Snyde: ((So are we starting at when they get to the area where the node is at?))

Ravyn: ((I dunno where you guys are starting it. *S* I just gave Ness the info, so...))

Snyde: ((Allright, so Ness where are we starting at?))

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana is riding patiently in the front seat of the car, arms folded with a sterile stare out the window. Alert.

Ness: They're pulling up nearby the potential node currently. A Ness voiceover from an hour or so previous: "The best one I found was about 13 miles and 24 minutes Southwest of Albany, in New Salem."

Adriana Carmichael: "I take it you checked for inhabitants?"

Snyde: *Snyde stops the car and takes a cig out and lights it* "Allright so what are we looking for Ness?"

Ness: "You may, if you wish." Unsaid is that really Ness can't. "This town is called Vooheesville, population 2700."

Ness: "Address: 140 The Old Rd, Voorheesville, NY 12186."

Ravyn: ((Sorry, I mistyped to Ness. Voorheesville.))

Snyde: *Snyde takes a drag off of the cig* "Allright then lets see what there is to see"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods, opening her medkit and fiddling with her bioscanner. "I think it wise before we go scouring about."

Ness: She nods, watching Adriana work.

Adriana Carmichael: She looks out the window, adjusting the dials. "Are we in the vicinity of said node? I don't know this area."

Ravyn: The town that they're travelling through is small, a more rural-ish community. Ness takes them further along to the outskirts, and the address they pull up to looks to be a delapidated farm. No livestock, no one living there. From the broken-down fence, it looks to be several acres.

Adriana Carmichael: As a precaution, Adriana starts a scan of lifeforms in the vicinity. Checking for quantity and species.

Adriana Carmichael: d10: arete (wp): 6,4,7,

Adriana Carmichael: d10: arete: 5,7,3,

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at the farm* "Wow look we have some prime real estate in front of us" *he says as he takes another drag*

Adriana Carmichael: d10: arete: 5,3,2,

Ness: "Is there anything?" She asks politely from behind rose-tinted glasses.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana concentrates on the screen, waiting for the readout.

Ravyn -> Adriana Carmichael: Beyond bugs and an overgrowth of plants, there's some animals that fave nested inside. What look to be some wild dogs and a single wolf.

Adriana Carmichael: She squints down to her screen. "Nothing human. I see some wild dogs.. and a single wolf. Nothing else."

Ravyn -> Adriana Carmichael: Some = Five.

Ness: "A wolf?" Ness's eyebrows raise. "A wolf?!"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods, looking back over her shoulder to Ness "Yes, dear. A wolf. My readout is impecable. There is certainly one in there."

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs as he gets out of the car* "Shall we take a look?" *he says with a smile to the women* "Allright Ness lead the way"

Adriana Carmichael: She gives a protocol smile to Ness, digging out her glock. Just in case. She closes up the medkit, and follows snyde out of the car. "Yes, dear. You can go in first. That sounds like an excellent plan."

Ness: "Snyde, I will require a Bee-Eff-Gee. Do you carry one around?" She jokes, a little tense.

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at her* "Ill follow you in Ness so if there is any trouble ill protect you" *he says as he grabs one of his pistols from its holster and hands it to Ness* "but just incase here you go"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands just behind Snyde. "Yes, dear. I'll cover you as well." From back here, she thinks.

Ness: She takes the gun and examines it, popping it open and closed to make sure it was armed and the safety is off. "Great." She kicks open her backdoor and steps outside, looking around. "I'll lead. Point this wolf out to me."

Snyde: "And anyway wolfs very rarely attack people" *he says as he drops the cig to the ground and rubs it out with his foot*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana points to where the readout showed it to be. "Should be in that vicinity, though it's possible it could have moved."

Snyde: *Snyde pulls out a pair of dice and rolls them around in his hand concentrating on them before moveing to follow* (extended roll entropy 3 effect to reduce firearm difficulties)

Snyde: d10: Arete: 5,5,2,

Snyde: d10: Arete: 10,3,2,

Snyde: d10: Arete (wp): 8,9,3,

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((1 sucess to keep it up for the scene the other three to drop it down to diff three))

Ness: "I've had bad experiences with crazy wolves in the city. I hate them." She slowly approaches the house.

