Stacia Flores: Let's say that she had a bad night last night and decided to call today/tonight. Sound good?

Ravyn: Works for me. :) *CLick* "Hello?"

Stacia Flores: "I'm trying to reach C.R."

Ravyn: "You've reached him. Stacia?"

Stacia Flores: "Yes it is. I've decided that I am definitely interested in meeting with this other person."

Ravyn: "Wonderful." The smile can be heard in his voice. "When are you free?"

Stacia Flores: "Pretty much anytime now. Until school starts."

Ravyn: "Tonight good for you?"

Stacia Flores: "If it is for you to take me over? Or however you wanted to do this."

Ravyn: "IO figured I'd introduce you, that. Walk you through the steps on the way.,..if you didnt mind."

Stacia Flores: "Not at all.....There's a lot that I just don't know...."

Ravyn: "Beaut. Come by the shop? Or is there somewhere I can pick you up at?"

Stacia Flores: "I can drive by the shop on my bike. Won't take too long. See you then."

Ravyn: "Okay...see you then. Gives me time to wake up." Even though it's evening...yes, he's talking of waking up.

Stacia Flores: "I'l take my time to let you wake up then. Thank you," and she clicks off the phone.

Ravyn: He chuckles and hangs up. By the time she arrives, he's waiting out front, dressed similarly as before. An old Bauhaus shirt has replaced the Fields of the Nephilim one...back from the goth band's first British tour. He waits patiently for Stacia, taking a drag off his cigarette as he does.

Stacia Flores: She's there only a few minutes after he comes out. On the Ducati, which he can hear her coming first. She's wearing leather pants again, this time they have a little more color with some silver studs that run up the outter sides of both legs, a green tank top under a riding jacket. She stops and pulls her helmet off.

Ravyn: He smiles and drops the cigarette, curshing it out with his boot, and approaches. "Hey, you. Nice bike. How are you?"

Stacia Flores: "Thanks. It was a birthday present from my mom away from home. And I've certainly had better weeks. How are you?"

Ravyn: "Another night. Dance of the Damned." He shrugs with a chuckle. "It's only about five or six blocks ahead...we can walk, or you can give me a ride. My motorcycle driving days are behind me."

Stacia Flores: "Dance of the Damned?" she asks and pats for him to join her on the bike.

Ravyn: He smilps up on the bike, hands slipping around her waist. He holds tight...perhaps a bit more careful then the casual observer of him might think. "It's a dying world, Stacia. We can die with it, or continue the dance to show we're still alive."

Stacia Flores: She looks back to him, a very puzzled look on her face. "I'm not sure I follow...."

Ravyn: "Most don't." He shrugs. "Look around, Stacia. This's lost it's brightness, in a lot of ways. Aside from such shining beacons as you and me..." He winks. "...things are all out of whack. Off-base, spiralling out of control. So what can we do?"

Stacia Flores: "Try to change it....?" she asks.

Ravyn: He nods a little bit. "A fair answer. How?"

Stacia Flores: "I'm not sure....So many things lately I'm unsure about."

Ravyn: "That's usually how it is at first." He smiles and points ahead. "Onward, and ahead, Stacia. Four blocks north, then hang a right. Look for Strange Brew."

Stacia Flores: She flips the helmet face flap down and takes off with his directions.

Ravyn: They make it there easily, coming up to the ivy-covered front of the shop. It's unique simply by standing out against the more drab stores and buildings...a white sign proclaiming it's name above the door. There's a Closed sign up, but a light is on inside. CR leans forward and speaks over the engine. "He's expecting us."

Stacia Flores: She nods and cuts the engine, and takes her helmet off as she waits for C.R. to get off first.

Ravyn: CR slips off the back and waits for her to dismount before walking up to thew door and knocking. After a few moments it opens, and a man stands there. He's in his late 30's...not especially attractive, or really unattractive either, he's dressed in a straight black T-Shirt and jeans, with a single silvered earring in his right ear and a small, tasteful pentacle around his neck. It's a casual day. He smiles to CR with a nod, then to Stacia. "Welcome, both of you. Please, come in. His hand extends to Stacia, palm up. "Seth Almon, at your service."

Stacia Flores: She follows and switches her helmet over to under her left arm and isn't quite sure what to do with the palm up hand shake. She takes his hand gently. "Stacia Flores. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I do hope this isn't inconvenient for you."

