Janus: DD> Janus is a clean-shaven, twenty one year old young man. He is caucasion, and in exceptionally good shape, though he walks at a very leisurely pace at all times. His clothes are a bit ratty, though no more really than most other guys his age, and otherwise he's clean. His face doesn't stand out, he's neither particularly handsome nor particularly ugly, and stands at 5'9". His dark hair is cut short, being certain to never block his vision. He also almost perpetually keeps his hands in his pockets.

Janus: *he walks down the street, looking around, almost as though he's inspecting things*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: (one sec. feeding buddah butt)

Cori Frost: DD>First thing one will notice is to find her you have to look down. she stands about 5'1 wavy chair that is naturally brown, but she has a tendancy to dye so it varies every so often. She also wears black artist glasses, no not emo glasses, and if she is called an emo she may glare. She is of average bodysize for her height. slightly on the curvy side. As for clothing a lot of black influences her look. espcially the pants and corset set.

Cori Frost: Cori wanders down the sidewalk looking at the different shops. her tummy growling. "hmm"

Janus: *he looks at each person he passes with a certain dispassionate interest, methodically moving on to the next one after a moment.*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: The first thing you'll notice about Alyssa is her rich olive skintone that holds a certain softness about the girl. Her eyes are a deep brown, lashes thick and dark giving the air of heavy makeup though you'll never catch the girl wearing any. Her dark hair is cropped to her shoulders and hold a natural wave, outlining her mediteranian cheek structure. She dresses in simple garments, generally natural fibers and earthy tones to accent her features. She is average height, roughly five foot six inches, weighing about 115. Despite her small stature, she give the air of strength and a willingness to fight for what she believes in. Age is hard to tell with this one. Looks alone would imply she's in her teens, though she carries herself with the pride of an older woman.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Dressed in a thick red traditional robe of sorts with an overstuffed khaki messenger bag strewn over her shoulder, alyssa bounces down the sidewalk wide eyed and curious at her surroundings.

Janus: *Alyssa's manner of dress draws Janus's eyes. His gaze lingers on her a bit longer than on the others he passes, inspecting her more thoroughly*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She bounces along, giving a bright friendly smile to Janus. "Hello, man." she makes no effort to hide the thick greek accent.

Cori Frost: She spies Alyssa and lowers her head hoping the woman doesn't see/reconize her.

Janus: "Hello, miss." *his face is fairly blank at the moment*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a hopeful grin around the market, still speaking to the strange man "If there were a goat in the city.. I bet it'd be here. This is where I would be.. if I were a goat."

Janus: *he seems confused a moment, then considers the statement* "This area is probably a good place to start looking if you need a goat, though there might not be any here but still be goats in the city."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She frowns "If there are goats in this city, they're hiding. The man with the baby told me to go upstate, but it's a long walk."

Janus: "Yes, it is. But there are other methods of transportation. Why do you need a goat?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "Because the Moirai like goats. It's not an immediate concern of mine. Right now I'm just wandering about. But it would be a good find." She adjusts the heavy bag on her shoulder.

Janus: "Do you seek the favor of one in particular? Or the Moirai in general?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a soft laugh, shaking her head at the barbaric man "I'm already in their favor silly. Otherwise I wouldn't bother honoring them with gifts."

Janus: "Ahh. Of course." *he nods, for all the world looking like he doesn't believe she's completely nuts* "A goat would do well then. The difficulty of obtaining one in the City makes it all the better."

Miranda Okanedo: ((Sorry, guys, Evyl was just not coming to me.)) She makes her way along the streets of Chinatown, her hands folded in front of her demurely. The woman is short, standing at about 5'2" and weighing around 125 pounds or so. Dark skin and ebony hair, braided down her back, make up a woman of about 30. She looks like she's seen her fair share of years, with signs of a hard life underneath her pleasant demeanor. Her eyes, a rich brown, have extreme wisdom to them. She's dressed in a plain, natural-fiber shirt and a red sarongm with sandals covering her feet. A warm, pleasant smile is usually on her face, indicative of her infinite patience and wisdom.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a proud nod. "That way, when I find one to give to them, it'll make it all that more special." She wraps her hands girlishly around the strap of her bag. "You sound educated. For a savage american."

