Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana makes a quick pace into battery park, still dressed in her formal medical whites from her long day of research and backing up data. She keeps a firm grip on her medkit and peers with steely eyes through the park goers, looking for her cabal mates.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+alert: 4,4,7,2,1,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (anyone with awareness can roll vs diff 9)

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness is sprawled out across a park bench, half sleeping. She has a thick wool touque on, rose-tinted glassed, and a warm green parka. Her stick legs are sticking out the bottom of the parka and hanging off the edge of the bench, resting on the ground.

Snyde: *Snyde slides the bike to a stop and gets off after lighting a Cig and walks slowly into the Park. With a slight laugh* "This park is more boreing every time I end up here" *he says as he wanders in looking for Adriana and Ness*

Lurkette: (open?)

Snyde: d10: Awareness: 9,7,8,4,7,10,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (you can join if you like, but i dont think they're going to be hanging around very long. unless evilness happens, i spose)

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: Per + Alert: 1,4,2,7,

Alice Newcomb: ((*contemplates evilness *G*)) A red Mustang pulls up and skids into a parking place.

Alice Newcomb: A girl gets out and kicks the tire, then pat the hood as if apologizing. Ooooooh, Adrian! He messed it all up! She stomps into the park, still feeling pissy over the lost commission.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana grips her kit tightly to her side with a frustrated squint. Damnit. I should have known better than to rely on those two for promptness.. Snyde is probably drunk in a dive somewhere and Ness.. Gahh.. lord only knows. She casts a steely glare to the path, walking with a determined stride.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 10,2,9,2,6,3,3,

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 10,5,2,5,3,7,10,6,

Snyde: d10: Per+alert: 9,9,6,6,7,10,

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 5,6,

Ness (Arcane 2): She sits up suddenly, stretching out... w i d e, and decides she's slept enough. It's about time the others showed up.

Snyde: *Snyde moves up behind Adriana* "Meeting someone tonight pretty lady" *he says before he takes another drag off of his cig trying to keep a straight face*

Alice Newcomb: Stuffs her hands in her pockets and kicks at nothing, then turns to look in Adriana's direction.

Alice Newcomb: d10: int: 6,10,7,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She maintains her stride, speaking coldly without turning to look at the man "You needn't lie about my appearance Snyde. I'm hardly in the mood for such folly.." She squints past a group of teenagers "Where is she?"

Ness: ((Arcane down.)) She adjusts her gloves on her hands, and stands up.

Alice Newcomb: (services the dice bot. *g*)

Alice Newcomb: Spies Techno-Sheik, then looks back towards Adrian again, the hairs on the back of her neck trying to rise.

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs and looks around for Ness* "Ehh she will be here Doc"

Snyde: d10: Per+alert: 10,9,6,7,3,9,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She casts a blank look to the other direction, still scanning for ness "I should hope so. It'll be frightfully difficult to complete our objective without her. As much as it pains me to admit it.."

Ness: d10: Per + Alert: 6,7,2,1,

Snyde: *Snyde smiles as he sees Ness and raises a hand to wave to her*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She blinks to where Snyde waves with a sterile nod to Ness. She moves with a steady pace in the woman's direction. Finally.

Ness: Ness looks around blankly. Those people... in the distance. They might be them. She takes off her glasses to wipe the sleep from her eyes. She puts tem back on again and looks at the couple a little closer. Yes, it's them. She waves back sorta-kinda, and starts walking in that direction.

Alice Newcomb: Looks from the magick woman to Techno-sheik and back, then eases behind a tree. Maybe she'll just watch for a few.

Snyde: *Snyde moves to follow Adriana* "Doc whatever has gotten your panties in a bunch tonight, trust me it can be fixed so chill out a bit allright"

Snyde: d10: Per+alert: 7,6,7,6,5,2,

Alice Newcomb: Suddenly wishes Adrian were here, apparently done being mad at him.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Her steely eyes squint subtly. "I'm fine, Snyde. My panties are hardly bunched. Just drop it." Her tone bitter, and irritated. When she's close enough she greets Ness with a tiny nod and a protocol smile. "Hello, dear. I trust you're well."

Matty "Crash" Ross: The Chevelle (http://geocities.com/loganfrost2000/chevelle.html) threatens to bounce on switches, like it wants to gun the engine and break all manner of laws, physics included. It might not help much that the AI wants to do the same, as well, requiring Matty to hit the processor casing in what used to be the glove comparment with a rubber mallet as a means to threaten. "Enough on that!" The one thing that could possibly be worse would be to have Jimmy try to drive. Or Torg! Lordy, that would be disaster realized. And of course, at the mention of "disaster," something very heavy decided to blow under the hood of the Chevelle. A sharp pop, like a firecracker, but enough for horsepower to drop like Matty's Enron stock numbers back in the day, forcing him to pull into the closest parking space available. Good thing he keeps his tools nearby. Jimmy just says he is one.

Alice Newcomb: d10: stealth: 1,3,3,

Snyde: *Snyde flicks his cig to the side* "hey Ness how ya been"

Ness: "Yes. I'm well. Thank you, for trusting?" She gives Adriana a quizical look.

Ness: "Good." She responds to Snyde.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at the two and speaks very softly to them* "I think were being watched"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She continues an emotionless gaze about the area. Paranoid? Perhaps. But rightfully so. "You should. I don't trust easily, dear."

Alice Newcomb: ((Doh!)) Peers around the tree, catching her foot and root and goes sprawling, twisting her ankle. "OOOoof!"

Ravyn: ((ST forces Matt to CHANGE THAT FONT! *S*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She blinks sharply to Snyde "By whom, dear?"

Alice Newcomb: ((Oh, Thank YOU!))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (*giggles* now THAT is putting your authority to good use. TERRIBLE color! *G*)

Snyde: *Snyde motions towards the tree and the girl with the twisted ankle* "By her"

Matty "Crash" Ross: ((No worries, already done changed. Lordy, that hurt *my* eyes.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana peers to the tree, sharp blue eyes squinting in a pointed glare. "I've seen that girl before. Breifly. She doesn't much care for my person."

Ness: She looks at what Snyde is pointing at. "By a kid? They're using kids now?" Ness rolls her eyes up into the sky. "That's just silly."

Alice Newcomb: Okay, she's ready for a panic attack, as she tries scramble back behind the tree, limping. Way to go Alice. Subtle as Adrian.

Ravyn: ((Still trying to get the Admins to take that damn color out. *S*))

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs* "Dont know but maybe I should go ask" *he says with a half smile as he turns to walk over towards Alice*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stays where she is, watching Snyde from where her loafers are planted.

Alice Newcomb: Keep your cool, keep your cool. She's not gonna out run anyone. She could... pretend she's one of them?

Alice Newcomb: "Uhh, hi," she says with an uncertain smile, taking a limping step backwards as Snyde approaches.

Ness: Ness stands her ground as well. She knew what she was about.

Snyde: *Snyde stops at the tree and pulls out a smoke* "Hey kid couldt have helped but notice the bad fall you took" *he says with a smile as he leans up against the tree with his back towards her*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a frustrated sigh. Oh just shoot the little urchin so we can be on our way.. I've things to do.

Matty "Crash" Ross: No smoke coming out of the hood, so that has to be a good sign, at least. Matty opens the door, immediately closing it upon feeling the temperature. He looks at the touch screen at the center of the dash. "Had to break down in below freezing weather, didn't you?" The blue screen flashes "SORRY." in white lettering, and Matty pulls his snowboarding jacket on before getting out. "Why can't you drive nice? Look at that Mustang! I bet it never breaks down. You? I build you and you try to break yourself every day!"

Alice Newcomb: Did she tell him to shoot her?! "Hey no, wait.... I'm...I'm... you know... family. Like you guys." Smoooooth Alice.

Ness: Ness tilts her head, and mutters quietly. "We should go."

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: ((Hey, quick question: does HTML still work in the chat?))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (that was sans quotey marks. a thought. she didn't say it)

Snyde: ((I dont think the shoot me comment was outloud))

Ravyn -> Matty "Crash" Ross: ((Yep!))

Alice Newcomb: ((oooh, dlp))

Matty "Crash" Ross -> Ravyn: [Cool, thanks!]

Alice Newcomb: Gives a Snyde an embarassed if slightly nervous look, and edges around to put the tree between them, leaning to get a look at his face. "Uhhh yeah."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a tiny nod to Ness. "I concur. That girl.. Do you know her?" She speaks softly, as not to be heard by the unseemly urchin.

Alice Newcomb: ((Yuppie Urchin! Not quite the same ring as Sewer Urchin. Spoooon!))

Snyde: *Snyde continues to lean with his back to the tree* "But I guess thats what happens when you play ameature spie" *he says with a slight laugh as he watches Ness and Adriana*

Alice Newcomb: "I wasn't spying," she lies quickly.

Matty "Crash" Ross: The hood pops remotely, the remote of which is of course attached to the PDA that he has in hand. "What is it this time?" he asks.

The PDA screen flashes back with "JUST A LOOSE HOSE."


Alice Newcomb: Looks to see what the others are doing, then glances back at Snyde.