Ravyn: He places his other hand over hers and bows a little over them. "Of course, Stacia. Anything I can do. And it's hardly an inconveniance...I live right upstairs." He squeezes her hand lightly and releases it before leading them inside. (( in case you're not familiar with the look of the place))

Stacia Flores: ((Thanks :) )) She is wide-eyed as she looks around the place. She really hadn't experienced a place like this before, so she comes off quite the wide-eyed "deer" in the headlights being in a place like this. "I know it is a little late. I still appreciate you taking the time to meet me."

Ravyn: "The only thing you're keeping me from is my tea." He shuts the door after them, then moves to the counter and takes a lean against it. C.R. gives them their space, though remains generally close as he feigns interest in a pentacle on a rack of similar pendants. "So, Stacia...the old man here tells me you've inherited some new skills, after a fashion." The old man comment draws a mock scowl from C.R.

Stacia Flores: She looks back to C.R. for a moment, then back to Seth. "Yes....I guess you'd call them that. Is it okay to talk? I don't want to have someone come after me later because I said something I shouldn't."

Ravyn: "It's perfectly okay to talk," C.R. says with a nod. "Seth here is also possessed of some certain skills, though his came more through practice and a few tiwsting of herbs here and there, and incantation or too. A brief pause, before he mumbles. "And I'm not old."

Seth chuckles at CR and then looks to Stacia. "I have some skill in certain arts that are best kept quiet among the populace. You're among friends, Stacia...or at least like-minded folk that it's safe to talk to."

Stacia Flores: "Well, I sorta of thought after my sister's death I was going crazy. I was hearing voices know that movie, "What Women Want" I think it was called....where Mel Gibson hears women's thoughts....? It was like that kinda.....I didn't want to know...or hear....and tried to block it out. Then suddenly at a few parties....see I have a good friend in the UN....and she has these circle of friends and invites me...I think she's really trying to set me up on a date....but yeah....I'm like really ugly compared to these beautiful dignataires and like at the most recent party near my birthday, I'm suddenly getting hit on by men and women. Before I was never noticed..."

Ravyn: He listens quietly, nodding a couple times as she speaks. "You're a Fascinator...and a Telepath. That's a very potent combination, Stacia. I'm quite impressed."

Ravyn: ((Seth))

Stacia Flores: "I am?" Seth gets a bit of a blank look. "I am a psychic I was told."

Ravyn: He chuckles. "And you are. There are as many types of Psychics as there are roads to Rome, if you believe the axiom. You'd be amazed at some of the things I've seen in my time."

Stacia Flores: "I probably would be," she nods, certainly taking him at his word and not sounding at all like she doesn't believe him or that she's mocking his knowledge.

Ravyn: He nods a little bit, smiling warmly. " are a most extraodrinary woman. You have the ability, given time to control your skills, to see what people desire and show that to them. And like anyone, you can use that for great things, or terrible. I'm assuming--call it a judgment call, but I am assuming that we're going for the former, not the latter."

Stacia Flores: She looks down, slightly embarrassed. "I never really considered....just that I'm aware of people like C.R. and another," careful not to mention Lee by name especially, "I didn't think I was much really with it. 'Sides....psychic doesn't sound like much."

Ravyn: "It may not sound like much, but only because your used to hearing about John Edwards, Jean Dixon, Uri Gellar, and all those hacks." He smiles and reaches out to take her hand again, holding it between his as he tries to meet her gaze and hold it. "Believe me, Stacia. You are far more then you imagine."

Stacia Flores: She looks back up into his face, still seeming a little sad. "I must say, I had been looking on the internet and trying to read as much as I could, even in foreign languages to learn of other's been so overwhelming to me."

Ravyn: He looks a bit curious at that sadness, watching her a moment. ((Seth Almon: d10: Per+Emp: 4,7,5,7,3,5,9,))

Stacia Flores: She is sad about someone (Lee) and feels that she could never have ever been good enough for him because she is just a psychic. This person is more than she is. And she also feels sad because her sister isn't there with her.

Ravyn: He nods a little bit. "There is a lot that is overwhelming at seems so much, so bizarre. We go through many trials, honey, often before we even find out abilities...and then, it just seems harder." He smiles some...still watching her eyes. "But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I promise you."

Stacia Flores: "How did you learn to deal with your....ummm.....whatever you call it. Powers sounds wierd.....and doesn't feel like that either really."

