Ravyn: C.R. contacts everyone to meet up at the hotel that they got together at last time, so they can go over the plan one more time. He's already there, dressed...well, VERY un-C.R.-like. He's wearing a pair of slacks and white dress shirt, red tie. His hair isn't it's usually half-spiked, half-just woke up look...it's slicked back with God-knows how much hair gel. He's shaved, cleaned up, and generally looks like every other office monkey anyone's ever seen. Even has a pair of heavy glasses on. He is, however, smoking still, so the smell of lit clove oil is still present. And coffee. Of course, he has coffee.

Ravyn: Oh, and he actually looks his age for once. Which appears to be somewhere in his mid-40's.

Novalee Van Zandt: She meets up at the hotel, although she is wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with her leather jacket and the like she carries a garment bag with her. She looks different though. Gone are all of the scars on her face, thanks to a place that carried theatrical makeup, and such supplies, she found something to cover up all of her scars, which means she might have taken a bath in the stuff. Her hair is not loose as it normally is, bhut pulled back in a french twist, and also looks like she might have used a high amount of hair gwel to keep it back.

Janus: ((Ok, it just occurred to me, and Janus would have thought of this (I had thought of it before I crashed the other night)...Janus would have requested that Novalee help him obtain appropriate clothing...what with him having nothing like it and also no money at all.))

Ravyn: ((Damn, that credit card of Novalee's is just all sorts of useful, innit it? *G*))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*S* Novalle was more than willing to help out asd she had to go shopping for herself and for Winnie she does not mind at all and would have purchased the items he would need.))

Keridwen Hawthorne: Keri's come with C.R. Instead of her red hair, has on a dark blonde wig that is a stylish looking short hair cut, plus a nice looking black pant suit, low heel work shoes and even a pair of glasses (just a hint of eyeline to bring out her blue eyes (contacts), though hers are not heavy like C.R.'s.

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*L* yes yes it is. *S*))

Janus: ((Excellent)) *Janus will be arriving already dressed, at about the same time as Novalee*

Novalee Van Zandt: The same makeup she wears she bought for Winnie or a variation there of, tohelp cover up Winnies scars as well. "Should I get dressed now or right before we leave?" she asks.

Winnie Miles: (danged computer!)

Ravyn: "I vote now," he says when he hears Novalee, smirking. "Suffering as one builds teamwork, I've been told...and if Keri and I gotta suffer in this shit, so should you." He nods to Janus and Winnie as well.

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods and smiles. "I didn't want to wrinkle anything before hand." she says and slips into the bathroom to change.

Winnie Miles: *And Winnie is here with Novallee looking well...almost totally unrecognizable. Theatrical magic in the shape of makeup, putty, etc. has toned doown the scarring on her face, giving her a more natural look. A dark wig on her head, cut short and shaggy, and dark pants and dress shirt and she looks not too bad at all.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She gives C.R. a smirk about the suffering together, as she looks over the top of her glasses.

Ravyn: ((Oh, yeah. Everyone can roll Per+Awareness.))

Janus: *he'll nod back to C.R. and find a place to sit down*

Winnie Miles: d10: per&aware: 7,2,5,4,1,8,

Janus: d10: Per+Aware: 6,8,5,6,4,7,

Ravyn -> Winnie Miles: Winnie senses nothing.

Ravyn -> Janus: Janus gets a sense of magic in the area, but it's a very light sense, and he's unable to pinpoint any kind of direction.

Winnie Miles: Isn't what I'm wearing good enough? *She says, pointing dramatically to her officish attire.*

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Awareness: 2,3,5,1,10,3,

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: per/awareness: 4,7,10,5,5,5,

Janus: *Janus will raise an eyebrow slightly*

Ravyn -> Keridwen Hawthorne: Keri gets a sense of magic in the area, but it's a very light sense, and she's unable to pinpoint any kind of direction.

Novalee Van Zandt: When Novalee steps out of the bathroom, gone are the steel toed boots, in their place are white shoes that look like they belong to a chef, a tan pant suit with jacket included, because she needed someway to hide her Sai's. She tosses the garnment bag with her other clothes it in, onto a spare chair.

Ravyn: C.R. glances at Janus and mimics the slight eyebrow raise. "Y'okay, Spock?" He looks back at Novalee, grinning a bit. "I see you are strong in the way of the cubicle, my young Padawan."

Winnie Miles: she's an office zombie! *Winnie shouldn't talk, of course.*

Janus: "Spock?"

Novalee Van Zandt: She smiles. "Well I would think a skirt would have impeeded me, and I needed something so that I could hide the Sai's beneath. I am glad you approve." She smiles even more to Winnie. "Yes well, I was going for drab I guess I achieved that." She wears no other makeup really, besides what is covering her face, neck and hands.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She stays quiet, watching and listening, fiddling a little at something under her shirt.

Winnie Miles: *Winnie IS however wearing eyeliner and lipstick and stuff...and it looks rather like a 13 year old applied it.* He's too logical for your joke, too logical for your joke, 'cause he's that kind of bloke. *a fair Right Said Fred imitation.*

Ravyn: "Yeah, Spock. The Vulcan, not the baby doctor." He reaches into a side satchel bag he brought, bringing out the ID's that he made from the pictures he took of everyone over the last few days. They look like fairly standard picture ID badges, with the Advanced Aerospace & Technology Research Center logo across the top. He starts to hand them out. "All right...Mr. Edgar Pace, here you go..." He gives Janus his. "Kelli Mayer..." to Keri. "Lorena Watson..." to Novalee. "And finally," he says, grinning to Winnie. "Here you go, Dr. Adeline Young."

Winnie Miles: Doctor? I get to be a Doctor? That's so righteous. Do I look like one? Do I? *grabs the ID and clips it on her shirt.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She takes the ID and clips it onto the bottom of her jacket hem.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Lorena Watson." she eyes the badge, and then shrugs. "Good to see that you got these done okay."

Ravyn: "If you stop bouncing around like a kindergartener on far too much meth, yeah." He smirks at Winnie, and clips his own on. "Do we want to go over the plan once more, or are we good to go?"

Janus: *he'll take his ID silently, it is not apparent that he even knows what a Vulcan is, but he remains silent, as more important things have come up*

Winnie Miles: *Sticks out her tongue at C.R. and then looks at Keri, waiting for her to give the OK to go, since she's the one that knows her way around the best.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I might feel better if we go over this one more time."

Novalee Van Zandt: She clips her onto the jacket. "I am good if everyone else is. Maybe a general run through of what is going to happen would be good."

Janus: "As a security precaution, I would like to confirm that someone within this room is responsible for the effect I felt when I entered."

Winnie Miles: Errrr...effects? What effects?

