David Poe: * He looks back down to Roxy, then to the waiting woman. * " Guess your own another of your breaks then. " * He climbs down the ladder and makes his way to Keridwen. * " Yeah whats up? "

Joey Edwards: He nods. "That's true. Seems sometimes, too, folks lose themselves in this city, like they don't always 'member who they are." He reddens. "Ah don't explain that too good, ah know."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: I'm bussy, sides your not doing anything. *still writing in her notebook*

David Poe: * He mutters under his breath. *

Spenser Mitchell: Don't remember who they are? *curious look at Joey. he's still alert to everyone else, to Keri at the register, to David and Roxy's conversation, to anyone else coming and going*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I see that you carry some of Yoshi Hana's works. I was wondering if you'd be interested in getting a bit of a discount from now on. Also I wanted to say I was pleased to see you did carry it. As well as the collection of works you carry in general. Very nice," he gets a semi friendly smile, at least as much as is possible with her.

David Poe: * He shakes his head.* "I dont pay for them. That would be the owner and I think he already has a deal on them. Might be wrong though. Are you a distributer? "

Joey Edwards: Spenser: "Like some folks who come in ta the city, and they's happy and nice...sometimes it seems the city weighs 'em down and they feel that hurt inside, the kind what makes 'em want ta lash out, hurt others like they hurt. They fergit who they are." He lowers his eyes, pain touching them for a moment. "Ah wish ah could take that hurt away, but no one really kind do that but them, ah reckon."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Oh, maybe I could speak to the owner sometime," a pause as she looks around again. "I'm the artist."

Joey Edwards: ((kind=kin))

Spenser Mitchell: *very softly* Talking, knowing people are listening, can help take some hurt away. Are you... are you alright? Really?

David Poe: "Oh cool. I dig your work. The owner is kind of a recluse but I might be able to hook you up with him. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods,a small smile again. Then pulling at her satchel, she opens a pocket on the side and pulls out two business cards. "Wonderful. You can have a card, and if you could pass another along to the owner. If he calls back great. If not, great."

Joey Edwards: The smile returns, tinged perhaps with sorrow for those who have lost their way, but otherwise warm. "Ah'm very much alright. Ah apologize, don't mean ta bring ya down. Ah jest worry 'bout others sometimes. Not ever'one has someone ta talk to." He considers that, then gestures hesitantly to a chair at Spenser's table. "Would ya mind iffen ah join ya?" Unsure of his welcome.

David Poe: * He takes the card and looks over it briefly with a bit of confusion before passing his own card back. * " Uh yeah. I will give this too him. So why are you so down to give him a break then? I mean he is already selling your stuff. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances briefly at the two groups of people before returning her attetion back to writing in her notebook*

Spenser Mitchell: *gestures to another chair at his table* Not at all. *shy smile. there's an edge of nervousness still there, though Joey's warm smile seems to be helping*

Joey Edwards: His eyes light up, and the hesitation goes out of him as he comes over and sits down, taking a sip of his mocha before setting it on the table. "Ah don't want ta give ya the wrong impression, though. Like ah said, there's some real good folks here. Nice ones."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I like what I see here. And it's nice to help a local private owner-type store," she shrugs.

Spenser Mitchell: That's good to hear. *softly. he stays alert, to conversations and people in the area. but listens to Joey*

David Poe: * He shakes his head at that and smiles. * " Your a better person than I am, then. "

David Poe: * He pulls out his cellphone and puts the battery into it before dialing a number. * " Hey man wake up. Wake up you lazy fuck. THis is Dave down at Hangmans and there is someone here you want to talk too. Take a shower and get over here. " * Then he closes the phone and removes the battery. *

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I could care less what happens to the chains that sell my stuff. Though don't sell me so short. I'm not as nice as you think," dark smile.

Joey Edwards: "There's some real parks 'round, too. Ah don't like Central much, got a strange feel to it. But Battery's purty nice. Leastways, there's some trees and flowers, so it ain't all concrete and steel. That's bin the hardest fer me, gittin' used ta the concrete."

