Snyde [Hotel room]: *he sits in the room a bottle of whiskey sitting on the table and a pair of vegas dice bouceing agaist the table as he waits*

Dani Lane: (( I put Dani's pic up on the site! Everyone go look ))

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She drives up to the hotel room. She waits for Dani to peel herself off the back before getting off herself then pulls off her helmet once more. When Dani has hers off she locks them both to the bike and heads up to the room Snyde mentioned and knocks on the door. Outfit: Leather pants and a blue silk blouse. Once again, her make-up is a more natural style rather than gothic.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde stands up and walks over to the door* "Who is it?" *he asks through the door as a hand slips inside of his jacket*

Dani Lane: *whew.... glad that ride is over... she follows Sha up... staying quiet*

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: Sha and Dani.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he slips his hand out of the jacket and opens the door for them* "Come on in" *he says as his eyes slide over Dani* "I think ive seen you before?"

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She leads Dani inside.* Snyde, Dani, Dani Snyde. She's new. *She's not going to say much more with the door open.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods as he closes the door* "Whiskeys on the table" *he says as he motions towards the table for them to sit*

Dani Lane: *sees Snyde and BLINKS* you... I... *thinks* th' first night.... you were th' one that made my radar go off th' first time... in Battery....

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods to her* "Allright and I think I saw you another time talking to the corpse" *he says as he sits down and pours a shot of whiskey and takes it*

Dani Lane: *quirks a brow* talking to a corpse..?

Snyde [Hotel room]: "Fel.. or whatever her name is" *he says as he looks at her* "I mean she was talking back so its not like your crazy or anything"

Dani Lane: *blink* .... wait... huh..? A corpse? What're you talking about?

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She blinks* Fel...wait...what are you saying about Fel? *No...can't be...not Fel!*

Snyde [Hotel room]: "She is a vampire, someone id rather avoid usually" *he says looking at them* "Its actually one of the reasons I originally started looking after Alice because Fel and her friends attacked her, hell Fel was the one who shot her dog"

Dani Lane: ........... *blink* ... no..... no... *thinks.. and pales just slightly* .... no....

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *Sha is stunned, just plain stunned.* But...she...saved my life!

Dani Lane: She's........ nice...... no... *shakes her head*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde shrugs* "Allright" *he says looking at Sha and Dani* "Just giving ya the heads up on your friend, not saying she is evil just that she feeds on people"

Dani Lane: *swallows a bit*

Dani Lane: y'know what? If she is *shrugs* she ain't never been nothin but nice t' me.... even.... IF she is... *shrugs* ..... she's still my friend...

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She covers her face a bit and shakes her head.* Um...Snyde when I said Dani's new, I meant she's VERY new. Just awakened. I...maybe...*She looks over at Dani, concerned and still fighting the shock of that revelation.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He shrugs to them both* "Ahh welcome to the club" *he says with a smile to Dani* "And sure she can be your friend but watch yourself with her"

Dani Lane: *nods just a bit, looking down*

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She sighs and mumbles to herself.* Maybe this wasn't a good idea...

Dani Lane: ..... I need a drink... *heads over to the whiskey*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he looks over at Sha and then back to Dani* "So what happened at a party that you would have to leave suddenly?"

Dani Lane: *downs a swig* some guy took advantage of this drunk chick.... and this other guy got pissed about it..... and someone called 911...

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She grimaces a bit and moves over to get something to drink herself. Fel's a vampire? It's still going over and over in her head.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde looks a little upset over the revelation* "Sorry I asked" *he says as he smiles* "If that bottle dies there are a few more in that sack over there" *he says with a motion towards the brown paper sack before turning his attention back to Sha* "Actually from the other night its me that owes you an apology I dont know what came over Alice"

Dani Lane: *hands Sha the bottle... figures they both need it*

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She grits her teeth and squeezes a bit tighter on the glass.* Could...we not talk about's not your fault.

Dani Lane: *almost asks what happened.... then hears Sha saying she didn't wat to talk about it.... so she doesn't*

Snyde [Hotel room]: "Thats fine by me" *he says looking between them* "So when did you awaken exactly?" *he says looking at Dani*

Dani Lane: uhh.... week ago? Somewhere around there....

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She takes a long swig while Snyde talks to Dani....a really long swig.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods to her as he walks over and grabs another bottle from the sack and cracks it open* "So has anyone picked you up to teach you then?"

