Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *rolls her eyes slightly and shakes her head* No with your mojo dork.

Lee Minardi: " I know what you fucking meant. What do you want? " * He takes a sip and smirks again. * " Sorry for just rolling out on you. I needed my own place. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs a bit to the last part like it's not a big deal* Just offered to let you crash till you got your own place anyways. Not sure i am ready to have another roommate. *takes a sip of coffee* Anyways wanted to grow my hair out but don't want to wait, help make me look a little diffrent.

Lee Minardi: " You would look good with longer hair. How long are we talking about? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs her small shoulders slightly and seems to think on it a moment* Maybe midback, say about eight inches or so past my shoulders maybe a little more.

Lee Minardi: " Oh yeah that would be simple shit. " * He reaches out to touch her hair as he takes a drag off his smoke. * " Could do it for you easily enough with a little help from you. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *archesa slender brow slightly* I can't do life mojo yet.

Lee Minardi: " Yeah but like you said I can. " * He shrugs and smirks. * " Its sex magic though. Sexual ritual that lets me tweak that sort of thing. So you would have to arrouse me. Its up to you. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gives him a look like uh-huh* Sex magic huh? That has to be the lamest pickup line ever... *looking half disgusted and half amussed*

Lee Minardi: * He takes another sip of the coffee and smirks again. * " Thats the only way that its going to happen. Like I said your call. Whore yourself out for longer hair or go the static route. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gives him a slight frown* Your serious? Your mojo is seriously tied to having sex? *gives him a "I can't believe this" look*

Lee Minardi: " It is when it comes to this sort of thing. Life and lust go hand and hand. It works for me and its a better line than you give it credit for. Some of the simpler things I can do with just pain, or hang on a tattoo... but doing something like this to another person is sex mojo all the way. " * He takes another drag off the cigarette and watches her for a long moment. * " If your that hung up over it think about it for awhile. I am not going anywhere and if you keep dressing like that I am probably going to end up jumping you one way or the other anyway. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *rolls her eyes slightly and shakes her head* I can see the connection, just seems a fairly limited way to go about doing magic.

Lee Minardi: " Maybe so, but the fringe benifits can not be beat. You should look into it. " * He winks and exhails a could of smoke over her head. * " My other disciplines require other sorts of stimulus. You just got lucky in that you are asking for my lust magic. " * He smirks again. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *snorts a laugh and shakes her head* So if all you need to do is feel lust why not just look at me and then do your mojo? *smirks a bit* You have repeatedly stated how much you lust after me.

Lee Minardi: " Feeling is not the same as releasing. The lust is in me. I already feel it so theat component of the ritual is there and ready. Using it to shape reality requires me to let it out to do its damage. " * He shrugs again. * " Thats how it works for me. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *furrows her brow and gives him are you serious look* So your telling me you have to cum to do life mojo?

Lee Minardi: " No I dont but it does not hurt at all. Like a said before it all depends on the changes I am trying to make. Really complicated things require complicated ritual. For something like this arousal should be enough. The problem is in stoping once I get going. " * He smiles again and takes another sip. * " I never know what will get me there beforehand. Its pretty dynamic. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *with a slight tilt down of her face while her eyes look up at him and a coy little smile on her face* So your saying your not slightly aroused right now?

Lee Minardi: * He winks and takes another drag before grinding out the cigarette. * " Not enough to give you what you are asking for. Get me there and I can do it for you. If not then I cant. You can debate with yourself over if I am lieing to you or not. " * He smirks again and reaches out to stroke her hair again. * " Your a knockout now, but with longer hair you could be drop dead. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *smirks slightly and moves around the counter, crowding his space till she is leanding against him looking up at him. Close enough to feel her breath on his face, body against his. While a hand rubs high on his inner thighs slightly in the front* What about now? *asked all innocently*

Lee Minardi: * He smirks again and grabs a handfull of her hair, pulling her head back to face the ceiling as he speaks close to her ear. * " Your geting warmer bitch. Dont worry though. If I have to I will make it happen. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *slight gasp from the hair pulling but doesn't really resist, sides resisting would only hurt worse* I don't think pulling my hair will make it grow.

Lee Minardi: " Shut the fuck up and keep doing that.... " * He whispers as he begins to form a picture of what he wants the pattern to be in his mind. *

Lee Minardi: {{ Awarness if you wana. }}

C.R.: He slips up from the downstairs area, having heard the sound of voices. He steps through the curtain to the back room...tonight, the T-Shirt is an old, batter, well-loved Alien Sex Fiend tour shirt. He was actually there...didn't buy that shit at Hot Topic a few months ago. He stays quiet as he watches the two, a little quirked grin on his face.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *doesn't stop, bites her lower lip a bit* Can you kinda hurry up here?

