Blind: ((Everyone here good, then lets begin,)) The cab pulls up and stops allowing it's passengers to dissenbark.

Daniel Young: (Adjusts his keyboard for maximum comfort level)

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko's doing her thing at home, making sure everything is neat and tidy for her guests*

Thomas Judge: Tom leads the two 'charges' up to Kekios apartment "Alight pets, lets keep it clean." A smirk on his face

Sally Baldwin: *She gives him that ~look~, but doesn't say anything*

Thomas Judge: He is wearing his long leather jacket, the Superman hoody on under that, it is fucking freezing outside, and he hates the cold. He knocks on Keikos door

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She makes a face at Tom's back, but is otherwise quiet.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she's ready for the knock, and is very quickly up and at the door to allow everyone in*

Thomas Judge: He steps in and takes off his shoes then steps aside to let the 'kids' in. First knows he sometimes feels like a big brother, so much so.

Sally Baldwin: (( DD is on my other comp, which is ~somewhere~ in the mess of things left to unpack, so y'all are stuck with the pic *s* ))

Daniel Young: Thirty degrees, feels like a nice spring New York day Daniel thinks as he steps out of his car and heads towards the apartment. He's wearing the same clothes as yesterday, a dark gray hooded sweatshirt, a dark blue stocking cap jeans and some work boots. He makes his way up to Keiko's door and gives it a couple of knocks.

Keiko Moroboshi: "Hello. Please make yourselves comfortable. Would anyone like something to drink?"

Thomas Judge: He stays standing, and looks to Keiko "A beer would be nice pet."

Sally Baldwin: No, thank you. You have a lovely home. *She does have some manners, after all... Her shoes are removed, placed neatly next to Tom's*

Keiko Moroboshi: *she nods, and looks to Johan and Sally to see if they want anything*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She isn't -that- young. She just acts a little immature sometimes. She's just graduated from highschool, and is around 18 to 19 years old. Black lipstick, black nail polish, dyed black hair, and a red striped shirt. She's wearing short shorts and heavy boots, and her legs are frozen white from the cold. She kicks off her boots quickly and slides her legs under the blanket heater thing in a fast blur. "I'm good! Nuthin' for me, thanks."

Daniel Young: Knocks again after a couple of minutes pass.

Keiko Moroboshi: *well, Daniel happens to knock while Keiko is in the kitchen getting Tom his beer, either he'll wait or else someone else will answer*

Thomas Judge: Tom walks over to the door and opens it "alright aquire."

Thomas Judge: ((aquire=squire))

Daniel Young: Gives Tom a nod and walks in. He only takes a few steps inside, enough for Tom to close the door and come inside himself. Daniel looks around at the others noting only the one is unfamiliar to him. "Where's the French speaking woman?"

Sally Baldwin: I think he wants to be James Bond. *Grinning at Susy as she slides under the blanket on the side to her left* Oh wow. This is nice.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she comes out and heads to the door to give Tom his beer, then looks at Daniel* "Would you like something to drink?"

Thomas Judge: He shrugs "It ain't french, it Enochian."

Daniel Young: Shakes his head to Keiko "I had two shots already to get my blood flowing, I think I'll wait til later for celebratory drinks"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "I know! I luv it." She smiles back, happy that everyone is getting together in one room.

Daniel Young: Brow quirks at Tom's declaration, striking another familiar cord within him. His gaze returns to Sally. "Nice to meet you, I'm Daniel"

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko nods and then heads to the kotatsu herself. She looks to Sally* "And you must be Sally? I am Keiko."

Thomas Judge: He thanks Keiko and takes the beer "Alright folks, lets get this show rolling, this here is Keiko, my second and also 2nd house." He pats Keiko on the shoulder, he points to Sally "Thats Sally, 7th house, and then we have Johan" He winks at her "2nd house." He then looks to Daniel "And Circle, this is Daniel, 5th house an rather new to it all."

Daniel Young: Smirks a bit "Well, technically I don't think any of us are new to any of this, you're going to have to explain this house stuff to me sometime Tom." Then he gives a little bow to them "Nice to meet you Circle"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan glances around, trying to remember faces.

Sally Baldwin: *She offers a hand, and a polite smile* Nice to meet you, Keiko.

Thomas Judge: "It is 'ow far from the Word you were created gov, which generation of Angel you belong to, yer house as such."

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko will shake Sally's hand* "Likewise." *she nods, and she will focus on Tom, he's in charge, after all*

Daniel Young: "So we all planning to take one car?" Looks around "All these -" Stops himself "Yes, one car?"

Thomas Judge: "First an formost, we discuss wats already 'appened, an get ever one up to speed then wqe can talk about 'ow we get there." HE sips his beer

Thomas Judge: ((Right...*brings out the spell checker*))

Daniel Young: Takes a seat on the floor not far from the door and waits for Tom to get everyone up to speed.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Dark eyes glance toward Daniel. He's organizing us already. There is no doubt that he is the soldier I remember. She looks then to Tom, And the General is insisting on plans before the action begins. She quietly sinks further under the warm blanket.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko is silent, calm. She waits for Tom to continue.*

Thomas Judge: "The night Keiko met Johan, there was sumthin' goin' down, a man went into a cafe an Keiko caught it first, he 'ad a dark aura about 'im, tickled the senses, me an Daniel left to follow, an Daniel revealed 'imself to be a cop. Well he was all for gettin' his ass arrested when a shooter shot 'im through he head. We chased after the man but he got away in a car. All the while this bad sense hung in the air. Daniel took the lap top down to the station an now we 'ave a few addresses, since we 'ave no idea to the nature of this I thought it prudent to bring us all together, a) Because you all needed to meet yer allies, B) We need a group outtin' to see 'ow we all work on the field, C) We all 'ave different areas of speciality, considerin' we 'ave no idea wat where tryin' to find or goin' up against it would be wise to bring in the crew as one of you might"

Thomas Judge: ((Change a few address' to one address.)) "Also it gives everyone a chance to get to know everybody else." He smiles

Daniel Young: He smiles and looks at the others "I get to go because I'm the one with the address"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She grins at Daniel.

Thomas Judge: He also grins at that and takes another swig of his beer, looking about the room with quite a bit of pride.

Sally Baldwin: So, generally, we have no earthly notion of what we're doing.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She glances at Sally, appraising. That one was an energy vortex.

Daniel Young: Looks to Tom questioningly. "I thought I was the only one that didn't know what I was doing, we're all going in blind?"

Thomas Judge: "Nope we don't, but I personally like comin' up with a plan on the fly."

Thomas Judge: "No yer the only one that don't know wat you are." A small shake "I 'ave no idea wat the guy was doin' or who shot 'im but am goinna find out."

Daniel Young: Chuckles a bit at that, "What say I take point, knock on the door and say hello?"

Sally Baldwin: Plans on the fly. Isn't that what got our asses sent to hell last time?

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She resists the impulse to hang her head. So much for a plan.

Keiko Moroboshi: "No. What 'got our asses sent to hell' was disunity and a bit of hubris."

Thomas Judge: "No plan, we 'ave the stinking address, we get there, check out the place from the outside, see if we can sense anthing, see the area it is in, wat cars are out side and such like, no plan...U 'ave lots of fuckin' plans."

Sally Baldwin: *She looks over to Keiko, eyes taking her in before nodding once*

Keiko Moroboshi: *She is being soft-spoken, and is completely silent again once she has said her piece*

Daniel Young: "Well if everything looks rather normal outside, we could do it one of two ways if the upfront approach is what we're thinking and not sneaking in the back door and whacking a bunch of people... I could knock, say Hi, I was supposed to deliver this laptop to you, where's my reward... or I could say Hello, I'm Detective John Doe flash the badge and say this laptop was found on the body of some guy and I'm conducting and investigation I'd like to ask ya a few questions if you don't mind"

Daniel Young: "Just a thought, lets go case this place"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Sounds good! Besides, this is only a scouting mission. Hardcore plannin' is impossible. Let's see what we c'find out."

Thomas Judge: He nods, the devil already though these through. "Keiko would be best to walk up with you, she carries a more business air an the no messin', not robin with people will work like a charm, me Sally, an Johan, maybe ina car down the street, or on the corner, see 'ow it goes down."

Keiko Moroboshi: *she nods her assent*

Daniel Young: Nods "I'm ready"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Ready."

Thomas Judge: He looks to Sally, seems everyone gets a call in his Circle, not that he won't just go and do it anyway with whoever agrees.

Sally Baldwin: And we have a plan. *Standing*

Thomas Judge: "Sweet!" He downs his beer "Now on to transport"

Keiko Moroboshi: "I can fit three passengers into my car safely. Probably can get everyone in if we must, but it will be tight."

Daniel Young: "I have a lincoln towncar" Smiles "Should fit the five of us fine," Looks to Sally Keiko and Johan "You three aren't that large anyway y'know?"

Thomas Judge: "One car it is then."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She stands up, all warm now.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she stands, ready to go*

Sally Baldwin: You sure do have a way with the ladies. *Giving Daniel a lopsided grin* Telling a girl she's not a lard ass will do it every time.

Daniel Young: Stands and heads down to his car.

Daniel Young: Chuckles at Sally's remark "I do what I can" As he heads that way.

Thomas Judge: He moves to the door putting his shoes on and heading out after Daniel grinning wildly, at last they were coming together.

Daniel Young: (Bronx residential?)

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She follows Daniel, getting in the backseat behind the driver with a black lipstick smile.

Blind: ((yeap))



Blind: Upon arrival they can see a long row of terraced houses, there's grafiti around and a collection of cars all of which are fairly old models, nothing fancy. The street and area around for quite some way is fairly quiet once you get away from the main roads into the residential area, no one lingering on the streets, people walk on without speaking at a quick pace, a few cars go up and down the streets from time to time but they are few.

Keiko Moroboshi: ((So I believe Keiko and Daniel are going up to the door? Jehovah's Witnesses trick?))

Daniel Young: As they near the address Daniel looks to Tom and Keiko "We are assuming this guy that got his face exploded was a Fallen aren't we?"

Thomas Judge: He shakes his head "No, he wasn't we would'ave known on death, but it don't mean he want a thrall or 'elper of one."