Spenser Mitchell: Me? What? *confused, uncertain. surprised* Why do you say that? *wariness. nervousness again. Not a lot, but noticable if you're watching*

Spenser Mitchell: ((Whoops, responding to the wrong thing, sorry!))

Spenser Mitchell: *shy nod to Joey, listening*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances briefly to Dave when he tells his "boss" off more or less*

Joey Edwards: "Ya got a job here yet? Ah'm sorry iffen ah'm bein' too nosy." He smiles. "Bad habit ah've gotten inta cuz muh roomies do it all the time."

David Poe: " Not selling you short. Just saying its cool that you are willing to look out for the little guy on this one. I am more about making a buck but I try to do my own good deeds every once in awhile. " * He shrugs and turns to Roxy. * " Get me an expresso, woman. "

David Poe: * Then he smiles. * " I'm servicing a customer. "

Spenser Mitchell: *shakes his head* It's okay. I've got a job, yes. Massage therapist at a holistic health center. You? *amazing. He can manage a couple of sentences at once there*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *with out looking up* Bite me bitch.

Joey Edwards: He blinks over at David, unsure if he's teasing or really speaking to Roxy like that.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods to Dave, glancing to the woman he tells to get him an expresso, then back to Dave again. "Keridwen Hawthorne," she offers as a more formal introduction, despite the early business card switch.

Joey Edwards: His eyes widen, cheeks go pink, and he looks away quickly at Roxy's response to Dave. "Massage therapist? Ain't done met one afore," he says quietly, a little subdued by the exchange a couple tables away. "Ah work part time in a coffee shop on Columbia campus. Jest finishin' up muh college classes."

David Poe: " Hey yeah I am Dave. Everyone just calls me Dave. This is Roxy. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Sorry about the Dave...I meant David...my dad goes by Dave....*laugh*))

Spenser Mitchell: *Spense notices the banter between David and Roxy. Given the reactions, though, it gets a smile out of him*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Nice to make your aquaintance, Dave." Looks back over to Roxy. "Same with you, Roxy."

Spenser Mitchell: What are you studying? *curiously, to Joey*

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((*laugh* I'd forgotten about the comic book store your NPC owned....this is cool. Now all I have to do is pin you down to have your Verbena meet mine *grin*))

David Poe: " Well I called the boss but I got his voicemail. He sometimes sleeps late on saturdays. I mean who doesn't? Anyway I left a message on his voice mail. "

C.R.: ((Will be in in just a sec, for the record. Giving the late riser time to shower. *G*))

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: ((*G*))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *waves in the general direction of Keri and Dave when he interducers her* Hey... *though her atetion seems fairly fixed on writing in the notebook*

Joey Edwards: "All kinds of things." He grins. "Tryin' ta git 'nuff credits ta take the firefighter test in June. Got ta have 30 credits. Ah gots an environmental class, animal behavior, human evolution, and insect ecology. Ah jest went fer dif'rent int'rests."

Joey Edwards: ((We don't mind stinky! *L*))

Keridwen Hawthorne: She had glanced toward Spenser at the mention of the massage therapist (just realized had missed that earlier), but it had only been very quickly since she was watching Dave mostly. "Thanks. I don't have anywhere to be at least for a while. I can wait. I'd be happy to buy an expresso and wait."

Spenser Mitchell: *big eyes* Sounds like you're interested in a lot of things!

David Poe: * He glances back to Roxy and rolls his eyes before speaking to Keri again. * " Do you want anything while you wait? "

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((hehe...cross posting.))

Joey Edwards: He lowers his eyelashes, smiling shyly. "Mainly plants and animals." Then he perks, eyes widening as he thinks to tell his exciting news, even to a near-stranger. "We gots this stray cat we took in who was pregnant, poor thing wanderin' around and stuff. And she had kittens a couple weeks ago! They's jest the cutest, bittiest things." A bright smile that lights up his entire face. "Ah want ta keep 'em all, though we gots a lot of animals nows."

