Novalee Van Zandt: Running a hand through her hair brushing it back from her face as she leans back relaxed in her seat at the table. An empty plate before her, obviously shje just got done eating. She picks up the glass of milk and takes a sip.

Janus: *he exits his room and heads to the kitchen, hunger fueling his behavior*

C.R.: ((Talk amongst ya IC-selves. Just giving you guys a couple and letting others show.))

Novalee Van Zandt: "Hello Janus." she calls out to him when she see's him.

Janus: "Hello, Novalee." *he will nod to her, while making himself a quick, simple meal* "Have you had any luck yet?"

Winnie Miles: *The door flies open and she scampers toting a plastic pumpkin filled with goodies. She grins that huge, brilliant and twisted grin when she sees Novalee and Janus.* Hey you two. Want some candy? I got plenty.

Novalee Van Zandt: She shakes her head. "Nope. Nothing. I taker it you have not had any either." she sets her glass of milk down. "Just half glad half sorry that, that atlantic city thing wasn't a trap. I was looking forward to a fight."

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks over to Winnie. "Hey Winnie, aren't you getting into the holiday a few days early?" a raise of a pale eyebrow.

Janus: *he shakes his head to Novalee, then looks at Winnie, and raises an eyebrow slightly.* "No."

Winnie Miles: *She shakes her head.* We had a Halloween party at the Clinic today. The MAYOR even showed up. He shook my hand. *grin.*

Novalee Van Zandt: "Well, I am happy for you winnie, and no thank you to the candy. I am sure some of the kids down at the church would enjoy it though, is okay. I am going to be getting some for our next b asketball practice." she smiles to Winnie and stands up to put her plate in the sink.

Janus: *Janus takes his meal and moves to the living room, he sits and begins to eat quietly*

Winnie Miles: That's a good idea. *She says, taking off her jacket and hanging it up. Underneath she's wearing a Freddy Krueger type shirt with a jean skirt.* so what's up?

Novalee Van Zandt: "Do not worry Janus, we will find the woman. Just give it some time, I know not something we have a whole lot of." she puts her plate and glass in the sink and turns on the water.

Novalee Van Zandt: "We were talking about our dead ends, and not having had much luck in finding Yoshi Hana" she calls over the running water.

Janus: "I know that we will find her. The Wheel wills it." *he says it with a faith that would make some choristers envious*

C.R.: He leads Keri along the street, up to the simple black door. The old-school goth is dressed appropriately...err, appropriately for him. A black T-Shirt with the following logo on it ( ) and bondage pants. There's a spiked bracelt around one wrist, his makeup done just enough to give him that "opiated out" look. His hair's it's usual spikey self. He looks back to Keri and smiles. "Here we are..." He pushes the door open for her.

Winnie Miles: Well, let's go over what we know again. *She suggests, taking a bag of caramel corn and heading after Janus like some overeager puppy.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: The woman walks along with C.R. Not exactly stunning, but not exactly ugly, red appears to be one of her favorite colors. She's a natural redhead and proud of it. Brown eyes, about 5'7" and wears whatever seems to fit her mood, often having something red on her at all times. Around her neck she wears a necklace that is never taken off, but for now is hidden under her shirt. Keri wears a red longsleeve one piece leather pant suit with a red phoenix painted down the back of the top part; the pants have criss-cross slits all the way down the outer sides from the hips down. To top it off she wears red ankle boots. Slung over her shoulder, carried across her side and hanging along her left hip is a black satchel. ((pic of phoenix: and not the anime girl with big eyes either :) ))

Keridwen Hawthorne: She steps inside when he opens the door for her, looking around cautiously still.

Janus: "We know that Yoshi Hana is a artist, and of an unsavory sort. Also that it is important that we find her."

Novalee Van Zandt: Her sigh is swallowed by the sound of the running water. She rolls her shoulders, and shuts off the water, grabbing a dish towel in one fluid movement. "Do any of us know anything more than we had the last time?" she starts to make her way into the main room from the kitchen.

