Jeff Brolin: *He is curled up by the balefire. Ahh yes, there's nothing for business QUITE like a very depressed satyr. Or angry. Several emotions.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): The little satyr had returned, on a less crowded night it seemed. The weather was foul. It could have been worse had it been colder, but still, it was the same dismal weather she knew back home. Thus, the blonde felt right at home as she made her way towards the pub.

With a little clatter, she pushed the door open and stepped inside. As she walked, she pushed the hood back from her hair and gave her head a good shake to let her shaggy hair fall in its normal state of utter disarray. There. Much better, she felt as she went to start towards the bar, looking around as she meandered slowly.

Jeff Brolin: ((Lazy player's DD: - click on the pic for a goat-version))

Jeff Brolin: *He looks up. The Eshu bartender is on for the night, cheering 'em up as often as the goat is letting them down. It couldn't help the fact that it seems the music on the jukebox is somewhat slow.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): (yup yup, got it -- I can repost Eirene's if you want :D)

Jeff Brolin: ((Sure!))

Eirene Harris (bleat): She waved meekly to the eshu, since he was a friendly if busy guy, but her kithmate got a puzzled look. Even a satyr's liver had limits after all.

Jeff Brolin: *He looks up slightly. And he grumbles.* Sit or fuckin' stand, but stop goddamned pacing.

Eirene Harris (bleat): (When looked upon by the fae or enchanted, the truth of Eirene's visage is known. She does not have her contacts to protect her in this guise, the surreal and icy cool glow of her preternaturally light blue eyes coming into clear focus. It melds into her mein, matching the paleness of her hair and fur and with the ivory of her horns and hooves, though the contrast of the coldness is stark against the warmth the rest of her seems to embody. Her voile enfolds her comfortably rather than snugly, covered over with a dark cloak when the weather grows raw and cold outside. The only thing to hide her eyes in this mein is the fall of her bangs, which probably explains her reticence to really look at people directly.)

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Who's pacing?" she asked, stopping in her progress towards the bar. Her voice was quiet but instinctively pitched to rest in tune with the playing music. Thank god it wasn't something heavy or that may have been jarring for her!

Jeff Brolin: *He grumbles.* You are. Back an' fuckin' forth. Givin' me a fuckin' headache. *The Eshu smiles.* No, actually, I think that was the tequila.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "I just got here...," wide-eyed with how baffled she was, she looked to the Eshu for help. "Maybe it was just a... a weird echo," she half mumbled as she hunkered into herself a bit more and went to climb onto a barstool.

Jeff Brolin: *The Eshu smiles brightly.* He's been like this for near an hour. Depressing the customers. But it's okay, we've been still busy.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Maybe you should start serving him water," she said softly. "Alcohol doesn't do... doesn't do that sort of thing any good," she timidly suggested.

Katherine : The young Knight moves inside, dressed tonight in her typical black with a fair dash of silver thrown in. She has her armor on and the sword visible at her side as the cloak parts. She stands just inside the door as she looks around for perhaps someone.

Jeff Brolin: I've tried, but the third time he slammed the cup into the bar, he got glass ALL over the place, so this is far easier. *He grins.*

Jeff Brolin: *Jeff grumbles, and scratches at his arms.* Fuckin' hell.

Eirene Harris (bleat): She glanced over at the other satyr, her brow furrowed behind the fall of her bangs. "O...Oh.. uh, yeah," she kind of stammered.

Jeff Brolin: And I told Alex he could take a night off. Silly me, huh?

Katherine : "There you are..." she says to on one in particular as her eyes rest on Jeff.

Eirene Harris (bleat): The addition of a new voice caused Eirene to turn and thus, she stiffened and let out an unwitting sigh. Tense, she looked back to the eshu, then down at the bar. Hmm.

Jeff Brolin: *The Eshu smiles brightly to the sidhe as well.* Good evening!

Jeff Brolin: *Jeff seems actually non-twitchy. Perhaps he's a mite drunk.*

Katherine : She nods, moving towards the man slowly. "I had hoped to find you here."

Jeff Brolin: *Jeff looks up at the Sidhe, with a scowl, crossing his arms.* What do you want?