Daniel Young: "Thrall? Oh, I see we're going to have to do some more talking when we get done with this... these Thralls can make my stomach twist like you did?" Frowning a little bit, thought he was almost up to date on these things. "There's not a lot of traffic on these streets so we're going to be easy to spot, I suggest we park before we get there and case the place from a distance so we don't alert them"

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Dex+Stealth (WP): 9,5,10,6,7,8,5,

Thomas Judge: "He want a fallen, that much I know, lets no try an second weddin' wat were going up against, as Johan said, scoutin'."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She nods.

Daniel Young: Nods, "Can't second guess something you don't know anything about anyway can ya?" Smiles his self-demeaning smile. "Alright so me and Keiko go up and introduce ourselves as Police? That's the plan we're going with?"

Keiko Moroboshi: "You can introduce yourself as the Police. I will be quiet. It would be best if we commit as few crimes as possible."

Thomas Judge: "Hey Daniel, yer the pig, this can still be an investigation, the law for bloody once is on our sides so get usin' it."

Daniel Young: Laughs a bit at Keiko "This is my silent assistant then" Gives her a wink "I'm with the cops, you don't have to worry about breaking the law." Then to Tom "It IS an ongoing investigation, there is no pretending about it"

Ravyn -> Blind: She's positioned herself where she can view the door, somewhere where she'll have a good vantage point of the street and be able to watch the front door. Inside the cover of an evergreen tree, if at all possible, watching through the pine needles.

Thomas Judge: "Well then thats the cover an the reason, tis all robin" He sits back (In the front seat of course *s*)

Keiko Moroboshi: "But I am not, and if I claimed to be one..." *frowns and shakes her head* "Shall we, then?"

Daniel Young: Daniel is going to pull the car over three houses down and pop the trunk before he gets out. He moves to the back of the car and takes out the laptop and steps onto the sidewalk waiting for Keiko.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko will follow him*

Thomas Judge: "Keikp, just chill and be that wjole awkward silence, Daniel can do his investigation and you can do ours, see wat you can see, wat you can sense, should things go tits up, we three come in all guns blazin'."

Blind -> Ravyn: that works absolutly fine, there are a few trees on the block and she has taken her vantage in one of them, the view is slightly hampered by the needles but there's certainly plenty of visablilty.

Daniel Young: Nods, "If things go south-" He pauses "Well, I get the idea you'll know before me possibly."

Blind: ((Ok, no doubt I'm going to regret this, roll perception alert each and perception aware each))

Daniel Young: Walks down the street to the correct address giving the place a look over as he gets near, looking for open windows, fence around the backyard, cars, any other odds and ends.

Thomas Judge: ((that all of us or just the two out the car?))

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Per+Alert: 6,2,2,4,5,8,

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Per+Aware: 9,3,8,5,3,10,

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Per+Aware-Insightful: 8,

Daniel Young: d10: per+alert : 3,6,6,7,3,

Daniel Young: d10: per + aware: 10,5,3,8,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: per + Alert: 2,6,7,4,2,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Aware: 6,9,9,9,3,

Keiko Moroboshi: *she mumbles something softly, only Daniel should be able to hear it*

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Per+Awareness: 6,5,3,5,2,8,

Keiko Moroboshi: *she shakes her head, and waits for him before she heads up to the house*

Blind -> Ravyn: She cannot sense anything amiss.

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Alert: 10,2,9,7,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "There'r people in th'house. I c'feel three distinct powers in there." She whispers in the van.

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Awareness: 8,6,3,5,8,

Sally Baldwin: d10: per, alert: 3,5,9,6,3,5,

Daniel Young: Walks on up to the front door, he decides to go ahead and pull his piece, makes him feel better. He motions Keiko to move beside the door and not in front of it as he moves to the other side.

Sally Baldwin: d10: per, aware: 3,2,6,1,8,9,9,

Keiko Moroboshi: *she follows his instructions...and she's tensed slightly, ready to move if things go nuts*

Daniel Young: After positioning himself beside the door frame and when Keiko is out from in front of the door he reaches over and knocks with his gun.

Thomas Judge: "I can see 'im the window, but got no power lock, keep yer senses sharp Johan, we need to get ready to move if this goes down bad."

Daniel Young: (Gun in one hand, laptop in the other, definitely a cop of the new millenia *L*)

Sally Baldwin: *Nodding in agreement* I see them moving around. There's. Something. I can't tell from where, though.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Aye."

Blind: Scuffling can be heard beind the door and then a gruff voice "Just some kids being stupid or something, can't see anyone." says a gruff voice.

Thomas Judge: He slips his zippo from his hand, lit once the shut, and kept in his hand, turning there, eyes on the building.

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Per+Alert: 6,1,7,2,5,8,

Daniel Young: Holding the gun ready down by his side he barks out "Sir, I am Detective Daniel Parker, I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may!"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan glances at the lighter. "Clever."

Blind -> Ravyn: She can note people moving through some of the windows, can't make them out very well as they never stay near the thin curtains very long.

Ravyn -> Blind: She keeps her eyes on the door, watching as Daniel and Keiko stand at the door. The people inside draw a quirked eyebrow of interest...right now, she's more interested in seeing what the Circle can do, and how they interact together.

Blind: "hmm?" the same voice says from the other side of the door before a moments pause "Uh, yeah sure. just a second." after a moment ther click of the door unlocking and a chain being removed "What you wanna ask?" asks a tall caucashion indavdual stanind in the door way, he has a scar on his right cheek and a shaven head. He has on a black hoody with no logo the hood down, and blue jeans. he stands blocking the door way looking out slightly.

Thomas Judge: "So, wat can you do Johan?" Could help for tactics

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "I control the air." She replies.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she stays still and silent*

Thomas Judge: "To wat degree pet, give me an example? Change wind direction, blow people of there feet?"

Sally Baldwin: He's a moron. Anybody wit half a brain would have left the chain on until they saw some ID>..

Daniel Young: He slowly puts the gun into the side of his pants leaving his hand near it so he can draw it again and he holds up the laptop "Well, this was found on the scene of a shooting, it had your address in it when our forensics experts finally got into it and I was wanting to know if you knew this guy, what you know about him and what you know about this computer?" Daniel tries to look around him into the house, he nods to Keiko not taking his eyes away from the door. "This is my associate."

Thomas Judge: He nods to Sally's comment "Unless they thought they 'ad nuthin' to fear."

Keiko Moroboshi: *well, whatever hiding she can do is done now, so she just follows his lead and gives a silent nods at being called his 'associate'*

Blind: The house has all the doors closed and is only dimly lit looking like any other. "There's lotsa laptops around." he says with a shrug "I dunno nothing about why this address might be in it though, sorry detective don't think I can help you, ain't never seen it before."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "I can move it precisely, gently, or harmfully."

Sally Baldwin: Still...

Daniel Young: Frowns to the man "And the man?" Reaches into his hoodie pocket and pulls out a wallet opening it up to show the man the drivers license, Adam what's his last name's picture, "You don't recognize him?"

Thomas Judge: "An you Sal I know a lil' more about, so thats robin, well this should be interestin'if shit starts up, fire,, lighting, death all carried by the wind.."

Blind: He shakes his head "Never seen him before, sorry detective."

Blind: d10: Manip Sub Wp: 9,3,7,3,8,

Daniel Young: Shrugs slightly and returns the wallet to his pocket. His hand returns to his side near his gun "Well you mind if we come in and have a look around?"

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Per+Subterfuge: 5,2,5,6,5,8,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "I wonder what I could use, like you use that lighter."

Blind: "As soon as you show me your warrent and your badge." he puts his hand out for the documentation "I've been very co-operative I don't see why you should intrude into my home, but if it's all abouve board I'll put up with it."

Daniel Young: Smiles and pulls out his wallet showing him the badge but only for a moment before he puts it away "Well sir, I don't have a warrant, I didn't think it'd be necessary. I mean this is a murder investigation after all that your address has become involved in... I can send my associate back to the car and we can have the whole department down here to look over the place with a warrant, but when all those cops come along" He shakes his head in mock sorrow "They tend to break things and dirty up evidence impeding my investigation... you know how that is, but if you insist"

Keiko Moroboshi: *she makes as though to move back to the car, hoping it will lend weight to Daniel's point*

Ravyn -> Blind: She smirks...barking up the wrong tree, probably. And what's more...fuck it, what are they thinking? They should be dealing with this threat! Weakness number one...relying on outward appearances too much. She keeps her eyes and ears on the front door, with occasional glances to the car.

Daniel Young: d10: man+intimid: 2,6,4,2,

Blind: d10: Willpower: 2,7,8,8,

Daniel Young: (kicks roller)

Blind: He stands up straighter in the doorway "Then go get them, I've got nothing to hide from you and I don't see how some idiot getting himself killed with my address in his laptop should give you the right to treat me like I'm guilty, isn't it you who say innocent untill proven so? there's any number of reasons why it could have been there." he loks to keiko "So you go get them, after all it'll be your investigation they dirty evidence for, anything they break in my home they'll pay for."

Keiko Moroboshi: *she glances to Daniel. He's sort of in charge at the moment. Makes sure to get the nod before heading back*

Daniel Young: "I can't remember the last time the Department paid for something they broke." He laughs a little bit at the last part as he grabs Keiko's arm to stop her "Just go wait in the car, don't call in until you hear from me okay?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *she nods, and heads back to the car*

Blind: "Then guess they'll have another court case to deal with." he shrugs "You're not comming in till you have a warrent, that's that." he crosses his arms.

Sally Baldwin: It looks like it's going well..... *Sarcasam at it's finest*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Tom, what should w'do?"

Ravyn -> Blind: A near-silent snicker. Yeah, Keiko really looks like a member of the police department, in her usual get-up. Planning, obviously not a strong point, either. Maybe numbers will make up for it?

Thomas Judge: "We wait till they get back in the car, we find out wat they saw."

