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((And... is confused. *C* Gah... Sorry, Fang, I need to pause action so we can get straight on the basics, here.))

Fangwulf: ((Okay. People driving in separate cars. They pull over, and Dyb goes over his insidious plan.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods to Ri.* We'll do our best to do so. ((Okay, Fang--which car is going to get trashed? If the Pontiac is meant to be used, then the junker will probably be left someplace as yet a third way out of town.))

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Dyb*

Ri Hobbs: *she ponders Rob a moment, then grins and fishes in her briefcase. offers him something small and shiny* here. you take this, too.

Fangwulf: ((The Pontiac, actually.))

Fangwulf: *He cants his head. He looks almost like a puppet, with the expression, as he takes the shiny.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She listens to the plan, leaning against the wall as she smokes. Her expression is even, neither approving nor disapproving of it.

Ri Hobbs: *she beams widely at him, then tries to find a pair of gloves that will stay on her very small hands. ditto a poncho and a ski mask*

Lyssa Cloutier: *she dons the ponch, mask & gloves*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((okay, cool. So, as noted, change the plan above--the wagon is the 'main' way out, if they can't find the trod Elias mentioned. If someone gets separated, they still have their bus ticket as a third way out.)) *He nods to Stevie.* yeah, he is. Now, once the guards come 'round to check out what's happening, we move in. *He looks over the group.* Place is NOT pleasant. Don't stop to gawk at the horror-show. I'm expecting... not sure, really, but the only thing we're there for this time is Riona--if there's business that looks like it needs takin' care of, make a note of it and keep moving. We find the songbird, snag her and drag her outta there--I'm assuming for now that she's probably gonna be drugged ta the gills, so at least two will need to help her out. *He reaches into the bag, himself, and pulls out a length of lead pipe.* Anyone else who thinks they can use one, go ahead and take it. Conserve yer juice--the place is gonna be eroding yer sense'a self anyway, no reason to actually bleed it out faster if you can avoid it.

Ri Hobbs: *eyes the pipe and snorts* i'm not very strong. *tilts her head* if guards come after us, should i try to open doors and let other people out to confuse them more?

Lyssa Cloutier: I'll help in dragging Riona out. *that's about all she'll be good for really*

Stevie: Then...I shouldn't make myself look different first? *She eyes the ski-mask he handed her unhappily.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods at Ri.* Yeah, confusion is good. Chaos is better. Pure, unbridled havok would be fantastic.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "And how, exactly, are we getting in once the vehicle gives it's diversion?"

Fangwulf: We're goin' into a crazy house. Time to act crazy?

Ri Hobbs: i have marbles! and jacks! *informs Dyb happily* those are fun to put on floors. *grins at Rob* crazy just means you refuse to be common. *her eyes twinkle behind her glasses. she wriggles into the mask before trying to deal with the poncho and gloves*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods to Stevie.* No. But, if we're heading out, and it looks like we're going to make it--THEN burn a bit, and get yer face looking different... *Thinks for a moment.* Ah, hell, make yourself look arabic. Then pull off the mask just as we're leaving, like you got something in yer eyes. That'll give the cameras something ta look at.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "And why are we only going in for Riona if, as rumors state, there are many others of us inside?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He looks to Adele.* On foot. They've got front doors, with two guards. The car crash should bring those two around the side--that's long enough to get inside, at least. Smash anything or anyone that gets in your way.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He sighs at Adele.* 'Cause it's rumors. If we get the chance to bring out more, sure. But I'm fully intending on getting Riona out first. Stopping off to get everyone out, though, might mean none do.

Stevie: Alright. *She chews her lip.* Did we get any extra juice at all?

Ri Hobbs: i'll follow you as far as smashing goes. you can smash enough for two of us. *adjusts the mask in hopes of seeing better. her glasses are still on under it*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Rumors, Mister Buchwald, are based on fact," she murmurs. A light shrug, and she nods. "As you say, however."

Ri Hobbs: maybe if we start opening doors, some of the people inside will be able to follow us. *tilts her head at Adele* i hope so.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods to Adele.* Honestly, I don't like it, either. And if there are more of us in there, and we find 'em, I'm perfectly willing ta mount as many raids as it take ta clear 'em out. Fair? *He looks around at Stevie's question.* Was anyone able ta rustle up some dross?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, Mister Buchwald," she says, with a slight upward curl of her lips. "I am, however, afraid I was unable to uncover any."

Ri Hobbs: *shakes her head, drooping* i looked and looked, over hill and dale and under root and stone. all i found was a pair of rotten dancing slippers.

Fangwulf: *He wavers back and forth. Curiously. Looking back to the car.* So, we starting this shit or what?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods to the others.* Well, then, we just gotta do without. Ain't the first time, won't be the last. Any other questions, or we ready to light this place up?

Lyssa Cloutier: *just nods*

Ri Hobbs: *she nods, shifting from foot to foot restlessly*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Any questions she may have, she's not willing to posit, it seems. She just shrugs lightly.

