Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((Oh and aware if have it. Diff 7)) *She looks down at the ground and rubs her arms a bit and whispers.* She's missing. Calls go to voice mail. She hasn't been home.

Felisa Espinosa : She had just popped out of the local computer store with a bag full of parts and accessories to tinker with. The girl was, more or less, a bit of a geek when it came down to brass tacks. Same outfit as before, doo rag and all, except for the sunglasses that she rarely wore, a snazzy italian design that fit her face quite well.

Keith Newcomb: ((none)) "Shit." He frowns deeper. "There was a body found in the park last night, papers say." Oh, isn't he kind and sensitive?! "You don't think it's her, do you? I mean, she don't usually take off and tell no one, I figure? She seems a pretty much by-the-rules type. Responsible like." ((He does, she may notice, speak in the *present* tense, and not the past.))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She shakes her head.* I checked. ((*L* No, she doesn't notice. But if he had used past...she probably would have. *G*)) Even if she did, she wouldn't leave her guitar at home. *She fidgets and looks around.*

Felisa Espinosa : d10: per+alert: 4,2,6,6,4,

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): d10: peralert: 2,9,8,8,

Keith Newcomb: "I can ask around. Maybe Jeff knows, though I don't think he's in touch with her since that night. I don't know anyone else who knows her."

Keith Newcomb: d10: p/a: 7,3,7,4,2,

Keith Newcomb: He notices Felisa, though recognition has to come a moment later. It's the shades she's wearing.

Keith Newcomb: "Wait!" Snaps his fingers. "Alex and Tony...they know her from the pool hall. Yeah. And I think...did Snyde talk to her when he passed? Maybe he knows her."

Felisa Espinosa : She catches them, just barely, out of the corner of her eye as she was considering which bus to take to get back home. Odd that those two were together after what was told to her, and it gave her pause as she considered going over to talk. Both of them were strange birds in her worldview, and the nights had gotten progressively dangerous lately.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She lifts her hand to wave at Fel. Then looks at Keith and shakes her head.* I haven't talked to them yet. I've been slowly making the rounds, trying. I was just...taking a break. Trying to distract myself and I saw you. I know you didn't like each other but...

Keith Newcomb: A wry smile. "Well, she didn't like *me*, that's for sure. I hadn't really formed an opinion about her. Kinda annoyed, I guess, that she was spreading rumors, but..." He shrugs. "That happens to me a lot. Some people just take an instant dislike to me."

Nyte: ((Hmm... did I hear one of my boys being mentioned?))

Felisa Espinosa : Felisa, of course, waved back. Then she took off her sunglasses and put them in her jacket pocket as she strode forward with that oddly blank look she always has, tilting her head slightly. "Odd to see you two here. Sorry about the phone call, I was under a bit of stress at the time. I don't suppose there's been any news?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((*L* You certainly did Nyte...bring him by if you've got time))

Keith Newcomb: ((*HUGS* I have to go in five minutes, nyte. *SNIFF*))

Keith Newcomb: Felisa: "You knew Dani?" A suddenly neutral expression. "No news, I guess. I'm gonna ask some people I know."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She shakes her head at Fel* There was some weird shit going on, I heard it through the phone. It's alright. And no...nothing. It's like she's vanished without a trace. She wouldn't leave without her guitar.

DeviLurk: ((Wpen? Where is this? Where is everyone?))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((Open...mall...just randomly along the way, Computer type store nearby that Fel just came out of.))

Keith Newcomb: ((The computer type store is not far from a music store. *G*)) "I'll ask the obvious, did she have any enemies, that you know of? Anyone?"

Keith Newcomb: "And have you called the police? I know, they're idiots, but there should be a missing person's report on her."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She laughs a little, weakly.* You? That's about as close as I knew in particular. I mean...I hadn't heard of anything specific...

Felisa Espinosa : "I barely know the girl, really. Not like I go over for DVD night or anything," she says, shrugging. Then she gave Keith a puzzled look. "Knew? Well, you're optimistic..."