Katherine : "We should talk." she says while drawing closer, a side glance over to Eirene briefly before looking back to Jeff. "About Her."

Jeff Brolin: *His jaw tightens.* Fuck 'er. She's one of them now.

Eirene Harris (bleat): The awkward satyr watched the bartender, sitting with her arms across her lap, as though somehow somebody could tuck themselves up on a barstool with any degree of comfort. Every so often she jerked her head a little to try and toss her bangs out of her eyes, but the battle was often given up quickly.

Eirene Harris (bleat): (brb, changing machines)

Katherine : "Yes, it seems she is." the young woman says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "That is no reason to hurt her feelings."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The door opens slightly, and the little wisp of black shadows and pale skin slips soundlessly inside. She peers around with her deep-sunken eyes before making her way to the bar for a glass of wine.

((Posting Mien only for obvious reasons)) Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Jeff Brolin: Yeah? Who gives a shit? Who are YOU t'tell me what to feel? *He breathes deeply, burying his face in his arms.*

Katherine : "The person who has her phone number." she says with a hint of a smile touching her lips before she turns away to regard Adele as she steps inside.

Eirene Harris (bleat): She shifted uncomfortably on her stool and slowly went to slide off it, bit by bit, as though she could somehow be invisible if she imagined herself to be so and thus, scoot around undetected.

Jeff Brolin: *He grumbles.* My dreamer, my FUCKIN' DREAMER.

Jeff Brolin: *The Eshu, of course, offers Eirene a drink.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She freezes there, just a moment, as she sees Katherine look her way. The sidhe is given a respectful nod, courteous over the slight tension--old habits die hard, and this one freaked her shit out a while back. "Lady Katherine," she murmurs quietly to the woman. "Good evening."

Jeff Brolin: *He inhales, and the oddest thing. His eyes brighten, and he smiles, looking over his shoulder. Such hope, and... he pauses on Adele. It fades.* 'ello.

Katherine : "It might be hard to enforce that claim, especially with how she thinks you feel." she says mysteriously before turning her attention to the Eshu behind the bar and requests some white wine.

Eirene Harris (bleat): She wrinkled her nose when she was, expectedly, caught. She looked up at the eshu cautiously. "I.. Uh...," she fidgeted, then let out a little sigh at herself. Damn this all. "Maybe... Maybe ginger ale um, please?"

Katherine : Katherine does return the nod and a slight smile to Adele. "Good evening Adele."

Jeff Brolin: Sure! *The Eshu moves quickly with the drink.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mister Brolin." A whispered voice, and a nod to him as well, before she makes her way to the bar to order her wine. She looks Eirene over a moment, considering her, and then nods before looks back to Sidhe and male Satyr with some interest.

Jeff Brolin: *He frowns.* Wait... *He looks back to Katherine. Though he can't quite seem to raise his head.* I ... what... did she say?

Eirene Harris (bleat): She glanced towards the sluagh, then she climbed back up onto her stool, sitting stiffly and keeping an eye on the drink bidness.

Katherine : The woman looks back to Jeff, "I could be cruel..." she says almost to herself. "But to show I'm not such a bad person." and she grins every so slightly more before it fades. "For some reason she believes you hate her. I wonder why that is?"

Jeff Brolin: *His jaw tightens.* She's my dreamer, *he growls.* Can't be if she's a fuckin' Willworker.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Hmmm, relationships and lost Dreamers. Neither her problem nor her business...which of course doesn't mean she doesn't keep a subtle ear out. She looks over to Eirene and nods a little once more. "Good evening," she murmurs. "Allow me to introdice...Adele Elizabeth Hamilton."

Eirene Harris (bleat): Eirene did her best to listen carefully when she realized she was being addressed, so she'd be certain not to miss the sluagh's words. It took her moment but she even replied. "I.. I'm Eirene. Eirene Harris. It's... It's nice to meet you," she stammered out, feeling quite... lame by the time the words left in a minor key by skittishness finished jerking their way out.

Katherine : Katherine nods slightly, "Is that so? Well, it seems I am wasting my time then." she says off handedly.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Miss Harris. A pleasure." She nods, a protocol smile given to her. She sips at her wine when she gets it, and looks over to Jeff and Katherine a moment before glancing back to Eirene. "A new arrival to our area?"

