Jeff Brolin: *The bar. The drinks. Check. The music in place. It seems all is set for a horrid night. He near growls at the bar itself, and flips over the shot glass as it is emptied.* Anothah. *His accent is seeping out heavily.*

Ri: *the very small woman shows her ID. and waits. and waits a bit more, grinning from ear to ear. finally passed into the place a little dubiously. she peeks in, eyes wide and almost as round as her lenses. and then scampers, dodging people, for the bar. bars have stools! stools are good perches for short people like her!*

Jeff Brolin: *His eyes widen as Ri comes bounding in.* How the fuck did you get in heah? *he yells over the music.*

Ri: *blinks at Jeff. and grins from ear to ear, bouncing over to him and screaming merrily back* i showed them my card and they let me right in! *and scrambles on top of a bar stool beside him* Jeff! what's yummy to drink here!

Jeff Brolin: Chocolate milk, *he says with a frown.*

Ri: *chortles merrily to him* you're silly! *and hollers a request for a glass of water. with ice! lots of ice!*

Jeff Brolin: *He sighs.* An' where the fuck's my tequila, mate?

Ri: how are you, Jeffie? *grins and happily sips her water. the 'tender looks vaguely releived not to have to argue about giving her booze*

Jeff Brolin: *He grunts, and throws back the shot, as it arrives.* Havin' a question of morality. You?

Ri: morality? *she gives him an amazed look* what specific portion thereof? i'm woooonderful. *giggles* Yufi's good, too, or he was when i left him.

Jeff Brolin: I thought y'said his name was Puppernutter.

Ri: *gives him a wide grin* so it is. and Yufi, and lots of things. because everyone's complex, so everyone deserves lots of names to show how much depth they have.

Ariadne Webber: *Delicate without being weak. Elegant without being showy and a distinct predatory gleam in her dark, kohl rimmed eyes repellant and attractive all at the same time. Chin length glossy black hair reveal the graceful length of neck and smoky shadow makes her dark eyes smolder. Her skin is pale and flawless and her lips painted a deep, lush red. She has a fondness for silks and satins that caress her figure, accenting, the lush curves beneath . *

Jeff Brolin: I've only got two names, though. *He smirks.* You sayin' I'm not complex?

Jeff Brolin: *He lifts an eyebrow, and levels his eyes on Ariadne's chest, as she enters.* I know those.

Ariadne Webber: *She's walking slowly through the crowd, watching the comings and goings. Not in a hurry to pick anyone up she shakes her head in refusal at those that ask her to dance.*

Ri: *grins* you're hiding your true complexity, that's what it means. besides, you do so have more than two names. *giggles* Jeffie. Fuzzy-chest. *ponders a moment* i know! your next new name is Strawberry! *beams at him as if she's just handed him the Holy Grail, all wrapped up in rainbow ribbons*

Jeff Brolin: *He looks back to Ri.* Mmmh? Where the hell'd strawberry come from? I mean... like chocolate covered ones, and s'what my lube's flavoured like. But that's about it.

Ariadne Webber: *Ah yes..those...displayed to mouth watering perfection in a top that would just take a brush of the hand to fall open.*

Ri: *tilts her head and turns around to look* know those what? *curiously*

Ri: *grins* strawberries are yummy, and they look like little hearts. also, they're fun to squish and smear on car windows. *nods cheerfully*

Jeff Brolin: Those tits. Nice tits. Hearts, or strawberries?

Ri: *arches an eyebrow at Jeff* which tits? you don'tmean mine, because you can't really see mine very well. *she looks down the neck of her shirt* they're sort of small. *then giggles* strawberries! hearts smell awfully funny when you squish them. strawberries just smell good.

Jeff Brolin: Naw. Some people like t'squash hearts. Like biiiiig fuckin' bugs. *He points to Ariadne's chest.*

Ri: *tilts her head and stares at Araidne's chest, now that it's been pointed out to her*they smell like copper and really old hamburger. i'd rather smell squished strawberries. *blinks slowly* those don't look like bugs to me. more like jiggly jelly pillows. *grins*

Jeff Brolin: Naw, was talkin' about hearts. Her tits aren't like bugs. SHE is kinda, but not her tits.

Ri: she does kind of look like a bug. a praying mantis. *nods cheerfully*

Ariadne Webber: *She turns slightly to an older gentleman trying to chase after his fleeting youth. An inviting smile curves those lush lips. He's not looking at her eyes or perhaps he'd walk away. Quickly She leans towards him slightly, giving him a closer look at her chest and once his eyes stray there, they're glued.*

Jeff Brolin: Y'think she'd bite off my head after we mated?