Snyde: *Snyde laughs* "Yea of course you wernt that implies not getting caught" *he says before turning to her* "Well girlie we have kinda his an impass here, now im going to ask you just once. Why were you watching us?"

Ness: "She has a detailed sketch of a monster in her backpack. Her friends talk mystic crap. That's all I know." Ness speaks quietly.

Snyde: ((damn my tired eyes that should be kinda hit an impass here))

Alice Newcomb: "I wasn't..." Taking a limp back, and wishing she carried a weapon, or had the dog with her, or Adrian.. or... oh hell.. anything.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "Monster?" She flicks through possibilities in her mind, more than a few coming to the forefront. "Can you describe what they looked like?" Her tone still soft, between the two of them though she doesn't inch toward Ness in the slightest. Who knows what her sanitary condition is.. She hardly knows the woman.

Alice Newcomb: Eases her hand into her pocket, turning so her body blocks his view.

Snyde: *Snyde just sighs* "Well thats good then girlie just make sure it stays that way because these parks are dangerous at night, wouldnt want anything to happen to you out here" *he says as he blows smoke out of the side of his mouth* "So why dont you go ahead and run on home allright"

Matty "Crash" Ross: He glances up around at the cluster of people around a tree. Matty shrugs, gets to work on the engine that has more wires and circuitry in one hot location than is probably safe. He pulls a pair of goggles that probably aren't ever sold in stores, unless crazy technoscientific-geniuses-of-the-awesome opened shop around here. But that won't be for a while.

Ness: "The classic video game wolfman, but uglier, and gross." "I would suggest capturing her, because then it would be quite easy to download her memory. Then we'd know what she was up to. Except that would be wrong..." She sighs.

Alice Newcomb: "Okay..." she says softly and starts limping towards the gate.

Snyde: *Snyde takes another drag off of his cig, if that two bit was union he was the damn pope he thinks to himself as he walks over to the two women* "So were we headin to ladies"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She keeps a squint on Alice, not much worried about Snyde.. He can handle himself. But irritated at the fact that she'd been monitored. "I want nothing to do with the little brat. I'm sure we'll come across her again. This city is smaller than it seems at times." she watches snyde make his way back over, then looks to Ness. "I'm a follower in this ordeal. I've cab fare if needed."

Matty "Crash" Ross: "Is it this...?" Matty reaches in to touch the air flow regulator, which naturally probably has a lot of heat running through it, burning his hand.

"Zowie-owie-ow-ow!" he retracts his hand twice as fast as he had put it in the first place, immediately blowing on it. The PDA apologies over text, which Matty ignores in favor of his fingers.

Alice Newcomb: She can feel her ankle swelling. It had to be her clutch foot too. She glances over her shoulder again.

Ness: Ness looks surprised. "Does no one have a car?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana shakes her head "I've never driven before. Never needed to. I've plans to learn in the near future. Something of the like."

Snyde: *Snyde shakes his head* "Nope but I do have my bike but fitting all three of us will be a feat in of itself"

Alice Newcomb: ((Ha ha! The brat has a car! Ooops. You did not hear that.))

Ness: "We will take a cab to a car rental. I am not taking a cab out to these locations. Is that alright?" She asks flatly.

Alice Newcomb: Flips out her phone and dials Adrian. What the hell is poontang anyway?

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks over to the exclamations as the strange man burns his hand. She only looks for a breif second before turning back to her associates. "The idea is absurd. Two on a bike is dangerous enough."

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "That will work just fine"

Alice Newcomb: She stops at the gate and looks at the guy parked next to her, then over her shoulder at the little group. When Adrian doesn't answer she dials another number.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Gloves. Yes, gloves are required when doing car work. Matty pops the trunk remotely, walking back to take a couple of work gloves out and a blowtorch. The PDA responds: "WHY THE BLOWTORCH?" Somehow Matty thought it actually felt concern for its well being, despite knowing that he took out the emotion chip a long time ago when it started hitting on the women that went by. Occasionally threatning to simply hit said women.

"Oh, fine!" he says. "Don't let me have any fun." He puts the blowtorch back, closes the trunk.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She nods. "That is acceptable." She turns and makes a slow pace for the park gate.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((She's calling Thoth at 3am. *c*))

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: *Click* "Yes?" Amazingly, he sounds completely alert, as if he was totally awake when she called.

Ness: She nods and walks beside them, "Snyde, would you call us a taxi?"

Alice Newcomb: Oh crap, they're coming her way. Why is he so slow?! She looks at Mat. "Hey, miss me?"

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: "What do you need, Practicus?" Not annoyance, just all business.

Alice Newcomb: Finally! She slides into her car right after greeting the guy and whispers into the phone.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((DLP. Thought the miss me was to Ishaq. *S*))

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "I think I found some technocrats. They look like they're up to something."

Matty "Crash" Ross: The smoke finally comes, and Matty's face takes a good dose of it before he pulls back, looking up at the sound of a voice that may or may not be directed at him. His hair now sticking out in odd angles, he pulls the goggles off, showing raccoon eyes with soot outlining where it had been blocked. "Huh?"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((Well, he might have heard it and thought it was meant for her. *c*))

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: "Are you alone?"

Snyde: Snyde pulls out his phone and calls for a cab as he walks towards the mustang leaning up against it as he tells the company where to pick them up*

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 4,6,6,3,8,

Alice Newcomb: Peers across and through the passenger window, waving at Matt. Oh look, a chick is checking him out.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands close to Snyde with a careful look around. She gives a disapproving glance to the untidy man next to the chevelle. Discusting...

Alice Newcomb: Glances nervously at Snyde, and whispers into the phone.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty frowns, waving confusedly back. New Yorkers aren't supposed to be nice. Are they? Or is she new to the country? Simple? An alien trying to fit in with the human population? Nephandi blending in?

The PDA beeps at him. "ALL FIXED," it reads.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "Not exactly..."

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: "I see. Who is with you?"

Ness: Ness is staring at Matty's goggles, and the PDA.

Alice Newcomb: Sitting in the driver's seat, she slowly reaches over and closes the door. Of course the top is down on the convertible. But a door is better than nothing.

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty catches the look from Adriana, and she could swear that when he coughed, smoke left his lungs. He frowns, gears turning, as if having to physically access memory banks.

Ding! It comes to him. The article!

Snyde: *Snyde hangs up the phone and drops it in his pocket* "It will be here in a minute" *he says to the two of them as he continues to lean against the mustang waiting for the Taxi*

Ness: "Snyde, you're touching the car." Ness points at the mustang to push her meaning.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives the filthy mechanic a once over, but leaves it at that. She looks to Ness with a stern gaze. Almost motherly by subconscious act. "Don't stare, dear. It's terribly rude. He can't help it that he's filthy." Her words a whisper, though hardly a subtle one.

Snyde: *Snyde laughs a bit* "Oh well I guess I am" *he says as he continues to lean against it*

Alice Newcomb: Flicks a switch, the top slowly sliding into place, the driver side window down. Phone still in her hand. She doesn't look suspicious, not at all. PUts the window up.

Ness: She glances over at Adriana with a frown, but decides not to say anything. One best not with her type. She points at the car again for Snyde. "Why are you sitting on the car?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: [Should I roll to hear that?]

Snyde: "Because there isnt a bench" *he says as he shrugs* "If you would like ill get up"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "They're standing next to my car," she mumbles into the phone.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (no. you hear it. no roll required)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She gives a purse of the lips "He's being a pest, dear. You learn to get used to such things."

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: "Then why, Practicus, are you still there? Get out. NOW."

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "One of them is leaning on my fender. You want me to run over him? I think I should follow them."

Ness: "Yes. I'm sure this man here would appreciate it if someone didn't sit on his car. Why can't you stand?" She makes an annoyed face and crosses her arms. "Nevermind, do what you will."

Alice Newcomb: ((I think he's leaning on Alice's mustang, which is clean and shiny.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: "I'm not filthy, I showered!" he says, then looks at his reflection. "Oh, wait. Yeah. Sorry! Um... it was the car's fault!"

The PDA beeps.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She gives an impatient sigh, looking down the street to see if there's a taxi approaching. She grips the handle of her bulky medkit with a delicately gloved white hand.

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs and stops leaning against the mustang* "allright ill stand the last think i need is for both of you to have your panties in a buch"

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: "You are there. Surrounded by members of the Technocratic Union. People likely much more advanced then you are, possibly trained for combat with Tradition mages. And you wish to follow them?"

Matty "Crash" Ross: [The Chevelle's clean! It just puffed smoke out of the hood once.]

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She peers with a sideways glance to the untidy man. Best not to encourage him. He might.. god forbid.. touch her. She offers a protocol smile, emotionally void before looking back down the street.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "The state of my undergarments are none of your concern, dear. You are well aware of my situation."

Ness: Ness opens her mouth to respond, but nothing comes out. She doesn't know what to say in response to that. For a lack of better options, she says just that, "I... don't know how to respond to that."

Snyde: ((thnink=thing and for reference sake Snyde is leaning against the Mustang))

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "They don't seem to be paying much attention to me. I said follow, not challenge to certamen."