Stevie: *she shakes her head and heads for the car she's supposed to ride in to get in quietly. She pulls the gloves on but leaves the ski mask off for the moment.*

Fangwulf: *With that, Rob slides into the Pontiac.* Let's go then.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods to Rob.* Have fun, and move fast. If you can get the guards ta chase you on foot, so much the better, but don't get busted for it. *He gets behind the wheel of the wreck, and drives towards the place.*

Ri Hobbs: mph. we have to stay together. when we get to the right place, i'll give you each something cuz if i don't bunny will never, ever talk to me again and i'll be SAD. *she actually glares around the little group* so don't go wandering off and forget!

Fangwulf: I never get busted, *he says with a leer.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She follows along silently.

Lyssa Cloutier: *also follows*

Ri Hobbs: *and off she heads with the others*

Fangwulf: *He turns the car on. The horrible noise of the dying car starting up.*

Stevie: *She looks at Ri, then at the others.* Where're we gonna meet up an' wait for him to break the wall?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods to Ri.* No problem. *He chuckles at Rob, and then drives off, looking at Stevie.* We're all going in one car--Rob's on his own from here on out. I'll park around the corner from the place, so soon as the guards move, we'll be able to get in there.

Stevie: ((Sorry my bad. Didn't realize that.)) *She nods quietly and just stays in her corner of the wagon.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She has a vague look of discomfort on her face as she gets into the car, trying to take over a corner of the back seat, and keep her distance. Just waiting now.

Lyssa Cloutier: *clambers into the vehicle with the others*

Fangwulf: *And he's off! Driving, as, well... any slightly drugged man might. Quickly towards the crazy house.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *And so they pull into a spot, where Dyb, in the driver's seat, can just barely see around the corner to the front gate of the building, and wait.*

Stevie: *She pulls on the ski mask when they get close, trying to be careful and not mess up her feathers.*

Ri Hobbs: i don't like this mask very much. it smells like peaches in old socks. peaches are dandy, but old socks always smell musty. *notes cheerfully*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Ahh, yes, the mask and gloves. She frowns a little, and dons them. The poncho, she does not. Likely, it would just hinder her movement anyway.

Fangwulf: *One can swear they hear the man shouting "Whoo hoo!" Charging the castle.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods at Ri as his own mask and gloves go on, followed by the poncho.* Wait for it... *He puts his hand on the door-handle... waiting for the sight of the guards leaving their posts. If they don't... well, then, it's time for thuggery.*

Fangwulf: *And the crash is surprisingly loud. The squeal of bending bars. The car itself squealing in protest, and then... the alarm. The blaring noise.*

Ri Hobbs: *produces a disgusted snort behind her mask and wriggles slightly, waiting*

Stevie: *She pulls on the poncho and doesn't say anything at all. Just waits for it.*

Ri Hobbs: ow. *frowns behind her mask*

Lyssa Cloutier: *makes sure her mask & gloves are on... they are*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Cracks the door, wanting to see the guards move before he does.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She winces at the blaring alarm. Some days, that Sluagh hearing is not your friend.

Fangwulf: *The guards come running, and Rob hops out of the car. Quite a nimble little guy.*

Stevie: *The moment the guards leave and there's a path for her, she runs for the door, hoping it's unlocked.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: And... GO! *He pushes open his own door, and starts running. He doesn't look back to see if the others are coming, he just MOVES.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She's out with reasonable speed and starts to move, keeping to the shadows as much as possible.

Ri Hobbs: *she squeaks and scrambles out of the car after Dyb*

Lyssa Cloutier: *she clambers out of the vehicle as quickly as able*

Fangwulf: ((And I won't be requiring Dex+Ath rolls. I WILL, however, be asking for a Per+Alert from all of you.))

Stevie: d10: Per Alert: 5,7,2,

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: d10: Per + Alert: 3,7,5,3,

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Per+Alert: 5,9,6,3,4,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert (Sluagh): 2,5,8,6,3,2,

Ri Hobbs: d10: : 5,8,1,5,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *Ohh, that alarm. It's horrid. And yet STILL she manages to concentrate enough to see that the path is surprisingly clear. And that the door seems to be open on its own. A few spiders crawl along the ground, before letting out an odd pained skree, and fleeing.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles just a little...of course. And she heads straight for the door, as quickly as she can.

Lyssa Cloutier: *she notes the open front gates & seeming lack of guards. with the path looking cleared, she heads for the building, expecting folks to move along regardless*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Charging, charging, moving straight for the door and going inside. He's looking for a nurse's station, or something of that nature--there should be some sort of central spot near the front for people to check in, right?*

Stevie: *She's a fast little runner, if she makes it to the door first, she immediately tries opening it. (Turn the knob, push, pull, however it's supposed to open)*

Ri Hobbs: *she pelts after Dyb, since he's big enough to hide behind, as fast as her short legs will carry her. the briefcase under the poncho held close to her side and the paper bag in a deathgrip with the other hand*

Fangwulf: *The place feels... horrible. And bursting through the front door reveals that the place is very dark indeed. There is a station, but it is empty. Strange, really.*

Fangwulf: *The front door, itself, is open.*

Stevie: *She runs around the counter and starts looking through drawers, whatever trying to find one that has Riona to tell them where to find her.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He snarls--this is wrong. Still, nothing to do but go for it, for now... He runs behind the station, looking for something like a patient registry, paperwork... anything like that.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *if this were a Star Wars movie, someone would be saying "I've got a bad feeling about this"*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns, shivering a little as she slips inside along with the others, and starts to make her way down the hallway, attempting to use hallway signs to let her know where to go.

