Lee Minardi: * Looking slightly hung over as he slumps in his chair and sips at his coffee the man reads through a comic book while he waits. *

Lee Minardi: * He puffs absently at his smoke as he turns the page. *

C.R.: The back curtain is shoved aside, and out steps C.R., just in the process of lighting up a cigarette. The man looks like he's actually been awake for a couple hours...a rare event for the man this early in the day. He looks over at Lee and grins as he to him. "Mornin'."

Lee Minardi: * He looks over at the greeting and smiles. * " Hey man, I have been waiting for you. "

C.R.: "Well, the wait is over. Ta da." He smirks and hops up on the counter, looking over his way. "What's up? How you been?"

Lee Minardi: * He looks around one more time to make sure they are alone at least for the moment before speaking. * " I have been okay but... Well, your an old dude, right? I mean you have been around and seen alot of shit I am guessing? "

C.R.: "Hey, watch it. I'm not old, I'm just a bit overripe." He glances at the door. "Should we lock up for this chat?"

Lee Minardi: " Man, I did not mean it that way. I just mean that you have been around and know more than I do. I already locked the door. I think I might have a problem. "

C.R.: "No offense taken. Just fuckin' with you." He frowns a little bit, the snark vanishing some. "What's goin' on, Lee?"

Lee Minardi: * He takes another drag off the cigarette and blows a smoke ring before answering. * " Okay, I met this... person and she felt me working my shit. You would have never have guessed that this chick was anything but a sleeper. Trust me. Anyway she felt it and I tried to play it off, but she was not having that at all. A few days later she comes into where I work and we get to talking. She says that she can do shit too and Iasked her what she could do. Well long story short she reads my mind. Okay, I know that can be done but I did not feel a damn thing when she did it. I ask her a few questions and man, this chick is a sleeper for all that I can tell. She knows nothing about what I am and I have no idea what she is. Fuck, she does not know what she is either. "

C.R.: He smiles a little bit, and nods. "Ahh. You, my multi-pierced, spikey-haired friend, have run into what we call sorcerors. Hedge mages too, though they fucking HATE that term."

Lee Minardi: " Heard of them but never met one. What makes you so sure about that? I mean I believe it but are you fucking certain? Should I break it down for her or try and direct her too... well whatever dude is in charge of that shit? "

C.R.: "Well...it's either that, or something I've never frickin' heard of before. I mean, you're talking Sleeper. Not a walking corpse, no strange spirit, not a cyborg, nothing strange and bizarre like that?"

Lee Minardi: " She is warm and she breathes, I know that for sure. That aside I just dont know. Pretty sure that she is not a construct or anything like that but I dont know. She could be vat grown for all that I know. "

C.R.: "Well, warm and breathes is a good start, at least. I mean, that would be rather...problematic." He sighs. "All right. If you didn't register what she did...that means either you were just...off, or she slipped in under the radar. Only things I know that go under the radar is sorcerors. Whether she's a cyborg or a clone or something, we'll need someone to do the ol' Liferoo check to confirm."

Lee Minardi: " She is pretty sharp. It would be hard to slip a check by her. I had her do several things for me and I never picked up anything from her and I am not that dense when it comes to magic. She is doing something but I have no idea she is doing it until she tells me. "

C.R.: He nods. "Quite a find. Sorcerors and psychics are in short supply these days...but that's where most of the other Trads...and even us too, sometimes...draw their consors and acolytes from. She got a good head on her shoulders?"

Lee Minardi: " I dont know her that well yet. She seems like she is book smart. I mean I know she is going to be attending the film school, but as far as common sense I have just not been around her long enough to know. Told her to keep her mouth shut and as far as I know she has donethat. "

C.R.: "Well, that would put her heads and tails above most of the retards who've Awakened in this city." He shakes his head and sighs. "But I digress. You want me to meet with her, see what the deal is? She might make a good consor for the Chantry, if she's got that elusive common sense and is capable enough."