C.R.: He steps in after her, moving through the empty, abandoned Massage Parlor and heading for the stairs. "Don't mind the 'long since gone' look," he tells Keri as he moves through. "It's just for show." He makes his way for the stairs, and sets off the ward, giving the tingling sensation on the back of Janus, Novalee, and Winnie's hands.

Winnie Miles: She lives in Japan, doesn't she? And she's renowned at what she does. I mean..she has awards and stuff. *she throws some popcorn in her mouth.* Do people actually like that stuff? I can't see putting that on your walls and stuff I's kind of oocky.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I'm trusting you on this, C.R.," she tells him quietly, but she stays pretty close to him as they move through.

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks to the door, the one concealing the stairs and comes to a stop. "Companys coming." at the ready whenever anyone comes through the door. "And she has inf4romation we need." a shrug. "We do not know where she lives." she doesn't even touch the topic of the art work.

Janus: *he looks up, and begins to watch the door. Not tensed like he would be if he expected an enemy, but still on his guard. He remains silent on the topic of Yoshi Hana for the moment*

Winnie Miles: *she rubs the back of her hands and looks towards the door.*

C.R.: "I know," is all he says to Keri. A slight smile, and he opens the door, slipping through it and looking around the main room. He nods to Janus, Novalee, and Winnie. "Heya...stopping by. I'd have brought a housewarming gift, but they were fresh out of shit at the Gap."

Novalee Van Zandt: With Winnie and Janus having fallen silent, she has done so as well, and watches the door. Her arms crossed, her stance might be one of being relaxed, if she didn't look to intimidating. Scared arms crossed over her chest, white t-shirt, and jeans, with a pair of boots. Scars seem the prominant thing on her, more hand made than any other. She raises a pale brow to C.R. "The Gap? Right." ((Intel Occult roll for her scars))

Janus: *Janus will nod slightly, and remain silent, perhaps evaluating the arrival*

Keridwen Hawthorne: And she stays quiet for now, nodding politely to the trio.

Winnie Miles: The Gap? Really? I like some of their clothes. But they're not colorful enough for me. I'm Winnie Miles. *The girl apparently has never found a color she hasn't liked..and likes to wear all of them. At once. She smiles a brilliant smile to CR and Keridwen, a slightly twisted one due to the scarring around her mouth. If Freddy Krueger had a would be her.*

C.R.: He grins a little bit at Novalee's response and nods. "Now, let's see..." He looks all around. "I remember you all from Durst's Tribunal and impromptu execution. Though I never got names. For my part...hey." He steps further in to let Keri follow into the room and nods. "I'm C.R. Hollow One. Nice to meet you all, I'm sure."

Janus: *he nods once more* "Janus. Euthanatos."

Novalee Van Zandt: She nods to CR remembering him, but not from being introduced, at the Tribunal. "Yes, I remember you. Nice to meet you CR." a glance to the Keri, then back. "I am Novalee Van Zandt, Bani Celestial Chorus, of the Knights Templar."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Keridwen, bani Euthantoi."

Novalee Van Zandt: "Nice to meet you both." a smile to both CR and Keri. she un crosses her arms and tosses the dish towel so that it drapes over her shoulder.

Winnie Miles: Oh Dream Speaker. Sorry. *another grin.* have you met Marty yet? *She asks Keridwen.*

Janus: *he continues to eat his meal, apparently he isn't the talkative type*

C.R.: "There, see? We're all introduced." He chuckles a little and moves to shut the door. "So, what's going on, folks?"

Keridwen Hawthorne: "No I haven't."

Novalee Van Zandt: A glance to Janus. "Do not mind him, he has his moods." A hint of teasing directed towards Janus and what she says about him. She shrugs a shoulder. "Not a whole lot actually. Luck seems to have not been on our side lately."

Janus: *Janus finishes his meal, merely arching an eyebrow at Novalee's comment. He then gets up to wash his plate and put it away*

C.R.: "Marty. Nice guy. Needs to chill a bit, but nice guy." He moves toward one of the couches and flops down, lounging. "Bad luck, you say? That's unfortunate. Hell, you'd think luck weren't mutable, the way it cam come and go."