Dani Lane: uhm... Amara mentioned someone names Eon.... but I ain't met her yet.... I dunno.... they say I'm prolly gonna be one of those cult people....

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He nods to her at that* "Thats good" *he says as he takes another drink* "I share a tradition with Sha actually"

Dani Lane: *tries to remember if She mentioned which one she was* uhh

Sha-Sha's Phone: *Ring, chirp, Bauhaus MIDI, Barney Theme, or whatever it does*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks towards the phone and goes quiet waiting for her to answer it*

Dani Lane: Sha>> miss popularity again... *slight smile, taking the bottle back*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks over at Dani* "So what do you do for fun?" *he says as he grabs the dice off the table and rolls them*

Dani Lane: *shrugs* play music, mostly

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods to her* "What kinda music do you play?" *he says with a slight smile* "Because there is a diffrence between music and noise" *he says as he takes another drink of whiskey*

Sha-Sha *Gimme Booze!*: *She blinks* I suspect she will wind up with the Cult of Ecstacy. *She then answers the phone.* Hello...

Dani Lane: noise is th' crap that was blarin' at that party tonight.... but y' prolly wouldn't like what I play.... mostly country... *she does have a southern accent*

Sha-Sha's Phone: ((And unbeknownst to all, Sha-Sha's phone is actually a taser, and it knocked Sha unconscious when it rang! *G*))

Sha-Sha: ((*L* Nah, I just had the pastry guy arrive and he had a huge order today))

Sha-Sha's Phone -> Sha-Sha: "Sha-Sha?" Miranda's voice, that accented but still easily understandable Alto. "It is Miranda. You called earlier?"

Snyde [Hotel room]: ((yeppers a horrible malfunction but atleast now she can sue the company that made it *G*))

Snyde [Hotel room]: "I dont mind country" *he says with a smile to her* "Its not my first choice but then you really cant beat good ol Irish drinking music" *he says as he motions towards his head* "Actually until it had an unfortunate accident one of my favorite possesions was my cowboy hat"

Dani Lane: *nods to Sha* that's them...

Sha-Sha: Hi Miranda, um, yeah I did. I wanted to talk to you about someone I met the night before last. *She chews her lip.* Um...*She looks at the other two*

Dani Lane: *smiles to Snyde* I do know a Garth song that's kinda irish sounding... I sang it on St. Patrick's day...

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He smiles to her* "Well im sure Saint Patty was proud of your praise" *he says as he takes another drink from the bottle of whiskey* "So what kind of music were they playing at the party then?"

Sha-Sha's Phone -> Sha-Sha: Concern in her voice at Sha-Sha's words and her tentative nature. "Is everything okay, child?"

Dani Lane: noise..... just...blaring guitars and some guy growling and yelling into the mic.... couldn't even understand th' words...

Sha-Sha: Um...are you able to get to *names the part of midtown the hotel is in.*

Dani Lane: *looks at Sha* what?

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods his head* "It does sound awful" *he says looking at her* "I mean I do like rock as well but it has to be intelligable like the Doors and the Eagles"

Dani Lane: *nods to Snyde* THANK you... see, I like that, too... I love th' Eagles.... an' Lynard Skynard... th' classic rock..... hell, I even like some o' Metallica's older stuff....

Sha-Sha's Phone -> Sha-Sha: "I certainly can. I will be there at my earliest convenience. Are you safe now?"

Sha-Sha: Yeah, I'm safe. I'm in a hotel with Snyde and Dani. Um...I don't know if you've met Dani yet.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods* "Some of Metallicas old stuff is okay but the classics are the best of the rock genra this new stuff that people play is either totally artifical or the artist need to learn how to play together instead of against each other"

Dani Lane: yes, thank you *nods to Snyde*

Sha-Sha: ((*color change for less confusion*))

Sha-Sha's Phone -> Sha-Sha: "I have not...but I will. Is she one of us?"

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he smiles at Dani* "Seems like you have been fighting this fight for a while with how you talk" *he says as he takes a drink* "Take it the majority of the people youve run into like this new fade of music?"

Sha-Sha: Yes, just barely, but yes.

Dani Lane: people here seem to....

Sha-Sha's Phone -> Sha-Sha: "Understood. I will be right there, Sha-Sha."

