Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Spending 2 Glamour to lower the diff...and bunk is doing it with a scrying pool, set in a graveyard at the dead of night. Placing the dart inside the pool along with several drops of her own blood. Rolling now.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Omen ( WP, G): 3,1,4,8,6,5, ((That's suppose to read 1 WP, 2 G. Shows you how discombobulated I am...I'm always the one reminding people about the numbers))

Fangwulf: So given the bunk, I'd say that's four sux including the WP.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Cool.

Fangwulf: *And all of a sudden, Adele is hiding in the bushes, watching a too familiar scene. She knows... everything. She knows she is correct in her actions. A near dead satyr that she watches. A sidhe, angry, in the clearing standing over him. She watches herself slip off with the sword, gracefully, like a shadow. She watches Stevie go insane, stabbing. She is flying through the air, looking back at her master. His face is cold. His eyes, almost reptilian, an odd and unpleasant milky-green color.*

Fangwulf: *She suddenly moves back, to those same hands. An oddity - she notes that the pinky on his left finger has been cut short as the twine is wrapped tightly around the red feather. Fletching for the direction of the dart. Clever hands, quick. The tip is dipped into a small opaque bottle, and held there for a few moments. She can feel the venom racing through her body. Quickly, nauseating. Lethal, and clearly.*

Fangwulf: *The place it was created is... incredibly vague. He works with utmost precision. And then... quickly, he looks up. And it feels as if he is facing her. And he speaks. Very clearly.* What are you doing here? *And suddenly, everything goes very black.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Oooh, dear. Okie. *G* She wake up?

Fangwulf: *nodnod* Yes, with a FIERCE headache.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Gotcha. She then gets up, shaking a little, and picks up her tools before high-tailing her pale white ass out of the graveyard, toward home (which, by the way, she did NOT sleep at on Samhain. She had no desire to see the Horesman again. She stayed in a hotel in the city).

Fangwulf: She still would have seen a shadow running past her building. Drawing a cart, which walked through people as if it did not see her. Just a shadow, a pale comparison of what he usually is.