Charles Knight: DD>Charles is in his late twenties or early thirties, and walks around wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with a blue backpack slung over his shoulder. He has the look of someone whose family is English, but it's not very distinct, as though it's been diluted a bit by generations in America, though still he looks better than your average Joe off the street. He has dark hair and eyes, and is approximately average height and weight. He's become a bit more in shape in the time he's been gone though. Not so much more muscle mass as just less fat. He also looks as though he's more at peace with himself than when he left, though there's always a somehwat sad look in his eyes, however hard he tries to hide it. Oh, and he picked up a slight trace of an English accent while he was gone. Always nice.

Charles Knight: *ahh, it's good to be home. And this park was as much a home to him as his apartment, considering how much time he spent here. He walks down a path, vaguely towards the water*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa bounces into the park, dressed in her trust thick red ceremonial robe. Arlett and Alice be damned.. she was out to pray. Getting tired of praying inside, afterall.. the (somewhat) fresh air would be nice.

Charles Knight: *he takes a seat at a bench...ahh, how many of his old friends did he meet while hanging out here? He sets his backpack down in front of him and pulls out his laptop...he's got to put together his lesson plan*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: The first thing you'll notice about Alyssa is her rich olive skintone that holds a certain softness about the girl. Her eyes are a deep brown, lashes thick and dark giving the air of heavy makeup though you'll never catch the girl wearing any. Her dark hair is cropped to her shoulders and hold a natural wave, outlining her mediteranian cheek structure. She dresses in simple garments, generally natural fibers and earthy tones to accent her features. She is average height, roughly five foot six inches, weighing about 115. Despite her small stature, she give the air of strength and a willingness to fight for what she believes in. Age is hard to tell with this one. Looks alone would imply she's in her teens, though she carries herself with the pride of an older woman.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She hums a soft hymn to herself, happily bouncing down the path. She smiles at passersby, and no matter how many times she gets flipped out it doesn't seem to phase her.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (lol. flipped off. not out. she's done enough flipping out lately)

Charles Knight: *tap tap tap, F=ma, Equal and opposite, yadda yadda yadda, gravity, and other bits of basic physics. He glances up occaisionally, just enjoying the day, and occaisionally allowing himself to partake in some people-watching*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa bounces behind Charles bench with a curious look to the man. What kind of devlish gadget is that.. television? Is that what they're called? She shrugs and trundles past, flopping down in a patch of out of the way grass.

Charles Knight: *Hmm, if he puts that circuit there, no no. That won't work. Dammit, he needs to get access to a power source again.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She takes out an unmarked wine jug, an ornate goblet, a white candle, and a ceremonial falcata. After arranging everything on the cloth with the candle in the center, she digs back in her bag for a good while, unable to find what she's looking for.

Miranda Okanedo: She makes her way into Battery Park, needing time outside. Ling's was home...but at times, everyone has to get away from home. Besides, she has much to think on. The woman is short, standing at about 5'2" and weighing around 125 pounds or so. Dark skin and ebony hair, braided down her back, make up a woman of about 30. She looks like she's seen her fair share of years, with signs of a hard life underneath her pleasant demeanor. Her eyes, a rich brown, have extreme wisdom to them. She's dressed in a plain, natural-fiber shirt and a red sarongm with sandals covering her feet. A warm, pleasant smile is usually on her face, indicative of her infinite patience and wisdom.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: With a tiny sigh, she peers curiously back over to the man on the bench. Calling out to charles, she inquires "Man. Have you fire?" She makes no effort to hide the thick greek accent.

Charles Knight: *he hits the power button, and then closes his laptop and glances around...hmm, strange woman performing a ritual?*

Charles Knight: "I can make some...what do you need it for?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks with a confused look to the man. Was he slow? "To light my candle, silly."

Charles Knight: *he nods, and pulls out a lighter, which he offers to the girl*

Miranda Okanedo: She glances over at the two conversin, a little, intrigued smile coming to her face. Her footsteps turn slightly, approaching their way.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a soft smile and leans back over to light her candle quickly. Once it's lit she reaches back to hand the slow man his fire. When she reaches you can make out scarring on the girl's forearm "Thank you." She says simply.

Charles Knight: "You're welcome." *he accepts the lighter back, and sticks it into his pocket.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa turns back to her setup, her grin transforming to a more sombre look. Thoughtful. She begins singing a soft hymn in her native tongue, waving dainty hands over the candle.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods slightly to Charles as she approaches, and Alyssa, as well. There's some recognition of Alyssa in her eyes...vague, as if by description from a third party. "Good evening," she says to them, in a clear but strongly accented voice. The accent sounds African, perhaps.

Miranda Okanedo: ((To Him...namely, Charles. She's not trying to disturb Alyssa's hymn. :P))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: d10: char+perf: 8,1,3,2,2,

Charles Knight: "Good evening." *Charles nods, only the faintest bit of an English accent to his voice*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alright.. so the girl could use some practice.. A lot of practice perhaps.. but it doesn't seem to shake her passion to the song. She continues, missed tones and all with a content look about her.

Miranda Okanedo: She gestures to an open spot on the bench. "May I?"

Charles Knight: *he nods* "Feel free"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Still singing her wretched tune, Alyssa reaches over and uncorks the jug. She pours a modest amount into the goblet and sets the jug aside. Scooping the container up with delicate hands she brings it to her mouth for a sip, then pours the rest into the grass just outside the cloth.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods and seats herself carefully on the bench, hands folding in her lap. She looks over to Alyssa, smiling gently, and then back to Charles. "Mr. Knight, correct?"

Charles Knight: *raises an eyebrow* "Yes...and you are?" *somehow, the question manages to not come out as rude, despite the phrasing...tone is everything*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Still singing in an offkey, Alyssa sets the now empty goblet aside running her hands again over the tiny flickering flame. She reaches over to her falacate and removes the hard leather sheath.

Miranda Okanedo: "Miranda Okanedo." She offers him a hand, palm down, smiling warmly. "I am the co-proprieter of a parlor in Chinatown. A rejuvenated one."

Charles Knight: *he takes her hand politely and such, doing the correct thing as he has more etiquette than his player* "Ahh, it is good to meet you. And congratulations on getting that place up and running again."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods her head, smiling. "Thank you. I had heard you were no longer a resident of the is good to see I was mistaken, or that you have returned, perhaps?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa handles the shortsword for a bit as her song picks up speed. At the apex she drags the blade across an already scarred forearm, doing her best to bleed just above the candle. To put out the flame. (1L)

Charles Knight: "I've returned, rather recently, in fact."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Still bleeding atop the candle and some of the cloth, Alyssa blinks to the sky.. as if expecting something. She pouts.

Miranda Okanedo: She glances over to Alyssa, brow raising a bit at the blood, but saying nothing. To each their own. Her eyes turn back to Charles, and she smiles. "How lucky for all of us."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny sigh and reaches over to her bag to pull out bandages. At least she came prepared.

Charles Knight: "You flatter me. I'm not nearly as important as some people try to make me out to be."

Miranda Okanedo: "You're as important as anyone else, Charles." She shrugs lightly with a smile. "You are not a saving are not a solution in and of yourself. But your return can only strengthen us. Especially when others look up to you."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa goes to bandaging her cut, grumbling under her breath in her native tongue. Disappointed.

Charles Knight: "Eh, almost everyone I used to know is gone. And I never was much of a leader. Best I can do is teach and hope that the kids will listen. But they don't...I'm sure that you've met the one I tried to teach the most." *a slight smile at some of those memories*

Miranda Okanedo: "I have not, I do not think." She shakes her head. "But does the fact that they do not listen change the fact that they need to learn?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa begins stuffing everything back into her bag, still grumbling.

Miranda Okanedo: She looks over to Alyssa, brow furrowing slightly. "Pardon, dear...are you all right?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa stands, swinging the heavy overstuffed bag over her shoulder. "No." She says with a pout. "Atropos is being coy with me. And I did nothing to her."

Charles Knight: "Of course not. It does mean, however, that I have to spend as much time chasing them to get them to let me teach them as I do actually teaching." *shrugs* "You haven't met her? Hmm, I had thought everyone would have. Ah well."

Cori Braun: *plods cheerfully enough into Battery, a wee yellow mutt trooting at her heels. right at them, as if afraid to leave the protection of her shadow for an instant*

Miranda Okanedo: "I'm sorry to hear that, dear." She gives Alyssa a sympathetic look. "You're Alyssa, correct? Marty has told me some about you..." Charles gets a slight shrug and a smile at his words.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa's eyes widen with a bright smile to the woman "You know Marty! I like marty."

Cori Braun: *pauses to allow the mutt to stretch out his muzzle to sniff at what appears to be a...shadow. on the ground. he yelps and darts around her to the other side. she laughs, bending to scoop him up* nutball. yer such a chicken. *and submits to the face washing with good humor*

Charles Knight: *he's silent, Miranda and this woman seem to have a mutual friend, and so he just lets them talk*

Miranda Okanedo: "I do know Marty, very well. He is my closest friend. We run our house together." She looks over at Cori walks through the park, her smile brightening some. She waves to the woman.

Cori Braun: *waves back cheerfully and heads over--although she prudently sets the little dog back down. he follows, making damn sure Cori stays between him and the Scary New People who probably want to do Bad Things to him.* hey. 'sup? *grins widely*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa gives an excited Meep! and a bounce, grinning to Miranda. "Oo! I've been meaning to meet you. I was going to come by.. but I went camping. And someone stabbed my boyfriend, so I was delayed." A proud nod, this seeming entirely normal in her mind.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks with a confused look to Cori. "Soup?"

Charles Knight: DD>Charles is in his late twenties or early thirties, and walks around wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with a blue backpack slung over his shoulder. He has the look of someone whose family is English, but it'snot very distinct, as though it's been diluted a bit by generations in America, though still he looks better than your average Joe off the street. He has dark hair and eyes, and is approximately average height and weight. He's become a bit more in shape in the time he's been gone though. Not so much more muscle mass as just less fat. He also looks as though he's more at peace with himself than when he left, though there's always a somehwat sad look in his eyes, however hard he tries to hide it. Oh, and he picked up a slight trace of an English accent while he was gone. Always nice.

Charles Knight: *glances to the girl that Miranda waved to, and gives a friendly and polite nod*

Cori Braun: *grins to Alyssa* no, 'sup. it's a shorter way of saying, "what's up". although soup's good, too. by the way, cringy behind my feet there is one GoldenHeart, or 'Heart for short. he's a coward but a total sweetie. careful though--he tends to pee when he's scared, which is most of the time.

Miranda Okanedo: "I hope he's okay," she says, looking softly concerned for her unnamed boyfriend. "I must admit, I've been hoping to meet you." She looks to Cori and smiles. "Hello."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She keeps her confused look to Cori through her explanation. She blinks back up to the sky, curious to see what the big deal was. After a bit she blinks over to Miranda with a sad look. "He's.. as good as he ever was I guess."

Cori Braun: *she's tall, scrawny, and crowned with a cap of bright blonde hair. funny--her little dog has fur the smae color, about. she could easily be mistaken for a young man, she's such a stick of a female. she has big brown eyes set in a face pale enough to make a vampire envious, and--well, she's not likely to win any beauty contests. she's as plain as a bare white wall. but her lively curiousity and humor sparkle from her eyes and that wide, thin mouth is usally curved in a wide grin. she wears baggy jeans and the tail of a green tshirt can be seen from under the dead bunnyfur jacket. a hefty backpack completes her attire*

Cori Braun: *blinks at Alyssa and grins* what's up is American slang for "how are you? what have you been doing that's interesting lately?" much, much shorter to say what's up. and even shorter to say 'sup. *archesan eyebrow* did he survive the stabbing thing?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a proud nod to Cori. "My acarya came and helped him." She frowns. "I fell asleep after we prayed. I don't know how someone could stab him without waking me up."

Cori Braun: *her turn to look puzzled* what's an acarya? whoever, though, good that he or she could help. *soft chuckle* where there's life,there's hope. a personal motto. *'Heart, keeping one eye on the Strangers, eases away from his person to piddle on a bush*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her frown deepens at Cori's words, eyes going helplessly wide. Taking it as complete truth.. in a damning sense.

Charles Knight: *Charles is quiet...but he has the look of someone who's used to this sort of conversation*

Cori Braun: now what'swrong? *settles her weight onto one leg casually, watching the younger girl. 'Heart skitters back to sit on Cori's foot. she seems as used to that as Charles is to odd convos around him. and flashes the guy a grin and a cheery nod*

Miranda Okanedo: She looks between them, considering it all, before deciding to make introductions. "Alyssa...I'm Miranda. And this is Charles." Cori, she lets introduce herself...she suspects she knows who the woman is, but she doesn't know for absolute sure, just having heard description before.

Charles Knight: *and he'll give another friendly nod in Cori's direction, as a response to hers.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny shake of the head, looking down to the grass and scratching her bandaged forearm. She shifts the heavy bag and blinks back up to Miranda. "I still need to come by and make arrangements. Noble Miss Randelle is supposted to show me where it is. I haven't been yet."

Charles Knight: *he offers his hand to Alyssa to shake* "Pleasure to meet you."

Cori Braun: i'm Cori. s'nice to meet you all. *the dog looks dubious as to the niceness of anyone else*

Cori Braun: *shrugs cheerfully to the girl* suit yourself. 'Heart, go poo. if ya doan, i'm gonna put you in your crate on the way home. easier ta clean than the van floor...*dog butt seems magnetized to her foot*

Charles Knight: "Oh, so you know Abbey too?" *then to Cori* "And nice to meet you as well."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa takes charles' hand with a dainty one, smiling brightly to the man. "Alyssa Kostapoulos" she corrects, as though insulted her last name was left out. "A pleasure, Charles." She squints, thinking.. charles charles.. no charles on the list.. hmm..

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She grins to charles. "I did. She told me she's nobility. She lets me open doors for her."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (brb. diaper duty)

Cori Braun: *grins to Charles* love meeting new people! *laughs* and i think we ~all~ know someone in common. Abbey Randalle--really, really pale. not likely to come bounding up to anyone, all gushing and hugging and touchy-feely and stuff, right? *chuckles softly, big brown eyes twinkling about something*

Charles Knight: *he bites his tongue...and it's quite obvious he's got a few things to say about Abbey that he's holding back*

Matty "Crash" Ross: It's on a converted rotary engine, yet somehow the Chevelle roars like a lion. Perhaps he's not as adrenaline crazed as the last time he came to Battery Park, but people would be hard pressed to find how that works.

