Svetlana Verochkova: ((To Maria)) With a arched brow “Certainly.” I take a step aside from the group, allowing her to head wherever she likes to go for the moment “But you” ((to Harold)) “Don’t go home just yet. The women asked me to tip in and I feel I should”

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary heads further into the alley to have their little conversation. "Listen, hun. You may not realize this, but you're in a lot of danger."

Harold Erikson: "Nah, I really gotta git goin'. Really." And Harold starts to walk away, but without really turning his back on the group. (Though mainly the two ladies walking away more than Fel.) ((and player has to get to work... bleah))

Felisa Espinosa: "Nuts? Really? Oh now c'mon... why are we nuts? Maybe we're original thinkers, or just different. I recall you talking to the fetishist at the bar," she said, "and you enjoyed it throughly... yet society doesn't consider her to be exactly normal, whatever that term means. What gives man? How do judge these things?"

Harold Erikson: Fel: "I'll see you around, though..."

Harold Erikson: He shrugs. Fel: "You've got a point."

Svetlana Verochkova: ((to Mary)) “Care to elobarate why?”

Felisa Espinosa: "Eh, catch you on the flip..."
Now whatever was Mary doing, Felisa thought, scratching her head. Surely this wasn't a mugging in the making.

Harold Erikson: ((Can't dally any longer..)) He does turn around and starts walking to wherever it is home might be. ((See you guys around. Thanks for the scene.))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((seeya around Harold :) ))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She pulls a 9mm from her jacket and gives her a friendly smile, "No, I don't think I should have to. Money, please."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Later!))

Svetlana Verochkova: One moment I’m watching Harold head off, the next moment I’m tilting my head at Mary who’s holding a metal tool of sorts “Or what?”

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 9,6,7,9,10,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "Or I'll shoot you, dummy. And give me that jacket too. It's pretty."

Felisa Espinosa: Ah. A gun.
"Lovely," she muttered, and wondered why a woman such as Mary would resort to such measures. Then she put two and two together and got twenty-two, as Larry Fine would say in a Three Stooges short. Such actions lead to odd occurances, Felisa thought, and that is the last thing that I need at this juncture.
So she went out of sight of the alleyway opening. Naturally the teenager was curious.
But there's a wise axiom about picking your own battles, and not having them picked for you.

Svetlana Verochkova: “You really don’t want to do that” I smile. But my smile just became a little more fiendish. Actually, it just became a lot more fiendish as I work reality to show my true self for a split moment. “Because you are way out of your league here”

Fel's Phone: ringy

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "No, not really. And each second that ticks by is another second you're coming being shot in the fucking head." She whispers with a gleeful smile, cocking back the slide on her firearm.

Felisa Espinosa: Criminy...
She aborted the current plan as soon as the Blackberry vibrated. "Oh yeah, lovely thing," she muttered again, turning and wandering down the street as she pulled out the hi-tech device. The number seemed oddly familiar.
"Hello? What's this, who's this, why's this? And how are you, whomever you are on the other end?"

Svetlana Verochkova: ((Spends a point of Faith)) Gone is the girl and the jacket. And here is the Principle of Convergence, Decarabia. And she is terrible to behold with her four arms, dark swan like wings and a mass of swirling shadows hiding her real features from you. “YOU MORTAL WOULD SIN AGAINST ME?”

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary takes five or six steps back quickly, like a dancer in fast forward, eyes wide in disbelief. The gun is suddenly snapped forward and aimmed right at the beast's head. "OH FUCK!" She yells out loudly in sudden fear.

Felisa Espinosa: "Hell hon, I haven't been around for the past couple of weeks actually, I'm sure you noticed my absence. Maybe she's out of the state or something, I dunno. Got homesick maybe. You don't sound well at all though. You sick?"
Of course. What wonderful timing. Phone calls like this one make a person ignore things, like the mother of all turnarounds.

Felisa Espinosa: ((whoops. er, gimme a bit on that one))

Ravyn: ((Wow, I have good timing. Just got home. Initiative time, it appears?))

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Ravyn: ((Hi!))