Ri Hobbs: *she lets the others poke. instead, she begins looking around. up, down, to each side...whiskered nose twitching and the hairs along her spine rising*

Fangwulf: *The books are very organized. VERY, very organized. Perhaps... a wave of nausea accompanies the reading of the logs. And an odd... song, being whistled. Echoing through the hallways.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He bites back the bile that rises in his gorge, and glances up at the whistling--is it Riona's style, or something else?*

Lyssa Cloutier: *starts to figit, getting nervous. she doesn't want to be standing still & she looks about a wildly*

Fangwulf: *Absolutely not Riona's. A slow... depressing, and vaguelky haunting melody. And if one listens close enough, the swish of a broom sounds on the floor too.*

Ri Hobbs: *shudders, teeth bared behind the mask. she chitters softly* cheeeert......chkt, chkt.

Stevie: *She makes a soft unhappy noise but keeps looking trying to find Riona. If she finds Riona's file, she only looks to see what room she's in then grabs the whole file...along with several that are around it.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She suppresses the feeling of doom and continues on, following any signs toward the wards...heedless of the others having stopped at the station.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Scowls, and moves back out from the desk.* Keep lookin', Featherbutt. I gotta deal with the whistlin' janitor, I think.... *He brings up the pipe from under the poncho, gloved hand tight around the metal tube as he starts towards the sounds.*

Stevie: *She just nods at Dyb and keeps looking*

Fangwulf: *The signs on the first floor include such cheerful things as "Nurses' Station," "Office," "Restrooms," Janitor's Closet," and "Visitor's Center." Along with the ever present "Staircase" and "Elevators." The whistling continues.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: To the staircase she heads, then.

Lyssa Cloutier: *starts pacing*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He just tries to track the whistling.*

Ri Hobbs: *she cringes. and scampers after Adele. Adele doesn't look like she's actively seeking out violence....*

Fangwulf: *It seems the broom sweeping is getting closer.* ((If you're trying to sneak towards the staircase, I wanna see a Dex+Stealth.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *As he goes, he looks at Lyssa.* You stay with her, and if she gets the room number, you two go get Ri and get the hell out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Stealth (WP): 7,2,7,1,8,

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*C* Dyb don't sneak, so that's all up to Adele.))

Ri Hobbs: d10: staircase: 6,10,9,6,

Fangwulf: d10: Per+Alert: 1,4,2,7,3,

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Dyb, still pacing*

Fangwulf: *Adele and Ri might as well be shadows. They make it to the staircase unfettered. They see a man. A very down looking man. A grey baseball cap is over his head and perhaps if one looks close enough, they can see almost basset hound ears falling out from the sides of his hat. He wears a sweatshirt and sweatpants. All grey. He whistles. Saddest sack of shit one could ever possibly see.*

Ri Hobbs: *she blinks and shudders again, glancing up to Adele*

Stevie: Got it! *She grabs the files and starts running for the stairs.* 304. Come on!

Lyssa Cloutier: *lets out a groan of relief & takes no time to help Stevie look for room 304*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((Er, does Dyb see the guy too? If so, this post applies; if not, then he's still looking for the whistler.)) *He snarls and charges the whistler.* You! Down on the floor, or yer gettin' a lead enema! *He's a Redcap, dammit, and a Cap's supposed ta be the scariest thing around, BAR NONE.* ((Bully Browbeat roll coming....))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: d10: Manip + Intimidate: 6,2,6,3,2,8,10,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns and looks back to Ri. A moment's consideration, and she decides to try and slip past to the staircase. Let the redcap deal with it.

Fangwulf: *Not on the first floor, and clearly. And the whistling stops.*

Ri Hobbs: *wrinkles her nose and decides to follow Miss Nonconfrontational for the nonce. Dyb looks like he is about to do something painful to someone....*

Stevie: *She just keeps going up the stairs to the third floor, passing anyone who slows down/stops. If they're in a ski mask...she mentions the room number, quietly, quickly*

Fangwulf: *That dog lowers his head, and his eyes look... so sad.* You're not s'posed to BE here, *he whimpers.* Not that it matters... *Ohh yes... the banality, Dyb can FEEL it.*

Fangwulf: ((Likely Dyb sees him too. He didn't see Adele OR Ri, though.))

Lyssa Cloutier: *She keeps with Stevie. If anyone tries to bar their progress she'll knock them down. She's trying to keep from giving in to panic as it is*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He looks at the dog, lips curling back.* I'm whereever I wanna be--and I DO matter. So get to the ground, and shut up before I do it for ya.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Nods* Fair 'nuff. He's trusting the other folks to handle the retrieval at this point--he's dealing with the point of 'resistance', even if it's not exactly what he was expecting. *C*))

Fangwulf: Nothing... matters, *he says, in that sad voice.*

Fangwulf: d10: Stultify: 1,9,7,6,6,9,7,

Fangwulf: ((Roll me WP, Dyb.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Cringe* oh, that's gonna suck. How bad does it hurt?))

