Lee Minardi: * The man bypasses the ward and stomps down the stairs, calling out as he does so... * " Man on the floor. Get decent. "

Taillte w/corchen: Tai peeks out of the room with a yawn "is it dark yet?"

C.R.: C.R. is already up...yes, in fact, the man is awake. At a decent hour. And dressed. He's on the couch, with a clipboard in his lap, scrawling out notes. "No one's decent here," he mumbles with a slight smirk. Somewhat lacking it its usual humor. "Hey, Lee. S'up?"

Lee Minardi: " Yeah its dark as night. Has been for more than an hour. Where is the fucking book? "

Taillte w/corchen: She slips out blinking looking to Lee as he mentions the book and a glance to CR at is tone in sarcasim.

C.R.: "Was wondering when someone was going to get around to asking about that." He gestures to the closet. "It's in the warded safe."

Lee Minardi: * Then he notices CR. * " Oh, hey man. Not alot except that we are draging our feet again and I got chewed out over it. "

C.R.: He frowns a little. "Who chewed you out over it? I swear to the Holy Trinity of Murphy, Eldritch, and Souxie, if the Havenites or Lingies are ridin' our asses on this..."

Lee Minardi: " He flops down on the floor. * " Who gives a fuck about them? No, its Roxy. She thinks that she is the only one doing anything and I got an earfull about it. So whats up with the book? "

Lee Minardi: {{ We lose Scio? }}

Taillte w/corchen: She leans against a wall as corchen weaves through her hair "really? she hasn't said anything to me"

C.R.: He blinks, and then scowls. "She fucking what?" A shake of his head, and he stands up, face darkening some. "Yeah, right. All right...here's the deal with the book. I don't know. I've been trying to do some research into it before we started screwing around with it, because Roxy was so damn worried about being cautious with it. She doesn't want it divined or opened here? Cool. But that means I have to find a suitable place that's not going to attract the damn Union, so we don't end up like Durst. And while we're at it...at our big meeting, she was the person put in charge of the book situation. I'd love to know what the fuck she's been doing about it while we've been sitting on our asses."

Lee Minardi: " Well she sure as shit said something to me. Maybe I am just a good target or something. Oh, and if you do not want to do that contacting the other dumbasses thing I will take it off your hands, CR. "

Lee Minardi: * He shrugs at that. * " I like to think there is always shit going on that I dont know about. She set up the thing with the other chantries, right? Though maybe it was your idea. Maybe she is on the rag or something but she launched into me about this crap yesterday. "

C.R.: "Why would I not want to do it?" He blinks. "I volunteered to do it. Keri was suggested by me as an alternate if no one wanted me to do it."

Lee Minardi: " Look man I really dont care. I just want to look busy quick. " * He grins and lights up a smoke. * " The way things are working around here thats hard to do. "

Taillte w/corchen: She glances to Keri "so Keri is still with us?"

C.R.: He frowns. "All right. Here's the plan. Lee, you're on book detail. Work with Roxy on it, or not, it's all good to me." He looks to Taillte. "I got Keri to stay with us until Halloween at least. Beyond that, we'll see. I'll deal with the other Chantries. Taillte, you wanna help me with that, that's cool."

Taillte w/corchen: "sure i will you wanna take one and i'll take the other?"

Lee Minardi: " It might just be me on the book then. I dont think she is all that into looking at it. I think her plan was to hand it over. "

C.R.: He shakes his head. "Ain't set to work that way right now, the way it was first discussed. Leads to a chance of miscommunication. Barring a change in the agreement, we both deal with both...but I think we can force a little flexibility out of them. So if you want to take Haven as your primary focus and I'll take Ling's, that's cool by me. We'll be backups for each other if needed. Just have to make absolute certain that we touch bases on everything as far as that goes."

Taillte w/corchen: "Sounds good to me" she smiles "so when do you want to go pay a visit? "

C.R.: "Okay," he says to Lee. "Maybe Keri can help you out with it. Give her a call to find out...or I can. Can't hurt to check."

C.R.: "I'll get in touch with Ethan and Briar immediately. We'll set up a meet."

Lee Minardi: * He nods to that and takes a drag. * " Can do. I need to talk to her anyway. She really is not fitting in. "

C.R.: "Not fitting in?"

Lee Minardi: " Yeah. She takes shit way too personaly for this group. "

Taillte w/corchen: "i can't wait!" she grins.

C.R.: "Personally?" He tilts his head. "She's a bit sensitive about certain matters, maybe. It's more personality conflict, if you ask me."