Ri: *giggles* probably. or something else that maybe you're more fond of. *a wide grin, showing sharp little white teeth. eyes twinkling*

Jeff Brolin: *He shudders.* Not Odin!

Ri: *blinsk* ~ODIN~!!? *she begins to laugh, clinging to the bar to avoid falling off her stool* ODIN??

Jeff Brolin: *He nods.* Yeah. *He smirks.* Everyone names theirs. Mine's named Odin. Yanno, the one-eyed Norse God.

Ri: *she's actually in tears from the laughter* Odin? why would you name him after the Allfather?

Ariadne Webber: *She takes his hand, caressing the palm, the smooth slide of her hair hiding her face for a moment, than she looks up again, shaking her head. The man frowns but doesn't press the issue as she walks away.*

Jeff Brolin: The one eyed God, *he says, and waves a hand.* duh.

Ri: *gets herself slightly under control* i doubt it's that close to divine. *a big grin*

Jeff Brolin: Oh ye of little faith, *he says with a waggle of his eyebrows.* Why d'you think women say "Oh God!" durin?

Ri: they do? *tilts her head, blinking with interest* really? what do men say?

Jeff Brolin: The wrong name, *he says with a grin, and throws back another shot.*

Ri: *blinks* explain!

Ariadne Webber: *she's coming closer to Jeff and Ri, perhaps intentionally, perhaps not.*

Jeff Brolin: Well, s'why I like sex so much, yeah. Because y'don't think. *He looks back to Ariadne, approaching.*

Ri: *giggles softly* that seems silly to me. hey, the lady with the huge boobs is coming here. she probably wants to bite Odin off. *a giggle and a grin*

Jeff Brolin: *He crosses his legs.*

Ri: *she snickers impishly. and waits hopefully for Ariadne to come close enough to be heard. it is possible she has mischief on her mind.*

Ariadne Webber: *Is she looking at his crotch..and is it a hungry kind of look?* Good evening. *atleast the greeting is pleasant enough.*

Jeff Brolin: *He arches an eyebrow, looking up to her.* Buy you a drink?

Ri: *grins widely to Ariadne* hi! my friend wants to smear squished strawberries all over your chest and lick them off while you bite him. *she informs the woman cheekily*

Jeff Brolin: That's true, *he says idly. His eyes widen to Ri.* Are you a mindreader?

Ri: *beams at Jeff* of course! *giggles*

Ariadne Webber: *She turns an analytical eye onto Jeff, perusing him from the feet on up.*And what would I get in return? *the question isn't necessarily open to just Jeff.*

Jeff Brolin: The pleasure of my pleasure, *he says with a smirk.* And ogled, prolly.

Ri: *she doesn't seem to pick up that it's not open to just Jeff, perhaps. she simply giggles into her water glass. then asks for a straw frantically. once it's recieved, she proceeds to blow bubbles in her glass with it*

Ariadne Webber: *She seems to consider it.* No.

Jeff Brolin: *He sighs.* Well, why the fuck not, eh?

Ri: he says his wee-wee makes women scream a lot. *she offers helpfully* he says it's Godlike in its ability to give pleasure. *dark eyes twinkle merrily*

Jeff Brolin: That's true too, *he says sincerely.*

Ariadne Webber: *She looks at Ri a moment.* Did he name it too?*clearly she's skeptical. She looks back at Jeff.* Perhaps I am not convinced of your attractions.

Ri: *nods cheerfully* yep! Thor.

Jeff Brolin: *He rolls his eyes.* You serious? What d'you want, a fuckin' medal for havin' nice tits?

Ariadne Webber: Interesting. *She comments, eyeing Ri again before looking at Jeff.* I prefer jewelry.

Ri: *giggles* he may be hairy, but he's really good anyway. and warm. he's very nice to snuggle up to on a cold night. *nods earnestly* that is, if he lets you have any sleep.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Room for another?))

Jeff Brolin: ((Yesh!)) *His eyes widen to Ri.* You serious?

Jeff Brolin: *He snorts.* I didn't buy my fuckin' boyfriend anythin'. Let alone some chick that's a total stranger.

Ri: *gives him wide eyes right back* now, Jeff...*those eyes twinkling with mirth* i know i'm not nearly as divinely inspired as you, but i'm not so bad you'd already forget! *gives him a fake pout, struggling not to burst into laughter*

Ri: ((*G* sure!))

