Mikah Claybourne: The hotel that Jamie brings Gabriel to is a nice enough, of the mid-level variety. Old enough that it's respectable while still looking fairly nice and kept up, without being ostentatious or overly expensive.

Mikah Claybourne: They head on up, to room 224.

Jamie Summersen: *Jamie leads Gabe to the hotel. She's dressed in her normal, dressy slacks and a nice blouse. She has the guitar, the flute, and the lyre with her today. Introducing Gabe and Mikah, even without the potential conversations she knows to be likely is to happen this would make her a bit nervous. She really isn't sure how they'll get along. She knocks on the door gently after going straight to the room.*

Gabriel Marsh: Gabe glances around the hotel, crinkling his nose faintly--at nothing in poarticular, befor curling an arm absently around Jamie and giving her a light squeeze, "... if you put y'tail under you, y' won't get bitten by a rocking chair.." a faint chuckle.

Jamie Summersen: ((Sorry, am in class atm so might be a bit slow.))

Jamie Summersen: *She blinks at him a sort of "Huh?" look on her face.*

Jamie Summersen: ((Actually BRB))

Gabriel Marsh: ((sorry here also: was pinning down Gabe's mindset. *nods*))

Gabriel Marsh: He chuckles faintly, "y'look nervous." a pause as she /probably/ doesn't get it right off, "...liek a cat in a room full of rocking.." he trails off and shakes his head, blushing faintly. Maybe he's a bit nervous too.

Gabriel Marsh: ((Actually, brb also-- i need food)

Mikah Claybourne: The door opens after a few minutes, and Mikah smiles at them both. Flame-red hair and emerald eyes. That's the first thing you would notice about the man...they're both bright and striking, making the man stand out fairly easily. The next thing you'd notice is the pleasant, intellectual look in those deep green windows to his soul. He's perhaps twenty-five years of age, perhaps a little younger, perhaps a little older, with a thin-lipped smile surrounded by a light goatee, the hair there slightly darker then the hair on his scalp. A thin build is dressed in a taupe mock neck sweater and khaki slacks, with a slightly oversized brown blazer over it all. A chain hangs around his neck with a small sterling silver pendant, displaying the eight Auspicious Symbols with the Tibetan Om in the center. "Ahh, right on time...excellent." He holds the door open for them, stepping aside so they can enter. The room is much like the hotel...nice, but not luxurious. Nice enough for a wet bar, at least.

Mikah Claybourne: ((No prob, guys. *S* I made you guys wait...I can wait on you guys now.))

Gabriel Marsh: ((*snugs* I have soup that is being nuked *nod* ))

Jamie Summersen: ((Back...sorry missed the change nick button on the way away from the comp))

Jamie Summersen: *She ducks her head a little, and squeezes him gently and kisses his cheek. She smiles at Mikah as he opens the door and fingerspells the introduction between the two, though she knows that they already know each other's names.*

Mikah Claybourne: He smiles to Jamie, letting her spell out the introduction before moving to hug her, a kiss to each cheek before he pulls back. "I'm getting there, my dear. Actually managed to catch some of that." He looks over at Gabriel and nods, extending his hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Gabriel."

Gabriel Marsh: Gabe draws in a long silent breath as they approach the door, and places a friendly little smile on his face. the typical Gabriel gesture. "H'llo." he greets. and he honestly /tries/ not to, but he can't help but spent a moment sizing up the man wo's got his girl so ... nervous. He offers a hand.

Gabriel Marsh: (*amends*)
He accepts the hand, giving it a firm shake, "A pleasure."

Jamie Summersen: *She returns the hug and the kisses to each cheek with Mikah with a silent giggle at his comment. She head inside putting the instruments down letting them get past the initial parts on their own at this point. Though she does pull out the chalkboard and chalk just in case.*

Mikah Claybourne: He smiles pleasantly. "Please, please...come in. I promise, there is no Aligherian reference to the gates of hell hidden anywhere around the door."

