Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Arrives at Joy's using her key to enter thru the back door, turning off the security. Heading into the main area to turn on the coffee machines and getting them started, as she checks the clock on the wall.*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *A attractive girl in her late teens or early twenties, with a pale complexion, just under average height with a petite frame curved just enough in all the right places. Long raven black hair hangs a bit past her shoulders, dyed with pink streaks. A cigarette is often found dangling between her pink glossed lips. Thick black eye liner and faint pink eyeshadow highlights her brilliant green eyes. Wearing a purple plaid pleat mini skirt, fishnet stockings cover her legs, with a pair of black short tomb buckle boots. A purple cropped baby tee with "IM A BAD GIRL" emblazoned on it just under this in smaller letters is You should spank me, exposing her midriff and bellybutton ring. Around her neck is a black velvet choker, with a silver pentacle hanging from it resting in the hollow of her throat.*((Fame 1)) (( ))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *once the coffee is done she makes herself a cup and checks the clock once more*

Lee Minardi: * He's a rough looking young man in his early twenties. Standing tall at a few inches over six feet, with hard green eyes and a shaved head save for a thin, spiked mohawk of black hair. His frame is well toned and muscular, looking like he could do a little more than just hold his own if things go bad. There is a small silver cone in his left earlobe and another silver barpell just under his bottom lip, above a well trimed black soulpatch on his chin. Both arms bear elaborate tattoos of swirling flames, flowers, lightning and women in various states of undress. He is dressed in a Black Flag tee shirt and faded woodland BDU pants over a pair of Oi boots. Those into ink might find him familier. {{ Fame 2 }} *

Lee Minardi: * He pulls the Ninja to the front of the store and parks it on the sidewalk, chaining it to a parking metter before leaning against the building to wait. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *splurges on flavorings for the coffee while she waits*

Keridwen Hawthorne: It's warm out or else she might have gone with the leather outfit. Instead, she goes with red tank top of her own design with a phoenix ( [if this link works] like the one of her tattoo that Lee has seen on her back), black jeans and red ankle boots. She's a natural redhead and proud of it. Brown eyes, about 5'7". Around her neck she wears a necklace that is never taken off; that of a beautiful and ornate looking phoenix.

Lee Minardi: * He lights up a cigarette and looks through the glass over his shoulder, sticking his tounge out at Roxy while he waits. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Trying to get the right red color)) She drives up in a red Mitsubishi Eclipse (looks to be a few years old)

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((she has really BIG... eyes...))

Lee Minardi: * When he sees Keri pull up he uses his key to unlock the door and opens it for her when she gets out of the car. * " Thanks for coming on short notice. Some people wanted to meet you and there is no better time than right now. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *flips Lee off when he looks in and sticks his tongue out. Hard to tell if she is kidding with most of the lights out leaving the shop mostly dark. Taking a sip of coffee*

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Did the link work then? The pic is the phoneix in the background not the girl *laugh*))

Lee Minardi: {{ Worked for me that time. }}

Keridwen Hawthorne: She clicks the key with the alarm on it and follows Lee. Her hair looks to still be a bit on the wet side. "It's okay. Just caught me out of the shower. No biggie though."

C.R.: The sounds of footsteps come up the stairs in the back room, and out steps C.R. from behind the curtain. It's not before 2 pm, so he's fully awake and alert...not that it stops him from making a beeline for the espresso machine. The T-Shirt reads "I will kick your ass without smearing my eyeliner." He smiles to Roxy as he slips toward the counter. "Mornin', Rox." , He looks out through the window front and nods to Lee, actually diverting from the coffee machine to get the door.

Lee Minardi: * He smirks. * " Wish I had one of those video phones then. After you. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Oh I bet you do...." she smirks right back before stepping inside the place.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Um acttually it's evening, the sun's already setting again.*moves out of the way of the coffee machines so he can get his cup* Lee's outside, guess he is waiting for the chick.

Lee Minardi: * He starts to lock the door behind them when he notices C.R. * " Oh hey man. Roxy gave me a key and alarm info. "

Lee Minardi: {{ Keri could not make it till 10pm }}

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods to Keri when she comes in* Who do you think had the key made?