Stevie: *once she passes the floor Dyb's on, she goes a bit quieter, going for the sneaky, before that...she didn't figure it mattered. On the third floor she looks for signs or door numbers to find the right room.* ((Stealth roll coming for you))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((If you can spend a WP on a WP roll, I'm doing it. If not...))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: d10: Will: 5,7,9,4,8,4,4,

Lyssa Cloutier: *when Stevie decides to be stealthy, she tries to be stealthy* ((Ditto))

Stevie: d10: Stealth: 8,5,2,5,2,6,1,

Fangwulf: ((Okay, hold on for JUST a sec.))

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Dex+Stealth: 10,2,3,2,9,

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Cringes again.*)) *He sucks in his breath, hard, reaching out for the broom instinctively....* ((Let me know when/if he gets a shot at shaking it off, Fang... Not the Banality, but the compulsion.))

Stevie: ((*holds*))

Fangwulf: ((*nodnod* I shall.))

Fangwulf: ((All right. Dyb is the only one that stayed behind. All the others are going up the staircase? And in what order?))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((After Stevie))

Ri Hobbs: ((after Adele.))

Stevie: ((I believe it's Adele, Ri, Stevie and then Lyssa. Unless the first two slowed way down))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Adele and Ri were a ways ahead of Stevie and Lyssa, I believe, having already snuck by the dog. Was waiting on Fang for anything further, but I guess they'd be in the lead?))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Kills clones*))

Fangwulf: ((If they've gone on ahead, do Adele and Ri stop at the second floor, not having the room number?))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*slays clones too*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((That would depend on what the signs say for Floor Two.))

Fangwulf: ((Floor Two, in large block letters. Wards, Trauma, Shock Therapy, Control Panel. On the door leading from the stairwell to the floor.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Then yeah, she'd be hitting Floor Two. Those Wards.))

Ri Hobbs: ((and Ri would follow her, and try to tell her something once we get unfrozen. *G*))

Fangwulf: ((Then, with Dyb sweeping, and fascinated with the pattern of it, and Adele and Ri heading to floor 2, and Stevie and Lyssa to floor three... unpause!))

Ri Hobbs: pssst! pssst! hey, i think maybe we need to go higher. that's where the place is i have to give you something! *to her credit, she TRIES to whisper as she scurries along after Adele*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Dyb... sweeps.*

Stevie: *Heads to the third floor, and looks for Riona's room, keeping an eye out for staff.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks back to Ri, raising a brow. "Pardon?" She looks down the hall, toward the Wards, and then back to Ri.

Ri Hobbs: he said to give everyone one of these on the thrid floor. *blinks at Adele, waving the paper bag at her* in a special place on the third floor.

Lyssa Cloutier: *following Stevie*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Who is...he?"

Fangwulf: *The rooms on the second floor. They look so plain, so repetitive. And yet, the only light is still from the emergency lights, flickering and buzzing annoyingly. Each one has a silver number painted on the plain white and badly painted door.* [PB][PB] *The third floor - the same thing. The door numbers. At least twenty of them. Mercifully, the facility is small, it seems. And eerily empty. The sign on the door to the Third Floor reads "Third Floor: Specialty Wards."*

Ri Hobbs: *she actually chuckles* the man with the bunny, of course. he talks in hidden voices, like all of you seem to do. that's a very confusing habit, you know.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Really, it's amazing how you can make little eddies in the dust on the floor with a good broom. Nothin' wrong with cleaning up, just gotta get it all laid out just right... Not like anythin' else matters right now, right?*

Stevie: *She goes for room 304 and tries the door. A sinking feeling in her stomach.* I don't like this...*She whispers.*

Fangwulf: *One can barely see through the thick glass, though those within the facility are pale, and tied down to their beds. The Shock Therapy ward is clearly marked. With a Careful, Employees Only.*

*Stevie and Lyssa reach the top floor, and are hit by a WAVE of Banality. It is, possibly, the most unpleasant thing they have ever felt.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh." She nods. "By all means, then...we go upstairs." She moves to head to the Third Floor.

Lyssa Cloutier: *just as she was about to say "Specialty Wards. Hnh." she dropps her knees & starts curling into a ball. it's all she can do to keep from fleeing in the opposite direction*

Fangwulf: [3rd Floor]*The door does not open. It is locked. Riona inside, through the tiny window. She looks pale, and very, very fragile. It is utterly unpleasant.*

Ri Hobbs: *beams behind her mask and cheerily follows Adele again, now they're headed in the 'right' direction*

Stevie: *She whimpers at the wave of banality. And smacks the sides of her head* Keys...I didn't look for keys! Can ya break it open? *She looks at Lyssa*

Lyssa Cloutier: *her face frozen in a grimace. her hands clutch the sides of her head, hands grasped onto hair & horn. she staggers to her hooves & stagger-rams into the door*

Fangwulf: *Ahh yes... the feeling of it hits Ri and Adele as well.*

Fangwulf: ((Strength+1 roll, Lyssa))

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Strength + : 9,10,5,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The sound she lets out is imperceptible, almost...she's not exactly a bellower anyway. She doubles over, taking a lean against the wall, and looks to Ri. " be the time...for"

Lyssa Cloutier: ((If we were playing Exalted, that would be 3 successes at least. :P))

Ri Hobbs: *squeals, shaking from head to toe....dropping into a crouch. a faint nod at Adele, then she tries to fumble into the paper bag*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((If we were playing Exalted, I would have tried to kill you all by now, being an Abyssal. *G*))

Ri Hobbs: *she attempts to offer Adele....a sammich.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((Ack! Sorry.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Abyssals roxxors!))