Miranda Okanedo: "I'll show you how to get there, Alyssa, if you like." She nods. "I know Marty rather likes you."

Cori Braun: *the little mutt yelps and presses himself flat over her foot when the loud engine roars* it's ok, lil guy...shhhh.....*and very carefully eases her foot, dog and all, from the spreading puddle* dude. i so need to buy you doggy diapers.

Charles Knight: *and he'll be careful to not step in the dog's...release* "That'd be the one."

Miranda Okanedo: She looks back over at the sound of the car approaching, then back to the trio around her. She merely gives a soft, somewhat amused smile at the discussion of Miss Randelle.

Penelope Goodson: *In high spirits, she plods into the park, beelining towards people*

Matty "Crash" Ross: (

He pulls into a parking spot, probably the same one as last time, either talking to himself or the car.

Cori Braun: mmm. *nods slowly* she makes me wonder what the heck happened to her. *shrugs* however, short of torture that included mind reading, i doubt i'll ever know. seems pretty stalwart in her own way, though. *leans down to move the mutt* 'Heart, it's a car. over yonder. it ain't gonna come over here and bite you, silly. *chuckles*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives another wide eyed grin to Miranda "He likes me? Really?!" She giggles, covering her mouth and following her eye to the sound of the approaching car.

Charles Knight: DD>Charles is in his late twenties or early thirties, and walks around wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with a blue backpack slung over his shoulder. He has the look of someone whose family is English, but it's not very distinct, as though it's been diluted a bit by generations in America, though still he looks better than your average Joe off the street. He has dark hair and eyes, and is approximately average height and weight. He's become a bit more in shape in the time he's been gone though. Not so much more muscle mass as just less fat. He also looks as though he's more at peace with himself than when he left, though there's always a somehwat sad look in his eyes, however hard he tries to hide it. Oh, and he picked up a slight trace of an English accent while he was gone. Always nice. (Fame 1 see Rich and Famous list for details)

Charles Knight: "Sounds about right. And I'm not sure that that'd be enough." *shakes his head* "Then again, she and I never really got along."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa gasps and points to Matty's vehicle. "It's the person eating transport!"

Penelope Goodson: **Plump. round faced, and pear shaped. This young woman is hardly a victoria secrets model. She's pretty in that soft full way that someone who shops in the missy petite section could never pull off. Full bosom, wide hips, and thick legs make up most of Penelope's curvy frame. She's solid and a little round.. but not grossly over weight. About 5'8 and 180 lbs, roughly 20 some years old. Penny's usually dressed in an eclectic mix of soft vibrant colors, baby blues, bright yellows and peaches.. the darkest thing you'll ever see on her are her bluejeans, baggy and a little worn. Well loved. Brown hiking boots poke from beneath her pants, feet a little overlarge. Her hair is a light orangey brown..about the middle of her back, and is usually thrown back into a haphazard ponytail or braid, and held back with a colorful scarf. Powder blue eyes wink from beneath messy bangs. ((App 3))***

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks confused to Charles. "How could you not get along with Noble Miss Randelle? She's always been kind to me."

Miranda Okanedo: ((Sorry, guys, phone call...BRB))

Charles Knight: "Then perhaps she's changed a bit. She never was really anything that I'd call 'kind' to me, or to those I associated with."

Matty "Crash" Ross: And out comes Matty, still talking, as if he ever stops, in a shirt, jeans, and snowboarding jacket, none of which are one hundred percent clean. A soot smudge here, the jeans certainly have a couple of spots. He tries, though. Goggles hang around his neck (becuase they can), and he just walks like he's vibrating, not in the way one would while wired on caffeine or narcotics, just in that he has more natural energy than some power plants.

Cori Braun: *chuckles softly* she's exquisitely polite. and she has a gorgeous house. i'd say she's one of those you gotta prove something to before she'll open up. nothing wrong with that, but it's not my way.

Penelope Goodson: *bubbly and bouncy.. the 1st people she veers to seem less than willing to talk, and so she continues on along the path, a glance upward, before she bounds heavily towards Alyssa and Cori* hey! Hello?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She shrugs. "I've never seen her be anything other than entirely nice and polite. We drank tea togehter. Twice now."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa turns with a grin to Penelope and rushes up to kiss the girl's cheek. "Hi!"

Cori Braun: *turns to blink at Pen, then gives her a wide, cheerful grin* hey, tea's awesome. i usually drink herbals. grow most of 'em myself.

Penelope Goodson: *a grin and a kiss to the nutty greeks cheek in return* Hey there! Small city! *She titters and adjusts her scarf, bright powder blue eyes taking in the others.. a cheery smile on lump features* Oh hey! Friends of yours?

Penelope Goodson: (plump)

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her eyes widen "There are cities bigger than this one?!" Her face in shock.

Cori Braun: *grins to Pen* hey. i'm Cori. the yellow carpet on my foot is 'Heart. he's a sweetie and total chickenshit.

Charles Knight: "There's a couple, I've been to most of them...New York's the best one though. Then again, London has a certain charm." *Shrugs*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa gasps at Cori's use of language.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny smile to Charles. "I've only been here.. and Lefkas. New York is HUGE!"

Cori Braun: what? *tilts her headcheerfully to Alyssa*

Penelope Goodson: you know.. i'm not sure.. *she laughs* Um.. maybe like.. tokyo? pr maybe thats just more people.. I meant like.. i'd totally not expected to see you again like. so soon! You know? But rock on! Glad I did! *a happy titter as she looks at cori and co..* oh hey! I'm Penelope! *she bends down and gestures for the piddly dog to come give her love*

Charles Knight: "Lefkas? Where's that? I'd guess it's somewhere near Athens?"

Penelope Goodson: ((and I'll have you know abbey's all rainbows and sunshine! *laughs*))

Matty "Crash" Ross: And Matty comes walking down the street, singing doo-wa-ditty... no, no he doesn't. He just walks. Or something that resembles walking with the way he acts - ADD boy, in a sense. Looking around. He pulls out his PDA, checking it out.

Cori Braun: *'Heart cringes a moment, then very carefuly stretches out his head to sniff in Pen's general direction* s'ok, little love. she won't hurt you. it'sall right. *soothing tones. the mutt'snot impressed. although he doesn't flee--yet*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "It's one of the Ithican islands. One of the small ones." She gives a proud incline of her chin to Charles. (and so you know i just pulled that straight from my arse. i've termporarily lost the location of her island.. lol. it's.. somewhere. remote. can't remember where.)

Penelope Goodson: *sausage fingers flutter at the puppies nose, but she apparently doesn't have any patience, or maybe just a short attention span, heaving herself to her feet with an oomph* Cute. *she looks around to see if she's missing anyone*

Cori Braun: nice to meetcha, Penelope. *crouches and picks the dog off the ground a few inches, moving him toward Pen. and yes, he does leak as she does this* how can anything as small as you have so much pee in 'em? dude.....doggy diapers. no doubt. ya need 'em.

Penelope Goodson: Ew. gross. *she laughs and takes a step back from the piss factory*

Penelope Goodson: d10: per alert: 5,5,9,1,

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa turns to the direction where she's spotted the man eating vehicle and as expected.. spots Matty. She runs up and brightly plants a kiss to the man's cheek. "Hi!"

Charles Knight: *careful with his feet around the piddling dog* "Ahh. Perhaps someday I'll see it." *shrugs* "I intend to stay in New York for a while though."

Penelope Goodson: *her eyes pass right over poor Matti, until Alyssa runs on over to him. Then she beams in his direction and waves a thick arm* Hey Crash!

Cori Braun: *grins to Charles, blinking cheerfully as Alyssa runs off* you been here before?

Matty "Crash" Ross: Into the park and through the woods, to grandmama... no, no, wait.

He sees a few people down the park, and the cold starts nipping at his fingertips, so he pulls a pair of gloves on that look more like work gloves than anything. His hair's... off. Not obscenely so, just slightly off-kilter, which is apparently "in" these days, but doesn't seem like Matty's done that on purpose.

Charles Knight: "Oh yes. This is my hometown. Though it seems that most of my friends are gone." *shrugs* "I'm a New Yorker, through and through." *despite this slight english accent he's picked up*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (Oo! Aegean islands. Not too far from crete, I think. *nods* I think that's where I left the damn thing..)

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Hi!" he says. "You don't live here, do you?" Clearly joking... kinda.

Something vibrates in his pocket. He takes the PDA out, looks at it. "Oh, shut up you," he tells it, and puts it back into his pocket.

Cori Braun: *grins* awesome! i been here a few months, give or take a season. loving the town for the most part. lots to do, lots to see, tons of places to eat, and tons of peeps willing to buy my jewelery. *grins cheerfully. glances at Miranda. she's a quiet one, hey?*

Penelope Goodson: *Penelope smiles cheerily at crash and casts a glance upwards, before turning to get a better gawk at Cori and Charles* how long have you guys like.. known Alyssa... close friends?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She smiles, bouncing circles around the man. "No. They won't let me." She grins and runs back over to the group.

Miranda Okanedo: ((Phone call's taking longer then expected...assume Miranda had to go use the bathroom. :P))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa beams to Penelope. "I'm good at making friends."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He waves to Penelope, walking/trotting/bouncing/what-have-you up to the group but still slightly out of it.

Cori Braun: *'Heart must be feeling more secure. he's creeping closer, ever so slowly, to sniff at Charles's shoes. one eye warily on the Stranger*

Penelope Goodson: Oh! *a titter* well then! Nevermind.. *she flops her braid back over her shoulder and tugs at her sweater* hey.. i don't think i caught your name. Thats crash *she points to Matty*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa looks down at the dog, considering for half a second how scared it would be if she barked at it. She giggles at the thought and flops playfully down next to penelope. She leans over to whisper in the girl's ear.

Penelope Goodson: *she tilts her head, listening to Alyssa*

Charles Knight: *Charles doesn't move his shoes away or anything, well, unless Heart looks like he's going to do something to them.* "I'm Charles."

Cori Braun: *the little mutt's long, ropey tail gives a tentative wag. Cori chuckles softly* wanna make him your best bud? i got a t-r-e-a-t in my pocket i can let you give him. just move slow, and he probably won't mess up your duds.

Penelope Goodson: *a smile at charles's name.. she giggles* Can I call you chuck? *she looks puzzled and turns to whisper to Alyssa*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks "Chuck sounds nothing like Charles."

Charles Knight: "Sure, haven't been around pets for a while. Might be nice to have an animal friend again. Never know when it'll come in handy." *a bit of a wink*

Penelope Goodson: *she looks to cori as she's whispering, then laughs* It totally doesn't.. but its like... short form for Charles..

Charles Knight: "I'd prefer if you didn't." *shakes his head* "I've never been fond of that nickname."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa sits back up straight with a serious nod to Penelope. "EVERYone does.." She gives a pause, tilting her head to the woman "Rocks.. why do you like rocks so much?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He grins to Penelope. "How's it going?"

Cori Braun: *grins, nodding happily* i got another one, Weiss. he's a big slobbery thing, butfriendly. LOVES everyone. one of my housemates has another dog, and the other one has two cats. we're hip deep in fur, and loving it. *laughs, passing Charles a stick of what looks like homemade jerky. 'Heart's eyes rivet to the delicious wrinkled brown thing. he gives a pitiful, soft whine, shuffling his forefeet and sitting very, very straight*

Penelope Goodson: Ok.. no chuck.. *a giggling blink* ..what? OH! *she rubs her cheek and shrugs round shoulders* I dooon't knoooow. *titter*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a curious squint to Cori, thinking. "Do you know Damien?"

Charles Knight: *and Charles gives the treat to the dog* "Ahh, never really kept pets around myself...I'm a bit too absent-minded to trust myself with that."

Penelope Goodson: Things are pretty good .. thanks for the ride home by the way.. It like.. totally rocked. *she smiles up to crash* I really like your car-thing!

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Ha - still not entirely finished - but she can roar!"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She frowns. "He was sad because I wouldn't lay with him. It's not my fault he isn't Greek."

Penelope Goodson: *Alyssa gets a blink. Penelope's face getting a tad peachy as she giggles* oh dear.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He laughs. "Yeah, but it's like Noreiga - keep hittin' 'em with 'Welcome to the Jungle' and they'll eventually give in!"

Charles Knight: "The trick for loud a nice, simple feedback loop. Personally, I messed with my car for speed and handling. Not to mention fuel efficiency."

Penelope Goodson: na-na-na-na-na-na-nyeeahnyeaaah.. *she sings, laughing.. apparently someone knows that song* not sure if that would like.. work at all.. *she giggles* oh Hey.. have you met cori and charles?

Matty "Crash" Ross: A look over to Charles, grinning, "No, not yet," he says to Penelope, and then to Charles, "Yeah, but you can have volume along with speed and handling if you work it right!"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa sways childishly back and forth with an absent gaze to another group congregated at the next bench.

Cori Braun: *blinsk at Alyssa, and giggles* yeah, well--Dami and i share the philosophy that sex is a means of sharing something wonderful. and neither of us sees a reason to confine ourselves to just ONE person. if he wanted to have sex with you, it was prolly meant as a compliment, so turning him down insulted him. besides,w hat's being Greek got to do with it?

Penelope Goodson: *she blinks as raindrops start to patter, looking up at the sky* uh oh. Its spitting again.

Charles Knight: "Oh definitely. Though it does tend to hurt the efficiency, unless you bring in outside stuff. Well, or you REALLY know what you're doing."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks back to cori. "Because my family would be upset with me if I soiled myself by laying with a barbarian." She frowns. "I've only lain with one non-greek.. and he turned out to be a demon. No more." She shakes her head adamantly. "Only Greeks from here on out."

Cori Braun: *eyes the sky and promptly yips as a fat drop hits her in the eye* oy! hey, the sky's peeing on me!! just like SOMEone else i know...*'Heart merely gives her a soulful sort of look*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He grins. "It hasn't gone boom yet, so thus far, I seem to know what I'm doing!" He laughs. Drops. "Darn. Rain. I didn't check the weather reports...!"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She looks up with a bright smile "Atropos was listening!" She giggles, sticking out her tongue to the sky.

