Katherine: Cool, ready too.. Katherine could invite her somewhere to meet then or will meet her somewhere depending on what she would be more comfortable with.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Adele would be comfortable meeting with Adele wherever she'd like, ceding to the noble's decision in the matter. She would offer her home as a meeting place if Lady Katherine desires, or if not, whatever suitable location she'd like.

Katherine: Then she'll invite Adele to a penthouse suite at the Four Seasons. And she'll be shown up when she gets there. Depending on the time of day, there will also be refreshments prepared for them.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The slaugh makes her way to the place around early evening, making her way up behind the person leading her there. To mortal eyes, she's dressed appropriately...something victorian and high-necked for the staff to see. Of course, to Fae eyes, she looks the same as always. She slips quietly along to the penthouse, entering after the hotel staff shows her in.

Katherine: There are signs that Katherine might have had a bit of a late lunch. The woman is sitting in the living room when she is shown in, reading through what looks like some documents in folders that she sets aside when she see's the slaugh. Katherine smiles to her as she rises to greet her. "Thank you for coming, can I have something brought up for you?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She inclines her head and shoulders in a curtsy to the woman. "No, Milady," she whispers with a small smile. "I am quite well. Thank you, though, for your consideration, and for calling upon me to meet. It is a pleasure to do so."

Katherine: She smiles softly and gestures then to the sitting area. "How have you been?" she asks casually as she gets comfortable once more. She is dressed in a simple pair of slacks and blouse for the get together. Nothing overly fancy at all really.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She moves and settles herself into a seat, hands folding in her lap. "As well as ever, Milady. And yourself?"

Katherine: "Well enough." she says. "I have been well, and it is good to hear that you are well. I wanted to speak with you again, without the distractions and eyes of others upon us."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes the statement with a simple, tiny smile. "Thank you, Lady. I must confess that I find Dawson's a rather ill-suited place for any real conversation. Too full of certain elements I do not find myself overly fond of."

Katherine: "Very true, I doubt I will be visiting it again. Without good reason that is." she says with a little smile. "I was curious though, if you had heard of the recent rumors that are floating about?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "In regards to which?" She tilts her head a little bit. "I have heard several things floating around...Theaters and Treaties, and other such things."

Katherine: "The Treaty actually." she says with a little nod.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahhhh." It comes out, quiet as it is, almost like a sigh then an actual response. She nods a little bit. "I have heard some few things of the matter, yes."

Katherine: "Unfortunately this is the first that I have heard that there might be division among the Fae when it comes to the Treaty."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little bit, sighing silently. "I must confess as to being somewhat out of the loop in terms of the nobility's stance on the matter...not surprisingly, of course. For my part, I have found myself in no occasion to need to call upon the Treaty's provisions, so it has not yet troubled me."

Katherine: "Agreed, it is much the same with me but the Nobles are indeed divided on how best to approach it. I for one would rather remain out of any so called Treaty, we have not had problems in the past to need it so why expose ourselves to it?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She considers the sidhe's words for a moment, frowning thoughtfully. "I don't disagree, Milady. I certainly have no desire to allow my secrets to need to be revealed...and to be perfectly frank, I believe myself canny enough to evade such difficulties."

Katherine: "Yes, and the only encounter I have had with the Prodigels since coming to New York proves to me that we have nothing to fear from them. Our old agreements hold true, and the others know to avoid interfering with us. It troubles me though that the... Commoners might be or have even made contact of their own and undermine all of our efforts."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She crosses her ankles, regarding Katherine's words. "I have yet to have need or desire to speak with Elias on the matter...you do bring up an excellent point, however. I am sure that Dawson's is happily involved with the entire ugly mess...I do not yet know the train yard's official position."

Katherine: "I am hopelessly cut off from ever learning much about what might be going there. Either group though could actively be seeking advantages I am afraid."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little bit. "I can certainly speak with Elias. As to those at Dawsons..." She frowns. "While I am welcome there, I do not find my presence relished quite the same way that redcaps, pooka, and drunken, vomiting satyrs are. I can try to learn what I may, but it will be a touch more difficult, I imagine."

Katherine: She grins a bit more about Adele says, "I would certainly appreciate anything that you could assist in the matter. In the mean time I will be looking into the rumors surrounding Alsun. I think there might be an opportunity there."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Lady Wallace?" Her head cocks. "I have heard of her, but not yet spoken to or met her. What opportunitie do you speak of, if I may ask?"