Ravyn: He nods a little bit. "Cool. So..." He goes into the side satchel, bringing out a copy he made of the layouts Keri drew up. "Know these well, we won't be bringing 'em in there with us." He passes them around. ((http://www.ravyns-nest.com/AATRFloor1.jpg and http://www.ravyns-nest.com/AATRFloor2.jpg for reference)) "You can see where the power room is. It's right near the re-education room, which is about the scariest sounding euphemism I'VE ever heard. That's our goal. Get in there, futz up the power core, and get out. Hopefully, with all arms, legs, toes, and genitals intact."

Ravyn: "Hmm?" He blinks at Janus. "Oh. Yeah, that's me."

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks to Janus and waits for someone to answer him before she starts to go over the run through. "Once we get to the AATR Keri will do the password to get in and also disarm the metal detectors. Once all ofus are inside, I believe we were going to go to the lab first and grab spare lab coats, from there to the armory for weapons? Or no?" she looks to CR for that one. "From there Keri will guide us to where the power source is, and she will get into it and put a monkey wrench in it to make it go kablewy. From there CR will be guiding us for his escape plan. So the rest of us on the way there are look outs and if need be fighters should something come up, and our main priority is to protect Keri and get her to the power source, although keeping CR alive so that he can pull off the escape is also crutial." She looks around.

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods "I had a chance to study them from the other night." but still takes a cops in hand and looks it over some more.

Ravyn: "Personally, I wouldn't complain about getting to the armory. If we can't though, we can't. I got some tricks up my sleeve."

Janus: *Janus will confirm that he's got the plans properly memorized and then will nod*

Ravyn: "I've got a rented car outside to get us there, by the way. Figured it was best if we not use our own wheels."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She closes her eyes for a long moment, still listening to the group.

Novalee Van Zandt: "I would think it would be if that would be easier fopr us as a stop off before heading upstairs, then that would be good for me. Also do we know if there is anyone being held there right now that we might want to get out of there?"

Winnie Miles: What's our back up plan if we can't get to the power source or if it doesn't explode? *She asks, studying the plans one last time.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She shakes her head. "I don't know if there is anyone being held there."

Ravyn: "I push the big red button," he says to Winnie. "And if I go down...someone else gets the big red button from me and pushes it."

Novalee Van Zandt: "That was a good plan, I only have a motorcycle as it is." she says to CR. "The power source will explode once it has been messed with. Keri knows what needs to be done for that. Our main goal is to get to that power source, no matter what." She says to Winnie

Winnie Miles: It always comes down to the big red button doesn't it? *she nods.* Alright then...let's do this thing. Wish we had theme music...*she mutters.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She raises an eyebrow to CR. "Okay so the big red button." she nods to Keri, "It's okay, I had not heard of anyone."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Or anything," she says under her breath, opening her eyes finally and pushing the glasses back on her nose.

Janus: *he remains silent, waiting for everyone to be ready*

Winnie Miles: Well I know that, Nova...just want to know what we do..if we can't. Never know, Ms. Hawthorne could get decapitated..or flayed alive or pulled apart by spiked chains. *she says with a ghoulish grin.*

Ravyn: He shoots Winnie a look. "You, Doc, have been watching far too many Clive Barker movies. Which, granted, would be great if we were attacking a Nephandi. If the AATR's got flayings and spiked chains, we've got a whole other problem."

Janus: "The biggest difference then is that the immediate work will only be beginning after this mission. The immediate goal remains unchanged." *he pauses, then to C.R.* "And what name will you be using? The rest of us have all heard each others pseudonyms."

Winnie Miles: Not much else to do when you're flat on your back 24/7. But if they've got those things...I'm running. No apologies and no warning. I'm out of there. * twisty grin.* We all set then?

Novalee Van Zandt: "I believe we are almost ready to go. Just one last thing, since Spirit magic is the one thing they detect......I was thinking if you all would be okay with it to help us with a bit of extra time for each of us, we can act faster that way. If those all here would be willing that is."

Keridwen Hawthorne: Looks to Nova. "What are you asking? I'm not following."

Janus: *to Nova* "If you do, remember that the top priority is on not being detected, so you should make sure to focus on making it difficult to sense."

Novalee Van Zandt: "I know how to manipulate time. Move faster, move slower halt time and the like. If you would be willing to let me preform this effect, then we would all be able to or those that would wish it, could move twice as fast as normal."

Ravyn: "Chester Rogers," he says to Janus. He collects the layouts back from everyone and folds them up, then holds a lighter to the end of it, letting it catch. He holds it for just a moment before carrying it to the trash bin in the hotel room, dropping them in. Thank the gods for the fact that low-rent = no smoke detectors, right? "I'm good if you guys are."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She wrinkles her nose. "I don't want that done to me."

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods to Keri and then to Janus." Of course." She looks to Winnie and Janus to see if they wanted to be included in this or not. If not she will not take long to do so for herself. It is an advantage in a potential battle she would want.

Winnie Miles: Can we move regularly if we want to?

Ravyn: "No magic, thanks," he says with a shake of his head, crushing his clove out on the top of the crappy little thing that passes for a dresser. "Gonna go get the car started. I'll see you guys down there."

Novalee Van Zandt: "No, it would be like at that other fight we were in, Winnie where everyone else seemed to be moving slower than we were."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods to C.R. heading out with him.

Winnie Miles: *Nods.* I'll take whatever advantage I can get.

Janus: "I would prefer to not have any effects active at all going in. This is a stealth mission, we'll be inside their building. If they detect us and combat begins, then the mission will almost certainly fail." *he stands up*

Ravyn: He mutters something to Keri after he shuts the door and makes his way down the hallway, toward the outside.

Ravyn -> Keridwen Hawthorne: "You wouldn't happen to have any Ritalin we can sneak-feed the Dreamspeaker, do you?" Said with a hint of derision.

Novalee Van Zandt: She moves to pick up the Garment bag to head out with the others. "Alright." She starts to softly sing a hymn.

Novalee Van Zandt: ((3 rolls, 2Quint to lower diff.))

Keridwen Hawthorne -> Ravyn: "With her clothes on, it'd be difficult to hit the right place on her body with a needle to accomplish a simliar effect I'm afraid.

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Arete: 3,5,8,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Arete (WP): 2,2,9,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Arete (WP): 5,9,5,

Janus: *Janus heads down to the car*

Novalee Van Zandt: ((Sorry I made a mistake in what Noval said earlier, yes they can move like normal even with the effect going.))

Ravyn: He chuckles in response and heads down to the car, a nice, average white 2000 Dodge Stratus Sedan. Nothing noteworthy about it at all. He slides into the driver's seat and buckles up, starting the car.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She gets into the passenger side, putting on her seatbelt.