Ravyn: "I prefer abilities, myself. Some of us call them paths, or roads...some powers. Abilities is nice. Generic, and not easily picked up on as odd if anyone were, for whatever unforeseeable reason, to overhear.

Stacia Flores: Stacia nods. "Abilities....I guess. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, but part of me is afraid. There was something that someone was saying I might want to care about if they find me? I think that was the gist of it. I was pretty angry at the time and my memory is probably lacking."

Ravyn: Seth nods a little and sighs. "As a Bard once wrote...Aye, there's the rub. Would you two like to retire to somewhere where we can sit down and speak?"

Stacia Flores: She smiles, nodding, seeming at least a little more open to this conversation and what Seth has to tell her. Still, she looks around the place with some interest, like the incense and crystals.

Ravyn: C.R. smirks a bit and shrugs. "Lead the way."

Seth smiles and gestures with his head. "My living quarters is just this way. C'mon." He leads the two of them back to another part of the building, unlocking the door there and slipping inside. The place inside is small, about the size of a studio apartment. Small but cozy, it's furnished very eclecticly...a sort of mix of homecrafted sensibilty, modern conveniance, and pagan spiritualism. He gestures to the two armchairs and the couch. "Everyone take a seat. Can I get anyone tea, coffee, or something stronger?"

Stacia Flores: Stacia sits on the couch, still looking around, but the pagan aspect she does study the most still, in quiet curiosity. "I'd go for something stronger, but I think I need to be more clear thinking. I'll have some coffee instead."

Ravyn: He chuckles and nods. "Coffee it is. C.R.?"

The goth smirks and shakes his head. "Vodka tonic. You know I can't have any coffee but my own.":

Seth grins and goes into the 'kitchen area,' starting up the coffee-maker. "So, then. We were talking about the ugly part of our skills...those who may take issue with us."

Stacia Flores: She pulls her legs up under her, curling up against herself. "Vodka sounds good," she nods and smiles to C.R. "Just better stick to the coffee though. I'm driving." She stops. "Sorry....trying not to be so nervous about this."

Ravyn: C.R. smiles a bit, understanding. "I know. You're cool."

A little nod from Seth as he makes the Hollower's drink, and brings down two cups. "Don't worry about it, Stacia. It's all new, and anyone would nervous."

Stacia Flores: She takes the cup, holding it carefully with both her hands closed tightly around it, even though it is a warm drink and not exactly a cold day/evening. "Thanks," she gives a shy smile to both of them.

Ravyn: "You bet." He hands C.R. his drink and then takes a seat in the armchair, closer to her. "It is true...there are good reasons to keep quiet. As much as we would like to pretend we live in an enlightened world, the Burning Times are not so far away then one would think. Religious freaks...sadistic scientists...even and especially the public at large would be a serious problem if they knew of us. But as long as things stay quiet, you'll be fine."

Stacia Flores: "I have been staying very quiet," she frowns a bit.

Ravyn: He nods. "What's good now is that you have people you can talk to about it. People like C.R. and myself. You're not alone, Stacia."

Stacia Flores: "Stop reading my mind....." though she doesn't sound angry, she sounds perhaps a little relieved that maybe he's figured out a little of what is bothering her.

Ravyn: Seth grins a little bit. "I'm not. That's not one of my talents. I just...we all know how you feel. We've been there."

Stacia Flores: "These religious freaks and such.....what do I do to keep safe? "

Ravyn: "Just stay calm, and remember this. They can't tell what you are just by looking at you, Stacia. So as long as you keep that in mind, you'll be fine."

Stacia Flores: "How do I keep from doing making people see me I learn some kind of...mind control ....?" she's not even sure what to call it at this point. "I'm sorry about asking all these questions."

Ravyn: "Don't be sorry, Stacia. It's good that you're asking questions." He takes a drag off his cigarette. "Are you worried about the idea that you might be tempted to do such things?"

Stacia Flores: "I'm afraid of doing it and not meaning to always....of course sometimes yes..." she blushes a little, with a sheepish grin, "...sometimes it's nice when I'm noticed. Maybe there are books to read on this?"

Ravyn: "Sure. X-Men...Spider-Man." C.R. grins a bit. "Even if Marvel are a bunch of complete sell-outs."

Stacia Flores: "Oh...." she looks a little bit embarrassed. "I am only familiar with the movies. And that's Hollywood...." of course she does find that suddenly ironic.