Jeff Brolin: What do you want? *he says, with an arched eyebrow.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Yes ma'am," she answered like a kid might answer an administrator when called to the office.

Katherine : "I want many things." she says before picking up the glass of white wine and enjoying a drink from the glass.

Jeff Brolin: *He scowls.* For this ... favor. What do you want?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Excellent," she murmurs, and looks back to her. "Where do you come from?"

Katherine : "Nothing really." she says with a little smile. "I doubt you have anything I would want really."

Eirene Harris (bleat): She toyed with her glass when it arrived, which kept her hands admirably busy, thus focusing her fidgeting somewhat. "I... Um, Vancouver. Canada, ma'am," she eeeked out. "You're... You're a New Yorker?"

Jeff Brolin: *He scowls. And he looks back to the fire.* S'why I hate Sidhe. *His breath shudders a bit.* If there was anythin' I was taught... that stuck. It's that... anyone can be bought.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am," she rasps out after another quiet sip of wine. "I make my home in Sleepy Hollow."

Katherine : "Yes, I suppose you could be right about that. But what do you want?" she asks while turning to watch Jeff more now.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Sle...Like...," her brow furrowed, and deeply. "Like...Ichabod Crane? And...And all that?"

Jeff Brolin: A fucking hit, *he mutters.*

Katherine : She actually laughs softly about that.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns slightly, but nods. "The same. It is but thrity minutes north of New York City."

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Wow...," she blinked behind the fall of her bangs, then she shook her head a bit to snap herself out of it. "I.. Wow. Didn't... I never knew that."

Jeff Brolin: *He scratches the inside of his left arm.* Should be fuckin' protected by the goddamned Mists. Psycho bitch spillin' our secrets. Should beat the shit out of 'er.

Bianca Balfour: Since the place had been mentioned and she was trying to get away from the computer....though she has her computer satchel with her...this was a close as she got. She'd been up here anyway for work and this was on the way back home. ((I think everyone's seen her long description already?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods slightly, her lips still carrying that faint downward tug as she looks over at Katherine and Jeff. "Most did not...though after that abominable film came out, people came in droves. I have my estate there."

Katherine : She raises her eyebrow at that, "Excuse me? Are you referring to your Dreamer?"

Jeff Brolin: No, *he growls.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): (Sorry, was briefly afk! I haven't seen the des.) "What movie?" she asked innocently, not quite aware of it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Not to be worried about," she whispers with a slight shrug. Whichever, it's clear she's not a fan...a small shiver actually makes its way down her spine. She looks over to the door when Bianca slips in. Vgauely recognizing the nocker, she gives the woman a slight nod.

Katherine : "Ah." she says with a bit of a nod and then turns to look at the door and smiles a little.

Eirene Harris (bleat): She nodded to the sluagh, shifting on her stool again and picking up her ginger ale for a sip.

Bianca Balfour -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Next to her is a "cougar," white cat with black stripes, a black spikey mane and a black curly mohawk on top of his head and long pointy (Sidhe-ish) ears with very big baby blue eyes, to match the Nocker's own. ((

Jeff Brolin: *He snorts.* So what do you want?

Katherine : "And I asked what do you want." she says looking back over towards him once more.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The chimerical cat at Bianca's side gets a look of interest, and she quirks her lips into what may be a smile, if one had a magnifying glass. "What brings you to our home," she says, sunken eyes turning back to regard Eirene with some curiosity.

Bianca Balfour: The "cougar" goes bounding on over toward Katherine, giving her a greeting as he jumps up with paws on her legs for a pet.

The Nocker looks around and spots Katherine right after the chimera takes off and catches the polite nod given to her and does in kind with Adele.

Jeff Brolin: An' I told yeh.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "University ma'am," she answered politely after an overly cautious look over her shoulder at the sound of changes in the room. The chimera got a surprised look, since it was new to the room obviously, but soon she had her gaze back on her glass.

Katherine : Katherine is suprised by the bounding cat, but takes it in stride and petts the top of its head. "Good to see you again, has your Mistress been taking care of herself?" she asks it before glancing to Jeff. "Can't help you then."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Oh?" She quirks a dark brow. "Which school?"

