Marty Starling: *He mutters to himself as he walks into the park, hands shoved into the pockets of his leather jacket.*

Felisa Espinosa: New phone, new tool.
Actually, a very old tool, and probably something a curator in a museum would drool over, but this wasn't going to be gathering dust if Felisa could help it; the thing was meant to be used. She found it considerably amusing that the two gifts were such complete opposites; it made her giggle to think of them as she sat on the bench, feeling full but never satisified, not completely, and pulled a Camel Wide from her pocket.

Marty Starling: d10: per+alert: 3,7,6,1,9,

Marty Starling: *He looks up, in the dark of the night, of the park. It's quiet; he rather likes that. Felisa is offered a rare expression - a smile.*

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 5,6,3,1,7,

Felisa Espinosa: She sees his shadow and knows that it's him, and although she doesn't see the smile on his face she can sense it, and the smile is returned.
"You do realize that I'll have to learn how to use it properly," she says, blowing a cloud of smoke, "such a tool wasn't meant to sit on a shelf and gather dust." There was no thank you from the girl, not a vocal one, but somehow the message got across.
"May I ask where you found it?"

Marty Starling: *He shrugs, and moves a bit closer. Not too close. Never contacting, simply getting within her circle of sight.* It was where I needed it to be.

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+emp: 7,9,4,6,8,

Kallista: She makes her way into the park, looking around with a small, enigmatic smile on her face. Her movements are direct, her walk confident, though where she is going, it's hard to say, exactly. Right now, all that can be discerned is, along the Eisenhower Mall.

The woman who approaches is a very attractive woman in her mid-twenties, likely of Mid-Easter or Mediterranean extraction. Her black hair is wavy and long, and her complexion is a dusky olive tone. She's wearing leather pants, a vinyl tank top cut off just below her breasts, and sandals with leather straps that go halfway up her calves. She's festooned with rings, necklaces, and pody jewelry. The number "23" is tattooed within a fairly large five-pointed, pentacle type star (minus the circle) on her left shoulder, and a golden apple with "Kallisti" written in Classical greek is inked onto the small of her back. She's more of a force of nature then a person, with something inexplicable about her...a sense of a frenzied, almost savage dynamism.

Felisa Espinosa: "Marty are you well?" she asked, squinting just a touch as she looked at the teenager, "because I'm curious as to that slight slouch and the nature of the look on your face. Not to be overly nosey, please, don't take it as such... but it occurs to me that you haven't been in the most relaxed of circumstances; you might be wearing down just a touch."

Marty Starling: Likely, *he says with a nod.* It's been a rough couple of weeks with Alyssa's condition. I worry for her. *He shrugs, and lowers his head. Keeping his hands tucked in his pockets.*

Marty Starling: d10: per+alert: 8,3,6,8,8,

Marty Starling: *But he looks up, and watches. Curiously, the odd woman entering the park. His eyes remained focused on her.*

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 1,1,6,7,1,

Kallista: ((I took all the successes in the die roller room for the night. Sorry!))

Kallista: d10: Per+Alert: 3,7,3,1,5,

Kallista: She, for her part, doesn't seem to see Marty, though she's walking along in his general vicinity. Her mind seems directed elsewhere, eyes unfocused, speaking under her breath as she walks.

Marty Starling: *He clears his throat, drawing attention to his positioning to the rather dangerous woman, not wanting to startle her.*

Felisa Espinosa: All that's there is Marty, and nobody else. Seems that her entire focus is on him and him alone.
"I'm sure she's a strong woman, really. In fact I KNOW she's a strong woman, at least physically. Mentally? Well... I'd say the same, she's just a mite askew in a way that could do a bit of damage to other things, other people. Although she's delightfully charming as is..." she sighed... "she probably wouldn't last too long if the behavior was allowed to continue."
A pity, really.

Marty Starling: I know, *he says calmly.* And that is what frightens me. If she loses her cool to the wrong person, shewill not live to see the light of day. And I ... *He pauses, and frowns, thinking of how to put it.* I care for her, so I would not wish that to happen.