Keith Newcomb: That wry smile returns. "She may have hated me, but I really didn't feel much anger towards her. Like I said, mostly annoyance and frustration. And that's cuz of you, because you were so upset."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): I gave a report (which I still have to go over with Snow when she gets on) when I went to see if the body was her..*She swallows hard.*

Madeline Dane: ((ehh... think I'm gonna bring in Maddy for the time I have, she'd just fit a mall better.)) And she's wandering from store to store, checking out musical equipment and recording devices, comparing usefulness to her own needs, coming out of that same computer store where she was checking out MP3 devices of various sorts.

Keith Newcomb: Felisa: He shrugs. "I just wasn't aware the circle was so small. Surprised, that's all."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: The dark haired girl, in a thick leather jacket and gang colours, walks into the mall through the sets of glass double doors.

Keith Newcomb: He draws in his breath. "Oh, shit, Sha. That sucks, I didn't know you had to do that. Listen, I gotta drum lesson to give gonna be okay? Christian know where you're at?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She gives Fel a funny look at the 'barely know the girl' comment. Apparently having reason to believe otherwise.*

Keith Newcomb: ((And I need to go. He'll say his goodbyes, and then poof. Thanks for the scene! Wish I could stay.))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She nods* I told him I needed a new outfit for my birthday. *She says softly* Have fun.

Madeline Dane: She perks up a bit when the band guy is talking to a couple of ladies and winds her way to them. "Hey there, got the band up and running yet?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((Later Raven!))

Madeline Dane: Just in time to get a goodbye and shakes her head. "Well, my timing is as excellent as usual."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She winces a tiny bit as Maddy talks about the band*

Felisa Espinosa : "I heard about that on the evening news actually. Battery Park is... fuck, I don't think I'll be hanging over there anytime soon," she said, tsking, before looking over to Keith. "Eh, I guess we all hang in clusters."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She starts to walk toward the music store with a bit of purpose in her stride and small smile for anyone that looks her way.

Madeline Dane: "People die in New York every day. Now that they'r ein a nice Park it means something? Hmph."

Kallista: Through the mall she walks, running her fingers over her collarbone idly as she moves toward the computer store. The woman who approaches is a very attractive woman in her mid-twenties, likely of Mid-Easter or Mediterranean extraction. Her black hair is wavy and long, and her complexion is a dusky olive tone. She's wearing leather pants, a vinyl tank top cut off just below her breasts, and sandals with leather straps that go halfway up her calves. She's festooned with rings, necklaces, and pody jewelry. The number "23" is tattooed within a fairly large five-pointed, pentacle type star (minus the circle) on her left shoulder, and a golden apple with "Kallisti" written in Classical greek is inked onto the small of her back. She's more of a force of nature then a person, with something inexplicable about her...a sense of a frenzied, almost savage dynamism.

Kallista: ((Eek! Color!))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She gets a very pained look at Maddy's comment and just looks at the ground fidgeting* ((anyone need a desc?))

Felisa Espinosa : Felisa noticed the look. "What?" she asked Sha. "We hung out a bit, but... when I think on it, well... it was sort of strange. There were a lot of things she kept to herself as far as our friendship went. I respected that."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((Oh and aware diff 7 if you have it))

Kallista: d10: Per+Aware: 6,5,6,4,7,5,3,

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She murmurs softly* Lime. Dungeon.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Her skin is quite pale, and her eyes are as hard as a statue's, hazed over and dead. Nonetheless, her demeanor is pleasent and she seems like a person that would be fun to get to know and hang with.

Madeline Dane: ((lazy me... ))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): d10: per alert: 4,1,2,6,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: d10: Per + Alertness: 2,2,7,2,

Felisa Espinosa : She tsked at that. "Yes, there was that as well. But that was fun, that's what she wanted and what I wanted. Nothing deep, as it would have led to complications."

Kallista: Her brows quirk up, a coy little smirk sliding over her face. She stops where she is, fingers moving from her collarbone so she can tap the index against her lips curiously, dark eyes scanning the mall.

Madeline Dane: Madeline looks between them. "What'd I miss?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): I think it already led to complications. *She whispers*

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She rubs her face a bit* Though I suppose not really with her missing.