Lee Minardi: " If you want to meet with her I can try to make it happen. Right now I dont know what I want on this. The whole thing had me a little freaked but what you have said has helped. " * He takes another drag... * " She litteraly does not know what she is or who she is doing things. Sounds more like a psychic too me. I'm thinking headge mages do not just stumble into shit. "

Lee Minardi: {{ How she is doing things, even }}

C.R.: "Noot typically, no." He flicks the the cigarette over the ashtry, knocking ash off. "Lot more common with psychics. The Trads kind of pigeon-hole them into the same square peg, and even I fall into that habit, 'cause it all tends to be similar." He nods. "Talk with her...see if she's always had these kinds of abilities, or if they've just popped up recently. Sometimes, in my admittedly limited experience, they've had it all their life...sometimes, some kind of incident brings it out. Sort of like when we Awakened, though less...well, Awaken-ish."

Lee Minardi: " She said it started after her twin sister died. I asked her if her sis was into any out there shit and she said no. Never asked how the kid died, but losing a twin would be a life experiance, right? You want me to see if I can get her over here? "

C.R.: "That...would be quite the life experience, yeah." He thinks about it for a long moment, taking a drag off his cigarette. "So yeah...I don't think it would be a bad thing to get here over, see what happens."

Lee Minardi: * He takes out his cell and dials, speaking quietly into it for a few moments. *

C.R.: He stays quiet as Lee calls, sliding off the counter and heading to make himself one of his patented uber-coffees.

Lee Minardi: * After a bit he closes the phone. * " Pour one for me too, man. She is coming. I dont know where she lives but she said it would not be long. "

C.R.: He looks back at Lee and grins. "Cool. One coffee, comin' up." He goes to make Lee his. "Anythying else I should know before she gets here?"

Lee Minardi: " She has a trick that she might pull on you that makes her drop dead georgeous. I would tell you to be ready for it, but I do not think it would do any good. Tie your prick to your leg or something. "

Stacia Flores: In under 15 minutes, the roar of a bike can be heard, before the engine is cut. She hops off the red Supersport 1000 DS (Ducati). Nervous about this, she gets the black helmet off and shakes her hair out of it, and holds it under her arm as she heads toward the door. Mostly she has been seen wearing jeans or skirts, this time, she has on a plain pair of black leather pants, a white cropped shirt under a black leather jacket, cut at the waist, and plain black boots. As she takes her time walking up, she counts slowly, trying to calm her nerves.

C.R.: "Hmmm...I think I might have something to fix on that. Don't need Cori putting my head through the counter when she notices the drool I'll forget to clean up." He reaches under the counter, pulling out a green powder and tapping some in both of their drinks. He murmurs an incantation over them and then passes Lee his. "Here. Ignore the taste...it's supposed to be that bad. Caffeine's still there."

C.R.: d10: Arete: 7,1,10,5,

Lee Minardi: d10: per/aware: 4,9,3,8,

Lee Minardi: " Down this shit or is a sip good enough? " * He raises the mug to take a sip and then rises to unlock the door when he hears the sound of the bike. *

C.R.: ((And by the way, building this for a couple more rolls. :P)) He raises the coffee to his lips, grimacing even before it goes down. Whatever he added, it makes the thing taste distinctly sour, almost but not quite rotten.

C.R.: d10: Arete: 3,1,8,9,

Stacia Flores: She is finally getting the nerve to knock on the door.

Lee Minardi: " God damnit this sucks man. Even my hangover cure is not this bad. "

C.R.: "Down the hatch with it all," he says, shivering and getting a disgutsed look on his face as he finishes off the drink.

Stacia Flores -> C.R.: ((Is it specifically for her attactraction wiles...because, I think on this one she's going for something slightly different, depending on how things go. *grin* She's scared.))

C.R. -> Stacia Flores: ((It's a generic Mind Shield. *G*))

C.R.: d10: Arete: 10,6,7,7,

Lee Minardi: " Fuck. " * He throws back his head and scowls as the hot, foul tasting crap goes down his piehole. * " This shit better work or I am going to twist your nipples off. "

Stacia Flores -> C.R.: ((hehe....cool....good idea....will still roll but I know there's no way with 3 dice and a wp she can do shit *lol*))

Lee Minardi: * Hearing the knock at the door he turns the latch and opens it, waiting for Stacia to step in before locking it behind her. * " Hey sexy, thanks for coming. "

C.R.: ((1 succ to effect Lee as well, 1 succ to last the scene, 2 for effect, and two to raise the diff on Awareness to 8)) Lee gets the vague sensation of something coming over his mind, clouding it up from others and leaving his own thoughts perfectly intact and safe.