Winnie Miles: Were'nt we going to do something about that? *she asks.* You two want some candy? That pumpkin there is filled with it.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She follows C.R. and sits down with him, though she hardly flops. Carefully she settles the satchel on her lap, for now. "No thank you," she says politely.

C.R.: "Oooh, pass it over. And tell me the Candy Corn's stale and'll make me a happy man."

Novalee Van Zandt: She shrugs a shoulder at Janus smiling to him as he passes her. "Yes well we do have luck on our side that is for sure, in this one instance, but we have to wait for it to show, so to speak." She says to CR.

Janus: *once his plate is away* "Luck is that which we cannot control. We have the more powerful force of Fate on our side, we merely have not yet seen the fruits of our efforts."

Winnie Miles: Well...if you leave it out for a few weeks it'll become stale. Everything does..'sept twinkies. *She picks up the plastic pumpkin and hands it over.*

C.R.: "Luck, Fate, po-tay-to, to-mah-to. Christian Death, Voodoo Church. All the same when you get right down to it." He takes the pumpkin and starts picking through for the Candy Corn. "What are ya lookin' for?"

Janus: "A person of great importance."

Novalee Van Zandt: "As you already know about the Technocracy and them having a listing of us in the city, we are attempting to gather our strengths to go after them. Which we have been doing for a while now." she moves over to a chair and takes a seat relaxing back in a half slouch. "Someone who can help us to show that they do not know who they are messing with this time."

C.R. -> Winnie Miles: ((Gimme an Int+Alertness roll.))

C.R. -> Janus: ((Gimme an Int+Alertness roll.))

Janus -> C.R.: d10: Int+Alert: 3,1,5,9,4,4,

Janus -> C.R.: ((I don't believe I have profanity strong enough to convey my feelings towards the dice roller...))

Keridwen Hawthorne: She listens quietly to them as they talk.

Winnie Miles: d10: int & alertness: 6,3,7,3,8,8,

C.R.: "A person of great importance, eh?" He looks over to Novalee. "Who can help you with the Black Hat and Mirrorshade crowd? Interesting."

C.R. -> Winnie Miles: Winnie notes the phoenix on Keri's pant suit, and is instantly reminded of the phoenix in the picture on Yoshi Hana's website. In fact, it's identical...the same design, everything.

Winnie Miles -> C.R.: (OMG...I was just thinking that. *.ol*)

Novalee Van Zandt: "That is so strange?" she leans forward putting her elbows on her knees. "The black hats, do not thing or feel that many of us in the city are a threat, running and hiding like scared little rabbits, but we three are a threat, because we will act against them. So this one person, we will find, and be able to what we need to do" then she shrugs and sits back once more.

Winnie Miles: *She opens up a piece of candy and pops it in her mouth and then wanders over to Keridwen.* I love the phoenix on your jacket..where'd you get it? It's gorgeous.

C.R.: "Hmmm. Well, good luck, then, Nove. Hope you find 'em." He grins a little, popping a candy corn into his mouth. "I bet you they'll drop right into your lap. Just gotta keep your eyes open."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Thanks. Custom made."

Keridwen Hawthorne: (It's her pantsuit actually *grin*)

Novalee Van Zandt: "We will I have no doubt about that." her assuridty on that rock solid.

Janus: *Janus is silent, observing* ((And I'm having a fight with my browser, may disappear suddenly))

Winnie Miles: Oh? Where from? *She asks, trying to get a better look.*

Winnie Miles: (oops, right. *S*)

Keridwen Hawthorne: Keri is not moving from the couch at this point so it's pretty hard to see the design. "Some place in California."

Novalee Van Zandt: She eyes CR a moment. "What brings you two over here tonight?" she asks then shakes her head over something.