Svetlana Verochkova: “STAY. YOU AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE A TALK. SUMMON FORTH YOUR COMPANION” I remain where I am for now, trusting my speed and agility to catch up with her before she reached the end of the alley. The voice resembles nothing human. In stead it stirrs something deep within you, something from the dawn of times. Something lost to the ages.

Svetlana Verochkova: ((heya Ravyn :) ))

Fel's Phone: ((Hmm...would that travel through the cell phone?))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She stops moving on command, still aiming the gun at the beast's forehead. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit..."

Ravyn: ((How about we roll Initiative, folks, since Mary's pulled a gun?))

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Ravyn: (BP to DEX!)

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Init plus eight: 4,

Fel's Phone: ((I'm guessing there's about to be a long post from LRM before he sees the call for Init))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: +: 5,

Felisa Espinosa: Oh she heard that one though. Words like STAY. YOU AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE A TALK. SUMMON FORTH YOUR COMPANION? You've got to be kidding me. Did I fall into a Marvel Comic?
She turned the corner and kept talking on the phone. Why me, she thought...
"Ugh. Well, have you checked the papers for any Jane Does around? Maybe the hospitals? I don't mean to sound morbid dear, but... this is New York City," she said, with a hint of worry.

Svetlana Verochkova: ((that's +9))

Ravyn: ((And for Svetlana...putting numbers in the action text box doesn't work. Or apsotrophes *G*))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((phew! i though i totally missed hitting the 9 on the keypad here! i'll keep that in mind :) ))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((my turn again to continue to the 'conversation'?))

Felisa Espinosa: d10: int: 4,

Felisa Espinosa: 9 total...

Ravyn: ((Declare in reverse order, as per usual. You declare and roll immediately after declaring, in that order. Declaration order Felisa, Mary, Svetlana.))

Ravyn: ((And yes, phone. Per+Alert. Diff 7.))

Fel's Phone: ((*raises hand* Somebody? Would the yelling or whatever be heard through the cell phone? Should I roll Per+Alert? What?))

Ravyn: ((*Points up*))

Fel's Phone: ((kay))

Fel's Phone: d10: peralert: 8,8,7,1,

Felisa Espinosa: Felisa will be exiting the scene, stage right, kicking in the turbo boost ((BP Dex)) and wondering why in the hell God decided to tweak her nose.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary is going to suddenly point down at the beast's legs, shooting out both.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Firearms: 6,8,10,7,6,1,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Firearms: 4,7,6,4,5,

Svetlana Verochkova: Svetlana is going to try to grab the gun before Mary can fire a shot.

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: dicepool of seven: 6,6,3,9,6,6,8,

Ravyn: ((Hold up, Svetlana. Are you trying to knock the gun away and out of her hand, or grab it?))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((dexterity + brawl, i assumed))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((ravyn, seize it from her hands))

Fel's Phone: ((And figuring Sha can get the question off at somepoint during the round. Whether or not Fel's actually listening at this point up to her.)) Um, Fel...what the hell was that?

Ravyn: ((That would be a Strength+Brawl, the same as a hold. Because you're trying to rip it from her grasp. Smacking it away is a Dex.))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((make it a smack away then))

Ravyn: ((All right.)) RECAP: Svetlana manages to knock the gun out of Mary's hand before she can get the shot off, and Felisa moves around the corner. ((New round. Felisa, you're pretty well out of combat.))

Ravyn: ((Which means Declaration Order is Mary, Svetlana))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: plus : 7,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "Gun..." She sees it land on the ground a few feet away with a sinking sense of self confidence. Then she focuses on the beast again, wonderfully blue eyes wide and frightened. She pulls her knife from her jacket as she's backing up.

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Ravyn: ((Second BP to Dex))

Felisa Espinosa: Nothing, NOTHING, but asshole and elbows at this point. Or rather, one elbow. She's still on the phone, she hears the question. And if she was alive her heart rate would increase due to the running, not fear. She's kinda loopy that way.
"I don't know, I haven't looked. I'm not about to look, and if you were here I'm sure you wouldn't want to look either."
Time to weave through ninety-eleven alleyways.