Ariadne Webber: Than why aren't you fucking him? *She still doesn't seem convinced, despite Ri's endorsement.*

Ariadne Webber: (come on down!)

Jeff Brolin: *His jaw tightens, and his back stiffens. Angry.* Because I'm not a fuckin' necrophiliac, that's why, you selfish bitch.

Ri: *reaches out and pats Jeff's back. for once, not trying to tickle him*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She slips her way into the Limelight, looking around as she makes it past the bouncers. She's dressed in a fitted black PVC bodice top with red satin lining and kilt pin details, with an Elvira style mermaid skirt with high front godet panels with softly draping chiffon inserts from the waist down. The skirt is an almost completely (but not quite) opaque nylon with a purple Halloween foil prints of witches, ghosts, and other Halloween icons. Those glasses rest high on the bridge of her nose as always, and her hair is worn up off her shoulders. She gives a brief look around, curious, before making her way toward the bar. ((PM for full DD, either Seeming or Mien))

Jeff Brolin: *He jerks away from the touch, his eyes focused... for a few moments, before he staggers on the barstool.* Sonofabitch...

Ariadne Webber: *For those with the sight her legs flare in response to his anger, drawing back in preparation to strike but her outward demeanor remains the same.* I was unaware. I apologize.

Jeff Brolin: *He breathes deeply, and shakes his head.* Naw... sorry. Buy you a drink. Just cuz. M'an ass, yeah?

Ri: *she watches with with sad, dark eyes, sucking on an ice cube. looking around, then, she notes Adele and waves wildly, nearly spilling her water**

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alertness: 2,1,2,8,1,6,

Jeff Brolin: *Tired eyes watch the sluagh, and he waves.* Oi...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: For once, her powers of perception seem to fail her, and she slips up to the bar inobservant, close to them. She leans over, struggling to speak over the music and ask the bartender for a glass of wine.

Ariadne Webber: *She inclines her head.* As you wish. *The night is still young and she doesn't mind letting alcohol do part of her work for her.*

Ri: *takes in a deep breath* ADELE!!!!! *she screeches at the top of her lungs, waving again*

Jeff Brolin: *He pats the bar.* Whatever the evil lady with the nice tits wants, *he says with a nod to the bartender.*

Ariadne Webber: *She winces as Ri shrieks out Adele's name and she turns to see who the girl is waving over.*

Jeff Brolin: *He flinches at the yell as well.*

Ariadne Webber: I'm not evil...I'm just drawn that way. *She says drolly.* I will have a Tangeray on the rocks.

Jeff Brolin: You heard what she said. Stingray on the rocks.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She cringes, grabbing her ears as a highly pained look hits her face when Ri screeches. Slowly, she looks over at the trio, and sighs inwardly before nodding to them. "You need not yell, Miss," she murmurs. "Speaking at normal volume is sufficient."

Ri: *grisn widely to Adele* but i wanted to make sure you heard me,is all. *her face open and innocent*

Jeff Brolin: Someone's bein' baaaaaaad, *he says with a snicker.*

Ri: *nods solemnly to Jeff* yes, but you're always bad, so who can tell the difference? *a bright smile*

Ariadne Webber: *An almost friendly glance at Adele; if such a thing as a friendly glance ever crossed her face. She takes the glass the 'tender places in front of her and takes a sip.* you're friend is very...enthusiastic. *She observes.*

Jeff Brolin: *He shakes his head.* No, I meant YOU, silly. *He points to Ri.*

Ri: me? *she drops her jaw at him* i, sir, am never bad. i am a pure darling of morality. a veritable fountain of gentility. why, i'm so nice, i always lose at Cheat, because i just can't make myself tell someone i don't have a card if i do, or don't if i don't.

Ri: *she even sticks her wee nose right into the air*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives Ariadne a slightly warmer smile then the others, nodding to her, and then finally manages to convey herself to the bartender. She moves a few seats down, next to the three. "A pleasure to see you all again, of course. How are you?"

Ri: *beams at Adele* i'm jolly, except for my corns. corns suck, you know? but, i have a new puppy, a litte peekapoo, whose name is Charles Montgomery.

Jeff Brolin: He's a fuckin' dane, an' 'is name is... Pupper... *He pauses.* Pupp... z'a room spinnin'?

Ri: *giggles at Jeff happily* no, you are. Puppernutter is a very good name, too. *beams*

Ariadne Webber: *Her eyes wander, falling upon a gentleman sitting by himself, an air of inebriation about him. An expensive watch and a cheap suit that doens't fit him well. Ahhhh. It looks like her patience may yet pay off.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Hmm. How fascinating." She regards Ri a moment, giving her a brief, purely formality smile, and takes her wine from the bartender. She looks at Jeff. "Are you all right?"