Ness -> Ravyn: ((Okay. There will be an effect this scene, soon, that will be a video game like dragonball Z style energy ball, fired from a dataglove. It will be three rolls, and then held in her hand until fired with a dex + firearms. One prime to fuel the Prime attack, and Two prime to lower to difficulty. It will be in the hand the gun is not.))

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs as he follows* "Hmm havent seen any city wolves since ive been in town"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana creeps behind the two, glock to her side "So long as it doesn't involve a giant lion manifesting in my prescence.. I have no problems with most creatures."

Ravyn: ((For reference, this is still the same night, right?))

Adriana Carmichael: (yes.)

Snyde: ((yes))

Ravyn: The house beckons, lightless...the front door slightly open. The place Adriana points out is actually inside the house, downward...looks like a basement, perhaps. Gonna be fun navigating that place in the dark.

Ness: "A giant lion?" She smiles mildly. Her free hand begins to flicker, entering commands, as she gets to the house.

Ness: d10: Arete: 7,4,3,

Ness: d10: Arete: 4,10,4,

Ness: d10: Arete: 10,5,4,

Adriana Carmichael: She frowns. "Once. In my lab. I don't want to talk about it."

Snyde: *Snyde moves into the house abonding the idea of doing it stealthly when remebering who is companions are*

Ness: She pushes the door open with her barrel of the gun, and peeks inside.

Ravyn: ((You guys of course can roll Awareness for each other's effects.))

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana moves quickly behind snyde. If it's too dark to see, she'll cling to his coat with the hand not holding the glock.

Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+aware: 9,9,7,6,

Snyde: *Snyde pulls a smike from his jacket and lights it as he follows behind Ness*

Ness -> Ravyn: ((May I describe my own effect, after the paradox goes all crazy?))

Ravyn: ((You guys know the success chart for Awareness by now, I'm sure. *S* Umm...what's a smike?))

Ravyn -> Ness: ((Sure.))

Adriana Carmichael: (lol. i think he meant smoke.)

Ravyn: d10: Paradox: 5,10,

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana blinks to where Ness is. "Dear.. would you mind keeping us up to speed on what you're doing?"

Ravyn: ((Paradox is for Ness, not Snyde. It's bash.))

Ness: d10: Soak: 3,2,

Ness: She winces as her hand crackles with visible static electricity. She clentches her fist, holding the charge. "I'm going to kill it."

Adriana Carmichael: She frowns. "Is that really necessary?"

Snyde: *Snyde sighs a bit, and opens his mouth to speak and then shuts it again knowing his objection will go un heeded, and she calls him killer*

Ness: "Yes." She talks big, eh? The tall, scary, spider-like woman steps into the house and looks around for the stairs leading down.

Snyde: *Snyde slowly draws the pistol from his holster and notchs the safety off just incase Ness really pisses off the wolf, instead of killing it*

Ravyn: The static electrcity at least provides some, very scant light inside the otherwise black house. The building is empty, some scraps of furniture left behind from the previous occupant, little else. They step into the front room, which from the little amount of light they can see, branches off into two other rooms, one ahead and one to the side. Plus stairs going up and down.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana peers around. Most definetly a fixer upper.. Too bad Victor isn't here. She lets a dissatisfied frown grace her lips for only a moment before shaking it off.

Snyde: *Snyde follows behind Ness* "Allright after you kill the woodland creature, what else do we need to do here?" *he says as he takes a drag*

Ness: She holds the gun towards the stairs going down. She slowly, ever so slowly, inches her way towards the stairs. "Tear down this rathole, and build a proper facility."

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "So when are you two going to go make the purchase?"

Adriana Carmichael: She looks to Ness, curious about that herself.

Ness: "After I kill the scary, toothy, creature of hairy killing of NES. Shh! They have ears too." She reaches the stairs, and looks down.

Snyde: *Snyde follows her and shakes his head, all the ability to change reality and still terrified of one little wolf*

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her lips and quietly follows. Five wild dogs.. a wolf.. and Ness wants to start shooting up the place. Wonderful. She holds the glock tightly.

Ravyn: Heading down the straits leads them to a dirt unfinished basement. Movement can be heard, and the shuffling of life forms. Making it all the way to the bottom, Ness (and the othes after) see the wolf standing there, grey coat, watching them calmly. Remarkably unafraid of the glowing ball in the VA's hand. The other animals are less obvious, in the shadows. ((Per+Alert to notice them...rolling three rolls, two animals, two animals, and one))

Adriana Carmichael: "Dear.." she says quietly "If all you wanted to do was collapse the structure.. isn't shooting the animal folly?"