Katherine: "That she has ... vanished." she says with a bit of a smile. "I have not spoken with her ... well more to the point. I have spoketn to her..." and she shrugs her shoulders. "But she seems ill prepared for the position that she has been placed."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I see." She gives a ghost of a smile, nodding slightly to the comment. "A situation which must surely find cause to be rectified, should someone more suitable be found."

Katherine: "Exactly." she says with a little nod and smile. "So we shall just have to see what happens next I suppose." and she pauses, taking a deep breath before continuing. "On a slightly related topic, I have taken on a ... student." she says with a bit of a displeased face. "Moira."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Miss Connelly." Her look might be interpreted as sympathetic, beneath the calm, courteous demeanor. "I am sure, Milady, that under your tutelage, she will be quite able to flourish within our world."

Katherine: She chuckles slightly, "We shall hope. She has run afoul of the wrong people it seems and is seeking assistance. So if you would be so kind, please let me know of any problems you might come aware. Perhaps we can later even have a little fun at her expense. Just to see how she handles herself of course." and she winks.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I would be more then happy to aid you in whatever manner you require, of course." The hint of a smile. "My eyes and ears are at your disposal in this manner."

Katherine: "Thank you. She is certainly an amusing young woman. So, is there anything I could do to help you?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "For me?" She raises a brow and considers the question. "As a matter of fact...perhaps there is, milady. Are you, perchance, aware of the situation that recently reached a resolution of sorts regarding a blade, a lighter, and a pendant?"

Katherine: "No, I am rather in the dark about certain situations."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods. "The bulk of the matter is not of import...however, I happened to be in the vicinity when the culprit behind the entire affair was eliminated by a Miss Stevie, among others. The cluprit was a member of your own, esteemed kith...surely, one gone astray from his sanity through some means or another. During the melee, I observed a dark form appear and fire a dart into the culprit, then vanish. I must admit, this person's identity is a mystery to me, and one I find a most curious one."

Katherine: She listens and then nods slightly, seeming thoughtful. "Yes, I can see why it would. Do you know what House this culprit was a member? And perhchance do you have anything to go on about this figure?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The culprit was a Lord Janothek...House Ailil, as I believe. A rather...distinctive individual, with appendages of clockwork. As to his assailant..." She frowns and shakes her head. "I am afraid not. I do, however, have the dart in my possession. I could bring it to you to examine, if you believe it might help."

Katherine: "Yes, it very well might. I have certain allies who might beable to shine some light on the weapon. Perhaps know of who might use it even. It pays to have tallented individuals on retainer." she says with a little grin. "I will also look into this Lord, and see who might have reason to silence him. Though I can imagine enough reasons though to give me a start."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little. "I will then endeavor to deliver it to you when I get a chance. I have no doubt, the situation as it is, that the aid was justified...still, one who would remain quiet while providing such aid intrigues me."

Katherine: "Yes, though following the trail could lead to unwanted trouble. How far are you willing to go?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She considers it with an upward curl of the corners of her mouth. "As far as is necessary, Milady. Of course, I would wish nothing that would endanger your person to occur...my questions are my own. But it is, thus far, the most intriguing thing I have found, and deserves it's due attention."

Katherine: "I am not so much concerned about myself, my connections will most likely be useful. Your own safety is more of a concern for me though. If there is some secret being covered up, it very well could spell doom for whoever uncovers it."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles graciously. "Your concern, Milady, is noted and appreciated. However, one does not find reward without certain risk, and it is one I accept."

Katherine: "So you are looking for ... a reward?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The reward, Milady, is in the answer itself."

Katherine: She smiles softly and nods. "Very well. Then I will do what I can for you."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Thank you, Milady." She inclines her head to the sidhe. "It would be most appreciated."

Katherine: "Think nothing of it. We are helping each other afterall." she says with a soft smile.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "We are, indeed." She returns the smile, hers a touch more muted, perhaps...tempered by pure courtesy and her formal nature. "Is there anything else that I may provide aid with, MIlady?"

Katherine: "No, there is no need to get ahead of ourselves."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She nods. "If that is all, Milady, may I take my leave? I would stay, at your leisure, but it appears that I have some people to speak with, and an item to retrieve for you. I will contact you in order to deliver it soon."

Katherine: "No, I thank you for your time. And please, contact me should you need anything else." she says while standing up.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She stands and delivers anothe small curtsy. "Of course. And, of course, the offer is reciprocated. May you have a good evening, Lady Katherine."

Katherine: "I wish you the same." she says and then shows her out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And off she heads.