Indira Milan: The sound of Light steps echo against the alleyways. The careful thud of boot heels on hard cement. The soft whisper of silk and linen. A sultry voice, gentle but dark. An enchanting song, in perfect timing to her steps. Around the corner steps Indira. The five foot eleven, Syrian woman walks into view. Her face is sculpted of high cheekbones, smooth lines and skin that's dusky hued, soft and smelling faintly of roses. Dark Mist colored eyes are outlined in thick black shadow, with a dusting of blue or green to bring attention to their shine and glitter. The colors swirl and shimmer, as if it were truly mist. For a moment you swear her hair is pitch black, then the light catches it. It's a black base, but it was dyed a green hue. But on her, it's exotic and gorgeous. The colours melting into the black strands without any trouble. Her smile is distant but gentle. A black ribbon is tied around her throat; A white button up shirt hugs her frame, paired with low hip hugging black pinstripe pants. A long black coat is the final touch to the outfit, big enough to hide something, but small enough to still look good. [Distinguishing Characteristic: Tribals face, neck etc. Angelic Gaze: Mist] She moves languidly into the resturant, looking around to be seated.

Burnham Vaul: Burnham follows her in. His hair is blonde. His skin is naturally quite pale and face handsome in a classic way but nothing special. He is slightly taller than average, his shoulders broad and his build athletic, slim and toned. He is built like an acrobat, pared down and wiry rather than possessing big bulging muscles. Where he becomes remarkable is in his dress sense, and demeanour. He is always dressed to the nines, his clothes sharply pressed, expensive and fashionable. His hair is always perfect, and he brings new depths to the term 'metrosexual'. His skin is smooth and unblemished, and his teeth are gleaming white and perfectly straight. even his nails are manicured and immaculate. He is currently looking.. twitchy. He is playing with a lighter in one hand, and he scans the restaurant before practically running to a ciggarette machine in the back.

Indira Milan: She eyed the man behind her for a moment. Before she sat down at a table. Setting a small bag next to her chair and rolling her eyes over the menu. She doesn't mind the looks she gets from the patrons - any one would get them if they had one side of their face etched with black ink. She merely smiles.

Burnham Vaul: (( ))

Burnham Vaul: When he reaches the machine, he searches his pockets, and his shoulders fall. Muttering under his breath he looks around, and when he thinks noone is looking, he mimes putting coins into the slot.

Indira Milan: She watched him quietly, over the top of the menu, ordering a cola for the moment, no ice.

Burnham Vaul: d10: int+craft: 8,6,2,8,10,3,

Burnham Vaul: d10: int+craft: 5,1,2,6,9,6,

Burnham Vaul: a word under his breath, and the machine spits out two boxes of ciggarettes. ((roll per+awareness))

Burnham Vaul: ((dunno why it rolled twice, but oh well))

Indira Milan: d10: Per+Aware: 10,5,2,9,2,

Burnham Vaul: He takes the boxes and unwraps one with shaky hands, lighting up and taking a long, deep drag. Even as the smoke fills his lungs he seems to relax.

Alister Kurth: He steps into the place pushing the door wide and glances around the place pushing the glaces back to sit at the top of his nose as he does so.

Alister is average height and build, Dark black hair lies flat against his head and blue eyes sparkle with life behind thin rimmed glasses that frame his face. He has a angular face and his nose is somewhat crooked. He wears a white tshirt and a black hooded top over it, the hood down. The top has the NIN logo on the front but otherwise is just black. He’s got on black jeans that have faded to grey at the knees and a pair of black trainers.

Indira Milan: (sorry was afk) She eyed Burnham with a curious smirk. Then shook her head laughing pointedly at him.

Baby Death:
The front door opens not long after Alister steps in, and in steps the girl, eyes alert with a intensely curious little smile on her face. She looks around with kohl-rimmed eyes, as if looking for something, as she makes her way past the front door.

What’s this...a Neil Gaiman character come to life? Might as well be...if they were casting the part of Death in a Sandman movie, she would certainly be it. She stands at about 5’9”, maybe 110-115 pounds. Black hair and white-face certainly give the slightly tacky illusion of a corpse...the hallmark of the gothic lifestyle, of course. She’s really got the look down, right to the curly-Q drawn in eyeliner coming from the outside corner of the right eye. She’s dressed in a black tank-top, matching jeans, hip-huggers, and Doc Martins. A girl’s black formal jacket and a parasol completes the look, along with black lipstick. Her eyes, a soft brown, carry a keen intelligence and a biting wit, as well as a deep, deep sadness at something unsaid. Goth girls of the world, unite! Here is your Queen!