Janus: "I know a bit." *he shrugs* "I am Janus."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She extends a tiny hand up to the man "Alyssa Kostapoulos"

Janus: *he withdraws a hand from his coat to shake her hand, then there's a look of recognition in his eyes* "Really? Now that's interesting..."

Miranda Okanedo: She looks along the street...Cori catches her eye, and she nods to the woman with a pleasant smile, remembering her from the meeting.

Cori Frost: She nods her head to Miranda when her eyes meet up with the familar woman. she slowly makes her way to her.

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Her eyes brighten on the man, curioisly "You know the Kostapoulos family perhaps? Have you been to Lefkas?"

Janus: "No, but I believe I've seen your name before. I think we have more in common than just knowledge of the gods."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a tiny squint to the man, clearly suspiscious. "I've not heard your name before, Janus."

Janus: "I am new in town..." *shrugs* "Very few have heard of me thus far. This will change, I assure you."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She keeps the same suspiscious look on the man, "The gods.. they sing to you?"

Miranda Okanedo: A smile as Cori approaches, pausing there for the woman to come to her. "Miss...Cori, is it not?" Her voice is thickly accented, something from deep Africa, but quite clear and enunciated. "It is good to see you again."

Janus: "That is one way to put it." *he nods*

Cori Frost: "yes, i'm suprised you remember, but then again i'm horrid with names." she smiles "which is an explination as to why i have forgotten yourname."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: The look drops into a bright smile. "That's wonderful! I'll have to inform my acarya that you're in town. He'll be delighted."

Miranda Okanedo: "Miranda." She bows a little to Cori, head inclining. "How are you?"

Janus: "I'll bet. If you don't mind, who is it?"

Cori Frost: "i'm well, just been hanging at home, frist time out in a while"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "Ladon Lerios." She states proudly. "He's very wise."

Janus: "Hmm, I have not heard of him." *shrugs* "How long have you been in the city?"

Alyssa Kostapoulos: "A few months now." She looks curiously around to the buildings around her ~greek~ "It's a wretched place. I miss my home. And the caves."

Miranda Okanedo: "Yes, I understand." She nods a little to Cori. "I do not get out much myself, especially recently. What brings you out?"

Cori Frost: "craving prok fried rice" she grins.

Janus: "I'm sorry, what was that?" *confused, it's almost as though he speaks no greek!*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a pout, disappointed. "Nothing." She adjusts her heavy bag on her shoulders "Are you hungry? My acarya and I have a restraunt in queens. We could speak of goings on if you like."

Miranda Okanedo: A chuckle from her. "Then you have come to the right place. We have many good places for such here...though the best pork fried rice, in my opinion, is hard to find. Chinatown's second-best kept secret."

Cori Frost: "oh butyou know where it is huh?" she smile.

Janus: "Do you have some means of transport? That is a distance to walk in an of itself, even if it is closer than upstate."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She gives a soft laugh and shakes her head "No. I paid a man in a yellow transport to bring me here. I'm sure it wouldn't be all that difficult to do the same back."

Janus: "Ahhh. Then I must ask you to forgive the fact that I cannot pay my fair share, as I have no money. I'll gladly help you in your search for a goat though, if you'd like."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She waves a hand. "Nevermind the fare. I have it. The Moirai want you to come with me. They told me so." She gives a bright smile and looks out to the street, trying to spot a cab.

Miranda Okanedo: ((Sorry, the wife had to strangle me and threaten with a Katana because I was singing.)) She nods with a bit of a conspiratorial smile. "I do...it is quite the secret."

Janus: *he nods, and also looks for a cab*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: Alyssa walks boldly to the street, like she may very well step into traffic to get one of them to stop.

Cori Frost: "so what does a girl have to do to get the location from you"

Janus: *he follows her, silently, letting her do whatever she needs to do*

Miranda Okanedo: She smiles. "I believe some good, simple conversation would suffice." She gestures with her head. "Come...this way."

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She steps to the edge of the curb and waves her arms like a madwoman, flagging down a cab. When she does so she reveals scarring down each forearm. Eventually, a cab pulls over for the loon.

Cori Frost: "ok lead the way" she walks along side Miranda.

