Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: ((whee hmm i guess i'm setting the scene )

Snyde: *Snyde moves into the club the 12th one hes been to tonight looking much more sober then usual*

Snyde: ((thats cool *G*))

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: Inside would be the usual crowd some milling around the bar for discount tequlia shots. everyone seemed to have one thing the common the color black. That would pretty much be it, everyone seemed to have their own way of wearing it. someone was acually spinning this evening and the music in the background at them moment was some Voultaire the song was Vampire club. their would be a group of people singing along and laughing with the lyics of the song.

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: Cori herself would be sipping one of her many favortie drinks. a mudslide as she leaned against the bar looking longingly at the pool tables. she would glance over to C.R as she put her drink down to slip her hand into the pocket of her bondage styled pants pulling up a 5 "play me at pool and the winner buys an amertto shot?"

Snyde: *Snyde moves away from the crowed hopeing it dosent come down to looking through another dance floor as he heads up towards the bar and sits down turning to stool to look out over the club*

C.R.: He sits at the table with Cori, a glass of something...well, black in front of him. He grins at the girl and nods a little bit. "Fair'll probably win. Dancing, I can do. Pool...not so good."

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: "Well i like both but i suck at pool...sooo i think were even for the course. But if they play any Wolfsheim...or cruxshadows soon i'm sooo gunna be dancing " she grins.

Snyde: d10: Per+alert: 9,5,4,9,2,5,

Snyde: *Snyde looks turns his head and sees Cori and smiles* "Finally, 90 dollars later but better late then never right" *he mutters to himself as he moves off in her direction*

C.R.: "Mmmm...right there with you, babe." He smirks and looks over to the pool tables, smiling. "All right, you're on."

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: She pushes up from the bar and sways over towards the nearest pool table the straps on her pants mooving side to side with each step. she hums along with the current song. "Thou Shalt Nots' If i only were a goth" their was a happy amused grin on her face.

Snyde: *When he gets close enough to be heared over the thumping he speaks* "Cori?" *praying to god the person answers to that name*

C.R.: He looks up and over as Snyde approaches, a grin striking the goth's face. He remembers the man from the Tribunal.

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: She would pause hearing her name she looks seeing Snyde with a sweet smile as she bobs a little to the song that sounds like if i only had a brain. "some call me that"

Snyde: *He gives her a bit of a smile as he moves closer nodding to C.R.* "Well you are not the easiest of people to find"

C.R.: "Kind of the point," he says with a smirk, looking to Cori, then back to Snyde.

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: "oh well its the short thing...kinda makes it hard to spot. So why am i trying to be found?" She would lean casually against C.R.

Snyde: "had somthing I wanted to talk about with you and your people" *he says as he motions towards the rest of the club* "Even though this might not be the best of places to speak on it"

C.R.: He looks at Cori, affecting a look of mock indignation. "You have people? And you never told me? Oh, wait...or are those the ones chained up in your closet that you never let me play with?"

Snyde: *Snyde laughs at the comment made by C.R.*

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: She leans her head back looking up to C.R with a pout of her lip. "i forgot i told you about the closet people....maybe i'll let you play with them tomorrow if your a good boy..." grins "course knowing you that isn't likely." she winks and looks to Snyde "well we could speak here unless you wish to be brutally blunt. then i would have to ask C.R to suggest the place. cause well hes got the pockets."

Snyde: *He turns towards the man* "Ive seen you before but have never had the pleasure of being able to put a name to you face, mines Snyde" *He says as he extends his hand to the man*

Snyde: *he turns back to Cori* "I would prefer to speak somewhere we might be a little more open" *he says even though his face also seems to say and a little less noisy*

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: "well i know of this coffee shop that sells really good comics... but you would need to speak to the key holder"

C.R.: He nods and takes the hand, shaking it. "C.R. Pleasure."

C.R.: He looks to Cori, then back to Snyde. "C'mon. Let's go chat over a good, strong espresso." He raises his glass, downing what's inside in three long swallows.

Snyde: *he smiles to the two of them* "So who would this key holder be?" *he says looking between the two of them*

Snyde: ((DLP))

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: She nods her head "lead the way coffee man!"

Snyde: "Sounds good if you have Irish cream because I definetly have the whiskey" *He says with a smile to them*

C.R.: "Long as you're not the liquor license enforcer, whatever works." He grins and rises, making to head out.

Snyde: *he laughs again* "I have been cofused with alot of people in my life but that was never one of them" *he says as he moves to follow them out*

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: She follows along side C.R

Cori Frost [at the Raven Bar]: ((too the HJ?))

Snyde: ((That works for me ill go whereever im directed))



C.R.: He comes up to Hangman's Joy, unlocking the door and holding it open for then to slip in. "Welcome to my livelyhood, Snyde."

