Thomas Judge: He is sat on the couch, cough in hand eyes closed For the moment breathing steady. There was only two solutions, repent and be saved or become a threat to humanity which he swore to protect, the devil in him saw the black and white it was the human that got blinded in the grey. So the being that cast the first red dawn down upon the world before even life began pushes that humanity down just a little bit father. There was right, wrong and there was punishment. He hoped she could be saved. Why did all the slayers that he has ever met always fall to the darkness.... maybe he could never understand, they were the seventh house, so far from him it, so very far...

This a more was circulating through his mind as he waited for her to arrive.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she's wherever Tom has told her to be, out in the open, hiding, whatever. She'll also be silent*

Thomas Judge: She is in the open, he is not willing to suprise one of his own not like that. Keiko must know even more than him, I mean they gave life, made it, formed it up out of lots of little pieces and breathed life into it. He only watched in wonder and awe.

Sally Baldwin: *Knocking, mind a million miles away as she waits*

Thomas Judge: He stands the candle flames moving as he does, they all seem to be burning low at the moment, but like they may explode at any minute. He checks through the peephole and opens the door "Evein' Sal, come in pet, you 'member Keiko right?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko will nod her head in greeting to Sally, she's completely silent*

Sally Baldwin: Hey. *Nodding to both of them, stepping into the apartment*

Thomas Judge: He shuts the door behind her, a msall click of the lock. "'ave a pew pet, 'ow you been since the other day." He gestures to a seat.

Sally Baldwin: Fine... *On guard when the door is locked behind her, eyes scanning the room quickly before she perches on the edge of a chair*

Keiko Moroboshi: *she's as relaxed as Sally's seen her (which doesn't say much) in a seat somewhere, but she stays silent. Tom's in charge, after all*

Thomas Judge: He takes a seat and sits back into it "We need to 'ave a chat Sal, an I think you know why" Voice is calm but carries in it undertones an air of authority to it. He suspects she might respond badly to it but the point won't be made through idle chit chat.

Sally Baldwin: *She doesn't appreciate it, surely. Her posture changes from that of a teenage slump to something more defensive* Do we?

Thomas Judge: He nods "Yes, we do." His own voice changing, it is now that of the Angel. That amazing sound like a hundred people talking at once, such power. "You killed somebody. The first one by your own statement. Now, I want to hear your story, try to understand why." He sits back hands come together in front of him, chin rested on his thumbs, fingers over his lips.

Sally Baldwin: It was her time. *Gaze even on his*

Keiko Moroboshi: *watches them speak*

Thomas Judge: "That was an excuse I gave you." Gaze met back "Not one you gave me, you merely agreed when I said it, possibly as a easy way out of the conversation. Then later when your guard was down after we debated on the times before you let slip that 'This was only the first you presume to much.'" His head tilts slightly "You have been having urges to kill somebody for sometime, we talked about this, I have tried to help you through this. May I ask what a human life means to you, and be honest, no lies or deceit, I wish to know how you see them."

Sally Baldwin: They're ungrateful. You know that yourself.

Keiko Moroboshi: "They have forgotten, and do not know to be grateful. That is not their fault." *quietly*

Sally Baldwin: They choose not to be grateful. For anything.

Thomas Judge: He nods over to Keiko "She got it right." He looks back to Sally "An because there ungrateful, that is a good enough reason to push them on. I remember when a slayer only had to move on everything but humanity, for before the fall they were immortal. I clearly remember the Slayers feeling betrayed and wounded wher they learnt they would have to take the souls of those they loved as much as the word." A moments pause "Everyone is different however, did you enjoy it, killing?"

Keiko Moroboshi: "There are enough who are grateful to something that there is still hope."

Sally Baldwin: I did, yes. *Careful with tense now* But there was a war. Things were different.

Thomas Judge: "Did you enjoy taking that mortals life?"

Sally Baldwin: Before.

Thomas Judge: "So the life you took in the park brought you no satisfaction, would you say you felt guilt for your actions." She didn't seem to one bit.