Janus: *scarring, nothing terribly surprising. He'll stand near her, while the cab pulls over, and then he'll open the door for her to get in, before he does*

Alyssa Kostapoulos: She slips in behind him and closes the door, giving the driver vague directions to her place in Queens.

Miranda Okanedo: ((Off 2 Ling's!))



Miranda Okanedo: Miranda leads Cori along the Chinatown streets, coming up to the plain, black door between the two grocery stores. She opens it up, holding it open for Cori.

Marty Starling: *He rests in the main room. Fingertips on the chess board. His eyes are open, though his breathing is easy, steady, as he rests across the oversized pillow.*

Cori Frost: She steps inside looking around slowly. "nice place"

Miranda Okanedo: "Thank you." She smiles and leads Cori down the starwell, through the red door and into the main room.

Cori Frost: she folllows along fingers slipping into her pockets.

Marty Starling: d10: per+alert: 9,4,2,8,4,

Marty Starling: *He wakes at the sound of the door, startled. The chess board flops over with the pressure of his hand, and his eyes widen.*

Miranda Okanedo: She moves through the door, stepping aside so Cori can enter and pausing when she sees Marty knock the chessboard over. "Oh, dear."

Marty Starling: *If ever there was emotion in the boy's eyes, now is the time. His eyebrows furrow.* I've been working on that game for a week.

Cori Frost: she looks at the pieces on the floor. "ouch.."

Marty Starling: *He sighs, and starts to set it up again. Slowly, carefully.* Who's your friend?

Marty Starling: ((And lemme know if you need a DD.))

Miranda Okanedo: "I'm sorry, Marty. I did not mean to startle you. You remember Cori, from the meeting?" She looks to Cori with a smile. "Cori, this is Marty."

Marty Starling: Ahh. Yes. I remember you. *He finishes setting up the board, and THEN walks over, offering a hand.*

Cori Frost: "hey, so with side of you was winning, the dark or the light side" she watches him set it up.

Marty Starling: Winning? *he asks, calmly.*

Miranda Okanedo: She smiles a little, heading to the kitchen to start cooking. "Are you hungry, Marty?"

Cori Frost: she nods her head.

Marty Starling: *He looks over to Miranda, and nods.* A little. Thanks. You need any help?

Miranda Okanedo: A shake of her head. "No, thank you. Cori was craving pork fried rice, so I decided to get her the best in the area." The woman isn't arrogant about much, if anything. Her pork fried rice, though...possibly her one point she is.

Marty Starling: *He arches an eyebrow.* That sounds good. But did you warn her that if the secret gets out yet we'll have to kill her?

Cori Frost: "ooo home made, even better"

Miranda Okanedo: "I decided to leave that up to you. I'm supposedly the nice one, after all." She chuckles to Marty and starts getting ready to prepare the food.

Cori Frost: "well if you gunna kill me, can i have the a shot before hand "she grins.

Marty Starling: I guess so. We are a merciful bunch here. *He looks over to Miranda, and he smirks lightly at her comment.*

Cori Frost: "i'm so fortunate"

Miranda Okanedo: "So things are going well for you, Cori? Besides having to remain in hiding, of course..." She says it conversationally as she works in the kitchen.

Marty Starling: *And now, he huffs, as he goes back to his seat at the chess board. He watches it, calmly. He's white, apparently, as a pawn is pushed forward.*

Marty Starling: *And now, he huffs, as he goes back to his seat at the chess board. He watches it, calmly. He's white, apparently, as a pawn is pushed forward.*

Cori Frost: She leans against a wall "yeah, its a good thing we have an expresso machine, else i would be having cafine fits, this hiding time has been giving me time to focus on learning more."

Marty Starling: That is the good thing about this isolation, *he says idly.* I can catch up on my reading, and work on this absence of tan thing the girls seem to like so much.

Cori Frost: she looks over to the board and the huffer."how have you both been sindce the event.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods. "Indeed. We've all had time to look inward, rather then out. Deal with internal issues." A glance goes toward Marty.

Marty Starling: *He looks over to Miranda, and whatever semi-cheerful expression there might have been, fades.* Yeah. Later.