Daniel Young: He waits until she's out of earshot glancing back to make sure and he turns back to the man. "Okay look, it's pretty obvious to me you don't want us coming in there unless you have to let us come in there" He tries looking around him again smiling "And of course there's no incriminating evidence that I can see that would link you to a murder... Me and my associate there are the only ones that know your address turned up in the laptop" He rolls his eyes a little meaningfully "Perhaps for a few hundred bucks this computer could-" Shrugs a little bit "End up erased? I could convince my friend that you let me look inside and there was nothing to the connection and get things smoothed over for you a lot quicker" He gives the man a little wink.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She glances out the window, and watches Keiko walk back towards the car.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she arrives back at the car, and does not look happy*

Blind: d10: Per Sub: 2,3,5,5,1,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "What's going on, Keiko?"

Thomas Judge: "Update pet?"

Keiko Moroboshi: ((*cheers the dice roller*)) "Not much. They're demanding their civil rights...not letting us in unless there's a warrant." *shrugs*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "So what do we do now?"

Keiko Moroboshi: "Daniel seemed to have an idea. Told me to come back though. And, as his 'associate', I couldn't very well just stay."

Blind: He narrows his eyes at the man and steps back letting him in "Look, no body here killed him here, that said it's easier if we don't get hassle so fine, 300 do you?" he half growls it. "Then you wait here for a few and go tell them it's all fine? deal?"

Blind: ((scratch second here))

Daniel Young: Smiles and nods greedily "Deal"

Daniel Young: Looks back towards the car as if nervous his associate may return.

Blind: He kicks the door closed once daniel steps in aswell.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "He's in!" Johan cheers quietly. "Coolness!"

Daniel Young: Takes a good look around the place once he's inside but doesn't move from in front of the door. "Yessir, no reason to check this place out at all,"

Ravyn -> Blind: Dumbass. She shakes her head. Never go in alone... Her attention turns to the car, watching it.

Thomas Judge: He smiles, glad waiting was the right course.

Daniel Young: Frowns slightly, "Yeah, I guess. Just don't want my partner coming back y'know? So you say Adam was cool huh?" Looks back to see if the other man is on his way back.

Daniel Young: (Doh, dropped pm, erase that from your minds)

Sally Baldwin: *She sighs, shifting in her seat*

Blind: ((lol))

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko does her silent, still thing. She's getting quite good at it. There is a slight frown on her face, though*

Thomas Judge: He pulls out a cough and lights it "Keiko, did you sense anything?"

Keiko Moroboshi: "Yes. And it wasn't good."

Daniel Young: Walks out the door, there's a little hop in his step as he moves towards the car as if he's happy with how things turned out. He walks on around to the driver's side and gets in the car starting it up immediately as he puts the laptop in Tom's hands. "Alright, at least I can get us all dinner when we're done here" As he pulls away from the curb.

Daniel Young: "I'm circling the block, we'll stop on the next street and plan our next move, in case they're watching" He keeps driving and goes around the block making two right hand turns before he finds a parking space and stops. "There's nothing much to see from walking in the front door, just a dimly lit corridor there's a row of pegs, a set of stairs forward to the left of the hall, a doorway in the side of the stairs, there's a door to the right and a door at the end of the hall, also one can be made out at the to of the stairs.

Daniel Young: "The guy told me they didn't know anything but there was a kid inside" Glances to Johan "At least I think it was a kid, he said that guy hung around, didn't do much but he was cool, whatever the hell that entails" Frowning somewhat "If we're going all rambo full frontal assault I think it's going to get ugly if there's nasties in there like we think, maybe some stealthy recon is in order?"

Daniel Young: (did everyone leave?)

Keiko Moroboshi: ((Nope, Keiko's just being quiet.))

Blind: ((looks that way, Devi (johan) has gone but will bbs, dunno bout the rest))

Thomas Judge: "Kids..." He sighs "No rambo actions just yet, recon for cert."

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Dex+Stealth: 9,5,4,9,8,10,3,

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Dex+Stealth (WP): 2,5,1,7,7,4,9,

Blind -> Ravyn: d10: Perecption Alert: 6,10,7,6,

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Lore of Light: 9,2,9,4,8,5,

Blind -> Ravyn: d10: Per Al: 7,4,3,4,

Sally Baldwin: Like how kid? Little kid?

Thomas Judge: "So we 'ave feelin' of bad voodoo, a lyin' set of bastards an a possible kid."

Blind -> Ravyn: As she sneeks to approach the door someone opens it and looks out "Yes miss?"

Sally Baldwin: Isn't it considered bad form to take over a kid?

Daniel Young: "One lying basterd is all I saw" Puts in quickly.

Ravyn -> Blind: She just winks at the guy...she still looks like Baby Death. Same entire look. "Just thought you might wanna out for the winged folk. They're takin' an interest in you."

Daniel Young: "Kid was in his late teens, around 18, maybe 20"

Blind -> Ravyn: He looks at her with a look between confushion and annoyance "What're you talking about?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: (back)

Sally Baldwin: That's not a kid. *Scowling at him, not looking a day over 16 herself*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Definitely not a kid." Johan agrees with a sharp nod.

Daniel Young: (lol, don't blame me, ST said Youth I asked for estimated age when you asked how old)

Daniel Young: Smirks "When you're thousands of years old I guess your idea of what a kid is changes drastically" Offering them an apologetic shrug.

Thomas Judge: "Okay, no kids." This seems to ease the devil somewhat, "Gun blazin' my still not be the best option..." He sits back thinking

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Let's jam. Who's goin' in f'the ninja work?"

Ravyn -> Blind: She tilts her head, eyebrow raised. " don't know. Pity." She winks at him, turns around, and walks off the porch, down toward the street, then takes Apocalyptic Form. High Torment. All blackness and darkness, a Monstrous Nimsun, Tormented Vuisage of Patterns. And she leaps into the air, flying off. ((And she will then try to sneak back to her hiding place again.))

Keiko Moroboshi: "Did you get the name of anyone in the house?"

Sally Baldwin: *Her fingers flex as she scowls at Daniel, then looks out the window again*

Blind: ((roll awareness please))

Ravyn -> Blind: ((And a Faith Point is spent to do that, too, rather then rolling, obviously.))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Awareness: 5,2,9,3,5,

Daniel Young: d10: Per+aware: 7,9,4,2,

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Per+Aware: 4,3,8,3,6,2,

Sally Baldwin: d10: per, aware: 4,3,10,4,9,1,1,

Daniel Young: Shakes his head to Keiko "Didn't bother to ask for names"

Keiko Moroboshi: *she frowns at that, but says nothing*

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Awareness: 3,8,2,7,2,

Sally Baldwin: Wouldn't have given real names anyway, so they wouldn't have done a bit of good if he had.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Voodoo." She murmurs, completely out of nowhere.

Keiko Moroboshi: "Something has happened." *she looks around to see if she can find a source*

Sally Baldwin: Something.....?

Daniel Young: His normal frown returns as he looks in the direction of the house "Yeah, voodoo... I get the feeling we need to move quickly as possible"

Thomas Judge: "It happened at the house, play lemons over, Rambo it is."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Go go go." She murmurs from behind the driver's seat.

Blind -> Ravyn: ((roll the sneaking back to the tree again then please.))

Ravyn -> Blind: ((Dropping back into Host form again before sneaking back, of course. *S*))

Daniel Young: (4 doors, no waiting) Gets out of the car and moves towards the house.

Blind -> Ravyn: ((ofcourse))

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Dex+Stealth (WP): 2,2,5,1,4,5,2,

Thomas Judge: Gets out the car, door opened. "Kekio, go in with Daniel first, me and Sally follow, Johan comes in after."

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko nods and exits the car, running a bit if necessary to catch up with Daniel*

Blind -> Ravyn: d10: WP: 1,9,5,1,

Daniel Young: "Split up? Front and back?" Pulls his gun back out looking in the direction of the house.

Sally Baldwin: *Up, out of the car, starting to pace as she waits*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Moving last, she gets out as well: She's bare legs, black lipstick, and dark eyes. She's not too sure what they're going to do, but she knows that she isn't going to like it.

Keiko Moroboshi: *it's almost a disconcerting sight, Keiko cracks her knuckles, ready to deal with the fan-propelled shit that's coming right for them*

Blind: When they get within sight of the front door the guy who opened it to begin with is standing there staring at nothing in what looks to be horror.

Daniel Young: Heads straight for the guy, when he gets near him "What's goin on? What's going on?" He looks inside assessing the man is not a threat.

Thomas Judge: "I think we maybe too late all ready..." he states as he runs round and see's the guy, looking around for what ever may have put that on his face.

Blind: the guy does not respond to anything daniel says just looking at the spot, trasfixed. there's nothing in the hall, it's as plain and dim as it was before.

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Alert (WP): 2,2,2,5,

Ravyn -> Blind: As they start looking around, Baby Death tries to step further back into the treeline and crouch down. Must...hide...better!

Daniel Young: Holding his gun up advances into the hallway checking the doors to see if they're all still shut before moving forward again.

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Dex+Stealth: 9,7,1,4,9,9,3,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She glances around nervously, picking up the back of the group.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko follows Daniel, watching for trouble*

Blind: The doors are all still shut.
Tom can't make anything out that would have caused the guy to be frozen as he is.

Daniel Young: Points to Keiko then to his eyes with both fingers then to his back, then moves forward quietly to the first door and gently tries to turn the knob.

Thomas Judge: He looks at the other houses first and across the street they had entered the building, seeing nothing he moves in after them indoors, a nod to Johan as she brings up the rear.

Keiko Moroboshi: *hoping she's interpreting right, she watches his back, making sure nothing comes from someplace other than the room to attack Daniel*

Blind: The door turns easily, opening into a living room that other than smeling of dope looks entirly normal.

Blind: A sofa is along the same wall the door is and a TV opposite, lace curtains are drawn, a table in the middle has a ashtray with the remainders of a spliff on it, the room also has a few cabinets around.

Daniel Young: Moves on slowly to the next door glancing up the stairs for a moment, then he tries the second door.

Thomas Judge: He comes in after them "I'll 'ave a goosy upstairs, you guys keep up down 'ere."

Blind: the next door being the under the stairs cuboard opens to reviel just that a small cuboard with various cleaning items in it.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko continues to watch out for trouble for Daniel*

Sally Baldwin: I'm with you. *Following Tom*

Daniel Young: (heh, thorough is better than regretful) Moves on down to the next door slowly giving Tom as nod as he says he's goin upstairs.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan stays downstairs, staying in the hallway.