David Poe: * He nods and holds up one finger before turning and heading off to the machine, drawing up two espresso's before returning. * " Its on the house. For making you wait. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods to David, watching him head off to get the expresso.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances up at the one the house comment and smirks before going back to write in the notebook*

Spenser Mitchell: *instant grin. if there's ever a key to relax Spense, Joey just found it* If you don't have enough room for the cat and her kittens, I can take them in. I've only got two cats right now. *he just light up at that.*

C.R.: ((Aaand...BRB. Damn work thingy.))

David Poe: * He pushes one of the cups infront of Keri and smiles. * " So are you from the City? "

Joey Edwards: He doesn't want to think about losing the kittens, but his attention is definitely caught as well. "What's their names?" he asks with eager interest.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She takes the cup and a small sip first. "Oh, I just got here not too long ago. I've been a few places in between."

David Poe: " You should check out the Limelight when they get the doors open again. I bet it would be your speed. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: She does grin a little. "It would probably give me some interesting inspiration for my work. I have heard about that place." Another small sip, nodding a bit. "Thank you. Very good."

Spenser Mitchell: Alice is a little white cat with big blue eyes. Ra is a huge orange Maine Coon mix. *big grin* They're fabulous. The rest of my cats stayed back in the DC area with my family. Well, they're family cats, really. *enthusiasm. bright eyes. grinning*

David Poe: * He nods again, leting his own cool for a bit. * " Its alright if your into that sort of music. I hang out there sometimes and Roxy goes there to pick up strange. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Oh, I wasn't meaning the music," she smirks. "People watching."

Joey Edwards: "Aw, they sound real neat! Ah gots muh dog Bowser, he's coonhound and rottweiler, and Cori's got two big dogs, and Damien's got two half-grown cats. Ah'm gonna keep at least two kittens from this litter, and ah'm shore we're keepin' the mama cat." His dark green eyes are fairly glowing. "Ah jest love all critters. Useta bring 'em home all the time growin' up, from the woods iffen they was hurt. Coons, squirrels, skunks, anything."

David Poe: " Thats not easy to do there. Its normaly pretty packed. "

Spenser Mitchell: I'll take in anything that needs it. But cats are my favorites. *big grin*

C.R.: The sounds of footsteps come from the backroom, and the curtain opens...out walks the man, freshly showered and short, spikey hair still air drying. The man is in his mid-30's, tall and average weight, with a pure Classic goth style. Dress consists of a Souxsie and the Banshee T-Shirt, very worn, a pair of black PVC pants, and Doc Martin books. This was one guy who was Goth WELL before it was cool. Oh, and don't forget the unlit cigarette poking out of his mouth. ((Fame 1 mmong the Nightclub scene for being a former well-known club owner))

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Even in the Dungeon?" Yes, she had been doing her research.

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((Need her descrip? And wb btw))

David Poe: * He smiles at that. * " No, the dungeon is another animal all togeather. You can certainly get into some people watching down there. "

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Naah, I know it. :) Unless she's dressed differently or anything. And thanks!))

Joey Edwards: He bobs his head enthusiastically. "Ain't nuthin' like a cat. They's so sleek and smooth, like pettin' silk." He grins. "And they's got them cold little noses. They's smarter than folks think, too. Way smarter."

David Poe: * He turns as the curtain opens and grins at C.R. * " Hey man. You get my message? "

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((Has on the red long sleeve shirt with the japanese writing....the main thing she wears. and her phoenix necklace of course))

Spenser Mitchell: Cats know. *nods, with conviction* They know things people don't know. If I meet someone, and I see a cat doesn't like them, well, I'll keep an eye out. Some cats only like a few people, but there's standoffish and then there's dislike. If a cat hisses at someone, I'm keeping my distance.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "That's what I was meaning for inspiration..." her words cut off as she glances to the curtain being opened and watches David, figuring this must be the owner.