Snyde [Hotel room]: "Well you have found another one here who dosent" *he says with a nod to her* "I mean ive listened to enough of it in the bars but I cant say I really care for it all that much, but I do suggest you come to this nice Irish pub I go to sometime they have some really fun music there"

Dani Lane: *nods to Snyde* an' Michelle Morgan... she gets it too... I love her music.... I actually got to meet her! I almost passed out *chuckles*

Sha-Sha: Thanks Miranda. *She waits for the other woman to hang up first in case she has any other questions. She's been trying very hard to ignore Snyde and Dani's conversatio up to this point.*

Sha-Sha: *Though she grimaces at that. Oh yeah, this is gonna go real well.*

Sha-Sha's Phone -> Sha-Sha: "Of course, child." *Click*

Snyde [Hotel room]: "Yea ive met her a few times" *a less then delighted expression on his face* "Even though I cant honsetly say ive ever heared any of her music"

Snyde [Hotel room]: "So whats Miranda comeing for?" *he says as he looks at Sha*

Dani Lane: I got her CD's... you can borrow 'em...

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He shrugs* "Dont have a CD player"

Dani Lane: ..... *blink* ... oh..... *who doesn't have a CD player??*

Sha-Sha: *She hangs up.* Because of a gentleman that we met the other day, *indicating both herself and Dani* I may have mentioned him the other night, he was trying to siphon off my "negative" emotions. *She sighs.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he notice the expression on her face* "Actually your looking at most of my personal possesions" *he says with a smile* "Besides a old leather recliner at home"

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods to Sha* "Yea it probably would be good to let the powers that be know of him before he hurts someone or gets himself hurt"

Dani Lane: Sha>> ya, what was he? Was he one of us?

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde looks at Sha waiting for her to answer Dani's question*

Sha-Sha: *She shakes her head* I'm not quite sure what he is, but it wasn't the same as the kind of magic I do. I don't think he'll be a danger at this point. I've warned him to not do things like that.

Miranda Okanedo: ((Am just giving it a while for time to elapse. *S*))

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks at Sha* "On a similar topic Ness has left town" *he says before looking at her* "and before you ask I never actually spoke with her"

Dani Lane: *quirks a brow, quiet for now... not knowing who Ness is*

Sha-Sha: *She purses her lips* Really? Did Adriana?

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods* "yes Adriana spoke with her, and was informed of her intention to leave town because she was afraid of what my reaction would be. But she never contacted me at all to tell me anything which was just fine by me" *he says with a slight sigh as he takes another drink*

Sha-Sha: I see. *She looks rather unhappy with this news. The woman got away without any sort of punishment. She takes another swig of the whiskey. Dammit.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks back towards Dani* "Well its an eventful world you have awoken into" *he says as he takes another drink*

Miranda Okanedo: A soft but audible knock on the hotel room door sounds.

Dani Lane: uhh.... I guess so..... I jus' hope I get ta figure out what I'm doin sometime....

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde looks towards the door and gets up walking over to it* "Who is it?" *he asks as his hand slips into his jacket*

Dani Lane: *quirks a brow at Snyde's hand*

Sha-Sha: You will Dani. Michelle's working on getting someone to teach you.

Miranda Okanedo: "Good evening, Snyde." Miranda's unmistakable African accent sounding through. "It is Miranda."

Dani Lane: *nods* it's just.... a little frustratin', y'know? T' alluvasudden findin' out that I'm capable of all these things..... just...... not knowin how...

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He takes his hand out of the jacket and open the door for you* "Good evening as well Miranda" *he says with a smile* "Its always a pleasure" *He says as he motions for her to come in*

Snyde [Hotel room]: ((her it should read damn my tired brain *G*))

Miranda Okanedo: She slips into the hotel room, giving Snyde a polite smile. "And you as well. Good day." She looks over at Sha-Sha, her smile warm and soft...then one to Dani as well. "Hello, Sha-Sha...and you must be Dani."

((For Dani's sake)) The woman is short, standing at about 5'2" and weighing around 125 pounds or so. Dark skin and ebony hair, braided down her back, make up a woman of about 30. She looks like she's seen her fair share of years, with signs of a hard life underneath her pleasant demeanor. Her eyes, a rich brown, have extreme wisdom to them. She's dressed in a plain, natural-fiber shirt and a red sarongm with sandals covering her feet. A warm, pleasant smile is usually on her face, indicative of her infinite patience and wisdom.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde closes the door and pulls a seat out at the table for Miranda before moveing to sit back down*

Sha-Sha: *She nods* I can understand that. But you will, soon, I'm sure. Hello Miranda...thank you for coming.