Sally Baldwin: I realized after we spoke that what I did was wrong. *Putting on a sincere smile*

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Sub (WP): 4,6,8,9,6,4,

Thomas Judge: A single eyebrow twitches slightly "What you did was wrong. However, though I believe your not lying, I do sense something not quite right there. I would surmise that you realised what you did was wrong by 'moral' standards?" He stands pulling out a cough as he does and placing it in his lips, though the angel may speak the human still urges. "The circle is about protecting humanity. Not all fallen wish to do this, some just seek there own existence in the world amongst them, be them Cryptic or Faustian. This I have no problem with, however when fallen have urges to kill humanity I do have serious issues with, a path I feel your dangerously close to falling down." He lights the cough taking that first drag “I understand your arrival in this world was hard and you already lost hosts. I understand that before the fall that you craved power, by any means. You have a chance to better yourself, much like I said before.”

Sally Baldwin: Yes. What I did was wrong. *Telling you, that is* Humanity needs to be protected. *Except for the stupid and annoying ones. Makes the ten that will be left so much easier to take care of. She nods slowly, eyes flickering to the cigarette, then back to his* You never longed for power. It was the right of your creation.

Thomas Judge: "Yes, I was content because I knew my place Satarel. I could have had more power but I knew who I was, I was a solider in the battle of humanity, we were creatures of order, we did what we were told to do, even after the word cast us down and we split into the Legions, we still rang of order. That was then this is now and we are so very different past sins can be forgotten and a new place made, when we first met you were trying everything, beer, ice cream, in essence finding your way, quite happy in some places, now whenever I see you are sour, looking at humanity like a toy, a plaything. A death of a mortal currently rests in your hands, I will not let you kill more unjustly." Eyes’ growing colder now, candles fires flaring slightly

Keiko Moroboshi: "Not all who were made to stand at the bottom longed for positions at the top."

Sally Baldwin: He never stood at the bottom. *Attention turned to Keiko now* Did you?

Keiko Moroboshi: "Yes. I was one of the least of my House, and have never longed for more. If I seem to stand higher now, it is merely because there is no one else to stand here. If there were, I would step down."

Thomas Judge: He goes silent for the moment listening.

Sally Baldwin: Well, not everyone can be ambitious, can they?

Keiko Moroboshi: "It is a question of knowing ones abilities and knowing where they can best be used. The trouble is when people attempt to overstep their abilities and do things they are not capable of doing. Attempting to seize a rank higher than that which they can handle."

Sally Baldwin: And I've not done that.

Thomas Judge: "There is nothing wrong with ambition Sally. Killing for it is very different however."

Keiko Moroboshi: "I would advise you to be wary of doing so. Those who allow themselves to be controlled by ambition often make that mistake." *she then looks to Tom. His turn to do things, she's said her piece*

Sally Baldwin: They're like all of the other animals. They need thinned out to ensure that the strong survive.

Thomas Judge: He looks down at Sally's statement and shakes his head "No they are not, they are our children not lambs to the slaughter!" Voice growing anger now, eyes starting to glow reddish yellow all the fires burning brightly "Animals I could deal with, as wrong as it would have been I could have managed with that, tried to be understanding however the killing of innocent mortals will not be tolerated period!" He puts out his cough "Your statement sounds like a human dictator of not so long back, his name was Hitler...he was mortal however and as such humanity dealt with him, you however are fair higher then them, you must be to forget your place so. As such this cannot be judged by humanity."

Sally Baldwin: So you would accept were I thinning the four legged animals. The truly innocent. But because I removed a ~human~ you have issue with me? An ingrate, not an innocent. *She doesn't back down from his gaze, though she does move a bit as if getting ready to flee*

Thomas Judge: He steps forward just out of her arms reach those eyes meeting hers and see can see the fire burning there, the power and the flames dying to burn..."The animals have no souls. They were not his perfect creation and you know it” He notes the shuffling “If you flee now I will see it as a sign of guilt, you will not make it out alive, this I guarantee you." He means it "So we only have two options available, I wish to help you, or to try to, to see them as they are, yes there is a lot of wrongness out there, but they are lost souls, they have been without our guidance, but we can save them, save them all. And we can't do that by just killing the ones we don't like but healing them. I have felt that urge, called them monkeys, but only in anger and there is a difference between thinking and doing."