Kallista: She stops for a moment, her eyes snapping back into focus as she turns them to fall upon Marty, eyeing him for a long moment. For the immediate moment, Felisa is ignored. "Good evening," she says, her expression not changing from that little mysterious smile. She gives the teenager a respectful nod.

Marty Starling: *He turns, and then lowers his head, into a rather odd, extended bow of respect.* Good evening to you as well. And as if the moment never existed, he turns, again to look back to Felisa.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He walks into the park, wrapped in a heavy grey overcoat, arms crossed over his chest. His ash-blonde hair is down tonight, blowing up and drifting a bit in the breeze. Only a few of the patches n his jeans are visible with the long coat, a yellow star near the cuff on one side, a red heart just below his knee on the other, half a green shamrock peeking out from under the coat. His sharp, almost fox-like features are spared severity by their delicacy. Despite the cold, he moves lazily through the park, luminous grey eyes just drinking in the night.

Felisa Espinosa: "I'd suspect that her peers probably know by now. They would have to know, yeah? Not exactly a thing that a person can keep on the downlow. I don't suppose they'd not have a certain amount of skittishness, it's only natural for most people."
She blew a smoke ring, tilting her head at Marty, then looking over to see the woman. Veddy Interesting, that one is. "Well you've probably been taking care of things Marty, you seem the type. But has anybody asked how you're doing? Aside from me?"

Marty Starling: *And that seems to catch him a bit off guard, perhaps. Wariness touching his steps at the odd question from Felisa.* Miranda. I believe. And Novalee. Though... there are more important things than ones state of mind.

Ethan Demian Augustus: d10: per/alert: 1,4,5,8,

Marty Starling: d10: per+alert: 8,2,8,6,4,

Marty Starling: *He notes Ethan's approach as well, and perhaps a curious look.*

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 4,2,5,7,6,

Kallista: d10: Per+Alert: 9,7,9,9,6,

Ethan Demian Augustus: Ethan, busy looking at the nice shimmery stars, is just too dazzled by how pretty they are to notice the pretty people. Come on...people live how long? Stars are eternal. By comparison.

Kallista: She pivots suddenly, body turning as she notes Ethan. A slight quirk of her smile, and she tilts her head a bit as she watches the man approach.

Felisa Espinosa: "I can't say that I agree Marty, not on that one. After all, it's all in the mind..."
She grinned, then jerked her neck to pop it, and as she did her eyes caught a new person, one of those people that she's seen before but never talked to, not really. She wasn't sure if she had seen him in this park or somewhere else, but probably here, most likely here.

Marty Starling: If I constantly worried about my problems I would never see the light of day. *He frowns, and then looks up as well, perhaps trying to interpret what Ethan is looking at.* Hm.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He keeps walking, on a course that will bring him past them not far away, pausing at a tree to trace lightly over the lines of hearts and names and messages carved into it, smiling faintly.

Marty Starling: *He shrugs, and looks back down.* Ethan. *He says, perhaps brusquely.*

Kallista: She starts moving then, toward Ethan. Her steps grow a bit lighter, the woman moving somewhat like a cat heading toward prey.

Ethan Demian Augustus: d10: per/alert: 6,8,8,8,

Felisa Espinosa: "It's not all that smart to push them aside either," she says, and shrugs a bit before dropping the ciggie and stomping on it with her street sneaker, "but you know how you work best, and I won't argue the point; I've had enough fuckin' arguing for the week. Actually... so far it's been a relaxing couple of nights, nothing's been going on here or there."

Marty Starling: Yeah. *He shrugs.* Enough arguing. I keep trying to avoid the people I argue WITH, and yet, they don't listen when I say I will never agree with them.

Ethan Demian Augustus: Huh? Was that his name? He looks up and turns, then just goes dead still for a second when he sees who is stalking him. He nods to Marty quickly, then more deeply to Kallista. "I apologise. I was...thinking. I didn't realise you were here. Good evening."

Dani Lane: *heads in, carrying her guitar case*

Marty Starling: Good evening, *he says with a small nod.* And it is all right. I'm quiet.

Dani Lane: *heads in, carrying her guitar case*

Marty Starling: Good evening, *he says with a small nod.* And it is all right. I'm quiet.

