Stevie Marie Grayson ~Jeff's~: ((Alright, *snuggles lots*))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((So very here. What's the set-up, then?))

Jeff Brolin: ((I believe I am about to get beaten, but Jeff's gonna give a call to stevie, and I was informed Dyb would pick up the phone first?))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Nods* In most cases, yes; would YOU let Stevie answer your phone when that's how you get jobs? ~_@))

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): ((*LOL* Besides the fact that Stevie's not even TRYING to answer the phone ATM *L*))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((So....)) *Dyb snatches up the phone when it rings.* Yeah?

Jeff Brolin: ((In that case, I'm gonna take it out of residence if it's gonna become a more social bit?))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Blink* Hrm? Where we gonna go? *Nods* I'm flexi-- er, I'm ea-- damn, there's just no way to continue that reply that isn't a double-entendre, is there?))

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): ((Whatever we're going to do I have til 9:15 CST then I HAVE to go to work.))

Jeff Brolin: ((I saw an Adele ICly. Mebbe just keep it in here room-wise, and say he's talking on the streets on cell.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((Okay, that works. *Nods*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Hey, s'all good to me. If it can go somewhere I can get Adele (or even Corinne) involved, no prob...but you guys are going to have difficulty making it public, it's fine. Don't feel you have to change the scene on my account, particularly if it's going to distract from something you need to get done.))

Jeff Brolin: *He is clopping. Down the streets. Noisily. A cigarette hangs from the corner of his mouth, and when the phone actually picks up he looks surprised. The cigarette tumbles form his mouth.* F...fuck, Dyb? Put the bird on?

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc) -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Not something that HAS to get done...and not trying to keep you out...*nuzzles*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: Yeah, it's me, Goat. Okay, gimme a sec. *Looks around.* Yo, Featherbutt! Getta outta tha shower--the goat's on tha phone!

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *She mumbles* What's he want?

Jeff Brolin: ((Naw, we're out on the streeeets now! And since it's in a Res type room, no risk of it becoming more peoples.))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: He wants you, to talk to him, on the phone! *Stretching the cord so it reaches about halfway to the shower-stall.*

Jeff Brolin: *He winces, and draws the phone away from his ear.* Christ, mate, y'mind not fuckin' gnawin' off m'goddamned ear? I mean, seriously.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): About what? *She doesn't seem to be getting out of the shower.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She's making her way along, a tailored Victorian Lolita style velvet coat covering a Chinese satin brocade corset with shoulder straps and pencil skirt with a frog clasp front split. A pair of sunglasses adorn her face, make-up typically gothic, with her reading glasses perched on her nose. She appears to be reading as she moves along, though she looks up as she notes Jeff heading her way, giving a slight arch to a brow.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): ((I wasn't thinking you were. *Snugs* Just didn't want to hold up the scene or anything, since you're on a time frame.))

Jeff Brolin: *He scratches his ass, and peers into a shop window. Ooooh... nice new collar.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He sighs and mutters something, speaking on the phone.* The lady of the house would like to inquire as to the purpose of this contact.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc) -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: I was just worried that talkings and bouncing rooms was going to take a while. *nuzzles* You gonna be around this weekend?

Jeff Brolin: *He snorts.* Lady? Christ, just wanted t'fuckin' talk about that shit. You know, the one there's a posting about in the Tavern? You know that shit, Upstate?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: Ah, thank you sir. *He speaks up a bit to Stevie.* The good gentleman wishes to address you regarding our recent advertisement in the Tavern upstate. *He drops the mock-butler tone.* Now, get outta there, 'fore I drag ya out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She adjusts the glasses on her face, eavesdropping on the conversation without the slightest inhibition about doing so. After a quick look around, she approaches Jeff slowly, in her typically inobtrusive, quiet way.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Stealth: 7,5,9,5,4,

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *She gets out and yanks the towel over wrapping it around herself and just plain glowers at Dyb before snatching the phone.* Yeah, what?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): ((Should be, yeah. *NodNod*))

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc) -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Cool. *snugs* I'll actually be able to be around to do stuff...any preferred time?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He rolls his eyes and goes back to working on his notes for changes to the routine--which keeps him close enough to listen to her half of the convo, at least.*

Jeff Brolin: Shhh... touchy, aren't we? *He raises a hand to Adele. Just a greeting, not a slap. Silly.* I was just... you know, checkin' shit out. An' I've got a few friends up there. Thought y'might wanna know. Unless you're all PMSy.