Jamie Summersen: *Aligherian? She gets the general idea though so she laughs silent but makes a mental note to ask about it later perhaps.*

Gabriel Marsh: Gabe eases inside, attempting to decifer what on God's green earth Mikah just said. At the same time, he attempts to smooth his fur about a variety of other things, and keeps tht warm friendly smile on his face. "uh.. thanks.. I, er, think?" a sheepish laugh.

Mikah Claybourne: He smiles a bit, spreads his hands in apology. "Durante degli Alighieri. Better known to the common literary as Dante Aligheri...author of the Devine Comedy, in which the Gates of Hell said, 'Abandon all hope, you who enter here.'" He shrugs and shuts the door. "Can I get either of you a drink?"

Mikah Claybourne: ((Divine))

Jamie Summersen: *She nods a bit at the explaination. Understanding dawning. She nods at Mikah. Not really particular about what at the moment. She then moves around behind Gabe and starts rubbing his shoulders gently, trying to be comforting.*

Gabriel Marsh: Didja hear that? that deeply aestetically pleasing sound was the sound of Mikah's words sooming over Gabe's head. At least he got the 'Abandon all hope' bit. and figured out how to connect it to the doorframe. But past that? nu-uh. "I, uh.. Naw, I'm, er, I'm good." He feels.... distictly uncultured. and dum. D-U-M, dum. Yee-haw, little redneck. He actually starts juuust faintly when Jaime slides around behind him, then exhales a faint breath. He's not only dum, he's nervous.. and tense... and that's probably not makign this any easier for Jamie. He makes visible effort to relax a bit, a hand reaching up to touch her fingers lightly.

Mikah Claybourne: He looks between them and smiles a little...warm and apologetic. "Forgive my tendancy for pretentiousness, Gabriel. As Jamie may have told you, I'm really little more then a shiftless layabout, and so I have plenty of time to have to find things to occupy myself with...which tends to mean philosophy and alcohol. Speaking of which..." He makes his way to the bar. "Please, by all means, make yourselves comfortable. Mi hotel room es su hotell room."

Jamie Summersen: *She bites her lip a little when he jumps, a distinctly unhappy look to see him so uncomfortable. She looks between them for a moment then looks over towards the instruments. She looks at Gabe, then points towards them as if to ask if it would help if she played.*

Gabriel Marsh: He does leap out of his skin or anything, just wasn't especting the touch. He reaches silently and catches the pointing hand and draws it to his lips, kissing her fingertips. They /both/ need to relax.. He spends a moment gazing at her, (notoverlong, jsut a moment) before releasing her hand and turning eyes back to Mikah. Alright.. he can do this.. it's just... .. whoa, that was alot of big words. A sheepish little smile. "I, uh.. I havn't been told much.. I'm jus'.. well.." he rubs hte back of his neck, "I'm jus' glad philosphy is not required study t'become a vet," he chuckles, "too deep for my head..." or at least when you're discussing people and names that sound like some sort of wool-bearing creature.

Gabriel Marsh: Gabe DOESN'T leap.

Mikah Claybourne: "Ahh, veterinary care." He nods over his shoulder to Gabriel as he mixes himself a gin and tonic. "Most admirable. You enjoy working with animals, then?"

Gabriel Marsh: A sheepish little smile. "I couldn't imagin doin' much else with my life but workin' with animals, honestly."

Jamie Summersen: *She smiles when he catches her hand and kisses it, squeezing his. She draws him over to sit down. She grimaces a little when he says he hadn't been told very much. She just hadn't been sure how much was safe to tell him and hadn't wanted to risk causing another wave of trouble. There IS the music that has been accompanying her constantly since the vampire incident again floating about her head. Too much risk with Keith being able to sense her magic to do it at home. She pulls off the headphones. Both men know and no one else is here.*

Jamie Summersen: ((Meep! Did I really take that long? *sheepish*))

Mikah Claybourne: "A calling...a Passion, even, it might be said." He nods and turns from the bar, drink in hand, and moves to the armchair near the couch to settle in. A sip is taken of the drink, then set on the coffee table while he digs for a cigarette. "You've worked with animals for quite a long time, I imagine?"