C.R.: "Nor do I," he says to Novalee with a wink. "In fact, I'll throw money down on a betting pool for it." He glances at Janus, watching him curiously, before his eyes shift to Keri and Winnie. He pulls out a clove and pops it between his lips.

Winnie Miles: Really, cause you know..I saw that design on the website of the person we're looking for. *She's disappointed, and not at all subtle about trying to look at it. Of course, she doens't appear to be able to be subtle about anything.*

Novalee Van Zandt: "I do not gamble." she huffs a touch, now how many times lately has she said that? She frowns and looks to Winnie. "What?"

Janus: *Janus remains silent, perhaps not on the ball tonight as he seems slightly bored by the discussion of the phoenix...well, until Winnie says that it was on the website, at which point he'll merely arch an eyebrow*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I do acupuncture and I had been told about this place. I'd asked C.R. so he told me he'd bring me by."

C.R.: "Aww, that's too bad," he says to Novalee, giving her a sympathetic look. "And here I was looking to pick up a few extra bucks. Absinthe isn't as cheap as it used to be." He throws Keri a wink.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She gives C.R. a smirk when he mentions the absinthe.

Winnie Miles: The Phoenix on her was the exact same one as on the website we were looking at. I remember it because the color was really vibrant and the feathers reminded me of flames.

C.R.: "Person you're looking for has a website, huh?" He tilts his head. "Anything good on it?"

Novalee Van Zandt: She stares at Winnie. "Win, you and Janus looked at the website, I stood outside remember?" she looks to Keri "You mind me seeing the design?" She nods to CR. "Yes, unfortunatly it was, besides the picture winnie is talking about an an e-mail address, quiet uninformative."

Winnie Miles: *She blushes, which makes hte scars stand out even more vivedly then they do and she mumbles something, looking appealingly to Janus and Novalee to answer.*

Janus: "The website was pornographic artwork of a particularly..." *he hesitates, searching for the correct word* "graphic sort."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She smirks about something and opens up her satchel. Apparently she's comfortable on that couch. Grabbing a sketchpad, she then finds a drawing pencil and looks for a blank page. And with a wink to C.R. she starts to sketch.

C.R.: "Graphic? Oooh, I think I wanna meet this person already myself." He chuckles and grins over to Keri. "So it was like, porn? Or something else? Inquiring minds want to know."

Novalee Van Zandt: Nova seems glad that Janus answered, she glances around frowing slightly more when Keri starts drawing.

Winnie Miles: So where in California did you buy the outfit? *she pursues.* Are we going to have to go to Cali, Janus? I've never been outside New York.

Novalee Van Zandt: She actually looks like she might be sick once CR says that. "Please let's just change the subject about that site."

Keridwen Hawthorne: d10: sketching: 4,9,6,8,2,4,

Janus: "I would prefer to not have to return to California."

C.R.: "Sorry." He shrugs to Novalee. "Just thought I might want to know the web address. Got a credit card burning a hole through my pocket."

Keridwen Hawthorne: And it doesn't take her too long to draw the picture of the phoenix from the back of her jacket along with some kanji with it. "Probably not the kind of place you could just walk into," she answers to Winnie, then holds up the sketch to Novalee. "Something like this?"

Keridwen Hawthorne: (pant suit...had me thinking jacket now! ack!))

Novalee Van Zandt: She keeps her disgusted look, she just can't help it. "Yes well one of those things introductions do not tell people is that I am a nun." she looks over to the pad and what Keri shows her and looks to Keri, then a glance to Janus and Winnie and back blinking as her thoughts filter through her head.

Winnie Miles -> C.R.: (was there a picture of Yoshi on the website? Does Keridwen look anythign like her if there was?)

C.R.: He looks around the room, grinning, and looks back to Keri. "Wait for it..."

Janus: *he glances to Winnie, she's the one that recognized it*

C.R. -> Winnie Miles: ((No, no picture of Yoshi.))

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks at CR at his words, shakes her head as she slaps her thigh, and waves a hand to Keri. "Miss Keridwen, I take it you also go by Yoshi Hana." She now looks disgusted for a whole new reason.