Jeff Brolin: ((Orrr... no waving. Since he prolly didn't notice her.))

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): Up where? Jersey? Who?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He raises a brow at that. Might be useful.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She waits patiently nearby, behind Jeff. Listening quietly with her hands folded in front of her lap.

Jeff Brolin: You know, old buddies. Sell me shit when I need it. Word from the grapevine is there's this new Asylum. St. Josephine's. Have a location. Said 'e saw a white van come pick up a red-headed chick the other day.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *She moves over to start pulling on the clean outfit* When do we meet 'em?

Jeff Brolin: Whoa, hey... hold it, chica. No meeting my buddies. They like to stay low key, yeah? I'll give yeh the location, if you tell me what bug fucking crawled up your ass an' died.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Since it sounds like it might be business, he opts to not mess with the birdbrain for the attitude she's been copping lately.*

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): What do you care? Now tell me where they've got Riona.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc) -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Cool. *snugs* I'll actually be able to be around to do stuff...any preferred time?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Yeah, that's business. Okay. He picks up the sock-puppet from the desk and tucks it into his back pocket, then grabs his keys, just in case Stevie decides to take off as soon as she gets the info.*

Jeff Brolin: Fuck you. Tell me what's up. And I'll tell you where to go.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): And you say I'm fucking stupid. *She mutters.* Are you really going to hold her location hostage?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He gives a quick smirk while his back is turned from Stevie; in some respects, he likes the 'tude.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives a silent sigh, shaking her head as she listens. A hand dips into her purse for a cigarette, placing it between her lips, and then quietly sorting through the pruse for a heat-coil lighter.

Jeff Brolin: Yeap, *he says quite calmly.*

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *Her knuckles go white around the phone. It's all she can do not to throw it against the wall.* Where are you?

Jeff Brolin: Uh uh. Not THAT easy, bird-brain.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He catches the tone. He steps into the kitchen, looks through the small collection of cookbooks for Jamacian recipes. There's gotta be somethin' on how to cook goat....*

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): Do you even remember what happened the last time I saw you? What you said? I suppose I should be grateful you called me a woman for the first time.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The lighter is quietly clicked to life, and ste lights the cigarette off the heat, before returning it to the purse and taking a drag. The smoke is blown behind her, away from Jeff, as she snirks very faintly.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((smirks))

Jeff Brolin: Naw, *he says idly.* Because I don't live from day to day. I live DAY. Dig? Now. Tell me.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *She sets the phone down, leaving it off the hook and walks out the door, down and out the apartment before letting out a scream of anger and frustration.*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *Listening to the scream, he picks up the phone.* You really got a way with the ladies, Goat. What's the scoop?

Jeff Brolin: I know shit. I wanna know what the fuck's wrong with 'er in return for shit. S'that wrong?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She raises an eyebrow when she hears the scream through the phone.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He grumbles* She's mad about somethin' you said or did. Dunno what, but since you'll no doubt manage to say or do somethin' equally irritatin' come next week, we may as well skip the details. On tha other hand, what you know is apparently where the minstrel is. So, give, 'fore we lose any chance of gettin' her back.

Jeff Brolin: *He grumbles.* So I'm gettin' shit out of this deal.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: Not at all. Give 'er what she wants, you MIGHT end up back in 'er good graces again. An' of course you'd be helpin' get the minstrel back, and she'd be appreciative of that.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *She comes back inside but doesn't say a word when she sees Dyb's on the phone. She got out the scream but she's still pissed.*

Jeff Brolin: Hm. *He seems to ponder that, but still doesn't seem happy about the whole thing.* Lemme give you the info. Last person I wanna throw at a place like that is a PMSing bird.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: A'ight, shoot. *He gives Stevie a thumbs-up, grabs his pen and a scrap of paper.*

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *She gives a small nod and folds her arms, waiting.*

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *Waiting where she can see what's written.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Ahh, now we get to the good part. She makes sure to pay attention.

