Alice Newcomb: Pulls up in a cherry red Mustang and parks around the corner from the hotel.

Arlett: *she is just looking around, while peering constatnly to bulge backwards* you really should change cars... you know? we are like a neon sign

Alice Newcomb: The top is up on the convertible and the rotweiler reclines on the human seat cushion that lies beneath his blanket in the back seat.

Alice Newcomb: "This is a great car. You want to go up and get Thoth or should I? I'm not sure Thor will mind you and if he wakes up, Thor's gonna take a bite out of him."

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Just to check, did anyone call ahead to let the Primus know you guys are coming?))

Arlett: humm... I think you should get your Man and I keep watch *nods, you do not want to get on the BAD side of an hermetic.. she knows... still remembers*

Arlett: ((Arlett doens't even know him *S*))

Alice Newcomb: ((Nope they're fresh from the battle scene.))

Alice Newcomb: ((Two teenage girl warriors still roiling in adrenalin.))

Arlett: ((*points to Alice* HER idea.... oddly.. truth this time!))

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Okie. *G*))

Alice Newcomb: ((In a big hurry to unload the prisoner before it wakes up, little things like calling ahead may have slipped her scatter-brained mind. Especially after certain recent (Arlett) lectures about telephones. *L*))

Arlett: ((WHEN did... oh... true.. she did *wistles innocenly*))

Alice Newcomb: ((*points at Arlett*)) Nods to Arlett and repeats the guard command in german to the dog, which growls at the blanket, suddenly looking anything but a big goofy friendly dog as he bares wickedly long canines. "I should only be a few minutes."

Alice Newcomb: "You know how to drive, Arlett?"

Arlett: is alright ... if he wakes up I'll nog him on the head *nods, reaching to pet the dog then nodding to Alice* go

Arlett: i do

Alice Newcomb: "I'll leave the keys in the ignition, just in case." Grabs Arlett's hand! "Not while he's guarding! You wanna get bit?"

Alice Newcomb: The dogs ears are back and he does a good impression of Cujo as Arlett reaches for him, teeth snapping. Those jaws look like they could take off an entire hand.

Arlett: *blinks at Alice, then at the dog, then at her* well ya could have said! *leeting her take her hand off* just go

Alice Newcomb: "Well I didn't think you'd pet a growling dog!" Rolls her eyes. "He's a trained attack dog. Be careful. You're not what he's set to guard but don't touch him. He's not gonna mind you." And she slides out of the car.

Arlett: finefine *well the bad side of neaver having a dog. eyes it, then Alice* I won't.. go now

Alice Newcomb: And off she goes, racing up to Thoth's hotel room at a dead run, to the displeasure of the hotel staff. Kids.

Arlett: *and watches her, then gets on watching mode... wondering if the Primus knows Alice's dog name is the same as his* ((giggles.. know ther eis a lil difference, but))

Alice Newcomb: ((The dog's name is Thor! not Thoth! *LOL*))

Arlett: 88*points to the -I- know bit....*G*))

Alice Newcomb: ((*poke*))

Arlett: ((*giggles innocently*))

Alice Newcomb: Takes the elevator up and in her hurry tries to dash right into the suite.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: She heads up to the elevator, then gets to wait the several stories it rises up inside that elevator. The elevator attendant watches her curiously as the big box of transportation ascends.

Alice Newcomb: Little more than a quick, "Guys..." to the guards at the door.

Alice Newcomb: ((oopsie, backs up))

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: And as she hits the top and starts dashing, those two suited men immediately move to block her, hands already starting to move in an act of defensive magic.

Alice Newcomb: Smiles at the attendant, taps her foot. Looks at the numbers over the door. The kid is either in a hurry or needs to pee really badly.

Arlett: *Watching around, watching the dog, watching the buldge under the dog, watching around*

Alice Newcomb: Skids to a stop. "Whoa, whoa! It's me!"

Alice Newcomb: Thor is sitting up on his haunches staring down at the blanket with malicious intent, ears laid flat.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: They pause in mid-motion, relaxing as they realize who it is. One of them gives her a disgruntled look, and moves to open the door for her. Inside, Ishaq is on the telephone, speaking to someone in Arabic.

Arlett: *Watching, watching*

Alice Newcomb: Slides to another halt, but looks decidedly anxious, as she waits impatiently for him to get off the phone.