Stacia Flores: She looks around, holding the helmet under her arm even tighter. "Ummmm....hiya...."

C.R.: He sets his empty coffee cup on the counter and takes a couple quick drags off his cigarette, to get those damned taste buds deadened a little more. He looks over to Stacia and smiles to her.

Lee Minardi: " That old fart over there with the cigarette is a freind of mine that knows alot more than I do. Think you should chill the fuck out and talk to him. Just my oppinion. " * He takes another drag of his smoke and then adds as an afterthought.... * " Oh, and you left your CD in my stereo. "

Stacia Flores: She smiles to CR, nervously, though even more so to Lee. "I hope to whatever....you aren't going to go disecting me like a science project."

SioLurk: ((open scene?)

C.R.: "Hey, hey, hey." He nods to the woman and stubs his cigarette out in the ashtray, nodding to her. "Don't worry...I even refused to dissect my frog in science class. Of course, that was just to be a pain in the ass." He smiles and walks forward, extending a hand. "I'm C.R. Nice to meet you."

Lee Minardi: * He catches the look and shakes his head. * " I am not going to hurt you as long as you keep my name out of your mouth. I dont want others knowing that I can do this sort of shit, okay? Chill out. "

Stacia Flores: She switches the helmet over to her left arm and takes his hand, shaking it firmly. "I'm ummm....Stacia...." her nervousness still there in her tone of voice.

C.R.: ((Open if the others are cool with it))

Stacia Flores: "I told you, I tell people and they are going to think I should be locked up," eyes glancing to the door just in case she decides she's going to run.

Stacia Flores: ((Well, I don't like saying no, but another stranger might really freak this girl off....soooooo......just warning ya. :) ))

Lee Minardi: " The point is that some will not think you should be locked up, girl. Those are the ones I would rather not know anything about me. " * He winks to her and smiles, trying in vain to look non-threatening. *

C.R.: "Don't worry, Stacia." He smiles a little bit, putting his free hand--the one not shaking hers--on her shoulder. "Ain't gonna hurt you. You'd be surprised what kinda of things I'm willing to hear before I think they should be locked up. Usually, it has to be that they consider Marilyn Manson 'goth.'"

Stacia Flores: d10: p/e--healthy cyn : 9,10,2,9,6,6,

Lee Minardi: {{ I have to leave for work in a half hour so not sure my oppinion on openess counts. }}

Stacia Flores: ((Healthy cynic -2 diff (which I don't even think would matter on that roll) to discern lies :) ))

C.R.: ((.....damn.))

Lee Minardi: {{ Wow }}

Stacia Flores: d10: reroll people spec: 6,

Stacia Flores: When C.R.'s hand is on her shoulder he can feel just how tense her body is.

C.R. -> Stacia Flores: Dead honest. He has no plans to hurt her...in fact, he's very intrigued by her. He's interested by her in a curiosity way, and actually seems hopeful about something.

Cori Frost: Cori makes her way up the stairs yawning looking much like she just got out of bed she is wearing a black tanktop with a red trickfairy on it with matching black loung pants. she moves towards the counter not quiet aware of her surroundings. until she sees people. "uhmmm should i have dressed for guests?" adjusts her black glasses.

C.R. -> Stacia Flores: ((Oh, and he really did refuse to dissect his frog, just to be a pain. ;) ))

Lee Minardi: * He glances over to Cori and shakes his head. * " Ever think it might be a customer? Try the coffee. Its awesome. "

Stacia Flores: Stacia starts taking steps backwards toward the door, eyes darting suspiciously to Lee now, despite what she thought she had just read off both him and C.R. "You lied to me....."

C.R.: He frowns suddenly, looking over to Lee, then back to Stacia. "Umm...huh?"