Winnie Miles: *After Novalee does her voodoo Winnie scampers down to the Sedan and gets in the back seat. Sh e'll take the middle.*

Janus: *he'll climb into the back and wait for the girls*

Ravyn: ((So the effect gives them each an extra action each turn if they so choose it, lasting for the scene, diff 7 to detect with Awareness))

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods to Winnie after she stops singing and smiles. "Let's go." She heads out and down to the car C.R. got for the mission.

Novalee Van Zandt: She climbs in beside Winnie and puts the garment bag on the floor at her feet. Ready to go when every one else is.

Ravyn: "All right. Here we go..." He starts to drive, heading through Manhattan at a fast though hardly suicidal pace, heading toward Downtown and the Governmental Complex that the AATR is located in.

Novalee Van Zandt: She is silent focusing on the mission as they drive.

Janus: *he'll close his eyes for the trip to center himself, ensuring that he's at peak performance for this*

Winnie Miles: *She's as silent....as she can be.*

Ravyn: When they come up upon the AATR, they find a large, sprawling complex. The first indication that they're there is the chain-link fence around the complex, and the stylized sign announcing the place. They pull into the parking lot, and C.R. makes his way toward the parking garage that contains the side entrance.

Ravyn: As they come up, they see what looks like a security station at the beginning of the parking garage. C.R. takes a deep breath and pulls up to it. "Just play it cool, folks..."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods, staying silent.

Janus: *he'll nod, completely calm and silent*

Novalee Van Zandt: She gets out straightens her jacket and follows after. She will try and be the last in the procession. She also stays silent.

Winnie Miles: *Keeps quiet, straight faced. Being good. Give her a biscuit.*

Ravyn: The man standing next to the station is dressed, sure enough, in a security outfit, with a sidearm on his belt. He waits for the car to come to a stop, and when C.R. rolls the window down, he looks inside. C.R. nods a little to him. "Hey. Late work project."

The security guard looks C.R. over, and then looks the others over. ((Roll me a Manip+Performance vs. 6 or Subterfuge vs. 7.))

Janus: d10: Man+(WP): 6,8,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Manip+Preformance: 8,7,5,10,

Winnie Miles: d10: man +subterfuge): 10,4,9,9,

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: manip/sub: 5,3,2,9,2,

Ravyn: d10: C.R. Manip+Subt: 4,6,9,9,2,

Ravyn: The guard looks them all over...Keri gets a long look, resulting in a tense moment in the car, before he nods finally. He reaches into the station and pulls out a temporary pass, handing it to C.R. "Gonna have to park in the visitor's lot, I'm afraid," the guard says. "It's a hell of a walk for you."

Ravyn: ((Parking Pass, FYI.))

Janus: ((BRB, gotta reboot))

Novalee Van Zandt: She crosses her arms and sighs. But remains silent otherwise.

Ravyn: C.R. hands the pass to Keri in the passenger's seat and nods to the guard. "We could use the exercise. Edgar's seriously out of shape." He drives along, into the parking garage and finding a spot in the visitor's area. The guard wasn't lying...it's a good football field away from the door.



Winnie Miles: *So far so good, she follows behind Novalee when they go inside.*

Janus: *he'll just follow along for now*

Novalee Van Zandt: Once Keri has the door open she will put her foot down to hold it open while Keri turns off the metal detector. Breathing very slowly, and keeping very quiet.

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: comp/intel/wp: 10,10,9,4,4,8,

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: reroll : 3,9,

Novalee Van Zandt: ((Way to go Keri *S*))

Ravyn: Crack Security Code? Pshaw. Piece of cake for our favorite Hentai-drawing Euthanatos. She keys the code in and the metal detectors power down for 30 seconds.

Novalee Van Zandt: With a nod to Keri she nods to Janus to go first through then she will follow after past the metal detectors, so as not to get caught by the blaring of having metal on her.

Janus: *He'll head in and will wait for the rest of the group on the other side of the door*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She stuffs her hand back into her pocket after getting past the metal detector keypad. She'll move through quickly as well.

Ravyn: C.R. slips on in right after Keri and adjusts his glasses, looking around. He gives a quick, very subtle glance to the camera looking down upon them with the blinking red light. "All right...so it's straight ahead to the target, or a slight detour to the right to get the guns." He says it quietly. "Hallway A or Hallway B, folks?"

Winnie Miles: I say let's stay on target. *She offer her opinion.*

Janus: "We have work to do."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Straight ahead," she says quietly.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Whichever it is, let's keep moving." she says softly.

Ravyn: "Cool." He nods and starts to move with the group forward. As they walk along, it becomes almost disturbing how homogonized the place is. One might expect it from a research facility, but it's moreso then might even be expected. White walls and matching doors. White tile on the floor. A quick glance inside one of the open office doors reveals a completely white decor...desk, chairs, everything is white. It's a little hard on the eyes at first, as they make their way through the place, toward the double doors leading up to the floor they're needing.

Novalee Van Zandt: She tries not to look around and take everything in, as if she had been there working there for a long time. Although she does keep her eyes out for guards and the like as they go.

Winnie Miles: *Creepy creepy creepy. Tries not to pay attention to all that white.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She keeps moving along, squinting just a little with all the white, guiding them all along where they need to go.

Janus: *he keeps his eyes forward, focused on the goal, walking along.*

Ravyn: Despite the disorienting color wash, it's an easy straight shot to the double doors, and Keri leads them there without a problem. Another keypad there, easily passed, and they make their way through the doors, heading up the stairs to the second floor. The door opens, and they find themselves in a similarly homogenously-colored area. ((Per+Alert))

Janus: d10: Per+Alert: 9,8,7,3,6,9,

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: per/alert: 2,4,6,1,7,4,

Winnie Miles: d10: per&alert: 8,4,7,6,4,6,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Per+Alert: 7,3,7,8,6,10,

Ravyn: Keri's a bit thrown off by the color scheme, bit the cabal has no problem hearing them before they come into view. A duo of guards makes their way along from the area of the security gate, presumably on their rounds. They seem to be headed toward the group.

Ravyn: ((And my wife kindly pointed out that I forgot the minor detail of where the doors are on some of the rooms on this floor. They've been added: http://www.ravyns-nest.com/AATRFloor2.jpg))

Novalee Van Zandt: "Security coming from our left." She whispers just loud enough to reach the people in their group. "Straight ahead, cubicles, to the right is the medical research."

Winnie Miles: *Winnie's going to hide among the maze of cubicles. No doubt the research lab is locked and guarded.*

Ravyn: C.R. frowns at the sounds of incoming security and looks around to the others, waiting for them to decide. ((Winnie, roll Dex+Stealth to try and get to the cubes.))

Keridwen Hawthorne: She glances over to C.R., her eyes moving toward where the medical research room is.

Winnie Miles: d10: Dx&stealth (WP): 7,1,

Novalee Van Zandt: Since it is straight head to the cubicles she also heads that direction. They didn't want to get split up.