C.R.: "Yep," he says to Roxy with a grin. "Sun is setting. So it's morning." He looks to Lee and nods with a chuckle. "Yeah, I know. Thought maybe you'd lost it or something. Heya." The last said to Keri with the same grin, before he turns back around and heads toward the espresso machine.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Hello," she greets them, but other than that, she stays quiet and for the moment, will let Lee do most of the talking until otherwise needed.

Lee Minardi: * He shrugs. * " Dude was trying to open the door for us. I dont know how you freaks opperate. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: No he was opening the door for him, sometimes he forgets and thinks he's a gentlemen or somthing or other like that. *glances to CR with a smirk, taking another sip of coffee*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((him = her))

Lee Minardi: " Okay you said that you had met C.R. That hot thing over there that is about to get us some coffee is Roxy. They wanted to have a meeting and you are the guest of honor. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Hey*said to Keri* Want coffee?

Keridwen Hawthorne: Her left hand moves to her wrist before putting her arms behind her back. Then just wraps her fingers around her wrist gently. "Yes. Actually met Roxy too before. Same day I was in. Afternoon actually I believe it was." She debates the coffee. "I think I'll pass, or I'll be awake until tomorrow morning."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs slightly* Thats the norm around here, sunset to sunrise and sleep during the day when the weirdo's in suits are out.

C.R.: "Yeah, if only the Black Hats worked banker's hours, we'd be set." He grins a little bit and gets his quad Americano made fairly quickly, then moves to take a seat at a table. Out comes his cigerettes.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods. "Thank you anyway. I'll keep on my usual schedule."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: You know you would think with them being the union they would... you know have a workers union and demand better pay and hours.*shrugs slightly and heads over to were CR sat taking a seat by him and stealing a cigarette*

Lee Minardi: * He takes a quick pull on his smoke and heads off to get one for himself. * " Have a seat, Keri. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: She finds a place to sit and makes herself comfortable.

C.R.: He snorts to Roxy as he lights up. "Worker's unions promote individuality and non-conformity. Why would the fuckers want that?" He shrugs and looks over to Keri. "So, making it all official-like...I'm C.R. Hollow One, Hollower, Darkling, Shiftless Layabout, Undisciplined Orphan, or whatever the latest title for us is within the Great Council." He grins a bit and leans back, taking a drag off his smoke.

Lee Minardi: * He returns a few minutes later with a mug for himself. * " Alright. Sorry if you thought this was a date or something, Keri. Could not really go into detail on the phone. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: So, Lee tells us your a cusion so to speak but not overly found of your close family you might say.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances to CR and smiles a bit and uses his lighter to light a cigarette of her own up* Think it is Loser with a capital L. *making the shape of a L on her forhead with her finger and thumb*

Lee Minardi: " Never said that. To be truthful I said you did not seem to be into the bullshit politics and that I thought you were cool. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Nice to meet you...well, the second time around, C.R." She smirks at Lee. "Oh, I wasn't sure really what you had in mind. Figured a date would have been at a dance club though." A bit of a nod to Roxy. "I've been doing my own thing for a while. Avoiding politics like the plague. But realizing I need to improve my social skills and get hooked up with some like minded people."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well you can't really avoid the politics no matter what you do. *taking a drag off her cigarette* To give you a rough lowdown on things. Their is three chantries in the city, two are controled by the traditions and we control the other.*with the we she indicates the others in the room* Now fair warning lone wolf don't play out to well locally, the black hats have restarted the program, even wiping out a Hermetic chantry and virtually wiping them out. *shrugs slightly* Plus the city seems to be sitting on a helmouth or some shift with all the fucked up weird shit always going on. *stops to give keri a chance to mentally digest all that*

C.R.: "Fair enough." He nods a little bit to Keri after giving Roxy a smirk at her comment and gesture. "We're all about the hook-up here, and politics blows."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gives CR a slightly pouty look* Well they never blew me...