Snyde: *Snyde laughs a bit at Ness and nods to Adriana as he pulls out his flask and takes a drink* "Would you like somthing to take off a bit of the chill Ness?" *he says as he offers her the flask*

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: Now he knows why House Tytalus was interested in her. She's nervy if nothing else.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She gives a tiny sigh, eyeing the flask "I see you've taken up your favorite hobby again, dear. Congratulations."

Snyde: "Had to" *he says with a smile* "but I am trying to cut back"

Alice Newcomb: Lets her window down an inch so she can hear them better.

Ness: "Not right now. We're busy." She stresses the word. She gives Adriana a pleading look, "Your person is drinking and we don't know what could happen tonight. Is this good or bad?"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "They're prepping for something," she mumbles.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: An audible sigh. "Practicus...how much professional eavesdropping have you done in your time. Professional, as in, spying on those who are trained to detect those being spied on."

Matty "Crash" Ross: He looks up at Dr. Carmichael, and remembers what he was going to say. "Oh! Dr. Carmichael! I read your article on cybernetics! We used that for one of our graduate classes at MIT..."

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: A pause at that. "For what?"

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs and drops the flask back into his pocket inside the jacket*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She quirks a brow "My person, dear? I'm hardly his keeper. Though if I had to guess, I'd say it wasn't the best idea to drink in this particular situation. But beleive it or not, he DOES have a mind of his own. Whether or not he chooses to USE said mind.."

Ness: "I should improve his mind." She mutters under her breath.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks sharply to the untidy man next to the Chevelle. Testing, and a touch paranoid. "Thank you, dear. It's a pleasure to know my work hasn't gone entirely unnoticed."

Snyde: *Snyde just shakes his head at Adriana* "It is so wonderful to feel loved" *he says with a smirk*

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "I'm not sure yet. One is a...cyberneticist?"

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: "As soon as you can get away, do so. Until then, try to listen and see what they are planning."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana mutters to Snyde "You know very well I treat those I don't care about much worse."

Matty "Crash" Ross: "And your, uh, bio-nanorobotics article, came very highly recommended by one of my professors," he says. If his cheeks weren't covered in black, they more than likely would be reddening.

"Sorry! I'm intruding...!" he closes the hood of the Chevelle, opening the back seat and looking for a clean towel.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: "Okay..." And she flips the phone closed.

Ness: She stares down the road. "Where is the Taxi? How hard is it to find good transportation? Damn transit strike and stupid taxi drivers and god damn people and their god damn annoying dogs..." She's muttering to herself again.

Snyde: *Snyde smiles as the cab pulls up and pops his hat on top of Adriana's head* "Well kiddos are we ready to go off into that wild blue yonder" *he says as he slides his arm over Adriana's shoulders*

Alice Newcomb: Slouches a little in the seat, glad no one's noticed her, and slides a map out of the door pocket, pretending to look at it. Spy girl!

Snyde: *Snyde smiles* "Wow Doc looks like you have a fan, guess he has never sampled your bedside manner"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: This catches her attention, squinting at the man with a clear interest. Though she still makes no move to get any closer to his vehicle or person. "Which one would that be, dear? The Spring 98 peice?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She glares to Snyde. "I'm nothing if not entirely professional. Why are you being such a ripe ass to me today, dear? Did you forget to take your midol?"

Snyde: *He laughs* "Im sorry Doc, im just messing with you." *he says with a grin to her* "Yea buddy she really isnt all that bad, best doctor I know." *he says with a smile*

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty nods. "That would be the one! I had one piece in there around... Spring of '03? On Malleable Physics. It didn't get all the publicity yours did, though...!"

Ness: Ness sits down on the mustang. One can only stand for so long.

Matty "Crash" Ross: He finds a towel, wiping off his face as best he can; the soot didn't have much done to get stuck, so most of it comes off easily, leaving some around the edges of his hairline, but not as obscenely dirty as he once was.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a tiny nod to Snyde, pulling the hat.. ridiculously large on her head.. off and handing it back to the man. She looks to the cab, then back to Matty. She digs in her medkit pulling out a business card and pen. She jots a number down on the back of it and hands it to the man "Call me, sometime. We can discuss theory in the field. The industry is undergoing a slight shift at the moment. I'd like to breif you on the changes."

Snyde: *Snyde slips the cowboy hat back onto his head and moves off towards the cab* "Well come on ladies our chariot has arrived" *he says with a grin*

Matty "Crash" Ross: He takes the card. "Thanks!" And then tries to figure out the etiquette of exchange - ask her if he wants hers? Offer? Wait, does he even have cards? What kind of business lacks business cards? Jimmy printed some, right?


Alice Newcomb: The car dipping ever slo slightly as Ness sits on it. Ooooh, she's so tempted to hit the horn. Instead she rubs her ring... spy girl has a plan.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana follows Snyde, determined to get their objective underway. She offers Matty a.. what's this? An actual smile from the icy bitch herself.. Wow. First time for everything. She slips into the cab without waiting for an exchange of numbers. He'll call.

Alice Newcomb: She's already focusing her will... juuuust let them all get in the cab.

Alice Newcomb: Glances at Matt. Is he? He just doesn't look scary enough. Deems it a calculated risk, as she slides the key into the ignition.

Ness: She lifts off the mustang and gets in the cab last, just 'cause. She's a rebel that way.

Alice Newcomb: Adjusts her rear view mirror to watch them.

Matty "Crash" Ross: And then she's already leaving. Well. That was great. Meet a notable Etherite and you're covered in soot and there's a high likelihood that she doesn't care for people who have soot all over their faces and yell at their cars and hit them with rubber mallets when they act out of line. Medical people tend to like cleanliness and order, and Matty defines their polar opposites, to a point.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana folds her hands in her lap and relays where they need to be taken to the cabbie.

Alice Newcomb: She's pretty sensitive to magics going on around her, but she's noticed most people aren't quite as sensitive as her. It should be safe.... should be.

Snyde: *Snyde sits in the cab between Ness and Adriana leaning back in the seat*

Alice Newcomb: As soon as the cab starts moving she lets the effect go.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((did you get that?))

Alice Newcomb: d10: (wp): 2,

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: (corro 1 on the cab)

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((when it moves))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Hey Ravyn do we get an awareness roll for Alices effect? because im honestly not sure))

Matty "Crash" Ross: d10: the awareness!: 3,1,3,8,5,

Alice Newcomb: Starts the Mustang, the well tuned engine rumbling to life.

Ravyn: ((Everyone gets Pet+Awareness, yes.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+aware: 4,7,7,1,4,

Snyde: d10: Awareness: 8,3,1,9,4,6,

Matty "Crash" Ross: Matty sighs. "Oh, well!" And taps the Chevelle with a toe. "Are you working, now?"

The car engine returns to life in response. "Well, then! Let's get back to the shop and see what you blew up this time...!"

Ravyn: ((1 Success: Magic just went off within the realm of your sensing. 2 succ: Magic just went off in the vicinity of the Mustang.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks out the window with an irritated sigh. "I can't wait to move out of this godforsaken city. Perhaps it will be less lively upstate. One can only hope.."

Snyde: *Snyde takes a glance back at the mustang reaching his hand into his jacket and clicking the saftey off just in case*

Alice Newcomb: ((waits for the cab to go somewhere! *L*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: The cab.. goes somewhere. A very direct somewhere. It trundles to the nearest Rental Cab Company.

Alice Newcomb: She pulls into traffic, letting the cab get ahead of her but not quite beyond her range of perception.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+alert: 3,5,10,1,8,

Ness: Ness comes along for the ride.

Ness: d10: Per + Alert: 2,9,7,2,

Snyde: d10: Alert+per: 7,1,2,7,6,8,

Alice Newcomb: She can let a couple cars get between them without any stress.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (let's pretend my fingers work. Rental Car. Obviously. In much need of a nap..)

Ravyn: ((Dex+Drive to stay hidden, Miss Alice.))

Matty "Crash" Ross: He frowns at the Mustang. Now, Matty knows weird, because strange knows strange, and that girl was acting kinda funny. Which puts three different adjectives for 'odd' in one sentence, and four different adjectives for 'unusual' in two.

He shrugs, getting in behind the wheel of the Chevelle, firing up the mapping AI. He doesn't feel like driving.

Alice Newcomb: Winces every time she has to use the clutch.

Alice Newcomb: Looks for another red car to park near. Lots of stuff in a rental lot. She couldn't have asked for better car camo anyway, and waits...

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 10,8,2,7,3,

Aru lex: G'day, im new, where do i join?

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((who wins the tie in this situation brain starting to shut down a bit so im sorry for all the questions))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sits in the back of the cab with a thoughtful look about her. Hmm.. Either the man was a friend.. or a very clever enemy. At the very least, it's worth looking into. She could use all the allies she could muster together. She taps impatiently on her medkit, when they finally pull into the lot. She digs out the cash and pays the driver, with a very ample tip.

Ravyn: ((Aru lex, that would be off the main page. http://www.wodnyc.net/index.php))

Ravyn: Snyde does notice the a hint of Mustang, the a few cars behind them. ((Defender wins the tie))

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: Can she move her focus to the people as long as they're in range? Or should I roll again?