Dani Lane: *nods to Miranda* yes, ma'am...

Miranda Okanedo: "A pleasure to meet you, then, child." She smiles and makes her way to Dani, shoulderstipping forward into a partial bow with her hands folded in her lap. "Miranda Okanedo of the Celestial Chorus, at your service."

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde takes another drink from the whiskey bottle sitting there letting the women talk*

Dani Lane: *blinks* uhm.... Dani Lane.. of.... uhm.... I think.. th' cult *thinks* of.. extacy? But... not yet... but that's what they're thinkin....

Sha-Sha: *She nods at Dani's halting answer* Michelle is working on getting someone to teach her. I actually called you because of a man we both met a couple nights ago. ((Think it was? Or was that the night she stayed in with Christian? *L* Sleepy.)) He did something, trying to siphon off my..."chi" he called it. But it seemed to be specifically my I suppose negative emotions. I was feeling rather embarassed at the time actually. He brushed against the shields I'd had in place and alerted me to what he was doing. It wasn't...I don't know it didn't feel the same as what we do. And he didn't know I'd felt it. *She looks puzzled by that.* He was very apologetic when he realized I had. He didn't seem to know very much about mages though it seemed like he might have had a run-in with the technocracy though he called it "The Party?"

Miranda Okanedo: She nods. "For now, until you are initiated into a Tradition, Dani...merely say 'Newly Awakened.' Or, if you like, 'Orphan,' though there are those who are such who do not appreciate the term for whatever reason. It's not meant as an insult, though some treat it like one." She shrugs a little. "The title is unimportant. Just be careful about identifying yourself as a member of a Tradtion you are not part of yet."

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He just sits there listening seeming very interested in whats going on*

Miranda Okanedo: She nods, listening to Sha-Sha, and moves to take a seat. "I see. It sounds remniscent of the Akashic Brotherhood to me, of course...perhaps an Acolyte, or someone with the potential to Awaken who has learned sorcery."

Dani Lane: Miranda>> *nods* yes, ma'am...

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks at Sha* "Where was he from?"

Sha-Sha: Maybe...*She looks at Dani* Did he actually say where he was from? When Matthew mentioned he was living at Ling's he did say it sounded like something from his native language. I believe he came here because "The Party" had put out an order for him to be killed.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he shrugs a bit* "I only ask because he could have been using the party as a refrence to the communist party"

Dani Lane: Sha>> no... he was oriental.... he did say he worked at a chinese buffet..... so maybe China?

Miranda Okanedo: "That is possible," she says with a nod to Snyde.

Sha-Sha: *She nods* Maybe...he did say that where he was from it was his duty to enter the dreams of people to help them sort out their problems. He would siphon off the excess "Chi" as he called it, in return.

Dani Lane: Sha>> and he thought you were some kinda priestess since you could sense it.... and like... hit th' ground bowing to you....

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde sits there listening to Sha and Miranda speak not really haveing much to contribute*

Sha-Sha: *She scratches her head and makes a face.* Yeah he did...that was...weird...He said he had lost face by trying to siphon off from a priestess...

Dani Lane: ... and wouldn't get up 'til Sha said it was ok...

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde looks between them* "then that probably at least helps to support that he may be an acolyte of the Akashics" *he says looking to Miranda* "Do you know any of them that could be sent to speak with the man?"

Miranda Okanedo: She nods. "Yes...this sounds to me like he's not an acolyte of the Akashics...they don't speak about Priestesses and the like. But possibly an independant hedge wizard."

Sha-Sha: *She shakes her head* I don't think he was an Acolyte of the Akashics. They'd teach they're acolytes more. He didn't know it could be dangerous to do that trick to random people in a big city. I've warned him not to continue and he seemed disappointed but agreed. I think he might MAKE a good acolyte though...

Miranda Okanedo: "The only Akashic I know in the city is Jody Yu."

Dani Lane: *blinks, not understanding most these terms*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde shrugs* "Ehh I will admit my knowledge of Akashic practices is not the greatest"

Sha-Sha: Sorry Dani...the Akashic Brotherhood is another group like the Cult of Ecstacy but they have a more asian flavored, martial artist feel to them. An acolyte is someone who is aware and works with a mage or group of mages, doing odd things for them that a mage may not be able or have the time to do.