Felisa Espinosa : "Apparently my private life isn't so private," she said, looking slightly peeved. "Wonderful. made my night."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She glances over at Felica, and decides to wave over at the girl from the entrance of the music store with a friendly grin and dead eyes.

Madeline Dane: ((Crap. Gotta run BBL))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): Fel...she's like a sister to me. Is...was. *She throws up her hands.* Forget it. Just forget it. *She shakes her head turning away, her head hung*

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((*snugs Nyte*))

Kallista: After a couple moment's pause, she continues her way on to the music store. her eyes pass over Felisa and Sha-Sha, considering them for a moment with an intense gaze as she approaches and slips by.

Denise Wylde: Some free time, more than she was used to, so headed to the mall. She's dressed very simply in a cut off button-down tan sweater sleeveless sweater, jeans and flip-flops. Waist-length dark brown hair, with thin bangs is french braided down her back. She has several One celtic band on her right forearm. And a plain star ontop of her left shoulder; a triple pierced belly ring has three stones on it: Sapphire (which matches her eyes), Diamond, and Emerald.

Felisa Espinosa : She sighed, and put a hand on the girl's shoulder.
"Sha. Have faith, aight? This city is a mean one but the girl has spunk and she's got good instincts. If she's not... well, if she hasn't turned up in a bad way, like, y'know... in the hospital or something... call her family, yeah? Maybe it was an emergency."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She blinks, having not been seen. She lowers her hand and glances around, feeling like a bit of an outcast.

Felisa Espinosa : She waved to Mary, blinking. Well, seems you made it out alive and well. Or at least your whole and moving. Pretty crazy, she thinks to herself, that's a hard badass right there.

Felisa Espinosa : ((Sorry, was a bit sluggish))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Okay! DLP))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *Tears slip slowly down her cheeks.* She'd have called or come to me before going. If for no other reason than I'd already offered to buy her a ticket home. Hell she was trying to get me to come with her.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She glances at the rest of the group, and makes a gesture toward Felisa like, Can I come over? Is it okay?

Denise Wylde: She heads in toward the music store.

Kallista: Into the computer store she goes, picking out a few items, seemingly at random. A 1 GB memory strip; a Wireless Network Adapter. A copy of Civilization 4, and the hint book for Kingdom Hearts 2. A couple USB cords, and a can of spray air.

Felisa Espinosa : Mary got a look (Eh, girl's got some emotions over here, might not wanna) just before Fel reached over to give Sha a hug and a peck on the forehead. "Okay stop it, because I'll start tearing up myself," she said, looking into the goth's eyes. "You're assuming a lot of things Sha, yeah? Don't. Even if the worst happened Dani wouldn't wanna see you like this. For all we know she fell in love and she's sleeping in her lover's bed, dreaming beautiful things. Keep your chin high."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She blinks at Fel, something the woman said giving her an idea. She sniffs a bit and wipes at her eyes.*

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She nods and sighs, glancing around again. She's standing in front of the music store, kinda lost for a moment. Then, in a sudden moment of determination, she slides into the store and is gone from sight.

Denise Wylde: She looks around in the store, picking up some various CDs, as if she had a shopping list in mind.

Felisa Espinosa : "That's a little better Sha," she said, smiling softly. "You gonna be aight?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): We'll see. *She shrugs a bit.* Thanks though Fel.

Kallista: She steps up to the counter, paying by credit card. Her eyes drift to the duo in front of the store while the card is ran, considering them for a long moment, dark eyes curious.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): d10: per alert: 8,9,3,8,

Denise Wylde: She pays for her purchases, with a credit card.

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Kallista: I thought Kallista was in the computer store, and that Denise and Mary are in the music store. Am I wrong?

Felisa Espinosa : "Not a problem hon. I'd better be off though, get my parts back to the place. Take care of yourself babe, okay?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She finally notices Kallista's look over their way and looks at the ground for a moment, taking a deep breath.* I don't mean to make a scene...*She murmurs to Fel.*

Kallista -> Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((No, you're correct. I meant "Felisa & Sha-Sha" by the duo.))