Snyde: *When the cab stops Snyde gets out of the cab and moves to go into the rental place keeping his eyes peeled for the red mustang*

Ness: Ness follows along as usual. Nothing interesting about her.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana digs some more cash out of her kit, handing it off to snyde. "You'll likely need to make the rent, dear. I've no liscence. I doubt they'd give me a vehicle of any kind."

Matty "Crash" Ross: And zoom! [Not much left for me to do here! Thanks for the scene!]

Snyde: ((Thank you))

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: No, she's fine.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (thanks!)

Ravyn: ((Thanks, Matty! :) ))

Snyde: *Snyde walks into the rental car place and gives them his license and insurance information and gets the key to the rental car and moves back outside to meet Ness and Adriana after paying*

Alice Newcomb: Cruises into the lot and parks, engine still running, making sure she can pull forward or back as needed. Lots of red cars go in and out of a rental place, right? Right.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands impatiently with a firm grip on her kit. She nods to snyde when he emerges from the office, making to follow the man to whatever car he'd chosen.

Snyde: *Snyde drops his hand subtley before Adriana and Ness giveing them a single to stay back for a secound and moves off into the lot of parked cars trying to see if he can spot their tail*

Snyde: d10: Per+alert: 3,8,7,4,9,7,

Ness (Arcane 2): Follows along as usual. Nothing important here.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Quite used to his gestures and trusting his judgement, Adriana stays back as told. She flicks a stern gaze to Ness, meaning to ensure she does the same.

Ness (Arcane 2): Or doesn't. She's by Adriana.

Alice Newcomb: Reaches into the back seat and snags the dog's blanket, turning off the engine.

Alice Newcomb: Slides into the passenger side and pulls the blanket over her. Lots of junk in the car, what's another pile?

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Would that be enough success to pick out the car that had been following them?))

Alice Newcomb: (floor of the passenger side, that is)

Alice Newcomb: She's small and thin, so she scrunches down as tightly as she can, hoping if the car is made, that the bundle on the floor might seem to small to hide a person.

Ravyn -> Snyde: Easily.

Alice Newcomb: He's just looking for the rental car, not the Mustang, anyway. Right?

Snyde: *Snyde moves stealthly over towards the car trying as best he can to use the other cars in the lot as cover*

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((You want another dex/drive to see how well she hid the car? Or using the old one?))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands with a stern squint to Snyde. What in heavens is he doing..

Snyde: d10: Dex+stealth: 9,2,8,9,2,7,7,

Ness (Arcane 2): She glances around uneasily.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((Old one is fine. *S*))

Alice Newcomb: ((DAAAMN! *L*))

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 2,8,8,8,7,2,3,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Wait.. where the hell did he go? She gives a tiny sigh and holds her position, gripping the kit nervously. Damnit snyde.. We have things to do. Very important things..

Snyde: *Snyde moves up beside the car and places his hand on the side to feel for the warmth of the Engine after confirming the identity of the car he slides a pair of dice out of his pocket and rolls them around in his hand as he slips his other hand up under the door handle*

Alice Newcomb: She doesn't have a warm fuzzy feeling as she looses track of Snyde, but she keeps a lock on the others. He's just fetching the car for them. Right?

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Doing an extended cast. Entropy three effect to decay the locking mechanism on the car door))

Snyde: d10: Arete (wp)( q): 3,4,8,

Alice Newcomb: ((I never posted her locking it, but most newer cars auto lock. Leaves it Rav's call.))

Snyde: *Snyde continuse sliding the dice around in his hand quietly as he concentrates on the locking mechanism of the door*

Snyde: d10: Arete ( wp): 4,9,7,

Alice Newcomb: ((Which side of the car is Snyde on?))

Snyde: ((Drivers))

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + aware: 1,6,2,5,5,6,3,4,

Alice Newcomb: Her life is full of little distractions that seems to make her awareness suffer. Keeping an eye on the suspicious techies, holding still even though her ankle is throbbing, and of course, the blaket smells like the dog.

Snyde: *Snyde focuses and releases the effect as he jerks the door knob sharply hopeing that everything has gone according to plan*

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Is 5 succ enough to destroy the door lock?))

Alice Newcomb: The aroma makes her realize Adrian usually smells like the dog too.

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Oh, easily, yeah.))

Alice Newcomb: Oh, shit, ohshitohshitohsht. Just an empty car. No chickens.

Ravyn: The lock gives with ease, door lock cracking and giving Snyde access to the inside of the Mustang.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands, impatiently tapping her loafer to the pavement.

Alice Newcomb: Closes her eyes. It's not like she needs them to see.

Snyde: *After the door pops open Snyde reaches into his jacket and grabs the very large pistol out and point it into the car, a little supprised not to find the driver in the seat. He slowly slips into the drivers seat and looks to see if there is anything within the car to help him identify his tail, credit card recipts, pictures anything at all.*

Snyde: d10: Per+alert: 5,6,5,3,1,6,

Ravyn: ((To be fair, that would actually be Per+Investigation, Snyde.))

Alice Newcomb: A backpack sits on the passenger seat. Dog toys in the back. No credit card receipts or pictures though.

Alice Newcomb: The car is actually pretty clean.

Snyde: d10: per+inves: 7,7,8,9,2,9,

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: Registration is in the glove box. *slaps Alice*

Ravyn: ((Alice, roll Dex+Stealth for your hiding.))

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((Car is in her Dad's name. Tom Newcomb, with a Brooklyn address.))

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 1,10,1,

Snyde: ((Have a question to ask though through looking through the car would it be safe to assume that he would move the dog blanket, sine a mustang really isnt known for its roomy interior))

Alice Newcomb: (Oh she did NOT!)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (you're right.. she didn't. *EG*)

Ravyn: The blanket shifts, as Alice is uncomfortable and unconsciously moves to feel less pain.

Alice Newcomb: ((I think it's a moot point. *L*)) *sneezes*

Ravyn: And she sneezes. Damn dog hairs.

Alice Newcomb: ((Or just tries to shift off her ankle. *L* Two botches in one scene! It's not fair!))

Snyde: *Snyde pulls the blanket away and shoves the pistol down against the moveing body* "Scream and you die here" *he says seriously as he looks at the girl* "Your comeing with us and this time I expect you to answer my question truthfully allright girlie?"

Alice Newcomb: Covers her mouth, yet another motion. She didn't? She didn't sneeze. Oh, she is so fired as spy girl.

Alice Newcomb: Even without a twisted ankle she doesn't think she could outrun a bullet. She crawls across the seat and climbs out, eyes casting wildly about, looking for an escape route. A hole in the ground. A cop. Anything.

Snyde: *Snyde lays his hand on the girls shoulder and moves her towards the rental car with his pistol in her back*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness watches Snyde return. "Oh gawd...."

Alice Newcomb: Limps towards the rental car. The kid looks a little stressed.

Snyde: *Trying to conceal the pistol between there bodies*

Ravyn: Sadly, there are no police officers at the rental lot at 3 am.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's eyes narrow, moving toward Snyde and the girl. Great. Our driver has a hostage. We're never getting upstate tonight.. Wonderful.

Snyde: *Snyde motions with his head for Adriana and Ness as he slips the pistol back into its holster while keeping his hand on Alice shoulder* "Didnt I tell you to go the hell home?"

Alice Newcomb: If Adrian showed up right now, she'd forgive him for ruining her social life, chasing away all the cute boys, and loosing her that commission. In fact, she might just kiss him. Glances around hopefully.

Ness (Arcane 2): "What. The. Hell." She can't believe it.

Alice Newcomb: "Yes, sir," she murmurs.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana glares at Alice and moves to the rental car. "Lovely. You've officially set me behind, brat. Farther.. behind that is. I don't much appreciate time going unwisely spent."

Snyde: *Snyde opens the car door to the rental car* "Get in" *he states firmly* "if you cooperate there is no need for anyone to die tonight understood?"

Alice Newcomb: "I was just dropping off my rental car." Sounds like a good lie to her.

Ravyn: ((Guys, I'm tossin' up the 20 minute warning here. Been up since early this morning, and I have a brunchy thing to do with my sister and brother-in-law who's come in from Sacramento and my mom tomorrow.))

Ness (Arcane 2): "No, I think there is. We take her out to the woods, and shoot her. She obviously knows too much. We can't afford to let her live." A flat emotionless tone.

Snyde: ((I feel ya my inlaws are showing up in the morning as well))

Snyde: "Or we could just do that" *says Snyde as he looks at Alice* "But I really dont want it to come to that"

Alice Newcomb: Stiffens a little, but whether over him wanting her to get in the car, or the talk of dying, it's hard to tell. Both seem bad. She glances at the other two women. No help there.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana slips into the backseat of the rental car, fuming. She remains silent.

Ness: "Why not, killer. You're the one that carries that gun around all the time. Me? I'd have just downloaded her brain and left her a lifeless husk a long time ago Let's get on with this." Ness sits in the backseat as well.