Eirene Harris (bleat): "New York University, ma'am. I have to... Have to take the train to get out here. It.. It's kinda a long ride but um, okay and all. Nicer than the trains."

Bianca Balfour: She walks over toward Katherine. The cougar shakes his head as a 'no' in response to the Sidhe but doesn't speak. He hop/trots back over to Bianca and continues to run circles around her feet. Something the Nocker seems used to, as she doesn't step on him or even risk coming close to.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh. I am attending Columbia, myself. I find the ambience there more to my liking then New York University...which is somewhat more..." She shrugs, as if unable to find the word for a moment. "More Greenwich."

Jeff Brolin: *He shrugs.* Then I can't help yeh either. *He pulls himself up. A dexterous move, though he definitely wobbles when he reaches his feet. He looks decidedly ill.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): After another puzzled expression, she offered. "I'm... I'm a music major...," as though that explained it all. "I.. It... It's nice. I think, yeah."

Katherine : She nods a little, "As I suspected." she says with a bit of a smile to Jeff, good ole predatory smile before looking to Bianca. "I am surpised to see you here."

Bianca Balfour: "Anything -he-" pointing to the cougar "tells you is a beef-witted jank-faced lie." A glance to Jeff and then back to the Sidhe again. "What's up with his ass?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh, music, yes." She gives a slight nod. "Well, I wish you the best. I have heard it is quite...demanding. Their program."

Jeff Brolin: *He shudders. He moves to the bar, walking alongside it. Slowly. So very... very slowly.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Very, but...It... It's one of the best. I.. Maybe I'll get asked to audition for Julliard," she said with quiet hope, though she rubbed near the base of one of her horns nervously.

Eirene Harris (bleat): She notes the struggling satyr moving slooooowly along the bar, bracing herself for a potential crashing sound to come.

Jeff Brolin: *He pauses, and looks a bit ill. Boy can really book his ass when he's moving for the bathroom, can't he...*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "One can only hope," she murmurs to Eirene as she looks over to the approaching Jeff with a faint frown. Unseemly.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Watch out for that...," and the words trailed off as she watched Jeff beat hooves for the little goat's room. "That's... going to suck."

Katherine : She smiles with a nod to Bianca, "I suspect he is suffering from a broken heart." she says with a little smile. "And why are you here?" she asks to the Nocker.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Indeed." She nods a bit and shakes her head, rising from her seat. "Pardon me." She starts to move toward Katherine and Bianca, or perhaps a table near them.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Yes'm," she said to the sluagh before she climbed off her stool. This time, she went to follow the other goat to the potty, making sure he got there okay and stuff. He had looked like he fell out the south-facing end of a northbound cat after all.

Bianca Balfour: A glance to Jeff before back to Katherine. "You blurbinmurgin mentioned this cucked-up place. Was at a murzinferbin party getting wasted earlier. Before I had to soberup for the figgermurbin fud-kissing drive home."

Jeff Brolin: *He does make it... and Eirene, for her troubles, is greeted with the lovely sounds of a satyr getting sick.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Hey," she said to, well, the door as she cringed from the not-so-sweet heaving sounds. "You... You want me to get you some water or something?"

Katherine : She nods slightly, "Oh yes, I did." she says with a glance over towards Jeff briefly before back to Bianca. "A party? I hope you have at least found some companionship... if only temporary." she says and then nods to Adele as she draws near.

Jeff Brolin: *A few moments later, and there's the response.* Peachy. *A sour voice.* Water'd be good.

Bianca Balfour: "No I don't need ferben-verbenfucking laid. Not my scene. Got some quoit weed though to give my dreamer boy. He karborborin creates sweeeeeet after tokin'."

Eirene Harris (bleat): She tottered away to go get a glass of water from the eshu boy at the bar to bring back. Then, she just waited outside the door, letting him know she was there with a subtle enough "When...Whenever you're ready"

Jeff Brolin: *The door opens, and with reddened eyes, as he watches Eirene.* Thanks, nice-tits, *he says idly, taking the glass.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She winces slightly at the stream of words coming out of Bianca, as if it's paining her to even hear them. She gives the two a courteous nod regardless...Katherine, of course, getting a touch more then the Nocker. "Good evening." She smiles faintly to them both. "I do hope I am not interrupting anything?"