Dani Lane: Sha>> *nods* ok...

Dani Lane: Sha>> an'... hedge wizard..? *blinks*

Sha-Sha: Um, *She looks at Miranda for the explaination of Hedge Wizard.*

Miranda Okanedo: She smiles to Dani. "I apologize for using terms you are not familiar with. I promise you, this will all make sense soon enough."

Dani Lane: Miranda>> *nods* ever'one keeps sayin that....

Miranda Okanedo: She nods to Sha-Sha, and looks to Dani. "A hedge wizard, Dani, is a Sleeper--someone who who has not Awakened--who practices a less powerful style of magic. They do not shape the world, they merely bend the rules, so to speak."

Dani Lane: Miranda>> oh... how do they learn t' do that?

Snyde [Hotel room]: "Much the same way you will learn to use your magic" *he says looking to Dani*

Miranda Okanedo: "Through practice and dedication."

Dani Lane: oh... *nods looking at her hands... opening and closing a fist... almost as if expecting a fireball or lighting bolt to appear*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde smiles a bit at Dani as she opens and closes her fist*

Sha-Sha: They...usually have a book or a teacher of some sort, don't they?

Miranda Okanedo: "I confess, I know little about such ways, myself. Particularly as befits their ways. Perhaps Miss Yu can provide some insight, if it does not damage her Neutrality."

Sha-Sha: *She nods at Miranda* Alright. Should I see about introducing Kwan to her?

Dani Lane: Sha>> you got his number an' address an' stuff din't you? Why doncha jus' give it to that Yu lady and if she wants to visit him, she can....

Sha-Sha: *She nods* I got his address. He doesn't have a phone number.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde takes another drink of whiskey as he listens*

Dani Lane: Sha>> I say y' jus' give th' address to th' Y lady...

Dani Lane: ((Y lady = Yu lady))

Miranda Okanedo: "I would suggest obtaining permission from him first," she says calmly. "In our world, good intentions or not, it does not due to just give over contact information withouth permissioin."

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde nods in agreement to what Mirnada said*

Sha-Sha: *She nods* I wouldn't give it over without his permission. I promised to come by in a couple days to tell him what I was able to get so far, if I hadn't already found someone to talk to him.

Dani Lane: *nods* oh.. ok..

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde looks over at Miranda* "Has anymore information been gathered concerning Keltons return?"

Miranda Okanedo: "Not as of yet, no," she says with a frown. "I have spoken with Kallista about the matter, and she is trying to investigate, but is, obviously, quite busy."

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods* "I wonder if it has anything to do with the fire in Queens" *he says looking at her* "There was a strange resonace there that felt very very primal in nature and the body of one of the people who started the fire was killed by the same kind of magic"

Sha-Sha: *She blinks, looking almost as lost as Dani likely is.*

Miranda Okanedo: Her brow furrows at that. "A fire in Queens?"

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He nods* "Yea a fire in Queens that destroyed and apartment complex and was thought to be a gang related hit but the fire actually started in this shop near by in a shop that sold odd books and such" *he says looking at her* "I intend to go and speak with the deceased boys next of kin soon"

Sha-Sha: *She blinks* Do you know the name of the owner of the shop?

Miranda Okanedo: She frowns and nods. "I will let those in Madame Ling's be made aware of it."

Sha-Sha: ((Think we lost Dani-p))

Snyde [Hotel room]: *he nods as he pulls out what appears to be a folded up news article and looks at it* "Bertram Camden" *he says looking at Sha* "He was one of the victims of the fire and the person I beleive to be the actual target"

Dani Lane: ((sorry, was AFK))

Dani Lane: *listening, kinda lost*

Miranda Okanedo: She frowns and nods, listening quietly.

Snyde [Hotel room]: "Currently that is all the information I have, but I will keep you informed Miranda if I learn of anything else" *he says with a nod to her* "I was waiting till I could find someone to go with me to speak with his next of kin"

Sha-Sha: *She nods* Different person then. *She chews her lip.*'re saying that this guy was killed by magic?

Miranda Okanedo: She nods. "I will bring it up to those at Madame Ling's and see if anyone would be willing to go with you."