Cori Braun: *scratches her head* sex isn't soiling yourself. it's about love and sharing and the willinginess and ability to give of yourself, knowing you'll get something of equal value in return. *chuckles softly* but to each their own. although, if you told Dami you wouldn't soil yourself with him, you do realize that you basically told him he was utter scum and not fit to exist? in other words--you were really, really rude if that's how you put it.

Penelope Goodson: ew.. *lips dive down a minute at the girl so fixated on pee. then a giggle. weird. she looks to Alyssa* Aww.. not all non-greeks are so bad.. hey! I'm not a greek! and I rock! *a titter*

Charles Knight: *he ignores the rain, found something interesting instead* "A demon you say? How'd you find out about this? What was the person like? Could you put me in touch with him?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: "I'm Irish, and I'd like to think I rock, too!"

Penelope Goodson: *blinks and looooks at Charles*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She frowns to Cori. "I was very polite to him. I told him on several occasions that I had no intentions of laying with him. I only lay with people I intend on bearing the child of. And if I gave way to a barbarian offspring, I would sacrifice it to the Moirai so they wouldn't be upset with me."

Penelope Goodson: I'm mostly scottish.. We'll have to like.. totally have a drinking contest or something. *she titters again. damn. that was one happy fat girl*

Cori Braun: mmm, c'mon, lil guy. let's get you to the van before you get soaked and stink it up. *bends down to pick up her mutt, tucking him close and happily eduring another face-washing* see you guys later. hey,in fact--there's a cafe near here i may hit after i get 'Heart squared away. anyone up for grub, meet me there. *laughs softly and turns to plod off*

Penelope Goodson: whoa.. *she widens her eyes at Alyssa* Ok. like.. no sacrificing.. Don't go around telling people that dudes.. you'll totally get locked up.. And you'll see ALOT of real barbarians in jail.. Its like.. so totally not cool.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She looks to charles with a scared pout "He had wings of fire. He showed me in the alley. He tricked me into laying with him by saying he wanted to help me pray to Aphrodite.. but I found out.. he doesn't even BELEIVE in the gods!" She shakes her head, still in shock. "He called himself Hephaistos, but was clearly uneducated. He looked nothing like him."

Cori Braun: *shakes her head cheerfully to the girl* i'm happy to screw almost anyone. sex is a celebration of life itself! and it doesn't have to end up with a baby. *giggles* take care, Alyssa. you too, Charles, Penelope, car guy. see ya'll around! *and off she goes* ((mostly because dinner is ready and i'm hungry enough to lunge through the internet and starts munching chars. mmmm! Mages! tasty with catsup!))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She blinks to Penelope "You can be incarcerated for talking? This 'free country' concept is ridiculous."

Charles Knight: " you have any way of getting in contact with him, or could you provide me with an address?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She frowns and shakes her head. "No. He makes fire with his hands. You should stay away from him. He's a bad man."

Penelope Goodson: yeah.. *she gets a little more grim, eyes finding the grass* You talk too crazy and people'll like.. throw you in a loony bin and shoot you so full of drug's'n stuff you really will go crazy. I mean.. they can be good too if you really ARE crazy.. but.. yeah.. just be careful.. you know?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "I'll just tell them I don't partake in drugs. They'll understand."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He waves bye to Cori, making note that, chances are, that person's a Cultist. Considering how comfortable the other two he knows are about various supernatural phenomena.

Charles Knight: *he smirks* "I'm rather used to fire. And if he's a bad man, and can do this, he needs to be stopped, correct?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks to Alyssa. "Can I blow your demon up with explosives? That would be fun!"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She nods. "The knight and I were planning to take him to the woods.. but.." She scratches her head. "It never happened, for some reason. I haven't seen Snyde in a while. I hope he's alright."

Penelope Goodson: no dude.. they totally won't.. they like. don't give you a choice or anything.. *she shakes her head and giggles, shrugging off the momentary ill humor* So.. I'm getting all wet.

Charles Knight: *he gives a wave to Cori, but he's focused on Alyssa at hte moment*

Charles Knight: "Perhaps we should move to a cafe. If it's still there, I know this great one right outside the park. Hmm, you know Snyde too? Well, let me handle him. Trust me on this, I know what I'm doing." *is he humoring her or being honest? Well....hard to tell*

Matty "Crash" Ross: And out of Matty's pocket comes a small, tall-beer-can-sized cylinder, with a button. He pushes it, and holds it up as the umbrella unfolds itself and hangs over him, now.

Penelope Goodson: *She takes a step away from them, looking at the darkening sky*.. yeah.. I'm going to go inside.. its getting like.. all dark and wet out. You guys wanna go for like.. coffee or something? You know.. like.. without demons and fire and damnation?

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a bright smile "You know snyde? He's a knight. But I'm a pristess." She pushes herself up from the ground with an oomph in lifting the heavy bag. "There's a cafe right over there that people usually go to."

Austin Chacal: He flicks a cigarette out of his mouth and stomps on it with the heel of his boot as he heads off toward the park. It's been a long day and he's a teensy bit grumpy.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She smiles to Penelope, stepping close to the girl. "Don't worry. If a demon tries to get you, I'll stab them in the face."

Matty "Crash" Ross: "I saw Snyde just the other day, when we were off on our big caper, right before the last time I saw you guys!"

Penelope Goodson: I sure hope so.. *an uneasy shift of her weight.. oh!umbrella.. the pudgy girl makes for Matty, opening her cell phone once she's out of the rain to illuminate the shadow beneath it*

Austin Chacal: d10: per+alert: 6,9,8,5,8,

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa bounces around, wide eyes grin up to the sky. Aparently enjoying the rain. Her robe flops damply as she hops.

Charles Knight: "I've met him a couple of times, not in a while though." *looks over there* "Yeah, that'd be the one. Good to know some things don't change. So let's go. Everything's on me." *he starts off towards the cafe*

Austin Chacal: Hey, looks like he's actually good with this whole vision thing. Adjusting his hat ever so slightly, he then shoves his hands into his pocket and finds himself veering toward the crowd. The rain, it seems, doesn't bother him too much.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa hops past Charles with a bright smile. "I'm not on you. That would be crude."

Penelope Goodson: *blue light blossoms from the screen of the little phone.. illuminating the pudgy girl and The mad mechanic*

Penelope Goodson: he means he paying! *she trills, laughing at Alyssa*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She stops with a concerned squint. She looks back to Penelope "What time is it?"

Charles Knight: "That's right!" ((and I'm jumping to restaurant, but I'll be a bit. Start without me. Assume Charles is drying off in the bathroom))

Penelope Goodson: hammer time? doo doo dood oo.. *she giggles, peering at her phone* umm. its 9-40!

Matty "Crash" Ross: He laughs. "All right - can't deny myself free coffee!"

Austin Chacal: Huh, looks like they're heading into a cafe. That don't sound like a bad notion to him.

Penelope Goodson: d10: per alert: 9,8,3,3,

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her eyes go wide and she shakes her head "Oh, dear.. Acarya is going to be sore with me. It's my turn to mop the floors." She pouts and backs away from the group "I should go help clean up. If you guys get bored, come by the restraunt. It's dry there!" She giggles and bounces away.

Penelope Goodson: *a glance back behind her into the closing darkness, the outline of a cowboy hat catches her eye and she hollers* Cowboy O! *a giggle as she gestures with a thick hand* Come on doooown! oh. *alyssa heads off, and gets a wave* bye alyssa! stay out of the dark!

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She calls over her shoulder with a grin "I'm good at the dark!"

Matty "Crash" Ross: [to the restaurant!]

Penelope Goodson: (to dt restaurant!)

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (thanks, guys. i need to nap so i'll be awake when dark gets in for the cabal scene. *hugs* seeyas.)



Charles Knight: *he enters and grabs a table, then walks up to the counter and speaks briefly to the guy behind it, before heading into the bathroom*

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Looks like the last people to be here... uh... decided to have a little 'alone' time...]

Matty "Crash" Ross: As Charles walks into the bathroom, he looks to Penelope. "Awakened?" he asks, motioning to where he went.

Austin Chacal: He just follows them into the cafe, brushing some of the water off of his jacket.

Penelope Goodson: *she's carefully under the mad mechanic's umbrella, safely with in the vibrant circle of cellular light, until she plods through the door into the brightness of the little cafe. A smile as she looks about. Looks nice enough.. . Now the deciding factor.. did they have cheesecake? she plops into a seat, looking towards the door to see if the cowboy was coming*

Penelope Goodson: *Penelope smiles to auctin and shrugs at Matty* you know.. Im like.. not sure.. but the way he was talking about demons .. *she trails off and gestures for Austin to take a seat*

Austin Chacal: He just eases down onto a chair, legs sprawled a little and a hat adjustment ensues. "Evenin'." A grunt and not in greeting.

Penelope Goodson: *she picks up a tiny folding menu and looks at it, smiling between the mechanic and the cowboy* Hey there cowboy. Long time no see.. or was that like.. yesterday? *she giggles and gives a happy wink* you've got to think i'm like.. stalking you or something.

Cori Braun: *plods into the cafe, rather damp. but quite the cheery wench regardless*

Charles Knight: *and he exits the restroom and plops down at the table* "So, things were a bit nuts out there. Anyways, I'm Charles Knight. Nice to meet you all." *glances around* "There were definitely more people ten minutes ago..."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "That's sort of what I thought, too!" he says. A look over to Austin, smile. "Hey!"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He smiles to Charles, offers a hand. "Matty Ross! Or Crash. Whatever you like!"

Charles Knight: "Well, whatever you prefer. Seemed people were calling you Crash before." *shrugs, and picks up a menu*

Penelope Goodson: I like crash better*she nods, thick braid falling with a clunk to the table* Its one of those fun to say words.. *she beams at Austin* you know the ones. *a giggle*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: A pale skinned dark haired goth enters the cafe, and shakes the rain from her windbreaker. She's wearing a spiked collar around her neck, black lipstick and fingernail polish. Her black hair falls straight from her head to her shoulders, and her legs under the skirt are frozen white from the cold. Her eyes seem glazed over, sick of the world and everyone in it.

Matty "Crash" Ross: And a blink. "Wait. Charles Knight?"

Cori Braun: *looks around and spots the others in the park brigade. chuckles and heads over, giving the angsty Goth a cheery grin* yo, peeps! may i join ya'll, too? *laughs*

Charles Knight: "Yeah..." *he nods* "I'm gonna guess you've read that paper of mine a few months back? Either that or you're vaguely in one of the classes I'm teaching at NYU."

Austin Chacal: He gives the other guy a nod. "M'Austin." He offers because, well, it seems the thing to do. "What do Ah know?" To Penelope.

Penelope Goodson: Someone famous huh? then it really IS no chuck for you.. *she giggles and her cell phone phone suddenly bursts to life with "dance your cares away CLAPCLAP worries for another dayyayay ..let the spirits play.. CLAPCLAP Down at Fraggle rock.. down at Fraggle Rock!"*

Matty "Crash" Ross: "You beat the... Storm!" he says.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She's so full of angst that she doesn't return Cori's cheer. She walks up to the counter and pulls out a resume from the inside of her windbreaker.

Charles Knight: *he blushes* "Well, umm, not completely yet...just gave us hell of a lot better odds..." *he's definitely not used to what celebrity he's picked up yet*

Penelope Goodson: *its pulled out and answered.. *yup? * the expression on her face becomes a mischevious cringe* ooh.. the 11th huh? well thats a lucky da-.. *something sharp from the other end of the phone..someone irate*.. or not.. no.. yeah.. okies. No i like.. totaly can come right now.. No. yeah no.. its like. totally good.. sorry. Yeah. Ok.. the first next month. .. ok.. ok i promise.. yeah. kay. .. kay. bye. *an apoliogetic cringe to those gathered*


Penelope Goodson: (just got phone call. must bail)

Matty "Crash" Ross: He laughs. "Okay! Be careful out in the rain!" he says.

Austin Chacal: He looks up at Penelope and gives her a faint smile. "Take care o'yerself, hm?"

Charles Knight: "Well, good luck with your landlord."

Austin Chacal: [*curses work for getting in the way of posting in a timely manner*]

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She glances around to see if there was anyone around to give it to. Finally someone comes over from the other side of the counter, and the little goth hands the paper over. The person on the other side looks it over and then hands it back, saying something about how they're not looking for anyone new. The goth nods timidly, slips the resume back into her jacket, and starts to walk back toward the door.

Cori Braun: *happily orders herself a burger with the works and a basket of sweet tater chips. plus a large tomato juice and a glass of water*

Penelope Goodson: Its like.. totally not the rain I'm worried about! *she giggles and rises with a creak from her chair, pushing the soft bulk of her body to her feet, a happy go lucky grin to Austin and Crash, Charles getting the tail end of it, pee woman getting a wave as she heads on out the door, bursting into blue and green light as she opens her phone up, green glow infront of her as she heads out into the dark* Bye! stay safe!

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks back to Charles. "Sorry," he says, seeing that he's embarrassed a bit. "I'm constructing a suit for passing through! I can see and touch, but not quite getting through altogether, yet..."

Penelope Goodson: d10: wp: 2,2,3,9,10,8,

Penelope Goodson: *and the glowing bulk of her curvy body pushes out into the rain and hurries down the sreet*

Cori Braun: *waves back to Pen with a soft chuckle as she settles back, stretching. and to while away the long, long minutes until her food arrives, she fishes out a small box from her pack. opening it and taking out a spool of wire, tiny, round-ended pliers, and some lovely beads in soft, soothing bluegreens*

Charles Knight: "Ahh. Well, once you manage to get through, you have to be careful. Can't say much out here, but there's some people who sort of think that it's their exclusive domain."

Austin Chacal: Well, now he's at a table with some guys he really doesn't know. That ain't too bad.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Her stomach rumbles loudly as she reaches out to push open the door. She should eat. She leans against the door frame and hangs her head. I hate this place. She takes a deep breath, stands up again, and walks over to the counter to order veggie soup.

Cori Braun: *forms a small loop out of end of the wire and then clips off a length of about two feet. carefully threads a bead onto the wire*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "I've seen a few when I was with a group out on the West Coast. Not fun people!"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks to Austin. "Hey, how've you been?"

Cori Braun: *a careful twist, and she adds another bead*

Austin Chacal: "Nah, they ain't much fun at all." His voice is a low rumble from beneath the brim of his Stetson.