Katherine : "How interesting." she says with a little nod.

Eirene Harris (bleat): Her frown was stormy but she just handed him the glass without a word, making herself not say anything in response.

Bianca Balfour: Bianca shakes her head 'no,' noticing the wincing.

Jeff Brolin: *He takes a sip, and makes a face, screwing his eyes shut.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Not going to fall over and hit your head or anything?" she asked when he closed his eyes. She sounded more distant when she spoke, more removed. It was just easier.

Katherine : "No, not at all." she says to Adele with a little smile.

Jeff Brolin: Nope, don't think so. *He grumbles.* Fuckin' sidhe still out there?

Eirene Harris (bleat): "I... Well, yeah.., they're kinda uh, permanent fixtures, looks like."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Excellent." She smiles courteously and draws a little closer. Bianca is given another nod, and she extends her hand. "I do not believe we have officially met, madame. Adele Elizabeth Hamilton."

Jeff Brolin: *He sighs.* Oi... run distraction for me, babe? So I can get out?

Bianca Balfour: "Bianca Balfour," taking her hand she shakes it gently.

Katherine : Katherine continues to watch them, finishing her glass of wine finally.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "A di...What?! Are... Why don't you just... clop on out?" she asked, suddenly baffled.

Jeff Brolin: *He scratches behind one ear.* Well... I mean... *He growls.* Come on, just do it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "A pleasure," she murmurs, nodding to her, before looking to Katherine. "We have not been able to speak in some time, Milady. How are you?"

Katherine : "Well enough, and yourself?"

Eirene Harris (bleat): "They... They don't own you. Are you... Are you in trouble, or something? Just... Just, leave. Like... Like I'm going to do," she nodded, as though telling herself yeah, this was just what she had planned.

Jeff Brolin: I'm not in trouble YET, and if you provide a distraction, I won't be.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am well, as always." She nods slightly. "The past month has been quite relaxing, after a brief flurry of activity...though there is news upon the horizon that is troubling. But when is there not, for us these days?"

Eirene Harris (bleat): She frowned at him. "What... Just what kind of distraction am I... You're nuts! I don't have anything I can do to distract them."

Jeff Brolin: You're a smart gal, you can think of somethin' yeah? Problem is I feel like shit, otherwise I'd tell yeh what to do.

Bianca Balfour: Bianca listens quietly.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "They're not going to stop you. They... They got no right. Just walk your.. your drunk butt out. One hoof in front of the other. They... They try and stop you... Scream rape. Scream herpes. Yell 'monkey humping a football'... Just... I don't know."

Katherine : Katherine looks over towards Jeff and Eirene for a moment before looking back to Adele. "Yes, always some form of mischeive floating about."

Jeff Brolin: *He frowns slightly. A pause, as this doesn't quite occur to him. And he sighs.* Fine. I'll sneak. But YOU get none later. *He snorts, and moves as quietly as he can.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "When did I want any?!" she exclaimed, startled. " puke romps, mmmmm, just what I always dreamed of.." she said to herself baffledly as she clopped back towards the bar.

Jeff Brolin: *He rubs his forehead.* Pah. Fuckin' lesbians, *he growls.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "I'm not a lesbian!" she about yelped, since that's not what she'd said at all. And then, she went as red as a tomato, her eyes wide.

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Girl... Girl doesn't have... A girl doesn't have to gay to not want to sleep with.. with you. You... You smell like puke. That's.. Er... Who...Aw crap never mind," she slumped and frowned.

Jeff Brolin: *He waves a hand.* What the fuck ever, miss. *He stumbles towards the door.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Indeed." She nods slightly. "Always something afoot. But things are going well for you and yours, as you of course said. This is an excellent thing."

Eirene Harris (bleat): "Try and be nice and...," her voice faded off as she mumbled under her breath, torn between anger and tears. She went to find out how much she owed for her ginger ale so she could pay before taking off.

Katherine : "See you around Jeff." she calls out to the man as he makes his way out. "I'll keep an eye on Her for you." she says with a bit of a wave before looking to Bianca. "So tell me about this party."

Bianca Balfour: "Just rubbing elbows. Gamers. You know how fun they can be. Positively inspiring...."