Gabriel Marsh: Gabe settles down with her, keeping a hand on her lightly. He's hold a hand, but hey, she needs those. he looks at her a bit oddly as she takes the headphones off. maybe a bit very oddly, but says nothing. Eyes to Mikah, "ah, uh.. yeah. you could say that I guess." a sheepish grin, not hearing the capital P in that word. A nod, "As long as I can remeber... " a sheepish smile, "grew up with them really," he's trying not to let hissoft virginian accent overwhelm his speach. he's trying not to look like a little unedjumacated hick..

Mikah Claybourne: He nods a little. "I was not so lucky to be able to grow up around such. My younger brother was allergic to just about everything, and so to be safe, we were a petless househould." A faint smile.

Jamie Summersen: *She catches the look and bites her lip a little and gives a sort of "What can I say?" shrug.*

Jamie Summersen: *She tilts her head a little at Mikah. Finally breaking into the conversation a bit. She writes.* That reminds me, I don't believe I've asked, why do you live in a hotel anyway? ((If she has asked, forgive the player.))

Gabriel Marsh: A slight chuckle. "Poor guy.. no one should have to grow up wi'out a fuzzy friend t' love." Allergies or not. "Though it's neve rtoo late to bring home a new friend," a slight gin and a chuckle. He tilts his head slightly towards Jamie, and chews on this inside of his lip a moment. But what's done is done. Now maybe Mikah won't notice the disembodied music.

Mikah Claybourne: "I don't, to be perfectly honest," he says to Jamie with a smile. "Ethan and I lived here until just before you first came here. The place we live is a sort of...communal house. And so I figured this would be a more appropriate place for some privacy." He nods to Gabriel. "And I do have some animals around me now. A few. Quite fond of Sebastien, our little reptilian friend we have running around the house."

Gabriel Marsh: A smile. "Ah.. awesome." he offers, a smile on face. he's not big on reptiles, but hey, diff'rent stokes.

Jamie Summersen: *She nods with a bit of a silent chuckle. Signing* O - I - C. *Hopefully they'll get it.*

Mikah Claybourne: He grins a bit to Jamie, and nods to Gabriel. "You'll have to see him, one of these days. I imagine he'll find you quite fascinating." He's quiet for a moment, finally lighting his cigarette. "So, then. You'll pardon me, I'm about to slip into philosophy again for the moment. I promise that it will be relatively painless. Are you familiar, Gabriel, with a man by the name of Jean-Paul Sartre?"

Gabriel Marsh: He tilts his head "why's that? and what is he?" he chuckesl softly at Jamie, then tilts his head the other way as he considers Mikah, "'fraid not." he admits. He is, after all, pretty sure that wasn't the name of that dude from Star Trek...

Jamie Summersen: *She tilts her head at Mikah, watching him as he speaks of Sartre*

Mikah Claybourne: "Sartre was an Existentialist playwright and novelist. As Jamie knows, one of my favorite philosophers as well." He grins. "He was also a Frenchmen, which would indicate snobbery and a likely love for wine, which also makes him someone I identify with." He chuckles, the joke clearly self-deprecating as the others have been.

Jamie Summersen: *She laughs silently at the joke and slides her hand over to Gabe's, just holding it gently.*

Gabriel Marsh: He chuckeles softly, giving Jamie's hand a light squeeze. He has /no/ idea what was jsut said. But the others are laughing. it'll make more sence at 3am, no doubt.

Mikah Claybourne: "Anyway, he once said, 'Like all dreamers, I confuse disenchantment with truth.'" His eyes drop to the glass for a moment, smiling slightly. "It's...a quote I find rather intriguing. Tell me, Gabriel, would you call yourself a dreamer?"

Gabriel Marsh: He tilts his head a bit at the question, takign a few moments to honestly concider it, "I guess so, yeah. I mean.. " he considers, "...some parts of the world are too dark t' jus'... take whole, as is. It needs a little dream to make it bearable, I think." Which is why, one might expect, he wanders around with a sunshiney optimist smile for almost everyone. Sunshine is sometimes a dream too.