Ravyn: ((Only one Per+Alert needed form each of you, though.))

Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+alert: 6,5,2,3,2,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Stealth: 10,9,6,5,6,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Stealth: 5,8,2,1,3,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Stealth: 9,3,9,5,3,

Ness: ((She's trying very hard to see.))

Ness: d10: Per + Alert (WP): 6,4,1,7,

Snyde: d10: alert: 8,9,7,7,5,8,

Ravyn: Adriana notes the pair nearest them, nestled on one side of the doorway; Ness also just barely manages to spot movement off to the same side. Only Snyde catches all five...two more are in the corner, looking up as the trio comes down.

Snyde: *Snyde stops for a sec as he notices all the animals staying on the case to be in the best defensive situation noticeing the surpising calmness comeing off of them* "Whatever your going to do Ness I suggest you do it from here"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stays close behind snyde, nervous.. though she can't see why. Must be Ness' paranoia bleeding over. She tries to shake it off.

Ravyn: ((Also, Per+Awarness, guys.))

Ness: "I would, but I can't see a thing. Tell them to come closer." She whispers sarcasticly.

Snyde: *Snyde sighs a bit as he inches down the case a bit more but reamainging on it if possible keeping Adriana behind him* "Allright Ness do what you gotta do then"

Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+aware: 9,5,6,9,

Snyde: d10: aware: 8,8,6,7,6,2,

Ness: "Point out the wolf." She's at the ready.

Ravyn: Adriana has a definite sense of magic emanating from the room...this is definitely where the node is. Snyde does too, and detects it's Resonance...Protective. ((The wolf, Ness, is visible to all of you.))

Ness: ((Oh, good.)) She points her fist at the wolf and fires the beam cannon.

Ravyn: ((Init))

Snyde: d10: : 7,

Adriana Carmichael: d10: init+: 3,

Snyde: ((14))

Ness: d10: Init: 3,

Adriana Carmichael: (10)

Ness: ((9))

Ravyn: d10: Init wolf plus six: 4,

Ravyn: d10: Init dogs plus : 9,

Ravyn: ((Wolf 10, Dogs 14. So, Declare order is Ness, Wolf, Adriana, Dogs, Snyde.))

Ness: She points her fist at the wolf and fires the beam cannon.

Ness: d10: Dex + Firearms: 8,1,7,2,6,9,3,

Ravyn: The wolf attempts to dodge out of the way.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Dodge: 5,9,2,9,7,

Adriana Carmichael: Frowning, Adriana assumes it better to get this over with. She takes aim and fires a shot at one of the dogs closest to them. (diff 4 with infernal glock of doom)

Adriana Carmichael: d10: dex+fa: 5,5,3,3,7,4,3,

Ravyn: The dogs all rise as one, almost frighteningly as one. Except for the one Adriana shoots at, which tries to leaps up and to the side ((Dex+Dodge, +1 diff due to dodging from sitting position.))

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Dodge: 4,10,2,8,

Snyde: *Snyde takes a shot at the wolf before turning the pistol and takeing a shot at one of the dogs*

Snyde: d10: Dex+firearms: 8,6,10,6,4,4,5,

Snyde: d10: firearms dog: 9,2,2,3,2,9,

Snyde: d10: Dam wolf: 8,3,3,10,5,8,2,9,1,8,3,5,

Snyde: d10: dam dog: 9,4,3,8,4,9,6,1,

Adriana Carmichael: (dam dog.. dam wolf.. *giggles*)

Ravyn: RECAP: Snyde's bullets bury into wolf and dog, while Adriana manages to shoot one of the other dog. They show no visible effect to the animals. The wolf does manage to dodge Ness's Dragonball-Z attack. ((New Round))

Adriana Carmichael -> Ravyn: (what is the damage on her glock? it's a .45)

Ravyn -> Adriana Carmichael: ((5))

Adriana Carmichael: d10: damage: 4,7,7,1,8,9,

Ness: Ness is going to aim the gun at the main wolf and fires two shots quickly. She's pissed. And scared.