Fangwulf: ((If we were playing Exalted, it would be a ninja sword, and not a broom.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Yeah. My Dusk caste would go "Door? Door no more! Door meet daiklave! *WHACK!*"))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Or she'd just have the Daybreak do some Obsidian Buttlfies at the door.))

Fangwulf: *A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, to be precise. Hope no one's allergic.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes the sandwich as offered from Ri with a shaking hand, and goes to eat it, unless the pooka stops her.

Ri Hobbs: *stop her? heck, she's eating one herself!*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He shudders, snarls... and looks around, realizing that everyone else is already upstairs, so... He bites the bullet, and starts sweeping--straight for the stairs. Hopefully, by the time Droopy figures out what's happening, he'll be close enough to take a sprint. He does NOT want to take another shot like that.* ((Need any kind of roll for that?))

Fangwulf: ((Nope! Go ahead, sprint away.))

Stevie: *On the third floor, probably not too far from the Stairs in front of room 304, where Lyssa is trying to break down the door.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *she continues to ram herself into the door... even if it has no effect except to make noises*

Fangwulf: *It's chipping away at that door. The pain to her head MAY get to be too much, however.*

Stevie: *She watches to see if it IS having any effect*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *And then up the stairs, up, up. Howling with rage once he's clear of the first floor, following hte sounds of slamming on the upper floors.*

Stevie: *She looks around.* ((Can she see Ri and Adele?))

Lyssa Cloutier: *couldn't be any worse the sheer, crushing pressure of the banality & the beastial panic welling up inside her. so she continues until forcibly stopped or unconscious*

Ri Hobbs: *staggers upright and whispers to Adele* where's everyone else? *miserable pooka. hunched over and sad*

Stevie: *She blinks in the direction of the stairs (assuming she heard it. a redcap howling doesn't sound like something quiet. *L*).* Um................that...sounded like Dyb....

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He'll grab anyone he passes along the way, continuing towards the noise, figuring that's where the fun is.*

Fangwulf: *Stevie DOES note the door chipping. And thinning out. And Lyssa getting VERY dizzy.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She rises to her feet shakily. "Forward, I would imagine." And that way she stumbles.

Lyssa Cloutier: *stay on feet. hit door. don't run away. BAM. rinse & repeat*

Fangwulf: *And THERE, Dyb feels the wave of nauseating Banality.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He reels at the top of the stairs... it's bad, it's really bad.... but it probably isn't any worse than what's downstairs, so....* ((He burns one Temp Glamour to buy off a point of Temp Banality at this point.))

Fangwulf: *And as the door cracks open, enough to at least reach through, the banality and, well... pain are a BIT too much for the satyress.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *And shaking it off as best he can, he sees Lyssa vs. the door, and rushes over, bringing up the lead pipe again.* Give yer horns a rest, a'ready!

Stevie: *She chews her lip* sure that's gonna work? Should I go find keys? Ya gotta be able ta carry

Ri Hobbs: *sighs happily as she finished her sammich. grins to Adele, and scurries toward the thumpy-thumpy sounds*

Lyssa Cloutier: *as she makes one last go at the door, the vertigo causes her to misjudge & she slams herself into the wall instead. too light-headed to stay on her feet, she just slides to her kneews with a nauseated & panicked groan*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Knees even. Man that banality is strong. It's affecting me *chuckle*))

Ri Hobbs: ((assuming she can do this yet...)) *scuttles toward Lyssa and Stevie--letting Dyb go first. and offers whichever one is nearest a sammich* it's time. i'm supposed to give these to you all now! this is the special place!

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Waits for 'clearance' to post again.*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Okay... *Raises hand* Confused. Adele and Ri were obviously ahead of did they see Lyssa before Dyb? Or is she out of view of them all until they move forward?))

Fangwulf: *And Lyssa is starting to rather feel odd as well. Like... wondering how her head was so hard as to cause damage to the wall.*

Stevie: *She tries to grab Lyssa to stop that last blow after hearing Dyb, probably a second too late.*

Fangwulf: ((Adele and Ri DID see Lyssa before Dyb. I think... some people are posting WAY too fast.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((I ~VERY~ much agree.))

Lyssa Cloutier: Ow... I stubbedmytoe *she whines*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The sandwich having infused and hopefully given her just enough to go on, she pushes forward, past Lyssa to try and get through the door to Riona.