Alice Newcomb: Better to die later than now, right? She slides into the car.

Alice Newcomb: Maybe not, when she hears Ness' suggestion.

Snyde: *Snyde looks back at Ness a little irritated* "Dont call me that" *he says firmly* "I dont want this girl to die but ill not have her follow us either." *he says as he gets in and closes the door slipping the key into the ignition*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Once quietly seated, Adriana lays the medkit flat on her lap. She cracks it open and slips her hand inside. Ready. "Let's go. We needn't do this here." Her words stern and shrill.

Alice Newcomb: (Snyde put Alice in the front or back?)

Snyde: *Snyde locks the doors and starts the car after everyone is inside and pulls out of the lot* "Allright girlie start talking, first thing whats your name?"

Snyde: ((She is in the front next to him so he can grab her if she tries to run))

Alice Newcomb: "Alice Kramer."

Ness: d10: Per + Sub: 4,3,5,2,

Ness: Well, it was better than Blondie.

Snyde: "Why were you following us Alice?" *he says clamly* "And know that we do have ways to tell if your lieing so please dont and save us the hassle of haveing to hide a body"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Once the car gets rolling, Adriana takes a glock out of her kit and closes the case. She sets it calmly to her lap with a glare to the back of the girl's head. Little urchin.. how dare you affect my production..

Alice Newcomb: Nods. She doesn't have to fake looking scared, but they didn't catch that lie. "I was curious."

Snyde: *Snyde shakes his head* "So your just an idiot then?" *he says as he looks at her* "You do know that when we get to where we are going one of my associates will verify all of this information, if you tell us the truth you have my word that no harm will come to you, agreed?"

Alice Newcomb: Nods. Yes, dumb kid. Very dumb kid. Incredibly dumb even. She does a very good waif look.

Ness: Ness simply scowls out a window. "....and it will be the end of you... Out to the woods, and bam. You're gone. No worries." A flat even tone. "And Snyde, what right do you have to give out something like that? No harm if she tells the truth? Bullshit. Pure bullshit. She's dead."

Alice Newcomb: d10: charisma: 10,9,3,2,

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Hey ravyn did you log this scene because im betting that it is going to end up getting paused. Dont you just love the little variables in life *G*))

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 8,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana glares to the girl. "Now now.. let's not be hasty. It would be a waste of a perfectly good specimin. I've been meaning to try out my new prototype.."

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((I did. And no, I don't love this particular variable. :P))

Alice Newcomb: Just an innocent kid that made a mistake. Nothing dangerous about her.

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Im just trying to figure out where she thought it was a good idea to follow the three very technocratic looking people *G*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: willpower: 5,9,6,5,8,2,2,10,

Snyde: *Snyde sighs* "We will discuss what happens to her when it comes to that" *he says looking into the rearview mirror*

Ness: d10: Willpower: 9,1,8,4,5,

Snyde: d10: willpower: 7,5,4,8,2,3,8,

Alice Newcomb: Oh god, they're going to turn her into something unnatural. Closes her eyes, breathing slow and deep.

Ness: "Oh, it's come to that. This is a goddamn war, Snyde, and you know it." Her voice becomes a little quieter.

Snyde: *Snyde sighs* "Why the hell didnt you just go the fuck home kid?" *he says as he steps on the gas* "Where am I going anyway?"

Alice Newcomb: Because she's stupid! He doesn't really seem to need an answer though, so she just sits quietly.

Ness: "I will not say until it's decided what we do with the baby."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods. "I concur. We can't very well go along with our original plans with HER here."

Snyde: "Lets take her to a hotel room somewhere and interogate her" *he says with a sigh* "I for one dont want to kill someone purely based on assumption" *he says as he glances into the rearview again*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana handles the gun in her lap. "Whatever you feel is best, dear. I trust your judgement."

Ness: "NOT a hotel room. The woods is fine."

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((You know I really didnt expect this scene to be a very long one *G*))

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes drift to the door handle.

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Allright we go to the woods, but she dosent die until we are certain she what this is all about and exactly what she knows, allright?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael -> Ravyn: (can i cut her oxygen intake long enough to make her go unconscious with life 3?)

Ness: "Alright. That can be arranged." She's glad he's talking sense, even if he's likely lying.

Snyde: *Snyde heads off in the direction of the woods upstate, why the fuck did this baby of a girl have to fall into his fucking lap* "Next time, if you get a fucking next time girl, Go the Fuck home allright"

Ravyn -> Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((Yes.))

Alice Newcomb: "Yes sir," she murmurs, hanging onto the scared youngster act, because it's really all she's got.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sits in the back, calmly digging through her medical supplies. She digs through her vials, concentrating to get juuuuust the right one. Slipping it into the tranq gun, she sets it point blank to the back of Alice's head with a smirk and pulls the trigger.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: dex+firearms: 6,3,4,7,8,3,6,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: arete: 9,1,4,

Alice Newcomb: (not gonna roll against it since she couldn't see what Adri was doing) She jerks suddenly then slumps forward, smacking her head on the dashboard.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She frowns. Oh goddamnit.. Must have grabbed the wrong vial. Note to self.. update filing system. She quickly reloads, hoping to get the right one. "You need a nap, dear. This won't hurt a bit.."

Alice Newcomb: ((*LOL* Wait! Let me make another post if you're hitting her twice!))

Alice Newcomb: Something hits the back of her head and she jerks, going for the door.

Alice Newcomb: d10: (dex+ath): 5,5,9,4,1,8,

Ness: Ness blinks, watching Adriana. "Oh. Good." She smiles, "This will do."

Snyde: *Snyde reaches out keeping one hand on the steering wheel and grabs at her arm*

Snyde: d10: Dex+Brawl: 7,6,5,2,1,6,6,

Ness: Ness waves a hand in front of her own face, and then begins to mime typing silently on an invisible keyboard in front of her.

Ravyn: ((Oh, dear. Initiative. *Wince*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: : 1,

Snyde: d10: : 4,

Ness: d10: Init plus six: 8,

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 4,

Snyde: ((11))

Alice Newcomb: ((10))

Ness: ((14))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (8)

Ravyn: ((Streamlined Combat, you know the rules. Last to first, declare and roll at the same time in that order, I post the recap. Declare order: Adriana, Alice, Snyde, Ness))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana will attempt to take another shot at the girl.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: dex+firearms: 3,10,7,7,6,1,10,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: arete (WP!): 1,7,8,

Alice Newcomb: Alice will reverse as she's grabbed and lunge towards Snyde, attempting to jerk the steering wheel, hoping to throw the car out of control.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((you want brawl or dex for that?))

Snyde: *Snyde pushes Alice away from him and slams on the break while keeping his hold on the girls arm*

Snyde: d10: Dex+brawl -: 7,7,7,9,9,

Snyde: d10: Dex+drive: 4,6,9,10,

Alice Newcomb: ((I mean brawl or ath for her move?))

Ravyn: ((Dex+Brawl, Alice))

Alice Newcomb: d10: dex+brawl (wp): 1,8,8,4,

Ness: Ness will simply begin her procedure.

Ness -> Ravyn: ((Corr 2, Mind 3, 3 rolls, to kill her senses for a day. A WP on each roll.))

Ness: d10: Arete (WP): 8,3,7,

Ravyn: RECAP: Ness begins to type away on air while Snyde manages to both push Alice away and keep on the road, rendering the girl's attempt to steer the car off balance moot. Adriana, on the other hand, gets her shot off and the dart goes in. Alice feels herself going groggy, already starting to pass out as her brain is shut off from oxygen momentarily.

Alice Newcomb: ((Shortest fight I've ever been in. *L*)) She slowly slumps in the seat.

Ravyn: ((And go ahead and finish your procedure, Ness...assuming we're out of combat at this point. *G*))

Snyde: *Snyde sighs* "Allright lets get this girl to the woods and figure out exactly what this is all about" *he says with a sigh*

Ness: d10: Arete (WP): 9,3,4,

Ness: d10: Arete (WP): 3,9,9,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods, tidying up her equiptment. "I hope you don't think me brash, dear. I simply wanted to make the drive in peace.. without worrying about her inscecent prattling. It's bad enough we're not doing what we intended to with this time."

Ness: Ness continues to type away at the keyboard, finally, finishing with a silent press of a big red button that no one else could see. She smiles and folds her hands on her lap.

Snyde: *Snyde sighs* "no it is a good idea to have her unconscious, I just dont feel sure that this girl needs to be pushed along the wheel" *he says as he glances at Alice*

Alice Newcomb: Looking even younger and more innocent now that she's unconscious and without the stress of hearing all their unholy plans for her.

Ness -> Ravyn: ((Success?))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "Perhaps not, dear. She looks far too harmless.. and ignorant to be a union type. We can figure out what to do with her upon interrogation."

Ravyn -> Ness: ((Success. *S*))

Ness -> Ravyn: ((Yay! For interrogation, with that many successes, and with the help from Adriana's magic as well, would it possible to switch them on and off and such?))

Ravyn -> Ness: ((Yeah.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (are we good to pause for now?)

Ness -> Ravyn: ((Cheers!))