Alister Kurth: ((2 sux would only give her the general direction of the emination not the exact source, 'someone in that corner/area' not 'him'))

Burnham Vaul: Burnham notices the laughter, but doesnt seem disturbed byu it. he finishes his first cigarette and starts on the second even as he walks accross the restauraunt. "I am a victim to my addictions my dear." He addresses Indira as if talking to a friend, and smiles companionably.

Indira Milan: A slender hand gestures to the chair oppisite her, if he wants to sit. "Slaves to such addictions cause all kinds of bad health issues later on"

Burnham Vaul: "I dont think i will have to worry too much. something else is bound to kill me first." He sits, his easy, somewhat rakish smile brightening somewhat, as if the concept of death amused him. "Burnham Vaul. Pleasure to meet your aquaintance."

Burnham Vaul: ((i LOVE Niel Gaiman.. Good Omens and Neverwhere respectively are my favourite books))

Baby Death:
((Gaiman = God. *G*))

Indira Milan: "Really? How morbid" she said with a soft smirk, as if she found the morbidness amusing. "Indira Milan. A pleasure indeed"

Indira Milan: (*saw Gaiman upclose and personal. Loves Neverwhere the show and book, all his books and Mirrormask*)

Indira Milan: (yah. total Gaiman fangirl. *drools*)

Alister Kurth: he pulls is wallet from his pocket and moves to a table sitting down,and tapping the table with his middle fingure waiting to be surved. scanning over the menue half heartedly and scanning the room.

Burnham Vaul: He sits gracefully, slipping a bag off of his shoulder and carefully placing it in his lap. ((do enhanced items also set off awareness checks? or is taht only when they are used?))

Baby Death: She glances around a moment, and hums a bit as she makes her way to a table nearby. The parasol is set aside, and she slips into the booth, feet laying along the length of it. She pulls out a clove and places it between black-adorned lips, lighter produced seemingly from nowhere, flicked to life, and placed to the end of the cigarette to spark it to life.

Baby Death: ((Yes, Burnham. At the level of success you've got, it's diff 7.))

Indira Milan: Indira plucked the glass from the table and sipped the cola. Running an idle finger over one of the lines on her face, scratching faintly. It still itched a bit.

Alister Kurth: d10: Per Aware: 2,5,2,5,1,

Alister Kurth: He closes his eyes for a moment before leaning forwards, he grasps the bridge of his nose as his glasses tumble off a sharp intake of breath.

Baby Death: d10: Per+Aware: 8,6,5,4,9,7,8,

Indira Milan: She's focused on Burnham, glass settling back on the table top as she looks up. "What brings you here?"

Baby Death:
Her eyes are drawn straight to Burnham, a delciate black brow arched. She grins a little bit, shaking her head. "Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy..."

Burnham Vaul: "My habit mostly" he indicates his cigarette. "Needed a smoke something terrible."

Indira Milan: "Ahh and you can't get them anywhere else?" a sly smirk, misty eyes mirthful. [brb afk]

Alister Kurth:
He groans and waves at the nearest waitress "Can I get a glass of watter please?" when asked he'd like he shakes his head "Just water for now thanks," he says through gritted teeth.

Baby Death: ((Perfect timing. :P I'll BRB, too.))

Indira Milan: (back)

Burnham Vaul: Burnham for his part glances accross the menu and orders a fillet steak, and a glass of red wine.

Indira Milan: She ordered a grilled chicken and a refill on her soda.

Alister Kurth: He lies his head down on the table,forehead and nose touching it. and mutters someting to himself.

Burnham Vaul: When the wine comes, he sips.. swallows it as if it tastes rancid, winces and sends the rest back. "Its bloody vinegar. get me an 85, that was a much better year."

Indira Milan: She shook her head to the side. "Wine too. Bah. It's only good once a day with dinner. Healthy that way too."

Alister Kurth:
He takes the wate when it's brought and drinks half the glass rubbing his temples ad glancing over the menue again ordering chips and a burger and paying for it, before glancing around again looking slightly annoyed.