Winnie Miles: *She looks at the picture Keridwen sketched, looking for similarities to what she'd seen on the website.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: " adoring fans, C.R.," she smirks sounding at least amused. "I'm so touched....not."

C.R.: "Ahh, they just don't know you yet. Give 'em time, they'll learn to love ya." He waggles his brows a bit, and looks back to Winnie, Janus, and Keri.

Janus: *Janus is silent, frowning slightly*

Novalee Van Zandt: She takes a deep breath. "Sorry, your work is just not, to my liking. Then again not many people prefer to hang pictures of the 'Last Supper' on their walls very often." She looks to Janus and Winnie then back to Keri. "At least now we can all get to work, even if it took us....." she looks to her watch. "A half hour to be able to get to that opertunity." Frustrated? Yep. Wanting to get to work? Oh hell yes.

Winnie Miles: *Her mouth drops open, as she finally puts it together and she suddenly doesn't know where to look because you know, tentacles and sex and noises and ....boy this is embarrassing.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Just as repressed as the Japanese I see. Why does that not surprise me at all." She flips the sketchpad closed and puts it back into her satchel.

C.R.: "All good things come to those who wait, Nove."

Novalee Van Zandt: She sighs and runs a hand through her hair. "Maybe we all started off on the wrong foot. To put the fact down on paper, all three of us" she looks to Winnie and Janus before looking back to Keri. "were all contacted, and told to find a yoshi Hana, that she would be able to help us. On top of that finding out that the Technocracy feels that the three of us because we are and have been seeking a way to get back at them, are a big threat to them. We want to move before they know we know who you are. As well as that we know about their thoughts that we are a threat. Time is short as Janus would say the wheel is spinning qwuickly on this issue."

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks to CR. "And those that wait around for the good thing to happen have the world pass them by."

Janus: *he nods* "Yes, that is true. We must determine what can be done to defeat the Technocracy, and how it is that you fit into it."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "We all started off on the wrong foot?" she asks, eyebrow raised. She certainly doesn't say the rest of what she is thinking, but it's obvious by the look on her face she isn't all too happy. Keri crosses her arms over her chest, looking at the trio again, obviously thinking long and hard right now.

C.R.: He leans over close to Keri, whispering to her.

Winnie Miles: So where do we go next? I mean, Maybe we can have this taken care of by Thanksgiving. What do you think? Whip the technocracy then sit down to Turkey. *She beams a smile around, having regained her usual joi de vivre.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: When he does that, she leans back in against him to listen.

Novalee Van Zandt: A sigh. "I am not about to appologize for not liking your art work. You like what you like and I like what i like. We do not push the issue I have no problem."

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: " got sent here for a reason. And they got sent to find you for the same reason. Think you and I both know what that reason is. Yeah, they've got serious sticks up their asses, that's not in doubt. Don't think we'll be goin' out and partyin' with them. But still..."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She is about to say something when Novalee says that, and lets out a huff to what is being said to her and instead something not so nice sounding in Japanese comes out.

Janus: *he waits patiently for a Keridwen and C.R. to finish up*

C.R.: He frowns and sighs. "I'm just saying," he murmurs to her, and looks back to Novalee. "How about this...just leave the subject alone, and move on, okay?"

Novalee Van Zandt: She falls silent, still partially slumped in ehr chair as she crosses her outstreached legs at her ankles.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She shakes her head and doesn't answer C.R. "I could care less about the not liking my art work apology. But apparently your minds are pretty closed considering we're supposed to be able to bend reality and all that other good stuff. I'm supposed to feel like I can trust here?"

Janus: "What have we done to make you feel untrusted? We may have shown that we are not fans of the art that you produce, but that is completely irrelevant to the task at hand."

Winnie Miles: Can't we just all start over or something? *She asks.* I mean..we really need your help.