Fangwulf: ((Okay. Lyssa slamming her head into the door. Dyb wouldn't get up there fast enough to really stop her from doing so. Somewhat crazed, really. Dyb MAY be on floor two by the time Adele and Ri reach the third floor, AND eat the sandwiches. Bounding past them might be a bit too much, even with his athleticism. Ri can get the sandwiches. Dyb, when they give the others, you can post your action. Are we all straight now?))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((SOrry about that... *Nods* For now, I'm holding til I'm told I catch up. *Nods*))

Ri Hobbs: ((aye!))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*C* He's not even really that athletic.... *Nods, waits*))

Fangwulf: *And Ri gets the sandwich to Stevie, her being the closer one.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*chuckle*))

Ri Hobbs: eat this! *shoves the sammich at Stevie and glances toward Lyssa*

Fangwulf: *Stevie is starting to feel the effects as well.*

Stevie: ((Okay...if Lyssa's still up but looking wobbly, Stevie is going to stop her first...before taking the sandwich...?))

Fangwulf: *All Stevie knows is that Lyssa for some reason was whamming her head into the wall.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Silly Lyssa. :P))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She continues to push forward, trying to get through the door.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *So Dyb expends the Glamour about the time Stevie's being given her sandwich. He looks around and, since the hammering has stopped, calls out.* Yo! Where you guys at?

Stevie: *She blinks* Lyssa stop...*She blinks as a sandwich is shoved at her and eats as instructed, isn't sure why but now isn't the time to ask.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *she holds her head because it hurts. she doesn't remember why she was hitting the wall but it must have seen like a good idea at the time*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Been... even.))

Fangwulf: ((Which door, Adele?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((The door that Lyssa had bashed open enough to reach through, at least.))

Fangwulf: ((Ahh! Squirm, then?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*EG* A-yup. Show some love for your sluagh, ladies and gentlemen.))

Fangwulf: ((Roll me Dex+Athletics, then.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex (WP): 4,5,5,

Fangwulf: *She still manages to push her arm through with a disgusting schlurping noise. A creepy atmosphere, really.*

Fangwulf: ((NOW, Dyb.))

Stevie: *She looks at Lyssa.* Hey, you should eat. 'Cause you should be really hungry by now.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: That...was all she needed. She reaches down, to attempt to unlock the door.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He shouts.* Yo!! Anyone up here? I hope ya ain't all dead yet, ladies!

Lyssa Cloutier: *looks at Stevie with a rather dazed expression* Mwha? *said in a rather slurred fashion*

Fangwulf: *The lock is... surprisingly simple. And with the power out, it seems, it comes loose even easier. It's too easy.*

Stevie: *She looks at Ri* Maybe feed it ta her? *She looks towards the stairs* UP HERE DYB!

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She doesn't bother to respond to Dyb, as he probably would not hear her anyway. The door unlocked, she pushes it open to move inside.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He starts in that direction, then.* Okay, I'm comin'! *When he gets there, he looks around, assessing the situation.*

Fangwulf: *And there is Riona, looking wide-eyed. Almost numb, definitely afraid.*

Stevie: *When Adele gets the door open, she tries to hurry in after her*

Fangwulf: *Strapped down to the bed. It is a very small room. Room for the bed, and a small table, and one other person.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns a little and slips back out of the room, to let Stevie in. Her part is done, and she certainly doesn't have the strength to carry Riona out.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He looks at Dorian, then, and Alyssa, as the other two dash into the room.* So... wha'd I miss?

Fangwulf: *And all of a sudden, the lights turn on.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Alyssa? ACK! Who let the Euthanatos in? *G*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*giggle*))

Fangwulf: ((Argh! *smacks the Marty* Quit it!))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Did Adele get out of the room before the lights turned on? *Innocent whistles*))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Groans@typo* Bah!))

Fangwulf: ((Yes. She did.))

Stevie: *she hurries in when Adele clears a space for her and starts undoing the straps as fast as she can. Speaking softly but loud enough for her to hear* We're gettin' ya outta here, Riona. Gonna take ya home and make sure they never get ya again.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Well if I had known I was a Euthie all this time... *whistles*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns when the lights turn on, and starts to back a little away. "Miss Stevie...I suggest post-haste."

Fangwulf: *She whimpers. And her arms slide around Stevie's shoulders. She sobs slightly.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *squints & winces when the lights turn on* Too bright. I wanna sleep.

Stevie: *She hugs Riona as soon as she gets the woman completely free* Can ya walk, or do we need ta carry ya?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He crouches near Lyssa.* C'mon, girlie. Need you up an' mobile, fast. You don' wanna sleep here, trust me.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((Clonekills))

Lyssa Cloutier: *she nods her head, rather wobbily* I don't wanna be here. I wanna go home. *and tries to get to her feet*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She starts to check the other rooms as everyone else tends to Lyssa or Riona, looking through the windows for others trapped.

Fangwulf: *There are others in there. Sad-faced people, crying to be let out. But one thinks that Lyssa can't slam the doors open with her head for every one. She's not a hockey player.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((She will eat a sammich if handed one, I just haven't made any mention of it because I don't want to be presumptious))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He helps Lyssa to her feet, a bit shaky himself, though not outwardly injured.* How's it goin' in there, Featherbutt?

Stevie: ((I'm pretty sure Ri would have shoved it into her hand but we seem to have lost her.))