Ri: *grins widely back to Adele and squiggles on her stool*

Jeff Brolin: *He nods.* Peeeeeachy. Think one... too many fuckin' shots, though, eh?

FreeLurk: ((Is open?))

Ariadne Webber: I am fine, thank you. *She greets Adele. She looks back at Jeff.* Thank you for the drink.

Ri: *giggles* too bad Hardy isn't here, or he could pick you up and put you in an evil room with lots and lots of bright colors that try to crawl in your brain and eat it all up. *blinks happily at Jeff and sips her nice, safe glass of water*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Perhaps some moderation is in order," she says to Jeff with a shrug.

Jeff Brolin: Moderation's your bag, not mine, eh? S'pecially not after a shit day.

Jeff Brolin: ((Is open!))

Ri: *suddenly chuckles* "naughty, naughty! take it easy! come on and puh-puh-puh-please me!" *she sings. thankfully not at the top of her lungs. she's not likely to get a recording contract...but hey, at least she doesn't usually get threatened with death-by-rotten tomoatoes. unless it's for carelessness with lyrics*

Ariadne Webber: This bar isn't made for moderation. *She says, she has a drink in hand but it seems barely touched.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Yes, I've noticed," she murmurs to Ariadne. Dark eyes slip over to Jeff. "A bad day? My condolences."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: ((Anyone need either Fae or Mortal DD?)) *He steps into the club, after joking around with the bouncer a bit--the guy works a few of the bar/clubs that he's had gigs at recently. Once inside, he glances around a bit, taking in the joint.*

Jeff Brolin: *He looks back to Adele. And he swallows.* Sorry, *he mutters, lowering his eyes. And he pulls himself up onto the stool. He looks... absolutely miserable for some reason or another. The many mood swings.*

Ri: *blinsk to Jeff and tilts her head* when're you going to come by with hot dogs for the puppy? you promised!

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: d10: Paranoid Bastitch: 4,1,4,5,8,

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *Failing to see anyone he knows, he starts ambling for the bar.*

Jeff Brolin: d10: Per+alert: 5,8,7,3,

Ariadne Webber: *Jeff's mood swings make her uncomfortable and a bit irritable. Comes to it, though, so does Ri's unrelenting cheerfulness. She's like Disneyworld on crack.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "You need not apologize to me, Mister Brolin, for your bad day." She sighs silently. "What happened."

Kaitlyn Kelly: ((Mind my little chaos mistress?))

Jeff Brolin: ((Not atall.)) *He looks back to Adele.* I dunno. Started feelin' guilty.

Ri: *wrinkles her nose* i'm itchy. and hungry.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM] -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Yea, I could use Ariadne's.)) ((Mortal Seeming: The most obvious features on the 20-year-old man are semitic--hook nose, curly black hair, high cheekbones. Less obvious are the piercing dark eyes, or the almost contemptuous sneer that never quite forms, but seems to hover around his lips. His clothing is usually simple and clean; if it's a workign night, he includes a suit-coat. Almost invariably, tucked into a back pocket, he carries what must be the world's ugliest sock-puppet, a scratchy wool thing with bits of clear plastic, bottle-caps and pull-tabs stitched in haphazardly. ))((Fae Mein: There's no doubting the change as the curly black locks turn a vivid red. His skin is darker to Fae eyes, as well, and has a faint bluish tint. The biggest change, really, is the sock-puppet, which now resembles a war-gauntlet forged of razor wire and bits of glass. Most disturbing of all, it still has a discernable 'face'--with red glass for eyes, and a length of razor-wire for a mouth. It's all too easy to imagine it deciding to take a bite with the first swing.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM] -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Sorry! Wrong target! *Blush*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Come on in. *S*)) "Guilty?" She tilts her head to the left slightly, a slender hand rising to brush the pad of an index finger over her black velvet choker. "What about?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: ((Thanks))

Jeff Brolin: I don't know, *he mutters.*

Ri: *chortles* naming his willy winky after a Celtic Deity, of course! *grins impishly and slides off her stool* i'm going hunting! *and she begins to slip off, wriggling like a silverfish between folks*

Jeff Brolin: Norse, *he corrects of Ri, and then sighs.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He nods to the bartender.* Somewhere, back there, you've got a bottle of something so heinous no one's ever ordered it, even on a bet. It should be sold as paint remover, or maybe as a Liquid Drano alternative. If it'd been found in Iraq, Bush coulda claimed it was a WMD. I want you to bring me that bottle, the dirtiest shot glass you've got sitting around, and then I want you to walk away, and pretend you never met me. We good? *He slaps a bill down on the bartop to help the man comply.*