Lee Minardi: " Maybe it is, but if she is going to keep threatening to leave over little shit then she might as well walk. This is going to get old really fast if we have to keep coddleing her. I mean I know, well I think she has issues, but that shit the other night was little shit. "

Lee Minardi: * He glances to Taillte. * " Pardon my french. "

C.R.: "Lee, she's never threatened to leave before." He gives him an odd look. "She just got pushed too far with Roxy's shit. Minor thing? Maybe. But it seems to have been the straw that broke the camel's back."

Taillte w/corchen: She nods her head.

Lee Minardi: " You think its going to stop? Its not going too as long as we have this commitee shit going on. If they dont get along now I hate to see what is going to happen the next time a vote comes up. I really think we might want to look at breaking things down into the things that we know. I mean for instance whoever here has ever had to smoke someone raise your hand? " * Lee raises his hand and looks to CR and Taillte. *

C.R.: He gives Lee an even stare and raises his hand. "I think you may have noticed tonight that committee is officially out of session, by the way."

Taillte w/corchen: She looks to CR expecting his hand also to raise but her hands stay lowered.

Taillte w/corchen: "hey Lee so you've never walked out of a job because you finally got so pissed of at something you thought as BS?" she glances to him.

Lee Minardi: " No shit? I never would have guessed that you had it in you, and no I had not noticed. Just saying that maybe we should defer a little to the experts in our midst rather than get into these friendly debates that some of us do not seem to handle well. Like if its a question of faith I would listen to Keri and probably let her make the call. I just think we need to take another look at the way we are doing things so we can be more flexable. If it happens great, if not I will stick around. Not going anywhere. "

Lee Minardi: " No, never Tail. I walked off a war that I failed to notice had ended once. As far as jobs go, no. "

C.R.: He shrugs and lowers his hand, looking between them. "Question, guys. Do you know why we have such a bad reputation among the Traditions? I mean, you know, besides the fact that we're a bunch of Orphans who celebrate the death of reality as we know it."

Taillte w/corchen: "i've seen plenty of people just hit a personal limet that gets them steamed enough to walk of. we are human yah know" she shrugs " If Keri chooses to leave it is her choice, but i'm not going to get mad at her for walking off cause something irked her. "

Lee Minardi: " I would like to think its because they see us as nihilists that never take a stand on anything. I mean we need our secrets, but nobody likes a whiner. We whine a whole fucking lot and nobody ever sees us doing anything. "

Lee Minardi: " Me either, Taillte, but I will if she keeps saying she is gone and then does not leave. That bugs me. I mean I have to trust you guys. "

Taillte w/corchen: "well yoiu have until Halloween to see how things progress. which in a week or so" she grins.

Lee Minardi: " Yeah I need to decide what I am going to wear. " * He takes another drag. *

C.R.: "No." He shakes his head. "That just goes along with the attitude. The reason why is because we pulled a betrayal on the Traditions that makes Durst Whitright look like a saint by comparison. Some people say we actually turned the tide of the Ascension War...toward the Union."

Lee Minardi: " Yeah right. How were we even cappable of doing that? "

Taillte w/corchen: "history lesson?" she looks to CR with a smile.

C.R.: "Simplest act in the world, Lee. By turning a knob and opening a door. One we were trusted with. Their mistake, they now say." He shrugs, pulling out a clove and lighting up. A not to Tai. "Yeah, history lesson. So. The Traditions used to have an Umbral headquarters, called Concordia, inside the realm of Horizon. Vast realm...meeting place for all the Trads. They used to be organized, and we were trying to be recognized among them. Some of us, anyway. A good portion of us wanted to be considered equals, at least. Not shit on all the time whenever we had something to contribute for all of our good. They didn't do such a great job of it...but they did allow us an ambassador to the place."

Taillte w/corchen: (twins!)

Lee Minardi: " Somehow I managed to miss all of that. I never heard of concordia. So the ambassador steped on his dick... or maybe it was a chick.

Taillte w/corchen: She glances to Lee and waits for CR to continue with the Story.

C.R.: "You're not miussing much...anymore, at least. It's a ruin. And yeah, he sort of did. Actually, worse then that...he left everyone else's dicks hanging in the wind." He scowls. "You gotta realize, a lot of us had been working really hard to gain acceptance. Yeah, we're nihilists, but it doesn't mean we're always apathetic. And we appointed someone we really, really thought had our best intentions in mind. We were very wrong. The fucker decided after being talked down to a few too many times that he'd actively let the Union in. He opened a door to Horizon and beckoned the Union in. They tore the place to peaces, and took most of the Tradition's leaders with them in the process. He was the guy we chose as a leader...and he betrayed the Traditions as clearly as anyone who ever became Nephandi or anything else."

Lee Minardi: " Is he still around? "

C.R.: "If he is, he's hidden himself pretty damn well." He snorts. "I don't know, and if I ever find the fucker, I'll put him out of our misery."