Stacia Flores -> C.R.: ((And that's cool about the frog *lol*))

Lee Minardi: * He looks back to the girl... * " If thats what you want to think then go ahead and think it. Does not make it true. If you leave now you just remember what I said. "

Stacia Flores: "I've never said a word....just thought it was ...him...." she points at C.R., longer steps taken for the door, she could almost feel the door knob.

Cori Frost: She blinks "uhmm yeah.. coffee... just came up to check my schedule, should i have knocked CR?"

Lee Minardi: " Keep it that way. We know what you are now. If you want to know what is going on you best sit your ass down. If its not that important to you run away and hope you never run into the people that I am afraid of. "

C.R.: He looks behind, to Cori, as if to ask for a moment while he approaches Stacia. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Stacia...easy. Why don't you tell me who wasn't honest about what? 'cause I'm...kind of in the dark here."

Cori Frost: She nods her head and moves towards the back of the shop where the bathrooms were.

Stacia Flores: For whatever reason Lee's words only spook her more, and she grabs for the door knob, leaving the door open and trying to get the helmet on first, the those elusive keys still in her pocket, calling back to C.R. "Didn't know everyone was going to know my business....fuck this shit...fuck...."

C.R.: "Stacia, hold up!" He sighs and starts following her out of the shop...dammit. "Come inside...let me explain."

Lee Minardi: * He turns back to C.R. and shrugs. * " Guess I wasted your time. Sorry man. "

Stacia Flores: "I kept my word....I ain't told shit to no one....I trusted Lee....then....that girl shows up...how many more are there know my shit?" Her hand is still trying to get the keys out of her pocket.

C.R.: He follows her to her motorcycle, keeping his distance. "First off, that girl doesn't know you from Eve, beyond the fact that you just booked it out of her boyfriend's shop. Second, as far as I know, you, he and I know 'your shit.'" He does the quote marks gesture with his fingers at 'Your Shit.' "And third...umm." He frowns. "Okay, I don't have a third. But there are those first two."

Lee Minardi: * He steps outside the shop and heads off for his own bike. *

Stacia Flores: Her eyes narrow and she studies C.R. very closely.

Stacia Flores: d10: p/e--healthy cyn : 1,5,6,4,1,9,

Lee Minardi: * His face is a little red as he kicks the ninja over and throws on his helmet. Then he calls out to C.R. before giving Stacia his best one finger salute. * " Just let her go man, she dont want to know. She aint going to say shit. "

C.R. -> Stacia Flores: ((Again, honesty here. He's dead serious...well, as seroius as he gets))

Lee Minardi: * And with that he pulls out, heading for somewhere midtown ways. *

Lee Minardi: {{ Wish I could stay but need to leave or will be late for work. }}

Stacia Flores: ((*waves* Thanks for the scene! Catch you later :) ))

C.R. -> Stacia Flores: ((Although the 'girlfriend' comment is just a WEE bit nebulous...like, maybe they haven't formalized it that much yet.))

C.R.: ((Thanks, Green!)) He rolls his eyes to Lee, and gives him a sarcastic 'Gee, thanks' smile, then looks back to Stacia.

Stacia Flores: She flips off Lee, perhaps a little bit late but still does. She's still pissed at him that much is obvious. "Okay, so you're not lying from what I can tell. But....I kept my word....then....people just show up out of nowhere," eyeing the shop again suspiciously.

C.R.: "Yeah, well...we've got a nice little home downstairs. Cori and I live down there." He sighs. "Just kinda...forgot to explain before she came up. Sorry."

Stacia Flores: "I....you know...maybe this isn't worth all this...." though her tone sounds like she is still curious to a very small extent. Something is making her very scared though.

C.R.: "Trust me...it is." He tilts his head, watching her. "Because through that door, you'll find that there are people who understand what you're going through. And who would like to help."

Stacia Flores: d10: p/e--healthy cyn : 6,7,6,9,6,4,

Stacia Flores: She has to be certain of his words even though he's spoken truthfully each time...maybe this might be the time he'd get her confidence and lie...she studies him closely.

C.R. -> Stacia Flores: More truth. He really does seem to think that she'll find a place of comfort in there, and people who understand her.

Stacia Flores: "I'll...go with you....but...only you right now...until I decide. And whatever happens, I don't tell no one shit. 'Cuz that's how it is. You keep your word."