Keridwen Hawthorne: She listens closely to all that she's told about the current situation going on in the city. Given all the time she's spent pretty secluded, it takes a moment for her to really respond. "I tended to move around enough and maybe that's helped. But in some ways, it may have hindered. But I like it here and plan to stick around." Then she remembers one other thing, "Did Lee already tell you my affiliation?"

C.R.: "You didn't take them for dinner and a movie first," he says to Roxy with a wink.

Lee Minardi: * He just nods his head. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit to Keri as she takes a long drag off her cig* Well he told us what you told him anyways. *said with a smirk* Moving around is fine but just a word of advice it won't save you in the end if you want to stick around. Need to hook up with someone, who is what you need to figure out.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "It hasn't changed in that time. Just wasn't sure and didn't want to go repeating myself." She plays again with her wrist, rubbing it a bit before her hand goes up to her necklace. "I'm not so sure how well I deal with the norm. And honestly, if you think I'd fit in here and we all get along after getting to know each other better, then maybe that would be the route for me to go. Figured it still needed to be all mutual for it to work well."

Keridwen Hawthorne: And actually C.R.'s response to Roxy makes her smile a little bit. It had to be good to do that. Nervous as she was.

C.R.: "Mutual's good," he says with a nod. "And technically, there's three and a half." A slight scowl. "One of them just isn't worth mentioning."

Lee Minardi: * His eyes watch as the hands fidgit, but he remains quiet for the moment. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances to CR and shakes her head slightly at his reply then turns her attention back to Keri and shrugs slightly* Well unlike the others we are more of a community of equals so you will need to meet the rest before thats for sure if thats what you want. *glances to CR, then back to Keri* Though for our own protection I would like to do a little ritual, one I am sure your well aware of consider your trads obession with fate. Just one to check truth and make sure you really are who and what you claim. *smiles pleasently* We can't be to careful you understand.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances to CR and obvious for a moment wondering who he means by half and then shrugs, obviously realising who he meant and blowing it off as beyond mentioning*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Whatever you need to do. If the tables were turned I'd probably be wanting the same reassurance."

C.R.: He nods a little bit at Roxy's request and Keri's acceptance, falling silent for the moment as he takes a drag off his cigarette.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods slightly at that* Alright just hold still a second. *then leans across and reaches her right hand out to cup Keri's chin with her fingers and rub her thumb on her lips* Lies, beget lies, that beget lies, let their only be truth. ((short ritual, entropy 1 effect for ring of truth))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: d10: arete: 3,7,6,8,

Lee Minardi: * He stubs out his cigarette and stands, tired of siting and maybe a little listless. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: d10: arete: 5,9,5,9,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((done, like I said short one. mostly she just wanted to be sure it worked*s*))

Keridwen Hawthorne: Keri sits there quietly and watches Roxy closely.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *pulls her hand back* Ok so whats your name?

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Keridwen Hawthorne to most. In Japan also Yoshi Hana."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit* Ok, what tradition are you?

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Euthanatos."

C.R.: He's quiet, watching and listening for now.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Have any affiliation with the Technocracy?

Keridwen Hawthorne: "No."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Currently affiliated with your tradition?

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((I kept typing, 'not that I'm aware of' remembering that her necklace has something....and actually what you told me to call it. But figured Yes and no and short answeres would be better right now))

Keridwen Hawthorne: "How so?" That question has her puzzled. "I worked with a mentor for a while. Is that what you mean?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Nah I mean do you work for them and currently trying to further their aggenda. You said you was off on your own now.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Oh, I don't work for them. Just my own agendas."

C.R.: "What do you think of the Order of Hermes?" He had to ask. There's a little, curious smile on his face as he asks the question.

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: ((That's fine. In her mind, she's telling the complete truth...and really, she is. Possesing a chip with knowledge of the Union certainly isn't affiliation. ;) ))

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I don't know anyone who is of that Tradition and I honestly don't know much about them. So I can't say."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Do you truelly seek to join our little chantry and be a fully supporative member, loyal to the chantry first before tradition and abid by chantry rules? Assuming after you hear the rules you want to still join and the rest give a thumbs up. *takes a drag off her cigarette*

C.R.: "Works for me." He grins and nods.