Jeff Brolin: You've gotta go to Madison, but the problem is... it's not our place there any more. You've gotta sneak in by way of the paths, get it?

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc) -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: hey hun...

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He listens.* Got it. Any useful landmarks?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): ((Oui?))

Jeff Brolin: It's a big ol' fuckin' brick building across from a Starbucks, mate. You'll see nothin' as soon as y'reach it. Seriously, can't miss it, but fuck. You gotta be sneaky as hell before y'go in.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc) -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Asked a couple times if you had any preferred times this weekend for doing stuff...didn't get a reply...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): ((Ack. Probably Sunday, any time would be good.))

Jeff Brolin: ((*sigh* Multiplying...))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Mental notes made. She nods a little bit from behind Jeff.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: Okay. I can manage sneaky, even fer two.

Jeff Brolin: An' then... go in with some extra coinage t'get through. You're gonna need it. Might go a BIT crazy when y'try if you travel with too much, though, yanno?

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc) -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Okeies...I'll plan to be around then...*nuzzles and pets*

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: Right. We been tryin' ta scrape that up.

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): *She makes notes of whatever Dyb writes, planning.* ((And I gotta go. Already let Fang know what Stevie's going to do. Will call FM on the way to work to explain to him too.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): ((Cool))

Stevie Marie Grayson (PM if Fae/Etc): (*snuggles around and poofs*))

Jeff Brolin: An' then, there's people protectin' 'em. Well... not people. M'friend couldn't remember, y'know?

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((Okay, hun. *KISSES*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*hugs de Kittie*))

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: Great. Okay, those'll be my concern.

Jeff Brolin: Cool. You hit Main street, and keep heading north. When it looks like y'can't go any further ON that street, you'll see a red brick building on your left. Gated. St. Josephine's. It's a facility for the clinically insane. It's a prison for us.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He nods* Okay. Great, just marvelous.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shivers involuntarily at mention of the prison, a sharp frown tugging at her lips.

Jeff Brolin: Don't thank me, mate. Y'won't find me goin' there. I'll see what dross I can dig up. An' tell the bird t'fuckin' chill out. Takes life so goddamned seriously. *He pauses.* I expect t'get paid back.

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: I'll get ya a souveneir from the gift shop, mebbe.

Jeff Brolin: *He snorts.* Yeah. Gimme one of those fuckin' snowglobes. "Welcome to crazytown! Gimme your Glamour!"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: *He snorts.* Okay, I'm hangin' up now. Talk ta ya later.

Jeff Brolin: *He clicks off the phone first, and leans against the glass in the shop window with a sigh.*

Jeff Brolin: d10: Per+Alert: 3,7,7,7,

Jeff Brolin: Ahh! Holy SHIT, where the fuck did you come from?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her lips return to an even keel, and she finishes up the cigarette, dropping it to the ground and curshing it under a heel as she waits for Jeff to hang up.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Puts my post in the right order there. *S*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mister Brolin," she murmurs softly, before she gives a slight shrug. "From elsewhere. Good evening. Discussing business?"

Dabney "Dyb" Buchwald: ((*Snickers* THanks for the scenage, Fang! *Waves to Ravyn*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*Hugs the FM* See ya! Thanks for the scene!))

Jeff Brolin: ((G'night!)) *He shrugs.* Little bit. I should get the f... I should get outta here... err... ma'am. Gotta get home. Sleep an' all. Need m'beauty sleep an' all.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She gives a protocol smile and steps back, so Jeff can continue on his way. "May you have an excellent evening."

Jeff Brolin: Errr... yeah. Sure. too, ma'am, *he says, as politely as he can muster. Before he starts to clop along the sidewalk again. Looking back over his shoulder as he goes.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She watches him go, remaining where she is...eyes on the satyr. Only when Jeff is out of view does she smile a little bit and turn to go her own way.