Ariadne Webber: *She can barely contain her relief as Ri takes off through the crowd. She watches her go and then turns for a quick glance at her intended entertainment for the evening, noting with some satisfaction that he's noticed the length of bare leg she artfully revealed. she gives him a glimmer of a smile and takes a sip of her drink. Yes, he'll do fine.*

Jeff Brolin: *He pauses.* Ohshit, *he groans, seeing Dyb.*

Ri: *she just giggles.* ((*G* sweet dreams, ya'll! *L*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I...see." She watches Ri run off, and shakes her head. Pookas. Her eyes turn back to Jeff. "A general feeling of pervading guilt over your entire life, then?"

Ariadne Webber: *She looks over to see what Jeff is Ohshitting over, her eyes widening slightly, privately agreeing with him on that one.*

Jeff Brolin: *He looks back to Adele. And he nods, once.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: Kaitlyn heads in, does the ID check thing, and checks her coat in before heading inside. Tonight she's dressed in a DeVille Dress with an open front a flared collar worn up and sheer mesh 3/4 length sleeves with cuffs. Underneath it is a black g-string (pic:

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: ((*C* Night, Ri-p!)) *The comic takes the bottle when brought, and the glass, and turns around, looking for someplace to sit that doesn't entail getting elbowed by some socialite who thinks that a dangerous time on the town means not bringing along your Daddy's VISA.*

Ariadne Webber: (sleep sweet Ri)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She glances over at Dyb, nose wrinkling, and she gives a quiet, pained sigh. Next up is noted Kaitlyn, and she gets a slight raise of a brow. How interesting...

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: d10: P + A: 1,5,4,10,10,

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He ~almost~ overlooks the others at the far end of the bar a second time. However, seeing Jeff's hangdog expression, his lips crack into an evil grin, and he heads over toward the trio.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Oh, dear. She frowns slightly as Dyb comes their way. A protocol smile goes his way, and she goes back to watching Kaitlyn.

Jeff Brolin: *He looks back.* Ohlook, there's Kait.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He takes a seat on the nearest stool, and grins as he sets the bottle down on the bar with an ominous thunk.* You look like a goat who can use a real drink. *He nods amiably towards the two women. Okay, 'amiably' isn't the right word, but how exactly DOES one manage to nod 'lecherously', anyway?*

Jeff Brolin: *He looks over to Dyb.* What y'gonna get me drunk an' take advantage of me, eh?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: ((Color-shifts for clarity))

Kaitlyn Kelly: d10: per/alert: 8,9,8,4,8,3,

Ariadne Webber: *Lechorousness is something she's used to so it doesn't offend. Most of the time it's something she uses quite well. However, Dyb is quite decidedly lacking in the attributes she finds suitable so he gets an impersonal nod in return. Her gaze strays back to her intended, he's almost ready.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *Smirks at Jeff.* Nah, I got standards. *The bottle... well, it's definitely the right vintage--the label is so stained from years of booze being spilled on it, and being left to gather dust, as to be completely illegible.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: And oh, she easily spots Jeff. Her head drifts to the dance floor as she hears the music, then back to Jeff again. Decisions decisions.

Jeff Brolin: *He snorts, and he pushes himself off of the barstool. Stumbling towards the dance floor.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He follows Jeff and Adelle's gazes, giving Kaitlyn a once-over.* Now, there's a tasty-looking dish.

Ariadne Webber: I think you scared him away. *She says to Dyb after Jeff heads to the dance floor.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shrugs as Jeff heads off, and looks over to Ariadne. "How have you been, Miss Webber?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: She smiles seeing Jeff heading toward her, and waits, holding her hand out to him.

Jeff Brolin: *He slides a hand against her. cheeks nicely flushed. Grin there.* Oi.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He grins to Ariadne.* Eh, goats can be skittish. *Nods, shrugs, popping off the bottle's cap. Did it just ~hiss~? Nah, probably just a trick of the imagination. Though the aroma that rises out of it is certainly foul enough to make nose-hairs scream for mercy. He passes it directly under his nostrils, inhaling deeply.* Ah, Chateau le'Sweatsock. An excellent vintage, too!

Ariadne Webber: I have been well, Adele, is that right? *Turning her attention to the other woman.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I rather prefer my own vintage, thank you," she whispers dryly to Dyb before sipping her red wine and looking back to Ariadne.