Felisa Espinosa: "That happens sometimes, sadly. Some people just don't know anything about common wisdom, even when you how it up right in front of them to look at." She shook her head and rolled her eyes, thinking about last night. God, that one's going to be a mess.
She pointed to the interesting woman. "And who might that one be? I'm guessing you know her, because I'd remember someone like that. She's gotta swirly sense about her."

Kallista: She gives a small nod, perhaps acknowledgment of the apology, and stops as she draws up close to sense of personal space, this one. She leaves herself about a foot away from Ethan, looking up to the sky. "What do you see?"

Marty Starling: Yeah, *he says idly.* I know her. As much as you can know a person without getting close to them.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Space creeping around stars to look back at me. Space I can't define except by what it isn't. What do you see?"

Marty Starling: *He smiles faintly, simply listening to their odd conversation.*

Felisa Espinosa: "Sounds like a coworker to me," she said, and leaned back on the bench a little, thinking about another ciggie. "Pretty though, lots of vitality in that one, and there's a certain glint of the eyes..."
Then a sudden swerve of topic. "So. How's she doing? Alyssa I mean. I'm assuming she's not allowed to go near the Paris."

Dani Lane: *looks around.... only recognizing one person*

Marty Starling: Not at all, *he says idly.* Alyssa is well enough. She wants to go out, and I'm attempting to convince her not to.

Felisa Espinosa: "She feels imprisioned, stir-crazy," she says, and titters a little before clearing her throat and pulling out another Wide. "But that's to be expected; staying put in one place is never any fun if you're pressed into it, and I'm sure that's exactly what she's feeling at this very moment."

Kallista: "Eris's hand at work," she says, without hesitation. "Little golden applies in a black soup of cosmic forces, burning brightly as chaos reigns around it." She looks almost fond for a moment, before nodding, those intense eyes looking back to Marty. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 4,3,10,8,8,

Marty Starling: *He breathes slowly.* It is the Cycle, moving endlessly. A tiny death and birth, every few seconds. Of course it is. *He smirks faintly at her commentary.* I like staying inside. It's quiet.

Dani Lane: *sits down at a bench, getting her guitar out*

Kallista: She nods to Marty a moment, her smile softening for just a moment, before she looks back to Ethan. "Where did it occur?"

Felisa Espinosa: Dani was seen, and got a beaming smile, showing whiter than white teeth (nip nip) and there was also a wave to go along with it. Kallista's words made Felisa tilt her head a bit, and she remembered a song that she had read in a book not too long ago, although it was years ago, which she promptly sang quietly:
"Mine brain has meditated on the spinning of The Chao; It is hovering o'er the table where the Chiefs of Staff are now Gathered in discussion of the dropping of The Bomb; Her Apple Corps is strong!
Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! Her Apple Corps is strong!
She was not invited to the party that they held on Limbo Peak;* So She threw a Golden Apple, 'sted of turn'd t'other cheek! O it cracked the Holy Punchbowl and it made the nectar leak; Her Apple Corps is strong!"

Marty Starling: *His eyes widen, and he lets out a small laugh. An odd, sharp noise, that seems almost unfamilar. He clamps a hand over his mouth to stop it.*

Ethan Demian Augustus: He blinks a little at Kallista, smiling faintly. "Where was I born? Or where did I die?" His voice is all gentle warmth and curiousity. This discussion already fascinates him.

Dani Lane: *smiles back to Fel, waving* howdy

Kallista: She looks over at Felisa. "The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy." Her brow raises, those eyes now completely focused on her, in a manner that would be absolutely unnerving to most...almost visually dissecting her. "You follow the ways of Eris?"

Felisa Espinosa: "Heya Dani, daring darling, and how is your head these days? Chocolate martini nightmare over and done with?" she asks, and lights her cigarette with a gray Bic. "Wondered where you were..."

Kallista: "Both...they are the same place, after all." That's directed to Ethan, murmured as she looks at Felisa. "But primarily, I meant where did Kelton..." Her hand waves back and forth a little bit. " know."