Mikah Claybourne: He looks up at Gabriel when he hears the man's words and very genuinely smiles. "Well-put, Gabriel. Very well-put indeed." He looks over at Jamie for a moment, then back to the man. "Would you say that you agree with Sartre? That when someone...disenchants you, you are likely to see it as truth, in part simply because it is disenchanting?"

Gabriel Marsh: The smile gets a smile in return--a bi t more an an honest one then before. He apparently said somethign right. Whoo! He tips his head again as he considers. It takes a moment, before he asks, "Like... when your parents tell you that there is no Santa Clause.. no fat jolly man goign around the world in th' space of a night, delivering toys to each and every boy and girl?" he considers, then nods a bit, "Sometimes. .... sometimes... I think that something disenchanting, though, could b' viewed as a lie, because it is disenchanting." h e considers a moment more, before shaking his head a bit, "then again... what's th' truth anyway?"

Jamie Summersen: *She smiles back at Mikah, watching between the two quietly. Her thumb absently strokes over the back of Gabe's hand.*

Mikah Claybourne: "That, Gabriel, is a question that many people do not have the realization of the world around them to ask." He leans back in his chair, one leg crossing over the other. "What is the truth to you?"

Jamie Summersen: *Everything seems to be going so well, she can't help but glow a bit. She squeezes Gabe's hand again and glances towards the fridge then back at him. This might be a bit more talking than he'd expected. Perhaps he'd changed his mind about wanting something to drink.*

Gabriel Marsh: he gives her hand a light squeeze. and tilts again. "The turth is.." he pauses, then shakes his head and shrugs, "it IS... for everyone. I don't think there is any one broad overwhelming truth that fits for everyone..." He might indeed change his mind about that...

Gabriel Marsh: ((sorry, friend dropped by, is setting up his PC to leech net c_@

Mikah Claybourne: "Exactly." He nods. "But for you?"

Jamie Summersen: *She looks over at Mikah, then at the fridge, shifting as if to get up herself but waiting for his approval first.*

Gabriel Marsh: He rubs his neck a bit, blinking once at Jamie before settling back onto the question. "I... " he considers. "i'm not sure, honestly. Like I said it jsust IS>.. and I can recognize it.. but.. define it...?" he shakes his head.

Mikah Claybourne: He nods a little. "My apologies. It is a rather...expansive question." He smiles a little bit. "Let's narrow it down a little bit. Say...religion, to choose a popular area of debate. What is your truth there...if you don't find the question too personal?"

Jamie Summersen: *She leans over and kisses Gabe on the cheek, then gets up and goes to the fridge to look to see what's inside. She pulls out a bottle of water and holds it out in Gabe's general direction with a questioning look.*

Gabriel Marsh: A flicker of a frown, and he leans back a bit, "Still trying to figure that one out honestly," he says after a moment, "I was raised and taught one thing, and as I grew up, I realized that what I was taught wans't... truth." a twitch of his lips, "not for me, at least. I'm still coming to terms with that, I guess.. and who I am, in that respect.. So I cna't really answer that one w' any degree of.. well.. I don't know. Just that it's not what my parents taught me. that people arne't evil for loving or caring one awy or another..." another pause, "I guess I belive that there is SomeOne out there over us.. but.." he waves a hand openl y, looking vaguely apologetic.

Gabriel Marsh: He smiels a little at Jamie and follows herwith his eyes, then nids a bit. water? suer, it's all good.

Jamie Summersen: *She grabs one for herself and comes back and hands over one to Gabe before sitting back down with an encouraging smile.*

Mikah Claybourne: He nods a little bit. "So you are still finding your way about things, then."

Gabriel Marsh: He accepts the water with a smile and rolls it between his hands for a few amoments. "pretty much, I guess.. it's just not something that I've given lot of thought about in th' past few months., y'know?" too busy finding himself and who he is. he needs that first.

Mikah Claybourne: "Fair enough." He picks up his drink for another sip of it. "What about other things of that nature. The unexplainable."

Gabriel Marsh: He is quiet a moment. He discuisesit by focusing on taking hte lid off the top of the bottle and taking a long slow sip. His eyes drift to Jamie for a long moment. If he wasn't suscious before... he is now. Finally, eyes back to Mikah, "I think there are alot of things out there that don't have a logical explaination. I think there are alot of things that most peopel chose to ignore or disbelive in.."