Thomas Judge: He nods to Sally heading up the stairs trying to be quiet at least heading up

Thomas Judge: d10: Dex & Stealth: 5,1,3,2,1,

Thomas Judge: ((Hit head*, round of applause pleas gentleman and ladies *bows*))

Daniel Young: Looks up the stairs, could Tom possibly be any noisier? Frowns slightly as he reaches for the next knob.

Blind: The last door leads into a kitchen with various pots around and other things, a pressure cooker is simmering on the hob and the adolesent from before is sitting on one of the counters watching the clock, he looks to daniel a moment later when he opens the door, and he reaches behind his back. (dex - sub comming up to hide the movement)

Sally Baldwin: d10: dex, stealth: 3,2,4,6,10,

Sally Baldwin: *She's got a little more experience sneaking, scowling at Tom as he goes up like a herd of elephants*

Blind: d10: dex stealth even: 8,6,3,4,

Thomas Judge: He is making his own thunder as he goes up them, hell the nightboors can hear him, and he doesn't seem to notice as he reaches the top, hell the roman legions could have had a a march and you still could not hear it over his boots

Ravyn -> Blind: She snickers to herself as she hears crashing coming inside the house. Yeah, they're subtle.

Daniel Young: (Sally enjoys scowling at people lol)

Keiko Moroboshi: *watching Daniel's back, making sure no one comes from behind...*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She's standing in the hallway, glancing around to make sure nothing untoward happens without warning.

Blind: d10: Per alert: 2,5,5,

Daniel Young: Looks around to make sure the kid is alone he moves into the kitchen slowly "What happened to the old man kid? Who else is here?"

Blind: Up on the landing two people come out of a two of the doors up there, guns drawn looking down the stairs. "This is private property, get out." one of them yells to tom. not seeing Sally walking up behind tom.

Thomas Judge: ((All we need is an eath and we could summon Captain planet *s*))

Daniel Young: (LOL)

Sally Baldwin: ((she's 16. what do you want? *s*))

Blind: "I dunno, detective you're not supposed to be here, please leave." he replys to daniel flatly.

Thomas Judge: Gloves are off, he smiles "Easy now gents." ((Lore Humanity 2 coming up))

Sally Baldwin: Those ballet lessons not working out for you, twinkle toes? *Pushing past him*

Thomas Judge: d10: Insinuate (WP): 1,8,8,6,10,2,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She glances around. There were suddenly people everywhere! What was she supposed to do when this happened?

Daniel Young: "Well maybe I'm not supposed to be here but I am" Glances around again "What are you doing? Talk to me"

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Per+Awareness: 8,8,3,4,3,7,

Blind: "I'm watching it cook, wouldn't want it to burn would we?" he says glaring at daniel.

the two guys relax a little but keep the guns trained on tom, though as sally pushes past one flicks to her. "What are you doing here?" the same man says.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She walks into the room on the main floor where Daniel was talking to someone.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko starts to watch the conversation but she's still trying to cover things*

Daniel Young: "Get away from the pot, what wouldn't we want to burn?" Daniel is very curious about the pot now attempting to peek inside when he's close enough keeping the gun on the kid.

Blind: it's a pressure cooker, there's no way to look inside without undoing the screws in the lid.

Thomas Judge: "Easy now lads" He moves his arm out to stop Sally from getting all the way round (And in the line of fire) "Just 'ere to 'ave a natter lads, lets all take a chill pill."

Daniel Young: (ah, my mistake, kid backing away?)

Blind: and he doesn't move when instructed to do so

Daniel Young: "I'm going to have to fill out a lot of paperwork if I shoot you, move your ass, NOW!" becoming aggravated at the kids attitude.

Blind: "Natter about what?"

Blind: the adolesent hops down from the counter and walks round, remaining facing them, both his hands behind his back.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She glances around the room quickly, but her dark eyes finally fall on the kid.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko will also step into the room, though she'll be mostly focused on the doorway, so that anything that comes through can be intercepted*

Daniel Young: Moves towards the youth slowly "Keiko, want to check dinner for me? What do you have there kid? Bring your hands around slowly"

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko will go and do whatever is necessary to safely open up the pressure cooker, this action being vague due to the player never having seen a pressure cooker before*

Blind: He brings his hands round empty both of them.

Daniel Young: (Turn the heat down first, I believe they have a pressure valve but I'm not certain)

Daniel Young: Smiles now things going more smoothly "Alright now get down on your stomach, again, slowly"

Keiko Moroboshi: ((whatever *shrugs* she's doing it. if I ever encounter one IRL, I'll figure it out then.))

Thomas Judge: "Lets just put the guns down, and just 'ave a chat gents, no 'arm from us."

Daniel Young: (lol, well they're not complicated pieces of machinary I don't believe)

Blind: The adolesent scowls at daniel and takes two steps back from him towards a back door.

the guys both holster the guns in their belts, but keep a close eye on tom and sally "Now talk or leave" the lead guy says scowling.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She begins to play with her hair nervously.

Keiko Moroboshi: *as soon as she opens it up, she's looking into the pressure cooker to see what is being cooked*

Daniel Young: "I told you I would have a lotta paper work to fill out if I shot you, I lied... there won't be any paperwork, get on the floor before I have to spend ninety five cents on another bullet" Grinning at the kid gently tensing in prepartion to shoot.

Thomas Judge: "Come on lads, lets at least 'ave a seat with that chat."

Blind: As keiko opens it her nose is assulted by an acidic chemical smell from the residual steam it releases. a white frothing liquid can be seen in the pressure cooker.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She didn't want the kid hurt. She glances between the kid, the gun, and Daniel.

Keiko Moroboshi: ((Can she identify it at all? Get a roll or something?))

Blind: The guys at the top of the stairs exchange a look and one of them nods pointing back down the stairs.

the kid decides to make a bolt for it, trying to get out the door before Daniel can shoot him.

Blind: ((Intel streetwise))

Blind: d10: Dex Athletics: 4,5,8,1,

Daniel Young: "Damnit" Daniel drops his aim and charges at the kid and attempts to tackle him before he gets to the door.

Keiko Moroboshi: ((No streetwise, so straight Int, throwing on a WP))

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Intelligence: 7,3,1,

Daniel Young: d10: dex+athletics WP: 6,4,3,5,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She runs after the kid as well, trying to get ahead of him to cut him off.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Dex + Athletics: WP: 1,6,9,1,1,

Keiko Moroboshi: "Cocaine."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: (We suck.)

Thomas Judge: He starts heading down the stairs, no idea to what is going on down there.

Daniel Young: d10: strenght+brawl: 8,7,10,9,5,

Blind: Daniel tackles the adolesent as he turns and heads for the door, both ending up on the floor, daniel pinning him down. the adolesent boy struggling to get free of the grip.

Blind: The two follow tom and sally down, a few steps behind.

Sally Baldwin: ((hate. them. all. sorry. idiots rearing their brainless heads.))

Daniel Young: "Hold still damnit, tell me what you're doing here" Tries to handcuff the boy at an opportune moment.

Daniel Young: (I resemble that remark! heh)

Blind: d10: Contested str: 6,7,

Daniel Young: (Want a strength roll I presume?)

Daniel Young: d10: str: 3,9,6,

Sally Baldwin: ((then stop calling my work and rp! *L*))

Thomas Judge: Tom looks to where all the racket is coming from, just what he bloody needed, he looks to the gents and tries to block off the kitchen talking to the two gentleman "Wats goin' on 'ere gents, everythin' alright, am Officer Robinson" ((Man & Sub coming up for the blantant lie.))

Thomas Judge: d10: Man & Sub: 1,6,2,8,3,2,

Blind: the boy strugles to no avail as Daniel gets the cuff round his wrists "Get off me you fucking copper." he says not ceasing his struggling.

Blind: d10: Perception Sub: 8,6,3,

Daniel Young: Sighs sitting up on the kids back smiling and lighting a cigarette. "Alright what do you have Tom? We've got a kid cooking up a pot of crack"

Blind: d10: other two die blah: 6,2,

Sally Baldwin: It's probably meth. *Dully, leaning on the wall where she's been the whole time*

Thomas Judge: "I 'ave two gents with guns." Oh yeah, who got the better deal

Keiko Moroboshi: "The stuff in the pressure cooker is cocaine." *she says, and seems quite sure*

Blind: The guns get drawn again, one pointed at tom's head the other at Sally's. "Like hell you are." growls the guy who seems to be the voice of the two.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she looks to Tom with a "Should I deal with him?" sort of look*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She sits on the kitchen counter quietly.

Sally Baldwin: You don't cook coke. You cut it in with corn starch. Meth gets cooked. What's under the cabinet?

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Looks like there is going to be a fight after all.

Keiko Moroboshi: "I didn't say that he was making it properly, just what it is."

Thomas Judge: He stares the lead guy in the eyes "You do that it will be the last fucking thing you do, yer house is full of mine, you will be diyin' quickly after, now don't be stupid and put the fucking gun down ((Man & Inti coming up))

Thomas Judge: d10: Man & Intim (WP): 8,9,4,3,3,9,

Daniel Young: (You didn't disarm them?? what were you thinking LOL) "Alright guys I'm not here for a drug bust so why don't you tell me what you know about our friend cool Adam and why his brains were all over my shirt last week and everyone can walk away from this house with all the parts they entered with okay?"

Thomas Judge: ((Diff 4, - one for angelic gaze, - one for Insinuate, so 5 sux))

Thomas Judge: ((Diarm them, that would have looked suss, hey at least mine where ready to talk lol!))

Blind: d10: WP: 5,5,7,3,

Daniel Young: (DLP since Tom's goin after em)

Blind: The the guys exchange a look and then put the guns down on the floor th lead guy snarls but stands. the kid in the kitchen spits. "Adam was one of us why the hell woulda we shot him?" he asks angrily, "now let me the hell go."
(Meth then, whatever works, yeash, my bad just coz I'm ignorant on the subject, lol))

Keiko Moroboshi: ((Then revise Keiko's statements to the correct illegal substance))

Sally Baldwin: Because anybody who cooks up meth where the live is a moron? And morons do stupid things like blow their buddies heads off.