Felisa Espinosa: She then turned to face Kallista, hopped off the bench and took a step, blew a smoke ring, followed by another, which went through the first one. "Discordianism was a favorite of mine, and still is, compared to the works of Bob Dobbs, which is wonderfully convoluted but lacks the certain simplistic tang of Discord. But really? Eris wouldn't want me to follow her, as I suspect that she hates tagalongs. Best to know her and tip your hat, give her the respect that she's due."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "It is really, in the end. Pheonix. And over there." He waves off to where he ran into Kelton and Alyssa.

Kallista: "Mmm..." Her eyes narrow a little bit, still focused on widening. Voice sort of a purr. "She doesn't mind a LITTLE tagging every now and then."

Dani Lane: Fel>> good... not weirdness since then

Marty Starling: *He breathes slowly, and then his head swivels, to observe Dani, speaking to Felisa.* Do I know her?

Kallista: "Phoenix..." She chuckles, holding the two conversations with little difficulty. "How very appropriate. Did you bring your ashes with you?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: "No. I left them behind to scatter on the wind with the world I thought I was losing. Light as they might have seemed when they were blowing away...they were too heavy to carry." There is a hint of sorrow, perhaps even regret in that tone.

Felisa Espinosa: "I don't propose to know how she works. That's like declaring Cthulhu indecent, because he's naked while he sleeps, so you commission a very, very, very large pair of pants for him, and sail to R'lyeh for the expressed purpose of demanding that he put on these pants. Now, The Old One probably wouldn't give two shits about the pants, of all things, and the one that started the expedition in the first place now has to face his or her absurdities."
She paused a moment. "No idea of where I was going with that... oh yes. Um, I like her, we pal around, but I think she'd rather I think of her a friend. Cozy that way."

Felisa Espinosa: "Do you know Dani? I'm not sure..."
She turned to Dani. "Do you two know one another? Perhaps you passed each other on the street.."

Dani Lane: *listens to Fel, wondering if she's tlaking about her*

Kallista: "Perhaps." She regards Felisa a moment more, then looks to Ethan. Her expression softens some, and she reahes a hand out to put on his shoulder. Oddly reassuring from the strange woman. "You'll find them again, at the end."

Marty Starling: Mmh... probably not. *He frowns, peering right AT Dani, hence clarifying that he is, indeed, speaking of her.*

Dani Lane: Fel>> hmm? No, I don' think so..

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I know." He raises one hand to lightly touch hers for a few seconds. "But thank you."

Marty Starling: Nothing changes, *he says with a shrug.*

Dani Lane: *blinks at Marty when he stares at her* howdy

Kallista: She smiles a moment, then looks around. "Now. Where did it occur again?"

Felisa Espinosa: Dani recieved a quzzical look. "What is it? You look like you want to say something. Or do something. Or something something."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Over there." He waves at the spot again.

Dani Lane: ((DD at

Marty Starling: I believe I may have offended her by not remembering her, *he says with a frown.*

Kallista: She nods to Ethan, and turns away from him, walking directly over to the location in question...that spot near Castle Clinton.

Dani Lane: Fel>> nothin.... he was jus' like.... starin' at me

Marty Starling: *He looks back over to Kallista.* That place, *he murmurs.* It was powerful.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He trails a bit behind Kallista, curiously.

Felisa Espinosa: "Hmm? What happened over there?"
Felisa peered over and scratched at her doo rag, looking at Marty, or Dani, or anybody for an explaination.

Kallista: She starts murmuring quietly again as she approaches, eyes unfocusing, though her steps don't falter.

Marty Starling: *He looks back to Felisa.* Hmm? Oh... just saw an old friend.

Felisa Espinosa: She stayed quiet over that one, even though she had a couple of questions about why people were going over there; then again it could be a case of somebody dropping a contact lens, something important like that. Sometimes a cake was just a cake.
But in this town? You had to wonder twice.

Kallista -> Ethan Demian Augustus: If he's listening, the language is Classical Greek, and is a prayer to Eris to sweep the Aneristic Illusion aside so she can see.

Kallista: d10: Arete (WP and one Q): 5,8,9,

Dani Lane: *watches Fel curiously.... strumming her guitar*

Kallista: ((Per+Awareness rolls, all who have it.))

Marty Starling: *He simply watches the castle. He frowns slightly as she approaches.* There was nothing there, *he says idly to Felisa.* Sometimes, you just think you see something.