Janus: *he'll just casually continue towards the cubicle maze like it's something he does every day*

Ravyn: ((If you're going for the cubicles, Dex (if you're sneaking) or Wits (if you're acting like it's normal)+Stealth.))

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Wits+Stealth: 8,6,1,8,7,

Ravyn: He nods a bit to Keri and tries to slip over to the Med Bay.

Janus: d10: Wits+Stealth: 2,3,6,2,6,8,

Ravyn: d10: Per+Alert: 3,6,9,6,7,

Keridwen Hawthorne: She moves toward the Med Bay with C.R., like it would be normal for her ((need a roll for that too?))

Ravyn: ((And a Dex or Wits+Stealth from Keri & C.R., too.))

Ravyn: d10: Wits+Stealth: 9,9,7,8,5,1,10,

Ravyn: d10: Per+Alert: 3,6,8,3,6,

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: wits/stealth: 5,5,3,2,3,

Ravyn: One of the security men looks over at the two groups, heading in their various directions. "Hey, you guys." The two split up, one starting to approach the cubes and the trio making their way in, the other heading toward Keri & C.R.

Novalee Van Zandt: She frowns abd turns to look at the security guard. As if this delay was going to disrupt something important for her.

Janus: *he'll turn around* "Yes?"

Ravyn: The guard, a man in his mid-30's, approaches the trio, frowning as he looks them over. "Business up here?"

Winnie Miles: *She's going to try to be inconspicuous in the background and let Janus and Novalee handle the guard.*

Novalee Van Zandt: "A possible breakthrough in a project. We agreed to get it done while it was still fresh in our minds." She tells him, the frown now gone. "If you do not mind."

Janus: *he'll nod at Novalee's statement*

Ravyn: He looks Novalee over when she gives that answer, and looks back to Winnie. "You. What project are you working on?"

Winnie Miles: *and she'll second Novalee's explanation.*

Ravyn: The other guard comes up to Keri and C.R. as they get to the door.

Ravyn: ((Guys...if everyone has lost interest in the scene, I can finish it up with a summary for you guys. If we're all tired, we can table it for later. But this posting every 7-10 minutes thing is killing me.))

Winnie Miles: Epithilial skin cell regeneration using a cryogenic reconstitution agent. *yayyy for being holed up in a hospital for ages and being a CSI junky. Gives her a general idea of what she just spouted off.*

Winnie Miles: (I was just trying to figure out my answer)

Novalee Van Zandt: She waits for Winnie to respond to the guard.

Janus: *he's silent, watching Winnie answer the guard's question and then looks at the guard, legitimately annoyed by the delay*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She turns around when the guard comes up to them, looking a little annoyed about it, but polite nonetheless. "Yes, sir?"

Ravyn: ((Okay, that's fine...it's just been waiting 5+ minutes per post for the last hour or so. So I wasn't sure if people had just lost interest or not. Roll me a Wits+Technology to sound convincing on that one, Winnie.))

Winnie Miles: d10: wits+tech: 3,3,10,8,8,

Ravyn: The guard on Keri & C.R. gives the two of them a look. "Do you have clearance this area? I don't think I recognize you..."

Winnie Miles: (I"m actually awake...go me!)*She's using that slightly bored, slightly snotty, condescending tone of voice perfected by people with incomprehensible letters behind their names.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Of course. I'm day shift, but something came up and I needed to come in tonight to check on it."

Ravyn: The guard looks over at Winnie and, luckily, seems to believe the bullshit. "Well, the MedBay's over there." He points toward the where the other guard and Keri/C.R. are. "That's where all your cell...stuff is, right?"

Ravyn: C.R. just shrugs a little bit to the guard, nodding at Keri's words. "What, you think you know ~everyone~ here?" ((And Man+Subterfuge, Ker.))

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: mani/sub/wp: 8,4,8,9,7,

Novalee Van Zandt: She sighs and rolls her eyes. "That is why those two are going in there. We would be joining them in a moment, we needed to see if this breakthrough of ours has merit or not."

Ravyn: d10: Per+Subterfuge: 1,2,10,7,5,

Winnie Miles: Of course it is. But there was some information that we needed to retrieve which we don't have access to in the MedBay. If you will excuse us, though, we really must finish out here so we can get back to the Medbay. *She says impatiently.*

Ravyn: The guard at the MedBay looks back at the other and shrugs. Cubicle Guard nods slowly. "Fair enough. Good luck with that." He steps away from the trio of mages and rejoins the other guard, slowly making their way along the detail.

Novalee Van Zandt: She actually smiles. "Thank you." and turns to face Janus and Winnie.

Janus: *he'll shake his head slightly, and looks to Novalee and Winnie as they finish dealing with the guards.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She glances over to Keri and C.R. and will nod her head in the direction of the power room, or is it the cubicles. "Come on." She says softly and starts heading through the cubicles to get to the power room.

Winnie Miles: *Gets out of direct line of sight of the guards, waiting for them to be out of the way, biting back some nervous laughter, reaction to lying through her teeth.*

Janus: *he follows Novalee through the Cubicle farm towards the power room*

Winnie Miles: *She's going to listen for the guards and try to SUBTLY keep an eye on them to make sure they don't come back as Keri gets ready to make things go kablooey.*

Ravyn: C.R. watches them head off, making a slow, silent exhale. He looks over to Keri, smiling just a bit as if to say 'Nicely done,' and then moves to join the trio. The guards are heading along their path, which is, it seems, generally in the direction that they need to go. They were heading FROM the security gate, after all.

Novalee Van Zandt: While the guards continue on their rounds and since they have not yet clearned the area, Novalee will move to a cubicle and pull out a chair to take a seat, just to keep up the pretense for now that, they are working. She will look up to Winnie and Janus from the chair and talk to them in very hushed tones. "Just talk between us until they have passed for sure."

Winnie Miles: *She's going to engage Janus and Novalee in some technical sounding talk so they don't look like their loitering, even continuing walking slowly.*

Janus: *he'll enter the cubicle after Novalee* "It won't be long, it looks like. Things seem to be progressing properly."

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods her head to Janus. "Yes it is looking that way."

Novalee Van Zandt: ((Ummm like the AATR and body doubles, we multiplied *S*))

Winnie Miles: *Of course when they go into the cubicle she follows.*

Ravyn: ((Okay, now it's my turn to apologize for delays, was explaining something.))

Janus: *he'll nod as well, and engage in meaningless conversation inside the cube*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She starts toward the MedBay and just as she is about to go in, glances over her shoulder to see where the guards are. If they still haven't passed her, she mumbles something hard to understand under her breath and will return to the others as if maybe she forgot to get something.

Ravyn: The guards head along, past the re-education room and power room, eventually making their way through another door as Keri and C.R. come up on the others.

Ravyn: C.R. grins a bit to Winnie. "Smooth talking, Doc."