C.R.: "Yeah," he says with a nod to David. He ruffles a hand through his damp hair. "See? I even showered and everything. I'm all fancified." He looks around the comic shop, nodding to those there, before he makes his way behind the counter to start up a coffee for himself.

Joey Edwards: "Ayup. Dogs ain't as picky, but cats *do* know. They kin see iffen someone's got a mean hurt in 'em." The lightest frown touches his lips, which looks out of place on him. "Some folks are bad inside, but they smile purty and act real nice. They kin really fool a body."

Joey Edwards: A glance to C.R. A hint of recognition, at least Joey is fairly certain he's seen him in certain circles. A tilt of his head, a shy but sunny beam of a smile, and his attention returns to Spenser.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She takes a longer sip on the expresso since it's cooled down. "Hello," greets C.R.

David Poe: " If you are into drawing that sort of thing I would really like to see your stuff. " * Then back to C.R. * " This chick draws that Yoshi Hana stuff we carry and wants to talk to you about it. I am changing the filters in the smoke hoods so the city will stay off your back. You can thank me later. "

Spenser Mitchell: *noticing CR. a little nervous. but attention on Joey* They can't fool cats, though. Cats know.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She gives a rather dark grin to David. "You haven't seen some of my hardcore stuff then. I'd be happy to hook you up with it sometime," she promises.

Joey Edwards: "Ah reckon yore right. Ah've seen it afore. It's like they gots an extra sense we don't." He finishes off his mocha, wetting his lips in appreciation of the taste.

C.R.: "Awesome. Remind me to do that...later." He looks over his shoulder at Keri as he sets the espresso into the machine and smiles. "Yoshi Hana, eh? Well, color me all a-flutter. You do good work." He sets the thing to start and then turns to extend a hand to her. "C.R. Pleasure to meet you."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *flips the notebook closed, rolling it up and stuffing it in her purse. She gets up and stretchs a great deal, not seeming to notice or not care her already short cloths strain to keep everything covered. Then heads up to the counter* Hey CR, *then turns to dave and kisses his cheek* Heading home seeya later. *then turns and heads towards the door*((player needs to head out soon))

David Poe: * He grabs the cup and drinks down his espresso. * " Very cool. I look forward to that. "

Spenser Mitchell: *grins, sipping his drink as well* They know when something's wrong, too. With people in their household.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Thanks. Keridwen Hawthorne otherwise here in the States." She takes his hand and shakes it. "Nice to meet you C.R." Seeing Roxy leave, she does give her a farewell. "Bye Roxy. Good to make your aquaintance."

C.R.: "Heya Roxy." He nods to her. "See you later."

David Poe: * As Roxy begins to walk off Dave grabs her arm and pulls her back too him, kissing her hard before leting go. * " Yeah, see you soon. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I've got your card, Dave. Consider it a done deal. Next time you go, give me a call. Or I'll give you one and let you watch me in action."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *returns the kiss and mutters something about losers to Dave before heading out, giving a wave back to the others*

Joey Edwards: He nods. "They shore do. They're amazin' critters, really. So much goin' on in their heads, ah'd wager." He grins. "They prob'ly got the whole world figgered out and cain't understands why we two-leggers are still stumblin' around." He looks at his empty cup, reluctantly. "And ah gots some studyin' ta do. Ah ain't so bright, gotta study twice as hard as some, so ah better hit the books."

C.R.: "Keridwen, then." He nods and grins, and goes back to making his drink. "Give me JUST a second. Trust me, I'm a hundred times more charming when I've had a dose of caffeine in my system."

Joey Edwards: ((I have to have lunch and get ready for TT tonight. *S* But great scene, thanks all!))

David Poe: * He turns back to Keri as he climbs the ladder again. * " Watching you work sounds like fun. "

Spenser Mitchell: *smiles* It was good to meet you, Joey.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Take your time, C.R." She steps from the counter and pulls out a sketch pad from the satchel, along with a pen. Flipping through the pages for a blank page, she puts it down on the counter and starts to sketch.