Gabriel Marsh: ((bugger, sorry, should be the last real itneruption. my boy came home with 27 inches of TV goodness.))

Jamie Summersen: ((Gah...been working on homework at the same time. Sorry. *Sheepish*))

Mikah Claybourne: ((No prob.)) He nods a little. "I don't disagree." A brief pause, eyes flitting between the two before finally ending up on Gabriel again. His expression is the same as before...calm and warm, amiable. "I'm going to switch gears, philosophically, to the deist philosopher Voltaire. He once said, in a letter to the Cardinal de Bernis, 'There are truths which are not for all men, nor for all times.'" He smiles a bit. "For you, Gabriel...I think it might be that time for those truths."

Jamie Summersen: *She, too, takes a drink from her water. See! She's already got that awesome timing thing down. Perfect way to keep her own reaction from being all that noticable. She hopes Gabe doesn't get upset with her for not preparing him for this but she really didn't know how. She was trying so hard not to the right thing. The trouble was, she didn't know what the right thing was in this case.*

Jamie Summersen: ((Her player on the other hand...could use some help with the timing thing ...*blush*))

Jamie Summersen: *Her eyes go up to Mikah, bright and hopeful. A smile to match already tugging at her lips trying to form.*

Gabriel Marsh: He rubs at his right wrist absently--Jamie'd know, over the pinked dog-teeth marks-- he shifts his eyes between Jamie and MIkah a moment, before saying, simply, "I expect I should have something more flowery t o say here.. but honestly, all I can come up with is 'alright.'.." his tone is a bit uncertain and a little guarded, but.... interested. verymuch so.

Mikah Claybourne: "Good." He nods a little bit to Gabriel, and parts his lips to speak. What comes out is no flowery, multisyllable quote from a long-dead philosopher...no long-winded explanation of anything. Just nine simple words, said with a calm, even expression. "Reality is a lie. The truth, Gabriel, is magic."

Jamie Summersen: *She looks over at Gabe and takes his hand carefully, bringing it to her lips to kiss it gently. Both reassuring and stopping him from rubbing at the same time.*

Gabriel Marsh: How best to react to this one? A blink sound like a good start. A second blink. He actually understands all of those words. They fit together in a sentence that forms meaning... but... that meaning? what? "... What?"

Mikah Claybourne: He smiles a little to that reaction. "Better then I handled it. Of course, I thought I was insane at the time."

Gabriel Marsh: He blinks thrice, looking at Jamie and his hand and.. oh. He brushes a finger lightly agaisnt his cheek, but to be fair, he's a bit wtf'd at the moment.

Mikah Claybourne: He smiles a bit. "Think about the things you have seen, Gabriel. Is there anything that has seemed...abnormal to you? Or out of place?"

Gabriel Marsh: He chuckles inspite of himself, And shakes his head a bit, "I'm pretty sure I'm sane. Now.. you two, on the other hand.." a grin. just teasing. humor makes everything better.

Gabriel Marsh: Gabe stares at mikah for a moment and laughs inspite of himself. "d'fine abnormal... I've seen alot.." a slight chuckle."

Jamie Summersen: *She smiles at the caress and leans into it a little. She gives Mikah a sardonic look. Anything abnormal? While she's a walking musicbox? Then laughs at the humor and lightly swats Gabe for it. Finally writing, speaking up as it were.* You know better.

Mikah Claybourne: He shrugs to Jamie, and looks to Gabriel. "Anything that the average person on the street would not consider truth. Mythological, mystical, technological impossibilities. Things that exist only in folklore or myth, or just don't make sense."

Gabriel Marsh: He slides an arm around Jamie and gives him a lght squeeze. "besides th' walking music maker?" a quirked lip, as he considerxs... he looks at jamie, a question clear for a moment, I can trust him...?