Burnham Vaul: "Hah. well, i have been away for a long time. i have a thirst for the finer things." He sips the replacement wine, and seems mollified, if only barely. "Wine here is awful. I should have brought some with me."

Burnham Vaul: His accent is english, and aristocratic in the extreme.. he sounds like he is constantly yawning.

Indira Milan: "Where are ya from?" lifting a brow

Indira Milan: (oh yeah NOW you post that. make my poor girl souind like an idiot]

Baby Death: She grins a little bit and watches Burnham, a brief glance to Indira, too. She's be no means being subtle about it, though, all eyes on the man as the sweet smell of clove smoke rises from her mouth.

Alister Kurth: d10: Per alert: 7,5,9,

Burnham Vaul: His eyebrow raises and he looks at her frankly. "Hell." He sips his wine, savouring it skeptically, as if it were the most normal thing in the world for him to say, before cracking a smile. "Or close as you can get on this planet anyway." His eyes twinkle. "i am from London. most reently anyway. before that i was a country lad."

Alister Kurth: he rubs his temles and scoops his glasses back off the table looking around, a few pauses as he looks around before he closes his eyes. taking a deep breath.

Burnham Vaul: d10: per+alertness: 5,10,9,7,

Indira Milan: [ten minute warning] She giggled softly "Me too." she smirked gently before she looked up "Damascus, Syria here"

Baby Death:
"Oh, for Gaiman's sake," she mutters under her breath, chuckling as she hears Burnham.

Indira Milan: "I believe Syria is a bit more hellish than London"

Burnham Vaul: He notices the strange girl staring at her, and stares back for a moment, seemong somewhat horrified. He makes a little shoo gesture at her and then looks back at Indira. Tattoos he can handle, full blown goth attire he seemingly cant.

Burnham Vaul: "Hmm.. depends on your picture of hell." Another sip of wine.

Indira Milan: Tattoos and a business suit. A delicate balance.

Burnham Vaul: ((lol.. i love playing this guy. he is such a snobby bastard lol.))

Indira Milan: A coy look downwards. "This is true. I have no desire to elaborate on my vision of hell. Syria is just no fun to live in"

Burnham Vaul: "And neither is london. at least not once the sharks smell blood that is. And even before that it is a bleak, grey place. Little craftmanship, and no pride."

Indira Milan: "Desert. Civil unrest. Terror. Not fun either. But I should be getting on with my night." She slid a thin card his way. "Keep in touch, yes?"

Baby Death:
She sticks her tongue out at Burnham when he shoo's at her. "Subtlety is a fine art lost on the fucking city," she says to herself.

Alister Kurth: He rubs his eyes and picks up the glass again taking a more reserved mouthful of it before setting it back down with a sigh.

Burnham Vaul: "Yes,i believe i shall.." He takes the card and slips it into his pocket. His steak arrives, and he tucks in with relish, apparently not being even nearly so reserved about american steak as he is about their wine.

Alister Kurth: He picks at his chips when they arrive, seemingly not all that interested in eatting.

Indira Milan: She bowed her head to him, sliding to her feet. Dropping cash on the table for her uneaten meal before gliding out.

Burnham Vaul: ((meh.. i may need to go down to the store fairly soon.. will be about half an hour if i do.))

Indira Milan: [Root Canal Time. Wee]

Burnham Vaul: He eats his meal and while he does so he glances around the place, his gaze always ending up on the strange gothy girl.. curiosity is a powerful thing.

Baby Death: Indira
gone, she rises from her seat and makes her way over to Burnham's table. She drops down across the table from him, smirking. "You, my friend, need to learn a little in the ways of the slick and the smooth."

Thaddeous Malvoe: * An athleticly built black man with ebony colored skin and short, fuzzy b lack hair. Dark brown eyes and several tattos on his upper torso. Five feet and ten inches tall. The tats are all in blues and reds and would seem to be gang related except for one. The one depicts an eagle with a trident in one talon and a flintlock in the other. He is dressed in a baby blue tracksuit and a black watchcap. *

Thaddeous Malvoe: {{ Color }}

Thaddeous Malvoe: {{ Grrr, color }}

Burnham Vaul: He swallows his mouthful and looks at the goth "Oh?" There is amusement in his voice, but also a hint of reserve.. As if he senses there is apoint to this conversation beyond the apparent.

