Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((later!)) *Watching him go he then turns back to Maya* "Not gonna do it huh?" *He shrugs* "Your choice." *He says dropping the shirt.*

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~Another laugh~ Maybe if you were a little older. Or.... had enough build on you to beat on your chest and grunt without looking rediculous.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He grins* "Theres more ways about strength then just being an ape. Bet your apes couldnt jump a 20 foot gap without winding up with a face full of asphalt for there attempt."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~Her eyebrow twitches~ You might be surprised. Most of said apes that I associate with probably could and then some.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: "If you say so." *He says matter of factly* "I just dont think bein big and bulgy is all its cracked up to be."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: It's what I grew up with. ~She shrugs, chuckling~ You know, that whole stereotype sort of thing.

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser is driving down the street on the back of a motorcycle. He actually is going slow neough to stop Maya so he pulls off to the sidewalk with a wicked little grin on his lips about something. He's wearing the same tan officer pants and polished boots. The open jacket is still on to show off his musclar chest with the tattoo on his chest over his heart.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He grins* "I dont put stock in stereotypes. To limiting. But hey...if thats what your into girl."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: d10: paying attention?: 10,6,4,1,7,

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~The bike is most certainly enough to catch her attention, speaking of stereotypes. She raises an eyebrow at Hauser, and a smirk crosses her lips when she meets his gaze, then looks back to Sims~ Don't get me wrong, scrawny guys are alright. But nice guys finish last in my book. ~A chuckle~

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser turns off the engin and eases off the bike before he starts towards Maya and Simon with a leer upon his lips.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims smirks* "Think what you will bout me, your probably wrong." *He chuckles as he watches the big guy approach sizing him up*

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: Pirschen Sie mich jetzt an? ~She grins over at Hauser, then looks to Sims~ For a man of your size to be an asshole would be foolish.

Hauser (PB 3): He crosses his arms ove his chest while he comes to a stop while watching Maya for a long moment. He then glances over to Simon and gives him a questioning look.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He shrugs in Maya's direction and then looks in the big guys direction.* "Yo"

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She snickers, amused with Sims shift in attitude~ Sims, this is Hauser. Hauser, this is Sims. He's a.... ~She looks between the two~ What did you call it? Tauser?

Simon "Sims" Ashford: "Traceur, i prefer free runner." *Sims extends a hand out to Hauser his face not giving away much except a slight smile*

Hauser (PB 3): "Yes, I'm stalking you." he says to Maya before looking to Simon. "A Free Runner? Is that like a freelancer?" he asks without taking the offered hand.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: Good to know, I'll remember to start carrying a baseball bat around. ~A smirk at Hauser, her tone light and amused, then looking back to Sims~ Right right.. traceur.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He shakes his head and drops the arm.* "Think like spiderman without all the angst and gay outfits...or web shit for that matter."

Hauser (PB 3): "Your a crime fighter?" he asks sounding actually... surpised. He glances to Maya and grins some. "What you going to do with the bat? Sit on it?"

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~A snicker at Sims~ Any man secure enough to run around a city in tights is completely gay in my opinion. Whether they admit it or not. ~She tilts her head at Hauser~ You think I'll just let you pick me up and carry me off without a fight?

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims laughs* "Shit no man,I break more rules then i protect. Not what he does but how he does it. Climbing walls, jumpin rooftops, and moving faster then the eye can see." *He looks over to maya curious and then snaps back to Hauser.*

Hauser (PB 3): "No, it would be boring that way. I ran into Jonas the other day." he says with a grin towards Maya before looking back to Simon. "What the hell you talking about? Moving faster then the eye can see?" and he smirks. "You must have hit your head a few times or something."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She grunts some to that, and snorts~ Oh really? And did you find out anything interesting? He really is quite the shit head you know. Blends in wonderfully with the rest of you. ~She tilts her head at Sims, giving him a bit of a smile at the questioning look~

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims shrugs with a wicked grin* "Think what you want big man, i can run circles around anyone."

Hauser (PB 3): He turns towards Sims with a raised eyebrow. "That sounds like your looking to challenge me. That makes you either a fool or..." and he lets it trail off.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~Her lips purse, growing more amused by the moment~ Suicidal?