Daniel Young: (lol, nothin to be ashamed of there) "Of course, Adam was cool you couldn't have killed him" Gives a slight kick to the kids side, not hard just to let him know he needs to speak up "What I want to know is who did shoot him, who were his known enemies, what was he doing with the laptop, why is the old man on the front porch looking like he's seen" He pauses a minute and then smiles "Lucifer himself"

Thomas Judge: He kicks the guns to the walls, making sure they were out of reach of the thugs "Now lets sit the down and chat." He grins, knowing they still felt obliged to at least try and be helpful.

Blind: ((Thankyou for bearing with ignorance of me and corrections,lol. I'm not gonna ask how you know that though bunny ;) *Grins*))

Sally Baldwin: ((*looks innocent*))

Daniel Young: "Maybe the ladies should search the house while we talk to our new friends here?" Looks to Tom, "Might find something out"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Emp (WP): 4,10,3,9,5,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She watches all of bad guys for their reactions to Daniel's last statement.

Blind: They go past and into the livving room. dragging feet but they go, one sits on the window sil the other in the corner of the sofa.

The kid grunts when kicked "I dunno, he was answerin the door how we meanta know?" he scowls at daniel. "Fuck I dunno who his enemies were, he kept to himself, he just picked up the stuff and the cash. damned if I know what he did with shit."

Thomas Judge: He nods then looks to Keiko "Bring that guy in from the porch, 'ave a look at 'im pet, see if you can suss it out."

Sally Baldwin: You're full of shit. He was your runner, and you don't know who he ran with?

Daniel Young: "I've got two guns if two of you would like to take them with you" Reaching down for the snub nose revolver strapped to his ankle.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she nods, and goes to get the guy from the porch*

Thomas Judge: He then moves in with the gentleman, guns picked up and being held in his hands, which was bad enough, he had awful luck with the damn monkey boomsticks.

Blind: ((anyone who has the inclination can roll perception aware))

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Per+Awareness: 9,1,2,10,8,5,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Aware: 3,10,10,6,10,

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Specialty: 2,

Daniel Young: d10: per+aware: 5,2,7,5,

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Perception+Awareness: 4,7,7,6,3,8,

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Awareness: 9,3,8,6,1,

Blind -> Ravyn: She can still sense something off in the genreal vesinity of the house.

Keiko Moroboshi: *So, Keiko, unarmed, goes out front to check on the guy they left there*

Blind -> Ravyn: ((oops, that should just be in general a disturbance acctually, 1 suc, gah need to wak up and splash my face with water or something))

Blind: He's still there, still gorping at the space on the street as though it's terrifying and riviting.

Sally Baldwin: d10: per, aware: 10,7,7,5,1,7,5,

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko is going to attempt to guide him into the building, half pushing him along, hoping he'll walk*

Ravyn -> Blind: She watches Keiko guide the guy into the house from her hiding spot. She's the detail-oriented one...relatively speaking. Noted.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "The gun's are voodoo." She murmurs to everyone in the room.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She going to reach out and grab the one from the boy on the ground. It's tucked in the back of his belt.

Blind: He atfirst doesn't move but after a moment he is steered in the direction, one foot following the other, more of an atomaton than anything

Daniel Young: Blinks looking at the guns Tom had. He blinks again. "How?"

Thomas Judge: He looks down at the guns he is holding Whats the.. and raises them to the two mens heads or a rough aim "Wat do they do boys?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *once he's inside, Keiko will close the door, and then do a quick examination to determine if htere's anything physically wrong with him, or if this is an entirely psychological thing*

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Per+Med: 3,10,9,2,7,8,6,

Daniel Young: After Johan takes the gun Daniel hoists the kid up by the handcuffs and twists his arm tightly to keep him in check as he takes him to the living room and sits him down in an available seat.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She shrugs, unsure. She examines the gun to see if it's weird in any way.

Sally Baldwin: *Quiet, not entirely sure what they're stirred up about*

Blind: "Give me that back." protests the adolesent as johan extracts his gun. The guys look at tom like he's some kind of idiot "Same as any other gun genius." retorts one of them. Keiko's examination determines that there is nothing wrong with him physically.

Blind: The boy is steered into the room, struggling all the way but not very well now that he's handcuffed.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she calls out* "This guy's fine physically, but I'm betting his psyche is scarred."

Daniel Young: Nods to himself as he sits the kid down "Definitely a long talk when we get back to the clubhouse"

Thomas Judge: "He 'as seen a high torment I'd say" He looks to the guys the kid at least making some sense, he wants his back, he looks to Daniel "So drugs in the kitchen, forearms on person, and voodoo on them at that, things just get wierder an wierder huh."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Daniel just scored himself another anti-cool point. Clubhouse? Get real!

Thomas Judge: ((forearms=firearms))

Thomas Judge: ((Of course they have forearms *slaps spelling*))

Daniel Young: "High torment?" Since no one asked for his guns he holds his 9mm up and aims it rather carelessly at the kids leg "Now, I don't think you're telling me everything you know, a bullet in the leg will hurt like hell but leave you quite alive for conversation... would you rather talk before or after I pull the trigger?" (Man + Intim coming)

Daniel Young: d10: man +intim : 2,6,4,7,

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Everyone is getting a little trigger happy. She takes a deep breath, cradling the gun in her hands.

Blind: d10: Will: 2,4,4,7,

Keiko Moroboshi: *she is quiet, and allows the others to do their thing*

Blind: He pulls his leg away "I don't know anything more." he shouts trying to move so that he's not in the line of fire. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Sally Baldwin: I think he's lying. You should shoot him. *Offered far too cheerfully*

Thomas Judge: He coughs "Gentleman, you 'ave in yer possession magical weapons, now if you didn't make this shit then somebody did, an am thinkign this supplier does more than give you fancy weapons, you see your friend there." He thumbs the gudied man "He 'as seen something real wack, now you are goin' to tell us wat we need to know an yer souls may yet be saved."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Her eyes are getting wide.

Daniel Young: Frowns seemingly saddened by Tom's interruption of his shooting someone in the leg he stands up and takes a step back.

Blind: the two guys look to the guy threatening the police. then back to tom as he talks "What are you talking about? magic?" one of them scoffs. "Anywho, couldn't tell you were we got um if we wanted, adam got the stuff for us." the kid nods agreeing with the other two still trying to shuffle slowly away from daniel.

Thomas Judge: "Iroincally enough the dead guy. Now wat about this?" He thumbs the half comotosed guy again

Daniel Young: "Did Adam live here? Where's his room?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She's glad that the dead guy from before wasn't human. She exhales slowly.

Thomas Judge: "Me an Kei will stay down 'ere with them, Joh an Sal, you two wanna search the gaff?"

Blind: "Dunno." the two from upstairs glance to one another, the kid pipes up still trying to sqirm away from dan, "He answered the door, said he saw someone out there, then you guys showed up a few later, dind't know nowt had happened to im t'll your guy pointed it out."
"Nah, dunno where he lived." says the voice of the two from upstairs.

Daniel Young: "What's a gaff? And what do you want me to do?" Itching for something "I'm a detective, maybe I should look around too?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *she nods to Tom, and otherwise just remains quiet, not even attempting to look menacing. She finds a nice spot on the wall to lean against*

Thomas Judge: He looks to Daniel "You 'elp them, yer more rooted in yer humanity, you may see shit they might miss."

Daniel Young: Eyebrows knit thinking he's just been slightly insulted as he turns and heads upstairs to start searching room by room.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She hops off the countertop, and starts to walk toward the stairs.

Thomas Judge: He actually didn't mean it as an insult, he looks to the gentleman "Allo boys, now the girls 'ave gone this will go a lot better with yer assitance. You say Adma worked the door, this for yer drugs openeration I take it, client comes up an knocks or posts cash, you 'ad over said stash?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *of course, ONE of the girls is still there...of course, Keiko just stays quiet, ready to react if any of them give Tom any trouble*

Blind: "No, he took care of getting cash and selling it, we just worked for him and got our share."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She heads upstairs after Daniel goes first.

Sally Baldwin: ((Sally's there. work is just being a bitch. sorry))

Thomas Judge: ((30 mins warning))

Sally Baldwin: *She looks Tom over quickly, then goes to start searching the rest of the place*

Thomas Judge: "So save the guns wat else he get you?"

Daniel Young: Daniel pulls out an ink pen and begins poking around, knocking things over, peeking in books, opening drawers and flipping clothes out of the way etc, etc, not worried about making a mess or breaking anything.

Blind: "Save the guns he just took care of bussiness end."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She seems to be getting more timid by the minite, watching Daniel break the guy's junk. She asks him quietly from across the room. "Uh... Should we be... You know... Wreaking th'stuff like that?"

Daniel Young: He smiles and shrugs "What are they goin to do? call the cops?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Still..." She starts to put some of their stuff back together, putting books back on the shelves, and organizing things as best she can see they fit. Hey, it's her way of searching through a room.

Thomas Judge: "And what did you know about him as a person? Wat was he like?"

Daniel Young: He laughs a little bit at Johan's actions as he continues searching "These are the bad guys you know? They're cooking this crap and selling it on the street rotting kids minds and keeping crack whore moms on the street, even if they aren't stealing souls"

Blind: "He was a quiet guy, kept to himself, smart mind."

Keiko Moroboshi: ((I apologize, but I need to go for a bit. Keiko will continue keeping an eye on things))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "If someone was goin' to kill you, you'd kill them first, wouldn't you?" She straightens out the sheets on the bed.

Daniel Young: He smiles a little bit at that question "I have killed people-" Stops at that "Daniel, before I came along, he has killed people for much much less than self preservation"

Thomas Judge: "An I take it you were unaware that he was murdered in broad daylight?"

Daniel Young: (If Tom has to bail and Keiko should we consider postponing the rest of the scene, fastforwarding it or something?)

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She stops folding the guy's clothes to give Daniel a hard look, "So?"

Thomas Judge: ((Am good for pausing here, am also good for cont tomoz night, any time after 10.30 GMT))

Blind: "He was supposed to report back few days back, figured he'd just got busted till earilier"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: ((Tomorrow night is not good for me. I have school early the next day.))

