Sha-Sha: *Sha's wearing a dress of lush purple and black stretch velvet—printed in a motif of glittering golden dragons, with lace-up bodice, flared bell sleeves with black velvet insets, and a hemline that trails gracefully, front to back, from above the knee to midcalf. She walks along the waterfront, slowly, staring out at the waves crashing along the shore, seeming lost in thought.*

Sha-Sha: ((Pic of dress:

Kallista: The woman makes her way down the waterfront, her footsteps direct, her pace quick yet unhurried. She is a very attractive woman in her mid-twenties, likely of Mid-Easter or Mediterranean extraction. Her black hair is wavy and long, and her complexion is a dusky olive tone. She's wearing leather pants, a vinyl tank top cut off just below her breasts, and sandals with leather straps that go halfway up her calves. She's festooned with rings, necklaces, and pody jewelry. The number "23" is tattooed within a fairly large five-pointed, pentacle type star (minus the circle) on her left shoulder, and a golden apple with "Kallisti" written in Classical greek is inked onto the small of her back. She's more of a force of nature then a person, with something inexplicable about her...a sense of a frenzied, almost savage dynamism.

Sha-Sha: Kelsey Horn (PB3): d10: Not Kelsey Ignore: 10,5,3,2, *She notices the force of nature walking nearby, almost drawn to it in a way. She studies the woman mildly curious but not yet approaching.*

Kallista: She looks over as Sha looks at her, and their eyes meet. A faint, curious smile strikes her face, and she almost doesn't even visibly change course...she's just walking more toward Sha-Sha now. "Lovely night," she says, her voice a husky, low alto...soft, yet definitely carrying a presence to it. "Don't you think?"

Sha-Sha: I suppose. No stars tonight, though.

Kallista: She looks up to the sky, grinning a bit. "They can see us...even if we can't see them. There's a lot that's hidden in this city, I've noticed."

Sha-Sha: *She sighs a little* Yeah, yeah there is..

Kallista: She looks back over to Sha-Sha and smiles. "There seems to be something behind that statement."

Sha-Sha: *She smiles faintly back* Mm...mostly trouble.

Kallista: "Mmm...trouble. Good trouble or bad?"

Sha-Sha: Trouble can be good? *She sounds slightly amused*

Kallista: "Absolutely." She gives Sha a crooked grin. "Some of the best things you find and do can be trouble. The question is, do you come out of the trouble the better for it, or the worse?"

Sha-Sha: *She sighs a bit and looks off at the waves again* I don't know.

Kallista: "Something perhaps to be discovered yet." She nods slightly. "Eris moves in such ways. The truth is often quite obfuscated...which is of course the way it should be, unless she gives some sort of insight."

Sha-Sha: *She starts laughing at that.* I never would have expected New York to be so greek.

Kallista: She smiles at that. "Let me guess. You've met Alyssa." She shrugs a little bit. "A...nice girl. Naive and full of issues, but nice. She and I are not that much alike, I don't think." She looks over at Sha. "What about you?"

Sha-Sha: Among others though she is the main one, yes. *She tilts her head* We...have our similarities.

Kallista: "Really?" She seems quite curious at that. "How so?"

Sha-Sha: *She laughs softly* Full of issues, though not the same ones...

Kallista: "Ahh." She smiles a little bit. "It appears, at least, that you're far more aware of your issues then she is of hers."

Sha-Sha: Yes, and trying to work on them. Trying at least.

Kallista: "Do, or do not. There is no try." She follows Sha's gaze out to the water. "Didn't a philosopher say that?"

Sha-Sha: *She laughs* Yoda.

Kallista: She nods. "A wise man." Is she being serious, or joking? It's honestly very hard to tell. "That's not all you and Alyssa have in common,"

Sha-Sha: No, there are other things. Associations. I haven't gone to visit in a while though.

Kallista: "Hmmm. Why is that?"

Sha-Sha: Because of my own issues. *A sad look comes over her face.*

Kallista: She turns to look at Sha fully, eyes calm yet intense on the woman. "Certainly your issues cannot be so much that you cannot rely on your own for help with them?"

Sha-Sha: Part of those issues involve trust. *She whispers*

Kallista: "Ahhh...I see." She smiles faintly, not quite sympathetic, though certainly not hard and unfeeling. "Trust is an illusion, of course. You know this?"