Snyde: *Snyde smiles a bit as he walks in* "Thank you for the invitation" *he says with a smile to the man before looking around the place*

C.R. -> Cori Frost: On the way, C.R. would have murmured "Shop only, not the chantry" to her quietly. As if she didn't know that, but still...

Cori Frost: Cori slips in and moves over to one of her favorite seats.

Cori Frost -> C.R.: she would have gave him a look as if to say would i really bring it in to the chantry

Snyde: *He moves to sit down near her but not to close to her and pulls out his flask and sets it down as he waits for C.R. to sit down as well*

C.R.: He moves behind the counter, starting up the espresso machine. "Go ahead, away. I'm listening."

Cori Frost: She glances o Snyde waiting for him to speak up as she glances over to the expresso.

Snyde: *he opens the flask and takes a drink before offering it to anyone who wants it* "well first things first Cori I wanted to tell you thank you for helping me out a while back when I was in a bit of a bad way, but thats not the reason I came to talk.." *he says with a bit of a smile* "The reason im here is because I wanted to see if the Hollow Ones..." *a slight pauses after saying it hopeing he hadnt offended anyone* "would mind a run down Euthanatos in their chantry who has become a bit turned off by the tradtionalist in the city"

Cori Frost: She glances to C.R "would need Roxy and David here to answer that "

Cori Frost: (correction.."the others not Roxy and david))

Snyde: *He nods to her and looks over at C.R.*

Cori Frost: ((i need to get going ))

Snyde: ((Hmm I think Ravyns comp is giveing him some trouble))

Cori Frost: ((then we can continue this tomorrow)

Cori Frost: ((g'night))

Snyde: ((Or tuesday would be better for me im usually not on much on mondays))

Snyde: ((night))

Snyde: ((Here))

C.R.: ((Sorry, guys, reading over the scene as posted.))

C.R.: He looks over at Snyde, raising an eyebrow. "Well. I think...hmm." He looks over at Cori and nods. "Yeah, we'd need the others here to get a real accurate radar read on it. Personally, I don't know that much about you...why are you turned off by the Traditions?"

Snyde: *He smirks a bit at that* "Because... lets just say that we have differing opinions on matters"

Cori Frost: "wel all have differing opinions on Matters. thats what makes us human" she tilts her head slightly.

C.R.: "Hmm...well, let's not." He looks over his shoulder at Snyde from the espresso machine. "That makes things frighteningly vague. 'Differing opinions on matters' could mean that you don't like the way they wear white socks with their slacks, or it could mean that you think Nephandi are just misunderstood. Let's try to narrow it down there a bit, hmmm?" He finishes up the first drink, handing it toward Cori.

Snyde: *He sighs a bit and looks at them* "Well lets just say that alot of them take violence to an extreme when it isnt nesscary"

Cori Frost: She takes the drink with a wink to C.R as she sipped on hers waiting for Snyde's response. she tilts her head and looked to CR as she takes another sip.

C.R.: He tilts his head to the side as he pours the next drink. "Okay...goin' with that, goin' with that so far. So what's your take on violence, then?"

Snyde: "Violence, especially lethal violence should be used as a last resort when education is impossible or there are no other cards to play." *he says looking at the man seriously* "Life is a precious thing"

Cori Frost: "as is death, its hold a different candle to life but both are lovely." She takes another sip of her drink and tries her best not to interupt to much...

C.R.: "Aaand I assume we're talking about the Tribunal." He sighs. Best to get that out of the way. He looks over at Cori, giving her a supportive smile, before looking back to Snyde.

Snyde: "Death as a release can be beautiful, but it is a much paler flame to life and lovely wouldnt exactly be the way I would describe being the instument of death" *he says watching the girl*

Snyde: "Partially, and other incedents" *he says looking at him* "The Tribunal was an expected outcome, even though the outcome wasnt somthing I would of agreed with. But it is also the absolute want to commit murder show by many of the traditionalist."

C.R.: "Ahh, the absolute want to commit murder show. Isn't that on NBC?"

Snyde: *he laughs a bit at the comment* "Possibly it would probably get great rateings in todays society"

Snyde: ((Show should be shown by the way just relized my typo myself))

Cori Frost: She bit her lip her eyes glancing to C.R as she sipped her coffee to keep from snickering.

C.R.: "Reality TV blows. Much like reality." He hands Snyde his coffee, and quickly finishes up his own. "All right, well. What other incidents are we talking about here?"

Snyde: "Well one of the more recent ones occured when a woman, on that I dont know very well decided that she needed to kill the police officers in the park. Yea I admit the situation wasnt good, but there could have been another way out without resorting to murder especially the murder of unconcious men" *he says looking over at CR*

C.R.: "Hmmm." He frowns a little. "Yeah, that's kind of fucked up, depending on the circumstances. Sounds like that's something that needs to be dealt with."