Novalee Van Zandt: She blinks and looks to Janus then back to Keri. "We have been searching for you for going on three weeks now, if not longer, almost a month and a half, since we got warned about the Technocracy, and about you having some type of information for us. We have been putting a lot of trust in a group called the Sphinx, and that their information to us has not been wrong, and that with your help, we can go in and show the Technocracy what they are up against in us.....all of us. We need your help to pull this off."

C.R.: He falls silent, looking between them all as he finally lights up his clove.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Let me get this," she says perhaps trying to think outloud. "You have been looking for me, finally found my website, and let the adult content on it keep you from trying the simple approach to contacting me via email. I do actually follow up on some. Instead, somehow or another I fall into your lap. So, I'm supposed to trust you with the knowledge I have to try and take out the Black Hats before they come after me?"

Janus: ((Sorry all, but I'm about to die over here...aside from some annoying browser issues, I'm going on 30 hours of no sleep, and it's catching up to me))

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Sorry to hear that. Get some sleep!))

Novalee Van Zandt: "That was not my area to work on, I am sorry. I followed up on the other leads, because we pushed Fate to help with us with this one, and anything that seemed out of the ordinary Janus and I followed up on as soon as we could. I went to Atlantic city, for four days and came back empty handed."

C.R.: ((Go, go, Jano. Thanks for playing!))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((*Hugs* Ouch Jano......get some sleep hun. I can send you the log of the scene later))

Winnie Miles: Well, who'd have thought it could be that easy? *she says with a little shrug and a smile.*

Janus: ((Janus wouldn't leave, he'll just be his typical silent self and allow his cabalmates to handle things...hopefully it'll go ok *G* Someone send me a site PM summarizing what I miss, if it's not too much trouble. Thanks, and g'night *waves*))

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Yeah. Wow. Novel idea huh?" She glances to C.R. again, before looking to the trio once more.

Winnie Miles: *She looks at Novalee helplessly.* I don't know what to do here. I mean. If she doesn't want to help us, we can't force her. I guess we'll have to try to figure this out on our own.

Novalee Van Zandt: "We also didn't know if the person we were looking for was the one associated with the web site or not. It was a lead we were looking into."

C.R.: He chuckles some at Keri's comment. "Yeah...Fate works in funny ways, eh?"

Novalee Van Zandt: She looks to Winnie. "No, Keridwin does have her own mind and will." she looks back to Keri. "And of course you will do as you please, based on how you feel."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "And in Atlantic City you say? I was there too," and she actually laughs quietly and darkly about that.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Yeah Atlantic City, I called to cancel the subscription they put on my credit card, and a free trip there came up. My first thought because of how it happened was that the Technocracy was onto us. We made a group decision I went to check it out, and well yeah." she shrugs. "Looks like we might have crossed paths and didn't even know it."

Winnie Miles: So look. You have answers we need. And yeah, we got ooked out at your website. And probably should have e:mailed you. But I honestly didn't think it'd be that easy. So if you want to help us, great. And we'll help you too. "cause if you're that important, you're in danger. If you don't want to help us. We caon't do anything about that. I'll still help you if I can.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Quite possible. I wonder how you might have found me. It took, as you said, a half hour before you realized who I was while I was here. And this is supposed to help me feel confident that with my help in this, that you can pull something off with the Black Hats? Inquiring minds just wanting to know here."

Novalee Van Zandt: "We were not looking for someone names Keridwin, but someone named Yoshi Hana. Heck we even looked in the phone book. I was expecting something bigger to happen, Janue did the work with Fate, I was thinking that maybe he would have gotten a bit of a flash or something when he spotted the person we were looking for. That is why I have been trailing him around the city for, just in case he ran into you at all." she sighs. "I can't do anything to make uyou trust us or feel confident in us that we can with your help and knowledge do what we need to do. There is no words that I can say to do that, nor any actions I might be able to preform to do that either."

C.R.: "Fate works in subtle ways," he says with a shrug. "If you're looking for something big and flashy, go talk to the Hermies and have them conjure something up."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I walked in here with the phoenix design on me that is from my website and if it had been a snake.....just that my confidence in your attention to detail scares me. Ask C.R. here. I have serious trust issues. And it's my neck here on the line as much as yours."