Alice Newcomb: (pick up later tonight?)

Snyde: ((well ya I know Ravyn needs to get up earlish at the least, and so do me and Scarlet so I was wondering if ya might think this will be a good place to pause the scene?))

Ravyn: ((Oh, dear Gods yes. Pause now. I herefore decree it.))

Alice Newcomb: ((*Hugs Rav*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (hopefully. depends on how many of my family members are flocking in tomorrow.. and when we can worm away)

Snyde: ((Yea maybe sometime around midnight central when scarlets family heads off to bed))

Ness: ((*nods* I as well.))

Snyde: ((Well thank you everyone for the fun and eventful scene, and thank you Ravyn for being here already so we didnt even have to track you down to moderate everything *G*))

Alice Newcomb: ((I'm on most evenings. We'll hook up.))

Ravyn: ((I see no problems with tonight personally.))

Ness: ((Yes, it was most excellent. Thank you! Tonight could be good.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (*hugs all around* thanks guys. get some sleep!)

Alice Newcomb: ((Hides Alice's brain.))

Alice Newcomb: ((Good night everyone!))

Snyde: ((Cool then when we escape scarlets family we shall be here to figure out what happens to the wayward Alice and maybe even get on to what was actually suppose to happen tonight))



Alice Newcomb: (here)

Snyde: (here)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (ja. we starting in the woods, then? after the drive? let us know where you took us, snyde)

Ness: (here)

Ravyn: ((Am here.))

Snyde: *Snyde moves the car down a small deserted road in upstate New York until he sees a area where he can pull off and at least feel as if he were in total seclusion* "Well this place looks as good as any" *he says with a grim expression on his face as he looks at the sleeping girl in the passangers seat next to him*

Ness: On the way, Ness will prepare the program for the second operation.

Ness: d10: Int + Computers: 10,5,5,8,2,6,9,7,4,

Ness: d10: Specialty: 8,

Alice Newcomb: She looks so harmless.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana sits with a sharp locked gaze to the slumbering urchin. With her glock in her lap she waits for further instruction. She'd never interrogated anyone before..

Snyde: *Snyde kills the car and sits in the drivers seat thinking for a minute before opening up the door and steping out of the car*

Ness: "Good. Snyde, could you please take the girl from the car? Let's make this clean and efficient." Ness is watching either something off in the distance, or something no one else can see.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana slips the glock into her large labcoat pocket, safety on of course, and follows suit in stepping from the vehicle.

Snyde: *Snyde moves to the passanger side of the car and picks the sleeping girl up gently in his arms and sets her softly against a tree to prop her back up*

Alice Newcomb: Being unconscious she doesn't remain propped very well, slumping forward.

Ness: Ness opens the back door of the car and steps out herself. She glances around the area, getting a definite creepy gangster vibe about the place, and sneers slightly. She strides over towards the girl and kneels beside her. "What do we want to know about this child?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Grasping her kit, Adriana follows behind Snyde. "Should we bind her? I haven't any rope.. I have gauze and tape.."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She looks over her shoulder to Ness "Who she is.. who she works for.. Why she's following us with such intent.."

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Adriana and motions for her to bind the girl as he pulls a cig out and lights it* "I personally dont know anything about her except that she has some money comeing from somewhere and a dog"

Snyde: ((oops DLP misread what Ness said))

Alice Newcomb: Killing innocent yuppie girls with big dogs could be a bad thing.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana kneals next to the girl, frowning when her white slacks hit the dirt. A necessary thing.. Just remind yourself.. She opens the kit and goes to work, binding her as best as she can with the materials in her kit.

Snyde: *Snyde Nods to at waht Adriana said* "That should about cover it" *he says as he pulls a smoke out and lights it* "Go ahead and bind the girl Doc, just in case"

Alice Newcomb: ((Is the ever helpful peanut gallery while my character is unconscious. *g*))

Ness: "Yes. I think those questions are most important, eh tee em. Please don't worry about binding her. She is already bound. Her senses are currently disabled." She stares at the girl, and starts making gestures in the air, manipulating objects that arn't there.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana binds her hands behind her back, feet together, then wraps a tight line around both her and the tree in hopes to immobilize her. She can't be THAT strong.. This should suffice. If not.. I always have the glock. When she's done, she stands and bends peering down to her soiled knees.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Ness* "Well just in case id feel a bit more comfortable with somthing solid holding her there, no offense ment" *he says as he looks at the girl*

Ness: She nods, but continues working. Now that she's all set up, she begins.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana ignores Ness and follows snyde's orders on the binding.

Ness: d10: Arete: 8,2,6,

Ness: d10: Arete: 8,4,9,

Ness: d10: Arete: 6,4,9,

Ness: Ness pauses, then saves the data. She has two complete profiles collected now, this child's and Radcliff's. For some reason, she got the image of her collecting souls...

Alice Newcomb: Lies there, innocent and helpless, just a frail girl trapped in the hands of evil magi.

Snyde: *Snyde sits back and watches the girl as he slides one of his psitols from its holster*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana peers over to Ness, brushing the excess dirt from her slacks. "And?"

Snyde: *Snyde looks over to Ness* "So who is she exactly Ness?"

Ness: "Name: Alice Newcomb. Ugh... she's..." Ness is reading the information quickly, filtering it through summarizers and analyzers. "Just a moment."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana thinks, trying to place the name. Hmm... not ringing a bell...

Snyde: *Snyde continues to watch the girl as he listens to Ness*

Ness: "She's Traditions. Her teacher is very highly ranked. He's the World Head of a House of Quaesitors, named Thoth. She's Hermetic."

Alice Newcomb: *twitches once as Ness does unscionable things to the poor girl.*

Snyde: *Snyde takes a puff off of his cig* "Why was this Hermetic following us then?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana quirks a brow "And.. he was the one that sent her to follow us?"

Ness: "No. She has an extreme hate of the Technocracy. She thought we were Union. That's probably why she was trying to spy on us. She certainly is a horrible spy though." Ness is staring forward, looking at something that simply wasn't there. Her eye's look like she's scanning pictures and reading text.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana squints with distaste. "I certainly don't appreciate her assumtions. Have you the ability to acess her mentor's contact information, dear? I'd very much like to speak with the man regarding the insolence of his pupil."

Snyde: *Snyde laughs a bit at that* "Well I guess I can see how she made that mistake"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana flashes a mean look to Snyde. "I'm tired of being mistaken for a technocratic agent. It's ridiculous. Not EVERYone in a lab coat works for the goddamned union."

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Adriana* "There isnt any need to be so hasty about that, Doc." *he says with a sigh* "We dont want to get the girl into to much trouble I suggest we wake her up first and talk to her about all of this"

Ness: "I have a copy of her entire memory. I can run a search for that information." Nses frowns, "That brings up a topic I'd like to discuss, though. I have some information that we should act upon. I have the address of a Technocratic agent that I have been lead to believe worth investigating."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: An icy glare to snyde. "Snyde, if we had BEEN technocrats.. the girl would either be dead or reprogrammed by now. She IS getting off light, trust me. She needs to learn why she can't DO things like this.. and her mentor needs to learn where his pupil's weak points lie. She made a very BAD descision tonight.. and it's best she learns from it."

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "I can agree with that, but id rather talk to the girl myself before we go dragging a bigwig down on her head"

Snyde: *Snyde looks at ness* "Allright who is the mark?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "She's already lied to us. If we simply let her off with a simple talk, she won't learn a thing. She'll continue with this ridiculous behavior and get herself captured. We can't have that happen. Not now."

Ness: "I agree. Snyde, are you soft? Please, harden up. I think we should do this correctly and follow the correct procedure this situation merits."

Ness: "The mark is a woman named Sonia Kabari, eh keh eh Felica Samas."

Snyde: *Snyde glares at Ness* "Fine call the girls mentor without bothering to speak with her about it"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks to Ness "I've met Dr. Kabari. I'd very much like to investigate her person. She's a frightfully nasty woman. A mockery of the industry."

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Ness* "What do we know of this woman and her defenses?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana shakes her head "We're getting off track. We can investigate Dr. Kabari once we're finished with the matter at hand. Ness, would you please search the file for the appropriate contact information?"

Ness: Ness sneers back at Snyde, "Back off. You know it's the right thing to do just as well as I do. What wrong with you?" She pauses, collecting her thoughts, "Progenitor. She is abandoning both of her current addresses, and it's safe to assume she's either going into hiding with another identity or is simply preparing for the war in her own way. I don't know about her defences. For contact information, the number is... hazy. Does she have a cell phone on her? Search her person. There is a hotel that she remembers clearly, though."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana leans down to check the girl's pockets. Looking for the cell phone.

Alice Newcomb: Arlett told her to get rid of that thing. Sure enough, there's a cell phone.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana takes the cell phone out and stands back to her full height. She flips through the contacts, looking for a name that matches.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Ness* "Nothing is wrong with me I would just prefer to speak with the girl before contacting her mentor. Yes what she did was stupid and could easily have gotten her killed, and I dont disagree with contacting her mentor about it. I would just personally prefer to speak with her before hand to clear away the childs misconceptions"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "She can be debreifed after the call is made. It'll scare her worse to know we've contacted her superiors.."