Ariadne Webber: *She leans away from the noxious vapors rising from the bottle.* Perhaps he knew what you were drinking.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She grins and squeezes his hand, pulling him in closer to her. "It's been a while. Dance with me?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He chuckles at Adele.* Aw, I'd almost be inclined to take that as a rebuke or somethin'. Fortunately, I got a solid, whatchercallit, self-image.

Jeff Brolin: *He nods. And grins.* Yeah. Too long.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "That is correct, yes." She smiles to Ariadne. "And that is excellent news. I must confess, I've been rather curious as to what you have been up to since coming into your own."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He winks at Ariadne.* That'd be an impressive feat--I don't think the bartender even knows what I'm drinking. *He pours the liquid into the shotglass. It's brown, and sort of transluscent, yet somehow gives the impression of being a hue not found in nature, regardless. Anyone NOT inclined to lean away is probably blinking a bit.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "That is good news, indeed," she remarks to Dyb.

Ariadne Webber: *She looks at Adele, the ghost of a smile skirting her lips. She looks very self-satisfied for a moment.* I have been completing several business deals. I work in Commodities.

Ariadne Webber: One does not need to know. Just inhale. *She says, keeping well away from whatever liquid that just bubbled up from the gates of hell itself.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She pulls him into her for a moment, before effortlessly moving into a dance with him, to move them in closer to the dance floor.

Jeff Brolin: *And he leans against her as well. Of course... even drunk, it seems this is his reason for being.* Thank God, someone sane, *he says with a coughed laugh.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Excellent." She nods to Ariadne. "I hope they are being quite lucrative for you."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He grins at Adriane as he picks up the shot-glass, and wraps his hand around it, before slamming it back. He actually ~gargles~ it for a moment, before swallowing and slamming it back down on the bar with a loud THWACK.* Whooo! Sweet as mother's milk!

Kaitlyn Kelly: That comment makes her laugh softly and kiss his cheek before spinning back out from him, in a rather quick tango-ish dance with him.

Sung Lee Park: (can a clueless Korean join :) ))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: ((*C* Club's open, far as I can tell. *Nods*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Gonna ask the scene to close after this for size purposes, but sure.))

Ariadne Webber: They are indeed. though with some concluded I am on the look out for new possibilities. *Her eyes wander back to the gentlemen before flicking to Dyb * If that is the liquid that came from a mother's teat.

Kaitlyn Kelly: ((Same here on the size :) ))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He smiles at Ariadne.* Yes...?

Jeff Brolin: Joo miss me? *he says with a grin. His feet knowing the moves far more than his brain does at this point.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "What do you think, baby?" she grins back to him, swinging back in closely, her body sensually speaking to him in their little dance.

Jeff Brolin: Mmmmh... I think y'did, *he mutters.* One of these days I'm gonna have t'drag for yeh, just so you'll find me hot too, *he teases.*

Ariadne Webber: She must have been an interesting woman then. *She answers Dyb.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Drag for me?" she whispers against his ear, with a playful nip on his lobe. "Oh...." then laughs more. "Did not think you would swing that way." she pulls her face back to look into his and gives a seductive little smile before kissing his nose and starting to spin back out again.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He chuckles at Ariadne.* You're one of those diplomatic types, aintcha?

Jeff Brolin: *He laughs faintly at that.* Well... I'll make an exception for you, yeah? *He slides into it, the spin, a tight grip on her hand, and he pulls her back in, sliding into a dip.*

Ariadne Webber: *She looks Dybs over.* You're very big. Which means I'm very diplomatic.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She looks back up at him from the dip, easily holding his hand and her balance on her well trained legs and arms. "That is quite alright. I think I like this dance thing we have."

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He laughs at that.* That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all week. *He takes a look at his watch.* Hm... gotta get goin', unfortunately. *With that, he takes the bottle, and raises it straight to his lips, pretty much chugging the contents, if slowly.*

Sung Lee Park: sung shows the bouncer her passport and temporary ID. waiting before she is let in with a black mesh sleeve top with Asian influence glitter print with a matching dark blue side slit skirt. Having been bored after work she had her hair highlighted so the usual straight black hair had a redder tint to it. she ambles her way to the bar smiling and waiting politely before odering her coke. always present in her speach is her thick korean accent. ((if anyone icly is obsessed with J-pop and K-pop music fame 1)

Jeff Brolin: I think I do too, *he mutters. He grins.* Don't tell anyone, but I think it's better'n sex.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles slightly and shakes her head at Dyb and Ariadne. "Good day, sir," she whispers to the man.