Denise Wylde: She heads back outside, carrying the plastic bag along. Stopping for a moment just outside of the door and out of the way, as if considering something else.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): You too. *She sighs and looks around at the stores nearby. Her eyes land on the Hot Topic and she purses her lips for a moment, wondering if they'll have anything worth her time today.*

Mary Margaret St. Michael -> Kallista: Oh good! Thanks!

Felisa Espinosa : "Eh, don't worry about it. You're stressed, you needed to let it out. I understand."
She shrugged, her face empathic.

Kallista: She takes her bag off stuff and the credit card without looking at the clerk, and turns, making her way out back into the mall commons. She's watching Sha-Sha and Felisa the entire time as she does.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She glances at a few CDs of Hard Rock, then slowly makes her way over to the Indie section.

Denise Wylde: "Some chocolate," she says under her breath, and scans for a store that might do the trick.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She looks back towards Kallista and sees the woman still staring. A slight frown touching her lips.*

Felisa Espinosa : Kallista got a wave and a nod, she knew that one as well, and after Sha started off to Hot Topic Felisa turned and went toward the exit, as she planned to do before she saw the goth and the predator. Lord, what a mess.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *Then Fel waves at her and she seems to relax.*

Kallista: She walks directly up to them, eyes holding on Felisa...before finally passing to Sha-Sha. "I've seen you before, I think. Yes?"

Denise Wylde: She heads further back into the mall.

Felisa Espinosa : And exit the little Puerto Rican chica, stage left.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): I...maybe? *There's no recognition in her eyes though. She does seem to be trying to place her.*

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She slips on the headphones near a sample music station, and checks out the latest bands.

Kallista: "The Park. The one on the south end of the island." She thinks. "I think you were there."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): You mean Battery Park? *A puzzled look trying to figure it out.*

Kallista: "Mmmm." She grins a little bit. "That would be the place. You were there...but I don't know if it was when I was."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She slips the headphones off, not really impressed with anything she heard enough to spend hard taken cash to pay for it. Maybe she'll go home and just download the empathies from the Interweb. Hopefully, she won't catch a disease.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She shakes her head looking very confused.* Um...who are you?

Denise Wylde: She meanders back toward the music store, another bag in hand. Denise eyes the computer store for a moment. Definitely not her thing. Grabbing a phone from her pocket, she dials a number and soon starts speaking in Greek softly, standing not too far from the entrance, glancing inside from time to time in her conversation.

Kallista: d10: Per+Alert: 9,7,7,1,5,

Kallista: "Kallista." She looks over at the Greek-speaking woman, eyeing her a moment with a sudden, intense curiosity.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): d10: per alert: 2,4,4,6,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She starts to head toward the exit of the music store, disappointed in the youth of today for not managing to entertain her these last few minutes.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She looks over at Denise only have Kallista does, blinking a little.* Um Kallista, right...have we actually met before?

Denise Wylde -> Kallista: She's asking about a computer game. And told her mom that she picked up some of the CDs Whitney wanted. But didn't think the chocolate would get there unmelted so she'd keep that until Whitney got back home.

Denise Wylde: She still is on the phone, mostly listening a little bit. Then starts smiling widely suddenly about something.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: The girl with the hard dead eyes and the mild friendly smile strides past Denise, hips swinging.

Denise Wylde: She moves out of the way of Mary, stepping back a a few steps.

Kallista: "Not in the particular way that most people meet," she says, her expression softening just a touch before she looks away from Denise, back to Sha-Sha. "I haven't gotten your name yet."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): Sha-Sha...*She looks at Kallista again, confused, baffled*

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((BRB...must go take picture before sun goes away again))

Denise Wylde: "Yes baby. I can't wait to see you again. Be good for grandma. And I'll be back to get you in a few weeks," spoken in English.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: And she leaves. Bye bye.

Kallista: She smirks a little. "Sha-Sha. Sha 2. How...cryptic. And auspicious."

Denise Wylde: She starts talking in Greek again.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((Back)) *She blinks* Auspicious?

Kallista: "Of course," she says as the smirk becomes a full-fledged grin. "I use you to hide my work. Secure Hash Algorithm. I don't believe in coincidence. Do you?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *Her hands move up to touch her temples as she makes a face* Wait woah woah woah woah...*Her hands come away but not down.* Did you just say you want to use me to secure drugs?