Charles Knight: "Oh? I wouldn't be so sure we're talking about the same people. But this is hardly the place." *shrugs* "So, what's the state of things around here? You know anyone else who subscribes to the same Journals as us?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She collects her soup from the faceless soul behind the counter, and sits down at a booth at the very back of the coffee shop. She keeps her distance from any windows and mirrors.

Cori Braun: *another twist. another bead. thin lips pursing as she observes her own work intently*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "Another famous one, actually! Adriana Carmichael - I met her a few days ago!"

Charles Knight: "Yeah, I know she's still around." *nods* "I should get in touch with her...anyone else you know of?"

Cori Braun: *blinks up and arches an eyebrow at the sound of another familiar name. begins watching the boys chat as she works on her project. which seems to be turning into a dainty, delicate silver and bluegreen spider*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He thinks. "None from our... er... our research group!"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She eats some soup. Her eyes drift around the room, watching the people in it with less than a passing interest.

Charles Knight: "Gotcha. I know of one who should still be around that you've missed, I'll introduce you to her once I've persuaded her not to kill me." *he's being quite serious about that too* "I guess we've got decent numbers. Wish Aaron and Renata were still around. Oh well." *shrugs a bit*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Alert: 7,7,7,5,4,

Thomas Judge: The door opens as he steps in, smoke from a freshly disposed cig still blows from his nose, as the door quickly shuts behind him and his stomach guides him to the counter, he was fucking starving. ((PM if you need DD))

Thomas Judge: ((Colour change *s*))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Her eyes light up, and she watches Tom cross the floor.

Thomas Judge: ((Bah taken too, I really need to branch out on colours *s*))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "I've only been here a week, so I'm sure I'm missing someone!"

[That's right. I'm King Crimson. =P]

Austin Chacal: The cowboy soon moves out and on. He needs to work on some music. He tosses a wave over his shoulder at any who know him and there he goes.

Charles Knight: "As I said, I'll introduce you to her once it's safe." *glances up to the guy entering, then back to the table* "So you're new then?" *he looks over at Austin* "I'm sorry, I don't believe we've been introduced...I'm Charles Knight." *glances to Crash for confirmation that this guy is 'safe'*

Austin Chacal: [You can have it now!]

Thomas Judge: He walks up to the counter, eyes having a quick scan of the menu till his stomach desides the first good thing he see's he is ordering "Yeah, that both broth thanks pet."

Cori Braun: *doesn't know Austin, but nods cheerfully to him anyway. eyes Matty and Charles again, consideringly. as she adds a leg to her spider*

Charles Knight: ((Ignore everything after he glanced at Tom then))

Thomas Judge: ((Thanks *waves*))

Cori Braun: *and her food arrives. she sets the arachnid down to feed her face*

Thomas Judge: He turns the broth pour quicky as his eyes take in the place

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Tom!" She calls out from the back of the restuarant, and waves at him.

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Alert: 4,5,2,6,

Eugenia Phelps: She's off work for the night and finally out of the rain. She closes her umbrella and wide blue eyes peer around the cafe before she heads for the counter. [PM for DD]

Thomas Judge: Well he might not have seen her but he hears her. He half turns round the voice still not familar to him yet, he nods tp Johan and walks over to her table "Allo pet."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Allo!" She looks up at him, all hopeful that he isn't mad at her. "Hiya."

Ravyn: ((Say...who's in the mood for some Evyl? Lots of people within my systems here... *G*))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: ((Evil is Good. Devil is God.))

Charles Knight: ((ooh! me! And Charles has his bag of tricks too!))

Thomas Judge: ((Evil is good!))

Cori Braun: ((*L*))

Thomas Judge: ((Oh crap yeah, awareness checks folks, Diff 9...poo keep forgetting that))

Cori Braun: *she keeps her eyes on the two men, bright with interest and a slight wariness. eating the burger as if it's about to run away from her*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Awareness: 10,4,5,4,4,

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Aw, man, still working on my equipment list. ;)]

Charles Knight: d10: Per+Aware: 3,3,10,3,6,2,

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 7,5,9,5,5,

Cori Braun: d10: : 2,10,6,8,2,5,6,

Charles Knight: *he stays calm* "Hmm, did you just pick up something?" ((guessing with the one success, it's just "someone, somewhere did something"))

Cori Braun: d10: : 5,

Ravyn: ((This poor cafe sees more problems...))

Ethan Demian Augustus: He steps into the cafe, looking around and fidding absently with a soft jewel-blue scarf. Luminous gray eyes drink in the city, the people, everything. His ash-blonde hair is all wind ruffled, he's been outside for awhile. All of maybe eighteen or nineteen, he seems possessed of a remarkable calm. His sharp, fox-like features are just delicate enough to still be beautiful. His blue jeans are scuffed and torn in a few places, the airbrushed design of a rose wrapped around a cross faded. Over all that is a long, heavy gray coat. [Appearance 4]

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She brushes it off. She's been getting that feeling a lot lately. This whole world was unnatural.

Cori Braun: *tesnes slightly, shoving the rest of her burger in her mouth hastily. glancing first toward the door, then the guys. although, from their reactions--they didn't do it*

Thomas Judge: He nods and takes a seat opposite. "Nice to see ya so soon Johan." That cockney smile given

Cori Braun: *notesEthan's arrival with a small, tnese nodbefore continuing to scan the restauarnt, chewing furiously*

Charles Knight: "Wonder what it is. Didn't pick up enough to track it on your guard."

Phillip Lark: He walks by takes a look at the cafe, and decides to come on inside, opening the door as he does so.

((DD)) He his one of those overlooked people, nothing about him stands out, from his unremarkable blue eyes, short black hair, and even his slim but slightly muscular build. Maybe in his late 20's early thirties, shoulders taking on more of a hunched quality to them when he walks or is sitting down. He is Caucasian, Soft toned in speech, with a Brooklyn accent to his speech, obviously a true new Yorker. He favors black clothing jeans and t-shirts. When he isn't working he wears a studded collar, and matching bracelet on his right wrist, as well as various rings and other necklaces with different pendants on each one. Goth would be one term to describe him, khol around his eyes and the trademarked black lipstick. Black nail polish on his fingernails. ((Forgettable))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She winces back, "Lis'en. I wanna say this. I'm sorry for gettin' all weird back at her place. I shouldn't of dun that."

Eugenia Phelps: Nia is rather obliviously getting a salad. She needs to keep her girlish figure, after all.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "Will do!" And he instructs the Chevelle via PDA to report anyone outside that seems to be watching the cafe.

Charles Knight: DD>Charles is in his late twenties or early thirties, and walks around wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with a blue backpack slung over his shoulder. He has the look of someone whose family is English, but it's not very distinct, as though it's been diluted a bit by generations in America, though still he looks better than your average Joe off the street. He has dark hair and eyes, and is approximately average height and weight. He's become a bit more in shape in the time he's been gone though. Not so much more muscle mass as just less fat. He also looks as though he's more at peace with himself than when he left, though there's always a somehwat sad look in his eyes, however hard he tries to hide it. Oh, and he picked up a slight trace of an English accent while he was gone. Always nice. (Fame 1, check the list for details and to see if you'd know)

Ethan Demian Augustus: He walks over to Cori, frowning a little at the way she's peering around. "Mind company?" He asks gently.

Eugenia Phelps: Angelic would likely be a good word to describe her, as well as ethereal and a whole host of other adjectives. Her eyes are a sparkling blue and her hair is a silvery blonde. There’s just something about her that seems so pure. When not in her work uniform of a pencil skirt, jacket, and vest of blue with a white shirt and blue and gray striped tie, her clothing is often comprised of flowing skirts and dresses that tend to favor pastels and other light colors. Lithe of limb and slender, she’s beautiful, regardless of attire, and easily picked up out of a crowd. [App. 4: Gossamer; Angelic Aura]

Cori Braun: mm-ff...*swallows* not at all, sweetie. have some sweet tater chips. *gives him a tight little grin* hey, got sumthin' to tell ya.

Charles Knight: *he nods, and idly plays with the zipper on his backpack which is set beside him as he looks around, warily*

Thomas Judge: He smiles slightly "It is okay Johan, no 'arm done, the apology is however appreciated pet, thanks."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He sits down and picks up one of the chips, raising an eyebrow curiously before he bites into it.

Cori Braun: *leans over slightly to murmur at the kid*

Eugenia Phelps: She pays for her salad and juice before taking the items in hand. She pauses for a moment, looking around the place for somewhere to sit. A brief frown creases her brow before she wanders through the tables. She doesn't much care to eat alone.

Matty "Crash" Ross: ( He's got a couple of grease smudges on his arms (which are covered by his jacket) and it looks like he wiped off the smudges on his face with a towel, but one can still see it on the edges of his hairline.

Ravyn: The door pushes open, and a couple of people walk into the place...homeless, by the looks of them. One of them is a young kid, maybe 16 or 17, vaguely mouse-like in appearance underneath her dirty hoodie and worn military jacket. The other one is older, maybe in his early thirties, grizzled and dirty. They both seem to be a bit dirtier then your average if they've been rolling off the paths in the Park, or maybe playing in the dig site taking place where the wall is being excavated. They look excited, though the older one looks a bit wary of the place as they walk in, clutching something in a handkerchief in his right hand.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She smiles widely, lighting up her pale face, and she speaks quietly. "I hear you're the man to talk to about a circle."

Phillip Lark: d10: Awareness: 10,9,1,10,4,8,

Phillip Lark: Phillip steps out of the way leaning against the wall for a moment as the girl and such come inside (Can I get a Intel roll or something on their DD"s?))

Charles Knight: *glances at the newcomers, ALL of them* "Busy tonight, it seems..."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He leans across the table, bracing carefully, to anwer Cori.

Thomas Judge: He takes a sip of his soup, it still looks nearly boiling but he doesn't seem to notice or maybe care, he loved the heat. An eyebrow raises "Indeed I'am Johan. We are not the only establishment but I'am sure that Kekio 'as been fair and pointed this out." He nods a certain proudness that for the devil is not directed at himself but Keiko, he seems to think highly of her.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "I've never been here before! So I don't know how it usually is..."

Cori Braun: *listens to the guy, head tilting to hear him better. a flash of a smile to Charles when he looks toward the doorway*

Cori Braun: *murmurs back*

Charles Knight: *he'll return the smile, though he seems a tad paranoid at the moment, he's looking everywhere and being mostly serious* "Well, just look at the crowd that just came in. Gotta be like, 6 people in 5 minutes, and only two of them came together..."

Phillip Lark: d10: Intel: 2,5,6,

Ethan Demian Augustus: He answers Cori, still murmuring, with a reassuring smile.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "She did, which is cool. I jus' figured that if I'm going to be stuck here, and like this-", she holds out her pale arms covered by a windbreaker, "- then I mighas well try 'in join some peops and get safe."

Cori Braun: *nods to Ethan, arching a speculative brow to Charles. almost a little bit anxious, it would seem*

Phillip Lark: Arms crossed as he leans against the wall by the door. Now looking the rest of the fols of the place over, shoulders hunched, the 'goth' guy barely pays anyone any attention as he moves to the counter to take a seat, getting a position where he will have a good view.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "Odd...! This smells of science."

Thomas Judge: He nods "It is a wise move Johan, so am sure we are discreet we can talk 'ere. Wat questions may you 'ave."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He nods to Cori, and stands, waiting expectantly for her before heading to get coffee.

Charles Knight: "The question is which branch."

Ravyn: The younger one pokes the older one in the side with an elbow, murmuring to him. "GO..." The older guy jumps suddenly and nods, heading off to the bathroom while the girl heads up to the counter, counting out change for coffee.

Eugenia Phelps: She hums a little as she slides into a chair at an empty table, picking up her fork to begin the munching process. She looks around the room, takinig in the various people..that she doesn't know.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "I dun real've any questions." She shrugs timidly. "Wha'can you tell me about't?

Cori Braun: *rises and heads to the counter with Ethan, giving the counterchick a wide grin* i'd like a tall glass of milk with a dash of vanilla extract, please.

Cori Braun: *or rather, she will order one, when homeless girl finishes getting her coffee*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods. "Should I get some... precautionary equipment?"

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Ravyn: [You want a p/a roll, or a p/emp roll to notice something's up there?]

Ethan Demian Augustus: He nods to Cori, walking with her to the counter.

Charles Knight: "Only the discreet stuff. I've got my own stuff...went to a lot of trouble miniaturizing." *pats his backpack* "I'll meet you back here shortly." *he stands up to go to the restroom*

Ravyn -> Ethan Demian Augustus: You can emp em, if you like. :)

Phillip Lark: He runs a hand through his spiked hair, looking around, as he pretends to be looking at the menu in one hand. Some things are good.

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Ravyn: d10: perception/empathy: 5,2,3,8,7,5,6,

Ravyn: The girl counts out her change, in nickles, dimes, and pennies as quickly as she can, paying no mind to the people walking up behind her. She is being slow, though.

Cori Braun: *looks around casually while she waits. patience is avirtue, right?

Thomas Judge: Voice softer and quieter "I can tell you pet that though we 'ave fewer than the others, we are more structured, we work together, share info, pool resourses. We 'ave more unity than the others, they lack a central head instead allow a five headed body to decide. We are very dedicated to each other, we are a flock as it where."

Ravyn -> Ethan Demian Augustus: The girl is excited, anticipating some kind of reward for something that they've got together, but is wary about the guy having it. The guy is also excited, but VERY nervous about being in here, as if something bad's happened in here before.

Phillip Lark: d10: Per+Alert(Overhear): 3,4,7,4,6,9,

Matty "Crash" Ross: He goes outside, umbrella back out, getting to the trunk of his Chevelle.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Cozy. I think I want to join you folk then. Would that be al'eight?" The little goth looks up at him timidly.

Eugenia Phelps: She shifts a little on her seat, legs crossing at the ankles as she picks at her salad, still giving the assembled group a casual glance...or three.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I think you may be right. And that we picked the wrong time to come get coffee," he says to Cori and nods to the girl in front of them, still gentle, but a bit wary now.

Charles Knight: *Well, while there, Charles does use the restroom...but he's also checking up on the guy that came in...figures Crash can keep an eye on the horde in the cafe itself*

Phillip Lark: A hunch of shoulders and a shake of his head. A slight toss of the menu aside.