Cori Frost: ((brb a sec))

Marty Starling: It happened. I've been all right. We made it out. And Abbey is an interesting conversationalist.

Miranda Okanedo: "That she is." She nods a little. "Dolores is rather fascinating herself."

Marty Starling: I haven't spoken with her much, *he says, looking up.*

Miranda Okanedo: "She's...interesting." She shrugs a bit as she prepares the food. "I have not spoken with her much, mind...just a touch. Nice enough girl."

Cori Frost: "she glances between them as they talk"

Marty Starling: Hm. I'll have to speak to her sometime. *He looks up to the ceiling again, fingertips thrumming on his thigh.*

Miranda Okanedo: "You should. You may find it most enlightening." She nods, and puts the stuff on to cook. "Would either of you like something to drink, while I am here? I'm setting on tea for myself..."

Marty Starling: Mmmh, same for me. Forgot to have a cup today. *As if it's like forgetting to get dressed.*

Cori Frost: "Abbey was at the meeting too ...was she one of the scared of snakes people?"

Cori Frost: "what kinda tea do you have?"

Marty Starling: No, she was the pale one with the sword, *he says, cracking his neck.*

Briar Kennedy: ne of the first things to note about her is she is more stomach, in the fact that she is pregnant, than there is of her. She has a beauty about her, her naturally thick red hair falls straight down to her mid back, framing her face. Her milky white skin is sun kissed with frekles across her cheeks and nose, pale eyebrows frame violet eyes, which seem bigger by the pale lashes that surround them. Slightly slim lips hold a poutiness that gives her a kissable look. Her tall frame(5'8"), is supple yet holds a strength in it, freckles dot her skin where the sun has touche her skin. She holds the impression of a true Scottish lass in her looks, and build. Although if you are expecting a Scottish brogue, you will be disappointed, as she has the accent of someone who has spent their lives in the United States. Wearing a unflattering dress, that has a squar cut neckline long baggy sleves and the skirt falls to almost her knees, the dress looks 2 sizes too big for her even with her huge stomach. No shoes no socks. She makes her way down from the upstairs rooms to the main room, she comes to a stop after opening the door noticing the people there.

Briar Kennedy: An Orange Himillayan cat bounds down from the stairs into the main room, brushing up against Briar's leg as he passes. He heads straight for the chess board and Marty looking almost studying whe board for a moment, before looking to Marty and taking a seat across from him as if he was about the play the other side of the board.

Miranda Okanedo: "Most kinds, actually," she says with a smile to Cori. "We have those with many varied tastes here, so I try to keep a variety stocked." She looks up as Briar comes in, nodding to her. "Briar...good evening."

Marty Starling: The apple cinnamon for me? I'm feeling peckish.

Cori Frost: "if you have a strawberry sencha it would be devine" she nods her head to the new woman.

Briar Kennedy: A nod of her head to Miranda. "Hey, hello Miranda." she says, a glance to Cori, before her eyes land on the cat and Marty.She closes the door behind her moving into the room, akwardly making her way to a seat.

Marty Starling: *He smirks at the cat.* Your move, *he says, almost pleasantly.*

Miranda Okanedo: "Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry Sencha. Any tea for you, Briar?"

Briar Kennedy: When Marty says it is the cat's move he looks down to the board studying it for a moment. Finally deciding on a move, he leans forwards somehow managing not to disturb any of the rest of the pieces and moves the desores piece into position. Sitting back down he meows to Marty as if saying "Your turn."

Marty Starling: *He really takes it quite seriously. He ponders, watches the possibilities, and moves another piece. He wavers a hand graciously.*

Briar Kennedy: She looks over to miranda. "No thank you. I can get some water later if I get thirsty." She eases herself into a seat. Another glance towards the new girl, shaking her head over something.

Miranda Okanedo: Quaffle gets a brief look, and she chuckles, shaking her head. The tea is set on, and she finally comes partially out of the kitchen, watching the others quietly.

Briar Kennedy: Oh if the cat could look anymore serious he would be human, as he studies Marty's move, and then he himself moves yet another piece. A cat playing Chess, now this is one for the record books. He snorts as way of giving Marty his next turn.