C.R.: "Fair enough." He nods and smiles. "Come on. Let me get you a cup of coffee...maybe decaf, though?" He grins and starts leading her back, if she'll allow.

Stacia Flores: She follows behind him, pulling her hand back from her pants pocket, taking her helmet off slowly again. "No thanks to the coffee."

C.R.: "Not a coffee drinker?" He looks back at her and shrugs. "Fair enough." Into the comic storee/coffee shop he leads her again, gesturing to one of the chairs. "I'm closing the door, just so that no bypassers listen in on the conversation...cool?"

Stacia Flores: "Sure," she slowly moves through the store/shop and takes a chair as he has motioned for her to do. "Never acquired the taste."

C.R.: He shuts the door and moves to hop back up onto the counter, pulling out another cigarette. He looks down at the note and smiles a little bit. "Cori's downstairs...so we're free to talk. So. Tell em a little bit about what's going on."

C.R.: ((me))

Stacia Flores: "And she's not listening in or watching on some cameras?" Trust much?

C.R.: "Nope. We save our cameras for the bedroom." He grins a little bit, intending the joke to break the tension. "I promise, it's just you and me."

Stacia Flores: d10: p/e--healthy cyn : 8,2,7,9,8,7,5,

Stacia Flores: "Alright," she nods. "I trust you for now. As for what's been going on? I don't know really. Wierd shit has been going on for me....and I locked on to something....that I couldn't explain," see, she didn't mention Lee at all.

C.R.: "Locked onto how?" He takes a drag off his cigarette, curious. "And describe the wierd shit. I've seen a lot of strange things in my time."

Stacia Flores: "Just something...." considering her words carefully, "that was happening around me. Something I sensed....I can't exactly explain it. And sometimes...I can sense what people are thinking." She watches him closely for his initial reactions to what she's trying to explain.

C.R.: He nods a little bit, as if he understands. "You sense something...like, something that just doesn't feel right? Sort of like a sixth sense?"

Stacia Flores: "Yes...that esp stuff I think."

C.R.: He nods a little bit. "I know what you're saying. What you have, Stacia, is a sort of...sensitivity to the supernatural. I've got it too...so does Lee, and others. Cori, who you just met, kind of, does."

Stacia Flores: She tries to hide any surprise but right now it's hard too. She doesn't say much to that at the present either.

C.R.: He smiles a bit. "What you have does not make you anything other then special. There's nothing wrong with you...nothing broken or freakish. Let me make that clear. You are, based off my first guess, very simply a psychic."

Stacia Flores: She starts to roll her eyes, but something as an afterthought makes sense, and she nods. "Because of what you have been told I have done before?"

C.R.: "Well, you did just tell me that you could sense people's thoughts..." He smiles. "But yes."

Stacia Flores: "I think someone told you about it besides me," she smirks. "Yes. But what happens now? Because, I ain't gonna say a word about any of this. You know?"

C.R.: "You're an intuitive woman." He smiles a little, but nods. "What happens now? Well...you have three options. If you want, you can start coming here, and I can try to help you. Alternatively, I know someone who's a little more apt to dealing with those with psychic abilities...a man who runs a shop, not so far from here, called Strange Brew. I can take you to see him. Or, your last option is to go along your way. Your secret is safe with us, I give you my word. Because no one here is going to spill your secrets...I was told only because Lee thought I could help in a way he couldn't. It goes no further then me. But I don't think you want to do that last option."

Stacia Flores: "If there is someone who understands me better then it would seem that would be the better options. I just...." she shakes her head, still a little cautious.

C.R.: He nods. "I know. Trust me, Seth is a great guy. Very upstanding, and honest. And he can help you. Careful, though...he's a bit of a flirt." He chuckles a bit. "I'll take you to see him whenever you'd like."

Stacia Flores: "He couldn't be half the flirt that Lee is," she smirks. "But I appreciate the sentiment. It's late tonight so really, whenever on this Seth person. I don't have to be Pagan or anything to do this do I?"