Ravyn: Seth rolls his eyes at C.R.'s suggestions, but the goth just shrugs. "Seriously." He looks to Stacia. "Great power. Great responsibility. You have the ability to do great things...or, conceivably, some less then honorable things. No one's gonna smack you upside the head for gettiing yourself noticed, Stacia. Use your own moral compass as to where to draw the line."

Ravyn: Seth smiles a bit and nods at that part. "That's good advice. He stole it from me, though." A little wink to her.

Stacia Flores: Under her breath, she smiles, "Loved that movie....."

Stacia Flores: "So...should I read the comics?" looking mostly to C.R. with that question. "More insight in them than Hollywood's version?"

Ravyn: He shrugs. "Maybe. I'll get you some old issues. If nothing else, it's good reading...and gives you a reason to hang out at my shop." He grins.

Stacia Flores: "Does Lee hang out there much......cuz if so...I'd probably not want to be around when he is...."

Ravyn: He sighs and nods. "Yeah, he does. Maybe I can just make deliveries of the issues to you, then."

Stacia Flores: "I don't want you to go out of your way, C.R.," she sighs. "Maybe you can arrange for me to pick them up during the day. I gather he's a night owl like you are."

Ravyn: "Baah. No trouble, really. But if you want, I'll just make a box for you. Most of our subscribers have those."

Seth listens to it with an amused expression, sipping his drink.

Stacia Flores: She finally sips on her coffee, a glance to Seth, then back to C.R. "I think a box would work. ((emp roll coming up for Seth))

Stacia Flores: ((Staci: d10: emp: 2,7,1,8,6,5,9,))

Ravyn: Seth seems quite at ease with the situation. He's calm, and glad that the bantering is calmed her some. He seems to care about Stacia, though he just met her, and genuinely wants to help. And of course, he's being a bit flirtatious.

Ravyn: And he's obviously quite fond of C.R. They seem to be fairly good friends.

Stacia Flores: "It might be fun to read the comics. Who knows, maybe one day when I'm famous I can give some input into Spiderman 5," she tries to joke a little, feeling nervous again. Sometimes she just shouldn't try to read people. She drinks more of the coffee, eyes falling into the blackness of the cup. ((I'm gonna be bad girl.))

Stacia Flores: ((Staci: d10: fasc: 9,5,6, --- appearance))

Ravyn: ((*G*)) Seth blinks a little bit as he looks ffrom C.R. to Stacia, his composure lost for a moment. C.R....pretty much does the same. Although he recovers quicker, smiling a little as he sips his vodka. Neither of them seem to have picked up on what happened...mind-clouding does that.

Stacia Flores: (('s still a nervous thing for her....if she's being purposeful, there's a WP tossed in *grin*)) She doesn't seem to notice as her attention is on the coffee that's almost gone from her cup. "I'm not sure what else to ask or say there anything else I need to do or know?" she asks, finally looking back up again.

Ravyn: "" Seth clears his throat and smiles to her. "Well, that depends entirely on you, Stacia. I can help you learn how to better control things...and help you meet others who have simialr skills. Those in the know come here, and we form a bit of a community."

Stacia Flores: "There are a lot?" she seems a little apprehensive about that. Perhaps still a little afraid.

Ravyn: C.R. grins a bit, finishing off his drink. "Not as many as Seth would like to make out. He's not some great leader of the Sorceror Nation." A smirk, more banter.

Seth rolls his eyes, then looks to Stacia. "No. There are a few others, but not an army or anything. Just some like-minded and fellow skilled folk."

Stacia Flores: "Sorceror nation?" watching the two quietly and being rather shy again. "I want to be able to control this.....I really don't like to hear's spooky. Even though sometimes it's kinda nice. I suppose it would be if I could do it when I wanted to," quickly addding, "not like I want to do it a lot."

Ravyn: "He's joking, Stacia. He does that a lot." Seth shakes his head with a chuckle, before he leans forward on the couch, toward Stacia. "It's all right. I know the feeling. I'll help you with that...honest."

Stacia Flores: "Thanks," she sighs. "I appreciate what you told me the other night C.R. It does help me knowing I'm not the only one." She takes the final drink of the coffee, not minding it being cold, looking for a place to put the cup. "So I don't need to actually take lessons do I? But I think I want to read some books besides comic books to understand more about...whatever it is you call this. My sister had a couple books about this.....wierd stuff."