Sally Baldwin: Only because you can't.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she watches the two of them, very carefully, as though waiting for something*

Thomas Judge: "I could burn them to ashes in seconds, and this conversation is drawing to a close, you have shown me no reason to try and help you or the fact you even realise why what you did was wrong." He stands straight now "Do you have anything to add?" Maybe her last lifeline here

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko slowly rises to her feet, and tenses up.*

Sally Baldwin: Add? *Standing as well, several inches shorter than he is*

Thomas Judge: "Do you feel anything for what you did?"

Sally Baldwin: Of course.

Thomas Judge: "What" Responses colder from him now, more direct

Sally Baldwin: I am regretful. *Meeting his gaze again, composure rebuilt*

Thomas Judge: d10: Per & Emp (WP): 5,2,5,2,9,10,

Thomas Judge: "And what do you regret, killing the man or getting caught?" There will be no word plays, no letting goes on simple statements, he will have the truth!

Sally Baldwin: I regret that you find my sincerity in our cause lacking.

Thomas Judge: "I would have understood if they had threatened you, tried to mug you or attacked you, made you have to act in self defence or for pursing justice for another soul as sometimes we have to step over that line and do the right thing, but from what I can gather this poor soul happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when you chose them, do you understand, we -do- not kill for killing sake, that is a line we don’t cross and you did, that is the way of torment and destruction, that is when we send you back to hell" He takes a breath, taking a moment to look at Keiko "What do you think Keiko, can she be saved?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *she frowns* "I am not sure. She seems so show little of what seems like general remorse...but like killing a human, this is essentially a permanent decision. I do not feel entirely competent to make such a judgment."

Sally Baldwin: And if it was for another soul? Not that you've taken the time to find out why.

Keiko Moroboshi: ((general=genuine))

Thomas Judge: "I asked before, and you never answered. At the scene, I asked why, and you never replied, please enlighten me then, and stop being so suspisious." A raised eyebrow, waiting.

Sally Baldwin: Why which? That one, or any of the others? *Clearly toying with him now, struggling for the upper hand* What story would set your troubled mind to rest?

Thomas Judge: d10: Cha & intimidation: 8,3,8,7,6,8,

Thomas Judge: "ENOUGH!" It booms from his mouth, the CrimsonStar certainly not willing to be toyed with after all this

Thomas Judge: "Now you will listen to me Slayer, and listen wisely, for you are about to be judged for your actions as your obvious toying has been the last straw in this, I have been nothing but understanding and you have given me nothing but apathy, the seriousness of this has not yet dawned on you but it should be doing about now. All are accountable for there sins even the word!"

Sally Baldwin: And who are you to judge me? We're ~freed~ now, Devil.

Sally Baldwin: *She looks away from him, unable to hold his gaze any longer, eyes focusing on the door instead*

Keiko Moroboshi: "Freed from Hell and freed from morality are two very different things. Which do you feel free from?" *her voice has an edge to it now, she's not being the quiet little Japanese woman, but rather the warrior Scourge*

Keiko Moroboshi: *seeing Sally's gaze, Keiko will move to block the door, even if it is locked*

Thomas Judge: "I'am the CrimsonStar, I'am your leader and as such it is my resposibilty to hold court, without punishment and order choas would ensue."

Sally Baldwin: You're not fit to judge me. I've done nothing wrong!

Thomas Judge: "You have offered nothing to even seem worthy to be spared and even in the face of death you toy and mock, and it will not be stood for, do you understand. You are now just stalling for time or have been to stupid to see where this was leading, there is no place to run, repent and you may yet be saved, if you cannot then it is time for you to go home Satarel"

Keiko Moroboshi: ((BRB))

Keiko Moroboshi: ((back))

Thomas Judge: d10: Faith: 9,6,9,

Sally Baldwin: *Her eyes narrow at the use of her name, cool and collected a moment later* So it's as simple as that? Confess my sins, and the mighty CrimsonStar will offer forgiveness?