Alice Newcomb: Hurries over to the window, her backpack rattling a little. She peers out trying to see her car, but it's around the corner. Bites her lip and looks back at Thoth.

Arlett: *waiting, watching, guarding...... *

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He says one more thing, like a farewell, and places the phone on the receiver. He looks to her, nodding calmly. "Practicus. How are you?" As if her state wasn't enough proof of how she was...

Alice Newcomb: She's never left Thor alone before with someone he didn't know. Hopes the dog doesn't ear Arlett, or vice-versa.

Alice Newcomb: Slings off her backpack and hurries to his desk. "I got one!" Dumping its contents onto his desk, wallets, keys, loose change, a couple standard union sidearms, etc. Virtually everything she gleaned off the two union magi.

Alice Newcomb: (not ear.. EAT *L*)

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He looks down at the pile of things dumped out...the X-5's draw a raised eyebrow from him. Hands fold behind his back. "You got one what?"

Arlett: ((g* thought so))

Alice Newcomb: "A union mage. Arlette and I captured him." Plops the movie script down on top of it all. "He's in my car, what should I do with him?"

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He looks at the script, then back up at Alice. "You have a Union mage, right now, downstairs in your vehicle?"

Alice Newcomb: Nods. "My dog is sitting on him."

Arlett: *huffs... just how long can she take into taking HIM down.. maybe he is SO old she needs to carry in a wheel chair... or maybe he is looking for a staff and putting on a pointy hat... hmmm... maybe she got him in the bathroom and has to wait for him.... damm.... huffs, eying the dog, then out*

Alice Newcomb: ((*L* @ Arlett))

Arlett: ((well they are taking awfully lot! *S*))

Alice Newcomb: "I think he's one of the ones that blew up the chantry."

Alice Newcomb: ((He is very old though. *G*))

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He takes a deep breath, and sighs. "All right. I will listen to the explanation as I bring him up here to speak with him. Bring the vehicle into the parking garage, and call me when you have."

Arlett: ((see?, half right *giggles and husts of before Ravyn decides to smack us both*))

Alice Newcomb: "Okay!" And she's off and running again. She wants him out of her car before he wakes up and does anything bad.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Hey, it ain't about walkers and wheelchairs. When you're as old as he is, 'in a rush' is a matter of perspective. *G*))

Arlett: ((LOL damm he IS old *G*))

Alice Newcomb: Dashes out past the guards, calling, "It's just me!"

Arlett: *Waiting*

Alice Newcomb: The rush muted in the slooooow elevator with its ghastly music.

Alice Newcomb: An unlady-like dash through the lobby and out the door!

Arlett: *perking when she sees Alice* what happened, where is your Thor guy

Alice Newcomb: She's certainly getting some exercise today as she runs to the end of the block and around the corner, waving as soon as her car is in sight.

Arlett: ((changes post here))

Alice Newcomb: Slides into the driver's seat. "Thoth. He wants us to meet him in the parking garage. He still out?" Glancing back at Thor and the lump he's guarding. "Good boy, Thor." Tail thumps but he keeps his eyes on the lump, ears still back. Maybe the dog is schitzo. Turns over the engine and pulls into traffic.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: Yes, the guy's still very much out. Being pistolwhipped HURTS.

Arlett: he ain't moved...*nodding, and looking around* hum...

Alice Newcomb: A quick trip around the block and she's soon pulling into the parking garage.

Alice Newcomb: ((Heh, especially with that big-assed .45 of Snyde's *L*))

Alice Newcomb: Parks and flips out her cell phone, giving Arlett a guilty look. "He told me to call him," she swears, dialing up his number since she's erased everything in her phone after her encounter with Snyde's cabal.

Arlett: *blinks to her, then shrugs, looking around* does he know you give your number to extrangers?

Alice Newcomb: "I do not!"

Arlett: *gives her A look* just call ya Thor guy

Alice Newcomb: "Thoth," she corrects Arlett again, as she waits for him to pick up. "Thor is the dog."

Arlett: *blinks, eyeing the dog then her* weren't they named the same?

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8] -> Alice Newcomb: *Click* "You are ready? Are there any Sleepers within view?"