Joey Edwards: "You, too." A warm smile. "Seems like ah usually run inta folks again, but jest in case, I hang out in the Battery Park area, and Random Cafe X 'cross the street from it." He gets up to go.

Joey Edwards: And he gives that warm smile to Roxy and the others as well, anyone who looks his way pretty much.

Keridwen Hawthorne: A glance back over to Dave. "Just hope I don't dissapoint much."

Keridwen Hawthorne: Joey only gets a brief nod.

C.R.: He glances over at Joey, recognizing him from that whole justice affair a little bit back, and then finishes making his drink. Quad mocha, double cup. No syrup. Syrup's for pansies who like their caffeine diluted. He pours the whole thing into the travel cup he keeps under the counter and then takes a good, long draught from the coffee before moving to take a seat behind the counter near Keri. "Didn't know you were here in the Big Apple. I must be losing my touch."

Spenser Mitchell: *waves to Joey, and then looks around at the folks who are still here*

Joey Edwards: He goes on out and heads off to study. ((~poof~))

David Poe: " Dont see how you could. I have never watched a real artist at work and it happens to be some of my favorite subject matter. " * He reaches down to grab one of the navy blue filters and places it on the top step of the ladder while he removes the dirty one from the hood. * " Man it would look really cool if we mounted some red lamps up here to shine down through these filters. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I haven't been here long. Maybe not even two weeks? Time flies...." she says sketching a picture of the place with Roxy, David, C.R. Joey, and Spenser, in her Black Thorne style from the Internet. "Guess it was luck that I found your place," she actually has a wider smile as she says that.

Spenser Mitchell: *looking back around at everyone. careful, and more on edge again*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "What do you do, David?" she asks. Of course she's sketching him up on the ladder. C.R. with his travel cup of joe.

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Bloody Thorne even.))

David Poe: * He glances back down to the counter and grins. * " I'm a student at Columbia U. I run a porn business on the side though. Work part time here behind the counter. "

C.R.: "Lucky for both of us, I imagine." He grins and looks down to the picture, watching her work. "So, what can I do for you, or vice versa, or both? Besides giving me the pleasure of watching you at your craft..."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Cool," and now he gets a geniune full smile. "I wasn't sure from the addy I saw on your card."

Spenser Mitchell: *listening and watching. shudders. looks down at the dregs of his mocha*

David Poe: * He chuckles. * " It pays the bills. Roxy is one of my models. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I like to, on occasion, help out private owners and offer deep discounts of my work. Even get first releases. Small things to help out. This is all a side thing for me and just something I do for fun. If you were interested in getting some extra traffic, I could even do some signings, draw for people, that kind of thing. I'm pretty flexible."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She does quickly add between the sketching, directed toward David, "I don't model though. Even though I've been told I should."

David Poe: " Never asked you too. Though if you would have offered I would not have said no. Some of my girls might dig a drawing from you for their portfolio's. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I'd love to help them out. Feel free to give them my number and have them call me."

David Poe: " Will do that. " * From atop the ladder he looks across the room to Spencer. * " Hey man, do you know anything about electricity? "

C.R.: His expression breaks into a wide smile at that. "You, my dear Keridwen, just became my favorite person in the biz. Not that you weren't already there, mind, or at least in the top three. But Jhonen Vasquez and Danzig just took a serious backseat." How much of that was teasing and how much was serious is hard to determine. "I'd be very interested, of course."

Spenser Mitchell: *very quiet. as if he'd rather just disappear*

Spenser Mitchell: *shakes his head to David abruptly. if you had to name that expression, it would be fear*

David Poe: * He calls out to Spencer again. * " Get over here and I will show you what I need you to do. There is a free cup of coffee in it for you. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Okay, why do I get that wierd e?))