Daniel Young: "Well, I'm not sure exactly how things are working over there in your head, but over here I'm having a pretty hard time accepting the fact that I'm not the one that actually pulled the trigger those times and caused my wife to get killed-" Stops himself again "Daniel's wife to get killed. Right now I would have to say yes"

Thomas Judge: ((Will leave it to you guys call then, just i really should be heading the bed, maybe do the questioning with the guys tomoz so you can still search an chat?))

Daniel Young: (I will go with the group)

Blind: ((I'm good any which way, though I need to book in about 40 min max))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Your wife. I dun care wha' Tom or Keiko told you, but it's wha' you remember. It happened to you." Now that's confusing as all hell, but Johan really doesn't care. She goes back to folding clothes.

Thomas Judge: ((right guys, blind and crew thanks for the scene, and catch up with you all later))

Blind: ((Cya))

Daniel Young: (Sally doesn't really seem to be with us either, maybe pausing is a good idea?)

Blind: ((Ok, pauseed to be resume at earliest possible oppertunity, night guys.))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: ((Night!))

Daniel Young: (Gnight Blind, tyvm for the scene, great rping with you guys)

Daniel Young: (Present)

Blind: ((Ok, for the information of the masses, Tom is interrogating the guys in the living room with keiko standing gaurd. In the living room are two guys from upstairs a frozen statue of a man and a teenager who has been cuffed up uncomfortably by Daniel. Daniel, Johan and susan are all upstairs rummageing around seeing what they can find))

Thomas Judge: ((*nods* got it boss))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: (*nods*)

Keiko Moroboshi: ((assuming you mean Sally for Susan? *G*)) *Keiko will continue standing guard, being fairly passive*

Blind: ((Uh...yeah swap names as appropriate, lol))

Daniel Young: (Sally on her way?)

Blind: ((She is indeed, just splitting from other scene so as not to be multi tasking.))

Thomas Judge: A short and almost annoyed sigh. "Gentleman, we 'ave a bit of a problem as am sure you are aware. Not only are you druggies sellin' but you 'ave found yerself mixed up in an awful affair." He makes sure one of the guns saftey is on just like Thanos showed him and sticks it in his hoody pocket pulling out a cough as he does and placing it in his mouth, he lits the end of it and takes a long drag. "The question is now 'ow we resolve this...think of this as a game show, with a number of doors."

Blind: The two guys look at him with that 'what are you on about expreshion'. the teenager shifts slightly,where he's laid trying to push himself up to his knees.

Thomas Judge: "Gentleman, do you believe in Karma, yin yang, for ever opposite there is an equal and opposite reaction?" smoke blowing from his nose

Sally Baldwin: ((here))

Blind: Eyes are narrowed at him the two look at each other and shrug.

((and that's everyone, woot *G*))

Daniel Young: He stops looking through stuff and looks to Johan, his face dropping a bit. "Then by your reasoning it was me who put two bullets in that man's back and thereby instigated the murder of my wife..."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Yea'." She sets some books up on the shelves, "Do you remember't any different?"

Thomas Judge: "I see you are all looking a little bewildered, all save you." He gestures the gun to the teenager "I believe these two are dumb enough not to know shit, but you 'ave a spark in yer eye that says otherwise."

Daniel Young: He shakes his head, "Well of course not. At least I had the hope of not being responsible for killing someone unjustly, but according to you I am responsible for killing someone to further my position in life" Nods as he goes back to searching "So then you have your answer, I'd kill for money"

Sally Baldwin: Finding anything? *Trying to steer the two clear of an argument*

Blind: "So'm not a doornail, doesn't mean you're talking sense fucker." he spits at tom.The other two glare at him with insulted looks, but dispite being dumb it seems they're smart enough not to attack whilst other people have the guns.

Thomas Judge: "You know, it's folks like you that give humanity a bad name." He grins at that looking to the teenager "Let me talk in terms you might understand, do you enjoy yer exsistance? As in yer life?"

Daniel Young: Stops searching again, almost as soon as he had started and looks to Sally "No, nothing... But I just had a thought, what if whatever old man vacant stare saw outside is still around? I'll go have a look outside" Stands and heads for the stairs.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan shakes her head, "You'd do it now? Even after'l th'suffering you went through th'first time 'round? Wise up..." She picks up some more clothes and checks the pockets, then starts to fold them up to put away.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She watches him leave quietly, pausing in her work.

Daniel Young: Doesn't respond to Johan as he heads downstairs, he steps to the door of the living room and looks to Tom "I'm going to have a look around outside"

Keiko Moroboshi: "Give a yell if you need back up." *she stays where she is, leaning against a wall keeping a look out*

Ravyn -> Blind: ((You want another Dex+Stealth from me?))

Sally Baldwin: What the hell do they think we'll find, anyway. *Annoyed again, searching without taking any care at all*

Blind: "Why yo gonna kill me? Gonna come down off your high horse? other guy mighta done, you seem ta be the soft toucha the group. I only give myself a bad name, can't give no one else one, they take what's offered that's their porogative n't mine, I don't force no one do nothing."

Blind -> Ravyn: Still on 4, she can try to hide better if you want.

Ravyn -> Blind: ((Will stick with the 4. *S*))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "I dun know. This's weird. Let's change rooms." She sets down whatever she was working to go search a different bedroom.

Daniel Young: Nods to Keiko and heads out the front door. On the front porch he tries to position himself where he remembers the surly guy standing and looking where he figures about that guy was looking and starts his search there, glancing up and down the street from time to time.

Sally Baldwin: *Trailing out, going to the dresser in the second room. She opens the top drawer, uncerimoniously pulling things out, looking at them, and dropping them on the floor*

Thomas Judge: He nods to Daniels statement eyes not leaving the kid. "No am the pragmatic member, an if you don't start talkin' I will leave you to there mercies, I will 'ave the info you possess one way or another." He walks closer to him "Please. Lets not let it get that far eh, is everything you told me of Adam all you know?" ((Per & Sub incase he is lying))

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Sub (WP): 3,5,3,5,6,3,

Ravyn -> Blind: She smiles as she notes Daniel come outside and goes perfectly still. Here's the impulsive one...he goes out alone. Another note filed in her brain.

Daniel Young: d10: per + alert: 9,2,7,9,4,

Blind: "I know he worked for some big shot, but he never said who, other than that you got it all. not like it's gonna help ya if he's dead and not like a dead man can feel betrayed, happy?" he stars tom in the eyes, he's wide eyed, maybe he's on something himself from the slight pinking of his whites of his eyes.

Thomas Judge: He keeps that gaze for a few seconds and nods "Did you get a name for this boss, or where he mets 'im?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "I dun know't you guys have against th'folks downstairs and their stuff, or wha' they did t'you, but I sure dun wanna git in your way. My room wouldn't survive." She sighs and moves on to the next room to avoid Sally's mess.

Blind: "never spoke much about the guy, had some real loyalties to him it seemed." he shrugs. "S'll I know bout 'is boss, ya can either trust me or get yer guy in so I start telling lies to get you off my back coz I don't know shit all more."

Sally Baldwin: *She half shrugs* It's not my stuff. *Starting on the next drawer, tossing things over her shoulder since she's alone now*

Thomas Judge: He stands and steps back looking to Keiko "He is tellin' the truth as far as I can tell, lets 'ope the ohters 'ave more luck in room" His eyes flick back to the three guys "Well weddin' we just sit back an relax an the painful part seems over, bravo."

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel looks in the cars nearby on his way to one of the houses with a nosey neighbor and give a knock on their door. after a minute someone scrambles down opening the door "What ya want?" scowls a middle aged man, well built and caucashion with graying short hair.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she nods. Tom's in charge*

Blind: ((people searching please give me Per Investigation rolls))

Ravyn -> Blind: Hmm, this should be interesting. She quirks a brow, watching the interaction quietly. Preparing to move away, if necessary. She needs them to leave so she can see what they've done, how they've interacted, but not at the cost of putting her at risk...

Thomas Judge: He moves back to stand next to Keiko, voice hushed so only she can hear

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: d10: Per + Investigation: 9,5,2,8,7,8,

Keiko Moroboshi: *she'll respond in a whisper*

Sally Baldwin: d10: per, invest.: 1,8,2,2,6,

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel behaves in a friendly manor "Hi, I was just comin over here to talk to my friend and I found him out on the front porch staring blankly like some kinda skitzo or somethin, did you see some guys out here buggin him, maybe pull a gun on him or somethin?"
to which the man responds with: "Look you can fuck off, got no clue, why don't you ask your 'friend'." he says agressivly, moving to slam the door.

Ravyn -> Blind: Silent snickers, shoulders shaking in laughter.

Thomas Judge: Tom moves from by Keiko and goes by the half frozen man, walking around him. He searches his pockets as he does voice dirested to the teenager "Wat was this fella's name again china?"

Blind: "Why do you give a shit?" he says shooting off in an annoyed tone, "You really wanna know, his names erin, don't see how it'll help yer."

Thomas Judge: "Did Erin know Adam well?" He looks over to the 'kid' as it where

Sally Baldwin: *She checks the pockets*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She neatly sets the clothes of a certain drawer aside on the bed, and pulls out the drawer completely from that dresser. She starts to put all the narcotics into the drawer so that she could take them away from the stupid mortals. "Stupid kids. What did they think they were doing? Ugh."

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel : He shoves his foot in the door and puts his hand on his gun but doesn't pull it out "Hold on a second, let's not do something we'll regret... just tell me if you saw someone, which way they mighta went, little description and I'll be on my way."

other guy :He moves to slam the dor again with more force this time on Daniels shoe with the intent to injur no doubt "Get off my property. I didn't see anyone ok?" he yells.

Blind: "No he din't, he was new as it was, only met im once maybe." the adolesnt snarls in reply shrugging. "You ready to fuck off and leave us be now?"

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel: Jerks his foot out frowning "I could make it worth your time if you did see something" Calls out just to be sure.

The door props open slightly and the guy scowls out. but it's a hungry scowl.

Ravyn -> Blind: Oooh...he's rash and quick to use threats of violence, too. EEEEEX-cellent.

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel : His hand relaxes from the gun and his other hand goes back to pull out his wallet "See, we can talk all friendly like... if you saw something"

X : "How much for what I saw?" he growls.