Denise Wylde: She clicks off the phone and heads into the computer store.

Kallista: She laughs at that...a dark, rich sort of sound. "No, no. I don't need drugs. I have Eris. What do you have?"

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): Fate's twisted sense of humor. *She mumbles.*

Denise Wylde: She moves past Kallista and Sha Sha. "Excuse me," she says politely.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She nods looks over at Denise as she moves past*

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *erases nods*

Denise Wylde: She gives a polite smile to Sha as she looks around the store. Obviously like a fish out of water in a place like this.

Kwan Lo: ((Well, then, let's twist fate up a notch.)) *The young Chinese man is at the mall, approaching Hot Topic. He needs more incense.*

Kwan Lo: ((Color-shift for clarity)) *Currently, he's wearing worn jeans, a white t-shirt and cheap canvas sneakers.*

Kallista: "Mmmm...the Moirae." She nods a little bit. "They are cruel mistresses, from time to time. Still, you have to appreciate their sense of humor, don't you?" She smiles to Denise, nodding to her and letting her through. "If only they would hail the spirit of Discordia, instead of trying to impose the Aneristic Illusion upon things."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((Cause you know...going from her's to mine makes so much sense. *tickles FM*)) *Sha's in jeans (she OWNS jeans?) and apparently three blouses. A tank top, and two button down blouses. One buttoned most of the way up the other completely open.*

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((And awareness diff 7))

Denise Wylde: She looks around the computer store wide-eyed, taking it in slowly, and eventually finding her way to the computer games section.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((That was for Kwan))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): d10: peralert: 8,4,4,2,

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): You know Alyssa? *She asks curiously then blinks when she sees Kwan.* Kwan!

Kwan Lo: d10: Per + Alert : 10,7,4,8,7,

Kwan Lo: d10: Per + Aware : 4,2,8,4,3,4,

Kwan Lo: *He looks up, glancing around--sensing her and spotting her before he hears her voice calling to him. He smiles and waves to Sha, and works his way around a woman herding three small children through the mall's main corridor; the children seem to enjoy turning themselves into roadblocks for passerby.* Good evening, Miss Shasha.

Kallista: "Know is such a general word," she says with a shrug. She looks over in Kwan's direction, tilting her head a little. ((DD available on request, Kwan))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): me. *She starts moving over to meet Kwan part way. Kallista's starting to make her nervous.*

Denise Wylde: ((Description also available, just ask))

Kwan Lo: ((*Nods* DDs would be appreciated. *C*))

Harold Erikson: Harold exits an employee door, tucking the uniform from the contract cleaning service he works for into a bag.

Kallista -> Kwan Lo: The woman who approaches is a very attractive woman in her mid-twenties, likely of Mid-Easter or Mediterranean extraction. Her black hair is wavy and long, and her complexion is a dusky olive tone. She's wearing leather pants, a vinyl tank top cut off just below her breasts, and sandals with leather straps that go halfway up her calves. She's festooned with rings, necklaces, and pody jewelry. The number "23" is tattooed within a fairly large five-pointed, pentacle type star (minus the circle) on her left shoulder, and a golden apple with "Kallisti" written in Classical greek is inked onto the small of her back. She's more of a force of nature then a person, with something inexplicable about her...a sense of a frenzied, almost savage dynamism.

Harold Erikson: d10: per + aware: 8,3,2,2,4,4,

Kwan Lo: *He finally slips around the last of the urchins, and nods to Sha, smiling also to Kallista.* Good evening.

Kallista: "Excused." She grins and turns to watch Sha-Sha head toward Kwan, arms folding over her chest and leaning on one hip, before she glances back into the computer store.

Kwan Lo: *He finally slips around the last of the urchins, and nods to Sha, smiling also to Kallista.* Good evening.

Kallista: "Excused." She grins and turns to watch Sha-Sha head toward Kwan, arms folding over her chest and leaning on one hip, before she glances back into the computer store.