C.R.: "Nope." He shakes his head. "Strange Brew is, as you might expect, a New Age shop...all crystal-wavey, heart chakra, Nag Champa incensey, and Seth is a Wiccan. But he doesn't care what your religion is, long as you don't care what his is."

Stacia Flores: "I don't believe in much of anything right now. But as long as I don't have to be something I'm not, I don't care what religion someone is. I have a question for you about all of this."

C.R.: "Question away," he says with a grin. "Anything you ask, I'll answer to the best of my ability."

Stacia Flores: "Why help me? What's in it for you?"

Stacia Flores: She moves the helmet in her lap considering how that might have sounded. "Okay, I've been living her long enough to know that people don't usually help out of the goodness of their heart without a reason."

C.R.: He's quiet about that for a long time, considering her. He takes a drag off his cigarette, looking up to the ceiling. "Because you're not the only one who one day found that they had the ability to touch people's minds. And I know what it's like to be confused by that, and feel very alone in this world."

Stacia Flores: "You?" she asks quietly.

C.R.: He looks at her and smiles. "I'm born and raised here...grew up in the goth scene. Never did learn how to ride a motorcycle that well." He grins and gestures to her helment. "Didn't stop me from trying, and I found myself in a bit of a boo-boo. Didn't wake up for three weeks. When I did..." He shrugs. "Scared the shit out of a nurse and myself."

Stacia Flores: "You were in a coma? And what happened....if I might ask?"

C.R.: "I was in a coma." He nods a bit. "After I woke up, I had to figure shit out on my own. Which, surprise surprise, was a constant waking nightmare. I didn't have any control over my power...no clue when I was going to hear something in someone's head that was going to freak me out. Let me tell you, when you pick up on some of the fucked up shit people do to each other on a regular basis..." He shrugs. "Anyway, I eventually figured out how to control things...moved to San Fransisco. It wasn't until then that I found people who knew about people like me. They're called the Hollow Ones, and they're all over. They helped me becomes something more, and made me one of them. And I've been part of them ever since. I'm not the same as I was before...I've got more, and less, too. Kind of hard to explain right away without just confusing you more. We'll get to that at some point, maybe."

Stacia Flores: She smiles and nods some. Keeping her own mental notes of this. "I've been lucky so far it hasn't been to bad. Sometimes when I'm upset it happens. These Hollow Ones....that's something you'll explain later then? Sounds like a club or something."

C.R.: "Something like that." He grins. "Some people say we're not much more then that, but there is a method to our mecabre." He says the last word with a overdramatic tone of spookiness. "But yeah...I'll explain that a little more down the road."

Stacia Flores: "I think my mind has had about as much as it can take right now. I'm swimming. Maybe give me a day or two to swallow all this...it's a lot to take in all at once."

C.R.: "Yeah, I know. It is a lot to take in." He nods and sighs. "So. You'll call me--when you're ready--and I'll take you to see Seth. And you'll be far more charmed by him then you are by me, because that's the way it always goes, and all will be well. Work for you?"

Stacia Flores: "I'll need your number then."

C.R.: "AH! Yes..." He slides off the counter and snatches up a Hangman's Joy business card, walking over and handing it to her. "Ask, and you shall receive."

Stacia Flores: "Thanks," she takes the card, standing up. "I'll give a few days to sink in....This last year has been a bit of a trip for me."

C.R.: "Yeah, I can imagine. You've had these abilities for that long?"

Stacia Flores: "Not sure about the second one....but the minds...yes....about a year."

C.R.: He nods a little bit and sighs. "That's...quite a while. I know what that's like. Anyway...yeah. Come by whenever, or give me a call."

Stacia Flores: She goes for the keys to the bike, while sticking the card in her pocket. "Okay. Good night. C.R. You'll have to tell me what it stands for some time maybe...."

C.R.: He laughs a little bit. "Ahh, that secret, only one other person alive but me knows. But we'll see. Good night, Stacia."

Stacia Flores: She heads on out. ((Thanks for the scene!))

C.R.: ((Thank you!))

C.R.: He smiles as she heads out, then sighs, picking up a up of cold coffee as he pulls out his cell, dialing it.

Cori Frost: She picks up her phone in the brackground Voultaire can be heard "heya Is it safe?"