Jeff Brolin: *He growls slightly at Katherine's words.* She's got hers to keep an eye on 'er. Fuckin' dykes, *he mutters, and he slips out the door.* *The Eshu informs Eirene that it is on the house.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "You sure?" she asked the eshu skittishly, the words wavering.

Katherine : Katherine grins slightly, nodding to Bianca. "Sounds... dull." and then glances to Adele. "I do not wish to stay too long tonight, but I am pleased to get a chance to see that you are well."

Jeff Brolin: *The Eshu grins, and nods.* It's ginger ale, *he says, as if the mere thought of paying for it would be highway robbery.*

Eirene Harris (bleat): "O..Okay. If... If you're sure," she stammered. She looked for a tip jar to stuff the couple bucks into and barring that, she left them under her glass. Then, slouch-shouldered, she shuffle-hoofed for the door.

Bianca Balfour: She shrugs a little bit not expecting anyone to understand.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, Milady." She nods politely. "I am glad to know the same of you. Please, do not let me keep you from your business."

Eirene Harris (bleat): And out she went, off into the night.

Katherine : "Thank you." and she smiles over to Bianca again. "I should go, but I am glad to have seen you again. I'll email you." she says with a bit of a smile before she starts to make her way out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She watches Katherine go, and then looks over to Bianca. Faint, protocol smile. "And you have been well, I trust?"

Bianca Balfour: "Good night, Lady," watching Katherine leave. Her attention back to Adele. "I always am doing well."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Wonderful to hear," she murmurs, sipping at her drink. "WHat have you been keeping yourself busy with?"

Bianca Balfour: "Doing proprietary work for a startup company in New York City."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "What sort of company?" She's more making small talk then anything, a spindly finger coming up to run along the rim of her wine glass. "What kinds of products to they produce?"

Bianca Balfour: "That's what proprietary is. I am not allowed to discuss any of what I do. Since they have not gone public yet. Part of my agreement working with them."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She gives an mutedly apologetic look. "Financial aspects of a business are not my forte, obviously. My apologies, Miss Balfour."

Bianca Balfour: "It's okay. In the more mundane aspects of my life, I'm a computer geek."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahhh." She nods. "I admit to having fairly little knowledge of such a subject...just what little I have learned in the course of my studies and adolescence. I imagine it is a...fascinating subject, though."

Bianca Balfour: "It is to some. What do you do?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am attending Columbia University at the present moment, and managing my family's estate."

Bianca Balfour: "What do you study in college?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I have yet to fully decide upon a major," she murmurs. "At this time, I believe I am leaning toward History or something in the Sociology department, however."

Bianca Balfour: "Hopefully you'll pick something that you'll enjoy."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I would not pick something that I did not enjoy," she says with a nod. "I am educating myself for that simple reason. I have no need of financial enhancement, though this does not mean I will not necessarily find a career once my schooling is complete."

Bianca Balfour: She smiles, nodding. "If there's anything I can do to help you, you know like with computers, give me a call?" she offers, "I have a drive ahead of me tonight and need to get up in the morning for work."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *steps in the door and to the side, waiting a few moments to let his eyes adjust before he walks up to the bar.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((DD for Hardy's sake: Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.)) She nods slightly. "Of course, Madame. Have an excellent evening." Her dark eyes slip to Hardy, taking him in.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: ((*G* I'll just toss both of 'em....

Mortal Mein: *Fairly short, fairly skinny. Thick black hair, brown eyes, and a nose that could weigh down the rest of his head if he ain't careful. Perhaps not ~that~ large, but seriously, that's a big friggin' honker. His skin's a little too pale, as if he doesn't get enough sun, and his eyes slightly bloodshot. Most days, he wears cowboy boots that may have set him back as much as $25 at the local Wal-mart, black jeans, and a good shirt.*))