Ravyn: C.R. smiles and nods. "Glad I could help...really."

"There's more then just comic books." Seth nods with a smirk. "I have quite the collection...and not just flimsy half-assed New Age mumbo-jumbo, either. Some real books. I just don't sell those alongside the Silver RavenWolf junk."

Stacia Flores: "I'll have to take your word then. I don't know who this Silver person is either." she moves her legs back out and stretches. "Oh, I have another question.....I get this wierd tingle...when I feel stuff.....should I just ignore it and pretend then I don't know a thing? And run the other way?"

Ravyn: "Ahhh..." Seth looks to C.R., then back. "You have your sixth sense honed a bit. That's good."

C.R. just shrugs a bit. "Just let it be your guide. You don't have to don't have to stay. It depends on the situation. You're aware of supernatural vibrations, Stacia. That's a good danger sense. Not everyone who comes through, though, is someone to fear. Certainly, be wary. But you don't need to run, necessarily."

Stacia Flores: "I've made it a gift you could call it to read people....maybe that's why I sense it," she shrugs. "But I will keep that in mind......" she smiles a little. "Before I go then, could I get a couple books. I would be able to pay you later...I didn't bring much money with me."

Ravyn: Seth smiles and nods. "Of course. I tell you what...first selection is on me." He rises and tilts his head. "C'mon...I'll go get you some that might help."

Stacia Flores: "Let me do something to trade then. You like languages?" Stands up and sets the cup down on the nearest surface there is.

Stacia Flores: "Or, I can teach you a little kickboxing....."

Ravyn: "You're a kickboxer." He looks back, impressed. "Very well, then. Lessons for defense in return for learning to control your abilities. Sounds fair."

C.R. chuckles and rises to go with them. Seth leads them back into the shop and up the stairs. It leads to a central area, a small loft, with a door straight ahead, and one to each side. ((Per+Aware))

Stacia Flores: She smiles a bit more, liking the trade. "Deal." ((roll coming))

Stacia Flores: ((Staci: d10: per/aware: 9,5,3,2,3,5,10, Staci: d10: reroll: 6,))

Ravyn: There's a definite sense of something straight ahead. Old power. Subtle, but there. Seth unlocks a side door and steps inside, turning on a light switch and going to a long bookshelf.

Stacia Flores: Under her breath, "I feel it again...." but stays close to Seth after he starts leading her up the stairs, actually she bumps into him when she feels that tingling for a moment, since she hadn't expected it.

Ravyn: Seth looks back, face coloring just a little bit when she bumps against him, and smiles softly. "Very impressive." He reaches out to stabilze her and nods a little, watching her from up close...lost for a moment, before he blinks. "Umm...that would be some items I've collected over the years. They have their own power. Not many feel it."

Ravyn: C.R. leans in the door frame, watching with a grin.

Stacia Flores: "It felt..." she flushes a little, "Umm.....old.....sorry 'bout that....I didn't expect it...." she uses his arm for a moment to get her balance. "So the books....yes?"

Ravyn: "Yeah, the books." He nods and turns around, looking over the rows. He pulls a couple out...older books, no title on the bindings. He turns and hands them to her. "These will be a great start."

Stacia Flores: She takes the books. "I'll wait until I get home to look through these or I might just stay her for a while reading."

Ravyn: "Mi casa es su casa." He shrugs lightly, nodding warmly. "Feel free to stay as long as you like."

It's a credit to C.R.'s friendship with Seth, perhaps, that he bites his lip momentarily instead of chuckling. "Well, I need to get back home...much as I'd love to stay and hang out with you guys, I need to help Cori with some things. I'll see you two later?"

Stacia Flores: "Si..." and answers Seth in Spanish, saying only if he is sure. Then turns back to C.R. "I drove you over though...."

Ravyn: "And it's all of a five block walk back." He smirks. "Besides, I'm sure you guys have a lot to go over." A little wink. "Don't stress it. I could use the exercise."

Stacia Flores: "Oh, yes," she has a sheepish embarrassed look with C.R. "Okay. Thank you again. Have a good evening."

Ravyn: "Evenin', Stacia. Later, Wicca Man."

"Night, Gothboy." Seth chuckles and watches C.R. go, then looks to Stacia. "And yes, I'm sure. Not a doubt in my mind."

Stacia Flores: She smiles, giving a wave to C.R., then her attention back to Seth. "I won't take up much more of your time though....but I wouldn't mind just reading some for a little bit.....Can we go back was comfortable there."