Ethan Demian Augustus: d10: per/aware: 1,5,

Marty Starling: d10: per+awareness: 6,6,2,7,

Dani Lane: d10: Perc + aware: 6,5,3,7,3,

Kallista -> Marty Starling: ((Magic, from Kallista. No spheres he can recognize.))

Kallista -> Ethan Demian Augustus: Ethan feels nothing, and his Awareness goes on the fritz. For the next 24 hours, he cannot roll Awareness to detect magic.

Marty Starling: *He looks away, forcefully from the castle, but watches Kallista with almost wary curiosity.*

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Kallista: [*chuckles* As though he ever gets it anyway. But got ya.]

Kallista -> Dani Lane: Dani gets that same sense she got before from Snyde...something's going on, in the vicinity of Ethan and Kallista. Something very much not normal.

Felisa Espinosa: "For a lot of nothing there's an awful lot of poking around in the area. Did your friend lose his keys?" she asked, looking at her Wide as she talked, "That'd be a bitch and a half."

Marty Starling: Maybe, *he murmurs.* You never know with Kali. *Maybe he just gets her name wrong, though it seems entirely on purpose.* Maybe a contact lens. People are odd.

Felisa Espinosa: "You know I was just thinking that, but then I thought: well if it's a contact the thing's probably fucked by now, so you might as well just buy another pair."
A flick of the wrist, and the ciggie went sailing.

Dani Lane: *stumming her guitar... CRONK!! she skips a beat, then looks toward Ethena and Kallista, wide eyed*

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 5,4,3,2,6,

Ethan Demian Augustus: He just watches Kallista quietly, waiting.

Lukette: (open?)

Kallista: She frowns as she stops, her eyes tracking over the area with a curious glance, as if she's watching something that isn't quite there. Her eyes slowly move from the spot where the group first encountered Kelton, to the doorway at the Castle.

Kallista: ((Sorry, only for Lurkettes, not Lukettes. *G* Naah, c'mon in!))

Felisa Espinosa: If it wasn't for the loud CRONK...
"Dani you really shouldn't strum your guitar like that, you'll break the strings," she says, looking on. Mentally, she wondered how you can get Eris and Kali mixed up. Granted, there were certain similar qualities, but the culture...

Dani Lane: *blink blink blink....* I...... gotta go... *scrambles up, packing her guitar up, hairs on her arm standing up*

Lukette: ((Damn my spelling! *WAILS*))

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+emp: 6,5,10,8,6,

Alice Newcomb: Walks into the park, hands stuffed in the pockets of her leather duster.

Felisa Espinosa: d10: per+alert: 9,7,9,2,3,

Felisa Espinosa: Two things... Dani seemed a bit on the twitchy side all of a sudden, and Felisa had an inkling as to why, and then sharp eyes caught a familiar figure that she'd made a deal with.
So be it.
"Dani, I'll meet you at the Lime, if you want to chill out there," she says, and Marty gets a nod before she heads into the shadows. "I'll see you, yeah? Gotta get my drink on."

Dani Lane: Fel>> uhm.... ya... maybe... uh... later..... we'll see..... uh...... later... *snags her guitar and scurries out*

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 7,7,5,7,2,2,1,

Felisa Espinosa: And she's gone and away from the scene...

Kallista: She nods a little to herself, frowning, as she watches the door with no one around it. She mutters something under her breath in Greek, and turns to regard Ethan for a long moment.

Alice Newcomb: Radar-Girl's radar isn't in its usual fine tune, that or she just doesn't care, as she takes a glance around.

Kallista -> Ethan Demian Augustus: ~Greek~ Something to the equivalent of "Motherfuck."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He watches her back, still waiting. It's her move.

Marty Starling: *He nods.* No clubs for me. Underage. I'll see you later. *But he watches Kali.*

Alice Newcomb: Pale blue eyes trail after a departing figure and she kicks at an empty can someone left on the ground.

Kallista: "If you see him again, take him down if at all possible and the opportunity strikes," she says, eyes narrowed. The woman no longer playful...she's a bit tense, direct and in control. A subtle hint of command in her tone. "Do not kill him. Bring him to us."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (anyone mind an oddball?)