Hauser (PB 3): He smirks over to Maya and then glances back to Simon.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: "I'm sayin i know my shit man." *He says matter of factly. He doesnt back down or move away, but he doesnt go to any lengths to be more agressive either."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She grins and looks over at Hauser, speaking in German~ Er wird sehr unterhalten. Er wünschte mich ihn im Magen früh stoßen, um zu prüfen, daß er ein haltbarer Kerl ist. Bitte Versuch, zum er nicht zu brechen. Ich genieße das Lachen.

Hauser (PB 3): "Knowing your shit uh?" and he takes a step towards Sims. "How ammusing." and he cracks a grin when he looks to Maya and what she says. "I'd going to go with delusional." and then returns those eyes of his to Sims as they grow more dark and hardened. The look of a killer.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She frowns some, seeing the change in Hauser and moves to step between them subtley~ That's really good that you know your stuff Sims.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims looks over at Maya another curious look as the man approaches, he just stands there, waiting for the guy to either act or not.*

Kallista: The sounds of a whistle come down the block and turn the street, and then, she comes into view. The woman who approaches is a very attractive woman in her mid-twenties, likely of Mid-Easter or Mediterranean extraction. Her black hair is wavy and long, and her complexion is a dusky olive tone. She's wearing leather pants, a vinyl tank top cut off just below her breasts, and sandals with leather straps that go halfway up her calves. She's festooned with rings, necklaces, and pody jewelry. The number "23" is tattooed within a fairly large five-pointed, pentacle type star (minus the circle) on her left shoulder, and a golden apple with "Kallisti" written in Classical greek is inked onto the small of her back. She's more of a force of nature then a person, with something inexplicable about her...a sense of a frenzied, almost savage dynamism.

Hauser (PB 3): It seems Maya draws Hausers attention away from Sim's and he loose the look with a grin. "Maybe we should go..." and he glances to Sims again as he continues to stare at him for a long moment. Perhaps a little hint to Maya or something in that expression.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: d10: peek a boo: 3,9,8,6,4,

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She glances around, her eyes lingering on Kallista a moment then to Sims and gives a subtle wink, turning around to face Hauser~ You, don't need to be scaring the children. ~A raise of an eyebrow at the look, watching him suspiciously, as she speaks german once more to him~ Was sind Sie bis?

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims does not falter or back down he simply stands there watching Hauser and maya his hands in his pockets.*

Kallista: She looks up, noting the trio on the streets, and a little smirk hits her face. She makes a slow approach, stopping at a grocer's stand and buying an apple. Once she's got it, she produces a paring knife and starts to cut off a slice, watching the trio as she brings the fruit-laden blade to her lips.

Hauser (PB 3): He grins some to Maya. "But he needs to learn his place in the world." he says with a wolfish grin to Sims before looking back to Maya. "Well, I might be convinced to get out of here..."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She chuckles~ If I take the not so subtle hints? Alright then, I'll make you a deal. You teach him his place without breaking him and I'll go with you.

Kallista: About now, she finally decides to interject. "Aww. Not breaking is no fun..." She grins as she slices another peel of apple off and slips it into her mouth.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims watches this and hearing her "suggestion" He begins to flex various muscle groups, increasing his heart rate and preping himself. Though from the casual glance he doesnt really look like hes doing anything.*

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser grins more before he looks over to Kallista as she walks up and gives her a once over. "My thoughts exactly." he says to the new arrival before looking to Maya. "I'd guess you'll make it with not breaking him?"

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~Her eyes flicker over to Killista curiously, and she chuckles~

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She looks back to Hauser and raises an eyebrow, gives him a mischievous smirk, and steps out of his way~

Kallista: "Oh, this should be good..." She leans back on a hip, head tilting as she looks between the two.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims continues to build up his heart beat waiting for the adrenaline to start flowing.* "If something is happening here whats say we get off the street huh?"

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She tilts her head at Sims, raising an eyebrow, then looks over to Kallista~ Is this boy a friend of yours?

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser then dramatically cracks his knuckls while still watching Sims. "So your going to run circles around someone like me?" he asks and takes a step towards him.