Ravyn: Seth nods a little bit. "Of course. Reading is best done in the comfort of an overstuffed chair, after all. Typically, if the English are correct, with a Brandy sniffer and a pipe. Sadly, I have no brandy, no sniffer, and no pipe, so we'll have to make due, eh?"

Stacia Flores: "Oh, I think we can make due," she laughs softly. "Lead on."

Ravyn: He checklues and leads her out of the side room, locking the door behind them, and heads back down. Into the shop they go, and then back into his living quarters. "Make yourself at home. Still fine with coffee?"

Stacia Flores: "Oh, I don't know if I should drink any more or I will certainly be up all night."

Ravyn: "Understandable. I tend to make mine rather strong." He goes to refill his vodka tonic. "So how are you feeling now?"

Stacia Flores: "Maybe I'll try what you're having.....Me? Well, still kinda nervous.....I guess a little's hard to explain."

Ravyn: "The rush of power combined with the idea that you're on something completely new and maybe even a bit exciting, tempered with the sensation of 'Oh Gods, what have I gotten myself into?" He looks over and smiles as he pours her a drink.

Stacia Flores: "I'm not sure if I see it so much as power....though there was a moment when I was trying it out and able to read someone's thoughts on purpose....and seeing the reaction to it...." she nods, smiling and blushing a little. "I just feel like a perve though if I can go into someone's mind and know what they are thinking....."

Ravyn: "Yeah." He nods a little bit. "It's sort of like a mental peeping Tom feeling." He brings her the vodka, handing it over before he moves to take a seat on the couch. "It's not a comfortable feeling...but, if this makes sense, it's a good feeling to have. It means that you recognize that your Abilities could be used for purposes that are...not altogether noble. And that you're not comfortable with it."

Stacia Flores: She sits down on the couch next to him so it's easier to share the vodka. Staci nods a few times, while pouring the Vodka. "It's not that the temptation is there now.....what about you....with your....talents.....I guess that's what I feel comfortable calling it.....though curse still seems applicable a little too.....what was it like for you initially?" Hands back the vodka.

Ravyn: He takes the bottle with a smile and pours himself a glass. "To be fair, our experiences were a touch different. I'

Ravyn: I'm not a natural talent...I learn sorcery. Paths of magical power. But..." He sighs a bit, thinking. "I was elated when I started learning. For entirely juvenile reasons...I was much younger then."

Stacia Flores: She grins a bit. "Such as....?" curiosity is certainly piqued now. She gives him a bit of a jab in the ribs playfully with her elbow before taking a sip of her drink.

Ravyn: "Hey!" He chuckles a little bit, nudging her with his elbow. A remniscent look finds his face...bemused. "I...was trying to impress a girl, initially. Sadly."

Stacia Flores: "And it backfired?"

Ravyn: "Yes and no." He leans back and takes a sip off his glass. "It worked beautifully. What I learned helped me to capture her interest and hold it. Basic alchemy...a love philter." He shrugs. "You'd think those things don't really work, right? Well, they do, if you know what you're doing. I made it...a little too well."

Stacia Flores: "So, she fell madly, deeply and sociopathically in love with you?"

Ravyn: "I wish." He chuckles wryly. "She fell madly, deeply, and sociopathically in love with my foster father, who she saw first. They began seeing each other, unbeknownst to me and my mother, with her using me as an excuse to come over. My foster father was not under any such compulsion, of course...he was just a slime."

Stacia Flores: Staci frowns a little. "Ouch...."

Ravyn: "Yeah." He smiles faintly. "My first lesson in karma...but one I haven't forgotten."

Stacia Flores: "I don't know much about karma I must say...but I day....." she sighs. "Anyway, hearing your story doesn't make me feel so bad for making someone go crazy over me to the point of screwing my brains out then and there," she doesn't smile about that. "Maybe that might be karma then too."

Ravyn: His head tilts to the side. "It didn't turn out quite as you wished, I assume?" His expression is quite sympathetic.

Stacia Flores: "Well, at the time it was kinda cool. I mean, having a guy crazy about you.....hadn't really had it for a while either....then after.....just things are wierd now.

Ravyn: "It wore off, and now he's confused?"

Stacia Flores: "I don't think he's confused. I'm not sure what....." and she does look to be at a losss for even explaining it as she sips more from the drink. "It was a lesson well learned. That I can say."