Novalee Van Zandt: They are not talking about anything important at the moment, just small talk, or letting Winnie bable on and nodding or shaking her head every now and then. She looks over to Keri and CR as they approach. "Ready?" She says standing up to see if the guards are gone or not.

Winnie Miles: *There's that grin, twisty and exuberant.* Thanks.

Keridwen Hawthorne: One more quick look over the top of her glasses at where the guards disappeared, before she glances to the group. "Good job," she nods to them. "Going to head in now."

Ravyn: "Ready as a girl high on X at the prom," he says with a nod.

Janus: "Let's go." *he's ready to go with the group to finish this*

Winnie Miles: Right you are..and goodluck. *Gives a two thumbs up to Keri.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She smiles to Winnie. "Yeah, I would not have been able to do that." she nods to Keri. "Alright."

Keridwen Hawthorne: And she moves off quickly to the target room.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Do you need us in there with you Keri? Or would you prefer us to come with you?" she asks quickly but keeping her voice low.

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*Kicks slow fingers and slight confusion too*))

Ravyn: "You guys...stand guard out here, I guess." C.R. grins to them and moves to head in with Keri.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She shakes her head no, indicating she'll go in alone.

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((well, with C.R. at least *grin* oops. C.R. knows what he's doing even if player doesn't :) ))

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods her head, remaining behind. "one of you sit down I will keep an eye out for guards."

Janus: *Janus will sit as Novalee requests, and will help to keep an eye out*

Winnie Miles: *Looks for guard activity as well. Listens too.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She moves to the keypad, still using the gloved hand to input the password.

Ravyn: There's a keypad on the outside of the closed door that Keri approaches.

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: intel/comp: 6,2,10,1,7,2,

Ravyn: There's a moment of panic as Keri thinks she might have gotten the numbers wrong, but the door slides open when she enters the code in.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She hestiates for a second with that slight bit of panic but quickly hurries inside the room after seeing the door open.

Ravyn: Keri and C.R. make their way into the room. It's a little frightening, the feeling of complete stasis in here. The entire room is built specifically for handling the powersource, which dominates one side of the room. Four columns go from floor to ceiling, providing the boundary for the field that holds the electric, glowing Quintessence inside. Closer to them is the control panel. C.R. gives an involuntary shiver as he looks around. "Dayum."

Outside, everything seems quiet and going perfectly to plan. ((Per+Alert, diff 8 to the trio))

Winnie Miles: d10: p&a: 4,6,5,4,2,6,6,2,

Janus: d10: Per+Alert: 3,10,3,3,8,5,

Winnie Miles: (oops, that's not right)

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Per+Alert: 2,6,5,5,7,3,

Winnie Miles: d10: p&a: 9,6,7,7,1,2,

Keridwen Hawthorne: Once inside, she stops, shivering as well and turns hearing C.R. and giving him a weak smile, but a look that says she's glad he's in there with her. Moving to the control panel she looks at it and considers the best with to futz it up.

Ravyn -> Janus: Janus happens to notice a red flash on the ceiling...more then one. A quick glance around reveals to him that all the cameras without view have subtly shifted to focus on them.

Janus: "They've been alerted." *softly, but loud enough that Novalee and Winnie can hear him, and he rises from his seat*

Novalee Van Zandt: "I do not see anything, where from?" she asks Janus softly.

Ravyn: C.R. stands next to Keri protectively, looking around as she stares at the console.

Janus: "The cameras are watching us and warning lights are flashing. Be on your guard."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "For you, Aaron," she says very quietly as she messes with the panel.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Always am." She says quietly. "I just wish we had a way to warn them."

Winnie Miles: *She goes over to the door where C.R. and Keri went into, if it's open she'll step into the opening, motioning towards C.R. so she doesn't distract Keri.*

Janus: *he'll look around, watching for guards moving around, towards them or possibly towards the power room*

Ravyn: ((All right, guys...I need to check with everyone at this point. How long do you guys think you have in you tonight? And, if it's not long, can you spare a couple hours sometime tomorrow afternoon to finish up?))

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((I'm still good for a while....and if not for others, I can do something tomorrow afternoon))

Janus: ((Tomorrow is completely and totally awful for me. Just can't do anything...I've got about 40 minutes left in me tonight))

Winnie Miles: (what time do you need us tomorrow? I need to get some sleep, but depending on the time I can be around tomorrow. )

Ravyn: ((If not, that's fine. I just need to know now, so I know which way to go with this. Because this scene is getting finished this weekend, one way or another.))

Ravyn: ((All right, so Dragonfly needs to go to bed now, and Janothar can't do tomorrow, if I'm hearing this right?))

Janus: ((Yes. I MIGHT be able to do tomorrow night, fairly late my time for a couple of hours, like from 11-1 or so EST))

Winnie Miles: (I can do the night time no problem)

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((I can't be up late tomorrow night. I have to a long shift on Monday))

Ravyn: ((Because honestly, I need about 15 minutes to run to the store for some ibuprofin. And 40 minutes isn't long enough for what I had planned. Didn't honestly expect it would take this long to get to this point, which is probably my bad. So that's 8 pm - 10 pm PST, 9-11 MST, 10-12 CST. Two hours will be enough, I think, yes. Can everyone do that?))

Ravyn: ((Oh, shit, that's right, Uktena...sorry, forgot. I can possibly run Keri's part separate from the rest of the group's, though, actually.))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((If Dragonfly and Jano cane make it at those times I will be here. I am normally always around))

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I'm going to go in a little earlier actually and work about 13 hours on Monday...but I can stick around a bit tonight and be around tomorrow earlier))

Janus: ((As I said, might...but I'll do everything I can to manage it))

Winnie Miles: (errrr..what's that EST? I'm around tomorow night..just need to know what time you need me.)

Ravyn: ((Okay, so we'll do Jano, Snow, and Dragonfly at the time pre-mentioned, and Uktena, I'll get with you early tomorrow. Thanks for the scene thus far...I'm killing Nick so I can get dressed and go get headache relief.))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((11-1 EST))

Ravyn: ((Jano's on the same Time Zone as you, D-Fly.))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*Hugs Janos* Gotcha))

Winnie Miles: (alrighty..I be here with lots of coffee...oh dear, Ravyn's been STing nekkid again! I kill nick to to go to bed)

Janus: ((Alrighty, if that's it for the night, thanks for the scene, I'm gonna sleep now *waves*))

Ravyn: As Keri enters in the last keystroke to start up the overload process and Winnie is making her way toward the door, it abruptly slides shut with a slam, followed by the slightly audible hum of a magnetic lock falling into place.

Novalee Van Zandt: She will start to move towards any of the closer security cameras. It is time for them not to know where they are in the building. She sends a silent prayer that Keri and CR hurry up and complete the mission.