Thomas Judge: His shadow reaches up to the heavens, two wings showing on that shade as it looks up almost in defiance before Tom bursts into flames, his mortal body consumed in a blink of the eye, but from the ashes a new form grows, much like the phoenix from legend he is reborn through the ashes. His height increases to about 7ft, his hair grows and falls to the ground, it's black red glittering like the stars, those blue eyes turn into a golden fire, burning brightly as the spark of creation still lingered there, a red halo of flames appears around his head so deep in crimson it is like the rising of a red dawn, there combined light so bright that but for a moment you are blinded. His body glows with an inner fire as his face becomes bolder and sculpted but yet also proud and noble with a look of honour, righteousness and so very handsome. His skin takes on a golden bronze appearance, glittering with his own light, muscles forming and growing making him seem like the beings of legend. Vestments and armour form around him, angelic scriptures appear across them, marks of honour and bravery moving even as the eyes watch. Two flaming wings erupt from his back folding in around him though made of fire they neither burn, nor seem solid more like an echo from the past, the heat in the area increases and his armour is bright…his hands appear different however, black veins show on them and large demonic claws are where his nails should be, lava seeming to pool up beneath them like a volcano. His tongue almost seems more serpentine that normal as well curling from his mouth.

Ravyn: ((Here when you need me, guys. *S*))

Sally Baldwin: d10: faith: 10,6,7,4,

Sally Baldwin: *She’s taller suddenly. Slimmer. Certainly more beautiful. Her skin pales to a flawless alabaster, almost glowing against the backdrop of blue black raven’s wings that appear and lie crossed across her back like a soft, feathery shawl. Her eyes are somehow the same colour, looking almost through him rather than at him. Everything about her glows with some sort of ethereal essence as she holds her ground against him*

Keiko Moroboshi: *she sighs, people are going all impressive, guess she'll have to join them and only look slightly less...well, less than them*

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Faith: 9,6,7,

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko’s body blushes with health, and grows bigger. She now stands at five feet and eight inches tall, with significantly more muscle mass and the look of a real athlete. Her clothing transforms to green kimono, with holes in the back, from which unfold large, feathered wings that look like they could be from an owl, only significantly larger. They are currently folded behind her to take up as little room as possible*

Jamal the CrimsonStar: He nods to her "Then judgement will be passed, I see you as a threat to humanity and as such we must do what we have always done and defend them." ((Innit?))

Snow: ((Aaaah the winged masses *Snickers*))

Ravyn: ((Which, I assume, is now. *G* It's initative time, boys and girls.))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Initiative: 9,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: ((16 with bonuses from apocalyptic form))

Mahzian: d10: Initiative: 2,

Satarel: d10: init: 5,

Mahzian: ((9 with apoc stuff))

Satarel: ((10))

Ravyn: ((StreamLined Combat, you all know the rules. Declare then roll in order slowest to fastest, resolved in the correct order. Declaration order is Mahzian, Satarel, and then Jamal.))

Mahzian: *Mahzian attempts to make contact with Satarel so that she can use the Lore of Awakening to harm Satarel* ((roll Dex+Brawl to make contact?))

Mahzian: d10: Dex+Brawl: 5,4,7,2,9,3,

Satarel: *Hand reaching out to touch Jamal, readying Decay*

Satarel: d10: dex, brawl (WP): 5,8,2,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: The CrimsonStar is not wanting this to turn into a long drawn out fight with a Slayer, he has seen what Sotiterael's touch could do, he goes to slice her with his claws and channels faith into his movements moving like a blur of burning flames ((Spending two faith for two extra actions, as per Extra Actions low torment ability, so one at Initiative 15 and the other at Initiative 14))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Dex & Brawl (WP): 5,2,8,8,5,3,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Dex & Brawl: 8,7,4,3,6,6,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Dex & Brawl: 6,10,5,4,5,2,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Damage (Agg): 4,9,2,5,4,4,3,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Damage (Agg): 8,8,4,6,2,7,3,2,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Damage (Agg): 6,5,1,8,3,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: (( 6 Agg))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: ((Sorry missed one off for the last Damage will roll one dice))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Damage (Agg): 7,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: ((7 Agg sorry))

Ravyn: ((Sorry, guys...I'm looking at something at the moment. Everyone hold up, please.))