Denise Wylde: There it was. And she picks up Kingdom Hearts II and takes it to the check out.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): Hey, have you seen Dani in the last week at all?

Harold Erikson: He stops, for a moment then, shifting his chained wallet to his front pocket (taking up the slack on the chain). He starts looking around with a touch of paranoia. He's tall and skinny (or maybe being skinny makes him look tall), with blonde hair just short (er, long) of being a military cut.

Denise Wylde: ((Description available, just ask))

Kwan Lo: *He stops to think about that for a moment.* No, I do not believe so. Why do you ask?

Kallista: "Good evening," she says to Kwan with a faintly amused nod.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She sighs* She's you think you could help me try to find her?

Kwan Lo: *He nods* I will do what I can, of course. *Smiles reassuringly.* Have you called the police, yet?

Harold Erikson -> Kallista: Once success is just to know Magic is happening, takes three to actually know where, right?

Denise Wylde: With another bag in hand, she heads back out of the computer store.

Kallista: She stays in her standing spot near the door of the computer store, watching Kwan and Sha-Sha calmly. Almost as if she's waiting for something.

Kallista -> Harold Erikson: ((Correct. 1 succ: Magic. 2: Gneral Vicinity. 3: Excalt Person/Item/Location))

Kallista: When Denise comes out, she pulls out the Strategy Guide for Kingdom Hearts 2 and hands it over without looking. "Trust me. It will be needed."

Harold Erikson: Harold forces himself to calm down, taking a few deep breaths and... listens.

Harold Erikson: d10: per+aware (WP): 2,1,1,7,4,5,

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): I went to check on whether a body that had been found was her and left a report when I did. *She says softly* ((Still need to talk with Snow on that, least I assume so.)) Did you need something here? *glancing towards where he was heading*

Denise Wylde: She looks a little surprised. "What?" as she looks at the book. "Oh....I should get one, yes?" she speaks in a mixture of New England and Greek, but ever so slightly the two accents.

Harold Erikson: And it's gone. Maybe he just imagined it.

Kwan Lo: ((Well, at least it's not a botch under revised? *Consoles Harold-p.*))

Kwan Lo: *He nods* Some incense. *Considers* I will get extra, since I will need it to help you, as well. *Thinking* Do you know where she lives?

Kallista: "No," she says with a grin. "You should take this one. I bought it for you."

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She nods* She gave me a key just before she disappeared.

Denise Wylde: She laughs softly. "That was very nice of you. I'm Denise."

Kwan Lo: *He nods to Sha.* Alright, then, that will make it easier. Wait here, I will get the incense and be right out.

Kallista: "Kallista." She hands the book over to Denise with a smile.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She nods and stands there, taking a deep breath as she waits*

Denise Wylde: "Thank you very much Kallista," and taking the book, she puts it in the bag with the game. "It's been a while since something like that's happened," she says amused.

Kwan Lo: *He goes into the store, passing among the quasi-goth paraphenalia to the back of the store, disappearing into the swarm of teen angst and chrome.*

Kallista: Her head tilts curiously. "Since something like what's happened?"

Denise Wylde: "Like now.....what you did."

Kallista: She chuckles a little. "Happens to me all the time."

Kwan Lo: *After a few minutes of searching he manages to find what he was looking for (the bags of fairly plain incense were hidden behind a rack of Emily stickers), and heads to the register to make his purchase.*

Denise Wylde: She smiles. "Really now...." more a statement than a question.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): (( Amy Brown Incense for Kwan?))

Kwan Lo: ((*Snickers* Nope.)) *Finally, he emerges from the store.* That should be enough.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She nods* Do you have a vehicle?

Kallista: "Indeed," she says with a wink. "Funny thing, that."

Kwan Lo: *He shakes his head.* I do not. A car is expensive, even without the additional cost of keeping one in the city.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She nods and starts for the exit* You ever ridden on a bike?

Denise Wylde: "My daughter will certainly appreciate this. Any idea if there is a mailing place near by?"

Kwan Lo: *He nods* I had a bicycle in my old village. *He nods to Kallista again, speaking to Sha.* You have said good-bye, then?