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((Well, when you put it that way....though if she's with a faction, that still doesn't mean that she's actively associated does it? If so, then I can just take that off the sheet since she's her own 'agent'))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances to CR and slightly rolls her eyes at that and then to keri* We really don't like the hermetics you might say.

Lee Minardi: " Might help her if she knew the rules. " * He heads off to top of his coffee. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Yes. As long as it is amicable to all." Then a glance to C.R. and Roxy. "Well, then at least point one out to me so I know."

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Naah. Even "Ronin" members of the Traditions are still members. It determines, essentially, the specialty spheres and things like that.))

Lee Minardi: {{ AFK for a few. Daughter needs my help. Managed to break something. *L* }}

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods to Lee* Yeah will get to that, but thats why i said assuming she wants to join after hearing them.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Oh yes....well, I figure rules are pretty straightforward. But that would be good to know," she nods to Lee. "Thanks."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *stops and thinks a moment then glances at CR and Lee* You guys got any questions for her?

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((Oh good. Thanks :) ))

C.R.: "We will," he says to Lee. "Part of the plan." He looks to Keri. "It's a personal thing. Feel free to like them all you accounting for taste. Some people like sour kraut, and I think they're nuts, but works for them. I think we can find one to point out to you, though."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Alright. That seems fair enough," she nods.

C.R.: "Several questions, actually...but most wouldn't be ethical for me to ask while you're playing human lie detecter, Rox. That'd be cheating." He chuckles and shrugs. "Only one I've got is this...ever violate the Rule of Shade?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *takes a sip of coffee while waiting to see if the boys come up with any questions*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Never."

C.R.: He nods to Keri, then leans back. "She's a-okay by me."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *furrows her brow at CR* See when did you grow a moral backbone? *then shrugs with a smirk* Sides like the say, if your not cheating your not trying.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((see = since))

Lee Minardi: " No questions. " * He calls out from behind the counter. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Is there anything else?" she asks Roxy.

C.R.: "What can I say...I like a challenge," he shoots over to Roxy with a grin.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *thinks a moment, then gets a expression like she just thought of a important one* Ah yeah actually... are you a virgin and whats your favorite sexual postion? *grins and looks all innocent... well as innocent as she can dressed the way she is*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Actually...I'm not sure."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *furrows her brow* Your not sure if your a virgin? Typically it is fairly memorable experince... sometimes a bad memory admitedly but still.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shakes her head slightly* Anyways not that important I suppose.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I know I haven't been with any guys that I remember, but there's someone....I don't know if it's like a past life experience or what."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *looks at Keri a long moment* Ok... *then shrugs* Anyways it was mostly a joke... mostly. *smiles a bit* Ok here is the rules of the chantry. ((You can read them on the page as she would just tell them verbatum(sp)))

C.R.: He tilts his head curiously at Keri's answer, and shrugs. "Past lifey stuff...never been my thing. Sure there's someone who could help you with that, though. If you want."

Lee Minardi: * He finaly returns and retakes his chair. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: She listens closely to what Roxy says. ((I'll read it again in a little bit.)) "It wasn't anything I really thought about until now," she shrugs.

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((Had to think on that one really hard because Keri's memories had been altered *laugh* I was waiting for that kind of question. But I bet it wasn't expected for the answer.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Thats basicly it, if your still interasted thats cool just say so. If not, we can direct you to one of the other chantries that might be more your speed. *takes a final drag off the cigarette before stubing it out in a ashtray*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Well it sounds good. But I like to think things over and not make rash decisions. It sounds pretty good though."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Just let us know what you decided, if it is yes then you can meet the rest and we can go from there then.

C.R.: "Not that any of the others have nearly as cool of members...or a hangout place." He grins.

Lee Minardi: " I had no idea that they were going to offer you an invitation at all. Sorry to dump this on you. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I like this place. And it feels pretty good being here, so I have to agree with you, C.R."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "It's okay, Lee. I didn't mind. It was a surprise though. A good one."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *frowns at Lee* Playing lone wolf in this city is not much better than sucicide and we wanted to talk to her. She seems cool so we offered, if she didn't then we would have recomend one of the others and helped her get in touch with them.