Thaddeous Malvoe: * The man makes his way inside from off the street and ignores the sign that tells him to wait to be seated. Instead he turns left and sets out across the dining room to find his own table. *

Alister Kurth: He takes another drink of water and a bite from the burger and runs his free hand back through his hair.

Burnham Vaul: ((all this talk of food is making me mighty hungry lol))

Baby Death: "Yep." She nods. "You're likely to find your ass sent back home, you keep those kinds of neon signs going. And I don't mean the Hell that is London."

Thaddeous Malvoe:
* He flips open a menue, but the truth is that the eyes search over the other customers. *

Burnham Vaul: "Yes.. I follow you. however i carry this out of neccesity. it is awaiting delivery." He pats his bag, and the shoebox-like object it contains.

Alister Kurth: He pushes the unfinshed food away from himself and takes another sip of the water swirling it in the glass.

Burnham Vaul -> Baby Death: ((excactly how narrowed down did she get it/ is she able to tell if it is the box or not?))

Baby Death: "Awaiting deliver--" She blinks, and tilts her head, watching him for a moment. "Oh. Oh. That's just...that's just brilliant. Are you fucking shitting me?"

Thaddeous Malvoe: d10: per/awar: 6,8,5,

Baby Death -> Burnham Vaul:
((She got 4 successes, she knows exactly where it's coming from, i.e. inside the box. Of course, Burnham doesn't know that. *G*))

Alister Kurth: He mumbles something to himself looking through the glass at them, matching them and watching the water spin in the glass.

Burnham Vaul: "In house delivery." Burnham now sounds slightly offended. "What kind of fool do you take me for?" His ire fades as quickly as it appeared however, and he offers her a chair. "Pray, suspend jdgement until you at least know my bloody name."

Thaddeous Malvoe: * The dark eyes shift to Burnhams table curriously as he shifts his weight on the chair. *

Burnham Vaul -> Baby Death: Okay, well he is packing more than whats in the box. , but what is in the box is part of it.

Baby Death: "What makes you think I don't know your name already? And if you're doing it 'in-house'..." She does the little quote marks with her fingers when she says in-house. "'re even fucking dumber then I thought."

Burnham Vaul: Burnhams eyes darken, and he rises slowly. "I am not a fool. and you would do well to keep a civil tongue." He puts the strap over his shoulder, and drops the money on the table. "Few know me and even fewer are in a position to judge my actions. i very much doubt that you are one of those."

Burnham Vaul -> Baby Death: Im guessing that she is "sol"?

Baby Death -> Burnham Vaul: ((Sol?))

Baby Death: "Civil tongue, my ass.
Proves that you don't know me. Yet." She grins widely. "You're a moron...Burnham. Luckily, the way you're going on, you won't be a moron for long. You'll be a prison bitch again." She reaches across the table and stabs her clove into his steak, extinguishing it there. "See you around." And she rises to go.

Thaddeous Malvoe: * The man stands casualy, thoughts of food forgotten. *

Burnham Vaul: "Somehow i have a feeling that when i do, you will have been keeping it warm for me." His hands twitch and his voice gains a certain inhuman echo to it, like they are standing in a cave.

Alister Kurth: He watches the entire afarir, a slight smirk and he finsihes the glass of water getting to his feet again. Then the smirk fades quickly. hands dropping lossely to his sides.

Thaddeous Malvoe: * Trained eyes look over the dining room as a hand pulls a red bandana from inside his waistband. He turns away from the register camera and starts to tie the cloth over his face... *

Alister Kurth: He starts walking towards the door slowly after tucking his chair under the table neatly.

Baby Death:
She snorts. "Yeah, whatever. Welcome to New York. Enjoy your stay." She makes her way toward the door, flipping Burnham the bird on the way.

Burnham Vaul: "How infantile." He smiles wryley, and waits for a moment, looking at the man with the red bandana on his face. "Out of curiosity, which of us would you have sided with?"

Thaddeous Malvoe: d10: per/awar: 3,9,2,

Thaddeous Malvoe: * The eyes glance to Burnham, then too the door. * " Shut the fuck up and walk away afore I show you, bitch. "

Burnham Vaul: "my.. isnt everyone being a little hostile today.." He walks towards the door, and then leaves. ((lol. remind me to leave them at home next time.))

Thaddeous Malvoe: * As soon as the place is clear Thadd is off like a shot. Out the door and runing for his car. *

Thaddeous Malvoe:
* Gone *