C.R.: d10: Per+Aware: 8,3,7,2,6,5,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: d10: awr: 4,8,2,7,3,2,

Lee Minardi: " Keep talking back and you could really get hurt here. Thats your only warning. I am not really known for my compassion here so just keep doing what you are doing and keep your lips closed, unless you plan to use them for the ritual. " * He cant help but chuckle deeply at that. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *sighs slightly and closes her eyes a moment. Almost shakes her head side to side but stops before really moving since he has a handful of her hair and is pulling it*

C.R.: He raises an eyebrow at Lee's comment, but says and does nothing, beyond leaning against the door frame to get comfortable as he watches Lee work his thing.

Lee Minardi: * He lets out a soft groan and the hair begins to curl about his fingers, pulling from her scalp as it grows longer. There is no pain and she might not even feel it as it happens. Once it reaches the length that she desires he lets go and takes another handfull, pulling it out to the correct length in the same way. Then another. Soon he speaks again. * " Alright Roxy, its done. You give good hand. " * He smirks and lets go of her hair. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *once he lets go she steps aways and shakes her head slightly, pulling up some of her longer hair to look at it. Least until his finally comment and then gives him a slightly disgusted look* Eeewww... did you...?

Lee Minardi: * He laughs and picks up the mug again to get another sip. * " Do you really want to know? "

C.R.: "Good look for you, Rox," he finally says out of the blue.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *crinkles her nose and shakes her head* No not really. *then steps back more and notices CR* Hey, this is Lee the guy from pittsburg they told us would be coming...*glances to the door and how the places is closed* and up about the place.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *grins with a slight blush* Thanks.

Lee Minardi: * He smirks and shakes his head. * " No, but dont worry. You might get another chance if you are a good girl. Looks good on you. " * He turns to check out where the new voice is coming from and then sizes up C.R. *

C.R.: "Oh, yeah...Lee." He pushes off from the door frame and makes his way over. A brief wink goes to Roxy as he comes up, looking Lee over. "So how's the Pitt? been a while since I've been there."

Lee Minardi: * He watches the man approach and tries to keep the attitude at bay. * " Its the fucking Pitt. Nothing there ever really changes. Well, except that Alberto seems to think he knows what is right for everyone and some kid named Jan woke up about three months ago. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *absently strokes her new long hair hanging over her shoulder, while taking a sip of coffee. Pouring another cup for CR with out asking and sliding it over towards him when done. Letting the boys get to know each other*

Lee Minardi: * He's a rough looking young man in his early twenties. Standing tall at a few inches over six feet, with hard green eyes and a shaved head save for a thin, spiked mohawk of black hair. His frame is well toned and muscular, looking like he could do a little more than just hold his own if things go bad. There is a small silver cone in his left earlobe and another silver barpell just under his bottom lip, above a well trimed black soulpatch on his chin. Both arms bear elaborate tattoos of swirling flames, flowers, lightning and women in various states of undress. He is dressed in a beater old leather jacket with a Misfits photo safety pined to the back, a red tee shirt and faded woodland BDU pants. On his feet are a pair of battered Oi boots. Those that are into ink might find him familier. {{ Fame 2 }} *

Lee Minardi: {{ Incase C.R. needed a DD. }}

C.R.: He grins as little bit and nods. "Sounds like the Pitt." He chuckles a little bit and gives Lee a pat on the arm. "Yeah. You'll do nicely, I think."

Lee Minardi: * He smirks at the touch and then replies. * " I know I have a bad rep there but I'm cool now. Not going to start any trouble that I cant handle. Just needed a change of view to get away from my old mates. Too much temptation there. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *bites her lower lip a moment once they have done their little exchange* Um about the shop... *before he can get a word in she launches into a explination* The deal is their is nine books, one for each trad. Anyways their is some nerphadic spirits or some such thing out after the books. Killing, destorying ect everything to get them, anyways some of the local tradies know some of the books are here in the area. They apprently seem convinced one is in this very building. They decided on us in force but couldn't find the book. I talked them into waiting saying we would find it, naturally they want the book for themselves but either way I think we need to find it...*gives a slight pause and looks at him seriously* Unless your aware of the book and it's yours?