Alice Newcomb: ((I don't know, is she armed with beverages?))

Marty Starling: *He simply listens. No real obedience, though he knows he'd do it.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: The young girl makes a slow stride into the park. Her usually chipper face looks somewhat more troubled. An aparent burden weighing on her already troubled mind. She walks quietly with tiny hands clinging to the thick strap of her messenger bag. (always. *G* among other things)

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Understood." He nods, his body language shifting automatically, dreamy grey eyes going colder.

Kallista: ((Sorry, this city is a one oddball-per-park limit, and Kallista counts as two on her own. *G* Bring her on in!))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: d10: per+alert: 2,5,3,2,10,

Marty Starling: d10: per+alert: 2,2,6,2,7,

Marty Starling: ((So, I don't count as an oddball? huh?)) *He watches Kallista, though he looks back over his shoulder. The approaching girl that he doesn't notice until she is near.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She shuffles along with her eyes to the path in front of her. Deep in thought.

Kallista: d10: Per+Alert: 7,1,8,5,1,

Alice Newcomb: She makes her way slowly towards the little group, thinking one of them looks familiar. Is that Ethan?

Marty Starling: ((Again, I have my nonexistent arcane turned on!))

Kallista: She sees neither Alice nor Alyssa at the moment, her attention focused entirely on Ethan. She runs her tongue over dry lips, then opens her mouth to say something...then stops herself and nods a little bit. "I'm still also looking for Durst's student. She has yet to get back to me."

Alice Newcomb: She stops dead in her tracks when she realizes who it is Ethan is talking to.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Alice?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa takes a deep breath to calm herself and starts lowly singing a traditional greek folk song.

Marty Starling: *Music. He does not look over. A sigh, as he hears the name. He looks back to Ethan, and then searches for the girl.*

Kallista: "That would be the one...unless he has other students you know of..."

Alice Newcomb: (Did Ethan look her way, or say that to Kali?)

Alice Newcomb: (nm. *s* Kal answered that question) She turns around suddenly to head back the other way.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa veers off the path, still singing and plops down in a soft patch of grass. She slings her bag from her shoulder and undoes the flap.. digging through for her supplies

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 2,6,6,2,10,4,1,

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 3,

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Not that I am aware of." He sighs heavily. "Only of Alice. That's enough."

Alice Newcomb: Tell me that's not Alyssa over there. It's already starting to be one of those nights.

Alice Newcomb: She suddenly wishes she'd brought Thor out with her tonight.

Marty Starling: *He watches Alyssa move, and he sighs. He turns from the park. He raises a hand, and heads out.*

Kallista: "I see." She nods slowly in answer to Ethan's words. "If you see her, or know how to contact her, it would be best that she find me soon."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa pulls out a white cloth and lays it picnic style, scooting to the center of the thing. She digs out a tweed sack of kalamata olives, a pad of paper, and a pen.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I will send her to you, should I run into her again."

Alice Newcomb: Taps her foot silently in the dead grass and counts to ten. Why the hell does anyone think that helps, anyway?

Marty Starling: *He looks to Alice as she leaves the park.* I wouldn't run, *he says simply, and leaves the place.*

Kallista: She gives a short nod. "Good." A moment's pause, before she leans in to whisper to him.

Alice Newcomb: Scowls at Marty. "Do I look like I'm running?"

Kallista -> Ethan Demian Augustus: "Black shadows fly and tell many things, Ethan. I'd be wary of little birds if I were you."

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Kallista: "Of shadows, of little birds with feathers, or of figurative little birds...?" His whisper is soft, more curious than anything.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: The young girl plops an olive in her mouth and starts writing.

Kallista -> Ethan Demian Augustus: "All of the above," she says with a low chuckle. There's a slight bit of contact as she feathers her lips over his jaw momentarily, and then brushes by him.

Alice Newcomb: She was walking, damnit. She looks back over her shoulder. Fuck it. They'll just hunt her down sooner or later anyway.

Kallista: She whispers one more thing to Ethan, and then brushes by him, heading back with purpose toward the entrance of the part. Her eyes cast about as she walks along with purpose, examining the area.