Bianca Balfour: She pulls out a generic looking business card with her name on it, along with phone number, cell, fax and email on it. "Please take this then."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: ((Fae Mein: *Making his nose a differnt color really, really doesn't help. It just makes him look like a big-nosed drunk. It's an odd contrast to the outfit--gleaming knee-high boots that may well be at least part steel, baggy black breeches tucked into them, with a shirt almost blindingly white, shoulders and arms decorated with spirals and whorls in glimmering black and silver. On one hip rests a sword, edge slightly curved and etched in similar swirls and lines, the scabbard gleaming silver and etched as much as the blade, contrasting with the dark breeches; and usually on his left arm or hanging on his back is a fairly small heater; a shield not much larger than a buckler. Nice threads, but he's still an ugly bastard--and in the immortal words of Stephen King, you can't polish a turd.* ))

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: ((I'll have to adjust the fae mein descrip a little so it includes the normal stuff.)) *Nods to Adele, looking around the place himself.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes the card with a nod. "Thank you, Miss Balfour. I regret I do not have a card of my own...I will send you a text message with my own phone number in it."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: ((*G* Was it something I said?))

Bianca Balfour: "Sounds good. Good night," and she and the cougar chimera head out.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods to Bianca and then looks over to Hardy, regarding him for a moment as she sips at her wine. Quiet...yeah, there's a shocker, right? Quiet sluagh, aisle 3.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Raises an eyebrow, then shrugs.* Quiet friggin' night, looks like.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmmm..." The sound is almost imperceptible. She gives a slight shrug and moves back to the bar, slipping demurely up onto a seat. "You merely missed the excitement, is all. An ill satyr."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: An ill Satyr? I thought they were all pretty damn sick. Kind of their best feature....

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shrugs slightly. "Not if they are to be vomiting all over the place, no. I would imagine it is not their best feature."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: Naw... Not unless you're another Satyr, I guess, and even then it's not too likely. You mean physically ill, though. She alright?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods a little. "He is fine." She reaches a spindly hand out toward him. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Nods and shakes her hand--probably more carefully than necessary. Even if he already knows Sluagh aren't exactly that fragile, they still seem so.* Trevallion *shrugs.* Or Hardy Collins. Either's fine by me.

Moira Connolly: ((can my sidhe come in to play))

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: ((*G* By all means.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "A pleasure, Mister Collins." Which is, it appears, her choice of names for the man. "Another newcomer to our city?"

Moira Connolly: ((DD: Mortal: there was this sort of sensual elegance in her style. She tended to stick to the color black which matched the color of her hair. Which if left down would tumble just below her shoulders. From behind her hair her green eyes would stand out against her pale skin. Fae: her ears they had points on them but they were slight and subtle. Her eyes they were different now. No longer were they the simple green, but now they were black with sliver glints in them. Her hair was long and black with streaks of blond. Her Voile was now much like the 15th century styled gowns, black silk and velvet ))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Sure. :) ))

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Nods.* Pretty much. Came for the college, found out most people in this friggin' city couldn't put a finger in their ass if they used both hands, so I started lookin' around out of town.

Moira Connolly: Moira opens the door and steps inside looking about it has been awhile since she has been up thisway. she look to the two there her black and silver eyes regarding them. she nods to each" evening"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Nods to the Sidhe.* Uh... hey.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Another college student..." She nods faintly. Her eyes go to the sidhe, and she gives Moira an entirely respectful nod. "Milady..."

Moira Connolly: "Moira, i'm Moira" she grins as she slips in "how are you both this evening.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: Alright, I guess... *A touch warily, perhaps.* Adele>>I think it draws a lot--and hell, it's the only place where you can find people who give a dry fart in a high wind about pretty near anything.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Lady Moira." She nods a little bit. "Of course. I am quite well...and yourself?"

Moira Connolly: ((i ment to type Brianna oops))

Moira Connolly: "No need to call me lady, i have no tile" she wanders over to the bar takes a seat "i'm well, its been a while since i've been here. I've never met you before miss?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods to Hardy, though her lips tug faintly down at his choice in language. Her hand snakes out to extend to Moira. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton. And if you will excuse me...lack of title does not denote lack of nobility."

Moira Connolly: She takes her hand shaking it gently "i know, but i think titles should be earned. like respect" she shrugs slightly "it is your choice"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Nods.* That and there are some real peckerslurps with pretty high-sounding titles. Moira>>Trevallion. Also Hardy, also *gestures to Adele.* Mister Collins... Long as you dont' call me "asshole", I'll probably answer.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Then I choose to honor the ways of the nobility, Lady Brianna. Thank you."