Marty Starling: *He arches an eyebrow at that.* You're trying to trap me. It won't work. *His fingertips move to one piece, and slide it forward.*

Briar Kennedy: A series of Meows to Marty and a snort, as he stands up on all fours watching the board and pacing, tail flicking ever now and then. He sits back down before moving yet the next piece, sitting back down he looks up to Marty, a look of. "attempt to get out of that perdicament" written on his face.

Miranda Okanedo: She sighs and looks over to Cori. "How are the others in your place doing?"

Marty Starling: *He grins.* You bastard, *he says sincerely.* And don't give me that look, I'm SURE your parents weren't married. *His knight is moved out defensively. Not often a defensive player.*

Briar Kennedy: Briar shakes her head. "You two should never have started..." she mumbles, as she attempts to get confortable, wincing every now and then, grabbing a pillow she attempts to see if that might help.

Marty Starling: I haven't had a good game in weeks. Because no one will play with me any more.

Cori Frost: "as well as we can, we were trying to decide our next move, and Dave has been our envoy to thecouncil."

Briar Kennedy: A grumble of a meow as he stands back up. Licking his chops as he contemplates where to move next. It doesn't take him long and he moves a bishop oh so threateningly close. Sitting back down, with another series of meows.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little bit. "Well, anything we can do to help you and yours, you merely have to ask." She heads back into the kitchen to pour the tea and get the food divied up. "Briar, are you hungry?"

Briar Kennedy: As she moves attempting to put her legs beneath her and lean against the pillow, she looks over to Cori, did she wish to say something, obviously not as she goes back to getting confortable and abruptly looks at the cat. "That was not nice."

Briar Kennedy: She looks towards the kitchen. "I....guess I should. Thank you Miranda." she says.

Briar Kennedy: "Well I am sure" she says to Marty. "The he will keep you in good company between cat naps."

Miranda Okanedo: "All right." She brings out bowls and chopsticks or silverware, enough so everyone can take whichever they want, along with the tea.

Marty Starling: *He grins now. Marty, grinning?* At least I KNOW, *he says, the grin going to a smirk. He doesn't go for the bishop, recognizing the move.*

Cori Frost: "same goes for us, we'll help as well"

Cori Frost: "oh wow that look wicked yummy" she looks at the food and waits for the others to grab plates and silverware first before taking chopsticks and her food.

Marty Starling: Sorry about this Quaffle. We'll have to pause. I'm hungry.

Briar Kennedy: The cat snorts at Marty.

Briar Kennedy: Quaffle meows almost softly as he turns 3 full circles and lays down tail flicking up and down, resting his head on his front paws.

Marty Starling: *He walks away from the board to retrieve his food, chopsticks, and tea.*

Miranda Okanedo: "Thank you," she says to Cori with a smile. Once everyone has their food, she moves to sit with her own, sighing pleasantly. "Cori, this is Briar...Briar, Cori."

Briar Kennedy: She wasn't comfortable anyways, she slowely eases up off the couch with a bit of huffing, gaining her feet she waddles over to where the food was laid out. She waits her turn, hands on her back. She looks down, oh what a wierd thing, to Cori. "Sorry about not introducing earlier, I am Briar, and your?"

Briar Kennedy: She looks over to Miranda as they poth do introductions at the same time a slight smile to her. Getting something to eat for herself, not a lot really. She waddles over to get herself something to drink.

Cori Frost: "don't worry about it. its nice to meet you Briar" she grins.

Marty Starling: *He sips at his tea first. He must be starving the way he wolfs down the noodley concoction.*

Briar Kennedy: A nod of her head to Cori, and a soft smile. "You as well. I don't seem to know a whole lot of other people around it seems." Water in one hand plate of food in the other, she waddles over to take a seat to finally eat something.

Cori Frost: "i'm kinda in the same boat for a weird reason."

Miranda Okanedo: "We're all isolated, in our own way," she says, looking between Cori and Briar as she eats. "It happens by our very nature...we're all individualistic by nature. It's often difficult for us to find a lot of companionship, even among each other, without striving for it."

Marty Starling: No one like us, *he murmurs.* And you can't explain it. This is really good. Can I have some more?