Thomas Judge: He looks over to Keiko "He is hostle ain't he pet." A small shake of his head as he looks over to him "Yer takin' one of yer work mates frozen in place suprisin' well. I'd be more scared about wat did it comin' back, which I doubt it will while we are 'ere so I weddin' we will stay for a tad bit longer."

Sally Baldwin: *It's tossed over her shoulder, and she continues with the third drawer*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Stupid... stupid... stupid... junkie... kids." She slowly packs everything up in the drawer, and with a laboured breath picks up the drawer and starts to carry it downstairs. "Stupid... druggies... why would they... ugh."

Blind: "Yeah well uncuff me an I wont have to worry about it comming back to long, think am staying in this joint after you bunch a polished nosed pricks knows bout it?" he scowls sighs sitting back on his knees.

Keiko Moroboshi: "Yes, he is." *she shakes her head disappointed* "I know I'm more interested in dealing with whatever did that to Erin than I am in turning them in. We're what's standing between it and them. I would think that he would be happy to help us keep him alive."

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel Young -> Blind: "How much depends on what you saw, what kinda details you can remember" Daniel pulls two twenty dollar bills halfway out of his wallet "To begin with, did you see anything? Was it a man, a group of men?"

Blind -> Daniel Young: "Was a group of people, early twenties, three guys and a girl." he mutters putting his hand out.

Blind: d10: For Dan&#;s man sub: 6,4,3,8,

Blind: ((note to self, no "'"s in the action bar))

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan steps down the stairs and shakes her head at the two men handcuffed up, as well as the kid. "I foun' drugs. How'd I git rid of them?" She's carrying a drawer full of narcotics.

Thomas Judge: He looks at the stash "Fuck me, they 'ave been busy. Suggest you bag it up pet, an amount like that can't be flushed down the jon, an can't be put in a bin like."

Sally Baldwin: That's a small fortune right there. *Sighing wistfully, following Johan down with the hoodie still slung over her shoulder*

Blind: The kid mutters to himself when they bring down the stash.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Whatev." She looks at the hostage men, "Where d'you keep your bags?"

Daniel Young: d10: per: 3,5,6,

Thomas Judge: He looks about "So you girls found nothin' out the ordinary, to be expected in a way I weddin'." He puts in another cough thinking about all the events leading up to this. The shooting, the laptop, the enchanted guns, the frozen man.

Ravyn -> Blind: She's perfectly still, holding her breath. Please, buy the lie, please, buy the lie...way too much on the line to lose it now...

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel Young -> Blind: Smiles and hands over the two twenties and pulls another one out "Were they in a car? Which way did they go?"

Blind -> Daniel Young: He licks his lips and snatches the notes "Make it 4 and I'll tell you, twenty only gets you half that."

Sally Baldwin: *She half waves the hoodie* Extra pockets. Big surprise, hey?

Blind: He looks confusedly to Tom "What the fuck were you expectin?"

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel Young -> Blind: Smiles and pulls out five twenties keeping them out of the greedy man's reach, "You tell me what they did to cause him to go all night of the living dead on the front porch and which way they went and a description of their car and you get this hundred"

Blind -> Daniel Young: He licks his lips, sounded like a good deal to him "Ok, They wern't in a car, just walked that way." he points down the street. "The guy saw the girl n went like that, or maybe it was onna the guys I dunno but they didn't do nowt that I could see, s'll I saw now gimmie." he puts his hand out.

Sally Baldwin: Can't we just get rid of them? *Fingers flexing again, looking at the kid, then to Tom*

Thomas Judge: "Put 'em down for now, Daniel might want them as evidence, this is still an investagation."

Blind: d10: Intel law: 5,1,9,9,

Ravyn -> Blind: A slow exhalation. Good. That was almost too close.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan puts the drawer down softly on the ground, not wanting to argue.

Blind: "Yer guy can't use umm, can't cease evidence from a premisis without a warrent." the adolesent snears, the two other guys look to him, and add their agrement with nods.

Sally Baldwin: Just one. Keep the others in line. *Giving Tom a hopeful look*

Thomas Judge: "Only if they pose a threat Sally, which they don't at the moment, thats not wat we do pet, not unless we 'ave to."

Sally Baldwin: Does stupid count as a threat? Because there's a cloying amount of that coming off of them.

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel Young -> Blind: Frowns at the guy "You're telling me he just went into a stupor because he saw a chick standing there, no one pulled a gun on him or anything? I got to tell you, that doesn't sound very likely" He takes a step back from the man watching him.

Blind -> Daniel Young: "Hey fucker they maya done but not from where I could see a'ight? now you owe me the money give it? for all I know she was his misses, don't stop it being what I saw, now give me my due." he opens the door stepping out after daniel.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She glances between Tom and Sally, eyebrow perking up.

Blind -> Ravyn: Daniel Young -> Blind: Pulls his gun out now and aims it at the guy "Weak ass story like that... take that forty and be happy I don't want to kill you and take it back"

Blind -> Daniel Young: "Fucker." he mumbles turning away and heading back towards his home.

Thomas Judge: A small grin but he shakes his head "No, it don't pet." He looks to the door "Wats taking Daniel...Keiko, Johan, you two girls want to 'ave a goosey for 'im?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *she'll push off against the wall and head out to look for Daniel, not a word*

Ravyn -> Blind: She purses her lips. This is getting too ugly...but at least he's violent. That's good to know.

Sally Baldwin: I'm going to assume that on your home planet, that means go look for him. What colour is the sky in your world? *Mostly teasing, giving Tom a quick smile before heading outside*

Blind: Daniel is across the street, gun drawn and pointed at a guy turning away to go back inside the house opposite the one all others are in, as keiko comes out daniel speaks to the man "Keep your shades shut before you see something that ends up getting you killed" and then turns back heading towards the house that the others are in.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Well, as Daniel is coming back, she'll wait for him*

Blind: ((gun is also put away as he steps back and speaks.))

Ravyn -> Blind: She looks over as Keiko and Sally come out...are they getting ready to leave? Or looking for their circlemate? Hmmm...she pays attention to Sally, the one she knows the least about, for the moment.

Daniel Young: Nods to Keiko as he nears the house "I'm going to have a look around the outside of this place then I'll be back in, two minutes"

Keiko Moroboshi: "What happened over there?"

Daniel Young: Shrugs "Guy thought I was delivering his pizza" and he moves on around the side of the house.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she seems skeptical, but doesn't say anything else*

Ravyn -> Blind: Complete stillness once more, when Daniel starts poking around. Ready to act if necessary.

Sally Baldwin: Because pizzas always come disgused as small firearms?

Keiko Moroboshi: *she mumbles under her breath* "Wish he didn't know where I lived..." *probably only Sally can hear it*

Sally Baldwin: You should move. *Nodding sagely*

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Per+Alert(For Keiko): 7,7,8,9,10,9,

Daniel Young: d10: per + alert: 3,10,4,10,8,

Thomas Judge: He smokes his cough and waits for the others.

Keiko Moroboshi: "Can't. I live above my practice." *she frowns* "Only comfort is that I can probably take him out if he causes me problems."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Is there anythin' else here for us?" She asks Tom meekly.

Sally Baldwin: And there can't be enough said for that.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she nods*

Ravyn -> Blind: Ha ha ha...dissention in the ranks. She refuses to allow herself a smirk, though, as Daniel's still looking around.

Thomas Judge: He looks to the frozen guy and a slow shake of his head "I don't think so pet. Not unless you can snap 'im out of his blank state."

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She smiles over at the guy standing still and shrugs, shaking her head. He's toast.

Daniel Young: Walks back in making his way to the living room looks to Tom and shakes his head. He notes the pile of guns and drugs and smirks "Looks like we can put you boys away for a very long time you know?"

Blind: "Ceased from premisis without a warrent, s'll void." the kid says looking up to him.

Thomas Judge: He gestures to the men and steps aside for the 'Detective'. "Are part is done squire, yer call on wat 'appenes now. They 'ave broken the law an shit, no doubt sellin' drugs to kids, to anyone just to make a buck."

Keiko Moroboshi: *If Daniel goes back in, Keiko's following*

Daniel Young: Snickers "You think so huh? You've been watching too much tv kid... for one thing I got the old man on the front porch looking like a zombie, front door wide open. Worried about you I am required by law to come in and check on your well being... serve and protect don't you know? Your friends there pulled the guns, we didn't have to look for them, but of course that act gives us the legal right to search the house for more weapons" He smiles "All nice and legal"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She stares down at the pile of drugs. This represented everything that was wrong with the world in one dresser drawer.

Daniel Young: (Of course, I learned that from watching too much tv LOL)

Blind: d10: Intel law: 2,9,6,3,

Blind: "Yeah, sold, never made no one do nothing, s'gainst the law coz they don't want people to have ne liberty, in't that what this contry's sposed ta be about, bull shit. N'snot against the law to have a gun in your own home for protection asshole."

Daniel Young: (From the description of the guns I didn't take it that they were normal home protection type weapons, shotguns or something, more like assault rifles that would require permits to even own?) Maybe not, but the shit you were brewing on the stove is," Nods to the drawer "That stuff is"

Sally Baldwin: *She gives the kid a smug smirk, pulling ten dollars out of her pocket and tossing it at the kid, then plucking something at random from the drawer and pocketing it instead* Oh look. Money in exchange for goods. *Giving Daniel an impish smile*

Blind: ((just hand guns, if I gave that impreshion I'm not sure how, but appologies for the misunderstanding, pistols, nothing that'd draw attention if carried in a jacket))

Daniel Young: (alright no problem, I probly just drew some kinda conclusion in my head *G*)

Blind: "You gonna run us in get it the hell over with detective." he spits the word detective.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan glances between Daniel and Sally with wide eyes, and then walks over to Tom to whisper in his ear.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she shakes her head a bit looking at her companions*

Daniel Young: Looks oddly at Sally then questioningly to Tom before turning his back to the kid and speaking to Tom "Well these guys aren't giving us any reason to keep them alive, more than anything in the world I hate paperwork. We can just wax em and get outta here and let the cops think it was some rival dealers or something... maybe take old man zombie with us toss him in a cold bath and shove smelling saltz up his nose to see if we can bring him out of this state"

Thomas Judge: He catches Daniels eye with that, a serious note from him "They 'ave told us all they know, unless yer law allows them to be inprisoned they will be going free, but with a caution."