Spenser Mitchell: *shakes his head again, pulling back further into that corner*

David Poe: * He shakes his head in disgust and goes back to instaling the filter. *

Spenser Mitchell: *shivering. silent. and watching*

David Poe: {{ What wierd e? }}

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Hey kid," she says to Spenser. "Something spook you?" ((It posted -> ;e: after my nick in the prior post))

Spenser Mitchell: *shakes his head then nods then shakes his head again. fast. like he's afraid to answer*

David Poe: {{ Must have been in a PM. I cant see it. }}

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((I was wondering...let me repost it then.))

C.R.: ((If you end a post with an apostrophe, it PM's it to ";e"))

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Thank you!!!!!! I've tried and tried and thought it was something i accidently put in the beginning.))

Keridwen Hawthorne: The mention of her name with the others by C.J. makes her grin a little bit. Then she looks back to David. "See, you asked me why I did this, and this is why," though hard to tell what she was alluding to with the -why-.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "It only bites you if you let it. Don't let fear rule you, kid," she says to Spenser.

David Poe: " What to make friends? Ah well I guess it helps. "

Spenser Mitchell: *shivering. pulled back into his corner as far as he can get*

David Poe: * He nods and starts to re-attach the hood. * " Yeah I dont have many friends either. Just people that I hang around with. " * He looks back to Spencer and scowls. * " Your starting to freak me out. If you dont want to be here the door is right there. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods a little with David.

Spenser Mitchell: *flinches. quick look around the place. then heading for the door*

David Poe: " What the fuck was that? Either of you know that dude? "

Spenser Mitchell: *running out. in a bad way*

C.R.: "Nope." He shakes his head, shrugging. "Wierd kid, though."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Never met him before. Seemed to like that other guy talking about pets and cats." Yes, she was listening. She puts the last bit of finishing touches on the page she was working on and then tears it off the spiral. "So, C.R. just let me know what you would like and I'll get in touch with my girl in Japan. She's my PR person."

David Poe: * He mutters something under his breath and then heads back over to the breaker box to turn the fans of. * " Sketchy little dude. If he wanted to leave he could have just left. I dont like people eyeing me like that. "

David Poe: {{ Fans on. }}

C.R.: "Will do." He nods to Keri and sets the cup aside. "I'll give you a call soon as I figure out what would be cool."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Maybe you remind him of someone?" she shrugs, then after signing it at the bottom left corner, Bloody Thorne, she gives it to C.R.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "That sounds good. Dave give you my card?"

David Poe: " Nah I kept the card for myself. " * He gives a wicked grin as he starts to fold up the ladder. *

C.R.: "I'll get the number from him," he says with a chuckle, casting a sidelong glance David's way, then back. "Unless you got an extra cardlaying around you'd like to bestow upon me."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She shakes her head a little, amused. First she puts her pad back and pen back into her satchel before digging for another card in the bag to give to C.R. He gets the same as David did, with the red handwriting lettering/font, with a Phoenix design on it with her name and number, plus her web addy of www.thebloodythorne.com; on the back it has that she's an acupuncturist.

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: ((And as I get ready to head off to go get Ashton and go to the in-laws, I wanted to thank you again for bringing out C.R. to meet Keri. Definitely enjoyed this scene.))

David Poe: * The kid checks his watch and then grabs his coat. * " I better go home and get the update up. See you later C.R. Cool meeting you Keridwen. "

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Nice to meet you, Dave. I'm about on my way out too. Another engagement."

C.R.: He takes the card from her and looks at it, a grin finding its way onto his face. "Awesome. Thanks, Keridwen. I look forward to calling."

David Poe: " So many social engagments... so little time. Catch you later then. " * And with that he heads out onto the street. *

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: ((No problem! Was fun!))

C.R.: He nods and sits back. "See you Dave. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, whatever that is. And you too, Keridwen."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Thanks for coming out to meet with me. Pleasure always meeting my fans." She slings the satchel back over her shoulder. "Talk to you later, C.R," heading out. ((Thanks for the scene!))

Keridwen Hawthorne: "And I'm not sure I would do what you do, and vice versa," she adds with an odd dark grin. Then she's gone. ((*poof*))