Alice Newcomb: Spine stiff, she turns back around and heads for Kali and Ethan.

Kallista: d10: Per+Alert: 9,8,8,6,4,

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Kallista: He shudders, not exactly in a bad way, and smiles. "Thank you. For the company. And the advice."

Ethan Demian Augustus: Dismissed, he wanders off again. He's not pressing his luck with Kallista. Not tonight, at least.

Ethan Demian Augustus: [And, thanks much for the scene, peoples! I'm gonna slip off before my attention span dies ENTIRELY. May be back later.]

Alice Newcomb: ((Night Ethan-p))

Alice Newcomb: Stops, crossing her arms when it looks like Kalli has seen her.

Kallista: Her eyes stop on the approaching Alice, bringing the slightest pause to her step. She alters course to take her directly toward Alice, closing the distance between them. "Alice," she says, drawing the sound of the 'l' out a little bit. A sly sort of smile hits her face. "I've been looking for you."

Kallista: ((*Hugs the Ethan-P*))

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa keeps the same thoughtful look down to her notepad, scrawling in quick greek.

Alice Newcomb: "What do you want?"

Kallista: She stops, giving Alice about the same amount of personal space Ethan got...maybe a foot. Her head tilts, examining Alice's face for a long moment, before she smiles again. "We...should talk."

Alice Newcomb: Shrugs, arms still crossed. "So talk."

Kallista: She reaches up to brush a bit of hair back from Alice's face. "You've...been through a lot in the past several months, Alice, haven't you?" Her voice takes on a bit of a concerned tone...almost motherly, as she stares directly into the girl's eyes.

Alice Newcomb: She jerks back from the woman's hand. "Don't touch me."

Kallista: She blinks at that, seemingly honestly surprised that someone would jerk away. She studies the girl for a long moment. "Because of him?"

Alice Newcomb: "Because I don't want you to." Her tone edged with suppressed hostility.

Kallista: "And why is that?"

Kallista: Her eyes flick over to Alyssa, regarding the Greek woman for a long moment, then move back to Alice.

Alice Newcomb: "I think I have the right to decide who I do and don't want putting their hands on me."

Kallista: "I didn't ask whether it was your right," she says. "I asked why you didn't want me to."

Alice Newcomb: Follows Kalli's glance to Alyssa and back.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa kicks her legs girlishly. Obliviously writing her letter. She mumbles to herself and cracks a tiny smile. Seeming content in her own little world.

Alice Newcomb: "You're not my friend. I don't even know you. I prefer not being pawed over by strangers, thank you."

Kallista: "You know who I am, though," she says with a small smile. "And you know what I stand for. The same things he claimed to."

Alice Newcomb: "Your point being?"

Kallista: She smiles a little bit and takes a step back, away from her. "I would think that would be obvious, Alice." A moment of consideration passes, as Kallista takes Alice into her gaze.

Alice Newcomb: Schools her expression to as blank a slate she can manage. "Is there something you want from me?"

Kallista: She presses her lips together into a tight smile, head tilting. She nods. "When you're ready," she says with a small smile. With a sudden step she moves toward Alice, leaning in to whisper to her.

Alice Newcomb: Frowns, holding her ground, refusing to back away from the woman.

Kallista -> Alice Newcomb: "The little shadows in the air, Alice. Beware of them. I see shadows in the night hunting for you, and winged things wearing at your soul. Don't let them do it." She feathers her lips over the girl's cheek, and then brushes past her.

Alice Newcomb: Rubs her sleeve over her cheek as if Kalli just gave her cooties.

Kallista: She brushes past Alice and makes her way to the park entrance.

Alice Newcomb: Little winged things, her ass. Still, she glances around, just in case.

Alice Newcomb: Hmmf. She heads for a park bench with some lighting and shrugs off her backpack, digging out her sketch pad and a pencil.

Alice Newcomb: d10: arete: 3,5,

Alice Newcomb: She starts sketching... focusing and letting her senses extend into the spirit realm.

Alice Newcomb: Nothing. Of course, nothing. What was she expecting? Little winged things? She tucks her stuff away and heads out of the park.