Ravyn: ((Okay, now that I've overcome the MASSIVE SHOCK of the incredibly unbalancing power of extra actions...for the sake of Crossover balance, extra actions will occur at the end of the round, just like Celerity and Rage. Thus, all actions go off. One sec, while I recap.))

Ravyn: ((Okay. Guys? Sorry, I'm off my game here tonight. But if you're just touching someone to use a Lore, you don't have to roll Dex+Brawl. Please, just roll your Lores.))

Mahzian: d10: Stamina+Medicine(WP): 4,6,4,3,6,6,6,

Satarel: ((well hell. *s* okay))

Mahzian: ((5 successes on high torment Lore of Awakening 3. That's a temp Torment for me and Sat loses 5 stamina for the next 3 days...should be in a coma))

Satarel: d10: sta+med (wp): 6,1,5,5,5,

Ravyn: RECAP: Jamal's first strike tears through the air, hitting Satarel ((1 Agg)); she returns with grabbing Jamal and decaying him ((1 Agg)). Meanwhile, Mahzian grabs hold of the Slayer and infuses her with sickness, and she drops to the ground. ((Jamal, if you want to keep your actions as is, say so...with the change in how everything went, you can act differently, now.))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: ((He will keep them as they were.))

Ravyn: RECAP EXTRA ACTIONS: Jamael proceeds to tear into Satarel, bringing the girl...well, even more Incapacitated. ((End of Round 1: Satarel at 7 Agg, Jamal at 1 Agg, Mahzian uninjured.))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: ((Come out of Innit if she is in a coma from Mahzian attack?))

Ravyn: ((Well, and Incapacitated. But yeah, sounds good.))

Mahzian: *she looks to Jamal* "Did she injure you?"

Jamal the CrimsonStar: He doesn't hear Mahzian right now, though his golden skin is blacken where she gripped him, instead he looks to the Fallen laid in a what to his senses now is a tiny building with walls that might as well be paper "This was not a fitting end." He kneels by her body as those amazing eyes close as he brings two fingers to his mouth blood running down them still as he kisses them and places it over Satarel's lips. -Enochian-"I'am sorry sister." He looks up to Mahzian only regestering what she said "It can wait, she still clings to life, we must send her on."

Mahzian: *she nods, and to herself, as though remembering something very, very distant from her current state* "Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God." *she pauses* "She will die within the hour, it is best we hasten it, and have mercy upon her body that we cannot afford to have for her soul."

Mahzian -> Ravyn: d10: Conscience: 3,9,9,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: "The question, will hell pull her back, or will she stay." He places his hand over her chest

Mahzian: *she closes her eyes* "If she stays, then I will find her, and next time we can be prepared to not allow her a means to escape."

Jamal the CrimsonStar: He nods to Mahzian and plunges his claws deep into Satarel's body.

Jamal the CrimsonStar: ((do you want a roll for that?))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Dex & Brawl: 6,1,7,3,8,4,

Jamal the CrimsonStar: d10: Damage (Agg): 8,9,4,4,3,2,

Ravyn: And Saterl expires, her form coalescing and rising out of her body, which returns to Sally's shredded form.

Ravyn: ((Anyone attempting to consume, roll Faith. Sally, resist with your Torment or your Faith, whichever is higher. And if we can finish this up quickly so I can go and do some things, I'd appreciate it.))

Mahzian: *not attempting to consume*

Jamal the CrimsonStar: He looks to her spirit as it rises up, those golden eyes taking in her form as he stands "Do not return to this place, I will not take your soul."

Satarel: ((sooooo on the search for a new host))

Satarel: d10: WP: 8,1,6,2,5,

Ravyn: Satarel's ghostly form whisks away, on the search for a new host.

Ravyn: ((And will cover the rest with folks, carry on. *S*))

Jamal the CrimsonStar: ((And for the Angels left with the body of sally we are pausing because Judas needs the sleep. Bunny, Jano and Rav, thanks guys that was a good scene.))

Satarel: ((thanks :) that was great.))

Mahzian: ((Damn Mahzian and her "I'm not eating her" thing *G* But yes, the pausing. Thanks for the scene all *waves*))

Ravyn: ((Thanks, guys.))