Felisa Espinosa : Dani got a look, and a small smile. Felisa waved to them both as she slid through the crowd, toward the front door.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She waves over the bartender. "Another of..." She looks down at the Bud Light. "These, please."

Dani Lane: *blinks at Fel, cocking her head with a small frown*

Dani Lane: Mary>> uhh.... I'll be right back, 'kay? *heads over to Fel, wanting to catch her before she goes*

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She blinks and nods slowly, not quite sure what was going on.

Felisa Espinosa : And out the door she goes...
Man, the first one and it's THAT one. Now all that was needed was Reyna to come walking past. God, that would be another mess. Felisa lit up another Camel and scratched her head, or rather, her doo rag.
"Gonna be one of those nights..."

Dani Lane: *pokes her head out the door, calling out* Fel?

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She pays for the beer with a bit of bitterness, leaning down on the bar with a sigh. "Gonna be one of those nights..."

Felisa Espinosa : "Yes Dani?"
She turned, pulling two columns of smoke into her nostrils. One of the last great smokers, Fel was, and she was proud of those tricks. "Figured you had a little something-something there, so I didn't want to block. You look well Dani. Please tell me you haven't lost your guitar again."

Dani Lane: *blinks at Fel* "somethin'-somethin'"? Huh? No, I ain't lost it... I jus'... I wanted t' talk to ya....

Felisa Espinosa : "This sounds private as hell."
Felisa was blunt in that manner, although the way her eyebrow arched you'd think she had a streak of Wasp in her. "So. across the street at least?"

Dani Lane: *nods* ya, sure... *heads over to her*

Felisa Espinosa : And they go across the street to sit on the steps opposite of the Lime, where the people were fairly sparse. Felisa shifted in her seat, flicked her cigarette away and rubbed at her eyes.
"Okay. I can tell that this is going to be big news. So. Out with it dear. And don't hold back either, unless it's one of those things that you have to keep on the down low."

Dani Lane: uhm.... *sits next to her, looking at her hands..... ok now what? I...... heard.. a rumor.... an'... I wanna ask you somethin'... but.. I want ya t' be honest with me, no matter what, ok?

Felisa Espinosa : "Hmmm... that would have to fall under the realm of quid pro quo, Dani. You may very well have to answer something yourself."
Her head bobbed in a nod. Felisa was smiling, yes, but this was starting to look like business which had nothing to do with friendship.

Dani Lane: *looks at her... and offers a smal smile* ok first off, I'm yer friend... and I'm gonna be no matter what.. ok? But I gotta know somethin..... someone told me you... were somethin..... somethin I jus' found out existed recently.... *watches her*

Felisa Espinosa : "Ah."
She hung her head and chuckled. Then she lit a cigarette and looked out into the night. She was, after all, part of the group that had a certain... understanding, with the other freaks and geeks. "Dani. I have my secrets. I know that you too, have your secrets. And it's very important for these secrets to be kept, understand? Because if someone was an idiot, and started blabbing about other peoples secrets -not that you would, mind you- well, there would be problems. Do you understand?"
She blew a smoke ring and sighed. "Do you see what sort of question you're asking me Dani? Do you also see that I have every right to ask you a similar question as well?"

Dani Lane: ya... I do see that... but yer secret got blabbed ta me by someone else.... an'... it got me ta thinkin... I mean... yer still you... an' y' ain't never been nothin but decent ta me... yer prolly one of th' best friends I got since I got here.... y' ain't changed cause of anythin.... 'least not in my eyes.... I jus' wanna know....... jus' for me... an' I s'pose it'd be fair that, if you trust me... I'd trust you... I mean, we are friends, right?

Felisa Espinosa : She looked into Dani's eyes, reading them quietly. This sort of thing happened, after all. Unfortunately there were awful circumstances the first time, and Felisa didn't exactly think that there would be sugar plum wishes and ice cream cones once this really started rolling, but...
"Well. You're my friend of course. Which is why we're talking now. But please Dani, keep in mind the gravity of the conversation. If this is what I suspect then we are both walking on a tightrope with no safety net. I'm... not exactly... how to put it? I don't want anything BAD to happen to either of us."

Dani Lane: *nods* ok..... I unnerstand.... an' I reckon y' kinda answered my question... an'... now you know... that I know....

Felisa's phone: *Rings*

Felisa Espinosa: "And you know that I know something as well," she said, sighing and getting up. "I know of only two people that would be able to tell you of such a thing, and out of the two only one of them is that... foolish."
She really, really, did not like that man at all. Now that it was known, there wasn't much for it. "Walk with me Dani," she said, "and tell me things."

Felisa Espinosa: The Blackberry rang just as she got up.
"Hold on a minute. Hello?"

Dani Lane: 'kay... *gets up*

Felisa Espinosa: "I'm across the street from the Lime," she answered. "Heavy conversation, yeah? I haven't heard from you in a good long while, we should talk dear."
Her lips widened to a happy smile. Hadn't heard from her in a good long while.