Ariadne Webber: Good night then. *She answers Dyb before turning to Adele. * If you would excuse me...*with that she makes her way over to the mostly drunken gentleman sitting alone. He's paunchy and balding..what is she thinking.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She pulls herself back up and gives him a long lingering kiss, as her body brushes back and forth against his like earlier. Then pulling away, she winks to him. "I have to agree."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course," she says to Ariadne, watching her go off.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: *He grins at Adele.* Ah, see, there's more diplomacy.... *His breath, at this point, could daze lesser folk at a hundred yards.* 'scuse me. *He gets up with a stagger, and starts for the door, weaving only slightly. The bottle sits on the bar--and it seems the waitstaff is patently attempting to ignore its presence, at least until they determine a fair bet to see who has to actually pick it up.*

Jeff Brolin: *He grins at that, and breathes deeply.* I'm a little drunkie, though... might have t'go get some water.

Sung Lee Park: Brown eyes watch the floor smiling as she difts over slowly her steps to the beat of the music. she doesn't even notice she does this anymore. she sighs slightly as she drinks eyeing the floor watching the different styles. debating.

Ariadne Webber: *It doesn't take her long before she exits the club with the drunken man in tow..* (night all, time for me to sleepies!)

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Then by all means, baby....go get a drink...." she laughs about that, slowing moving back out away from him.

Sung Lee Park: ((sweet dreams)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Night!))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald [Fae/Ench PM]: ((*Nods, waves* I'm gonna head out, too...)) *He heads out into the night, breaking into really, really bad song as he goes.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She sips her wine, eyes scanning over the club with a look of detached interest.

Jeff Brolin: *He slides form her arms.* Be right back, *he says with an idle wave, stumbling back to the bar.* Oi! Drinkies! Only... water-type!

Sung Lee Park: She inches closer to the dance floor before finally getting the guts to step on it. She moves tenitvely at first as she adjusts to the curent rhythmn and style playing. her eyes darting about at the others moving to look for moves she likes and once she could mimic.

Sung Lee Park: d10: dancing or sucking: 4,9,3,10,4,

Kaitlyn Kelly: She shakes her head a little, following after Jeff."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles a bit to Jeff and Kaitlyn as they approach, nodding to them. "Welcome back, Mister Brolin," she whispers. "And you've brought company."

Sung Lee Park: she finds herself smiling and humming along with she music at least she isn't doing to badly. eventhough she could so better. she continues to drink up the flow until she reaches that moment when won forgets they are there in a dance club.

Jeff Brolin: *He nods.* This is Kait. She's cool, *he says, in the tone of voice one would explain to a drug dealer that someone was okay to talk in front of.*

Kaitlyn Kelly: She smiles to Adele. "Nice to meet you," offering her hand to shake, speaking with that South American accent of hers.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles politely to Kaitlyn and accepts the hand shake. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton, Miss Kait," she murmurs. "A pleasure."

Kaitlyn Kelly: She shakes firmly, but not too hard. "Nice to meet you Adele."

Jeff Brolin: *He gulps at his water, and he does glance at the new breasts in the room.*

Sung Lee Park: having not been dancing much as of late when the song starts slowing and blending into the next one she smiles but concedes to take a small break. a mometary frown about her laziness. Water however calls her name. she reaches into the pocket of her skirt as ambles to the bar. leaning against it her head bobbles. listening to the music she looks to the tender with a smile "water please" which comes out sounding more like waahter pleaseuh. She smiles listening to the price and paying with a generous tip."thank you very much"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Thank you," she murmurs, glancing over at Sung Lee before looking back to Kaitlyn. "And what do you do?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: She gives an amused look to Jeff, not at all upset at where he looks and even glances herself before turning back to Adele. "I am a dancer."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh, of course." She nods. "That would explain your skill out there. Most impressive."

Sung Lee Park: Catching Adele's glance she would smile to her one of those genuine happy smiles.

Jeff Brolin: Heyyyyyyy... *He pouts, and leans his head on the counter, looking to Adele with a wide-eyed expression.* I'm good too.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Sung Lee's happy smile gets a raised brow on an otherwise cool face, and then she looks back to Jeff. "I never said you were not, Mister Brolin." She gives a brief smile. "I was, of course, referring to the both of you."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Yes. Actually, he is. We were not dancing like we usually do."

Jeff Brolin: That's true, *he says with a nod.* It was nice, though. T'not be... all... sweaty.