Ravyn: She gets her coffee, casting a suspicious look over her shoulder to Ethan and Cori. A frown, and she moves away from them, eyes locked on them.

Cori Braun: *nods slowly to Ethan, keeping her habitual grin on her face* hey, you got wheels? i brought my car. got my little dog in there tonight. doan worry--battery-operated fan or heater, weather depending.

Thomas Judge: He nods with a beaming smile "That would be more than acceptable" A moments pause there are a few more points, however." He takes a napkin and writes on it, folding it up and sliding it to her.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She takes the napkin, casting a curious glance up at the man sitting at her table, and reads what was written on it quietly.

Cori Braun: *gives the girl a cheerful sort of grin and heads up to the counter to order her nilla milk.

Ravyn: The man comes out of the bathroom, moving to the girl, smiling. He holds the item up to her, the nadkerchief falling away some, and a flash of something gleams from it as he whispers to her.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Alert: 9,8,5,6,8,

Ethan Demian Augustus: He still smiles warmly at the girl when she looks at him, just because she triped his something up sense doesn't mean she's out to get him - or doesn't need help. Granted, smiling is suspicious in New York, so it likely doesn't help.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "No, I do that subway thing now that it's up again. Parking in this city is insane." He orders a vanilla latte. Vanilla sounds good.

Charles Knight: *Charles also comes back out and returns to his seat*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach -> Ravyn: ((That's the roll to notice the gleaming thing.))

Thomas Judge: "Yer path is yer own, yer call." He has another spoon of broth.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He slips an arm around Cori, whispering something to her, lips just brushing her ear.

Ravyn -> Charles Knight: ((Gaah, sorry. Charles saw the guy moving out when Charles came in, and dirt in the sink, like the guy was cleaning something off. He had pushed past him when Charles came in, an excited look on his face.))

Cori Braun: *nods, big eyes alert* yeah, it's a nightmare all right. however--i hafta work and i go all over. *takes her milk cheerfully and waits for him. now an eye on her backpack and the half-finished spider*

Eugenia Phelps: She daintily unscrews the cap of her juice and then lifts it to her lips for a sip, still trying to keep her eyes on what's going on around her.

Phillip Lark: He talks quietly with someone who walks by his seat at the counter and he get's a cup of black coffee poured for him. Turning back around he watches the rest of the place once more. Oh such the somber guy he is.

Ravyn -> Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Oh, yes, he notices. Looks like a coin of some sort.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She folds up the napkin, glancing up at the roof to think with a smile. She hands the napkin back to Tom and shrugs, "Hey, whatev'. I just dun wanna get raped by some crazy old timer."

Ravyn: The teen gives the guy a glare and smacks him on the shoulder, covering his upraised hand with an arm, as she whispers back in an angry, reproachful tone. The guy winces and nods, handing the item over and going to a pay phone as the girl moves to find a seat with her coffee and the handkerchief.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Out of it, he grabs a taser, keeps the PDA and a small device that looks like a handheld parabolic microphone, that's collapsable and folds into his pocket.

Thomas Judge: He takes the napkin putting it iside his leather jacket. "Normally this is far more formal, with robes an shit." He grins a little at the jest. "But welcome to the Circle Johan." He holds out his hand

Ravyn: ((arm = hand. One of those extremities or another.))

Cori Braun: *leans toward Ethan, listening carefully*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She takes his hand and shakes it, not getting overly emotional. She starts watching the dirty pair, and points at them for Tom's benifit, whispering to him. "What's with that there coin?"

Cori Braun: *giggles , grinning playfully at Ethan. almost flirtatiously. and murmurs back*

Thomas Judge: "Coin...?" His eyes turn looking to where Johan is pointing.

Ravyn: The girl looks up from the table she's about to sit at, eyes shooting to Thomas and Johan as Thomas says 'Welcome to the Circle.' Her eyes narrow some, body tensing.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: (unphased*)

Phillip Lark: He snorts. Another shake of his head.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He pulls his Goggles on, connects it to the PDA, walking back into the shop like the goggles were some Fashion Statement.

Ravyn: Slooooooowly, she stands back up, and proceeds to sip her coffee. Watching Thomas and Johan a moment. She stuffs the handkerchief into her coat and murmurs something to herself.

Thomas Judge: He looks at Johan "No pet, sumthing else." He stands up and Balls to monty. He walks over to the homeless girl. "Evenin' pet."

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 9,1,3,

Eugenia Phelps: d10: per+alert: 6,6,10,8,

Eugenia Phelps: Well, she's beginning to notice that something's a little off today. Maybe.

Ravyn: And...nothing happens. She blinks as Thomas comes up to her, eyes hesitant, looking to either side, back to the door, then to him. "Evening."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She blinks. He totally just ditched her table! She tenses, being alone now in a room full of strange people. She takes a deep breath, and starts to stand up as well, grabbing her soup to take along.

Cori Braun: *giggles softly and returns the squeeze, lowering her lashes coquettishly. and heads over to Charles's table for a moemtn* hey, Charles. wanna join my friend and i? if car dude gets backin here, he's welcome to join, too.

Ethan Demian Augustus: A soft chuckle and a nod to Cori as he moves to wait for the drinks.

Ravyn: Another quick murmuring of something under her breath...different language. Her hand is still in her pocket, the other clutching her coffee as she tries to be calm, relaxed. It's almost working.

Thomas Judge: He smiles and gives her that charming cockney grin. "Couldn't 'elp but notice the change an what not, am in a robin mood, would you like me to buy you sum grub pet, nothin' back, robin deed for the new year?" He tilts his head waiting for an answer, trying to put her a bit more at easy. ((Cha & Emp coming up))

Thomas Judge: d10: Cha & Empathy: 6,4,9,5,4,2,

Phillip Lark: Setting the cup of coffee down he stands and moves over so that he looks like he is standing at the girls back. He will get what he wants later, for now time to take Tom down a peg or two.

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 3,10,3,

Charles Knight: "Sure." *he nods and grabs his backpack* "Charles Knight." *offers Ethan his hand to shake*

Thomas Judge -> Ravyn: ((Diff 5 if angelic gaze comes in so 3, only 2 sux if not))

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness, all. *S*))

Cori Braun: d10: : 10,5,4,2,2,7,2,

Eugenia Phelps: d10: per+awareness: 9,7,4,6,

Cori Braun: d10: : 3,

Ethan Demian Augustus: d10: p/aw: 4,7,3,9,

Ravyn -> Thomas Judge: ((Doesn't honestly matter...empathy only does so much. Won't turn someone who perceives you to be an enemy into your friend. *G*))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She saddles up behind Tom, sipping at the soup she's cradling in her hand.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Awareness: 7,6,4,9,5,

Phillip Lark: d10: Awareness: 9,3,7,1,9,9,

Charles Knight: d10: Per+Aware: 10,3,2,4,8,10,

Thomas Judge -> Ravyn: ((No probs, wasn't to sure what she was perceving *s*))

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Awareness: 3,3,4,3,2,

Ravyn: ((1 succ: Something unnatural just happened. 2 succ: Here in the cafe, in the middle, around where Thomas, Johan, and the girl are (and you know it's Prime/Spirit, if you have those Spheres). 3 succ: The girl did it. 4 succ: PM me.))

Lurker: (open?)

Cori Braun: *keeps the damn smile on her face, although it gets very tight as she heads back to the table with Charles. trying to be casual about looking toward Tom and company*

Charles Knight: *Charles freezes momentarily* "Well...that's certainly interesting." *he glances over at the girl appraisingly*

Ravyn: ((Yes, it's open. The cafe across from Battery Park.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: [I'll just assume they came back to him, if that's cool?] "Ethan." Charles gets one of his usual warm smiles, and a light handshake. Mid-handshake though he glances over to where Thomas and the girl are.

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 6,6,6,9,9,

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: [*poke?*]

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Oooooh." She complains behind Tom's back. "Those little weird feelings are getting annoying already. They're everywhere."

Cori Braun: *eyes Charles a moment. quietly* yeah, was.... so, you know Miss Adri, too, huh? heard you and car dude talking about her.

Ravyn: ((Jesus F'in Christ, Matty. Stop takin' the succ from the other folk! :) ))

Alice Newcomb: *Strolls in.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Sorry, sorry!]

Charles Knight: "Yeah, I've met her." *he nods*

Cori Braun: ((eek! and look! Matty's gone Satanic. *G* number of the Beast and all. *chuckles*))

Ravyn -> Matty "Crash" Ross: ((Resonance is highly Entropic. Destructive, corrosive magic. The "Destroy the World" type.))

Alice Newcomb: The girl is thin but athletic looking with a dark tan and wheat blonde hair. Her features are regular... pretty, with an oval face and pale blue eyes. She tends to wear whatever the latest style is, to fit in and of course to look cool. Her clothes are new, all yuppie brand names. A warm coat beats back the winter chill. She looks to be in her teens, at the dangerous height of puberty.

Phillip Lark: Like water off a ducks back no sign of anything that just happened. Oh the hunched shouldered goth looks like he is about to stand up for the girl. "Hey why doncha pick up on someone your own age." said to Tom.

Cori Braun: mm. so've i. worked with her once or twice, too. she's all right. *nods to Charles and settles herself up next to Ethan cheerfully*

Eugenia Phelps: Her eyes widen briefly and she looks around the cafe, a pensive expression on her face.

Alice Newcomb: *Ah, Random Cafe X, best mocha's in town.* She takes a look around as she heads for the counter.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He hands Cori her drink and then picks up his.

Alice Newcomb: d10: alert+per: 7,8,10,8,10,1,2,

Ravyn: The girl narrows her eyes at Thomas, and shakes her head. "No thanks. Got my own ways of feeding myself." She starts to back away from him, slowly, toward the door, which is still a ways away...she's about midway through the cafe.

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 6,1,

Cori Braun: thanks, sweetie. *grins to Ethan and gives Alice a nod as she heads for the counter*

Charles Knight: "I never really got to know her very well, but I should get in touch with her again." *he shrugs, and he makes no secret of the fact that he's watching the girl in particular, and Tom and the guy she came with also*

Ravyn: ((You too, Alice! Frickin' success hog! *S*))

Cori Braun: *nods to Charles* well, i might can help you get up with her if ya want.

Alice Newcomb: (steals a few dice from Matty. Who is where, btw?)

Matty "Crash" Ross: And Matty's PDA goes batshit Tom Cruise loco. He looks up at the girl after checking the data stream and the HUD of his Goggles flashing bright red over the girl. And then he glances to Charles, a slight tilt of the head to whom the PDA is referring to.

Thomas Judge: He looks to Phillip like he just talked crap "I was just bein' nice, don't see you offerin' the poor thing a meal." He watches her go, once more just like yesterday not much he can do here, to public nevermind where they are." He ignores Philip and looks to Johan "Life is never dull" He winks

Alice Newcomb: Not only does she see a couple people she knows, she sees someone watching someone she knows. Oh, she's good. Radar Girl!

Charles Knight: "Has she changed phone numbers? As long as she hasn't, I'll be fine. Um, if you'll excuse me for a moment..." *he heads over to the door, where the girl is heading towards*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty's just at the entrance of the cafe, not blocking it, but people would walk right past him on the way in or out. Thank Ether for snowboarding jackets. Thick enough to hide that he's carrying stuff. Science!

Cori Braun: *nods to Charles* she might've. i'll let her know i ran into ya, though, just in case. *hopefully*

Alice Newcomb: "Cori!" Waves, glad to see another friend has survived.

Charles Knight: *he nods a thanks to Cori, but he's now intent on something else.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles to Alice, then looks back at Charles. He takes a sip of his coffee, free hand absently smoothing over Cori's side.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Mebe." She responds. Her calm eyes slide around the room full of people, and finally settle on Tom and the girl again. She follows behind him quietly, sipping at the bowl of veggie soup that she's cupping in a hand.

Ravyn: As Thomas's focus is away from her, she turns away from them, heading for the door. Sharp eyes scan around, frowning as she sees Matty looking at her from the door and Charles heading toward it.

Phillip Lark: He glares at Tom looking him up and down. Pulls out money from a pocket to cover the coffee, and starts to head out as well. Looks like he is pulling actual cash to give to her. Money for him grows on tree's it seems.

Alice Newcomb: A glance at the girl so many are staring at then looks up at the bulky jacket in front of her. "Hey, you in line?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Emp on Girl: 7,6,5,9,2,

Thomas Judge: He half smirks bent to whispher to Johan

Cori Braun: *smiles to Alice* hey, Al! 'sup? *leans into Ethan's touch, draping her arm over his shoulders*

Matty "Crash" Ross: And now Matty seriously wishes he brought the gun instead of the experimental taser. It seems that in every odd situation he finds himself in, the gun would be a prerequisite for more assured survival, which is, of course, locked in the trunk of his Chevelle, the AI inside of which keeps zapping him periodically via the PDA out of some semblance of concern for what the scanners picked up.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He looks at the girl getting cornered with a little wince, and guides Cori back to their table, and remarkably doesn't seem too interested past that.

Alice Newcomb: Looks at the guy feelin' up Cori. Does she know him?

Ravyn -> Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Scared. She's very wary of Thomas and Johan, and frankly, everyone inside the cafe ((who has a nick)). She's also exceptionally protective of what's in her jacket, in the handkerchief.

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Ravyn: He's looking for the guy. Is he still at the payphone?

Eugenia Phelps: Her gaze follows the girl before falling on the cockney-speaker. Shrugging, she goes back to her salad, but she's still a bit wary about the nearby goings-on.

Alice Newcomb: Looks back at the girl so many seem interested in. "You all right?"

Cori Braun: *heads back to the table cheerfully, giving Alice a little head-jerk to indicate she's welcome there. and settles back down* mmm. for somereason,i keep gettign a sudden visual of cornered rats. *mutters quietly*

Ravyn: The older homeless guy is still at the pay phone near the restroom, obliviously chatting away on it in hushed tones.

Charles Knight: *he just keeps on his path, he intends to get to the door before the girl, though when he passes Crash, he gestures to indicate that Crash should follow him*

Phillip Lark: "" he says to the girl holding out some money to her. "Not like I need it anyway." a shrug of shoulders

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Don't matter to me." She shrugs at Tom. She watches the girl with an amused smile. "But she's scared out of her mind, and like we're a threat to whatev' she has in'r jacket. Cute."