Kallista: "Never met him before in my life," she says with a shrug and a grin. "Heard about 'im, though." Another slice of apple passes between her lips.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She takes a step back as Hauser moves forward, moving the bag in her hand to slip it around her wrist with a grunt~ He's got quite the ego, really. Though if he can run circles around that one, I'll be damn impressed.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims shoots Kallista a look his heart beat rising again though not his doing. Fixing Hauser with his most agressive visage he lowers himself into a ready stance.* "Last chance big man!" *He yells...but that bellow of defiance carrys something more...((And here comes the mind magic:P))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Mind Impulse: fearWP: 2,4,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((groan))

Kallista: d10: Per+Awareness: 4,8,6,4,8,4,4,

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((Hey look! It's a mini Gunther! ~Falls over giggling~))

Hauser (PB 3): He just smirks some at the display, "Bring it on kid." and waits on him. His stance is in no way defensive and just shows his total disdain for the young man.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((ok someone describe the area to me as Sims fighting style greatly relys on whats around him and not just brute strength))

Kallista: Her brow quirks, and she mutters something under her breath in Greek, looking at Sims. It didn't sound complimentary.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((~Blink~ I was under the impression we were on random street corner "blah"... y'know... since.... you and Hardy started the scene. ~L~))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((Aye but i need some general layout and i figure its not right for me set it up as well...thats working in my own advantage OOC))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((~peeks at the other two staffers IC, and the one lurking and giggles~ Ummm....?))

Blind: ((someone called, give me two and I'll throw in a lay out.))

Hauser (PB 3): ((Ravyn's got it I think))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((woot blind to the rescue))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((or not:P))

Kallista: The part of the street that they're on is about half a block from the corner...nestled between Tribeca and SoHo. There's a drug store nearest them, the groecery vendor that Kallista bought the apple from closer to the corner, and a used bookstore on the other side of the drug store. Of course, there's the standard array of cars parked on the side of the street, a mailbox on the corner, about 20 feet down, and then the ever-present light poles. And people milling about, like always on Manhattan.

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser is about 6'3 or taller and the boots add even a little more. The old fashioned desert officers uniform helps to remind people of his possible thoughts on people. He parked his bike nearby and just walked up and has no visible weapons on and of course is bare chested with that military crew cut.

Blind: There's a set of trafic lights off down one side of the street and a building with staris leading up to it, street lights line at the normal regular intervals and a fence runs along beyond the side of the building to an alleyway further down, the front leads down the road to many similar buildings though most of which protrude less. across the street terraces and a few small corner shops, a trash can outside the news agents which also has a canopy and advertisment stand with a front page of the new york times on it. the traffic on the road isn't heavy but you wouldn't want to try to cross suddenly still and foot trafic is relativly light around the small gathering.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims looks around the area carefully taking it all in and then stands back up.* "This wont do, to many people here. I say we take it somewhere quieter."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She frowns, shaking her head a bit with a sigh, and a bit of muttering in German~

Kaitlyn Kelly: And Kaitlyn is coming out of the used bookstore with a few books in brown paper bag she is carrying by the handle. The woman is dressed in a one piece leather outfit with cross lacing down the outer thighs and a pair of ankle boots.

Kallista: ((Deletes Blind's Post to avoid confusion...thanks, though, Blind!))

Hauser (PB 3): "You don't get to pick where you make your stand kid." he says with a feral growl and takes a swing at Simon. (Rolling Init)

Hauser (PB 3): d10: Init add eight: 6,

Kallista: "Quieter? In New York?" She chuckles.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Int add : 3,

Kallista: ((Streamlined Combat...we've all been here before. *G* Declare and roll, order goes in reverse for declaration, then I'll put it together. Declare order is Sims, then Hauser.))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Dodge that hammer: 9,4,5,8,4,9,2,

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: d10: init plus : 9,

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((~Slaps hand~ Spell it out, dork. That would be a 16 total))

Kallista: ((Ack. Okay, folks. So, just FYI: Numbers don't work in the Die Roller. For future reference. Thought everyone new that. *S*))

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser is already swinging on the man with a gleeful smile touching his lips.

Hauser (PB 3): d10: brawl: 5,7,7,8,5,5,9,8,

Kallista: ((So Maya actually goes first, Declares last.))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((If China's comp behaves, that is. heh.))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~Maya, is standing back and watching, holding action until necessary to interfere~

Hauser (PB 3): d10: damage: 5,7,4,2,9,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Soak: 10,3,6,

Kallista: RECAP: HAUSER swings out of nowhere, and SIMS is not quick enough to avoid the punch. It connects, though perhaps not ~quite~ as solidly as it could have (Soak 2 Bashing). Maya and Kallista watch, while Kaitlyn makes her way across the street.