Alice Newcomb: "You think I named the dog after my pater?" *laughs* "My cousin Adrian named him Thor. I wanted to call him Fluffy." *G*

Arlett: *blinks snickers* well.. it WOULD be fun...

Alice Newcomb: OH gawd, hopes Thoth didn't hear that. She peers around for sleepers.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 5,9,8,7,7,2,9,

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: The parking garage looks abandoned, but for them.

Arlett: *giggles*

Alice Newcomb: phone> "Uhhh... all clear."

Arlett: *looks to Alice, then back around*

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8] -> Alice Newcomb: "Excellent. One moment. You and your companion will be heading up normally. Keep in mind, the hotel does not allow pets." She hears him start chanting in Enochian.

Alice Newcomb: Listens closely to the voice on the phone, not one to bypass a chance to learn some new mystic words.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: d10: Arete (WP,Two Quint): 4,5,4,9,6,

Arlett: *Looking around* is he coming?

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: d10: Arete: 2,9,3,7,7,

Alice Newcomb: Puts a finger to her lips at Arlett.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Per+Awarness, diff 8 due to successes spent in raising the difficulty.))

Arlett: *blinks, and pouts, looking around again*

Alice Newcomb: d10: alert + aware: 5,4,6,9,3,2,7,2,

Arlett: d10: awa: 5,5,2,7,

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: Alice senses the magic about to happen, Arlett isn't so lucky. She just notices the Technocrat vanish.

Alice Newcomb: Thor, with no awareness at all, also notices something is amiss when his seat cushion deflates. With a snarl he lunges to bite the blanket, sinking his teeth through it and into the upholstery. The techie is lucky he didn't wake up.

Arlett: *she blinks and ehgs* SHit!.. tell me that was him!!! *perking and looking around like if she spected people with guns to burst out the shdaows*

Alice Newcomb: "Oh! Thor! Stand down!" Giving the command in German. He instantly drops the the blanket and chunk of upholstery and wags his tail, apparently expecting praise. "Ooooh, Thor. My back seat."

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8] -> Alice Newcomb: "You may come up now. The guards will be expecting you and your companion this time."

Alice Newcomb: "Yeah, that was him. We have to walk." Sighs and leans back to pat the brutish rottweiler. "Watch the car Thor." And she slides out.

Arlett: *she'll laugh.. if she wsn't worry* AAAAlice!

Arlett: ahh *getting out the car to follow Alice*

Alice Newcomb: "Kay we're on our way." And she flips the phone closed.

Arlett: you should wire up your phone to aboid trackiness *idly as she follows Alice*

Alice Newcomb: Locks the door with the remote and heads for the elevator. "Ten thousand dollar guard dog and he bit the seat," she complains.

Arlett: *blinks, laughs* well.... at lest he can be cute?

Alice Newcomb: "I don't know how, maybe you could show me?" Stepping into the elevator, bracing herself for that awful mellow tinkle music.

Arlett: hmmm... let me work on mine and then I'll add the same program to yours *smiles* want to make sure it doens't blow up first... would be a baaad idea

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]
The elevator guy looks at them, calm and neutral as always...that's his job. He pushes the button for the penthouse, and up, up, up they go.

Alice Newcomb: "He is cute in a goofy sort of way. And I do know this dreamy looking automotive detailer." Grins thinking about Dom.

Arlett: *yes the elvator guy then Alice* uhm?

Alice Newcomb: (conversation about guard dogs and wires is hopefully before they enter the elevator. *L*)

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: The door lets them out at the top, and the two security guys, men in their early thirties in regular black suits, look over as they approach. A short nod, and one of them looks to Arlett. "You are not armed, I assume?"

Alice Newcomb: Looks uncertainly at Arlett.

Alice Newcomb: *Of course they're armed, they're fresh off the battle field with prisoners.*

Arlett: *Following Alice, she blinks at the suited* uhmmmm.....*then to Alice, then to them* do you realise is New York?... what kind of dump ISN'T

Arlett: ((dumb))

Alice Newcomb: "It's okay Arlett." Looks at the guards. "She'll get her stuff back, right?"

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "Leave your weapons here, please," he says to Arlett. The other guy moves to open the door...apparently, Alice is not being asked to do the same.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "Of course."