Ness: d10: Dex + Firearms: 2,4,9,9,4,

Ness: d10: Dex + Firearms: 2,9,7,10,

Ness: d10: Damage: 6,4,1,3,2,3,4,

Ness: d10: Damage: 6,6,3,10,9,2,8,7,

Ravyn: Even without Ness's stack ball, there does seem to be a general, dim illumination from the back of the room, though what is unclear...sort of a soft glow. The wolf merely stares forward at the trio, watching them in the darkness, making no move toward them yet. As if waiting.

Ravyn: ((stack=static. Funny how the fingers type words sometimes, huh? :P))

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana keeps her gun aimed, but squints with a confused look. She waits. Defensive and ready.

Ravyn: The dogs approach the wolf, forming a sort of defensive line with him. Six animals, staring forward calmly and vigilantly, coordinated. It's a little unnerving.

Snyde: *Snyde lowers his pistol as he watches the dogs* "They are the protectors of the node" *he says more to himself then the others*

Ravyn: RECAP: Snyde speaks, Adriana aims, and the dogs form a canine defensive line that would spook the New Orleans Saints (but then, this year, which one wouldn't?). Ness buries bullets in the Wolf, again to no effect.

Ness: "An invunerable enn-pee-see." She remarks, aiming at the wolf carefully, not firing. "If they rush us, we're dead. Yeah?"

Ravyn: The dogs make no move, toward or away from the cabal. Watching them closely, six sets of canine eyes staring at them silently. They don't even look aggressive.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana keeps aim with a squint to the animals. "You are real. Your life patterns are definite. My scan was flawless. So why aren't you injured?" half expecting them to answer. Remaining defensive.

Snyde: *Snyde slips a wooden box from his pocket and opens it up spinning the wheel inside it* ((Spirt 1 to look at the animals spiritual side))

Snyde: d10: arete: 6,10,8,

Ravyn -> Snyde: The creatures have definite spiritual sides that are not normal. They're less animals then living spirits embodied inside the animal's bodies. His best guess is that they may have been shot, and may even be bleeding, but the wounds simply don't hinder them.

Ness: She lines up her shot carefully, aiming... aiming...

Ravyn -> Snyde: He also sees a figure kneeled behind the animals...a woman, young of body, incredibly attractive. Caucasion, pale-skinned with flowing ebony hair and clear blue eyes. Watching the trio with some interest, a hand resting lightly on the wolf and one of the shot animals.

Snyde: ((Are we still in combat?))

Ravyn: ((That depends on if you guys are still shooting.))

Adriana Carmichael: (I'm not)

Ravyn: ((Sorry, should have made that clear. Long day for me brainy. :P))

Ness: (I'm not.)

Snyde: ((Snyde isnt))

Ravyn: ((Gotcha. Then out of combat.))

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana is still standing there, squinting and confused. She quietly watches, not claiming to know anything about what's going on.

Snyde: *Snyde motions to the two* "Lower your pistols they wont do you any good anyway the animals are only stayed because she seems interested in us" *he says before turning his attention back to the Mandala's spinning* ((extended roll spirit 2 effect to speak with the woman))

Snyde: d10: Arete: 4,4,4,

Ness: Ness is still holding the gun trained on the wolf, just in case. "Uh, what now?"

Snyde: ((just going to drop all the rolls))

Snyde: d10: Arete: 7,1,5,

Adriana Carmichael: Quirks a brow "She?" Adriana lowers her pistol.

Snyde: d10: arete(wp): 4,2,5,

Ness: She lowers the gun, slowly. It's still in her hand.

Snyde: *Snyde stands there concentrating on the movements of the wheel for several minutes all but ignoring the others*

Ravyn -> Snyde: Snyde feels his connection made with the woman. She smiles a little, looking at him. "Hello. It's been some time since anyone has come here who could speak with me."

Snyde: *Snyde smiles* "How long?" *he says as he makes a move to advance towards the woman holstering the pistol and holding his hand out trying to show that he means no harm*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks around the room. Who in the hell is he ~talking~ to? He must be off his rocker..

Adriana Carmichael: d10: per+aware: 4,8,8,9,

Ness: Ness gives Snyde the oddest look, and glances at Adriana questioningly.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana shrugs, and looks back over to Snyde.

Ravyn: The animals' ears go back as Snyde approaches, hackles rising, but they make no sound to warn, and don't attack.

Ravyn -> Snyde: "Two decades, at least." She pets the wolf, watching him with a hint of an smile...almost Mona Lisa-esque in it's mystery. "My sense of time is not as strong as yours.