Fangwulf: ((If she was handed on, and ate one... her head would still hurt, but she'd have horns again.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns and looks to the others. "I do not suppose that anyone her can pick a lock?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Nods* Likewise not assuming right now, though Dyb will eat one when/if handed one.)) *He shakes his head at Adele.* Nope. Could try to smash a few doors with the pipe, I s'pose, but time's running.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Yeah. I'm sure Ri would've, but agree that Ri got sucked by the disconnection monster)) *she's too out of it to be able to pick locks, even if she knew. she just leans against the guy*

Stevie: ((Waiting to find out if Riona can walk...))

Fangwulf: ((She's very weak. So no. Not far.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The pipe, Mister Buchwald." She holds a slim hand out for it.

Stevie: *She starts to help her out of the room, but she's not very strong on her own* Dyb....someone...?

Fangwulf: *And now, Dyb is starting to loose feeling in his sensitive man-Glamour parts.*

Fangwulf: ((Guh. lose. Not loose.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Loose man-parts? When did Adele sign up for Asylum porn? *G*))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He holds it out to Adele, then sighs as Stevie calls out, nudging Lyssa to come with him to the door of the room.* Hey, kiddo. What's the... *Pauses as he sees Riona.* Right. Okay. You walk on one side of her, I take the other; the goat keeps leaning on me from the outside. Spooky, I think you better hurry with what yer gonna do, 'cause I'm outta hands.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Scowls* We gotta go NOW, people! Hurry it up!

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes the pipe and moves to the first occupied room, and proceeds to attempt to smash the glass window. Then, pending success, Squirm through.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((O_O A part of me knows I shouldn't ask but wants to)) *blinks, shaking her head with a start & follow-staggers that guy*

Fangwulf: ((Errr... Strength + 1?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Damage: 10,5,7,

Fangwulf: *The glass cracks... but does not break.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He jostles with Stevie, Lyssa and Riona, ending up with a good bit of the weight being placed on him.* Fer the record, we get outta this place in one piece, I wanna do this again but with more fun and less clothing.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mister Buchwald..." She pulls her hand back with the pipe, to swing again. "Use what little grey matter you have. Do you honestly think we will have this chance again?"

Stevie: *The moment Dyb has Riona from the other side, she just starts trying to head for the stairs.* Um...ya know...who's gonna fight when we meet someone?

Stevie: Miss priss, ya need better ears. *She mutters*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He looks at Stevie.* Easy. I drop the goat for a minute, you keep the songbird standing, and I go inta tha fray. But I ain't gonna be in any shape fer it if we keep standin' round here.

Lyssa Cloutier: *standing there, rather dazed from hitting her head for no good reason*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She pauses and looks at Stevie. "No, Miss Stevie. I don't. I am merely taking the opportunity to respond to something posited earlier." And then she turns and swings. As hard as her scrawny arms will swing.

Stevie: Yeah cause that's what I'm doing. *Still trying to get them moving for the stairs.*

Fangwulf: *The glass cracks again. Snapping. A little chunk of the thick glass coming off.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He keeps trying to get the whole group moving.* Com'on, Lyssa, move yer feet.

Lyssa Cloutier: *complies with Dyb as best as a dazed woman with a migraine & possible concussion can*

Stevie: *She rolls her eyes and keeps going.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He calls out.* Good luck, Spooky. Do what'cha can, but catch up to us pronto. *And down the stairs, as best they can manage like this.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns at the little amount that broke off. This is a lost cause. She steps back and gives the person inside a regretful, apologetic look, and then moves to head for the staircase.

Fangwulf: *Despite the lights being on... it's still empty. And the whistling has gone. The broom is leaning against the wall on the bottom floor.*

Stevie: Dyb....where is everyone? *She asks softly, uncomfortably*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He shakes his head.* This is freaky as hell. Come on, let's haul ass before things get stupid. *And he tries to hustle, as best they can, out the door.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *looks about at the emptiness* Peculiar...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Hmm." She frowns a little, and takes a chance...heading for the station. "I will catch up." She's assuming no one looked in the Office know. Keys.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *And he shakes his head at Stevie's question.* Not sure. All I know for sure is that Droopy was a fuckin' Dauntain, and we need to be gone.

Stevie: Um...where's the Droopy now then?

Lyssa Cloutier: *giggles, because that's the most hilarous thing she's heard*

Lyssa Cloutier: *or it could be the one too many hits on the head*

Fangwulf: *Nope! The office itself is... very plain. With many office supplies.* ((Wits+Alertness?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Wits+Alertness: 2,5,8,2,1,6,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: *She DID notice that staple remover... move? Didn't she?*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: d10: Wits + Alert: 9,9,5,4,1,

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((Gah, sorry, thought that was for everyone, my fault.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*chuckle*))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Shakes his head at Stevie.* Dunno, featherbutt.

Fangwulf: ((If anyone followed her into the office.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her brow quirks. "Fascinating. Death by Office Implement. How inconvenient that would be." And she backs sloooooooowly out of the room, shutting the door quietly. Ignore the sluagh, cubicle...

Stevie: ((No one has as yet))

Fangwulf: *It is an odd noise, that slap of something against the door, and a thump to the floor.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((O_O))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((SteviePM Okay, tell her 8 PM ~CST~ (9 EST).))