Svetlana Verochkova: The unearthly voice continues “I will give you a choice woman. I can provide what you want. But I want something back in return. Accept the offer and we will speak no further of the sin you were about to commit.” The Fiend takes enough steps forward to make sure (Mary) can’t get to the gun again.

Felisa Espinosa: "Oh no, I can talk while I flee. Again, I ask you..."
There's the sound of scraping, jangling, as Fel hops over a small fence.
"Where were we? Oh yes. Hospitals and the like?"

Ravyn: Nothing combative happens. ((New Round.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She backs further down the alley timidly, deeper into the shadows. "Wh... What are you?" Her hand grips the knife firmly, ready to dodge if it attacks.

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Ravyn: ((Third BP to Dex, making her dex 8, and her init is now 4 + 8 + 2 = 14))

Felisa Espinosa: "Not a clue babe, seriously. Last time I saw her was at the Lime, and that was a while ago," she says, weaving through the trash cans and debris. "She seemed to be going through some weird shit though, hard to explain because she didn't want to talk about it, and I didn't really press the point. You know anything about that?"

Svetlana Verochkova: “What do you think I am, woman?” With the ‘gun’ out of reach I hold still, advancing no further. “I can offer you answers, but not here and not now”

Ravyn: Again, nothing combative happens. ((Is combat over, folks?))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "Demon." She stops backing up, and her confidence starts to return. "An Enemy of God. You have no place in this world."

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Ravyn: ((Nope.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Ravyn: ((Init was just a little early.))

Felisa Espinosa: ((Hoo Boy, maybe not...))

Ravyn -> Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Okay. Try to kill her quickly, please. This is my player day.))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((combat is over as far as i am concerned))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Aw, I wasn't gunna. Was gunna do the whole priest thing and all, but okay. If you say so.))

Svetlana Verochkova: “An enemy of God? That is one side of the story. By now you should realize I have no ill-intention towards you. Care to hear my side of the tragedy?” Still, the Fiend remains where she is

Felisa Espinosa: "Yeah sweets, of course I will. Remember to stay away from that dude though, whoever he is. Fucking creepy, yeah? I'll see you around?"
There's the yowl of a cat and a bit of a curse.

Ravyn: ((New Round))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "I've heard it already." She steps forward and boots the woman in the stomach.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Brawl: WP: 6,2,4,9,5,10,1,3,3,9,3,4,

Sha-Sha: ((No Sha's not actually here. Just put in the wrong nick. Anyway...poofing now.))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((Dodges))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: diff minus two: 8,2,6,6,2,4,6,6,

Svetlana Verochkova: ((seeya Fell :) ))

Ravyn: The big creature from the Abyss is a fast little thing, and she dodges Mary's kick. ((New Round))

Svetlana Verochkova: "Really, who told you?"

Felisa Espinosa: ((Not in scene, but curious as to how this will turn out))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary spins around and unleashes a furry of fists and elbows, stepping forward at an even pace. "Irredeemable."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Five punches from on high to down low, Heaven to hell. BP ato Str.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Brawl: 5,2,8,2,9,7,7,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Brawl: 10,5,9,5,6,8,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Brawl: 3,3,3,6,9,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Brawl: 5,4,10,3,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Dex + Brawl: WP: 4,4,4,

Svetlana Verochkova: With a few mighty beats of my wings, i take the air to get out of harms way. "And what about me, am I beyond redemption as well?"

Svetlana Verochkova: ((what should i roll, dex + athletics?))

Ravyn: ((Yes, and I'm going to rule that as a Diff 7, because of the slowness of the leap and take off. You are going at the same time as Mary at this point due to Blood Point Expenditures, so that will only count as a dodge against the first attack, mind.))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Dex + Athl. WP: 2,7,7,2,2,1,1,6,5,

Svetlana Verochkova: ((guess i'll use an extra block/parry then for the extra arms))

Ravyn: Svetlana goes to leap into the air...and promptly gets pummelled. ((Damage, Mary, is Strength +2, Strengh + 3, Strength +1, Strenght, and Strength. Svetlana, you can try to soak all of them.))