Lee Minardi: " Well somebody like that would probably be able to clean our clocks anyway. Just saying... "

Lee Minardi: " Anyway this has ranged a little far afield from what I wanted to bring up. I dont want to see this die off, so lets fix it. "

Lee Minardi: " Oh, and there is this cultist named Moody that has been hanging around. Do me a favor and do not tell her shit. She is an accident waiting to happen. "

Taillte w/corchen: She frowns slightly and moves over to sit next to CR. "i haven't seen her for a few week...sheusually stops by in the mornings..."

C.R.: "That's my point exactly, Lee." He nods. "I was hoping that we could forge something new here. The way we tried before the Reckoning didn't work. That was blatently obvious, and I'd thought it was the method. It wasn't, though. It was the people. We elected people based on who was popular, who we liked. We didn't pick the best people for the job. In fact, often, we picked the worst people for the job, like some sort of fucking Student Body Popularity Contest election." He shakes his head, frowning. "No more. Not now. Best people for the job. No more of this voting bullshit. No more of this 'I'll do it if no one else will' crap. We want to live, we want to be taken seriously? Then we take ourselves seriously and stop half-assing it."

C.R.: "Fuck Moody." He frowns. "I've heard plenty about her. Not interested."

Lee Minardi: " I do not mind the voteing, but we need to have someone that can take charge when we start geting into crap like what we had the other night. Someone that can say look asshole, you know this shit better than the rest of us. Get it done and if you want help you got it. Then we need to hold each other to the fire to make sure that shit gets done. Lets face it. We are the slacker kings and thats what people see us as. "

Lee Minardi: " And then when everything does get done we need to throw one hell of a party to celebrate. " * He smiles again and ashes his cigarette. *

Taillte w/corchen: "well we better get something done quick cause halloween is comming up and i wanna celebrate" she grins.

Lee Minardi: " You guys have been here alot longer than I have, but if nobody steps up I will. Thats a warning. I am not always the chunk of happiness and cuddly fluffy cloud you fuckers see me as. "

C.R.: He shrugs. "Works for me. And Lee...I just stepped up."

Lee Minardi: " Good. Then I will get togeather with Keri and hit the book. How do I get to it when things are set up to safely look at it? "

C.R.: "It's in the safe in the closet." He points over at the closet door again. "Just lemme know, I'll unlock it."

Taillte w/corchen: "so do we want to make a list of what we want to talk to Brair and Ethan?" she glances to CR.

Lee Minardi: " Alright. Sorry for the downer guys. Was hoping to catch someone naked. Next time I will try to sneak in. " * He grins again and stands back up. * " Either of you have anything that you wanted to rant about ? "

C.R.: "I've got a list that I was working on already," he says to Taillte. "When I get it done, I'll let you know. See if there's anything you want to add." He looks over to Lee and shakes his head. "No, I'm rant-free, beyond the rants I already gave."

Taillte w/corchen: She shakes her head "no rants...." she streaches "speaking of naked....sneaking doesn't get much either asking always gets you futhers. " she nods to CR. "cool, i can't wait to see it and see if i can figure out anything to add." she smiles "i need to figure out a halloweeny costume too.."

Lee Minardi: " Alright then. I am going to go try to call Keri and then get some sleep. Later guys. "

Taillte w/corchen: "see yah Lee, keep in touch"

Lee Minardi: " Really? Normaly it just gets me slapped. " * Then he Grins and makes his way back upstairs. *

Lee Minardi: {{ And with that need to crawl in the direction of bed so I dont mess up my sleep scheduel. Thanks for the rp. }}

C.R.: "See you, Lee." He looks away from the man and sits back down, going back to scrawling on the clipboard.

C.R.: ((Night, Green!))

Taillte w/corchen: (night green)

Taillte w/corchen: "Hey CR mind if a get a sneak peek?" she looks to the clip board but doesn't read it without himgiving the ok.

C.R.: "Now's a bad time, Taillte," he murmurs, focusing on the paper. "Gotta get back in the habit, and I think I need to get this down first."

Taillte w/corchen: She nods her head "you want me to work on anything while you are doing that?"

C.R.: "A miracle?" he mutters quietly, then shrugs as he writes. "I don't know, babe. Maybe...talk to Roxy. Tell her to stop being a fucking cuntstain who acts like she's the only one who matters around here. That would be nice."

Taillte w/corchen: "i'll try" she shrugs and nods her head "give me a call if you need me or finish the list soon"

C.R.: "Will do." He nods slightly, not looking up. "Thanks. You're the best."

Taillte w/corchen: She frowns slightly shaking off a thought as she moves into her room to for a few moments before moving upstairs to the main area.

C.R.: ((Thanks for the scene. *S*))