((Not rolling init for Kallista, btw, until/if she gets involved. Just lemme know if you are NOT getting involved, and we will just skip your Initiative until it's time for you to get involved. Will make things go quicker.))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((~nodnod~ Maya will not step in until/if she needs to.))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Feeling the sting as the brute connects Sims re-evalutates his situation but with no space to take time he will dodge aiming to get near the closest lamp post.

Kallista: ((And new Init.))

Kallista: ((New ROUND! Sorry, same INit))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: dodgin: 8,3,8,2,8,8,2,

Hauser (PB 3): And Hauser just follows through with another punch, his stance having shifted to one of an obviously skilled warrior.

Hauser (PB 3): d10: brawl: 6,3,2,9,3,9,9,8,

Kaitlyn Kelly: d10: init plus six: 3,

Hauser (PB 3): d10: damage: 10,9,8,5,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Soak: 9,6,4,

Kaitlyn Kelly: Kaitlyn is just moving closer as she spots Kallista first.

Kallista: RECAP: Hauser connects again, and this time, it actually makes a bit more impact, throwing a nasty bruise over the side of Sims's head. People around the street start moving away, either not caring or scared...either way, they don't want to be in the vicinity. Kaitlyn moves closer, and Kallista and Maya watch. ((1 Bashing to Sims. New Round: Init is Kaitlyn, Sims, Hauser, and Maya; lemme know immediately if you're holding action.))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((Holding action))

Kaitlyn Kelly: ((Holding right now))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: FIRST ACTION*Taking another hit Sims doesnt feel the greatest but he keeps going aiming for the light pole he leaps into the air and grabs hold spinning around it.*

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: The move: 6,4,2,3,1,3,

Kaitlyn Kelly: ((Damn....*thinks maybe I should have had kaitlyn do something* *weg*))

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser watches him and smirks, just waiting to see what he's doing. "Going somewhere monkey boy?" he asks while holding action to wait for what he's up to. If there is no immediate attack incoming then he'll take a quick glance around to make sure noone else is coming in at him to break it up.

Kallista: Sims's attempted leap doesn't quite have the effect he wants, as he's just...not quite able to get the leap he wants, and ends up more grabbing the light pole, not spinning around it.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: SECOND ACTION *While not what he had planned Sims decides to try something a little foolish and launches himself from the pole right at Hauser*

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Dex+Brawl(WP): 2,

Hauser (PB 3): Well seeing how launches himself like that Hauser just stand there and brings his fists down in a overhanded smash to kids back.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Dam: 3,6,10,

Hauser (PB 3): d10: brawl: 2,10,2,2,5,7,1,7,

Hauser (PB 3): d10: damage first: 7,4,7,6,6,

Hauser (PB 3): d10: soak: 9,3,2,2,7,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Soak: 7,6,8,

Kallista: ((And Dex+Ath vs. 6 from both Hauser and Sims, or they fall to the ground.))

Hauser (PB 3): d10: athletic: 8,4,2,5,10,6,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Athletics: 5,4,3,4,7,9,1,7,

Kallista: RECAP: Sims leaps off the pole and meets Hauser's downward fist, striking him right in the shoulder ((1 Bashing; 2 Total)). It throws his tackle off, and it doesn't have the proper force, though Sims manages to land on his feet right in front of the big man. ((New Turn; same order, Kait, Sims, Hauser, Maya; Kallista still holding action.))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((Holding))

Kaitlyn Kelly: Kait gives out a shrill whistle, with a mischievous grin as she unzips her top down to her belly button ring. "Hey boys," while part of her firm breasts fall from the top.

Kallista: Kallista finishes her apple and tosses it in a nearby trash bin, grinning as she watches. She notes Kaitlyn's approach and nods to her.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Now far to close for his liking Sims will dodge back out of the way.*

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Dodge: 10,10,2,5,9,5,8,

Kallista: ((You're at -1 die pool due to wound penalties, Sims.))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Sorry once again: 5,10,4,7,8,4,

Hauser (PB 3): With Simons backing off, and the whistle causes him to glance towards Kaitlyn and he cracks a grin. Giving Simons an opening... as the hands start to lower from his stance.