Briar Kennedy: "We all have our reasons for things." she says as she eats. Although it looks more like she is picking at her food than eating the small ammount on the plate. "I believe there is more left Marty if you are still hungry." She holds out a piece of pork for the cat to have. And Quaffle the cat eagerly comes over and snatches it from her fingers.

Marty Starling: *He nods, and gets up, to refill his plate.*

Miranda Okanedo: "Of course," she says with a nod to Marty.

Marty Starling: ((*switches Miranda and Marty's posts*))

Briar Kennedy: She ppicks up the glass of water, taking a sip, before going back to her food. A slight nibble on her lip before she takes a full bite.

Cori Frost: "did you recently come here to new york Briar?"

Marty Starling: *He returns to the spot with his tea, and he kneels on the floor, to eat quickly.*

Briar Kennedy: "I was here a while ago, but just recently returned to the city."

Miranda Okanedo: She's quiet as she eats, letting Briar and Cori converse. A brief look to Marty and a smile.

Marty Starling: *He looks up to her. Wide-eyed, almost. He slurps the noodles.* I'm a growing boy, *is his only excuse.*

Briar Kennedy: "All boyes are always growning." she says. with a slight laugh.

Cori Frost: "how is your return?" she tilts her head as she takes a few more bites of her food.

Briar Kennedy: She looks over to Cori. "It is good to be back home, despite all that has happened lately."

Miranda Okanedo: "Of course, Marty." She smiles widely and sets her empty bowl down, sipping at her tea.

Cori Frost: She nods her head "i just happen to come here as things are getting heated up.

Marty Starling: Good timing, *he says idly.* At least we silenced their voice there.

Briar Kennedy: She nods her head. "I know what you mean."

Briar Kennedy: She looks over to Marty about to ask something but looks back to her plate of food and eating some more.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a bit and rises, picking up the tray and everyone's dishes that are done, carrying them off to the kitchen.

Marty Starling: *He looks over to Briar for a moment, then back to his empty plate. He stands, gathering up his tea with one smooth motion. To go clean it off.*

Marty Starling: *Unless Miranda takes it, in which case he moves back to his chair near the chess board.*

Miranda Okanedo: She does take it, and heads off to do dishes. Chantry mother here, for sure.

Marty Starling: We'll continue the game tomorrow, Quaffle. I think I'm tired.

Briar Kennedy: She stands up pushing herself from her seat to take her plate out to the kitchen. She doesn't mind the work, it is good for her in some cases. "So you are with another chantry Cori?" she asks as she hads off her plate to Miranda.

Miranda Okanedo: She looks to Marty, smiling pleasantly. "Off to bed?"

Briar Kennedy: Quaffle who looked like he was gettinmg settled tyo continue the game Meows with a nod of his head, and stands up streaching, before flopping over to lay down.

Cori Frost: She nods her head "the hangman's joy"

Marty Starling: Yeah, *he says with a small nod.* I have some meditating to do.

Miranda Okanedo: "All right. Sleep well."

Marty Starling: *He nods.* It was nice to see you again, Cori. Good night, Briar. *He turns, and heads through the right door in the back.*

Briar Kennedy: "Good night Marty." she says as she moves back to where she can see Cori, taking a lean against the wall. "I am out of date, I didn't know there was one called such."

Cori Frost: "sweet dreams" she smiles.

Briar Kennedy: "Thank you Miranda for the meal." she looks to Miranda and then to Cori. "I should go and rest, get off my feet. It was nice ta meetcha Cori." A soft smile. "Hopefully see you areound another time."

Miranda Okanedo: She looks over to the two and smiles slightly, finishing up the dishes and moving out of the kitchen. "I am a little bit tired myself...Cori, feel free to stay as long as you like. When you're ready, Briar can see you out. It was nice seeing you again...feel free to come by any time."

Cori Frost: "I should head back home..before she worries about me." she stands up "corchen always worries when we are appart"

Briar Kennedy: A nod of hewr head to Cori as she looks to Miranda. "See you later." she pushes off from the wall waddling towards the correct door and dissapearing upstairs once more, making her slow way.

Miranda Okanedo: "All right. Good evening, Cori. Have a good day." She lets Briar lead Cori out, making her way to the stairs and, eventually, her room.

Miranda Okanedo: ((Thanks for the scene, guys!))