Arlett: *huffs... and well JUST leaves the weapons.. wish is one...* ((she only has ONE real weapon *S*))

Alice Newcomb: Waits for Arlett then walks in with her.

Arlett: ((wish=which))

Arlett: *if no further adendo is added she trails behind Alice*

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: They take the weapon from her, and then let her in. The inside of the penthouse is, in a word, opulent. God knows how much it costs to stay here...but it's easy to see where the money goes. There's a separate living and kicthen area from the bedroom, and it's all in the highest quality. Ishaq seems to have already gotten poor Mr. Sullivan prepped...he's sitting in a chair, bound to it. The Primus himself, for Arlett's sake, looks to be in his late 50's, Arabic, in an immaculate black suit with purple tie. He looks up as they come in, and nods.

Arlett: oh! don't miss the bullets took a week in making them *guarding them, before do trailing, then looking in.... ok.. purple tie... deffinitively so OFF vogue he can't be techie* hi...*offering to the man*

Alice Newcomb: "Primus Thoth, this is my cabal-mate, Arlett." Suddenly realizes she doesn't know Arlett's last name and nudges her to supply it.

Arlett: *eyes Alive, then Toth... uh oh.. he SURe has the list by now.. eyein gAlice.. baaad idea....?*

Alice Newcomb: Blinks at Arlett having no idea why she's hesitating. Nudges her again.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "Ahh, Miss Knight." he nods to her, and smiles politely. He speak with an Arabic accent, but clearly enunciated. "Primus Ishaq ibn-Thoth, bani Quaesitor. A pleasure."

Arlett: *blinks, looking to the man.. unless there is THAT onther last name, she isn't using either* humm....*nice manners... ok....* Nice to meet you mister.... Thoth? *well isn't sure THat was the last name, with the rest added*

Alice Newcomb: ((Translates: Welcome to the Inquisition. *WEG*))

Arlett: ((*swats Alice*))

Alice Newcomb: Looks curiously at the prisoner.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "Ibn-Thoth is my proper last name." He smiles a little bit to her. "Congratulations, both of you, upon capturing this man. Perhaps you might tell me how it was accomplished?"

Arlett: *she smiles and then beanS* well it was a whole thing.... and we got helpf from others who took the other complex... and we took the offices... we just knocked them off *lookign to Alice* she said it was your right, both of you to have him *points to the man* cause of the Covenant, so we brought him to you

Alice Newcomb: "Ummm, Arlett tasered him, and I pistol whipped him."

Alice Newcomb: *Giving the short version.*

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He frowns. "The more detailed version, please."

Arlett: ^well is short.. just larger then Alice*

Arlett: *humms, eyes Alice..well Mcihelle DID spoke of him* alright.. we got this letter saying there was a casting for a movie, and as sphinx had warned us from stuff before I decided to go chekc with another member of my Chantry. and we found Alice and others there.. turns out they were making a movie to make see the attack to your chanty as the mega bad houting house of evil witchcraft stunt the nice cool cops wipe off... so we planeed on taking it off.. and the others went to undo the production of the masive DVEDs and Alice and I got to retrieve originals.. so there wre these two in there, I shot the first tna dtracked the second with the electric sistem of the building so they both felt, so we broke in, took the stuff and got out, but Alice wnated this one... she felt something bad aobut him so we brought him to you cause she said it was your right as it was your chantry.... and so here he is.. and I cam with her cause I don't think it safe for each to be alone after the big attack

Alice Newcomb: "I got that script in the mail." Points at the booklet on his desk. "It's an accounting of the destruction of Four Elements with the Hermetics cast as an evil cult and the techies as the bad guy. There was casting call letter inviting me to rehearse for a role, so I went to check it out."

Arlett -> Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((oh! I do forgot to tell you, but Arlett would have phoned Michelle make sure at lest she knew of the thing... she'll come talk to her after the Ishaq thing to hand her the documents and stuff))

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Going to need to pause here a moment to deal with another scene.))

Alice Newcomb: ((Iz my fault. *hangs head in shame*))

Arlett: ((but... but..... ok......))

Arlett: ((^*sighs*))

Alice Newcomb: ((We can use this as an opportunity to type up some very long posts for Ravyn when he gets back.))