Ravyn: She picks up the pace as she realizes for sure Charles is headed toward the door, jogging toward it now.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He nods to Cori. "Yeah, otherwise non-violent animals fight when corned. Even white fluffy bunnies. I hope they don't bring on something they're expecting by expecting it so hard. She's scared. But she's done nothing to hurt anyone."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He ses Alice, and now that he knows she made it out of the office mission alive, feels a little better, figuring Arlett had as well. His hand goes to his pocket, flicking the taser's charge sequence on. Temptation sets in to check the Ether, see what she's doing, what she is but give away initiative? Wrong! The Spirit Blaster 3001! would also be helpful, perhaps, but of course it still likes to explode when it works, much less when it doesn't, so therefore isn't ready for field testing.

Phillip Lark -> Ravyn: ((Attempting to pick her pockets of the coin.))

Ravyn: Phillip's offer of money is completely ignored.

Cori Braun: *nods, sipping her milk* zactly. *keeps her eyes on the situation, but tries to be casual about it*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Catching Charles's look, he shrugs, turns and follows.

Marty Starling: *The boy shoulders his way into the cafe, head slightly lowered, hands tucked into the pockets of his leather jacket. Too pensive for his age.*

Ravyn: ((Dex+Stealth, Phillip. Per+Alert, all watching the girl (and incidentally Phillip, too, by proxy)))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Alert: 9,8,1,6,4,

Thomas Judge: "Dnagerous stuff can be in coins pet." He says with all seriousness. Eyes on the event unfolding, the jogging, the counter he moves to stand half infront of Johan just in case Something goes down

Alice Newcomb: Move to pass Crash, recognizing him. "Hey." Notes the homeless guy, but makes nothing of it. Lots of those types in this area.

Ravyn: d10: Per+Alert: 4,4,8,2,8,

Cori Braun: d10: : 2,3,4,2,6,5,

Charles Knight: *Charles will pick up the pace too, he'll be damned if he doesn't make it outside before the girl*

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Alert: 8,7,8,9,

Charles Knight: d10: Per+Alert: 9,9,9,2,5,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She moves further behind Tom, peeking out over his shoulder.

Phillip Lark: d10: Dex+Stealth(WP): 7,3,4,4,8,

Marty Starling: d10: per+alert: 4,4,6,6,6,

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 1,3,4,9,9,1,2,

Ravyn -> Thomas Judge: It's subtle, but Thomas sees Phillip's hand slip into the girl's pocket, unnoticed by her, and get the coin.

Alice Newcomb: Blows it all off, everyone is weird these days, and steps up to the counter to order a mocha.

Marty Starling: *He arches an eyebrow, and looks up, all around. Many, many people. He does recognize Tom, and it shows, though his gaze follows to Cori as well.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the alertness!: 8,4,7,2,7,2,

Ravyn -> Marty Starling: Phillip just moved his hand toward the jogging homeless girl's pocket and then withdraw.

Ravyn -> Charles Knight: Phillip just moved his hand toward the jogging homeless girl's pocket and then withdraw.

Ravyn -> Matty "Crash" Ross: Phillip just moved his hand toward the jogging homeless girl's pocket, slip inside and then withdraw.

Cori Braun: *nods at Marty when he looks at her, licking off her milk mustache*

Thomas Judge: Low voice "Crafty lil' bastard." He says watching things unfold, eyes now on Phillp as well as the girl.

Ravyn -> Marty Starling: Sorry, it actually slipped into the pocket. :P

Marty Starling: *His eyes flicker over to Phillip, perhaps momentarily. He just watches, for a moment, and his hands tighten on his pockets. He walks on, towards the counter.*

Ravyn -> Charles Knight: Sorry, it actually slipped into the pocket. :P

Charles Knight: *deal with that later, now to get out of the cafe before the girl does*

Eugenia Phelps: She stretches her legs out under the table, having sort of decided to leave things alone for the time being.

Ravyn -> Phillip Lark: Phillip manages to get the coin. ((Per+Aware, and then a WP roll. *EG*))

Alice Newcomb: Pays for her drink and takes a sip. Waves at Tom but isn't joining the group heading for the door. She moves towards Cori's table. "Hi."

Matty "Crash" Ross: A look at Philip as he follows the girl, back to Charles. What now?

Matty "Crash" Ross: He follows Charles, but clearly watching Philip as he does. This is fun! He looks clearly pleased with himself.

Cori Braun: 'sup, Alice? you doin' OK? *smiles warmly* this's Ethan. Ethan, Alice.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Wha'?" She peeks out over his other shoulder.

Phillip Lark: d10: Per+Awareness: 6,1,5,2,7,3,

Phillip Lark: d10: Willpower: 3,9,10,8,5,10,

Ravyn: d10: WP: 8,1,7,3,5,7,10,

Ethan Demian Augustus: "We met once, briefly." He smiles to Cori. "But thanks." He looks back up to Alice. "Hello again."

Cori Braun: *grins* cool. small world, huh? *eyes flick to the girl and company again*

Thomas Judge: Low still "He nicked her coin." He slowly walks forward to be closer should they leave.

Alice Newcomb: Sticks out her hand to Ethan. "Hi. I'm okay. Been pretty busy with all the stuff going on lately. Glad to see you're still around." and alive!

Ravyn -> Phillip Lark: Phillip feels someone trying to assert their will over him, and literally FORCE HIM OUT of his body. It's an agonizing, horrific experience, as his mind is assaulted with visions that make his time in Hell seem like a pleasure cruise, but he holds on. BARELY.

Marty Starling: *He orders a small coffee, and flings a few crumpled bills at the barrista; his eyes remain on Philip.*

Charles Knight: *hopefully he beats the girl there, when she arrives, he'll speak to her* "You know, that guy over there" *gesturing at Phillip* "picked your pocket."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Yeah. It's good to see you."

Ravyn: ((Sorry, guys, had a lot of PM's to hand out.))

Phillip Lark: Shoulders hunches as he shoves his hands in his pockets, headding off to the bathroom. Pulling his hands back out as he pushes the door open.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He glances back to the guy on the pay phone - as about the entire cafe has the girl now.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She follows along behind, setting her now empty bowl on the girl's old table with a ting.

Marty Starling: Or he put something in there, *he mutters, perhaps looking insane, speaking to himself. He takes the coffee, and walks to an open table, not far from the brief 'action'.*

Alice Newcomb: Pulls up a chair and plops into it, following Ethan's glance. "So what's going on?"

Thomas Judge: He moves behind Phillip heading into the bathroom since he was closer to it anyhow.

Ravyn: Charles makes it to the door before the girl, causing her to skid to a stop. She eyes him warily, and at his words, her eyes shoot back to Phillip with a panicked look, a "Not Again" kind of thing.

Cori Braun: 'm not quite sure....*murmurs to Alice* you got a better clue, Eth?

Ethan Demian Augustus: "We're being natuarally suspiscious of our fellow man, like good New Yorkers." He smiles at her. "You?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She changes vectors along with Tom, following him along faithfully.

Charles Knight: "If you wait here, I'll go get whatever he took back for you, ok?"

Ravyn: The guy on the phone hangs it up, turning around with a smile...which vanishes as he sees the scene around them.

Eugenia Phelps: She looks up from her now finished salad to take in the room again, trying to see who is doing what to whom now.

Alice Newcomb: "Tryin' ta stay out of trouble." If she can! Sometimes it's damned hard.

Alice Newcomb: ((RAV: Vanishes? As in kapoof?!))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty keeps his distance, a good yard or two, and kneels down to untie and retie his shoe, listening in on what Charles has got going.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Cue," he says, very softly, so as to only be heard by Alice and Cori.

Alice Newcomb: ((Rav: nm. Misread that. His smile kapoofs. *c*))

Phillip Lark: Tom can follow him into the bathroom no problems, as he was aherad of tom anyways and would make it there first(I believe?) Once inside the bathroom. No one inside but him he takes a step and will dissapear.

Marty Starling: *He gets up from his table, and his head swivels to the man on the phone. Sip at the too hot coffee.*

Alice Newcomb: Glances around again.

Ravyn: "Shit..." She scowls at seeing Phillip, Thomas, and Johan heading toward the bathroom. A look is shot to the older guy, and he dutifully starts to head to the bathroom. Must have a small bladder, since he was just there before the phone.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 5,3,3,6,7,1,5,

Thomas Judge: ((I though phillip followed the girl to the door and tom was still near the middle of the resturant, that would put tom nearer the bathrooms at the back, hence the following right behind?))

Alice Newcomb: *Feels like she's missing something.*

Charles Knight: *well, she's not letting him handle it, but this isn't something he's letting go. So he heads to the restroom as well*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Well, he thinks to the girl's language, that doesn't sound very happy. He finishes tying his shoe, standing back up.

Cori Braun: *nods slightly to Ethan,giving him a bit of a glance. then frowns, watching the sudden onset of men with bladder control issues. eyes flick from girl to men's room*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He frowns softly. This is quickly becoming maddening.

Alice Newcomb: "Looks like a dog and pony show. Yesterday a guy got shot right outside the cafe."

Cori Braun: way bad stuff, Alice...what happened? *but her eyes remain now on the men's room*

Marty Starling: *He smiles to himself, amused with all of this. He might get a biscotti to munch on during the show these things are putting on for him.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: As Charles starts walking, Matty opens a compartment in his PDA and pulls out a small little quarter-sized contraption that he hands to Charles. Hopefully he'll figure out it's a tracer.

Alice Newcomb: "Cops were arresting someone. Guy had seriously bad vibes too. Then a sniper let loose and blew the arrestees brains all over the sidewalk. It was totally gruesome."

Ravyn: ((The bathrooms are located near the front door in the Battery always how it's played out, anyway. People bumping into each other near the door and the like...Thomas is RIGHT behind Phillip, though, like only a few feet, 'cause the girl didn't get too far before Phillip got the coin.))

Charles Knight: *Charles will take the device, and he's a bright guy, almost certainly will figure out what it's for...sticks it in his pocket. As he walks, he rummages through his backpack*

Ethan Demian Augustus: The frown deepens and he starts toying with one of his hemp bracelets, the one with the jade.

Ravyn: ((Let's pause right now, realy quick. For my reference, where is everyone?))

Cori Braun: yuck. *wrinkles her long nose* wonder what the guy knew to make someone gack himthat way.

Eugenia Phelps: "I wonder what the problem is." She wonders aloud in her beautiful voice.

Thomas Judge: ((Cool, damn you restrooms and ours lol. No problem, hey I know for future now at least! *s*))

Eugenia Phelps: [In a chair at an empty table.]

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She picks a piece of fuzz from her windbreaker sleeve as she follows Tom whereever he goes.

Cori Braun: ((at a table with Alice and Ethan))

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Six feet from the entrance/exit.]

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: [Is -right- behind Tom]

Phillip Lark: Then once inside the restroom with homeless guy and Tom he makes his way to an end sall, keeping a hand over his pockets, no need to let this gem get away. And then once he is in there he will do his side step thing.

Marty Starling: ((At a table near Cori's. Alone.))

Alice Newcomb: "Don't know. Gonna ask Tom about it though. He was there too." Jerks a thumb at the big guy hurrying towards the head.

Thomas Judge: ((Follow a few feet behind Phillip who may have just vansihed from sight?))

Ethan Demian Augustus: [At a table, with Alice and Cori - with a line of sight to both the payhones and the front by the doors.]

Thomas Judge: He calls out before he hits the stall "Well well following, arent we a modern day robin hood, spend like the rich, steal from the poor, gimme the girls damn coin, it ain't yers!" Them blue eyes clouding over, try and take the moral high ground now monkey!

Charles Knight: ((Heading into the bathroom after Phillip))

Thomas Judge: ((Ignore follwoing in said statement))

Ravyn: ((Bathroom situation is this...Phillip has just stepped inside the bathroom, with Thomas and Johan right on his heels. He hasn't vanished yet.))

Ravyn: And Charles is almost to the bathroom door.))

Charles Knight: ((Suggestion: Let's do like last night...anyone who enters the bathroom goes to Open. Saves on confusion.))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: ((*nods* It was a good idea.))

Ravyn: ((And for refrence, the pay phones are right near the bathroom, as they are in most cafes. So the guy is there...the girl is about five feet from Matty, with him between her and the door. Thanks for the pause, guys...unpause.))

Alice Newcomb: Lowers her voice. "Hey, I got a friend who's investigating certain stuff and wants to meet with certain people. Okay if I give him your number Cori? I can vouch for him."

Ravyn: ((Works for me, though it may be short. Off to Open, Pee-ers!))

Ravyn -> Ethan Demian Augustus: ((Oh, shit. *Headdesks* By the way. Ishaq would have, by now, told him Alice Newcomb's description as a Hermetic. Sorry, my bad. :P))

Cori Braun: mmm. *nods slowly to Alice* sure, although tell him i'm Lena, OK? *wry grin* just to be on the safe side.

Ravyn: The homeless guy slips into the bathroom, right behind Charles.

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Ravyn: [*L* NP - we'll assume fr some reason Ethan has been braindead. Maybe too much pot smoking with the Cultists.... *G*]

Eugenia Phelps: Shaking her head at the group of men entering the bathroom, she focuses on the consumption of her juice instead.

Alice Newcomb: "That works. No one's been answering their phone lately, though. I tried to contact people when I got back in town and no one responded. Thought everyone was, you know..." dead.

Marty Starling: *He finishes off his coffee, quickly. Cooled enough. He just watches that bathroom door with focus.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Jailbreak to the bathroom, and Crash figures that was going to happen, having seen some of those people before, and with Charles bailing, it's up to him. Misdirection. He knows it well! Scientology perfects it! Send Tom Cruise out there so that no one notices their hooks getting caught into Oprah. Brilliant!

Cori Braun: mm. some stuff happened. we should talk sometime, Alice. *a small smile* i'm kind of wondering about hanging around, seeing if all those guys come out of there fussin and fightin, or just leaving for greener pastures. cuz it's completely unnatural for a bunch of guys to hit the john all at once.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He sighs softly, and then looks at Alice. "I believe we may have a mutual aquaintance by the name of Ishaq...?" It's the best opening he expects to get, and the code-speak in front of him is getting so old.

Ravyn: The girl watches the bathroom activity closely, though her attention is partially directed toward Matty, wary.