Moira Connolly: "if i call you an asshole, you've proabaly did somehting to diserve it" she shrugs with a think " can i call you Treva for short?"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *chuckles.* That's what everybody tells me, at least. And I've never heard of Treva, but I've been called Trev before.

Moira Connolly: "And i can respect that Miss Adele, how do you prefer to beadressed?" she gives a slight nod.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Adele or Miss Hamilton, whichever you would prefer."

Moira Connolly: "Treva just sounds nifty i guesss, but you didn't answer my question" she grins and turns to looks to Adele " since you choose the path of noblitiy then i'll call you Miss Hamilton out of respect."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *shrugs, then chuckles.* Well, I did say anything, but Treva sounds like a lady's name, and I ain't got the equipment or the temperament for that.

Moira Connolly: "it sounds like some one from Mass trying to say trevor" she grins "so i'll use Trev "

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Thank you." She gives Moira a courteous smile and leans back just a touch on her stool to sip her wine.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Chuckles.* Still not used to that, either. I mean, if I was from the same friggin' state as Ted Kennedy, I'd be trying to sound ~less~ like him, but these guys just forget about the letter 'r'....

Moira Connolly: "well most that sound like that aren't from Boston Proper. many Bostionians have no accent.." she grins.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Chuckles.* That's what they said back in Chi, too.

Moira Connolly: "oh your from chicgo? i heard its a nice city" she looks over to the quiet Slugah a moment.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks between the two of them, just listening inobtrusively for the moment.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *chuckles.* Depends on where you go, I guess. Same as anywhere else.

Moira Connolly: "and yourself Miss Hamilton, are you a Local Native?" she turn to her and looks back to Hardy "true..."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am," she says with a nod. "I live in a township approximately thirty minutes north of the city."

Moira Connolly: "I imagine you know quite a bit of history here then?" she looks back to Hardy "what brings you to the east coast?"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *shrugs.* Same as most, I guess. College. Well, that and Chicago sucks the fat greenish flakey one, but mostly college.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am knowledgable of a fair amount of the history of the area, yes."

Moira Connolly: "me too what college are you attending?" she glances over the bar for who is serving.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: NYU. They've got a half-decent engineering program, and a lot of kickass machinery that they let us use pretty much unattended.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh, another NYU student." She sighs slightly.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Chuckles.* Adele>>You out there too?

Moira Connolly: "it is a big college for a state one" she nods her head.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shakes her head. "Columbia."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Nods to Adele.* Journalism?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I have not yet chosen a major," she rasps with a shrug. "I believe I will likely go with History, though. Or perhaps something sociological."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *shrugs.* I'm not sure if I'll even stay in yet. Might try to open up a garage somewhere.

Moira Connolly: "so you perfer to work with cars?" she looks back to Adele. " both are nice majors"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives a brief nod to Moira, and a protocol smile. "I rather think so."

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *shrugs.* I work with steam, actually, but since the trains nowadays are deisel--noisy, stinking buggers, too--there just ain't much market for that. Cars I do pretty good with, though.

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: Adele>>History'd be better, I think. Your call, accourse.

Moira Connolly: "there is a mix of both in each so you might gettle a little in each right?" sje looks to Hardy. " ahh"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "As I said, I have not yet decided." She shrugs. "We will see which catches my interest."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((*poke poke?*))

Moira Connolly: ((heh))

Moira Connolly: "so we have science, socal science and art majors"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: ((*G* Wonderin' where everybody went.))

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *Nods to moira.* Anything specific?

Moira Connolly: "Theater, tripple threat" she grins "at least i am in progress"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *chuckles.* True enough. Might even make a holy assload of money, that way.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She yawns a little bit and rises. "A pleasure, both, but I am afraid I must be leaving for the night. Mister Hardy...Lady Brianna. Thank you for your company this night."

Moira Connolly: "i should hope so with going to Juliard"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: *shrugs.* Hell, don't worry about it. Have a good one.

Moira Connolly: "have a good evening Miss Hamilton"

Hardy "Trevallion" Collins: Julliard? *whistles.* Niiiice....

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles and makes her way to the door. ((Bed for me, guys. Thanks for the scene...night!))