Kallista: RECAP: Hauser is distracted by Kaitlyn's sudden baring of flesh, and Sims dodges backward. Kallista cracks a wide grin at Kaitlyn's actions, murmuring "Oh, you are ~so~ one of Eris's," under her breath. ((New Turn, same init.))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~Maya looks, blinks, then raises an amused brow at Hauser's easy distractedness~ ((Still holding ~G~))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Heal Self (WP): 1,7,

Kaitlyn Kelly: She gives a very seductive smile to Hauser, blowing him a kiss. "Careful of the monkey boy."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: grrr sorry reroll(WP: 4,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims takes the moment he has to concentrate forcing blood to his wounds forcing his body to heal so that he can continue*

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser smirks some before looking back to Simon's and gives a little feral grin again. "You done playing around or you ready to surrender?" he asks with his hands still down, palms showing to Simon.

Kallista: (( wanna give me a description of how you're using your Foci? Forgive me, the site being down, I don't have access to see what said Foci is.))

Kallista: ((Ahh, nm, there it is. For future reference, it went "Declare, THEN Roll. Not the reverse. *G*))

Kallista: ((Guys, we may wanna kill nick and re-up. We've multiplied. :) ))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((and what a multiply!))

Ravyn: RECAP: Hauser looks back at Simon and banters, while Sims manages to heal up some, the vanishing bruise covered under his clothes. Kallista smirks and shakes her head, moving to stand next to Kaitlyn

Ravyn: ((And new turn, same init))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((Still... holding... ~L~))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims grins* "What? You barely scratched me. But if your done i guess i can be." *As sims backs up putting a little more space between them getting ready again*

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Damn nippy out!" she laughs and zips her top most of the way back up.

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser crouches down some, as the anger bubbles up from within him. That feral grin turns into a feral growl that rumbles out from his barrel like chest. Those with awarekness can maybe even feel something else...

Hauser (PB 3): d10: Gift: 7,2,7,4,9,7,4,

Ravyn: d10: Per+Awareness: 1,3,5,6,7,10,3,

Ravyn: d10: Specialty: 8,

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Awareness: 4,7,3,7,

Ravyn: RECAP: Hauser does his growling snarl, and Kallista's eyes widen a bit. She moves closer to Kaitlyn, a little in front of her, protectively. Sims gets a sense of something...unnatural coming off Hauser, and he finds himself cowed by the man somehow. ((Action this next turn is at -4 dice.)) Kaitlyn zips back up.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She looks to the other two women, then back to Hauser, straightening up some, but still just standing by and watching~ ((Holding))

Kaitlyn Kelly: She blinks when Kallista does that but stays back and watches the two men closer than she had originally.

Ravyn: ((And new turn, of course, same init.))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Feeling what he does Sims suddenly realizes this is getting serious in a bad way. Pulling out of his stance he puts his hand up.* "I Yield to you. This can't continue." *He says seriously*

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser sure seemed about ready to lay a hurting on Simon but the surrender is enough for him and he lowers the fist. "Good." and he cracks a grin before looking to the three women one at a time that have been watching.

Ravyn: ((And calling combat over there. *S*))

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((Remind me next time I need to belch really loud, to leave my room so I don't scare my computer into bluescreening on me again))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: ((LOL))

Ravyn: Kallista maintains her stance in front of Kaitlyn, watching Hauser. It's wary, but she's still smirking. "Nicely done."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Leaning back against the light pole Sims rubs his head.* "Damn it...." *He says quietly to no one.*

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She nods to Hauser, glancing over to the other two women, then over to Sims, and once more back to Hauser~ Deal done.

Hauser (PB 3): "Nice tits." he says to Kaitlyn before looking to Maya. "So want to get out of here?" he asks the woman.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Why thank you sir," she beams.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She moves over next to Hauser, saying nothing for the moment~

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims looks up at the people standing around him and pushes off the pole and begins to slowly move away*

Ravyn: She chuckles at the exchange between Kaitlyn and Hauser. "You." She points at Sims. "Hold."