Winnie Miles: Oh oh....*Is her wise and powerful comment to the door sliding shut.* Uh..Janus...Novalee..the door just closed. What do we do NOW? *her voice a little squeaky with panic.*

Janus: "Whatever is necessary." *he's watching for guards of any sort approaching them*

Ravyn: Novalee makes her way toward the cameras without difficulty, though they are a bit high up for her to just reach up and disable. Janus, on the lookout, is the first to note the guards coming. Several. Four come into view immediately, with the sounds of more right behind them. They're armed, the X-5 Protectors already out and in their hands.

Winnie Miles: *right..whatever is necessary. She'll check the door to see if there's any way to open it from the outside.*

Janus: "There's four, armed with X-5's, and more on the way."

Novalee Van Zandt: "Pray that they do what need to be done." She starts to say the lords prayer. And when Janus tells them how many are heading towards them, she pulls out her sai's. "Time to move." then back to saying the lords prayer.((She is trying to activate Entropy of 1 to help her see the weaker spots in those she is about to fight.Which is why she started singing the lords prayer.))

Ravyn: The four stop when they're within view, training the guns on the trio. "Freeze! Stop what you're doing, Deviants, right now!"

Janus: ((ack BRB))

Ravyn: ((Roll it, Nove))

Ravyn: ((And Winnie, roll me Int+Tech or Computer))

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Arete (Q): 10,3,9,

Winnie Miles: d10: int & tech: 7,8,5,5,5,

Ravyn: Novalee gets her effect off, and Winnie, with a quick scan over the door, realizes the controls are locked out. The guards aim their X-5's, ready to fire. ((And I think we're going into Init here, guys. Roll it, and we'll wait for Jano to get back before proceeding.))

Winnie Miles: d10: init: 2,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Init + Six: 3,

Winnie Miles: (Init 7....I'm HUGE!)

Novalee Van Zandt: ((9))

Ravyn: d10: Init plus seven: 7,

Ravyn: ((Okay, while we wait for Jano...we're going to go cinematic here. Roll your attack. For every four successes on an attack, you killed someone. For a fraction, you injured them that 1/4 per success toward dead. If you're doing a non-attack, it'll be resolved normally. Declare order is Winnie, Nove, then bad guys, with Janus's spot still to be determined, then resolved in reverse order. Make sense to everyone?))

Janus: ((Sorry, friend in crisis...back))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((I got it. *S*))

Janus: d10: Init+: 9,

Winnie Miles: (*Winnie has two actions thanks to Novalee's rote, I believe) *Winnie is going to use her first action to put her hands up and pretend to surrender, and hopefully if one of the guards goes towards her, her second action will be to try to punch him.*

Janus -> Ravyn: ((Ok, just want to remind you as the ST, Janus has a Chronic Illness, so is at +2 diff on any soak and also has stamina 1, feel encouraged to penalize him as this goes on))

Janus: *Janus would have been drawing his knives before as Nova pulls her sais*

Ravyn: ((Ahh, yes, and multiple actions are resolved after all normal actions are resolved.))

Janus: ((err, my init is 16))

Ravyn -> Janus: ((I remember. *S*))

Ravyn: ((So delcare order is Winnie, Novalee, Guards, Janus))

Novalee Van Zandt: She is going to run towards them for her first action as she yells to the other's "Get out of here!"

Winnie Miles: (alright, so for right now...) *Winnie puts her hands in the air.* I surrender! Don't shoot!

Ravyn: The guards do not, in fact, advance...the crazy woman with the Sais running toward them is more then enough inclination not to. Two of them aim their guns at Novalee and open fire; one aims at Janus, the other at Winnie, and also fire.

Ravyn: ((Correction: the one on Winnie doesn't fire.))

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Nove): 6,3,3,5,6,4,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Nove): 7,8,1,5,4,6,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Janus): 7,5,9,4,6,2,

Ravyn: ((You guys get regular soaks, by the way, which we will resolve at the end of the first set of actions.))

Janus: *Janus appears to have no fear, though quite possibly he's gone completely insane. He's got his weapon ready, and he's charging the guards, and if he can reach them will attack immediately*

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Nove): 4,8,3,8,10,4,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Nove): 7,5,1,10,8,9,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Janus): 5,4,6,8,3,2,3,

Janus: d10: Dex+Melee: 8,8,6,6,4,3,

Ravyn: RECAP FIRST ACTION: JANUS and NOVALEE charge the GUARDS while WINNIE puts her hands up. The full action is needed to get to them. The GUARDS open fire, two taser bullets striking NOVALEE (Soak 3 and 3), one striking JANUS (Soak 2).

Janus: d10: Soak: 5,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Soak: 5,8,7,1,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Soak: 6,10,3,6,

Ravyn: ((Janus takes 2, Novalee takes 2. Both Bashing. Declare second actions WINNIE and NOVALEE))

Winnie Miles: *Since the guard who hadn't shot her is not coming to her she's going to do an all out sprint to get to the guard. YARGGGHHH! Guns! Flinch!*

Novalee Van Zandt: Reaching the guards she strikes out with her Sai to take one of them down.

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Dex+Melee: 9,3,3,5,2,4,5,

Ravyn: RECAP SECOND ACTION: NOVALEE brings her sai around, impaling the guard in front of her through the temple in a single thrust, while WINNIE charges while she has the opportunity, moving with superhuman speed on the guard with the gun trained on her. Two more GUARDS come in behind, their guns already drawn. ((New Init: Same order. Declare order Winnie, Novalee, Guards, Janus))

Winnie Miles: d10: dex& athletics : 8,6,

Winnie Miles: *Winnie is going to punch, it's neither graceful nor skillful, but hopefully it'll do the job.*

Ravyn: ((Roll it, Winnie))

Novalee Van Zandt: Maybe she does have a death wish. She is going to strike out this action towards two of the other guards.

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Dex+Melee: 6,10,7,4,4,

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Dex+Melee (WP): 7,5,5,2,

Winnie Miles: d10: dex= brawl (wp): 3,8,2,

Ravyn: The guards take their shots again, albeit at point-blank range this time. Winnie's getting shot, too.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Nove): 4,2,6,7,8,4,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Nove): 4,9,4,4,2,6,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Janus): 8,6,3,9,8,6,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Winn): 6,6,9,6,5,4,

Janus: *Janus, being close now, will stab the guard shooting at him*

Janus: d10: Dex+Melee+(WP): 5,9,4,7,4,

Winnie Miles: d10: damage: 9,1,8,5,

Winnie Miles: d10: soak (wp): 2,2,4,

Winnie Miles: (if she can use WP on a soak that is)

Ravyn: ((Delete the second Novalee shot. Nove killed that one.))

Ravyn: ((Can't use WP on soak. And Winnie, there's no damage here, thus the Cinematic Combat. # of successes gained by you guys determine if the opponent is disabled/killed.))