Snyde: *Snyde nods* "May I ask who you are and apologize for the rudeness caused by our entry, I am known as Snyde?"

Snyde: ((remove the ?))

Adriana Carmichael: "Sorry." Adriana states.. in the direction Snyde's looking. Maybe if she appologizes to the figments of his imagination she can speed this up a bit.. this place is.. dirty.

Ness: Ness whispers to Adriana. "Did he just question his own name? Is this alright? And just who exactly are you two talking to?"

Ravyn -> Snyde: She nods, accepting the apology from Snyde. He gets the idea from her expression that Adriana's apology, disingenuous as it is, is a touch less accepted. "Hello, Snyde. My name is Tala."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives another shrug to Ness, not knowing what's going on she apts to say nothing at all.

Snyde: "Tala" *he says gently* "that is a beautiful name" *he says as he inches a bit closer to the woman* "We are here because of the convergence located here as you might of guessed"

Adriana Carmichael: She whispers back. "Snyde has finally sunk to a new level of desparate, I think. Imaginary women to hit on.."

Snyde: *he pays no attention to the peanut gallery in the back keeping his full concentration on the woman who holds their lives in her hands*

Ness: Ness whispers back to Adriana, "If he gets eaten by the wolves, I lay dibs on his guns. Good?"

Adriana Carmichael: She nods. "You can get them while I flee. It's a deal."

Ness: She glances around seriously, whispering. "Yes, after we flee, we can come back tomorrow with a wrecking crew and drop a house on the little bastards."

Ravyn -> Snyde: She gives a small nods. "I had assumed so. You would not be the first to try and claim it...just the first who considered trying to speak to me about it." Again, that mysterious smile...a hint of amusement there, too.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana frowns, looking back over to snyde. She makes a shhush noise to Ness, firm and motherly.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at her* "May we claim the convergence?" *he says to her gently*

Ness: She sighs and quietens in frustration.

Ravyn -> Snyde: She looks up at Ness, an eyebrow raising, then back to the Euthanatos. "That's entirely dependant, Snyde, on your intentions."

Snyde: "My intentions are pure, at least by my own limited understanding" *he says as he watches her* "I seek to protect those who are helpless and help to move those who are corrupt along the wheel so that they may learn and have another chance to reclaim their purity"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana purses her lips with a tiny cough. An explanation would be superb right about now..

Ravyn -> Snyde: "And of your associates? The ones who wish to drop the house on us and flee with your weapons?"

Snyde: *Snyde turns towards the women* "Openly state your intentions" *he says to Adriana and Snyde* "Show her that we mean no harm to them, and that we will not drop the house upon them" *he says before turning back to Tala*

Snyde: ((Adriana and Ness, damn my tired brain))

Ravyn: The wolf and the dogs all turn their attention, as one, to Etherite and Virtual Adept. Ears still back.

Adriana Carmichael: "If.. they.." She speaks hesitantly.. is he talking about the wolf? She looks to the animals. They're the only ones she can see "If they don't wish us to collapse the structure we can secure it. Fix it up. My intentions are the pursuit of knowledge particularly in the medical and tehcnological fields. I wish to expand my personal theories so that I can better push along the evolutionary process and aid in the health of mankind."

Ravyn -> Snyde: Snyde sees that the animals look at his cabalmates in perfect synch with when Tala looks toward them.

Ness: "If they're protecting the house... if we can use this location, then I'll have no reason to collapse the house. We can build beside it, yeah?"

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Tala as he listens to Adriana and Nesses answers studying the womans face*

Snyde: "What are your intentions Ness, what do you plan to do with control of the node?" *he states seriously*

Adriana Carmichael: She blinks sharply to Ness as well. She had no idea what was going on, but trusts that Snyde does. And he was asking her a direct question.

Ravyn -> Snyde: She considers their words, nodding to Adriana's words about the house with a little smile, curious about her goals. She seems reasonable about Ness's idea, too, though she seems to prefer Adriana's. She waits to hear Ness's intentions.

Snyde: *Snyde stands there waiting to hear Ness's intentions almost a curious as the spirt is about them*

Ness: She thinks to herself, Whatever I damn well want! Out loud she says instead, "I will coordinate our defence against the ones that are trying to kill us. I will try and help our friends survive. They'll need my help, because they're stupid. With this node, I could help them much better than I could without it." Hey, it was the truth. And hey, what were they expecting from her? She's not a saint or an angel. Her hand clutches the gun.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana frowns to Ness. Did she just call her stupid?