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She closes her eyes for a moment.* Er, I mean a motorcycle. *She looks back at Kallista.* I don't really know her. She just came up and started talking like she'd seen me before but...*She shivers a bit* Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Kwan Lo: *he blinks in understanding.* Ah, no, I have never ridden a motorcycle. Is it difficult? *He blinks, then looks between Sha and Kallista for a moment.* Oh? Perhaps... *He studies the woman carefully. There are apparently many gifted in this city; perhaps she is another?*

Kwan Lo: d10: Per + Aware: 9,6,2,1,6,3,

Kwan Lo -> Kallista: ((So... anything hinky about Kallista, from a direct study of her?))

Denise Wylde: She glances to Sha for a moment and the guy with her, just giving a polite smile to them.

Kallista: "I don't know," she says with a shrug. "This is my first time in this particular place." She points that way. "I think there's a directory that way, if you don't want to explore to find it."

Denise Wylde: "Good idea. Thanks again, Kallista. Nice to meet you."

Kallista -> Kwan Lo: ((She has nothing magically active, no. He might detect a hint of something hanging on her, though. Faint and residual.))

Kallista: "Nice to meet you too, Denise. I think I'll see you around."

Kwan Lo: *He shakes his head after a moment; nothing strong... He looks to Sha.* So, we will be riding a motorcycle, then?

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She nods* I got my new bike back, let's go. *She leads towards the exit again.*

Denise Wylde: "I don't doubt it," she smiles more. "Take care. Khairete," moving toward the directory.

Kwan Lo: *And he follows her. It's easier to walk one ahead, one behind in a crowded mall, especially when only one of you knows where you're going. It's NOT just an excuse to ogle from behind. Honest.*

Kallista: "Khairete," she says to Denise, before walking toward the exit Sha-Sha and Kwan Lo are headed toward.

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): *She looks back behind her.* I'm sorry, I didn't even ask how you are doing...I'm just so worried. ((And off they go?))

Kwan Lo: ((*C* Well, if Kalli is following them to the parking-lot....)) *He shakes his head.* It is no trouble at all. I understand your concern--and I have been well, although I am hoping to have some of the meetings we talked about soon.

Denise Wylde: ((bleh...horrible connection issues. Hopefully it'll get better. *waves* thanks for the scene!))

Kwan Lo: ((*Waves to Denise*))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((*L* Hadn't seen that yet.)) ((*hugs Denise*)) *She nods* Good. *She walks towards the new Ducati 1000 DS painted a rich shiny black with a dart apparently flying towards a board on the side of it.*

Kallista: She heads to the exit and out, the bag of computer store stuff swinging at her side.

Kallista: ((Sorry, didn't mean to keep you here. She's just leaving. *G*))

Sha Sha (Mall Madness): ((*L* It's alright. Sha's almost expecting trouble from Kallista...*L*))

Kwan Lo: ((*C* Okay. Although... *Nods* Might need a quick ruling from you before you fade.))

Kallista: ((Who, Kallista? She's perfectly innocent... *Hides the Tribunal Thread and bats eyelashes*))

Kallista: ((Sure, VERY quick. Gotta go in 2 minutes and counting.))

Kwan Lo -> Kallista: ((Okay, two questions: 1: When performing Oneiromancy on someone who is dead, do you get anything different than when you do it on someone who happens to be awake at the time? 2: What happens if you botch the aforementioned Oneiromancy roll? Kwan will be trying to locate Dani that way, and obviously, it's a bit of a dead-end. *Coughs*))

Kwan Lo: ((*Snickers* Yeah. Innocent. So long as there's no apples around.... *Grins*))

Kwan Lo: ((If the combined post is too much, just answer the first? *G* Then I can worry about hte second one after the fact, if he actually does botch.))

Kallista -> Kwan Lo: ((It will fail, and Kwan won't know why it did, only that he failed to reach her. Could be that it just failed, you know? If he botches, then the scene will have to be paused until Dryad or myself can step in and have LOTS of fun. *EG*))

Kallista: ((And outtie, guys.))

Kwan Lo -> Kallista: ((*Nods* Done and done. He's going to be trying periodically, raising the chances of a bothc, so my question.))