Sung Lee Park: The eye brow raise got her curious she looks down and around incase something was amiss. absently curling her hair behind her ear. she then shrugs slightly nodding to herself convinced it wasn' her.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmmm. I have heard that certain types of dancing can make one such." It's a response to Jeff. "To each their own."

Jeff Brolin: *He nods.* Much... *his eyes close, and he slides into her arms, to finish up as well.*

Sung Lee Park: "why is that ?" she can't help but keep her eyes glued on the two.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She lets her body move sensually and passionately against his, but not for long, as she guides him to dip her and hold her there; she's certainly breathing harder now, body glistening with light sweat.

Jeff Brolin: *He seems ot appreciate the limited time, a deep breath, and he draws her back up, slowly. The dip showing her flexibility more than hers, and his strength in this. Whoever said dance was not a sport had never done it before. He smiles faintly.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "One breeds the other far more easily then the reverse," is her response, whispered over to Sung Lee with a faint smile as she tracks Jeff and Kait.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She falls back against him, her body then sliding back down against his front, down to one knee as she holds herself in perfect balance, still holding onto one hand as she stretches upward to end the dance.

Sung Lee Park: she thinks about this "so you are saying the skill breeds easier than the passion?" she wants to make sure she is getting the meaning correctly. "oh wow.." she breaths at the dip.

Jeff Brolin: *He meets her yees, and smiles.* Thanks, *he whispers.*

Jeff Brolin: ((eyes, even...))

Kaitlyn Kelly: Looking back up into his eyes, "Thank you," she whispers in return.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Am I?" She flicks her eyes back to Sung Lee, then to the duo. A slight arch of her brows at the two.

Jeff Brolin: *He steals a very brief kiss. And he smirks.* I've gotta get outta here, yeah? Meet you tomorrow?

Sung Lee Park: "uhmm yes is that what you are meaning?" she nods her head frowning a momenting wondering if she didn't phrase it correctly.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shrugs. "That is one interpretation of my words, I suppose."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Tomorrow?" she looks surprised by that more than his having to run off again, or the kiss. "Perhaps. I would like that." She pulls herself back up effortlessly, standing and still breathing hard.

Sung Lee Park: she blinks and tilts her head "but it is not the correct one?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks back over, now that Kaitlyn and Jeff are done dancing. "Do you believe it is?" A lunful of smoke is exhaled into the air.

Jeff Brolin: *He nods.* Yeah. In a more secluded place where I can let loose?

Kaitlyn Kelly: She grins playfully and steals a kiss back from him. "Yes."

Jeff Brolin: Cool, *he says, and again, grins.* G'night. An'... thanks again.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Good night, Jeff." She watches him for a moment, before turning toward the bar and headaing back for some water.

Sung Lee Park: she looks to Adele "i'm not sure, which is why i was asking. I would hate to misinterpit" she nods her head.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Really." She looks Sung Lee over a moment. "Do you fear to make interpretations around artwork and music as well? Poetry?" She glances back to Kaitlyn, nodding to her as she approaches with a small smile.

Kaitlyn Kelly: She smiles back to Adele.

Sung Lee Park: "not usually, artwork the language is universal, and not so technical...sometimes the artist doesn't which the interpetation to be so easy" she smiles slightly "song and sees differently" she tilts her head "but in the end the message is passed. " she smiles to Kaitlyn softly "very beautiful dancing "

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "And so you should take my words. The message has been passed."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((so should you))

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Thank you," she smiles about the compliment, then orders a bottled water.

Sung Lee Park: she nods her head not questioning. "welcome" she nods to Kaitlyn and looks back to Adele, you are very wise, and i think you for your insight miss"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She inclines her head toward Sung Lee in acknowledgment of her words, and then looks over to Kaitlyn. "You obviously have found your niche, Miss Kait. Mister Brolin and yourself were quite skillful in your movements."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Thank you, Adele. I probably should consider it a night. It was a pleasure meeting you."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She nods. "I believe I should likely be departing as well. Have an excellent evening, Miss Kait. And you as well, Madame." She nods to Sung Lee and rises to go.

Kaitlyn Kelly: Kait pays for her water and takes it with her. "Good evening," she smiles to both woman before heading to get her coat and head out.

Sung Lee Park: she nods her head stopping herself from a complete bow" have a pleasent evening , thank you for this conversation" she smiles and nods to Kaitlyn. "good night and it was nice to beable to see beautiful dance."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "I am glad that I could show you, Miss," she says before she goes.

Sung Lee Park: ((thank fer letting me play :) ))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods briefly to Sung Lee and slips off her stool, heading out.