Stevie: *She's still trying to get Riona out the door, watching for trouble, hoping Dyb remembers where the Trod is supposed to be.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Yes. Know your place," she murmurs to the door. "When I need to kill a financial analysis, I will let you know." She turns to make her way back to the others.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He keeps marching the three girls towards the car.* ((Let us know if/when they get there.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((DLP!! NEW POST COMING!!))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods* It was supposed ta be right at the corner of the grounds, under a tree.... *If he can't see a tree, THEN they go to the car instead.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((0.o))

Fangwulf: *There IS a wicked looking tree there. And the trod has a small opening for them.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *when shepparded towards the trod, her eyes go wide at the sight of the tree* That looks like the Poltergiest tree!

Stevie: *She looks back* Where's miss priss?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Nods to Lyssa* Yup. An' right now, I'd rather deal with a nightmare clown, so in ya go! *Nudging her foreward.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((NEVER mention the nightmare clown again! *Shudders and twitches* No, I don't have Coulrophobia, why do you ask?)) She continues on through the hallway, toward the front door.

Stevie: ((*huggles Rav*))

Fangwulf: *The guards outside are trying to push the car out of the fence.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((That clown was insane ugly, yo. It was Attack of the Killer Clowns that got my youngest brother & my cousins frightened of 'em.)) *maybe her equilibrium hasn't restored itself yet, but when Dyb nudges her she staggers a step or two forward before faceplanting the ground* Aieeeeee!

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((GAAAAH! *HIDES* Killer Clowns are WORSE!!!))

Stevie: *She bites her lip but keeps going for that trod. Keeping an eye on the guards*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*C* Sorry, Rav.... Knew a girl in college with fairly severe coulrophobia, actually. Assume he said, "Busted TV set" instead, then? *Snickers*)) *Moving as fast as they can towards the Trod, then. He glances back to see if Spooky is following them.*

Fangwulf: ((You mean Killer Klowns from Outer Space?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((YES! THOSE ones! *Shakes*))

Stevie: Damn *She says quietly, preparing to take Riona's full weight again, cause that's sure to bring the guards*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Cusses, then, and helps Lyssa to her feet.* C'mon, girl, we gotta haul ass, NOW.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Well they did frighten my relatives. Pennywise was just plain creepy.))

Lyssa Cloutier: *scrabbles to her feet with the aid of Dyb*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Sadists!! *Hides more*))

Fangwulf: *Everyone to the Trod?*

Lyssa Cloutier: *to the trod Batman!*

Stevie: ((*protects da Ravyn* I wont let them get you!))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Nod* Dyb will go through last, if Adele is at least in sight by the time they get there, but everyone through.))

Stevie: ((I think Adele was lagging behind))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Yes, assuming she's not stopped, being a ways behind I believe, and they wait for her...Adele heads for the Trod. Otherwise, Adele has no idea where the Trod, and is going to try to sneak away. Which, honestly, works perfectly for her, too.

Stevie: *Stevie's going to make sure Riona and Lyssa go through into the trod first. Then looks at Dyb.* We waitin' or just go?

Fangwulf: *It's horridly empty... and they are allowed to get away.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*C* Letting Fang rule on whether or not Adele had at least stuck her head out before the rest of the group got to the Trod.))

Fangwulf: ((I'm thinking she did, actually. ESPECIALLY if Dyb's waiting till everyone's through before he got there.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*nods* Okay, then.)) *He nods to Stevie.* Go, I'll be after you soon as she catches up--make sure those two don't get inta trouble on the other side.

Stevie: Kay. *And she steps through to the trod, first order of business when through...get the other two back on their feet.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She actually...considers pretending she didn't notice it...but survival wins out over distaste. She heads for the trod and slips through, with a last look thrown over her shoulder to the place.

Stevie: ((*erases to out of that sentence*))

Lyssa Cloutier: *she gets through the trod one way or another, even though it seems a little absurd, but it could be due to hitting her head repeatedly on a wall*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Adele's last-second pause is enough to get her goosed through by Dyb. He'll pay for that rudeness later, most likely, but hell, even that'll be a pleasure compared to this joint.*

Stevie: *Once in the trod, if she has enough glamour, she kisses Lyssa on the cheek to give her some*

Fangwulf: ((The Trod will let out in the train yard. I don't have enough energy to describe the walk there, but believe me when I say that everyone except for Adele and Dyb will be horribly shaken by the experience.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Naturally))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Nods* Okay, I gotta go... Convey to Kittie any closing notes, and I'll try to work out a scene with Riona at some point int he future. *POOFS*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She tenses when Dyb gooses her and is pushed forward. She says nothing, makes no other reaction. She merely moves on, silently, shoulders unbelievably tense.

Lyssa Cloutier: *though she may object to the peck on the cheek, the gift of glamour is enough to return Lyssa to her satyr, if disturbed, self*

Fangwulf: ((And when said people ARRIVE at the train yard... well... there are crushed spiders and the door to the small shed is pried open. I'll have to leave it at that, and I'll post exp and an explanation tomorrow.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Kay.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Oooh, shit. Okie.))

Stevie: ((So more like pause. Okay *Snugs people and gets ready to go*))