Hauser (PB 3): Hauser grins some to Kaitlyn again and starts towards his bike, giving a side glance to Maya to see if she's following him.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims stops and slowly turns around looking at her.* "Yeah?"

Hauser (PB 3): He gives a little wolf whistle, nodding in appreaciation to Kaitlyn before easing on to his bike. "Better hold on tight." he says to Maya.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She glances over at Kait, then back to Hauser with a chuckle, speaking in German~ Es sei denn Sie eher die Frau nehmen würden, die so einladend sich bildet?

Maya Grimhild [PB3] -> Ravyn: Unless you would rather take the woman making herself so inviting?

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She slides on behind him, and wraps her arms around his sides~

Kaitlyn Kelly: She can't help but grin getting the wolf whistle, but listens to Kallista.

Ravyn -> Kaitlyn Kelly: "Once was amusing, and very nice, my dear..." She grins a little bit, the tone in her voice a silken purr. "But don't tempt Fate too much. You don't want to rile that one."

Kaitlyn Kelly: She starts to say something back, but she decides against it.

Hauser (PB 3): He chuckles some, "I'll check her out more next time." he says teasingly while winking to Kaitlyn and starting up the bike.

Ravyn: She smiles at Kaitlyn a bit, and looks at Sims. "I know of you. You're making quite the reputation for yourself."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She smirks, shaking her head and tightens her arms around him enough to hold on~

Ravyn: "Not a good idea," she says to Hauser with a smirk as he gets on the bike. "This one's not for you."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *The same curious yet defensive look spreads across his face.* "Oh yeah? How so? Who told you bout me?"

Hauser (PB 3): He seems a little surpised by the remark from the woman and gives her another look over while reaving the engin for a moment. "And you?" he says, that playful smirk there as he studies the woman intently.

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~She looks over at the two women again, the look on her face betraying nothing of her thoughts. Just blinking, and waiting.~

Kaitlyn Kelly: She mumbles under her breath in Portuguese, "Muses dum raio. Feche acima."

Kaitlyn Kelly: She looks over to the woman on the bike she she is watching, studying her.

Kaitlyn Kelly: d10: empathy Maya: 9,6,1,6,3,4,

Ravyn: She grins widely. ~Ger~ "You couldn't handle me. And even if you"

Hauser (PB 3): He laughs about that and just takes off on the bike but making sure not to accelerate too fast for Maya to be able to hold on.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims watches the man ride off with disdain on his face.*

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ~Her grip tightens again, looking away from the women and leaning her chin on Hausers shoulderblade as they take off~

Ravyn: She looks back to Sims. "You'd do well to be more careful. There are things much more frightening in this world then you are."

Kaitlyn Kelly: She grins. "She wants him....."

Maya Grimhild [PB3]: ((~LOL~ How in the hell.... ~Looks at what was sent, looks at IC response....~ now that's funneh ~LMAO~))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *His tired look suddenly twists into a grimace.* "Oh yeah? All ive done is stand up for myself, hell ive even played by the rules. An now i get a lecture bout not being careful?" *He looks like hes ready to lose it.* "I know there are bigger fish out there! You think im stupid?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: Kaitlyn returns her attention back to Sims and Michelle since the two German are long gone now.

Ravyn: She looks back at Sims, brow raising. "Oh, yes. You've completely played by the rules." Her voice takes on a taunting tone there. "You'll be dead by the New Year. Stupidity would be complimentary. Big man...proving your worth. Won't back down...must show your dick to everyone and how big it is." She chuckles. "Discretion is the better part of valor, fool. Enjoy your life. Such as it is."

Kaitlyn Kelly: ((oooops. KALLISTA!))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *His face goes beat red as he raises a finger looking like hes about to lay in...but somehow he catches himself and his hand drops. He takes a few seconds breathing to calm himself* "So im supposed to hide away like some nobody huh? That what your sayin?"

Ravyn: "Touch me, fool, and you'll be dead before you know it." She grins, arms folding over her chest, completely unafraid of his anger. She's practically daring him...even by the slight upward tilt of her chin. "And you're supposed to use your head. Getting into random fights with men much bigger then you will get you killed. No matter who they are...much more when they're him."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: "I didnt start that shit."