Arlett: ((well I did my explanation *points*))

Alice Newcomb: "I wasn't being impulsive or anything," she swears. "Just a drive by, but when it turned out a bunch of us had gotten the heads up on this place, we decided to join up and kick some ass!" Yes, she's still wired on the adrenalin.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He listens to their words with a calm, quiet frown. When they are done, he nods a little bit. "Do you have this...casting call letter?"

Arlett: *well she offers him hers.. as well the others have theirs to show Michelle*

Arlett: ((Wait.. she got is as mail... ? or letter, letter?))

Alice Newcomb: "It's inside the cover of the script I left on your desk." Fetching it for him if its still there.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((There was, in the package, the script and the casting call letter both.))

Arlett: ((oh.. then offers the letter *nods*)) there was a script too. *points to the one Alice left*

Alice Newcomb: ((Alice's came snail mail.))

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He reads over the letter, frowning a little...noting the seal on the bottom. "Interesting."

Arlett: *tilts her head to him* what ?*moving slightly to actually trying to peer at what he is looking of it all*

Alice Newcomb: "At the casting house there was just a dvd in a player, and it hung on a warning screen that said some crazy stuff about illegal copying. It sounded more like a warning from the good guys. Some of the others recognized that sphinx symbol too."

Arlett: *Looking to Alice* yea.. I told ya... things with the same symbol have arrived before to warn.. though people aint' sure it's a good guy yet... but this far it has helped warning....*looking then to the man* but it did gided us to the film making complex

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "I see." Arlett sees that he is, in fact, looking at the Sphinx in front of the pyramid. "What did they make of it?"

Alice Newcomb: Nods at Arlett.

Arlett: *blinks* hummm.... told ya... no one is sure I think... but the symbol has been comming along several times before

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He nods a little bit. "They appear to be friends...we have gotten missives like this elsewhere, heard reports of such."

Arlett: *Nods, then blinks* so.. they are not only round here....*titls her head, and nods*

Alice Newcomb: "Who do you think's sending them?"

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((And that post before the last should be slid in before Arlett's. He wouldn't have asked what they made of it AFTER she explained. *S*))

Arlett: Dunno... but ya know... they are gonna find out one of them is missing soon... shoulnd't we like... do something? *peering to The old guy* I know... you.. are the Primus and all and sorry.. but we are safe here, right?.. if they start looking

Arlett: ((*giggles* then delete mine second))

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "You are safe mere, Miss Knight," he says with a nod, then looks to Alice. "There are theories. They are calling themselves the Rogue Council."

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((mere = here))

Alice Newcomb: "Why do you think they send warning, but don't take on the bad guys themselves if they know what's up?"

Arlett: oh! *looking to Ishaq* Charles mentioned them once... they think they are on the other side of the of the Dimentional Real.. humm.. Umbra!... right?

Alice Newcomb: Blinks at Arlett. "They're spirits?"

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "Something like that, yes, Miss Knight." He looks to Alice. "That is something we have not learned yet. More then likely, they do not have the resources to go around the world, or possibly they simply prefer to have us deal with it."

Arlett: *blinks, looking to Alice, shakes her head* no.... well the plasmatic entities esist.. but they are not.. they just are trapped on the other side, and can't pass cause if they try they'll get all hurt cause the umbral between dimentils is damaged

Arlett: *smiling to Isah.. see? she did pay atention... sometimes*

Alice Newcomb: "Damaged how?"

Arlett: humm.. I am not entirely sure .. Charles didn0t got to explain it that well... he was to bussy with other stuff *a bit sloft, with a bit of a frown and a shrug* then he had to leave

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He lets them discuss, watching quietly. A quick glance to the unconscious Hermetic, then back to them.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Hermetic = Technocrat. Damn you, Alice. *G*))

Arlett: ((LOL))

Alice Newcomb: ((Would have been in worse trouble if she'd pistol whipped a Hermetic. *L*))

Arlett: ((*pokes you two multiplayers to post!*)) *she fidgets a bit, and glances to the techie too, then to the old hermetic* what will you do with him?

Alice Newcomb: "Can I watch the interrogation?"

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "If you wish to watch me invade his Mind, you may." He nods to Alice. He assumes that answers Arlett's question.

Arlett: *blinks, giving a little to wide open look to Ishaq.. hum.. alright.... just see mind.. hum....hmmm*

Alice Newcomb: "Can you pull me inside with you?" Hopefully. She's never actually been inside someone elses head before.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "I could, but I will not. There may be traps inside his mind that you are not prepared for."