Ravyn: "Then it was a experience not without merit." He smiles some, and sips his drink. "As much of a downer as it can be, I'm afraid." He reaches out to briefly rest his hand on her forearm, in a comforting, reassuring fashion.

Stacia Flores: She smiles to him, touching her hand to the top of his. "Thanks. This hasn't been always an easy year for me. See, I have a twin...I mean had a twin sister....and that connection is gone.....I sometimes feel I'm still half of me....if that makes sense. I mean, we were individuals, but that connection.....I learn fast though and part of why I don't want to start doing my other.....cursed gift and get attacked for it...."

Ravyn: "No, it does make sense." He nods a little. "The connection between twins...especially if you were psychic...possibly both of quite strong. To have made it through so far...well." He smiles and takes her hand. "You're an incredibly strong person."

Stacia Flores: "It's been almost a year...."gives his hand a small few squeezes. "'s gotten easier. I don't know if she was psychic or not....But I did feel her pain....." she just gets quiet. "That was a rough night....still hard to talk about."

Ravyn: "You don't have to if you don't want to." He tilts his head, watching her expression. "If you'd like, though...I'll be happy to listen."

Stacia Flores: ((emp roll coming up))

Stacia Flores: ((Staci: d10: emp: 5,1,8,8,7,5,4,))

Ravyn: Well, for one, it's obvious he's attracted to her...but he's setting that aside right now, to let her talk. Trying to be a gentlemen about it. He very much seems to be concerned about how she's feeling and what she's been through, and is glad she's handling this all moderately well so far.

Stacia Flores: She blushes suddenly, looking down at her other hand on the glass, but not letting go of his hand unless he does. "We came here and New York sort of split us apart. We worked very hard to make enough money to live here. The night she died in my arms, I learned she'd been a stripper. Not a waitress. She'd kept secrets from me....and it was painful to me because we'd shared so much....though never the same boyfriends."

Ravyn: He nods a little bit, smiling sympathetically. "This city has a tendancy to do that sometimes...split the closest people apart. I'm sorry to hear it. It's a cruel woman...though at times, it can be your best friend."

Stacia Flores: "I'm not sure I could ever call it my best friend," she does look thoughtful about something as she takes another long sip of the drink.

Ravyn: Seth Almon: d10: Per+Emp: 3,9,3,7,7,4,2,

Stacia Flores: There is certainly something that she wants to talk about but is afraid to trust Seth since they just met...perhaps having gotten burnt already isn't helping her trust factor right now.

Ravyn: He smiles just a little bit, almost a sort of 'When you're ready' expression to his face, and continues. "It seems like that to most people. It seems heartless and cold...we all seem so tiny in it. But when you make friendships...connect with become a part of something else. You become a part of the city. And as frightening as that may's really not. Which is why I'm so glad we met."

Stacia Flores: She leans her head on his shoulder, letting go of his hand, the alcohol has relaxed her. "I've probably seen just how heartless this city is. I've been on the receiving end. If I wanted to be an evil bitch I sure could use my powers for the wrong purposes. Just to get back....for that karma we spoke of...." a small shrug. "At least with you....I don't feel like I'm less than you when compared to someone, say like.....Lee....since I can't do what he can....."

Ravyn: He smiles a little, an arm slipping gently around her to provide support. "Lee C.R. is, then, I imagine?"

Stacia Flores: "Yes....but he doesn't make me feel ....less...."

Ravyn: "C.R.?" He grins a bit and nods. "That man is a singular mystery to me, I'll admit."

Stacia Flores: She nods a few times. "Yes. C.R."

Ravyn: "He's a good man. I wouldn't associate with him if he weren't...but he tends to rather annoy many people with that air of not caring that he gives off. As powerful as he is, he seems to make many of his kind think that he's a nobody. And I often wonder why that is."

Stacia Flores: "Funny...I didn't get that from him....I mean about the not caring....though right now, I'm kinda feeling more comfortable around you since we're kinda equals in this......"

Ravyn: "He acts...rather different around us." He shrugs. "So few of his group were sorcerors or psychics beforehand these days...I think he relates better to us sometimes." Her words toward him bring a bit of a smile to his face. "Well, thank you. I'm glad that I make you feel comfortable. Because the last thing in the world you need is to feel uncomfortable with yourself or anyone else because of this. You are still you, all of your glory. It's simply...a new skill you have.."