Ness: Ness smiles meanly, "I agree with the doctor."

Ness: "Her pater's," Ness tests the word out, "- full name is Ishaq ibn-Thoth. That is the name he uses. The more I learn about this person, the more I think he's a very powerful and influential person. He may be a useful contact."

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs* "whatever lets just get on with it then"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She flips through the names with a frown. "They're coded. Either she's smarter than she looks.. or doesn't have the capacity to spell the man's name.."

Ness: She continues scanning information, interpretting it as fast as she can. "Shall I wake her up?"

Alice Newcomb: It is a difficult name to spell.

Snyde: *Snyde moves close to the girl and places the gun squarely between her eyes* "Yea wake the girl up"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a quaint smile. "If she thinks us union members, I say we give her a show."

Ness: Her eyes flick over to Snyde, and then return back the information streaming invisibly in front of her. She reaches out a long thin hand to touch a point in the space beside he, and whispers. "Activite frontal modules: Language, spacial interpretation. Remove blocks 45, 89, 90."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana kneals back down and opens her medkit in an open display. She pulls off her thin white cotton gloves and folds them, replacing them with latex ones. She begins sorting through her vials with as menacing a smile she can muster.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: Alice finds herself waking up, though the only senses available to her at the moment are sight and hearing.

Ness: Ness's face is emotionless, concentrating on the memory database. Too much information. Too much information. Too much information.

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes gently flutter open, and it takes her a moment to focus on the large black object. Is that a gun? Ooooh.... that's a gun. She quickly closes her eyes.

Ness: "She's awake. She can now see and hear you. Is this good?"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: (she can't talk?)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana picks up a sterile needle, handing the thing with gloved hands. "Oh now really, dear. I'd venture to guess you'd be much better off with your eyes open."

Snyde: *Snyde looks down at her* "Can she speak?"

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: ((She can talk. She has no sense of touch, smell, or taste. So she might be speaking kinda slurred. *S*))

Ness: "No. Do you want her to?" She sways her head to the side and glances at Snyde questioningly.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks sharply up to Ness with an amused look "Well it would be very unfortunate for her if she couldn't, dear."

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "Yes I beleive it will be in our best interest if the subject can speak"

Ravyn: ((Ness, she can speak. You shut down her senses, as you described to me. The ability to speak is not a sense.))

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes roll as she tries to get a grasp on where exactly she is, and why she can't move.

Ness: ((Okay.))

Snyde: *Snyde presses the pistol against her head* "State your full name" *he orders in a very off hand way*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana runs a gloved hand down a row of prepared vials. She takes one up with a tiny nod and begins prepping the needle.

Alice Newcomb: She tries to swallow and can't. "..lice..ramer," she mumbles, her speech badly slurred.

Snyde: *He moves the pistol over her face* "Left or right?" *he asks her very matter a factly*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana glashes an icy smirk to the girl. Wrong answer, dear. Poor thing..

Ness: She minimizes the display of the data analysis for now and watches the interrogation curiously. She didn't see the point of it, but it made for good drama.

Alice Newcomb: She's young, and as all young people think, immortal. But apparently her attempt to roll the car failed. Shimmering blue eyes stare into the gun as that last bit of innocense is robbed from her. Mortality stares back at her down the barrel of the gun, and she realizes she's about to die. She closes her eyes.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives a sigh, watching the girl. She looks up to Snyde "I'm bored with this already. Can we please just kill her now?"

Snyde: "Your name is Alice Newcomb." *he says as he looks at her* "now answer my secound question which of your hands is to be minus a finger for the lie?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "Can I have the finger?"

Ness: Ness watches everything around her like this was all occurring on television, the horror of the situation lost on her video game generation mind.

Alice Newcomb: She's in the hands of the union, she can tell them what they want to know, and die. Or just die. Maybe its a good day to die. "Sankoo ava," she murmurs.

Snyde: *Snyde stands there unmoveing with the gun against her head, just remember Michael this is for the girls own good and saftey she must learn why it is only people like yourself that are expendable enough to play such games*

Snyde: *Snyde holds the gun against the girl* "You should have just gone home Alice"

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((Can I make a roll for spirit magick without a focus?))

Ness: Ness speaks up, "I don't see the point of this."

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: ((Will sacrifice a permanent wp point to try and call upon her spirit mentor, Yavah, to pull her into the umbra, if that's possible.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana holds the needle up, squeezing an air bubble from the thing "Congratulations Alice. Thanks to the data we've collected, we'll have no trouble at all exterminating the rest of your kind. You should feel proud. You single handedly killed off every tradition mage in New York City."

Snyde: *Snyde laughs busts out laughing* "There really isnt one. Cut the girl loose we will contact her pater to tell him of the stupidity of his pupil" *he says as he turns towards Ness and holsters the gun* "but at least she would have died well, there is respect in that"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana shrugs and pulls out a scalpel, taking it to her ties.

Alice Newcomb: She'd tremble if she could, her mind straining for a solution, eyes fluttering open again. She can't let them...

Ravyn: ((Okay, guys, one sec. Sorry, got tied up in something, and something may be happening right about now.))

Snyde: *Snyde turns back towards the girl*

Ness: "Could we now just let the girl go about her business, thoroughly warned to stay out of ours, and lets go. There isn't anything she could tell us anyway that we need to know. Training her to give away information when interrogating would run counter to our overall goals." She stands up. "And this is rather silly."

Alice Newcomb: ((hold on, waiting on a call from the ST))

Alice Newcomb: ((hold on, waiting on a call from the ST))

Ness: ((Paused. Interrogated*.))

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 2,

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness, guys.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+aware: 5,9,6,10,

Snyde: d10: per+aware: 1,3,7,6,10,7,

Ravyn: Adriana and Snyde both feel magic rolling off of Alice somehow. Snyde recognizes it as Spirit Magic.

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes roll back as she desperately reaches for something in her mind.

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Would he have the ability to attempt to counter it?))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's sharp eyes narrow and she puts the needle down. She picks the glock back out of her pocket with a squint to Alice.

Alice Newcomb: ...hope.

Ravyn: ((Yes, Snyde, you can attempt to counter it. Awareness is a reflexive, pre-emptive roll.))

Snyde: d10: countermagig(wp): 4,7,4,

Snyde: *Snyde slides a small wooden box from his jacket and concentrates on ceasing the girls activities*

Ness: Ness glances around, and then finally glances at Alice. "Okay. Should we just disable her and leave her here for her Pater?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana digs out alice's cellphone and hands it to ness. "If you like. I don't know which number is his."

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((You know that CM doesn't require foci, right?))

Snyde: *Snyde looks at the girl* "You do know we are letting you go right?" *he says as he holds the box* "We are on the same side Alice, we just wanted to show you that what you did was incredibly stupid"

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((yea, Snyde just uses his focuses when doing magic out of habit))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((or countering out of habit. And he likes his box *G*))

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes roll towards Snyde.

Ravyn: ((If he goes for his foci, Snyde, then he's not fast enough. Countermagick is reflexive.))

Ness: Ness takes the phone and reopens the database to match a particualr number to an instance of Alice calling him.

Snyde: ((Then he wouldnt but he would still pull the box out afterwards just out if habit))

Ravyn: Alice's effect dissipates as Snyde's will defeats hers.

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((sorry that right there was player confusion and lack of sleep. First he would counter the effect the pull the focus. Misunderstood your meaning by not requireing a focus))

Snyde: *Snyde sits there holding the box as he looks down at her*

Snyde: *The box in his hand is a small wooden box that appears to be hand carved and elegant*

Alice Newcomb: Her last hope fails and she closes her eyes again, waiting to see what they do with her.

Ness: She selects the last number dialed on the phone, and hits the Call button. Her mouth quirks mildly in a smile for some reason. She holds the phone to her ear and waits.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands next to Ness, watching her work. Waiting for this to be over so they can accomplish what they'd planned for the evening.

Snyde: *Snyde kneels down next to Alice* "The next time a euthanotos tells you to go home when he catches you spying on him you had best listen" *he says very seriously* "We will contact your Pater and tell him where he can find you"

Ravyn -> Ness: "Hello?" A man's voice, older. Heavily accented in Arabic, but clearly enunciated, impeccable English.

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes flicker back up to him. She's not dead? They're not going to kill her? Are they really tradition magi or is this a trick?

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at her* "but it is admriable that you would rather die then tell the technocracy about us, hopefully that attitude would have stayed up even if I had taken one of your fingers" *he says as he stands waiting for Ness*

Ness: ness speaks into the phone. "Hello. I'm calling from Alice Newcomb's phone. My name is Ness. She was interferring in our business, and doing a horrible job of spying on us. Would you please collect her? She's perfectly fine and unharmed, but being quite annoying. Is this okay?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks with a sharp gaze to Alice. "You're a fool. Your careless actions could have caused us much greif. Not to mention the irritation of being set back due to your insescent spying."

Alice Newcomb: She'd like to think it would have, but you just don't know if you're going to make the jump, until you try.