Novalee Van Zandt: Another shrug of her shoulder. "Then I appologize for not being one of the people to actually look at your website when Janus and Winnie did. It was my decision to keep a watch out for anything bad to happen." she nods her head to Janus. "Janus has been trained in fighting the Technocracy, I have been fighting them for going on five years. It is my destiny to be here in this city, to fight the technocracy." she shakes her head, then pushes her hair back out of her face. "Then please I would not want you to force yourself to trust anyone, Keridwen. Not when you feel this strongly about this. I do not want to make you feel any more uncomfortable than you already are. You have very serious doubts about us and our abilities to accomplish this goal, and I do not want you to feel pushed into doing anything you do not feel comfortable doing."

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods to Novalee, then looks to C.R. again. "Mind if I have a pow-wow alone with him for a few moments?"

Winnie Miles: It was my fault. Novalee has nothing to do with it. Janus can barely use a canopener let alone a computer. You have anyone to be not confident in, it's me. I didn't notice these things. I didn't make the connection with the phoenix on your jacket. I didn't e:mail you. *She looks at Novalee, looking quite dejected.* I guess i"m not much of a mage, am I? Sorry. I'm just going to head to bed. *She's actually starting to sniffle.*

Novalee Van Zandt: She stands and bows her head almost acting asd if she was talking with the mother superior. "I believe we can accomidate that." she smiles a touch to Keri and CR, then waves winnie over to her as she headas for the door on the opposite side of the room.

C.R.: He smiles a little. "Go, pow-wow." He looks at Winnie and quirks an eyebrow, then looks back to Keri.

Novalee Van Zandt: "Winnie come here please." she says softly, holding out her hand to the other woman.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Thank you." She leans in close to C.R. again and whispers once Novalee and Winnie have moved over to the opposite side of the room.

Winnie Miles: *She's looking dejected and forlorn but she takes Novalee's hand.* I'm a bad mage.

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: "I know I am the odds forecaster among us, but what do you think here? Do you think my life expentency will shoot downward if I put my trust in these people?"

Novalee Van Zandt: She slips with her cabal through the door that leads up to the upper rooms of the chantry, she gives Winnies hand a squeeze. She made sure to leave them completly alone in the main room.

Winnie Miles: *She follows Novalee without a protest.*

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: He looks back over to the door, and then back, murmuring. "Well...honestly? I think they could use a lot of help. But their hearts are in the right place, and as much as I don't see us sharing a drink with them or us all rocking out together...I think they seem to know what they're doing in terms of the Black Hats. They're arrogant--most Trads are--but this could really be our shot. If you want, I'll be right there with you throughout."

Keridwen Hawthorne -> C.R.: "That makes me feel a lot better. Knowing you'll back me through this. We get through this, then we'll have one helluva a drink afterwards. And you know something else? I made that girl cry. I think it was a good thing I didn't try to be a rep. I piss people off too much. Even when they don't know my other profession."

C.R. -> Keridwen Hawthorne: He nods a little bit. "I swear to Murphy, people cry at the drop of a hat these days. It's an emo culture. Sad." A little grin, before it softens. "We'll get through it. Ain't lettin' you down, okay?"

Keridwen Hawthorne: She nods and starts to give him a hug, but it winds up being a partial one. "Alright. Thank you.

C.R.: "Any time." He hugs her back. "You want me to call 'em back, or do you want that joy?" A little grin.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I'll let you have the honors."

C.R.: He nods and rises, moving to the door and knocking lightly.

Novalee Van Zandt: "We will be right there." she calls out from the floor above, through the door. She looks to Winnie seeing if she is ready to go back in there, even giving her hand a squeeze.

Winnie Miles: *She nods and stands up.* Ok..let's go find out the verdict.

C.R.: He nods and moves back to flop down onto the couch again, then looks up to Keri. "You should flop more. Makes for a great look."