Ravyn: ((Gained on the attack roll, I mean.))

Ravyn: RECAP FIRST ACTION: JANUS seriously wounds his GUARD, and NOVALEE takes out her GUARD as well as WINNIE'S. Unfortunately, the GUARDS get their shots off, and each member of the cabal is hit by taser bullets.

Winnie Miles: (okily dokily)

Ravyn: ((I am, however, doing regular damage and soak with the guards, to give you guys better odds.))

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Nove): 1,6,6,7,9,8,5,7,4,8,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Janus): 5,2,4,1,8,3,2,3,2,5,

Winnie Miles: (ooh right. my bad.)

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Soak: 7,1,1,6,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Winnie): 7,4,8,10,2,6,9,8,3,9,

Winnie Miles: d10: soak: 6,4,6,

Janus: d10: Soak: 10,

Ravyn: ((Since we don't need to do soak on Janus, recapping now. The other's took his attacker's successes, apparently.))

Janus: ((Darn, didn't remember if damage could be 0 before soak, so rolled anyway and wasted a 10))

Ravyn: DAMAGE SUMMARY FIRST ACTION: Novalee takes 6 bashing (which puts her at Bruised in Lethal, Incapacitated in Bashing, and out), Janus takes none (Still at Hurt in Bashing), and Winnie takes 5 Bashing (Putting her at Mauled in Bashing and losing her second action from stun.)

Ravyn: ((New Init: Declare Order is Winnie (at -2 to all actions), Guards (1 left from original four, with two more coming up), and Janus.)) Novalee falls to the ground, twitching from the electricity coursing through her body.

Ravyn: ((And Janus is at -1. Guard on Janus is at -2))

Winnie Miles: *Winnie is stunned on her first action because of the electricity and thereby looses her first action.*

Winnie Miles: (DLP..stunned on her second action)

Winnie Miles: *Winnie is going to try to grab the gun from the guard shooting at her.* (disarm)

Ravyn: ((Dex+Brawl to pull the weapon from him. His Strength is 3, so you need 3 succ.))

Winnie Miles: d10: Dex + Brawl + WP: 1,

Ravyn: The guard on Winnie actually lets go of his gun, reaching back to punch her right in the face. The guard on Janus opens fire again, while the two in reserve take aim, one on each standing mage, but don't fire yet. They're about fifteen feet back. ((Rolling Dex+Brawl on Winnie and Dex+Firearms (point-blank) on Janus))

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl: 2,2,9,1,9,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Janus): 9,3,10,9,6,5,

Janus: *The one on Janus is injured, so Janus is just going to cut him down where he stands*

Ravyn: ((Ack. There WAS no guard in front of Winnie, as Novalee killed him, so retconning to say she grabbed at Janus's. He doesn't let go, he just shoots Janus; will re-roll attack, to be fair.))

Janus: d10: Dex+Melee-one+WP: 4,6,2,9,4,

Ravyn: ((Esp. rerolling since I forgot negatives. :P))

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Janus): 4,4,8,3,

Ravyn: RECAP FIRST ACTION: JANUS kills the GUARD as said GUARD gets his shot off; WINNIE tries to disarm the GUARD to no avail. The other TWO GUARDS in reserve take aim, just in case. ((Roll soak, Janus.))

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Janus): 1,5,4,1,7,8,10,

Janus: d10: Soak: 8,

Ravyn: The GUARD dies, and Janus avoids injury this round. Another man is seen coming up behind them...he's young enough, though he is approaching middle-age...maybe 30, 35 years old, and handsome enough in an academic way. His hair is a light brown, wavy and cut short, dressed professionally in a collarless white dress shirt and slacks, with a pair of wire-rimmed sunglasses covering his face. ((New Round: Init goes Winnie, Guards, Janus. Mystery Man is not acting this round.))

Ravyn: ((ACK! Winnie's second action!))

Winnie Miles: (Winnie lost her second action, remember?)

Ravyn: ((Winnie lost her second action last round, because she took more damage then her Stamina. The Effect is still active, though.))

Winnie Miles: (OH!) *Winnie is going to grab for one of the guns from a dead guard.*

Winnie Miles: *New Round she'll shoot one of the guards.*

Ravyn: ((Dex+FA))

Winnie Miles: d10: dex & firearms (wp): 9,

Ravyn: The guards return fire on the duo of mages, while the glasses-wearing man stands behind them, seeming to wait patiently as he starts to speak through a headset.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Janus): 1,2,5,8,3,5,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Winn): 4,2,4,8,8,9,

Winnie Miles: d10: soak: 7,5,4,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Winnie): 4,1,2,4,9,6,2,

Ravyn: ((Janothar is having difficulty with the site, FYI, so that's the delay))

Janus: ((JUST managed to work again...and need to know, who's closer, glasses-guy or the guards, and also are the guards close enough that Janus could slice one of them this round?))

Ravyn: ((The guards, and they're about 15 feet back. Glasses-guy is behind them))

Janus: ((Gotcha)) *Janus will be advancing to attack the guards once more, starting with the one Winnie is shooting at*

Janus: d10: Dex+Melee: 1,6,5,10,7,

Ravyn: FIRST ACTION RECAP: JANUS and WINNIE manage to put one of the guards down, the one who was shooting at JANUS. This, of course, is why he missed. All the pain. The other shoots Winnie, but the effect is minimal and, while jolting, is undamaging. The other guard frowns deeply and flicks a switch on the gun. ((Second action))

Winnie Miles: *Winnie shoots the other guard.* Pleasefalldownpleasefalldownpleasefalldown!

Winnie Miles: d10: dex & FA: 4,

Ravyn: d10: Initiative plus six: 2,

Ravyn: Winnie's shot misses, going just a little wide. The man behind is speaking calmly, and one can actually hear him say "Miss Hawthorne..." into the headset, though the rest is obscured. ((New Turn, Order: Winnie, Glasses Man, Guard, Janus))

Winnie Miles: *Winnie is probalby too busy trying to shoot and not panic to pay attention to anything but what she's doing. But she does try to shoot again.*

Winnie Miles: (Gonna spend a wp point to ignore wound penalties.)

Ravyn: ((Cool.))

Winnie Miles: d10: Dx + firearms: 8,8,4,

Ravyn: The man with the glasses calmly raises his hand, a dart gun inside. He a shot go toward Winnie. The guard takes a shot at Janus, again having point-blank advantage.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Winn): 8,4,1,3,6,8,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Janus): 3,2,9,2,2,

Ravyn: d10: Toxin (Winnie): 4,9,2,5,10,9,7,

Ravyn: ((Roll me Stamina, Winnie))

Winnie Miles: d10: STamina!: 5,6,6,

Janus: *Janus will do his standard thing, he's going to kill the guard in front of him to clear his way towards Glasses*

Janus: d10: Dex+Melee-One: 5,4,1,9,6,

Ravyn: Between Winnie and Janus, the guard is badly wounded, but not killed. He fires a bullet--a real one now, not taser--into Janus, while the bespectacled man fires a dart that injects a toxin into Winnie. Winnie feels everything go dizzy and topsy-turvy as she loses all sense of balance and is overcome by vertigo. ((Rolling Damage for the guard.))