Dani Lane: *back to flexing and unflexing her fist... not really expecting anything to happen... it does occur to her tho that is a fireball or something did shoot from her hand, and hit Sha-Sha or something... she'd feel terrible*

Snyde [Hotel room]: "This guy was killed by the fire which I beleive was caused by magic, and one of the people who started the fires body reeked of the same primal resonace that was present at the fire. So I am assuming he was killed to keep from speaking about anything that happened there since he was killed in police custody" *he says looking at Sha*

Sha-Sha: Okay so the fire was caused by magic and you were able to get the resounance of whatever caused it and then that same resounance was used on the body of the guy in police custody, Snyde I hate to ask this but how the hell did you get that close to either thing?

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks at Sha* "Well the aftermath of the fire was really easy I just went there and looked around" *he says with a shrug* "The body I was lead to by a spirt who was hanging around at the scene of the fire"

Dani Lane: *blinks* a spirit? Y'mean..... a ghost??

Sha-Sha: Lead to...not physically?

Miranda Okanedo: She looks between Snyde and Sha-Sha, and to Dani when she asks her question.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks to Dani* "Somthing like that except for this thing never was alive" *he says before turning to look at Sha* "No it lead me to the mortuary that the body was being kept at and I let myself in to look at it"

Dani Lane: ....... a ghost that was never alive...? *blinks*

Sha-Sha: So the police investigation is done then? *She seems surprised that the body would be so easily accessible.*

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks back to Dani* "There is a world beyond this one that is filled with entities called spirts that usually have and affinity towards somthing. These spirts are things that have never existed here in the our world while a ghost or a wraith is the spirt of someone who has died" *he says with a shrug hopeing that helped to clarify* "Actually when you saw me in battery I was speaking with a fate spirt"

Sha-Sha: *She chews her lip and looks at Miranda.* I don't know how much can be explained without stepping into territory that's best left to those of her potential tradition...

Miranda Okanedo: She raises a brow slightly Snyde's explanation of spirits, then looks to Dani with a smile. "A spirit, Dani, is simply a creature made entirely of spiritual essence, and not a physical body. Life and death does not factor in the same way that it does for us."

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde looks at Sha* "Im not sure if its completed or not but I assume that the police beleive that they have already arrested the people who commited the crime and arnt really looking that much deeper into it"

Dani Lane: Miranda>> .... oh... *nods*

Miranda Okanedo: ((Sorry, the raised brow a response from the first post about what spirits are, not the second one.))

Dani Lane: ((ok, I gotta crash *G* work in the morning.... Dani will stay quiet and listen, then will leave with Sha-Sha))

Sha-Sha: In Kansas they seemed to be rather finiky about keeping the body in their custody until they were thoroughly done.

Dani Lane: ((*scoots out*))

Sha-Sha: ((Night Dani!))

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He looks at Sha and shrugs* "Well the body was there dont know what to tell you about why it was there"

Miranda Okanedo: ((Night!))

Sha-Sha: It just seems really strange that the investigation would be over with that quickly. *She chews her lip.* Maybe I'm wrong. I dunno.

Miranda Okanedo: "Perhaps something to be looked into itself," she says with a nod.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde nods* "Do either of you know of anyone with connections with the police department?"

Sha-Sha: *She shakes her head* I don't think so.

Miranda Okanedo: "No," she says with a shake of her head. "Governmental infrastructure is rarely our area of expertise...more the Union's."

Snyde [Hotel room]: *Snyde nods at that* "Yea im in the same boat"

Sha-Sha: *She nods at Miranda* That's what worries me.

Miranda Okanedo: She considers that. "Caution is certainly advised. But I doubt that, should they pick up on it, the Union would ignore Nephandic magic in order to eliminate one of ours. Just be very wary."

Sha-Sha: True...*She nods* Very true.

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He nods* "Caution should allways be used" *he says looking at Miranda*

Miranda Okanedo: She nods and smiles, rising. "I will notify those at Ling's about this fire situation...I must head home, however. Thank you for bringing these matters to my attention."

Snyde [Hotel room]: *He nods to her* "It is no problem it is somthing we should all be made aware of"

Sha-Sha: *She nods* If Miss Yu thinks meeting Kwan would affect her neutrality, would it be alright to bring Kwan by Ling's or should I not?

Miranda Okanedo: She inclines her head in acknowledgment to Snyde, then looks to the other Euthanatos. "Of course, Sha-Sha. You may. Good evening, both of you. I shall see you soon." ((ST has to go to beeeed...thanks for the scene, though!))