Lee Minardi: " Not going to argue about it right now. She is cool and I dont mind. Just seems a little out of the blue. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: She listens quietly.

C.R.: "Wasn't planned, so to speak." He shrugs. "But hey, no one's pissed, it's all good, right?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shakes her head slightly but doesn't reply and takes a sip of coffee*

Lee Minardi: " Yeah its all good. " * He lights up another cigarette and wipes the frown from his face. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Is it all cool?" she wonders with the reactions.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit to Keri, draining the last of the coffee as she stands* Yeah just let us know and if not then we will interduce you to one of the other chantries. *then takes her cup over to the trash bin and throws it away*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Can I let you know through Lee then? Or how should I let you know?"

Lee Minardi: " Its all cool. I am just a new arival to this crew and I am still geting used to how things work. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs slightly* Either let Lee know or call here and leave a message. As you see we have access *using her arm to geasture at the place as if to make her point* to the place when it is closed so one of us will get the message and no one else will. Just keep it low key as it is open air waves.

C.R.: "Lee works...or you still got my number, I think." He nods. "Whatever's clever."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods. "I still have your number. Was actually going to just call anyway about the comics, but this all happened before I had the chance. And I can think of something non-descript."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Anyways nice meeting you Keri, but i think I am going to take off. *faint smile graces her lips* Seeya later boys. *then heads towards the door*

Lee Minardi: * He watches as Roxy heads out and shakes his head. * " Yeah. See you thursday. "

C.R.: "See ya, Rox." He watches Roxy leave and then lights up a new cigarette, looking between Lee and Keri.

Lee Minardi: " Dont know who she is calling boy. " * He smirks and rubs at the back of his head. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: She has a worried look on her face, which is not typical for her. Though she doesn't say anything at the moment, she watches Roxy leave.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *steps out the door letting it close softly behind her as she heads down the street towards the nearest subway terminal*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((killing nick but still lurking))

C.R.: "Me," says to Lee with a grin. "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid. I just shop at the X-Rated Toys R Us."

Keridwen Hawthorne: That does make her actually laugh.

Lee Minardi: * After the long silence he stands and drains the last of his coffee. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Ummmm.....maybe I should go?"

C.R.: He sighs a bit and finishes up his coffee before looking to Keri. "So, anyway. Business's the other business?"

Lee Minardi: " Well I think I am going to go. You guys have fun. Still need to check out those comics but just not in the mood right now. "

C.R.: "All right, Lee. Stay cool, man...I'll catch you later."

Lee Minardi: " Yeah, later man. Cool seeing you again. "

Lee Minardi: * With that he checks to make sure that he has his key still and heads for the front door. *

C.R.: He looks back over to Keri. "You're fine. Really. 'less you wanna jet off, which is also fine. Up to you, really."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Oh, were right about something....." she says to him before he gets out of there, unless he just misses what she's said. "I just am not sure what happened there....that's all. As for my accupuncture business. It's pretty good. I've got a few clients now."

C.R.: "Cool, cool." He nods and smiles at mention of the acupuncture business. "Clients to tend to help that whole business thing."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Yes. I like to see the money come in. Have things picked up since you had to close things? I can't remember if Lee had said the place had reopened again or not."

C.R.: "Hasn't yet," he says with a shake of his head. "A few situational experiences that we're still trying to work on. Soon, though, hopefully."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I do hope it's soon." She starts to stand. "I have a couple appointments in the morning so I probably should take off."

C.R.: He nods and smiles to her. "Awright. Well, have a good one, Keri. I'll talk to you soon?" He rises to get the door behind her. He's one of the ones who lives here, so he's going nowhere.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Oh definitely. Probably tomorrow. Thanks for seeing me." She heads for the door. ((Thanks for the scene. :) ))

C.R.: ((Thank you! :) ))

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Have a good night, C.R." And with that, she's out the door.

C.R.: "Night." He locks it behind and heads back downstairs.