Keiko Moroboshi: *She gives Tom a look indicating INTENSE disapproval at Daniel's suggested action*

Blind: He looks up to tom and johan, he's been trying to pick the powers here, tom seemed to be top and he knew daniel may well kill him or deal with him in some mannor of such, he's betting tom wont. the other two watch the kid and glance at erin and then between the other people in the room.

Daniel Young: Frowns at Tom and breaths deeply "I'm not all that happy about taking them in, I've got reason for coming into the house and the found drugs will get them put away...." He looks meaningfully at the rest of them, Tom, Johan, Sally, Keiko "BUT..."

Daniel Young: "Too many questions could come up about you guys... why the hell are you here? yadda yadda, you know" Looks to Keiko "I wasn't going to kill anyone, just a last chance at gettin them to talk"

Thomas Judge: "But what?"

Thomas Judge: ((DLP))

Daniel Young: (*Points up for the but what*) "If you don't want to kill them I say we just burn their drugs, kick them a few times and get out out here"

Daniel Young: (Out OF here, of course)

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Whatev." The girl in black lipstick walks over and picks up the drawer full of drugs with a small grunt. "I'm takin' the drawer. Sorry." She winces over at the kid and the men. Maybe I'll bring it back after. Why is this world so full of crap?

Blind: "Let us go, not like we're gonna go tell um is it?" he argues. "Give us our guns back, know you ain't gonna give us the stash but oh well, we all walk away our seperate ways, know need even for the kicks, you won."

Blind: (know is no, gah wha, don't even ask)

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan's gun is in with the drugs.

Daniel Young: Chuckles at the kid "We're taking the guns, and the kicks are just for fun. Be quiet you're not part of this discussion"

Thomas Judge: He looks about the rest to see what they think on this

Blind: He glares at daniel but is quiet.

Daniel Young: Looks to Sally, Keiko and Johan to see what they say, stops at Johan and her drawer of drugs "What are you going to do with that?"

Sally Baldwin: *She's obviously in the "kill them all" camp, looking them over as if trying to decide where to begin*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Get rid of them." She blinks.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko has a frown on her face, she's watching Daniel as though she half expects to have to stop him from killing them*

Daniel Young: Gives her a smile and nod "Don't forget the pot that was cookin on the stove"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Oh! Uh, Sally, could you git tha' for me? I can't carry all of this." She looks over toward the girl.

Daniel Young: "It's probably ruined, I'm not an expert on cooking the crap though... I'd suggest just dumping it down the drain" Looks back to Tom "Well?"

Sally Baldwin: *She sighs heavily, and trudges to the kitchen to gather the meth*

Thomas Judge: "We burn the drugs, these folks 'ave done sum nasty shit, but we win't killing them, an I think there is no need to bruise them either, if they don't learn there lesson from this they will be found and punished."

Daniel Young: (*Pushes pulls drags*)

Daniel Young: "Good deal" He walks over and pushes the kid over on his stomach and pats him down to check for more weapons, drugs etc.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She looks down at the drugs, and then glances around the room. How exactly were they planning on burning this stuff?

Daniel Young: Finding nothing he takes the handcuffs off and gives the teen a slap on the head "Straighten up and fly right, next time someone meaner may come in here and leave with a few of your appendages"

Daniel Young: "You just sit your ass still 'til we leave" Pulls his gun but doesn't aim it at anyone and walks back over to stand by Tom.

Daniel Young: (I forget but if no one else has picked up the guns Daniel will)

Blind: "Bet yer mama's prouda you hu?" he growls at daniel. (think tom has two from the guys on the sofa, and johan has one in with the drugs)

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan has one of them, but it's hidden in the drug drawer. No Johan gun for you!

Thomas Judge: ((Tom has two guns))

Blind: He sits back down cross legged looking at them, eyes narrow, like he's trying to commit the faces of the group to memory.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko turns her back on the man inspecting the group and starts out*

Thomas Judge: He looks at the drawer and reaches within himself, channeling the symphony and willing a fire into being

Thomas Judge: d10: Ignite (WP): 5,9,2,1,10,10,

Daniel Young: Smirks "I'm sure mine's not half as proud as yours." With the narrowing stare Daniel's eyes narrow "You eyeballing me boy?"

Blind: ((Just a point, isn't johan still holding said draw?))

Thomas Judge: ((DLP. Can I have a re-cap on where everything is, i thought the drawer was on the floor, now amn hearign it is in Johans hands?))

Keiko Moroboshi: *She goes and gets back into the car*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan is holding the drawer. There is a gun in the drawer. The drawer is full of drugs.

Thomas Judge: ((Get confused...nevermind insert this instead)) "We take the drugs with us, we can sort that later." He also walks to leave

Daniel Young: (Alright)Looks to Johan "Where's the one you got from the kid?"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan follows them out, glad to get out of that trashcan of a house.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "In the drawer."

Daniel Young: Reaches into the drawer to take the gun and put it in the pouch of his hoodie with the other two looking back to the three "Sit" Then he waits for everyone else to leave holding his own gun in his hand before leaving himself.

Sally Baldwin: Come on then. *Carrying the pot out of the kitchen and heading for the door*

Blind: d10: Dex stealth: 6,2,8,6,2,

Blind: Once everyone has left the 'kid' moves to the door quietly and showing as little as he can watches them go.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She doesn't quite like how the killer has all the guns, but she doesn't want to argue.

Thomas Judge: ((No Tom has the other two guns))

Thomas Judge: He puts the saftey on the other gun before he leaves with that also placed with in his hoody

Daniel Young: (O, thought you left em on the couch, either way *G*)

Daniel Young: Follows the others trying to hurry them along, to Sally "Why did you bring the pot? You going to finish making that crap or what?"

Sally Baldwin: Just so they couldn't have it. *Far too gleeful in this slight show of spite*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: Johan is glad as well.

Daniel Young: "Well just dump it in the bushes or something and lets get out of here" Keeps looking behind them to make sure they're not being followed as they make their way over to the next block and his car.

Thomas Judge: "Pour it down the sewer grate am thinkin'"

Ravyn -> Blind: She watches them leave...oh, that would be great. Yeah, throw it in the fucking bushes. Would be just her luck...

Sally Baldwin: *Half a shrug, dumping the fume-y, chunky liquid down the sewer, then tossing the pot in a nearby can that's been set out for trash pickup*

Daniel Young: Once they get in his car Daniel hands the gun he took from Johan's drug drawer to Tom. "What are we going to do with these?" He pops the trunk and tells Johan to put the drawer of drugs in and cover them with something.

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She does so.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she's already in the car, waiting for them*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She gets in the backseat again, behind the driver.

Thomas Judge: "There enchanted sum how, I know a person that owes me a few favours, gonna collect an get them identified an shit."

Daniel Young: Nods to Tom as he fires up the car and pulls off "Alright, I talked to a nosey neighbor when I was outside, he told me there were a few guys and a chick came up to the house just before us, that's when grandpa went all comatose... and they left, walking" Daniel's gonna drive the car down the street the neighbor pointed at (Though I hardly expect to find anything, you never know)

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Faith (Apoc Form): 6,2,5,7,

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Missed a die: 7,

Thomas Judge: He nods to Daniel, more info was better than none, guys and a lass eh. He looks over the rest of them "How did you guys think that went?" Seems to be an open question

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: TracePattern vs.Four: 5,7,3,6,3,1,10,

Ravyn -> Blind: d10: Specialty: 7,

Blind: Driving they don't find anything, whatever said people are long gone it would seem.

Daniel Young: Smirks "Terrible, we didn't get any information, we didn't get to kill anyone, and I still don't know what a thrall is"

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: "Scary." Johan comments quietly from the backseat.

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko is silent. Either she has nothing to say at all, or she has nothing to say right now.*

Thomas Judge: He looks to Daniel, cold blue eys stare into the mans back "We don't kill unless we 'ave to, you just seem like a fucking gun freak, and I don't like it one fucking bit."

Sally Baldwin: You don't have a thrall yet?

Daniel Young: His smirk fades at that "How do I seem like a gun freak? Did I kill anyone? Did I even shoot the gun? It was a joke, ease up chief"

Sally Baldwin: You place far too little value on killing people, Tommy boy.

Thomas Judge: "Robin then." He states.

Thomas Judge: "Where here to 'elp humanity, not kill them off that what fucking ravagers do. Why would we 'ave killed them, 'ate to say it but be pragmatic, everyone that got there drugs from them would find sumwhere else if they died, as bad as the suppliers of drugs are there are always more fuckers, today we 'ad to pick the lesser of two evils"

Keiko Moroboshi: *turns to Sally, her voice is serious, almost harsh* "Taking a human life is not something to be done lightly. I value one of their lives more than I value one of ours. If killing must be done, then do it, but only if there is absolutely no other option."

Daniel Young: Sighs a little and looks back to Tom "Which brings up another point, it's hard to make people think you might just kill them if they don't start talking when half of us are staring angrily at the other half who are talking about doing the killing, I suggest in the future...." He pauses "If a situation like this comes up for you... or us, that the more squeamish leave the interrogation area" Glances at Sally "And I'm not too sure about her"

Blind -> Ravyn: Take it after that she's hopping off.

Sally Baldwin: *She snorts softly, looking out the window*

Johan "Susy Joe" Dorebach: She slumps down in the vehicle and stares out the window.

Ravyn -> Blind: Yep. She's learned more then enough for what she needs to know.

Thomas Judge: "At the lemon I 'ad a lore in effect that would 'ave 'ad them talkin', Johan 'as seen it in affect, unfortantly you keep talkin'and threatenign them, doesn't work like that, we 'ave a lot of nicks in the machine as it were, they need to be oiled."

Daniel Young: Not finding anyone down the street that seems to fit the guys and a chick description Daniel sighs again "Well tell me about these tricks... Lore's so I know next time. And I got one more idea where we can find a lead possibly"

Thomas Judge: "Well the hint they gave was machines, wats yer lead?"

Daniel Young: "The coffee shop where Adam was shot, the computer was in their place... maybe we should go back to where this all started"