Jamie Summersen: *She laughs silently and glances up at Mikah as Gabe pretty much says what she was thinking. Then gives Gabe a small nod, still smiling...a great deal more relaxed than when they arrived.*

Gabriel Marsh: He considers a moment before nodding a bit, "Besides the vampire? or th' chick with wings?" His tone is a bit quieter when he speaks, a bit less... joking as he had been with the music maker remark.

Mikah Claybourne: "Well, those would count..." He frowns a bit at the 'chick with wings' mention, but doesn't say anything for now. "And Jamie's musical experience does as well. Is there anything else?"

Gabriel Marsh: He closes his eyes and offers a faint shrug, "Nothing.... I could lay a finger on as easily as that... " he chews on his lip.

Jamie Summersen: *She does a rather crude sketch on the chalkboard of a person figure (doesn't remotely resemble a real person of any sort) next to an amorphous blob (supposed to be a puddle) with a reflection of the person with wings on it.*

Gabriel Marsh: He quirks a lip at the artist's work, and leansa over to peck the side of her heead. Yes, he IS trying not to think over much at the topic on hand. it's easier to deal with that way. "yeah.. wings, in a puddle. not... on her. like that."

Mikah Claybourne: He nods a little bit. "There are a great many things in this world that hide themselves from Humanity as a whole, Gabriel. One of them...is us." He looks to Jamie, then indicates himself. "We are, by simplest explanation, mages."

Jamie Summersen: *She smiles at them both, her gaze ending up on Gabe, watching his reactions.*

Gabriel Marsh: He nods a bit. Tha'ts not knew news to him. THe last, though, gains a head tilt as he looks between the two of them. "mages.." he pauses thoughtfully. "like... 'I cast magic missle'?" he doesn't think so.

Mikah Claybourne: "Not quite." He chuckles. "Nonetheless, what we do is magic...it changes reality around us to our will. It is a thing that makes us capable of greatness, or conceivably, horror."

Jamie Summersen: *She giggles silently at the magic missle reference and finally grabs one of those instruments. The lyre specifically. She pulls it out of the case and begins to finger the strings very lightly. Background music, nothing more.*

Gabriel Marsh: He crinkles his nose slowly... "Okay.." he says in that "I think I follow, but not really' sort of way...

Mikah Claybourne: He seems to be very understanding of Gabriel's tone of voice. "Think of things this way. You said that truth is different for everyone, yes? Consider billions of truth, colliding. Somewhere in there, reality is made. What is possible...the majority consensus."

Mikah Claybourne: d10: Ignore this roll: 4,2,4,5,4,5,

Gabriel Marsh: He considers "Oh.....kay..." translation: starting to get the idea a bit more, but.... tha'ts alot of truth to swallow

Mikah Claybourne: He nods. "What people like Jamie and I have managed to Awaken to is the fact that we can bypass these rules, and make our own. Although at great cost, often."

Jamie Summersen: *She reaches over with one hand to rub Gabe's back gently. The other still plucking lightly at the strings, almost absently.*

Gabriel Marsh: Gabe leans slightly into the touch. ".... I'd ask you to elaborate, but y' 'bout to, aren't y?"

Gabriel Marsh: ((eek! we've bred!))

Mikah Claybourne: d10: Ignore this too (WP): 6,2,7,6,5,1,

Mikah Claybourne: "You are perceptive." He chuckles a little. "Yes, in fact I was about to. The cost to us is that Reality is much like a judge and a police officer, all in one. She doesn't like it when we break the rules, and she makes us pay for it sometimes, if we're not careful about it. In addition, we must hide ourselves from the rest of the world, both to escape Reality's heavy hand of justice, and to escape persecution like hasn't been seen since the Inquisition."

Gabriel Marsh: HE tilts his head a little bit and reaches up to rub at his neck slowly. "pay? an' persectution from....? the whole world, or..?" he shakes his head a bit and closes his mouth again. letting the other speak.

Jamie Summersen: *She just listens, quietly, happily. They are getting along. She'll be able to talk to Gabe now. Things are going so well.*

Mikah Claybourne: "Pretty much, yes. With very, very few exceptions." He smiles to Gabriel. "Present company included."