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((decided = decended))

Lee Minardi: * He nods at what Roxy says. * " One of them was a little kid, least he looked like one. Not that smart. "

C.R.: He nods a little bit, and moves to the espresso maker. Man might as well get a transfusion of it, one of these days. "I can understand that...done it a few times myself. Particularly back in the old days in Frisco. And Pittsbrugh's a nice place, but...naah, check that. It just kinda sucks." He grins back at Lee. "So you here for a good, long while, then?"

Lee Minardi: {{ 40 minute warning for me. }}

C.R.: He looks back at the two of them at that, his brow furrowing. "Shit. No, no book I know of. Anyone we know part of the posse?"

Lee Minardi: * He nods absently. * " Here for as long as I feel like it. As long as the past stays in the Pitt probably for good. "

C.R.: He nods silently at Lee's answer and looks back to Roxy to hear her answer.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit to CR* Yeah a few from the tribunal a couple of months back. But none that I know personally if thats what you mean. *shrugs her shoulder slightly* Either way we need to find it if it is really here and then decided what to do with it. *glances to Lee for a moment* Did you really need to pull my hair that hard? *rubs her head slightly*It still hurts a little.

Lee Minardi: * He looks back to Roxy and grins. * " Probably not. If you want to go another round I can get rid of the pain. "

C.R.: He scowls a little bit. "So you're telling me the fucking assholes in the other Chantries tried to hop on in here and raid us?" He shakes his head. "Jesus. Yeah...I'd say finding that damn book would be a good plan."

Lee Minardi: * He shakes his head. * " The way that they reacted when they saw Roxy made me think that they did not know it was a bolthole you guys were using. Soon as they saw her the little pimp sat down to talk, though it was more like he was trying to order her around. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gives Lee a slightly dirty look at implying he pulled her hair for fun, then glances back to CR* Well not sure I would call it a raid but it might have become one if I refused them a mild look around. They brought a lot, four that I seen assuming all came in. Which I doubt since someone stood right outside the whole time they was here and left with them. So that makes at least five or more. *purses her lips a moment* Though the thing is i have no idea how to look for this book, you know more about the wards here so decided to wait and talk to you before really looking. But thats why i closed it, to keep people from coming in and looking around.

C.R.: He nods to Lee at his answer, and smiles at Roxy's. "Good thinking, Rox." He sighs and rubs his hands over his face. "First those morons trying to steal people, and now this. Same shit, new wrapper." He sighs and looks to Roxy. "I never felt a book around here...doesn't mean anything, though. Could be hidden somewhere."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit at what he says at first completely aggreeing and then keeps noding to the rest* They had someone who apprently was intune with it try and search. I gave them permission for a mild search, since if I refused I wasn't sure they wouldn't have forced it and then tore the place apart. *shrugs slightly not looking happy and like she actually believes they would have* She said it was hidding or hidden or something or other. If we never noticed it and you never did then odds are high it has some kinda of wards on it. I just honestly have no clue how to look for something like that or who to ask really... *screws up her lips slightly* Well Seth maybe but he's not family but is aware of magic and their their is Griff, he is older expereniced and one of them but ok all and all, once you get past his lack of personality.*said with more than a hint of amusment and maybe affection*

Lee Minardi: * He listens to them as they talk, siping at his coffee and taking in the names. *

C.R.: "Griff..." He frowns, thinking a moment, before he nods. "Oh, yeah. Right, that...Aconite guy. Verbie, right?" He shrugs. "Couldn't hurt to ask. He stays away from the other Chantries, right? So he's probably not with them."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods yes to CR's question* Yeah him and he does. Not a member of any of the chantries I don't think and as far as i know he doesn't really care for the others.

C.R.: "Griff..." He frowns, thinking a moment, before he nods. "Oh, yeah. Right, that...Aconite guy. Verbie, right?" He shrugs. "Couldn't hurt to ask. He stays away from the other Chantries, right? So he's probably not with them."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods yes to CR's question* Yeah him and he does. Not a member of any of the chantries I don't think and as far as i know he doesn't really care for the others.

C.R.: "Well, shit." He grins. "Guy may be right up our alley, then. Yeah, I say bring him in, 'less Cori's got an enormous problem with him for some unforeseen reason. Maybe he can help."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Not sure she has ever meet him. Um oh yeah, Dave's gone. He got in at MIT and moved last week. *takes a sip of coffee* I'll go talk to griff later or tomorrow. He avoids technology so means a subway ride and some talking.