Arlett: *and blinks, looking to Ishaq, tilting her head, though remembering someone from the union she met just nods *... I should go report with Michelle

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "Of course, Miss Knight. I shall provide you with a full report of the information I glean. Haven desreves to be made aware of this information."

Alice Newcomb: Looks a little disappointed. "Oh, okay. I'll give Arlett a ride home then. Can I keep these guns?" Fetching her backpack and eyeing the union sidearms.

Arlett: *oh! smiles to Isah and offers a little nod, atempting that polite thing she learned once* thank you Sir *woa! see? hermetics CAN be nice*

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "You may," he says with a nod to Alice. "Though I think, if you were both involved in the capture, Miss Knight should be granted access to one. Do you know how to shoot?"

Arlett: *blinks to Ishaq* yea.... I got a gun.. your suited took it... but.. I hardly use them....

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Sorry, the entire sentance was directed to Alice. Should have clarified.))

Arlett: ((ah.. then omit mine post))

Alice Newcomb: Tosses a gun into her backpack. "I can find someone to teach me." Thinking Adrian will of course know how. "You want one, Arlett?"

Arlett: I can teach ya *blinking, eyieng the gun, biting her lips*..... I don't know....*though takes it... just to for now analyse it and see if her no kiling bullets would fit in it*

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He nods to them both. "I expect you not to use that weapon, Practicus, until you can use it effectively." A serious look is given to her. "And you must take great care in carrying it. You are not licensed to carry a firearm, and I would not see you end up in legal troubles."

Alice Newcomb: "Kewl." Glances at Thoth looking for some hint of approval that she brought in a prisoner, rather than is in trouble for doing it.

Arlett: *Lookign to from the man to Alice* ya know THat is not the worst part.... if they see we got them.... they'll know we took one of them.. and that'll make them pissy

Alice Newcomb: d10: per: 2,4,7,2,

Alice Newcomb: "If they catch us we're in trouble anyway, whether we have their guns or not."

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "That, as well, Miss Knight." He does seem pleased at the arrival of this prisoner. He did congratulate them, after all...

Arlett: *Looks to Alice* no... mean... they might not care we have a weapong, they'll just blame our parents.. but on of them... they'll run a register... so even if a normal cup gets us.. we'll end up with them... so you gotta be carefull *eyeing the prisioner, with a bit of a sight, then Thoth* I do hope he helps out....

Alice Newcomb: "Right, avoid friskings. Cops have never searched me before though."

Arlett: eh.... well neither have they searched me... normal cops anyhow.... but still.... oh! I'll make a secret bag on your bag... so you can carry it there... easy access *nods*

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He smiles a little bit to Arlett. "I imagine he will serve his purpose." He nods. "Is there anything else?"

Arlett: *blinks to Ishaq* oh.. sorry Sir.. no....*smiles sheepish* I'll leave now... hum... do you wish I leave my phone number?

Alice Newcomb: "Neat." Heading for the door with Arlett.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: "That would be nice, Miss Knight, if you would like to."

Arlett: *nods, and gets to fetch a piece of paper and pen, scribling in on and handing it to the man*

Alice Newcomb: Mumbles to Arlett> "I thought you never used the phone."

Arlett: *blinks to her, giggles* no.. I said you should NOT give it to extrangers.... people you are not sure off... and if you speak with people you are not sure about you should not let the call last more then a minute... or KNOW how to avoid being tracked

Alice Newcomb: "You can rig my phone later, yeah?"

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: He takes the phone number and nods to them both. "Good day, Miss Knight. Practicus. You may retrieve your weapon from the guards, of course...I will report the information I learn later."

Arlett: welll ya... but ya don't knwo how my technology works...*biting her lips a bit. hmmm* I might work something thought.... I'll try

Arlett: oh! *to thoth* thank you Sir

Alice Newcomb: "Good night, pater." And she heads out with Arlett.

Arlett: *waves and goes after Alice*

Alice Newcomb: And Alice will drop Arlett where ever she'd like to go. (dropping nick)

Ishaq ibn-Thoth [Jan 8]: ((Thanks for the scene, guys. *Hugs*))