Dani Lane: *watches her*

Felisa Espinosa: "C'mon hon, she's fiddling..."
And she starts walking. "Goddamn it all, it's these little moments that bug me, y'know? I mean, things like this... and then the phone rings."

Dani Lane: *walks with her* ya.... crappy timing, huh?

Felisa Espinosa: "I hate it, I really do. Because shit like this is important. In fact, we might wanna hang on the down low while I chat. I really don't want this to get all weird."
She sighed, waiting for the conversation to continue. There was an alley to the right, and she ducked in the shadows.

Dani Lane: *follows her*

Felisa Espinosa: She walked in a good long ways, checking for any bums, anybody that might hear untoward words or sounds.
"He really shouldn't have said anything Dani, as much as he thought that it was a good thing to do so. Because shit like this causes problems. I mean, with you... hold on."
Rolling her eyes, she talked into the Blackberry. "I'll finish up in a minute and we can talk okay? Holy Hell..."

Dani Lane: *waits*

Felisa Espinosa: "No, no I'm not aight. I'm not aight at all." She circled around to the mouth of the alleyway, dropping her Camel Wide. "And fuck if I don't have the worst luck in the word babe, I just dropped my ciggie. Some days I wish I wasn't so much of a butterfingers."
She rolled her eyes to Dani and reached into her jacket, getting close, intimately so. "You don't smoke do you?"
Then she pulled out the .45, stuck it in the girl's chest.
There were two shots.

Ravyn: ((And that's initiative time, boys and girls))

Dani Lane: d10: init: 8,

Felisa Espinosa: d10: int : 8,

Dani Lane: ((14))

Felisa Espinosa: ((14))

Ravyn: ((You're going, literally, simultaneously.))

Felisa Espinosa: ((Two shots, make it quick))

Dani Lane: ((uhh, getting out of the way..))

Felisa Espinosa: d10: ((wp) big ugly slug: 1,1,6,

Dani Lane: d10: dodge ((+WP)): 3,5,2,

Felisa Espinosa: d10: another slug : 7,1,

Dani Lane: d10: dodge: 7,5,

Ravyn: RECAP: Felisa fires off the two shots in quick succession, but in trying to be sneaky, the aim is just too far off, and they knock into the alley wall, spreading plaster and brick as Dani skitters out of the way. ((New Round))

Dani Lane: d10: init: 7,

Felisa Espinosa: d10: ((wp)) sluggy: 4,2,5,

Dani Lane: ((13))

Ravyn: ((Same Initiative is carried through to each round, Dani))

Felisa Espinosa: ((Oh whoops. Int?))

Dani Lane: ((oh, ok))

Dani Lane: d10: run and scream (+WP): 10,7,9,

Felisa Espinosa: d10: shoot: 7,6,

Dani Lane: d10: dodge while running: 7,4,

Ravyn: The first shot, she dodges, and starts to run around Felisa, to get out...allowing Felisa to get the second shot off, which catches Dani in the side. ((6 dice Lethal Damage))

Felisa Espinosa: ((She'll finish her off quietly))

Felisa Espinosa: d10: damage: 9,9,6,2,7,5,

Ravyn: The bullet rips through Dani's side, tossing her against the wall of the alleyway. ((4 Lethal; as it exceeds your Stamina rating, per Dazed rules, Dani loses her next action))

Felisa Espinosa: d10: finish...: 7,9,8,3,1,

Ravyn: Felisa goes to finish her off quietly ((which means, to clarify, biting to drain, per LRM via AIM)). She sinks those fangs into the stunned Dani, and begins to drink, which tosses Dani into the rapture of the Kiss.

Felisa Espinosa: There's a hitch as she does it, dragging Dani deeper into the shadows. This wasn't needed, she thought, and her mind was posioned by what she had to do to protect everybody, all because of a dickhead that couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Ravyn: Dani's lifeblood drains into Felisa, that exquisite, subtly painful pleasure the last thing she ever feels as her heart slows down with lack of anything to pump, and her body goes from limply ecstactic to dead weight.

Felisa Espinosa: She waited, and made sure.
"I need you. Clean up."

Ravyn: ((Roll Conscience, Felisa. Diff 8. No WP allowed))

Felisa Espinosa: d10: Let us see...: 8,4,7,

Ravyn: Felisa has enough remorse in her, or somehow manages to justify her actions (or a combination of the two) enough so that the Beast does not leap forward to eat up more of that precious Humanity.

Felisa Espinosa: "Tis a low red moon indeed. God Dani, you really got a shitty deal on that one."
She slumped down, hiding the body behind a dumpster. Nothing to do but wait for the sire.

Ravyn: ((And I'm killing Nick here. Ping me if needed; will also be in the OOC Room.))