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Tala hopeing that Ness's answer was at least satisfactory enough to keep her from being torn to pieces by the dogs*

Ravyn -> Snyde: Surprisingly, Ness's comment seems to draw approval from Tala. She nods and rises to her feet. "Your womens' words are good, Snyde. It will be a matter of time before their intent is proven by their actions. Until they prove false, I will grant you access to this place."

Ravyn -> Snyde: She steps aside, to allow them to pass.

Ravyn: The wolf and the dogs part into two groups of three, one to either side, backing up as if to make a pathway for them.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks like she has no intentions of moving forward, she casts a curious look to snyde.

Snyde: *Snyde kneels down to the ground next to the wolf* "Tala I give you my word as a Knights of Radmanthys of that this place will come to no harm and that it will only be used to defend what is right in the world from those who seek to corrupt it either through there evils or through there wants to turn humanity into sheep"

Ness: They're getting ready to attack, she knows it! The hand holding the gun starts to shake slightly.

Adriana Carmichael: A maintained squint on the man. Alright.. so he IS talking to the wolf.. and the wolf has a name. Great.

Snyde: *He rises slowly* "Thank you Tala your trust shall not be given in vain" *he says as he motions for the others to move through the wolves with him* "We have been given access to the convergence"

Ness: "What the hell is going on, Snyde?"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana hesitantly moves toward Snyde, trusting his judgement

Ravyn -> Snyde: "Your word is accepted, Snyde, Knight of Radamanthys. I shall be watching to ensure you and your women hold to it." She gives him a gracious nod.

Snyde: "As shall I" *he says before moveing past her into the what he believes is the heart of the node*

Snyde: *Snyde turns towards the others* "I shall explain later Ness, trust me. Not everything shows up on dials and computer screens"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana frowns. "Perhaps I should update my database. I've no clue what's going on. I don't speak wolf."

Ness: "Like hell it doesn't." She straightens up, standing at her full height of just under six feet, and walks forward, clutching the pistol tightly.

Snyde: "I wasnt speaking to the wolf, i was speaking to Tala the guradian of this place who has graciously granted us admitance because our intentions are pure"

Snyde: *Snyde reaches his hand out to Ness* "May I please have my pistol back?"

Ness: "May I see Tala?" She gives Snyde back his gun, smacking it in his hand. "Your mind is probably being messed with, yes? I should check, eh?"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana purses her lips, following closely behind Snyde.

Snyde: *Snyde shakes his head at Ness* "No my mind is not being messed with she is a spirt, and appears to be a powerful one at that we should be thankful to have her blessing over this place" *he says before continuing into towards the soft glow*

Snyde: *Snyde puts the saftey back on the pistol and holsters it*

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana makes sure the safety is on before tucking the glock back in her labcoat. She follows closely.

Ravyn: The glow at the back, they discover, comes from a well. The light is undistuishable as to the source, the well reaching a ways down, almost full to the top. The water is clear, despite the possibility of dirt scuffing inside.

Ness: She follows behind Adriana, glancing around at the deadly creatures. "Spirits don't exist."

Snyde: *Snyde laughs* "If you beleive that Ness then you are a fool"

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana gives another shrug. Some people seem to adamantly believe they do.. so maybe. Though she's still never seen any proof.

Snyde: *Snyde looks into the well and smiles at the beauty of the water* "Well here it is"

Ness: Ness looks down at the water.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana peers down as well. Mildly interested.. moreso in leaving the dingy house. She peers nervously around the rest of the room, posture tense.

Ness: She glances back at the wolf and its dangerous friends.

Snyde: "Allright then now it is up to the two of you to procure the property rights. We should fix this house up and use it as liveing quarters and the other facilites can be built around it" *he says with a smile*

Ness: She glances up at Snyde with an odd look.

Adriana Carmichael: She nods. "I'm on it, dear. I'll make arrangements this week."

Ravyn: This close, even someone who is unaware, like Ness, gets a feeling of something special here. Protective. Safety. The wolf and dogs don't seem so bad right now.