Novalee Van Zandt: She moves along with winnie back down the stairs and opens the door walking out. A smile to CR and Keri, as she waits for her cabal to come through the door, she will walk with them back over to a couch and take a seat.

Winnie Miles: *Janus can take the lead..he's the boss and she'll come in behind Novalee. She grabs a bit of the couch, waiting to hear the news.*

Keridwen Hawthorne: She sticks her tongue out at him. "Riiiiight."

C.R.: He winks at her and then looks back to the incoming cabal. "Welcome back, boy and girls. Have fun?"

Novalee Van Zandt: "I believe that is what we women call a loaded question." she says to CR. she keeps her soft smile on her face. "But we as well got some talking done."

Winnie Miles: Janus never has any fun. He's the stickest stick in the mud I've ever met.

Keridwen Hawthorne: She watches quietly as they come back into the room.

C.R.: "I'm stunned. Truly." A smirk to Winnie, and then he looks back to Keri.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Alright, I've decided I'll help. But C.R.'s going to be right here with me too."

Novalee Van Zandt: She attempts not to laugh about what winnie says.

Winnie Miles: *Her face lights up and she possitively beams.* That's GREAT. You won't regret it. I promise. *good thing about always know what she's thinking.*

Novalee Van Zandt: "Thank you Keirdwen. And I am sure we all will be useful in our own way with this." she smiles to both of them.

C.R.: He smiles a little. "Ooh, they're gonna regret me," he says to Keri. The tease in his voice is obvious, though.

Keridwen Hawthorne: "I have a feeling it's me they'll regret, but ah well," she smirks back to C.R.

Novalee Van Zandt: She laughs a touch. "People working together, I will not regret at all. I have every confidence in being able to acomplish this."

Winnie Miles: *She nods vigorously.* Me too.

C.R.: "Good. Confidence is a good thing." He grins at Novalee. "Never let 'em see you sweat, Nove."

Novalee Van Zandt: "Nova, it is what most people call me. Not Nove. They are one of the few that I never let see me sweat."

Keridwen Hawthorne: "How safe a place is this to talk?"

Freelurk: ((Open scene, assuming member of Ling's? And if so, are people going to be on awhile?))

Winnie Miles: (it's past my bedtime and if I do't get to bed my dog will have permanently welded herself to my mattress!)

Novalee Van Zandt: "This is a chantry." she says looking to Keri. "It is well protected, and quite safe enough to talk in."

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Think there will be a way to have everyone meet up again to do this soon or how do you want to do this. We already lost Janus too.))

Winnie Miles: (I can be on tomorrow night...EST)

C.R.: ((C.R. is here basically in support of Keri, and leaves when she does...if the scene continues, then I might bring someone else in.))

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((Okay...should be able to do it after we go out to see a movie in the afternoon.))

Novalee Van Zandt: ((I can be on tomorrow, no problem. As I think this scene with the needed players leaving might be breaking up but I could also bring someone else in to play.))

Winnie Miles: (alrighty meet back here tomorrow at about the same bat time, same bat channel?)

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((I'd rather try to have all those involved with it on so since Winnie-p needs to go let's try to go for tomorrow evening then. And if Janus-p is on too then even better.))

Freelurk: ((*C* No need to rebound back into this specific scene on my account. *nods* I'm'a gonna hang out in OOC, see who turns up.))

C.R.: ((Cool cool.))

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Let's meet tomorrow then, I'm getting tired and what I have to go over is overwhelms me a bit."

Winnie Miles: (alrighty, tomorrow it is then. TTYL everyone)

Novalee Van Zandt: ((Sounds like a plan *Hugs* See you guys tomorrow then *S*))

Winnie Miles: (later!)

C.R.: "Tomorrow sounds good." He nods, and looks to Keri. "Shall we?"

Keridwen Hawthorne: "Yes," she stands up, letting him lead her out.

C.R.: And out he leads her. ((Thanks for the scene, guys!))

Keridwen Hawthorne: ((thank you!))