C.R.: "Yeah, it's safe." He grins a little bit. "Come on up." He sips the coffee...cold or not, it is caffeine.

Cori Frost: "ok see yah soon" she hangs up the phone and climbs up the stairs. Still in the same clothes having not seen a reason to change yet. she moves over to where he is."boo...i scared yah"

C.R.: "Eek." He deadpans it, then smirks, setting the mug down and walking over to her. "Sorry about all that."

Cori Frost: "ehh it happens, i figured i musta missed a note when i was walking around without my glasses" she grins pantamining her sightless.

C.R.: "Naah, just didn't get a chance to warn you." He smirks and 'sneaks' around her 'sightlessness,' coming up behind her and slipping his arms around her. "See. I did that because you couldn't see me."

Cori Frost: "you and your leet skills" she grins "well i guess i can forgive you this time...next time you owe me lobster dinner." she turns her head to look to him "so everything copasetic?"

C.R.: He chuckles a little bit. "Yeah, I'm totally leet. And everything's fine. All wrinles smoothed over...though I think Lee's a bit miffed."

Cori Frost: "why would Lee be miffed?" she lifts a brow.

C.R.: "I think he's got a thing for her...and when she freaked out and called him a liar, he didn't take it too well."

Cori Frost: "aww mr. flirt got hurt?" she shakes her head"if he lied well then he reaped what he sewed. "unless. its cause i popped out?"

C.R.: "I think it's 'cause you popped out. She thought we were going to be all alone. But maybe more, too. You know women..." He smirks, winking. "Who can really figure them out?"

Cori Frost: She shrugs"i never could " she grins "most men i can but still they are confusing"

C.R.: "Well, that's 'cause we got them strange personality quirks. Broken right off the assembly line, like R2-D2."

Cori Frost: "at least its not like C3PO" she grins " soo if your r2-d2 what would i be?"

C.R.: "Princess Leia in the slave girl outfit when she was next to Jabba?" He says it with a teasing grin.

Cori Frost: she laughs "then you couldn't be r2d2... cause Leia get jiggy with solo..." she grins .

C.R.: "Ahh, I see you've never seen the secret director's cut, where R2 has...special attachments."

Cori Frost: She snickers "yeah i don't think he can make out" she lean against him "speaking of Jedi, when do i get work with the force again?

C.R.: "Whenever you'd like," He leans in to lightly gnaw on her earlobe, almost idly. "What would you like to learn?"

Cori Frost: She purss and grin impishly "well it would be fun to be able to reach into my pocket and pull out some handcuffs"

C.R.: "Oooh, bedroom fun with Correspondance." He grins and keeps up the attention on her ear. "I think we can arrange getting you a little better with that..."

Cori Frost: "i can't wait" she leans closer against him. "what else could we work on?" she grins.

C.R.: "Hmmm...well, let's see..." He drops his head to work on her neck a little bit, teasing. "We could, start helping you learn a little more Mind...maybe some Time stuff, too? And, if you like, Entropy. Vasty...VASTLY underrated area of magic..."

Cori Frost: "well i know entropy basics but more is defently welcome. I think my ghost friends would love to hear about what i am learning....oh by the way if any of them wanna crash here is it ok?"

C.R.: "Long as they leave the chains at home...or attached to the bedposts, where they belong. Sure."

Cori Frost: She nods her head "cool, oh by the way in a couple of month i'm supposed to go to a wedding back in Mass, wanna come be my date?" she grins "my mentor back home finally got collared"

C.R.: "I hope you mean in the literal sense as well as the figurative." He winks, and then nods. "Sure, I'd love to. Been a little while since I've been to ol' Mass."

Cori Frost: "great! " she smiles "so shall we get back to some classes down stairs?"

C.R.: "Sure thing." He grins, and pulls away...as he does, he takes hold of her hand, spinning her around like a dance so she faces him and then leading her to the back door, then down.

Cori Frost: "after wanna help me think of a new nick name? i don' think Cori suits me anymore" She grins as she follows his lead.

C.R.: "Hmmm...yeah, I can try to help you figure out a new sobriquet." He grins, backing out of view.

Cori Frost: ((thanks for the Scene Rav!))