Stacia Flores: She lets out a small sigh when he says the last few sentences, and drinks down the rest of her glass.

Ravyn: His head tilts, and he furrows his brow, concerned. "I said something wrong."

Stacia Flores: "No....not you exactly......" she looks up at him shyly, sadness in her eyes.

Ravyn: "What, then? If I can ask, that is..." He sighs, worry in his eyes, and reaches up to run his hand over her hair, if she'll allow it.

Stacia Flores: "I'm not exactly who I say I am," she does allow him to run his hand over her hair.

Ravyn: He raises a brow slightly, and nods. "All right...fair enough. How do you mean?"

Stacia Flores: "You can keep this between us?" she looks to him, still sad, and pleadingly.

Ravyn: "Of course." He nods. "Nothing you say to me passes beyond me without your permission."

Stacia Flores: ((two rolls actually))

Stacia Flores: ((healthy cynicism -2 diff: Staci: d10: cynic is he lying: 6,8,6,8,4,7, & emp: Staci: d10: emp: 3,5,2,9,6,8,7,)) She studies him even closer, even if her eyes cross for a moment with the alcohol as she tries to focus on just his eyes.

Ravyn: No lying from him whatsoever. And he's not judging her about lying about herself. He's someone who's used to hiding parts of himself from people, after all. He understands, and just wants to learn what he can so he can help, if possible. Even if help is just someone to speak to...someone who knows who she is, so she has someone she can be herself to.

Stacia Flores: ((figure the alcohol is impairing her so some higher diff too which is why I said about alcohol...but good answer :) ))

Stacia Flores: "You know....." she starts out, quietly, " twins are said to switch places? We never did that....until I did....when she died......I .....took her place......" her voice trailing off.

Ravyn: "Ahhhh." He nods a little, and brushes an errant hair from her face. "How come, if I can ask?"

Stacia Flores: She blushes a little, but still looks up into his face. "My sister gave her life to be a film producer.....part of why I think she turned to stripping.....It might seem silly.....but it wasn't to me," at least she isn't telling him all of her story.

Ravyn: "It's not silly, Stacia. Not at all." He doesn't push her on it. She'll tell him when she's ready. "In fact, I think that's quite admirable. And I'm very sorry for your loss, by the way."

Stacia Flores: "Thank you......" she lays her head back down on his shoulder. "I feel a little better actually....."

Ravyn: He smiles some and shifts so she can have a more comfortable lean. "I'm glad. And you're very welcome, Stacia. I feel rather honored that you were willing to share that with me. Thank you."

Stacia Flores: She leans up and whispers in his ear, who knows why exactly now, but she does. "It's Sarah.....just can call me that if you private."

Ravyn: He smiles suddenly, and looks at her. The weight of what she's told him is not at all lost on him. "Sarah." He smiles softly. "I rather like that name."

Stacia Flores: "Thank you......I'm sorry. I keep saying that," she settles back against him, quickly glancing up to his face. "It feels good to finally tell someone...." she says very quietly.

Ravyn: He chuckles a little bit. "It's quite all right, Sarah." He smiles and chastely kisses her forehead. "Believe me, there are worse things I could suffer then hearing you thank me a few more times then is necessary."

Stacia Flores: She closes her eyes. "Mind if I just rest a little before I head home. I shouldn't drink and drive." (and need to wrap up somehow so I can get to bed)

Ravyn: "Not at all." He smiles. "If you want to, bed's right in there. I'm not tired...and if I get so, I'll crash out on here. And yes, I insist. Most nights, I fall asleep on the couch anyway in the midst of a good book." ((No prob.))

Stacia Flores: "Th.....that would be nice of you.....probably better that way. Sure....that sounds good, Seth. Thanks."

Ravyn: ((Just one more for the night: Seth Almon: d10: Per+Emp: 3,8,4,8,6,1,7,))

Stacia Flores: She feels a deep emotional relief from having told him this, though there is more that she wants to tell him, she's too tired to right now; that took a lot out of her. Perhaps a little giddiness at staying at his place and happy since it's the first time she's had a chance to do something for herself.

Ravyn: He smiles a little bit. "You're very welcome, Sarah. Happy to be of aid."

Stacia Flores: And she'll let him get settled in, falling asleep rather quickly once she hits the bed; she'll sleep a little restless, but not waking up either. ((Good place to stop then for now? ))