Jamie Summersen: *She tilts her head at Mikah, that one confuses her.*

Gabriel Marsh: He curls an arm around Jamie and gives her a soft squeeze. A quirked smile. "I... think I might understand. " thinking howsome back home woudl react to.... anything.. anyone... different.

Mikah Claybourne: He nods. "I tell you this, Gabriel...because I know that you care for Jamie. I do as well. And I do not wish to see her have to lie to someone she cares about...especially one who has seen so much already. You understand how this must remain undiscussed among others, though?"

Gabriel Marsh: He gives her another light squeeze. And nods silently. "I know. I understand." he's heard that one before in many differnet flavours.

Jamie Summersen: *She smiles and gives him a light squeeze in return.*

Mikah Claybourne: "Good." He nods. "I know you've been told this before. And I have no intention of harming you. I just needed to impress it once upon you, for my own sake. There are those who do know of us, and actively seek us harm. Those people may be people you know...and I know this will give you paranoia. I'm sorry. But as unlikely as it may be...it is a chance we can ill afford to take."

Gabriel Marsh: A quirked lip, "I guess I don't have enough paranoia in my life as is it, after all." a faint smirk as he glances to Jamie. wondering if maybe THATs why she doesn't like moody.. ... nah. "better safe and all that, I understand.. I can keep my mouth shut..."

Jamie Summersen: *She sighs silently at that and hugs Gabe close for a moment.*

Gabriel Marsh: he glances at her and curls her into a proer warm little hug, leaning his cheek against her hair a moment.

Mikah Claybourne: He smiles a bit, watching them without jealousy at all. Quiet for the moment, as he reaches for his glass to bring it to his lips for a drink.

Jamie Summersen: *She stays there until Gabe let's her go, not pulling away until he's ready.*

Gabriel Marsh: He opens his eyes after a moment, turning them to Mikah again. after a moment, "alright.. so... ... mages...?" he asks.

Gabriel Marsh: HE doens't pull away. not yet.

Mikah Claybourne: "Mages." He nods. "What can I answer for you? I've given the basic overview...there will be opportunity for more later, I'm sure, and Jamie can explain much as well."

Jamie Summersen: *She smiles and nods against Gabe.*

Gabriel Marsh: He blinks, then shrugs a bit, "I.. don't even know where to b'gin t' ask... or.. well.. y'know?" he chews on his lip, then a good one hits him, "actually.. s' why'm I being told this now...?" he'd started to resign himself not knowing a damned thing.

Mikah Claybourne: "Because, Gabriel...like I said before. I care about Jamie, and I know she cares about you. I do not want her to have to continue to make up reasons to hide from you. And more to the point...you have seen things already. There comes a point where covering the truth cannot be done...and it is better to bring one into the loop, so to speak."

Gabriel Marsh: ((I need to head out.. .I need food and my boy wants couch time...))
he hesitates, then nods, "better t' have someone who understands then someone making assumptions and gueeses ..?"

Mikah Claybourne: ((That's why he hinted at "opportunity to explain more later." Figured you had to go soon. *S*))

Mikah Claybourne: "As you say," he says with a smile and a nod.

Jamie Summersen: ((And I was just informed the lab closes in twenty minutes anyway. *snuggles ya both*))

Gabriel Marsh: ((definetly. jus' seemed liek he was leading up to something before he got into the 'you can't tell anyone!!" stuff :) and.. I need to go nowish.. and I can't really coem up with a graceful way to // well.. yeah.))
he nods a bit, thoughtfully. "alright then...."

Mikah Claybourne: ((S'okay, I got it. *S*)) He smiles to them both. "Now, then. We shall have to discuss more in-depth later...but for now, I have to go home. You two can feel free to use the hotel room tonight if you wish, or not as you prefer."

Gabriel Marsh: he nods a but, and smiles.. and... well.. in short, bids farewell, thank you good luck, and will stya or go as Jamie wishes. (thank y both, ya'll are awesome, take care and be well an al lthat good stuff. thanks!@)

Jamie Summersen: Jamie'll vote to stay, a night of true privacy. ((Later guys!))

Mikah Claybourne: ((Thanks for the scene, guys!))