Alice Newcomb: Settles her gaze on Ethan. "Where have we met?" Her memory gets a little hazy sometimes.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "At a lounge, I was with Mikah. You nicknamed him Flame."

Matty "Crash" Ross: For once, he wishes he didn't do the self-destruct on all the tracers. If Alice still had it, he could very easily just give her a little shock, get her attention without being too obvious. Instead, he's left with looking lost, or fiddling with the PDA as if what he was doing were Really Really Important.

Alice Newcomb: *Snaps her fingers. That's where she heard the name!* "Oh! Yeah. I know him."

Alice Newcomb: "Cutter!"

Ethan Demian Augustus: He frowns, just a little. "Mikah or Ishaq?"

Cori Braun: *looks between Eth and Al carefully* hmmmm....

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles as she seems to start to really remember. "Yes, that was what you determined you were going to call me."

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness))

Alice Newcomb: "You, in my head. Nevermind. I often fail to make a lot of sense to other people. Both actually, although Ish better than Mikah."

Ethan Demian Augustus: d10: p/aw: 6,7,1,2,

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 5,7,6,9,6,8,10,6,

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 5,

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 7,2,9,5,10,

Cori Braun: d10: : 3,6,5,3,7,8,

Eugenia Phelps: d10: per+awareness: 9,8,10,3,

Ravyn: ((1 succ: Magic. 2 succ: in the stall. 3 succ: Phillip. 4 succ and a mage: PM and give a WP roll.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: [Look you two, you need to stop sleeping with the dice-bot. You dunno where it's been.]

Ravyn: ((stall = bathroom, Phillip = in a specific spot in the bathroom. :P))

Marty Starling: d10: per+aware: 8,5,7,7,

Alice Newcomb: d10: wp: 4,1,2,6,2,9,

Ethan Demian Augustus: He shivers a little and then nods. "Ishaq suggested we hook up sometime. Gave me your number, but I've been busy."

Alice Newcomb: ((Peeeets the dice bot. I know where it's been. It's been with Alice! *L*))

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: Alice is assaulted by malign screams in her mind, as if the underworld itself has just opened up to her, and has a direct link to her mind.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: (7 sux!)

Matty "Crash" Ross: A new data stream appears in Matty's HUD, nearly obfuscating the screen until he pushes it off to a corner. This is not going to be very happy. A buzzing in his ear, as if he needed to be warned further.

Cori Braun: *looks sharply toward the bathroom, frowning*

Eugenia Phelps: Her gaze snaps to the bathroom and she frowns a little, moving slowly to stand and inch toward the men's bathroom.

Matty "Crash" Ross: [I am so set up for the biggest botch. It will be when I'm doing magick.]

Marty Starling: *He sits up a bit more, curious. And he starts to tap his fingertips on the edge of the table.*

Alice Newcomb: Clutches her hair at the temples suddenly and SCREAMS shrilly, falling right out of her chair to roll on the floor, eyes rolling wildly!

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: The magic is also HIGHLY TAINTED. Almost Nephandic level.))

Cori Braun: *blinks at Alice and rises, nearly stumbling inher haste to get to the girl* Alice, sweetie, what's wrong?

Ravyn: d10: Per+Aware: 10,10,4,6,5,6,10,

Ravyn: d10: Specialty: 6,4,3,

Ravyn: The girl looks toward the bathroom, and actually...grins.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He watches the others begin their movements toward the bathroom. Stays put, simply keeping track of the girl, but playing around with the PDA.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Fuck!" He slips out of his chair and onto the floor beside Alice, flipping out his phone.

Eugenia Phelps: The scream gets her attention and she's frowning deeply, heading over to offer what assistance she can. For the moment, the mysteries of the men's bathroom are forgotten.

Marty Starling: *He doesn't stop watching the bathroom door. Others will tend to the girl. He rises from the table, taking a careful step towards careful step.*

Alice Newcomb: The girl is having kiniptions. "NO! NO! NO!" Her eyes glazed and wild, wide with some unseen torment.

Ravyn: She chuckles nastily and moves toward the door. Her work is done. If Matty doesn't stop her, she'll walk right by him.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Oh, snap! Matty rings up the Shocker button for Charles. Presses it once, quick, and then pushes that window aside. He doesn't say anything, doesn't try to make any motion to do anything. Just keeps track of what's going on.

Marty Starling: *He looks to the girl, and moves towards the bathroom door.* Excuse me, *he says, sounding rather curt, really.* I was next.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He brings the Shocker button up again. Presses it harder and longer as he moves toward the door.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "If I help you, can you get her up?" He asks Cori. "We should likely get her out of here. You know how she hates ambulances. We can take her ourselves."

Alice Newcomb: She tears out a handful of her own hair, clawing at something unseen. She's completely unresponsive to those around her.

Eugenia Phelps: "Do you need help?" She inquires of the friends of the freaking woman.

Ravyn: ((Is Matty trying to stop her?))

Alice Newcomb: Shaking violently she screams again. "YAVAH!"

Ravyn: ((Marty, you maaaaaaaay wanna move to the Open room. *EG* ))

Marty Starling: *He shoves open the door without hesitation, then, and slips into the bathroom.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Yes, Matty's getting in front of her.]

Cori Braun: *attempts to grab Alice's wrist* Alice. calm down. Alice, calm down. *repeating that like a mantra. almost a chant, actually*

Ravyn: As Marty shoves the door open, howling screams emerge from the bathroom.

Cori Braun: d10: Life: 6,7,2,

Alice Newcomb: She screws her eyes shut, curling into an even tighter ball, completely unaware of Cori.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He connects something to his PDA from his jacket, pressing two quick buttons.

Ravyn: The girl tries to shove Matty aside. "Outa my way."

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl: 9,1,2,9,

Cori Braun -> Ravyn: ((that was a check to see if she can figure out what the hell is wrong with Alice.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: He looks up at Eugenia with a stressed, but still grateful smile. "I think we'll be alright. Thank you."

Alice Newcomb: She's breathing rapidly, well on her way to hyperventillation.

Ravyn -> Cori Braun: ((Nothing physically wrong with her.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty tries not to get pushed!

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: don&#;t get pushed!: 10,4,7,

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: [Connected the taser to the PDA, which is attached wirelessly to the Goggles. The idea is that he gets a little crosshair to aim assist. Int+Fire to drop the firing difficulty, perhaps?]

Cori Braun: *reaches up for the rest of her water off the table. and tries pouring it onto Alice's face, ice and all, to shock her out of it*

Eugenia Phelps: She nods and steps back. "All right." She does still remain looking concerned.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: After the initial shocked of having her mind dragged into hell, she tries to get her wits about her. Have a look around. (what should I roll?)

Ravyn -> Matty "Crash" Ross: ((Only if you're taking time to aim, which takes a turn. Otherwise, Dex+FA))

Brigitte Clara Deleon -> Ravyn: (would you be offended if I added to the population of this clusterfuck?)

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((WP. With that many succ on Awareness, I'm going with diff 8))

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Yes, taking one turn to aim.]

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((And is ice water in the face going to have any affect at all?))

Alice Newcomb: d10: wp: 7,6,8,8,4,7,

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: Int+Fire: 9,2,10,3,6,2,3,

Ravyn -> Brigitte Clara Deleon: ((Sure.))

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: She's trying to get details on her surroundings. Figure out where the hell she is.

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: [Creative Int specialty count on this one?]

Ravyn: ((Sorry, Matty, the info I gave you was incorrect. Every turn spent aiming gives you a bonus die. Somehow, I managed to misread that.))

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: [Damnation! =P That was a good roll, too! I know I'm going to run out of luck, soon, haha]

Brigitte Clara Deleon: The young girl slips into the place. Ho hum.. we go fetching latte's.. She rubs the small of her back with a delicate hand, thinking about how she'll never be able to walk straight if she keeps meeting up with William. A smirk runs across her face as she makes a slow meander toward the counter.

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Ravyn: [Upcoming is an attempt to use Mind to calm her. (Empathic Projection - tracing the required symbols and incantations on her palm as e's speaking). I'm hazy on what's happening to her, so I don't know my target difficulty.]

Ravyn: ((PLEASE only PM me with very relevant info right now. Running two complex scenes.))

Cori Braun: ((and, i need to go to bed.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: He takes one of Alice's hands, tracing gently over her palm. "Easy, easy, there's nothing here to hurt you. Easy...."

Ravyn: ((Ethan: It's coincidential Mind 2, always same diff, 5. Alice: She's able to get details on her surroundings.))

Eugenia Phelps: She finds her seat again and takes up her juice once more, looking just a tad bit lost at present.

Ethan Demian Augustus: d10: Arete (WP): 4,8,6,

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((Sorry, to clarify: she gets details on her local surroundings, or her surroundings in Hell? If nothing swoops down to scoop out her brains, she's looking for the magic door back to the malt shop next.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She rubs tired eyes, having just woken up. Leaning with a preen against the counter, she speaks sweetly to the man on the other side. "Vanilla Latte, love. Small." (slap me if you need a DD)

Cori Braun: let's get her out of her, ya think, Ethan? *frowning, stroking the girl's hair off her face gently*

Matty "Crash" Ross: "You said a bad word!" he says to the girl. Stall, stall...

Alice Newcomb: The water hits her face, and she goes suddenly limp, almost comatose, eyes still open.

Ravyn: ((Her surroundings here, Alice. And to clarify, it was the Underworld, land of the dead, Shadowlands, whatever. Not Hell.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I think so, yes." He nods to Cori, with an anxious little glance around.

Ravyn: The girl tries to shove by again.

Ravyn: ((Brigette, the door is currently blocked by Matty & a homeless girl jostling for position. Brigette recognizes the homeless girl from before with the coin.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: per+alert: 7,1,3,9,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl: 8,3,3,8,

Alice Newcomb: ((Gotcha, thanks!)) *Blinks slowly, eyes gradually focusing on ... "Cori?"

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (she's not going to the bathroom. just looking in that direction)

Marty Starling: *And he's shoved out. Stupid adults not letting kids see the truth. He looks frustrated.*

Cori Braun: Alice, sweetie.come on, allright? we should try and get out of here. if we can. the door's blocked. you all right, sweet pea? *attempts to see if she can sit up. carefully*

Ravyn: ((The front door, Brigette.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: push not!: 4,2,6,

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Damn.]

Alice Newcomb: Grips Cori's arm tighly, pulling herself up to a sitting position. "Something pulled me..." And then she shuts up. Public. She's in public. Glances up at Ethan, then nods at Cori. "I think I'm all right."

Ravyn: The girl pushes by Matty, and pushes out the door.

Ravyn: ((No, you're not all right, Alice, you still have a direct link to the Underworld.))

Ravyn: ((You can function, but you're not all right.))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "For yo'wn good!" She heads back into the washroom again after throwing him out.

Alice Newcomb: Apparently there are some very relevant disadvantages to being a human radar, she's suddenly discovered.

Alice Newcomb: ((Oh, DLP!))

Cori Braun: c'mon, sweetie. let's get out of here. think the door's not blocked no more now. *frowning*

Alice Newcomb: ((To the post before last.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Good," he says softly. "We still might consider leaving here soon. If you want to take her Cori, it being your car, I can wait for Charles and call you once I've caught up to him. That way he won't wonder where you've gone."

Alice Newcomb: Staggers to her feet, still clutching Cori. "I'm not sure where I am," she whispers.

Eugenia Phelps: She looks over and sees the teenager shoved out of the bathroom. She tsks lightly and shrugs. "Just your luck, huh?"

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigittie stands outside, leaning patiently agaisnst the silver BMW. She waits for the mad rush at the door to calm itself. Can't break a nail now can we? Not for a latte. Hmm.. may as well stick around. Nothing better to do.

Cori Braun: *nods* sounds good, Ethan. *almost sure about the guy. almost* lemme get you my number, ai'ight? *touches Alice's forehead again, gently* here, help her stay upright and i'll grab something to jot it down for ya.

Marty Starling: *He scowls, and storms back to the table. He looks frustrated. His head swivels to Alice, and he watches her for a moment.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Damn! She gets by him and Matty's just about had it with people pushing him. But there are laws, and zapping her breaks them. Wait. He blows stuff up for fun! Why worry about laws? End of the world stuff! Science! With a capital letter!

Crash draws the taser, and the first opportunity he gets, he moves to aim.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "You gave it to me. The night we met. With Weiss." He smiles gently. "I'm just horrible with calling people."

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes roll wildly as she looks around.

Ravyn: Everyone who had a link with the Underworld has it cut suddenly, leaving only massive emotional scars behind in their wake.

Ravyn: ((You've been posting aiming for a while now, Matty. If you don't shoot NOW, you don't get to.))

Ravyn: (('cause she's walking out the door, and all. *G*))

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: Firing! (WP): 5,3,7,8,3,3,

Alice Newcomb: She jerks suddenly as her senses whirl, collapsing to her knees, one hand going to her head, the other still clutching at Cori.

Ravyn: ((7 dice bashing))

Cori Braun: *winces and tries to catch the girl* it'sok, honey. we're leaving. now. *leans to murmur her number to Ethan. hopefully he'll remember it--can't write it down while holding up Alice*

Marty Starling: *He breathes a deep sigh, and he shakes his head. Confused. Weird cafe. Maybe things are like this every day. He looks up to the ceiling. And back to Alice. He mutters something under his breath, and walks out of the cafe.*

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: damage: 4,9,9,6,5,3,4,

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 2,3,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitts leans smugly watching the people filtering out of the hubbub, looking for familiar faces.

Ravyn: And down the girl goes, midway out the door, as the taser zaps her into unconsciousness.

Ravyn: ((Cori, you can go if you need to. Cori can just stay with Ethan and Alice.))

Alice Newcomb: She drags herself back to her feet, looking wildly around. Was she attacked? Is she crazy? Did she just slip into another world? What?

Cori Braun: ((*nods* thanks, Rav. *wry grin* i was supposed to be offlien 20 minutes ago--but i didn't want to just poof in the middle of a scene! *hugs all around* this was fun, folks! thank you! and Cori will stick to Alice like glue unless the girl tells her to go away. and will attempt to take her to Haven.))

Alice Newcomb: ((Night Cori! *Hugs* Alice's hero!))