Ravyn: "Perhaps..." She shrugs. "But you certainly continued it. Last chance, big man!" She shouts it in a mocking mimicry of Sims from earlier, then shakes her head. "Truly, your de-escalation skills are mighty. You were looking for a fight."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: "I was not!" *He says defensively.* "I get fuckin carried away though im tryin to work on it....all i was fuckin doing was looking for a job.."

Ravyn: She looks over to Kaitlyn with a grin. "This is a good one to learn from, dear. What not to do. In any situation."

Ravyn: "A job as what, a corpse in a gutter?" She smirks back to Sim. "You very nearly got the job."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Work as a bouncer? On a light pole?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Of course as a male dancer, you have the pole part down."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *His hands shake and his eyes are closed trying to stay calm.* "I dont have to take this shit from you." *He says as he turns away*

Ravyn: She laughs at Kaitlyn's answer, leaning into the other woman a little.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "You said you were looking for a job," she says innocently. "I know a place where they have both male and female dancers."

Ravyn: "No, you don't. Ignore us. Go and die in your next fight against the darkness. Of course, fighting the darkness does become easier if, as she said, you avoid the light posts."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He turns back* "Oh attention to the woman whos mockin me for being who i am and what got me to where i am now...i wouldnt even be who i am today if i didnt push it, if i didnt go for it! IF your tryin to help me then stop fuckin berating me and help me."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "I am very serious about the job," she crosses her arms over her chest.

Ravyn: "In retrospect, perhaps you should look at who you are now, and think about that fact." She shrugs. "My job is not to teach you the basics of intelligence and street life. You've obviously not spent time in any major urban area...acting like that on the streets gets you killed. Yes, even us." She smirks. "In job is not to teach you at all. That was your mentor's. He obviously failed. Good evening." She looks at Kaitlyn. "Ready to go, dear?"

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Of course," she nods. "I was actually hoping to bump into you soon so we could talk."

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *He turns full around* "Say what you will about me. But dont fuckin trash my sensei! He doesnt deserve it. I....i know my shit...but this place is different...very different from toronto."

Ravyn: She ignores Sims, turning and making her way generally toward Chinatown. "As was I you," she tells Kaitlyn. "We have much to talk about."

Kaitlyn Kelly: "Wonderful," she smiles, walking with Kallista.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims's hands clench and shake but not out of anger, his eyes get watery as he falls back against the lightpost and sinks to the ground.* "It wasnt supposed to be like this...I wanted to finish training here. I dont want to cause shit im serious its not my thing."

Ravyn: "Let's go somewhere more private." She puts a hand at the small of Kait's back and continues the walk, on to Chinatown.

Kaitlyn Kelly: "All right," keeping the pace easily with Kallista.

Simon "Sims" Ashford: *Sims looks up watching them move off and his eyes widen and he stands abruptly* "Wait! I'm.....i'm sorry. You wouldnt have said anything if ya didnt give a shit. An i fuckin flapped my mouth again just like sensei told me not too..What do i have to do?"

Ravyn: "Learn," she calls over her shoulder. "When you're ready to...find another of your people. Don't call me. We won't mesh."

Novalee Van Zandt: d10: Per+Alert: 1,5,5,4,4,3,

Novalee Van Zandt: Now where in the hell was she when all of this went down. Oh yeah handing out food to some of the street bums. She turns the corner just in time to walk into a mail box. ((DD comming))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: "Ive already tried...i cant get a hold of her..but ok." *He says as he watches them walk off.*

Novalee Van Zandt: Tell her she is beautiful and she knows you are yanking her chain. If the Viking myths are indeed true, she most assuredly looks the part of a Valkyrie. Her height not withstanding at a little over six feet tall, with blond hair that has been cut short, shaved on the back of her head, falling to her shoulders in front, a backwards layered cut which suits her well. She would be beautiful if not for the scars all over her body and face, which make her look if not a little intimidating. Preferring to wear jeans, steel toed boots, and t-shirts, with her leather jacket, lending to her intimidating looks, and giving her the air of a Valkyrie in the modern day. ((Intel Occult for the scars))

Simon "Sims" Ashford: d10: Scanning: 6,10,3,6,10,

Ravyn: She shrugs. "Not my problem. Try harder." And she continues on with Kaitlyn. ((And gone. *S* Thanks for the scene!))