Snyde: "This convergence has a protective resonace he explains to the two of them with a smile. We are safe here as long as we keep our word, and dont let our intentions stray" *he says as he looks at Ness and Adriana*

Snyde: ((place an " after resonace and before we in that sentance))

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods. "I don't intend to. So long as I can remain productive I'll work on my cause until I expire."

Ness: She looks down the well to see how far she could see.

Ravyn: Hard to tell, but it looks like it goes a good forty feet down, at least.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana frowns. "I'll need to do a full sanitary procedure on this place. Maybe several. It's filthy in here."

Ness: "Yes." Ness responds quickly. "Cleaning is needed. Plenty of cleaning."

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana frowns, looking to snyde "Is Rocha going to be disturbed.. by the dogs, dear? Do you think it unwise to bring her here?"

Snyde: *He nods* "Allright, well if you two are ready you two can aquire the rights to this place in the morning and come back then when we have the light of the sun"

Snyde: "I think as long as she stays upstairs away from them there shouldnt be a problem" *he says with a smile to Adriana*

Ness: "I can help pay for the property. And perhaps we could install a pump." She suggests helpfully, in a flat tone.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods to Ness. "Perhaps. We'll get it settled in the morning." She turns, making to follow snyde out of the place, but clearly not wanting to walk out front.

Snyde: *Snyde turns around and walks back towards the dogs and the wolf laying his hand gently on the wolfs head* "I am sorry that I shot you, it wasnt my intention when I came here to bring you any harm"

Snyde: *Snyde looks back to Ness* "No pump, we should leave this place how it is cleaning is one thing, but we should not foul it in any manner"

Ness: Ness follows Adriana and Snyde out quickly, not seeing any reason to stick around too long.

Adriana Carmichael: "Is the structure sound enough, dear? Can you reinforce it?"

Ness: "Don't worry Snyde. I'll use very classy pipe fittings. They won't even notice the difference."

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs* "Im not a carpenter Adriana, you will need to get a crew out her to do repairs on the house even though I might be able to help out down here to keep it from collapsing"

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Ness* "No we need to leave it as is, out of respect for those who allow us to use it"

Adriana Carmichael: She nods with a tiny frown. Thinking about Victor. "We'll get a crew in here asap."

Snyde: *Snyde pulls out a pair of dice and begins to roll them around in his hand* ((Entropy three effect to reinforce the structure of the basement extended roll))

Ness: "At the very least we could add decent flooring. I read about this new kind of heated concrete. They run pipes first, and run the heat through them using a boiler. I'm sure the animals would appreciate the warmth."

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((is there a reduction in diff from being near the node?))

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Yeah, that's protective. -1 diff))

Snyde: *Snyde stops rolling the dice around for a secound and looks at Ness* "before anything is done down here let me consult with Tala, allright?"

Adriana Carmichael: She squints to Ness. Is she TRYING to be a nuiscence?

Snyde: *Snyde begins rolling the dice again and focuses on the foundation to increase its sturdiness*

Snyde: d10: Arete: 6,1,6,

Snyde: d10: Arete: 10,3,4,

Snyde: d10: Arete: 6,2,4,

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Hmm 3 suc im guessing that really didnt have a whole lot of an effect))

Ness: She crosses her arms, waiting. A thought occurs to her, so she whispers towards Snyde. "Ceiling lights. She would love them. They would brighten up this entire room down here, and then she could read without hurting her eyes." It's a very weird mix of sarcasm and true advice.

Adriana Carmichael: She purses her lips "Would you kindly refrain from speaking, dear. I've got quite the headache already from this ordeal. You're only going to make things worse."

Snyde: *After the dice stop moveing in his hand, Snyde looks at Ness and just shakes his head before moveing towards the stairs to leave*

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Not really. A little, but nothing of consequence.))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((He shall return at a later date and actually make a ritual out of it when there isnt so much babbeling *G*))

Ness: She snorts rudely and steps toward the stairs as well, not wanting to be the last one out.

Adriana Carmichael: Adriana quickly follows snyde.

Snyde: ((Well if there isnt anything else to do tonight would ya mind calling that the end of the scene))

Ravyn: ((Good point to stop. Great scene, guys...thanks!))

Ness: ((Thank you everyone. It was great!))

Snyde: ((Thank you for makeing it very interesting))

Snyde: ((Well im off to find that wonderful sleep place ill catch up with ya later))