Alice Newcomb: ((Yay Haven! Alice will eventually go off with her there. I'll catch you up next time I see you online.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Whoo! This isn't going to last. Matty rings up the PDA. Zap-zap-zap-zap. Dammit, Charles, get going. He looks around. And starts to pull her toward the Chevelle, which is parked along the curb.

Marty Starling: *He heads on home, himself. He has research to do.*

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She quirks a brow at the dropped female, eyes trailing Matty with a curious grin.

Alice Newcomb: Standing there still in the wake of a mental ravaging, she starts to get...angry.

Ravyn: The girl doesn't fight back. Being unconscious, and all...

Alice Newcomb: In a low voice she hisses to Ethan and Cori. "Who did it? Did you feel it?"

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She gives a soft laugh watching Matty non discreetly haul the body. "Need some help, love?"

Eugenia Phelps: She blinks at the falling female and stands, heading over to see what the deal is. "Um..why are you dragging an unconscious woman to your vehicle?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Because, er," he says. "She's evil?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: He shakes his head to Alice, whispering.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He nods to Brigitte. "I could use some help, yes!" And pushing a button on the PDA, the passenger side door opens on the Chevelle.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte looks down to the body with a frown, then back to Matty. "I know this person. What business do you have with them?"

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte goes about helping Matty tug the woman into the car. Best to get her off the street at least

Matty "Crash" Ross: He stops, looks up. Suddenly very, vey cautious. "How do you know her?"

Eugenia Phelps: "Evil's really a subjective matter, isn't it?" She doesn't seem to care for the whole thing.

Alice Newcomb: Rolls her lips and nods to Ethan, then digs a prism out of her pocket, and stares into the divided images a moment before closing her eyes. She is so gonna kick someone's ass.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte puts a delicate finger to pretty lips, making a Shhhhh sound to Matty and letting loose a coy grin. "Not here, love. Someplace discreet. Private."

Matty "Crash" Ross: And a brief, nervous laugh to Eugenia. "Long debates have been made over defining evil!" and he gets the girl into the backseat of the car, by way of pulling back the passenger seat to do so.

Eugenia Phelps: "But, really, how do you think it looks to someone like me to see you pulling an unconscious woman into your car? It looks slightly shady." She is being logical.

Alice Newcomb: Opens her eyes slowly and takes her mug off the table, slogging down some caffeine, as she gathers herself for a minor effect that is complex by her standards, joining different arts.

Ravyn: The girl falls into the backseat of the car with a thud, moaning a little.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He continues to speak softly to Alice.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She gives an innocent smlie to Eugenia "Officer, our friend had a bit too much to drink. We'll get her home now, if you please." She winks to the woman and looks back to Matty. "Hurry, love. I have a place."

Alice Newcomb: The prism is dropped into her pocket again, her eyes falling to the faux diamond ring and it's many facets.

Charles Knight: *he exits the bathroom and looks around for Matty...or anyone else he knows, for that matter*

Alice Newcomb: She is way too pissed to pay attention to Ethan's good advice, as she fires off the effect. She wants blood! (wp)

Ethan Demian Augustus: He waves to Charles, looking relieved the man is still moving.

Alice Newcomb: d10: arete: 2,

Charles Knight: *he heads over to Ethan* "You seen where Crash went? Crazy kinda guy I was sitting with for a while?"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: She's attempting to identify/locate her attacker, with a broad spectrum scan of prime, corro, entropy and mind.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty hits the shocker tracer on his PDA once more, moving around to the driver's side door of the Chevelle.

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness, all))

Alice Newcomb: Standing between Ethan and Cori (player in absentia) the girl appears to be concentrating. She pays little mind to the approach of Charles.

Eugenia Phelps: She just shakes her head and holds her hands up. "I tried." She mutters.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte attempts to slip into the passenger side without asking.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: per+aware: 1,7,9,10,

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: Her attacker is in the lands of the dead, moving away at HIGH Speed. You see her revelatoiry form, Sotitereal's. ((Make a WP roll.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: He blinks and then nods his head to the door. "Crazy might be an understatement. You may want to try talking some sense into him."

Charles Knight: d10: Per+Aware: 2,1,7,2,8,7,

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 3,10,9,8,6,

Eugenia Phelps: d10: per+awareness: 3,9,7,5,

Charles Knight: "I'll do so. I'll bet that I see you again sometime...but now, I'm going to try to find him." *gives a wave, and heads out of the cafe towards where he saw Crash park...he'll have to go there eventually*

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 8,4,8,8,7,7,

Alice Newcomb: ((Cuddles the dicebot. It luvs me!))

Ravyn: ((1 succ: Magic. 2: in the cafe, around Ethan/Alice, and Mages sense prime, corro, entropy and mind, if they have them. 3: alice did it. 4 and a mage: PM alice for Resonance.))

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((It's her High-Torment form...she's horrified, but still able to act.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty looks at her. "Who are you?"

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte shakes her head, closing her door with a sly grin to Matty. "We mustn't dawddle, love or she'll be awake by the time we get there.. Come now. Drive." She preens "I'll explain in transit."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Alright. I'll call you." He gives Alice a slightly annoyed look, but she's mobile and Charles is alive. And Ethann intends to vanish before the police come onscene.

Eugenia Phelps: Why must people keep doing strange things? She rubs her temples and looks up at the sky. Looks like the rain has stopped for now.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Dammit, Charles, where are you? He looks out, sees Charles leaving the cafe, and calls out. "Follow us!"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: Stands there, looking entranced, then gasps sharply.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She smiles softly to Matty "You can let him in if it'll make you drive any faster."

Alice Newcomb: Stands there, looking entranced, then gasps sharply.

Charles Knight: *he runs* "Hold up there!"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: (can she give chase through the deadlands?)

Matty "Crash" Ross: With that, he gets behind the wheel. Looks to Brigitte. No choice but to... well, not trust her, but no time to deal with two right now. He gets the car started. "Kelly!" he says, the AI on the center monitor inset on the dash. "Check traffic and plot us a course for the Crash Course!"

This is a mistake. He waits for Charles. "You'll have to slide over," he says to Brigitte. "Since she's got the back seat!"

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((With Sphere levels at 1, she can only do sensory Magic. She'd need much higher to enter the Shadowlands.))

Charles Knight: "Give me an address, I'll meet you there."

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Just get in!"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((kk, wasn't sure if the demon had left the door open.))

Charles Knight: "No way I'm leaving my car here."

Ravyn: ((Those in the car, Per+Alert))

Alice Newcomb: Blinks and looks around. "Where'd everyone go?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the alertness!: 3,3,6,5,9,7,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte slides over with a soft smile to Charles. "Hey there."

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: per+alert: 8,8,3,3,

Alice Newcomb: Then to Cori and Ethan. "Let's get out of here."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "They left. Like I'm doing. I'll call you. Take care." He slips toward the door.

Ravyn: Brigette notices signs of movement from the back. Matty sees the woman's hand starting to move, and hears her starting to mutter something.

Alice Newcomb: Heads for the door on Ethan's heels.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte blinks back to the woman, then to Matty "Do you have means of sedating her a bit.. er.. better, love? The poor things' starting to get ideas I think."

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty tosses Charles his PDA. "Follow my tracer on GPS, gotta go, Satan's waking up!"

He pulls his taser out of his pocket, and hands it to Brigitte. "Watch her; shock her again if she comes to...!"

With that, he pulls a lever by his left foot, closing both doors at once, and with the car on, gets a-steppin'. It is a very good thing that he stayed Downtown, where the Crash Course is. It shouldn't be too far.

Charles Knight: "Oh, fuck. Kidnapping too? Well, business as usual in New York." *he rolls his eyes, but deep down, he's glad to be back in this city, with it's psychotic pace* "Just go, I'll follow in my delorean." *which happens to be parked about three spaces down*

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She grins, handling the taser. Oooooo.. give the sociopath a weapon.. she likes this guy. She smirks to the body, squinting. Oo! Was that movement? She goes to zap the woman.

Alice Newcomb: Storms out the door, anger and horror still fresh upon her.

Charles Knight: *and he jumps into his Delorean, and follows Crash* ((where to?))

Ravyn: ((Init, Brigette))

Ethan Demian Augustus: He looks back at Alice, who finally seems to have the right idea. And, with only a slight frown, takes off with her and Cori.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 3,

Ravyn: d10: Init plus five: 1,

Ravyn: ((Dex+Firearms. She's still muttering and moving her hand all funny.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (9)

Alice Newcomb: Takes a careful look around outside, although she figures her attacker is long gone from reach.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: dex+fa: 3,8,3,5,

Ravyn: ((5 dice damage))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 4,6,4,5,7,

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 8,2,

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 6,8,10,3,9,4,9,

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 1,

Alice Newcomb: Radar girl is decided fired up.

Eugenia Phelps: She peers at Alice for a moment now that she's all..not insane.

Ravyn: She gets zotted, but still is conscious, and thus trying to magic away. ((1 Quint to make diff 7, 1 WP to effect.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: [And, off to Haven. *poofs to there*]

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 3,9,2,

Matty "Crash" Ross: Zooom! Getting traffic data, Matty follows directions as giving, speaking appropriate curses to his AI who gives him a hard time about his driving, hoping that Brigitte doesn't shock him or anything.

...and the gun's still in the trunk. Dammit! He's getting a shoulder holster tomorrow. That thing's not going to leave his hip. Or side. Or whatever.

Alice Newcomb: ((*L* @ Eugenia))

Alice Newcomb: And unless something looks untoward, she heads for her red Mustang with Cori.

Ravyn: She doesn't quite get herself away YET, so she's still trying to go.

Alice Newcomb: ((Poofs to Haven, unless someone says wait.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She giggles and gives her another zap. "I'ma have to get one of these."

Ravyn: ((You car-bound peeps, Brig and Matty, can roll Per+Aware for the building effect))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: per+aware: 5,5,7,10,

Alice Newcomb: ((Where the hell is Haven anyway? *L* What room?))

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 3,2,5,9,2,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (and for refrence, brig will give her a zap once a round trying to put her back down)

Ravyn: ((Midtown-->Haven Chantry))

Eugenia Phelps: Well, now all of the interesting people are going. She decides to head back inside to fetch her umbrella. She should get going soon if she plans on sleeping at home tonight.

Ravyn: Yep, she's trying to do magic.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: dex+fa (wp): 7,6,2,9,

Ravyn: ((Dex+FA again, unless it's one of those kind with the extendable prongs, in which case, 5 dice bashing again))

Matty "Crash" Ross: First chance he gets, Matty pulls over, bringing his Goggles down and planning to turn and counter her magick as best he can.

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Yes, extendable prongs.]

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 6,10,5,3,3,

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 7,4,

Charles Knight: *and Charles is following in his car...dammit, he needs to get phone numbers*

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 4,3,8,

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: [Do I get a counter roll now?]

Ravyn: ((Gotta close and restart browsers, one sec.))

Charles Knight -> Ravyn: ((Did Michelle give Charles her new cell number? I don't recall))

Eugenia Phelps: Umbrella fetched, she heads for the train station via the subway. She needs to get a car one of these days.

Ravyn: ((Matty, this is all happening within 2 combat turns, or 6 seconds. You won't be able to pull over and then counter that quickly. Yes, Charles, she did.))

Charles Knight: *Charles is dialing Michelle's number, sticking his cellphone on speaker while he follows Crash* "Pick up...come on..."

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte gives a frustrated sigh, with another zap. "Danmit.. your zapper is faulty, i think."

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 6,4,8,3,3,

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 3,7,

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 8,3,9,

Ravyn: And though that last one threatens to send her into unconsciousness, she manages to get her effect off, and disappears, her body swallow by a sudden, hideous shadow.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte squints to the backseat and sticks her hand in the shadow. Maybe she's a fiend.. and can be followed..

Charles Knight: *being careful not to take his eyes off the road* "Come on, pick up..." *as his phone rings*

Ravyn -> Charles Knight: "Hello?"

Ravyn: Brigette finds the shadow already receding, though she manages to touch it. ((WP, and Conviction if less then 2 succ))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: wp: 6,8,7,3,7,

Ravyn -> Brigitte Clara Deleon: ((It feels...HIGHLY corrupt. Like, Earthbound-level stuff.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She gives a pained squint, jerking her hand back and sitting back in her seat with a sigh to the front window. "Danmit. Damnit damnit damnit."

Charles Knight: "Michelle! Umm, any shot of me getting into Haven tonight? Some shit hit the fan, and quite literally, all hell broke loose. Took everything I had to try to fix things...oh, and I found someone who's almost as newly arrived in town as me, one of mine in fact...umm...I'm rambling a bit now, aren't I?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: "What, what happened?" he says, glancing in the rear-view mirror.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She purses her lips, tossing his taser to the floorboard. "She's gone. Some kind of.. portal maker.. or something." She shakes her head.

Ravyn -> Charles Knight: "Shit...yeah. Yeah, that's fine, I've got your ID card made already."

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Grrr. Okay, I've tried to hold off as long as I can, wasn't expecting a long ST'd scene, but now I have to go for a bit. People waiting on me.]

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (that's cool. if you want we can finish up brig and matty's bit later.)

Charles Knight: "Great, I can explain what happened better later, when I'm not following my psychotic friend to his place to figure out what happened. Should I just show up there and I'll be let in, or should I drop by your place to pick up the card or something?"

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (Oo! And charles. wasn't sure if he was still following or no)

Ravyn -> Charles Knight: "Just show up, I'll be waiting outside to let you in."

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Okay, when I get back - won't be too long, I'll let you know, both, if Charles is still rolling with us?]

Charles Knight: ((well, when Charles get's to Crash's, he'll return the tracer, exchange phone numbers, and arrange to meet him later. Charles has business to attend to.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (*nods* that sounds good. i'll be on for a bit tonight. esp when dark gets in)

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Okay cool -gotta go!]

Charles Knight: ((Charles will meet Matty by himself sometime, either later tonight or tomorrow, ok? I don't want to be paused *G*))

Charles Knight: ((see ya!)) *after Charles finishes what he was doing at Crash's, he's heading to Haven* ((Rav, shall we head to Haven then? Don't know how long this will be.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (heh. i understand. i'ma poof too. *hugs* thanks for funness rav!)

Ravyn: ((Thanks, guys. Charles, I know you don't wanna be paused, but my brain's starting to leak on me...can we assume that Charles gets his ID card and is let in, he explains, and so on? Maybe we can take to ICQ to summarize?))