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Janus): 8,6,5,4,7,2,4,

Ravyn: ((And that is lethal damage, FYI.)) WOUND SUMMARY: Winnie is Incapacitaed due to the effects of the drug, and Janus is at 3 Lethal & 2 Bashing. The guard is badly injured but not dead (-5 to actions).

Ravyn: ((New Round: Initiative Order is Guard, Glasses, Janus))

Ravyn: The guard tries to get a desparate, last-second shot off, while the glasses man turns the dart gun calmly to Janus.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Firearms (Janus): 8,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+FA-Dart (Janus): 2,4,2,9,4,6,

Janus: *Janus will just continue the killin'*

Janus: d10: Dex+Melee-Two: 2,3,3,7,

Ravyn: d10: Toxin: 9,4,2,3,5,2,4,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Janus): 10,5,10,7,1,1,6,

Ravyn: ((Roll me Stamina for the Toxin))

Janus: d10: Sta: 7,

Janus: ((Either way, looks like I just took two damage, which moves me to incapacitated))

Ravyn: ((Yep. And guys, since the cabal is down and we've still got a bit to go, I'm going to summarize here. First off...a very important roll. Novalee, Winnie, and Janus. Each of you PM me a five die roll, I will PM one back to you. This is our infamous "Luck Roll" to see if you guys make it out.))

Janus -> Ravyn: d10: Five: 5,6,1,6,5,

Ravyn -> Janus: d10: Luck Roll: 2,8,10,6,1,

Winnie Miles -> Ravyn: d10: Luck roll: 9,1,4,10,4,

Ravyn -> Winnie Miles: d10: Luck Roll: 3,6,2,3,9,

Winnie Miles -> Ravyn: (is that good or bad?)

Ravyn: The cabal wakes up in holding cells in the AATR, all separated from each other but within sight. They have been stripped of all their possessions. Janus has been healed, but just enough that he's not bleeding out. Winnie is still a bit disoriented from the drug, and Novalee is in pain from the taser shots she took. They have no estimate how long it's been since they went down. ((More))

Ravyn -> Winnie Miles: ((Good enough. *S*))

Winnie Miles -> Ravyn: (yayyyyy!)

Ravyn: The prisons are without actual bars...Forces fields hold them in. Attempts to unweave them fail...there seems to be no escape. For all they know, the attempt failed, and they've been here for days.

After about ten minutes, the sounds of gunshots come from down the hallway. Guards rush past them, but get shot down, as a man makes his way down. He appears to be a fairly ordinary man in his his mid-30's, short brown hair, dressed in casual clothes...a T-Shirt and brown leather jacket, jeans and boots, and an X-5 in his hand. He looks the three over, a blank look on his face, and reaches out to the control panel on each of their cells, opening them up. "You should go," he tells them. "You have about five minutes before the building explodes." And he starts to leave himself.

Ravyn: ((This is slightly interactive, by the way, so go ahead and post actions in a general sense in terms of trying to get out, precautionary actions, and the like. Just don't wanna get bogged down in IC.))

Novalee Van Zandt: Novalee, will help get both Janus and Winnie out of there. carrying them if need be4 or guiding them as she can. She is not going to argue with someone rescueing them.

Ravyn: The man does also stop to note that their companions are already out, he believes. Or dead. Either way, the building's sensors are not detecting them in the building, according to him. All said in the same blank voice.

Winnie Miles: *She's going to shake off the disorientation and follow their unknown benefactor out. If he leaves them behind she'll look for familiar land marks and try to get out of hte building as quickly as possible. Tehre being only 5 minutes or so she doens't have time to be too cautious, though she'll try to avoid guards and such.*

Winnie Miles: *all going out together is good!*

Novalee Van Zandt: She will act as a shield in case of any more guards shooting at them, for the rest of her cabal.

Janus: *Janus will be leaving, preferably with the group*

Winnie Miles: (hopefully that's good enough..cause I need to head to bed)

Ravyn: As the group makes their way out, the man leading the way, they seem to be taking a different, quicker exit, through the back of the holding cell area. And they do encounter resistance...oh, do they. About halfway out, the power turns off, and everything goes dark. It's...difficult to tell what happens after that. As they stumble along down the hallways, shots ring out, and the thud of a nearby body hits the ground. Janus and Winnie nearly trip over it as their mystery helper returns fire. Novalee has fallen.

Winnie Miles: *Winnie's going to check to see if she's dead. And if she is she's going to be VERYVERYVERY upset. The whole bawling and wailing and stuff. If she's not, she'll help manhandle her out..probably try to manhandle her out either way.*

Janus: *Janus considers bringing Novalee's body out, but though he can carry her, he won't be able to do so for long, so he'll just continue on, silently wishing her luck on her next cycle and thanking her for her help on this one*

Ravyn: ((Sorry, ALMOST done.)) Finally, they make it to a dimly lit area, and push on through toward the night sky. Only at this point does Janus finally go down, his wounds and the strain of continuing on being too much for him. The mystery man grabs Winnie and pulls her along before she can stop for him...he knows the man to be too far gone. As the two get clear, the AATR facility is momentarily flooded with light through the windows, and then, it literally folds in on itself, as if a gravitational pull from inside has formed, pulling the building inward. The man continues on with Winnie to the street and onward, pulling her away from the building as it implodes, becoming a tattered rubble of nothingness where once, a Technocratic stronghold stood.

Winnie Miles: *AND Janus?!?!??! oh Winnie's going to be very, very very unhappy!!!!*

Ravyn: The man leads Winnie along toward the nearest safe building, a hotel about three blocks away, and gets up a fire escape to get her into a room to rest. He makes sure she's going to be physically okay, stares at her for a long moment, and gives a blank-sounding apology before he leaves out the window. ((And we'll be cutting the scene there. Thank you for your patience on this, everyone...I appreciate you guys working through this with me!))

Winnie Miles: (wow...and I say it again...wow! Look to the forums for Winnie's very sad farewell to her cabalmates.)

Janus: ((Thanks for the scene Rav, it was great))

Ravyn: ((Speaking of the forums...News Article up now. All Mages should read it.))

Janus: ((killing nick, reading article, then crashing, again, thanks for the scene all))

Winnie Miles: (will read in morning. *Sniffles.*)

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*Hugs thank you all and this wqas such a blast *S* No pun intended. I had so much fun *S*))