Snyde: *Snyde laughs a bit when he hears Ness on the phone* "And yea kid I think you should retire from the spy buisness you really suck at it"

Ravyn -> Ness: The other end is silent for a moment.

Ravyn: d10: Arete (WP): 5,8,7,3,5,

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes roll towards Adri, the beacon of magic that set her on this course, then lower. She is indeed a fool, and likely on her way to being expelled from yet another House.

Ravyn: ((Per+Awareness again))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: d10: : 6,3,7,9,

Snyde: d10: per+aware: 2,9,5,5,9,10,

Ravyn: Magic is resonating from a vantage point nearby.

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 5,5,10,3,3,3,4,4,

Snyde: *Snyde turns to look in the direction that the Magic is comeing from*

Alice Newcomb: d10: : 8,

Ravyn -> Ness: "I see." Apparently literally. "Miss Ness, may I ask who you are, and who are your comrades?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana flicks a sharp gaze around the area. She kneals back down and quickly gathers her things back to the kit.

Ravyn: There's nothing there.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: Alice recognizes it as Correspondance magic. He's scrying on the area.

Snyde: *Snyde stays put near the kid waiting for the source of the magic to reveal itself*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana closes her kit and looks to Ness "Did you bother to mention to the man that we are in fact NOT technocratic agents?"

Alice Newcomb: Closes her eyes. They called Thoth. She is in SO much trouble.

Ness: "I don't see how that's relavant, or information to be given over the phone. At your level of ability, you can probably find out that information easily enough. We should all meet, though, if you're still in town. Would that be okay? Perhaps some time this week?"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods, listening to Ness speak. She stands back up and inches over toward Snyde.

Alice Newcomb: Listening to Ness on her phone.

Ravyn -> Ness: "Miss Ness, it is quite relevant. I do not know if you are using Miss Newcomb to lure me into a trap. I would like to know the truth of that matter."

Snyde: *Snyde keeps a definsive stance infront of the girl, waiting for the source to be revieled hopeing that it is the Master but unsure as to its origins*

Ness: "Then we should talk more discretely. Mind to mind if you will. I do not trust this phone."

Ravyn -> Ness: "You may inform the man with the firearm that there is no attack pending, and he can relax, by the way."

Ravyn -> Ness: "That will suffice, as long as you do not mind. I don't enter other's minds without their consent, unless it's necessary. One moment, please."

Ness: She laughs, "Okay. I'll hang up then." She closes the phone and hands it back to Adriana. "He seems reasonable."

Alice Newcomb: Opens her eyes and gets a detailed view of Snyde's boot.

Ravyn: d10: Arete (Quint/WP): 6,9,2,9,5,

Alice Newcomb: Thinks she might feel better if he kicked her.

Ravyn -> Ness: An image of Thoth, the Egyptian God of Truth, appears in Ness's mind. ((http://www.arwen.no/bilder/egypt/thoth.jpg)) "Good evening." The image speaks with Ishaq's voice.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana simply stands at an uncomfortable pose, eyes alert to her surroundings. Sticking close to snyde and listening to Ness. "Reasonable is good. I'll take reason anyday."

Snyde: *Snyde sighs* "Thats good" ((hey ya just to give ya a warning im about to pass out from an extreme lack of sleep here))

Ness -> Ravyn: Ness communicates rigidly and flatly in her well-structured mind. Everything in her head is arranged like a very large collection of Bayes nets, kalman filters, and decision-making algorithms. "Hello. Good evening." Large banks of stacked data are connected to spiderweb-like clusters of webbing.

Ness: "He is talking in my head. Thoth is, I mean. I think we should be on our way, though" Ness crosses her arms and waits.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods, looking to Alice with another irritated squint. She speaks to Ness in a sterile tone. "That's acceptable. We need to head to our destination now that we've established that we're no longer being followed."

Ness: She nods in agreement.

Ravyn -> Ness: "So, then, Miss Ness. I believe proper introductions are in order." No point in not, as the man is not in danger at this time. "I am Primus Ishaq ibn-Thoth, bani Quaesitor, bani Order of Hermes."

Snyde: *Snyde moves towards the rental car* "Allright sounds like a plan"

Alice Newcomb: They're leaving her there? Paralyzed? What if wild dogs come and eat her?

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana moves behind Snyde, making toward the back door.

Ness -> Ravyn: "Ness, apparently associated as Vee Eh. My associates are Dr. Adriana Carmichael, an engineer, and Snyde, who is Euth. We're investigating nodes Upstate tonight, and Alice was being a pain. We do not want her to know about these locations or where we are going. Is this alright?"

Ness: Ness gets in the backseat, concentrating on something.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Seeing Ness go to the back, she wraps around to the front passenger seat to keep snyde company while Ness is having her conversation.

Snyde: *Snyde pulls away from the scene feeling a little bad about leaving the girl there but positive that her pater would be there to get her soon* ((Well ya i need to head off to sleep, if it wouldnt bother ya to much can we finish the actual purpose of the scene later?))

Ravyn -> Ness: The ibis head frowns, but obviously not displeased at Ness. Rather, toward Alice. "My sincerest apologies, Miss Ness. Miss Newcomb had contacted me and said she thought you were Technocratic agents, leaning against her car as she hid inside. I instructed her to get away as soon as possible. It is obvious that this instruction was disobeyed."

Ness: Ness will offhanded reach out and touch a point in space, turning an invisible dial.

Ravyn: ((That's fine with me, Dark.))

Alice Newcomb: She watches them walk away. Being found this way by her pater couldn't be a worse disgrace.

Snyde: ((Cool well ill catch up with ya later if it works with everyone else))

Ravyn -> Ness: "Miss Newcomb is a Practicus...still an Initiate. She is ignorant, and has had the misfortune of being poorly taught my her previous mentor...one who is likely quite infamous to you, potentially. Durst Whitright. I am trying to correct her teachings. This will be dealt with, I assure you."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: (ja. i have to wake up in less than 6 hours. night guys. thanks for the scene.)

Alice Newcomb: ((Night guys, thanks for the scene! Oh, and not killing Alice. *s*))

Snyde: ((thanks for the scene it was fun))

Ness -> Ravyn: "I do understand that she is quite young and... stupid, yet. Maybe she's get smarter as she matures. No harm done, but our schedule was offset by a large amount. Could we meet later in the week, though? I think that our continued contact would benefit us both."

Ravyn -> Ness: "We most certainly can. You may contact me via that phone number in Practicus Newcomb's phone. I would very much like to speak with you all."

Alice Newcomb: Listens to the scary woods sounds. She's a city girl.

Ness -> Ravyn: "Thank you. As well, feel free to talk to me through this channel, identifying yourself first. This is the most secure method of communication I can think of at the moment."

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: How long before anyone shows? She might try to reach Yavah again, rather than be found like this.

Ravyn -> Alice Newcomb: Their comversation is all mental, so it will take instants. Ishaq will be there soon. :)

Ravyn -> Ness: "Excellent. I hope to hear from you soon. Good evening, Miss Ness."

Ness -> Ravyn: "Good evening."

Ravyn: d10: Arete (Quint/WP): 3,3,3,8,7,

Ravyn: d10: Arete (WP): 2,5,5,3,5,

Alice Newcomb: *Drifts*

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 6,1,3,2,2,

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 8,2,2,1,4,

Ravyn: ((Wow. Primus must be pissed...too distracted to be super-cool magic man. *EG*))

Ravyn: d10: Arete (WP): 1,2,5,8,6,

Alice Newcomb: Poor, dumb Alice.

Ness: Poor Primus.

Alice Newcomb -> Ravyn: She may actually need Yavah to get her back. *L*

Alice Newcomb: (*L*)

Alice Newcomb: Starts to wonder if she's not dead afterall. Shouldn't there be a light somewhere?

Ravyn: Unknown to Alice, the Primus appears in the area. He walks up to her, looking down and frowning. He reaches down and picks her up, hefting her with ease, perhaps surprising for his age.

Alice Newcomb: Wouldn't Yavah come if she were dead?

Alice Newcomb: Will she still be a mage in the afterlife?

Ravyn: He looks over at the girl on his shoulder, sighing, and makes to head back to the hotel.

Alice Newcomb: She weighs all of a hundred pounds.

Alice Newcomb: Maybe she's in purgatory.

Ravyn: d10: Arete (Two Quint): 4,8,2,8,1,

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 6,6,3,3,5,

Alice Newcomb: ((The dice bot has been so nasty lately!))

Ravyn: And it's much easier for him to teleport back to the hotel. Once there, he goes to unweave the effect on Alice. ((Two Quint to lower difficulty to 6, 1 WP on first and last roll))

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 7,9,3,7,8,

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 3,2,10,1,6,

Alice Newcomb: Should she try and escape?

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 4,6,7,7,5,

Ravyn: And just light that, sensation rushes back to Alice.

Ravyn: ((light=like))

Alice Newcomb: Flinches suddenly!

Alice Newcomb: (She over his shoulder?)

Ravyn: ((No, she's on the bed. Gonna have to pause here, though, 'cause my head is killing me. Gotta take a break.))