Ravyn: ((Oh. Okay, yeah, sorry, my bad. Dex+Brawl))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Damage (one auto): 10,4,4,

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Dex + Dodge: 8,7,9,3,7,7,5,7,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: two more, oops: 6,4,

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Stamina: 4,8,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Or not. *s*))

Ravyn: ((Extra arms give a BLOCK, Svetlana. Not DODGE.))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: dex + brawl, block: 1,5,2,3,9,10,2,

Ravyn: ((okay. Damage, Mary, is Strength + 2, Strength + 2, Strength +1, Strenght, and Strength.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Okay, starting over again. Rolling damage.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Damage (one auto): 9,5,4,5,10,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Damage (one auto): 6,9,5,7,3,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Damage (one auto): 2,2,8,2,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Damage (one auto): 3,5,3,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Damage (one auto): 4,1,6,

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Stamina: 4,5,

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Stamina: 6,10,

Ravyn: ((Roll your soaks, Svetlana.))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Stamina: 3,3,

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Stamina: 6,9,

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: Stamina: 4,4,

Ravyn: And just like that, Mary unloads a blistering series of attacks, knocking Svetlana unconscious ((8 Bashing, which equates to 1 lethal and 6 Bashing))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary spins to a stop, and waits.

Svetlana Verochkova: ((well that was a short career :) ))

Ravyn: Svetlana also takes her mortal form upon unconsciousness, her Apocalyptic Form unable to be maintained by her force of will.

Svetlana Verochkova: With a short screetch the Fiend is down faster then she managed to take off and lays on the ground

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary waits a bit longer, not quite sure if this is some new game they were planning with her.

Svetlana Verochkova: ((I assume its a 10 minute knock out))

Ravyn: Still unconscious, that woman on the ground.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: After that short pause, she begins striping the girl of all her worldly possesions and clothes. The girl's hand flicker over her body quickly, searching, poking, proding, removing.

Svetlana Verochkova: expept for the coat and her shoes, she wears nothing else, and neither carries anything with her

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She frowns, cursing. "What a waste." She grabs the body and pulls it deeper into the shadows. When hidden well enough, she sinks her teeth into the woman, to try and diablerize her.

Svetlana Verochkova: ((adds an agg damage, 8B + 1 agg adds up to?))

Ravyn: ((, Svetlana. Biting to feed does NOT do Damage. Read your books. However, she takes one Lethal damage per blood point taken. And it's NOT 8 Bashing, it's 1 Lethal and 6 Bashing. As I said above, the extra Bash carries over to the top and turns it into Lethal)

Ravyn: And Svetlana is unconscious through the entire process. Eventually, the body slips into Death, and the ghostly form of the Demon coalesces above the body.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Her eyes are closed as she tries to suck out a spirit that isn't there.

Svetlana Verochkova: ((...))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((honestly, i more feeling to spend time reading up on all the rules in all the books rather then sitting here at 4.20 AM seeing a C ended before even started))

Ravyn: ((Svetlana, you now have to find a new body before you go to Hell. You can attempt to Possess a Thrall...if you try that, roll WP vs. 6. Otherwise, Roll 1 Die, equal to 13 - Your WP. If it succeeds, you found a body. Otherwise...ya just got sucked back in.))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((and lacking thralls, see note on the sheet... WP roll comming up))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: WP: 7,9,8,10,4,

Ravyn: ((Let me explain this again. You have no thralls. THEREFORE. Roll ONE DIE. Difficult is equal to 13 MINUS your Willpower. Svetlana's Willpower is 6. Thus, roll 1 die, and try to get a SEVEN or above.))

Svetlana Verochkova: ((don't worry about it))

Svetlana Verochkova: d10: WP: 3,

Svetlana Verochkova: ((ravyn - sorry, its late here and i have been up for a long time))

Ravyn: Svetlana is sent screaming back to hell. ((My involvement is over. Killing nick. Thanks, guys.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Thanks Rav. Sorry BHB.))