Lee Minardi: * He finishes the coffee and stands up straight. * " Good meeting you man. If you need me for anything Roxy has my number and shit. Think I left it with Cori too. "

Lee Minardi: {{ Need to shower and head for work. }}

Lee Minardi: * And with that he heads for the door. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *glances to Lee as he starts out and then back to CR* He doesn't have a key and stuff yet. *slight wave to Lee* Thanks... I think...

C.R.: He nods to Lee. "See you later." A smile, before he looks back to Roxy. "Yeah, I'd gathered as much. Good for him." He frowns a bit and sips at his coffee. "This Tradition shit is getting out of control, Rox."

Lee Minardi: " Yeah, enjoy the hair. Drop by sometime and I will check out the rest of it for you. "

Lee Minardi: * Gone *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *frown at Lee as he leaves then sighs and look back to CR* Men are such assholes... *then looks serious again* Yeah but not sure what to do, other than maybe establish a presences with them like Michelle was trying to set up so they have o respect us. *then shrugs slightly* Though that could easly backfire, but the truth is we can't fight off either them or the blackhats, if they came in force.

C.R.: He sighs and takes a lean against the counter, nodding a bit. "It's fucked up. I don't think they'd actively attack us, but...hell, I didn't think they'd push for a raid, either."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well not sure they know this place is what it is yet. *shrugs again slightly* But I do believe if we flat refused to let them look or find the book on our own they will come and look by force.

C.R.: He considers that for a little bit, and then reluctantly nods. "I have no problem with Morgan or Braun...Haven's always seemed decent enough, even if that Knight chick is a little uppity snot. Not so sure about Ling's...and those assholes Upstate? Fuck them. They can kiss my pale ass. Jackass trying to join us when he was already forming his own little Chantry." He takes a deep breath. "Maybe we should take to Morgan and Braun about this. They seem at least somewhat reasonable, at least."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods slightly* Yeah thats what I was thinking, truth is we need allies and other than making friends with a few like Griff and some of the lesser mages, our choices are fairly limited. Haven I think is our best bet, espically if we help get them what they want and back them. They can take the brunt of the dispute from the others while we keep our asses intact. *stops a grins a bit* Not saying we should use them or hang them out to dry but .. well you know. We support them, they support us and we let them take the lead on shit.

C.R.: He gives a nod to that. "Would make sense, really. I'm guessing the kid pimp that Lee was talking about was that kid Euthantos over at Ling's, by the way?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs slightly* Don't know only seen him once at the tribunal. Young mid teens most likely *gives a rough describtion of Marty* Pretty sure his name was Marty.

C.R.: "Yeah, think that's him." He shakes his head. "Beautiful. I'll have a word with him. Or maybe even a few."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods slightly* Yeah I tried to be firm and warning as much as I could... *tilts her head slightly* considering we was outnumber at least three to one and they sure as hell didn't take us seriously. *slight pause* As for the rest I am thinking we should offer our support of the plan with a few minor alternations. We get a equal say, the thing meets monthly besides sets up a secure way to exchange information, each chantry sends a rep of their choice. And of course we respect each others territories and it stays as a body to help guide all the mages in the city with out interfering with how things are run by each chantry. *stops thinking a moment then shrugs* What do you think?

C.R.: He grins. "I like it. Well-thought out. See, I knew you'd come in handy, Rox." He winks to her, his moodiness dissipating some.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *rolls her eyes slightly at the comment* Thanks... so what you think about Lee? Where down two since we started already and no new blood. So set him up with keys and alarm and the pass codes and stuff to the wards?

C.R.: "Hmm? Oh, yeah. Lee seems like decent enough folk. Long as you and Cori don't mind him, I'm down with it."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: She already meet him and showed him around so guessing she is cool. He seems ok, a bit of a dick*smirks a bit* but ok all and all.

C.R.: "Yeah, that's about what I figured." He grins. "Of course he's a dick, Rox. He's got one, don't he?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *rolls her eyes and shakes her head slightly* Yeah, can't argue that one. *smirk/smiles a bit* Well think I am going to head out and see if I can set up a meet with michelle and griff in the next day or two. Will let you know how that turns out.

C.R.: "Sounds good." He nods. "And I'll have a chat with our good friends in Chinatown in the same time frame."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods to that* Cool let me know how that goes. Seeya later.*said with a flirty smile as she heads towards the back to let herself out*

C.R.: He grins, watching her leave, and heads back downstairs, to think.